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Together, We're Whole

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Sun Yongren and Song Rong never thought they would live long enough to see Jiang Yuelou fall in love.  Their job was dangerous and they were constantly getting shot at, so one wrong shot and well…that was it.  But they survived, and watched their chief get promoted to Commissioner, something that they also never thought they were going to see.  Honestly, they had never been more proud of Jiang Yuelou in their life; he had grown so much from the hot-headed officer to the more level-headed (but still with some spark) commissioner that he was today.  After the ceremony, Sun Yongren and Song Rong headed to Jiang Yuelou’s new office, about to step inside to congratulate their former chief when they heard soft voices coming from inside.

         “Who could that be?” Sun Yongren murmured.  Song Rong shook his head before they both stepped forward and peered around the corner to see Jiang Yuelou sitting in his chair while Chen Yuzhi sat on his desk, both men speaking softly.

         “Dr. Chen?  But how did he get up here so quickly?” Sun Yongren murmured.  Song Rong shook his head as they watched Jiang Yuelou and Chen Yuzhi speak softly, both men smiling fondly at one another.

         “Has Boss always looked at Dr. Chen like that?” Song Rong murmured.  Sun Yongren nodded.

         “I think so” he replied.  They then watched as Jiang Yuelou stood up from his chair and looked down at Chen Yuzhi, who was smiling fondly at him, before leaning in and pressing a kiss to Chen Yuzhi’s lips.  Sun Yongren and Song Rong’s eyes widened, Sun Yongren letting out a soft gasp.  Song Rong then quickly clapped his hand over Sun Yongren’s mouth as he glanced over to make sure that Jiang Yuelou or Chen Yuzhi didn’t hear them.  Thankfully the two were caught up in their own world, Jiang Yuelou smiling as Chen Yuzhi laughed softly, his eyes crinkling up into half-moons.  Song Rong then grabbed Sun Yongren by the back of his uniform and dragged him away from the office, making sure to get far enough away before he released Sun Yongren.

         “Did you see that?” Sun Yongren hissed.  Song Rong gave him a look.

         “I have eyes, Yongren, of course I saw” he replied.  Sun Yongren shook his head.

         “I never knew Dr. Chen and Commissioner Jiang were in a relationship like that!” he exclaimed.  Song Rong gave him another look.

         “Are you blind even with those glasses?  There’s always been something going on between them…I think now they’re just comfortable with showing it…not like they weren’t comfortable before, but this is different” he mused.  Sun Yongren shook his head again.

         “I’m not saying I disapprove, it’s just…well, I’ve just never seen them act like that before” he explained.  Song Rong shook his head this time.

         “No, I think it’s that we’ve never seen Boss this happy before.  I think that’s why it’s a bit jarring for us” he corrected.  Sun Yongren paused before he nodded.

         “You might be right.  But I’m glad he’s happy” he declared.  Song Rong nodded.

         “Me too.  After everything, he needs something good in his life.  And I think Dr. Chen is that good thing” he mused.  Sun Yongren nodded in agreement before both men headed off to do their work, the thought of Jiang Yuelou and Chen Yuzhi smiling and laughing in the back of their mind, making them smile as well.




When Chu Ran came to visit Chen Yuzhi at his clinic, she was surprised to see Jiang Yuelou sitting on Chen Yuzhi’s desk as Chen Yuzhi was examining a patient nearby.

         “Jiang Yuelou” she greeted.  Jiang Yuelou looked over at her and smiled.

         “Chu Ran.  How are things at the newspaper?” he replied as she walked over to him.  Chu Ran nodded.

         “Good.  I’ve actually been promoted to chief reporter” she explained.  Jiang Yuelou’s eyes widened.

         “Really?  That’s amazing.  Congratulations” he praised.  Chu Ran smiled, just as Chen Yuzhi looked over at them.

         “Congratulations Chu Ran” he congratulated, a soft smile on his face before he looked over at Jiang Yuelou.

         “Yuelou have you seen my—” he started when Jiang Yuelou reached behind him and picked up his pen light, tossing it over to him.  Chen Yuzhi smiled as he caught the pen easily before flicking it on and shining it into the patient’s mouth as Jiang Yuelou shook his head.

         “He’s always losing that thing” he murmured, a fond smile on his lips.  Chu Ran raised an eyebrow at that statement before she frowned.

         “Shouldn’t you be at work?” she asked.  Jiang Yuelou looked over at her and shook her head.

         “I’m on my break.  I always spend my break with Yuzhi” he explained.  Chu Ran nodded slowly, just as Yu Tangchun walked into the clinic.

         “Boss Yu, what a surprise” Jiang Yuelou greeted, making Chu Ran turn and smiled.

         “Boss Yu” she greeted.  Yu Tangchun smiled and dipped his head to them as Chen Yuzhi looked up.

         “I’ll be with you in a moment” he stated as Jiang Yuelou stood up.

         “I can start Yuzhi” he offered.  Chen Yuzhi looked up and smiled.

         “Would you?” he asked.  Jiang Yuelou nodded as he looked at Yu Tangchun.

         “Boss Yu, please” he instructed, motioning to his seat.  Yu Tangchun nodded and walked over, sitting down as Chu Ran looked at him in shock.

         “You…” she started as Jiang Yuelou smiled.

         “Yuzhi has been teaching me how to read pulse” he explained as he placed the little rolled up cloth on the table, Yu Tangchun sitting down and placing his turned up wrist on top.  Jiang Yuelou then placed two fingers to his pulse point before he looked at Yu Tangchun.

         “Feeling better today?” he asked.  Yu Tangchun smiled and nodded.

         “Much.  My throat isn’t quite as sore” he explained.

         “I hope you’re still not trying to sing even though I strictly forbade it” Chen Yuzhi called out from where he was finishing up with his patient.  Yu Tangchun chuckled.

         “I’m not, Yuzhi” he promised as Jiang Yuelou smiled.

         “How’s the studio going?” he asked.  Yu Tangchun nodded.

         “It’s going well.  Soon we’ll have many new opera singers in Jing City” he replied.  Chu Ran frowned.

         “You’re no longer singing?” she asked.  Yu Tangchun looked over at her and shook his head.

         “My throat health has deteriorated so much that I can no longer sing.  But I can still teach, so I’m teaching children who want to learn opera how to sing and become opera singers” he explained.  Jiang Yuelou nodded.

         “Yuzhi forbade him from singing, so this was his next best option” he explained as Chen Yuzhi bid goodbye to the patient that he was working on before walking over to them.

         “Sorry about that” he apologized, dipping his head to Chu Ran and Yu Tangchun before he walked over and kissed Jiang Yuelou on the cheek.

         “Thanks.  I’ll take over now” he murmured.  Jiang Yuelou nodded as he stepped out of his way before looking down at his watch.

         “I should be getting back.  It was nice to see you Chu Ran.  Boss Yu” he bid before he headed out of the clinic, Chu Ran watching him walk away with wide eyes.  She blinked a couple of times before she looked over at Chen Yuzhi.

         “Are you and Jiang Yuelou—” she started.  Chen Yuzhi glanced up at her and raised an eyebrow.

         “Are we what?” he asked.  Chu Ran blushed before she shook her head.

         “Nothing.  I should get going.  Nice to see you again Boss Yu” she bid before she turned and walked out, leaving Yu Tangchun and Chen Yuzhi alone.  Once she was gone, Yu Tangchun chuckled.

         “So…you and Jiang Yuelou?” he asked, raising an eyebrow.  Chen Yuzhi looked at him and blushed, making him smile.

         “It’s about damn time” he teased.  Chen Yuzhi blushed deeper as Yu Tangchun chuckled.

         “Congratulations.  I’m happy for the both of you” he stated.  Chen Yuzhi dipped his head.

         “Thank you, Boss Yu” he murmured before he looked down, noticing a simple silver band on Yu Tangchun’s finger.

         “Eh?  Boss Yu, when did you get married?” he asked, looking up at him in surprise.  Yu Tangchun looked down at his ring and blushed slightly before he cleared his throat.

         “We’re not married…” he murmured.  Chen Yuzhi frowned.

         “But it’s on your wedding finger” he stated as he placed his hands in his lap.  Yu Tangchun smiled slightly.

         “It’s a promise.  For one day when we can” he explained.   Chen Yuzhi frowned, racking his brain before his eyes widened and he looked at him in shock.

         “Executive Zhan?!” he exclaimed.  Yu Tangchun smiled and nodded.

         “Yes” he answered.  Chen Yuzhi blinked before he smiled.

         “I think the one who should be getting congratulated is you” he stated before he chuckled.

         “I’ll have to tell Yuelou, his brain will explode” he mused.  Yu Tangchun looked at him before he dipped his head and smiled.

         ‘If anyone’s the married couple here, it’s you and Jiang Yuelou’ he thought to himself.




When Liu Li and Chu Min came to visit Chen Yuzhi at the clinic, you know just to say “hi” for old time’s sake, they saw Jiang Yuelou and Chen Yuzhi leaning against Chen Yuzhi’s desk, their shoulder’s touching as Chen Yuzhi rested his head on Jiang Yuelou’s shoulder.  Both men’s eyes were shut as if they were sleeping, making Liu Li look over at Chu Min.

         “Should we maybe come back another time?” she asked.  Chu Min nodded and they turned to leave when Chu Min paused.

         “Wait a moment” he instructed before he turned and stood at the entrance of the clinic, lifting the camera he had borrowed Chu Ran up to his eye.  He made sure that Chen Yuzhi and Jiang Yuelou were in focus before he snapped a quick photo, smiling softly to himself before he walked back over to Liu Li.

         “Okay, let’s go” he replied.  Liu Li frowned.

         “Why did you take a picture of them?” she asked.  Chu Min smiled.

         “I thought they might appreciate it” he replied.  Liu Li frowned.

         “Won’t they get mad at you for taking a picture of them while they’re sleeping?” she asked.  Chu Min smiled and shook his head.

         “They’ll act mad, especially Commissioner Jiang, but secretly, they like having pictures of them together.  I know they both still have the picture I took of them last time in their wallets.  I’ve seen it” he explained.  Liu Li tsked and shook her head before she sighed.

         “You’re asking to get your ass kicked by Commissioner Jiang, I hope you know that” she murmured.  Chu Min chuckled and smiled.

         “Maybe.  But weren’t they cute?” he asked as they continued to walk away from the clinic.  Liu Li hummed in agreement.

         “I don’t think I’ve seen them that relaxed before…” she mused.  Chu Min nodded.

         “They’re probably working too hard…that’s what Executive Zhan always says” he murmured.  Liu Li tsked.

         “Executive Zhan works hard too” she grumbled.  Chu Min nodded.

         “He does.  But he’s gotten better about taking off from work, thanks to Boss Yu” he stated.  Liu Li hummed.

         “Who do you think is the cuter couple?” she asked.  Chu Min’s eyes widened.

         “Ah, don’t ask me that!” he exclaimed before he took off running, Liu Li laughing as she raced after him.




Bai Jinbo never really visited the police station after he retired from being the police commissioner, but he decided that he was going to pop in to see how Jiang Yuelou was doing and getting along with all the officers.  When he arrived at the station, it was quiet but when the officers saw him, they quickly saluted before rushing off to do whatever task they had at hand.  He smiled, slightly grateful to still be respected, before he headed upstairs to Jiang Yuelou’s office, where he knocked on the door.

         “Come in” a voice called out.  Bai Jinbo then opened the door to see Jiang Yuelou sitting at his desk, working on paperwork, while Chen Yuzhi sat in one of the armchairs, reading a book.

         “I didn’t realize you had company” he teased, making both Chen Yuzhi and Jiang Yuelou look up.

         “Commissioner Bai” Chen Yuzhi greeted, smiling at the man.  Bai Jinbo returned the smile before he looked over at Jiang Yuelou.

         “It feels very domestic in here.  Was I disturbing something?” he asked.  Chen Yuzhi blushed and Jiang Yuelou opened his mouth to reply when Zhan Junbai stepped into the office.

         “They’re like this all the time, Bai-xiong” he teased.  Bai Jinbo turned to look at him as he smirked.

         “Isn’t that right, Jiang-xiong?” he asked, raising an eyebrow.  Jiang Yuelou huffed.

         “It’s quiet here so Yuzhi can actually get work done whenever he needs to” he replied.  Chen Yuzhi nodded in agreement.

         “The street traffic outside my clinic can be a bit much sometimes” he added.  Bai Jinbo nodded slowly in understanding as Jiang Yuelou looked at him and Zhan Junbai.

         “What are you two doing here?” he asked.  Bai Jinbo smiled.

         “I just wanted to see how you were getting on.  You seem to be doing just fine” he stated.  Jiang Yuelou chuckled.

         “Well, I’m glad you think so.  I do have rather big shoes to fill” he replied.  Bai Jinbo chuckled softly as Jiang Yuelou looked at Zhan Junbai.

         “What are you doing here, Zhan-xiong?” he asked.  Zhan Junbai smiled and walked over to his desk, placing a small black box on it.  Jiang Yuelou frowned at it before looking up at him but Zhan Junbai just winked and turned, walking over to Bai Jinbo.

         “We haven’t spoken in so long, Bai-xiong.  Would you care to join me for tea?” he asked.  Bai Jinbo raised an eyebrow slightly but Zhan Junbai just gave him a look, causing him to smile slightly.

         “Certainly” he agreed.  The two men then turned and walked out of the office, Bai Jinbo looking over at Zhan Junbai.

         “What exactly did you give him?” he asked.  Zhan Junbai chuckled.

         “Something that has been a long time coming” he replied.  Bai Jinbo frowned.

         “And what would that be?” he asked.  Zhan Junbai just lifted his left hand and showed him the silver band.  Bai Jinbo’s eyes widened.

         “A wedding band?” he whispered.  Zhan Junbai nodded.

         “While men aren’t allowed to get married…they can at least have something tangible that symbolizes they are” he explained.  Bai Jinbo nodded slowly before he laughed softly.

         “Things really have changed, haven’t they?” he asked.  Zhan Junbai chuckled before he nodded.

         “They have…but I think Jiang-xiong has changed the most” he declared.  Bai Jinbo hummed and nodded in agreement.

         “I think so too” he agreed.




Out of all of them, Keying never knew the Jiang Yuelou of the past; the jaded, angry man who exploded the second his mood took a turn for the worse.  She only knew Jiang Yuelou, the man who showered her and her brother with love, the man who constantly smiled and laughed, the man who would sometimes tuck her into bed at night and kiss her forehead, telling her that he loved her.  He was also the man who sometimes danced around the living room with Chen Yuzhi, the two of them smiling fondly at each other as they danced.  Keying liked to watch them dance because she liked to watch the two men be silly, since their job required them to be serious all the time.  So to see them be silly was a lot of fun.  That evening, in particular, when Jiang Yuelou and Chen Yuzhi came home from work, Jiang Yuelou had Keying and Chen Yuzhi sit in the living room as he knelt before Keying.

         “Keying…I have a very important question to ask you” he stated.  Keying tilted her head at him.

         “Okay” she replied, curiosity in her eyes.  Jiang Yuelou smiled slightly.

         “I know that you’re very important to your brother.  And you’re very important to me.  So your opinion matters quite a lot” he stated.  Keying nodded, still wondering what he was going to ask her.  Jiang Yuelou then looked her in the eyes and smiled.

         “Chen Keying…will you allow me to marry your brother?” he asked.  Keying and Chen Yuzhi both gasped, their eyes wide in shock and surprise as Jiang Yuelou pulled out the small black box that Zhan Junbai gave him, opening it up to reveal two simple silver bands.  Keying then looked at Jiang Yuelou with teary eyes.

         “You’re really gonna marry gege?” she whispered.  Jiang Yuelou nodded.

         “I am.  But only if you’ll allow me to do so” he replied.  Keying then threw her arms around him, hugging him tightly.

         “Yes.  Yes, you can marry him” she whispered.  Jiang Yuelou smiled and gave her a squeeze.

         “Thank you” he whispered, Keying pulling away as he looked at Chen Yuzhi, who was sitting on the couch, still stunned.

         “Yuzhi?  Are you okay?” he asked, concern entering his eyes.  Chen Yuzhi blinked, shaking himself out of it before he smiled.

         “I’m fine” he replied.  Jiang Yuelou smiled before he smirked and raised an eyebrow at him.

         “Well, Yuzhi?  I got Keying’s permission.  Can I?” he asked.  Chen Yuzhi looked at him before he scoffed.

         “Do you even have to ask?” he replied.  Jiang Yuelou smiled before he took one of the rings out of the box and slipped it onto Chen Yuzhi’s ring finger.  Chen Yuzhi smiled tearily before he reached out and took the other ring, slipping it onto Jiang Yuelou’s ring finger.  The two men looked at one another before Chen Yuzhi threw his arms around Jiang Yuelou, hugging him tightly.  Jiang Yuelou returned the tight hug before turning and pressing a soft kiss to Chen Yuzhi’s temple.

         “You’re stuck with me forever now, you know that” he murmured.  Chen Yuzhi laughed.

         “As if I would ever want to get rid of you” he replied.  Jiang Yuelou smiled and pressed a kiss to his lips before pulling away and standing to his feet.  He then turned and scooped Keying into his arms, lifting her up into the air and spinning her around, causing her to let out a delighted squeal.  As he lowered her down and she wrapped her arms around his neck, Chen Yuzhi chuckled softly as he pushed himself off the couch and walked over to them, pressing a gentle kiss to Keying’s hair before looking at Jiang Yuelou, both men smiling fondly at each other before they leaned in, resting their foreheads together.  Keying looked between them before she smiled and made herself more comfortable in Jiang Yuelou’s arms.  The three of them might have come from broken pasts and broken families but together…together they were whole.