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‘Look Shen Wei, you click this-‘
‘Zhao Yunlan, why must I have this?’

Shen Wei stared at Zhao Yunlan with a usual blank expression as the other smiled, perfectly patient, even after explaining this for the tenth time.
‘So I don’t always have to call your work phone! And you can talk to me at any time with this’
‘I can just use my energy if I would like to talk to you’
‘Yes I know but Shen Wei, this is easier’
‘It certainly is not Yunlan.’

Yunlan smiled and let out a laugh knowing his boyfriend was being completely serious.
This was going to be hard to convince him.

‘Look let me explain it to you aga-‘, Yunlan went to show how to text before he noticed how Shen Wei was quite literally glaring at the phone as if he was expecting it to walk away from him and not bother him ever again.

He let out a sigh, removing the phone from his hand and placing it onto the table beside them.
Looking at Shen Wei who was still glaring at the phone, he turned his head to look at him.

Shen Wei was slightly stunned until he realised this was going to be one of the tricks Zhao Yunlan used to get his way, which he always fell straight into.

Not this time. He wasn’t going to allow it.

‘Come on Shen Wei~! It’ll be fun, trust me’
‘Look at them- I can absolutely not trust those Yunlan’
‘Why not? It’ll make everything easier for you!’
‘Like what?’
‘Well you can email faster, take pictures, message me-‘
‘Zhao Yunlan I will not tolerate the use of it, it is best that you give up now’

Yunlan stared at Shen Wei with a stern expression, refusing to break his eye contact.

He sighed, breaking eye contact as he leaned back into the couch.
‘Why do you even want me to use it?’
‘So I can talk to you with out waiting for you to answer that machine at your work..and so I can send you pictures’, Zhao Yunlan looked at him from the side, smirking as Shen Wei’s ears started to burn up.
He pushed up his glasses, not breaking his straight composure against the couch, eyes landing back onto the phone that lay on the table.

‘Fine then, but you better not break what you said about the photos Zhao Yunlan-‘
‘Of course not!’, he jumped forwards slightly, giving Shen Wei a quick kiss and picking up the phone.

He smiled brightly with the fact he had managed to convince Shen Wei.