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"Here it is, a full list of all the 'wrongs' Lizard has squeezed into my backstory. Only 75 points... And 'all' might be a wrong word, I wouldn't be surprised if something was forgotten about."

  1. I had no friends as a child
  2. Local boys shunned me at best and bullied at words, girls generally ignored me as we shared no interests
  3. I'm allergic to strawberries; my face and throat swell to the point I can't breathe
  4. Local cats bullied me and adults never took it seriously, claiming I provoked them
  5. One of the local cats ripped my web between the right pinky and ring finger when I was five
  6. A group of the cats chased me into the forest, clawing and biting me; I was six.
  7. That chase ended with me falling off a small cliff, into a patch of wild strawberries; refer to point 3: I'm allergic to strawberries. I had to beat the shit out of angry cats while crawling into a nearby stream to breathe through my gills
  8. I was stuck in this steam for hours before dad found me. Cold, hungry, scratched all over and terrified some bigger animal I wouldn't be able to keep away would find me first.
  9. Pirates raided my home village when I was eight. Zack's mom woke us up in the middle of the night. The village was burning, people were screaming and she rushed us toward the forest
  10. My parents and Zack's dad stayed behind. Our dads, to fight and my mom to tend to wounded in our house. I - like a moron child - rushed back to help them out
  11. That was the first time I killed someone. I shoved a kitchen knife into a grown-up pirate's stomach, sliced through and saw his guts spill on the ground. A reminder: I was eight.
  12. Dads couldn't even grab my stupid ass and get me back to the forest because there were so ridiculously many pirates screaming about some hidden treasure
  13. I stuck with dads and we moved a bit forward and out of an alley along with some more people from the village; that's when Marines arrived; people cheered at first but then the Marines started shooting with no regard, both pirates and civilians. So yeah, not only my village was raided by pirates but the Marines that came to 'save' us were rotten and were there for a shot-out.
  14. Both my and Zack's dads were shot by like a dozen bullets right in front of me
  15.  If it wasn't traumatic enough, quite probably the only reason I survived this salvo was that dad landed on top of me and pinned me to the ground. In between the gunshots, I heard him choke and try to shush me
  16. It was my fault. To this day I blame myself for their deaths. That, if I didn't come back, they wouldn't be in the middle of that street
  17. After that, I crawled out - battered and bruised - and ran around the buildings, aiming to kill the Marine in charge. Vice-Admiral Poinciana Ramzen. I killed a couple of his men on the way but he grabbed me by the neck and held up as if I was nothing
  18. He used his Devil Fruit on me, blinded me and just tossed me away
  19. My mom saw this, rushed to try to get me from those Marines; Ramzen just took out his pistol and shot her
  20. So that's another thing I blame myself for: my mom's death. If I didn't choose to try to kill Poinciana, my mom wouldn't try to save me, wouldn't get shot
  21. My observation haki awoke at that moment and what's the genius thing I'm doing? Angry at everything and their dog, I attack Poinciana again! As if it would work this time. He caught me with no issue again and the thing is that if I didn't do it, if I ran away, it would be the end of that; it was this second attack that made Poinciana decide to keep me
  22. And guess what! Nine-year-old Zack was a moron with no preservation instinct as well and attacked to get me free too. This gave him the perfect leverage to get me to do his bidding because, with everyone dead, I was desperate enough to do anything to save Zack.
  23. So yeah, I pass out; Poinciana kidnaps me and Zack; I wake up in an unfamiliar room and only then, with the adrenaline gone it hits me I'm blind and an orphan. But since those already have their points, Ramzen came in with his son, Kermanilian and said I'm supposed to be his fighting dog and that he will hurt Zack if I misbehave. When I talked back, he took out a gun and shot Zack's leg
  24. Kermanilian's voice sounded like scratching on a chalkboard and it wouldn't be that bad if I didn't have to listen to his screech nearly every day for the next nine years.
  25. So yeah, at the age of eight, right after witnessing my village being burned down in a pirate raid and 'saved' by corrupt Marines and being the cause of my patents deaths, I was turned into a fighting dog for the man who killed the min front of me and who delegated my training to his son, a sadist. That,s the summary. The thing for this point is that my training included running and being told that if I don't hit the satisfactory time, Zack will be beaten up. Note that I was blind, my observation haki was rubbish at the time and I couldn't sense objects at all, only humans. I was running into things left and right at full speed
  26. While on the subject of running: this obstacle course was an everyday opening routine with obstacles moved around so I wouldn't just memorise them and it was outdoors and I was barefoot and dressed only in shorts and a shirt, no matter the weather. Rain? Snow? Icy cold weather? Doesn't matter, gotta go out and run! Every day for the four years and nearly every for the following five. My observation haki eventually helped with the obstacles but not with the cold freezing my butt off
  27. I was shot with rubber balls. It wasn't lethal but it hurt like hell. Every day, till my haki got good enough I was able to evade them all, which didn't happen till I was somewhere between twelve and thirteen
  28. I was electrocuted. Multiple times. Not your nice and comfy battery to the tongue, nope. Those were multiple electric pads on the floor, strong enough to temporarily paralyse me. I had to avoid them while being shot at with the aforementioned rubber balls
  29. Somewhat regularly, those balls would be coated with various substances that could stick or be absorbed through the skin. Sometimes it was soporific.
  30. Other times, a diluted acid. Not strong enough to cause lasting scarring but enough to sting like hell
  31. Oil that made me and the floor slippery
  32. Tar that made everything sticky
  33. No idea what it was but it gave me an ungodly itch on my whole body. It didn't go away with a shower and I scratched myself bloody and couldn't sleep for the following two nights. Those happened three times.
  34. While both Zack and I were getting all the nutrients we might need, those were served in a form of a cold, blended up and tasteless pulp. Nearly every day, for nearly nine years. Guess why I hate repetition in foods.
  35. The official story was that Poinciana adopted us; that as a noble hero, he took those two poor orphans under his wings. Mostly, we stayed hidden, confined to the manor, under the guise that I was very sickly and Zack stayed with me to tend to me. On the rare occasions we did meet other people, we were supposed to act the part or beating for both of us
  36. We got excellent teachers to make sure we weren't stupid and wouldn't possibly embarrass him during those social gatherings. Zack got to sit down during his classes but since I couldn't read, I was forced to train while teachers talked at me. I had to pay enough attention to learn while exercising because they expected satisfactory results in both
  37. All the time, they called me a 'rag doll'; something to use and abuse. In public, they called me 'doll' and made me act as if I enjoyed it
  38. At nine, they took me to an operating room and removed webs between my fingers and toes
  39. Without any anaesthesia or numbing agent
  40. My back fin was removed a couple of weeks later
  41. Again, without any anaesthesia or numbing agents
  42. Just before my tenth birthday, they burned a brand on my back
  43. Shortly after my tenth birthday - I think, it's not like they celebrated either of our birthdays - they finally got me into my first 'dog fight' I've been trained for nearly two years. In a secluded location, Poinciana and some more scum like him brought their 'fighting dogs' - children aged eleven to fourteen - and made them hunt each other to death. There were bets but also the owner of the last one standing was the winner. Yes, eleven to fourteen while I was ten. The bottom limit wasn't a hard rule, younger kids just usually weren't able to keep up with the older ones so no one bothered with those
  44. They shoved us into barrels that exploded if we tried to leave before the starting signal (which sounded a lot like an exploding barrel, by the way)
  45. We had collars that would electrocute us each hour, prompting us to get on with the hunt
  46. The charge was getting stronger and I heard no one ever survived the ninth
  47. I killed two out of the initial thirteen of us, the second of which gave me my hip scar
  48. This dog fight was held biannually. On the following one, I still managed to skulk on the outskirts but during the third one all other ten kids were instructed to focus on me first
  49. I participated in those ten times total and I probably could give a point to each but seven on it is enough
  50. After my third tournament, so when I was eleven and a half, Poinciana got in inmates with a death sentence. They were told they would be set free if they could kill me. He brought someone every other month or so till I was about fourteen
  51. On three different occasions, those inmates broke my bones. Once for each leg and once for the left arm
  52. I was treated and put into the plaster but still had to train and meet the expectations
  53. It was after the fifth dog fight, so I just turned twelve when Poinciana instructed Kermanilian to start my spy and assassin training; it started with checking how I fare against various narcotics and drugs; they tested a whole array on me and I was high like a kite for a month or so
  54. After the sixth, they brought in the local brothel mama to teach me how to sexually please people. Kermanilian was repulsed and wanted nothing with it and the brothel mama took pity in me so we took things slowly but well... still fucked up
  55. Not long later, I had my back tattoo done; no one asked for my opinion, of course
  56. On multiple occasions, I had to suck old guys dicks and whatnot to lull them into bliss so they rant about their secrets around this blind stupid girl or to sleep so I could steal their notes
  57. During those spying missions I was often unsupervised and could technically run away. The fact that I seriously contemplated leaving Zack behind still breaks my heart
  58. The pirate raid on the village? Yeah, Poinciana revealed to me he was the one who organised it. He spread rumours that there was going to be some treasure hidden in our village on that night. He wanted a village raided by pirates so his men could swoop in, have a shootout and save the day
  59. He made me organise two raids like that
  60. He gave me my sight back on those two nights so I could watch those villages burn the same way mine did
  61. Poinciana took me to a prison where he carried out his testing, took an inmate's sight and gave it to me, then gave me a spoon and told me to scoop the man's eyes out just to present to me the capabilities of his devil fruit powers
  62. When I was fifteen, Poinciana died. With Zack, we were terrified of what Kermanilian was going to do to us. It seemed that nothing happened but neither of us knew he swapped my contraception pills to placebo
  63. I got pregnant and once it came out Kermanilian gradually brainwashed us into holding onto a sliver of hope that he was going to treat us better and maybe even release
  64. I gave birth and we all were going to celebrate our release nine days later, on my seventeenth birthday... After the dinner, Kermanilian gave me a choice, either I kill Zack or Stelea or he kills both
  65. I killed my baby daughter
  66. It was the first death I not only caused but carried out with my own hands; it still haunts me the most
  67. Kermanilian set off Zack's explosive collar anyway
  68.  Of course, I blame myself because I should have known better
  69. Zack made me promise I won't off myself; so now I self-loathe enough to want to kill myself but can't because I promised I won't
  70. To this day, I get nightmares about it that make it impossible for me to sleep longer than five hours at a time
  71. Now those nightmares and my birthday triggers the Void State
  72. While I can tenter it out of my volition, I can't get out without a key phrase; Zack knew what it was, I don't remember; so now whenever I trip into the Void State, it takes me about two weeks to get out of it
  73. I got a bounty on my head for killing Kermanilian and bounty hunters kept on harassing my home village often enough I faked my death about a year later
  74. Zolien - Poinciana's daughter and Kermanilian's sister - sent her thugs to harass my village two years ago. I dread to think what would have happened to Jaya and Monie if I didn't happen to be visiting at the time
  75. The fact I have Bor, Jaya and Monie now. I'm the one to blame for the deaths of both my parents, both Zack's parents, Zack's and Stelea's but here I am, getting attached to three more beings. The anxiety I will be the cause of their deaths is constant