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I love you right (I'm by your side)

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May 1: gift / party / wrapping 



Ainosuke had worked late last night, and dragged himself from bed as Tadashi informed him that today, thankfully, was free for him to do what he wished with.

It was strange, but with exhaustion weighing on him still, he accepted the miracle and donned his robe, a lavish red colour to rival even his own gaze. He wouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, not when it came to a blessed day, free of politics or Diet members or aunties. 

Holding  his wrist, he stroked his thumb over the scarred skin and yawned, making his way downstairs. Tadashi followed behind him a good distance before turning off towards the kitchens without a word.

Ainosuke thought nothing of it until he entered the dining room and paused in the doorway. 

Fully awake now, he was met with the surprise of Langa standing there, and smiling softly. He was the picture of serenity, dressed in soft, baby blue slacks and a white button up that could not dare to compare with his snowy complexion.

Ainosuke wasn't used to seeing him this early in the morning, or dressed up like this. His heart stuttered as he gaped openly.

Thank God it was a Saturday, or he would've felt obligated to scold his boyfriend for skipping classes.

Since Janurary they had, had very little time to see eachother. There had been the college entrance exams, the acceptance letter on his 18th birthday, graduation right after that.

Langa was in university now, and Ainosuke had his work. There had been far and few times in-between it all to be together properly.

Even if he wanted to scold him, Langa knew him all too well to take the older seriously. Stepping into the room further, and shutting the doors behind, Ainosuke drifted into his space, Langa a celestial body to his own. Oh the wonders of gravity.

They were just close enough to touch now, if only one dared to reach out their hand. Unable to stop himself, his hand found its way to the curve of Langa's cheek.

His smile grew wider before the boy pulled away teasingly. It made Adam smile back, retreating for now while he looked his lover over, eyebrow raised.

"Care to explain the sudden visit I have been graced with, my dear?"

All he got from Langa was a shrug and the boy went on smiling. 

"I'm surprised I have to explain myself when I decide to visit my boyfriend."

He gently huffed. "You're lucky I find your snark so cute on you."

Gaze now turning from him to the dining table, Ainosuke took pause at the breakfast that was laid out before them. Tadashi must've been in on whatever this adorable stunt was. On the table were all of Ainosuke's favourite things, warm and ready,  and if he looked just a little further back...

There was a two boxes side by side. His red eyes slid back to Langa where he stood with a satisfied curl to his lips. It made his whole body seem to light up with the need to touch him. Reaching across the space between them, his nerves vibrated as he snuck his hand into the boy's with a smile. 

"I mean it now. Whatever is the occasion?"

Langa brushed his other hand over Ainosuke's knuckles, fingers slowly tracing the sharp valleys and mountains, mapping them as he hummed back.

"Maybe if you eat quicky, I'll remind you."

Well it wasn't their anniversary. Ainosuke had that written down himself in every schedule he kept, every calender he owned. It wasn't a major holiday, unless you counted the fact that it was the Golden Week. And Langa's birthday had been three months ago—

"Oh." His voice was quiet, soft, as if the word had gotten lost in his throat. 

It must've not been the reaction his lover had been looking for, because Langa's lips pursed and his brows furrowed displeasingly. Then as he squeezed Ainosuke's hand before letting go, the boy moved to touch him again. Here, on his waist, and causing Ainosuke to react on instinct, back arching to meet his touch, and bring Langa closer.

No matter the circumstances,  Ainosuke would never refuse his hands on him. He ached for it, even when he was still processing the fact that it was his birthday. Langa had remembered. Langa had gotten Tadashi and who knows who else to help him prepare this. He got him gifts.

Poor Ainosuke didn't know how to handle it.

"I know you said you prefer to love rather than be loved," Langa murmured, hand now stroking slow circles over the small of his lover's back. "But today is just going to have to be the exception, Ai."

His heart didn't know how to handle this either.

Maybe God had made him, made his life the way it was just for this moment. Ainosuke had needed to learn loneliness before he met Langa. He had needed to ache before he could have hie other half. The reminders of their differences in ages, of how long he had been alone before Langa had come and taught him how to love, to be two.

It made all trials and obstacles worth it. Every ounce of love he had been given with the flat end of a ruler, just a mastering of pain to know what true comfort was once he had it. 

Adam knew it had been worth waiting for someone like his Eve if that had been the cost. 

"Thank you," he murmured, pressing closer as his hands found their way into Langa's growing locks. 

He had let them get longer these first months of college, and Ainosuke couldn't resist touching as he kissed the corner of Langa's mouth. It earned the older man a bubbly laugh as Langa pulled him closer and kissed his boyfriend properly. They knew each other too well. 

"You're going to love what I got you," Langa confirmed, grin both confident and relaxed.

Eyeing the table now, Ainosuke smiled as he played with Langa's hair. 

"You know I like surprises."

"Well, it's only one surprise, the other is cake."

Ainosuke laughed this time, and kissed Langa again, over his lips,  up to his cheeks. As he cradled the younger's face, he found himself not wanting to pull away, not even to eat! What a sway his love held over him. 

Langa could read him, and simply huffed at the other before gently tugging him to the table. 

"Come on. I'll sit in your lap if that makes things easier."

There was no if. 

"Thank you, baby." Ainosuke  followed as he let Langa force him into his seat. When the boy settled on top of him, his arms curled gently around his waist. "For everything."

Langa hushed him with another warm kiss. "Stop thanking me. My boyfriend deserves good food, and a gift for his birthday."

"And kisses," Ainosuke added, grinning up at him.

Fingers brushing through his hair now, Langa merely sighed, kissing him again. 

"Of course. Such is the consequences of being in love."

In love. Ainosuke held him tighter, both soft and aching for the boy who had taught him real love, soft and caring, not strict and cruel.

"College is making you poetic, my dear."

Blue eyes rolled as Langa gave him an endearing smile. "Just say you love me too."

"I do—" he would say it a million times if he had to. "I love you, Langa. Thank you."

Langa couldn't seem to help kiss him again, Ainosuke truly not the only touched starved one between them.

"Happy birthday, Ai. I love you."



The gift was them. Adam and Eve, together and always, in a scrapbook Langa had put together of all their movements, every beef,  every dance.

Tokens from dates and the poetry he had written during classes that Ainosuke had never seen until now. Their own personal Eden. Not a place, but the memories of them together. 

Langa had held him close that night, more than willing to let the man stain his shirt with tears and his face with kisses. They were in love after all. He loved Ainosuke right when no one else had. Together, by each other's side, that's where they were meant to be.

Langa— Eve held onto Adam's hand. He was never leaving his lover or the garden again.