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A stroll in the woods

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Taimi walked along humming to herself as she looked around for anything that would be good to add to her dinner for the night. She checked her pouch again to be sure that anything new would mix well with what she already had.

There were some nuts, mushrooms, a good number of herbs, but one thing she was lacking was fruit. She had visited all the usual trees but none were ripe enough to harvest anything.

“Hmm..maybe I should go a bit deeper into the forest.” she mused looking off and tapping her chin. Her whole life she had been told to never venture too deep into the woods, but and until now she had listened to those warnings but after nearly two hundred years of limiting her travel and with nothing ever having happened so far the young, by elf standards, woman was feeling confident enough that she doubted there was anything to worry about.

Most likely it was just the elders still stuck in their ways refusing to accept anything new or different. It was only twenty years ago that they had even entertained the idea of adding sugar to anything. And now most of them would pour it into half their meals whether it tasted good or not.

Deciding that it was worth whatever risk the stuck up old folks imagined was out there Taimi began to head off the path that she normally followed. Before long she lost sight of the familiar trees and stones which were replaced by new sights and sounds.

The very air around her felt different in a way she couldn’t quite pindown.

Tentatively making her way forward, careful to commit each step to memory so she wouldn’t get lost, Taimi soon got the scent of something wonderfully sweet. It was the most tempting and delightful smelling aroma she had ever encountered.

Following her nose the source soon came into sight.

A large tree in a clearing, it was tall and stout with vibrant green leaves swaying gently in a subtle breeze that wafted the enticing scent right to her nose tickling her senses and making her mouth water a bit with a sudden hunger.

Heading toward the tree Taimi licked her lip as she spotted the fruit that was growing on the branches overhead, they were large round things, light pink and glossy. She could tell at a glance that each one was at the peak of ripeness, perfectly prime and juicy.

It would take a bit of climbing to reach them but that was hardly an issue for her. Reaching the base Taimi unhooked her bag from her shoulder and sat it at the base. It would only get in the way.

With that she began to make her way up, her lithe but toned figure made it easy to scamper up the trunk. As she climbed higher her simple green dress snagged on a stray twig and ripped causing her pale and perky breasts to spill out. It was easy enough as her clothing had been made from enchanted leaves.

“Oh wonderful.” she muttered as she tried to pull her top back into place, not that there was anyone to see but she still didn’t want to have her breasts hanging out. Though after a few attempts to fix it she gave up for the moment and continued her ascent higher.

She was very close to reaching the branch that the fruit was growing on.

As she reached the branch and straddled it she began to inch forward, as she did she couldn’t help but notice the bark was oddly smooth, lacking the usual rough texture but the wood underneath had oddly regular bumps and knots.

Sliding along it was..pleasant..each bump was just the right size and shape to send a small jolt of pleasure through her pussy. Blushing she tried to ignore the growing wetness between her legs.

At last she reached the fruit and with a small prayer to the Goddess of nature she gently plucked the fruit. Bringing it close she sniffed it, it smelled so sweet and delicious that her body couldn’t help but shudder a little in anticipation, her ears twitching a bit.

Gulping down a mouthful of saliva she took her first bite.

There was a large gush of juice that flooded her mouth and dribbled down her chin, as it filled her mouth she felt her entire body tingle with pleasure. It was not just sweet like she first thought, it was also tart, and a bit spicy. All the flavors blended and balanced each other perfectly.

Taking another bite, Taimi could feel the juices running down her neck and over her bare breasts actually making her skin tingle pleasantly, it was making her nipples a bit hard.

With the third bite there was enough juice soaking into her clothes that she decided to just strip down. After all there was no one for a few miles, she could just find a stream to wash up in and sew her dress back up before returning to her village.

Rather greedily devouring the rest of the fruit down to the large seed in the center she was amused to find that the seed actually looked like a stylized heart. The sort of way humans would draw them. Much cuter than what the actual organ looked like.

“I wonder if I could grow one of these trees closer to home?” she mused as she examined the seed.

“You could.” a voice said from somewhere, it sounded both close by and far away.

Quickly covering herself with her hands she looked around for the person who spoke.

“Right here.” the voice said from above her.

Looking up was greeted by the sight of a Dryad, a slender young woman with skin that was the same deep brown as the bark of the tree and hair that was just a bright green as the leaves. She was fully nude, her body looking very close to Taimi’s own other than the skin color.

Taimi had heard stories about Dryads, they were unpredtcabile nature spirits. They could be friendly and helpful,dangerous and cruel, or a combination of them. This had to have been why she had been warned never to come into the woods like this.

“Hello.” the Dryad said as she kicked her feet in the air “You stole some of my fruit.” she said with a smile.

“I..I am sorry.” Taimi said “I had no idea.”

“It’s fine.” the Dryad said “It’s not like I eat it...that’d be weird and gross.” she giggled “And no one else comes here so it’s not like anyone else gets a chance.”

“Ah..” Taimi muttered “Still..I..should have..asked first.”

The Dryad grinned “That’s right you should have, though I suppose you did uttere a prayer to the Earth mother.” she mused.

For a moment Taimi held hope that things might work out and that she could be on her way without further event.

A hope that was soon dashed as the Dryad suddenly gave an odd smile.

“Though still..I can’t just let you take something without giving me something in exchange.” she said as she stood up “And I know just what to get!” she declared cheerfully.

“What..what would that be?” Taimi asked.

“Well you see I’m pretty lonely and I need someone to help me make more trees.” the Dryad said “So I’ll just use you to help me plant some cute little saplings.” she said clapping “having a nice big family would be super nice.”

The fruit Taimi had eaten suddenly felt like a weight in her stomach.

“And how do you want me to help?” she asked “Just plant the seeds?” she asked, holding up the heart shaped seed.

The Dryad nodded “ that..what do you call it..ah..your womb!” she said “Yeah that’s what you mammals have, a womb is where they grow.” as she spoke the Dryad kept a cheerful and playful grin.

Before Taimi could react, the branches above head reshaped into a set of arms and grabbed her own, lifting them over her head.

“Now let’s get your clothes off, I never got the point in wearing that stuff it just gets in the way.” the Dryad said as she ripped Taimi’s dress off entirely, followed by her slightly damp panties.The elf girl was still too shocked and confused to process just what was happening so offered no resistance.

“Wait, please.” Taimi finally managed to gasp out “Isn’t there some other way?” she asked.

“Yeah, but none of them are as fun.” the Dryad said as she dropped down onto the lower branch “Don’t worry, I’ll make this feel really nice.”

As she said that she leaned in and kissed Taimi, her lips tasted just like the fruit. They were just wonderfully delicious.

After a few seconds she broke the kiss and giggled.

“Now to start properly.” Dryad said as she leaned back and wiggled her fingers.

A new branch suddenly sprouted from one of the limbs holding her.

It stretched out slowly, growing longer and changing shape, the end of it taking a rounded shape before it started to narrow and tapper.

Before long it had taken on a shape that Taimi had only seen in artwork.

It looked like a phallus, thick and bulbous, there was even a small slit at the tip leaking a clear fluid.

“Ah..” Taimi gasped in shock at the sight of it, in that split second where her mouth was open it lunged forward and shoved itself into her mouth, the bark was smooth,warm, and oddly soft. Even though it was wood she could feel it pulsing as if it was flesh and blood.

The Dryad moaned a little.

“Ah..that feels so much better than doing it myself.” she said as she began to play with her breasts and started to finger herself as well.

Taimi groaned and gagged the faux phallus as it pumped in and out of her mouth, slowly pushing down her throat. As it did it leaked more and more of that sweet fruit juice, it was growing sweeter and more potent, it was actually taking on a taste that was more like alcohol.

The boozy nectar filling her belly soon took effect and a warmth began to spread through her body making her skin flush and grow more sensitive. And at the same time her head began to grow fuzzy, her thoughts growing dim and clouded.

As Taimi was forced to drink more of the intoxicating juices the branch dick picked up more speed, fucking her throat a bit faster and harder.

The Dryad inched closer grinning.

“Starting to feel good aren’t you?” she asked as she grabbed Taimi’s tits hard and massaging them “I know I am.” she said as she leaned in and kissed one of the elf girl’s nipples.

Taimi groaned as her eyes rolled back in her head, the boozy nectar had made her so hot and sensitive that just that was enough to set her off and make her orgasm instantly. As her body was still reeling from the shock of that she felt a knot starting to form just under her pussy.

It slowly began to swell, it was growing a bit longer and pressing into her. As her pussy lips parted around it the elf could only wiggle her hips a bit trying to escape.

But that was halted soon enough as a new set of branch arms grabbed her legs and held her firmly in place.

“Oh, that’s so cute that you think you can get away.” the Dryad chuckled as she kissed Taimi’s neck and started to run her hands along the girl’s body.

“I have always wanted to get my hands on one of you mammal types, it’s so interesting how your bodies work.” she mused as she rubbed her hands down Taimi’s sides.

“My body has been the same since I was born, but you all grow and change.” she said as she traced the faint lines of muscle on Taimi’s toned midsection.

“You can get so much more sexy.” The Dryad said as she gasped a little.

The second wooden cock had a sudden growth spurt and had properly penetrated Taimi’s pussy. It was just thick enough to stretch her right to the limit of what was comfortable.

As it went deeper it was leaking more nectar, mixing with her juices making it easier to go in.

Taimi came again, her inner muscles clamping down tight almost enough to make the wood creak a little.

That was enough to make the Dryad cum as well.

She threw her head back and moaned as both of the branch cocks spurted extra thick nectar deep down her throat, flooding her belly and at the same time pumping it into her pussy, enough that it was back flowing out and running down her legs.

The Dryad shuddered and moaned.

“Oh..that was nice.” she said as the branches started to loosen and gently lowered Taimi to the ground.

“Go on..get going.” the Dryad said, shooing the girl off.

Taimi dazed and drunk took a few moments to process what was happening.

It seemed that she was getting released, though tempted to get her bag and clothes they didn’t matter as much as getting far away from the Dryad.

Standing up dizzily she started to walk away, the world was spinning and she didn’t want to trip. But she did want to get away as fast as she could.

Staggering, unsteady, wobbling to and fro Taimi made it free of the clearing only to moments later realize that it was not the same path she had entered from. But it didn’t matter, she could still find her way free, just distance from the clearing was what mattered.

Taimi ran as best as she could fighting against her intoxication but soon it was too much and she had to come to a stop, resting against a tree and panting she put her hand over her belly. She could feel the dense juice sloshing around, but even with that her midsection was just as toned as it had been before.

Running her hand down she felt her pussy, thick gooey nectar was leaking out. Scooping a bit up with her fingers she noted it had a consistency like honey.

The sweet tempting scent soon hit her nose and against her better judgment she brought her fingers up to her mouth and started to lick them clean.

There was a sudden giggling sound from nearby.

Looking up, Taimi was greeted by the sight of the Dryad standing there grinning “I think this is far enough away from my tree.” She said “Didn’t want them growing too close to me.”

The Dryad tapped her chin as she looked around “Now which one would be the best.” she mused as she examined each of the trees around.

“What?” Taimi asked her mind, still too fogged to think clearly.

“Simple, in order to make another Dryad I need another tree, I pumped you full of my sap and nectar, now I need another tree to mix with it so that it can make another...actually..hmm I wonder since they all grew so close to start with.” she said, walking to four trees and kissing each one.

Taimi just watched too confused and dizzy to manage to run away.

As the Dryad kissed the last tree there was a low rumbling and roots began to tear their way out of the ground and with blinding speed that lashed out grabbing Taimi by the arms and legs, coiling around her midsection they lifted her off the ground.

“Ah!” she screamed as she was held up “P..please..I..not again.” she said desperately.

Before she could say anything more the root wrapped around her belly started to sprout more smaller roots that slithered up and down her body, the thinner roots traced along every line and curve of her musculature and down to her clit. They encircled it pulling back the hood that covered the sensitive bud.

The roots wrapped around it spreading more like tiny fingers stroking it.

More of the tendrail roots spread up her chest and began to cover her breasts almost like hands, squeezing them hard and ensnaring her nipples.

“Ughugh.” Taimi groaned as she fought against how good it actually felt, her body was still hot and sensitive from the nectar she was forced to drink.

Another new root began to wrap around her neck, the tip tapering off to a slender bulb. It wasn’t fully phallic but it was still enough to make her know just what it was for.

As the root slide into her mouth it started to leak sap, far too much for her to do anything other than gulp it down to stop from drowning. More and more was flooding into her mouth, overflowing and running down her cheeks.

A second root rose up in the edge of her vision, followed by a third, and then a fourth. The three new ones forced their way into her mouth, sliding down her throat enough to make it bulge from being stretched to her limit.

They all pumped thick warm sap into her belly and slowly she began to feel her mind slipping deeper into the drunken haze. Her thoughts vanishing in a sticky sweet stupor.

Moaning as she was teased and drugged Taimi went a bit limp as the roots held her in place.

Four at once rose up, though out of her sight.

They twined together, forming one long thick root that split at the end into four cock heads of different sizes. The fused dick began to run against Taimi’s pussy, teasing her wet slit.
She was soaking wet, enough that it would be easy for the roots to enter her but still even in this primitive state something compelled them to tease her just a bit more.

The nectar that had been pumped into her already was making it even easier for the roots as they started to push into her. Spreading her cunt wider than it had even been before she gargled and moaned as her throat was still full and getting fucked by the rest of the roots.

The Dryad herself was simply watching all of this with a smile.

“Hey I want in on the fun too!” she said.

Right away more roots ripped free from the ground and grabbed her by the ankles and yanked her into the air holding her upside down as roots took more defined phallic shapes and wasted no time in jamming themselves as deep into her pussy as they could all at once.

The Dryad let out a sharp cry of pleasure, unlike Taimi she had no issue with taking them all at the same time “Oh..I like all of you already!” she squealed as they fucked her pushing in deeper and deeper.

The Dryad looked over to see that Taimi was about to get a bit more stuffed.

Four roots had split off from the ones in her pussy and as they formed into knots and started to leak they began to probe at her asshole.

Slowly, gently they pushed their way into her butt.

Taimi shook a bit and made a noise, she was too far gone to even moan or anything beyond that.

The roots slid deep into her ass and started to pump her even more full of sap making her body hotter. As it was absorbed into her body there was a subtle change, one that she was unaware of but it was a vital one.

She would never come out of the haze of pleasure and her body would never be free again from the need for sap and sex.

As the roots pumped in her pussy the sap of all four trees began to mix and blend. The magic of the Dryad and her own bloodline infusing together.

The Dryad giggled as she sensed what was going to happen soon.

Watching in anticipation she was a bit surprised when all at once the roots shoved themselves into her ass as well.

“Oh..that’s nice!” she said as the roots in her started to pump her full of sap as well.

The roots in Taimi all at once began to actually suck the sap back out. The feeling of it going in reverse caused the elf to spasm and cum, it was far too much for her and she actually blacked out.

As she was lowered back to the ground there was a quartet of new voices giggling.

“So this is what it’s like to be alive.” A husky voice said as a tall and rather full figured Dryad appeared from one tree, she had ample breasts and thighs. Her skin was deep green and her hair had tinges of yellow.

“Ah man..that was fun!” a high voice said as a shorter thinner Dryad dropped from the high branches of one, she was shorter than Taimi and thinner. Her skin was white, like the bark of her tree andher hair was green with pink flowers.

“So..what are we going to do with her?” the next asked, she was the tallest and most muscular, her skin was the same shade as Taimi’s and she had blonde hair as well. She had a powerful muscular build, the only hint of her Dryad nature was the sweet scent of fruit that surrounded her.

“Well...I have an idea.” The last one said who was actually fused into her tree just sticking out part way, her hair was just stripes of wood hanging down in curls, she quickly explained her idea.

The first and original stood up as she had been lowered as well.

“Sounds like a plan!” she said “Also welcome to the world, you are all super cute!”

There was a bit of chatter between them as the ones who could, carried Taimi to the edge of the forest, after redressing her.

“Now go home.” the first Dryad said as she gave the elf a little push.

“Home.” the elf muttered blankly as she began to walk back, sap running down her legs, every little bit she would stop and orgasm, squirting a seed out onto the ground that took root in moments.

But the time she was at the edge of her home the forest was quite a bit denser than it had been.

Taimi entered her village and grinned as she opened her bag, it was filled to near bursting with those wonderfully delicious fruits.

Walking toward her house she knew she had to share with her sister first.