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Buck let himself into the Diaz house with the key Eddie had given him a few weeks ago. Since they had started moving down the path of being a couple, being a family with their children, they had exchanged keys to each other’s places. Everything was quiet in the house as he toed off his shoes at the door. He wasn’t surprised by this as it was past midnight, everyone should be asleep. He wasn’t sure how true that was going to be, and he was proved wrong when he noticed the kitchen light was on. He made his way to the kitchen, finding Marti sitting at the little table, a cup of tea clasped in her hands on the table.

“Hey,” Buck whispered so as not to startle the girl, “Thought you’d have gone home.”

Marti looked up at him, giving him a sad smile and shaking her head. “Didn’t feel right, leaving them after, you know.”

Buck nodded as he stopped in front of the table, “Yeah,” he rubbed at the side of his nose with his thumb, “I wanted to come back with them but Bobby was only able to call in a replacement for Eddie at the last minute.”

“He understood,” Marti replied, standing up to take her cup to the sink. “But now that you’re here I’m going to head home.”

“Yeah, okay, thanks.” Buck followed her back into the living room, shutting off the kitchen light as they went. “Text me that you got home, yeah?”

“Oh course,” Marti pushed up to her tippy toes and kissed his cheek, “Take care of my cousins.”

“Plan on it.” Buck waved her off, waiting on the porch as she got into her car and drove off before he locked up and headed for Eddie’s room.

The door was ajar and he slipped inside. The nightlight was the only thing lighting up the room, shadows falling on the walls around him. His first stop was checking on Kira, sound asleep in her crib against the wall. When he looked towards the bed, it was to find Christopher curled up in Eddie’s arms in the middle of the bed. Buck could see something clutched in the boy’s hands, and when he stepped closer he realized it was a picture frame. Buck’s eyes misted over, realizing that the boy must have fallen asleep holding the photo of his mother that always sat on his bedside table in his room.

Buck sniffed and turned towards the dresser, pulling out sweats and quickly changing out of his jeans. He left his t-shirt on and returned to what had turned into his side of the bed when he and Eddie shared after long shifts, or just because they needed a nap. Eddie had his back to him this way and Buck did his best to slide in behind him, pressing his chest into Eddie’s back. He wrapped his arm over Eddie’s side, bringing his hand to rest on Christopher’s back as the boy had his face pressed into his dad’s chest.

Buck settled quickly under the covers, just as he felt Eddie’s hand holding Christopher shift. Eddie brought his hand up to Buck’s on Christopher's back, clasping it in his own and squeezing. Buck squeezed back. Buck leaned up on his elbow to look down at Eddie, the brunet’s eyes were opened and he turned his head to look back at Buck.

“Hey,” Buck whispered, “I’m here. Whatever you need.”

Eddie swallowed, nodded, and turned his head back to tuck his nose into his son’s hair. He squeezed Buck’s hand again before closing his eyes once more. Buck settled back down, his head resting on the pillow, nose pressed into the back of Eddie’s neck. He closed his own eyes, knowing he wasn’t going to get much sleep.

It had been a horrible day for everyone around, but more so for Eddie and Christopher. They had been called out to a car accident– pedestrian hit crossing the road. Everything hit a little harder when the pedestrian was identified as Eddie’s soon-to-be ex-wife. Buck had watched Eddie realize who the woman laying in the road was, had tried to stop him from going over so Hen and Chimney could do their job. Then when Buck had reached the hospital it was to learn Shannon had died in the ambulance on the way– Eddie holding her hand.

Eddie hadn’t said anything since coming out to the waiting room where their whole team was holding down the fort. He had been holding Shannon’s things– her watch, purse, cell phone– a yellow envelope Buck knew were the finalized divorce papers between the two of them. Eddie had told the team just that morning that it had been finalized, that Shannon was going to pick them up and his copy would be sent to him shortly. In the same breath Eddie had officially asked Buck out on a date.

He had no idea what was going to happen now.

It was just after eight in the morning when Buck woke up to Kira’s babbling from her crib. He checked to make sure Eddie and Christopher were still sound asleep before carefully extracting himself from the bed. He scooped Kira out of her crib and quickly took her to the living room before she could wake the boys. He wanted them to sleep as long as they could, knowing for the coming days they would need all the sleep. Buck changed her diaper before settling Kira in her motorized bouncy. He ran to the bathroom himself, and as he was leaving he heard sniffling from the bedroom. He went to check and found Christopher blinking up at the ceiling– Eddie was still asleep.

“Hey, bud.” Buck whispered, stepping into the room.

Christopher looked over at him, sniffing again. Buck’s own eyes were filled with tears again. He couldn’t stand to see his favorite little boy cry. Buck stepped up to the bed and held out his arms. He wasn’t sure if Christopher would want to be separated from his dad but the boy instantly raised his arms. Buck carefully pulled Christopher out of Eddie’s arms and settled the boy on his hip, holding him close. Christopher wrapped his arms around Buck’s neck and tucked his face into his shoulder. Buck cradled his head and kissed his temple.

As he turned to head out of the room, Christopher whimpered, reaching one hand back towards the bed. At first Buck thought maybe he wanted his dad awake too but then his eyes landed on the picture laying on the bed. He scooped it up and Christopher instantly took it in his hand, cradling it back to his chest, pressing his face into Buck’s shoulder once again. Buck took a deep breath, turned and left the room. He stopped in the living room to check on Kira first, seeing her mesmerized by the toys dangling from her bouncy, he knew he would be able to get her breakfast ready.

Buck was glad he knew how to do things one handed since becoming a father to a newborn as Christopher refused to be put down. He quickly made up Kira’s bottle before grabbing some strawberry yogurt and granola with bowls and spoons, and bottles of orange juice for Christopher and himself. He was able to settle the three of them on the couch– Christopher tucked into his side and Kira in his arms. He held the bottle for Kira in the hand also cradling her in his lap, using his other hand to eat his own breakfast. Christopher ate slowly as he watched the cartoons Buck had turned on for him, pressed heavily into Buck’s side. That was how Eddie found them a half hour later– breakfast finished, bowls on the coffee table and Buck’s around Christopher’s shoulder.

“Hey,” Eddie mumbled, rubbing sleep out of his eyes as he sat down carefully next to Buck, leaning forward to look across the blond at his son.

“I know it’s stupid to ask, but how are you doing?”

Eddie frowned, shrugged. Buck figured he wouldn’t know how to answer that.

“Abuela–” Eddie sighed, “Abuela is sorting the funeral. She wanted me to just be here with Chris, not have to worry about it.”

Buck nodded, “That’s– good. I’ll help if she needs it.”

“Thank you,” Eddie finally leaned back into the cushions before tilting over, resting his head on Buck’s shoulder. “Thank you for being here.”

“No need to thank me, Eds.” Buck turned his head and pressed his mouth to the crown of the brunet’s head, mumbling, “I’m right where I want to be.”

“Still, thank you.”

Buck hummed, “Are you hungry?”

Eddie shook his head, “I’m glad you got him to eat though.”

Buck looked down at Christopher, the boy had fallen back to sleep just before Eddie had joined them. He smiled sadly before turning his attention back to Eddie. They sat there, flipping through channels trying to find something to watch, not talking, until there was a knock on the door. It was Abuela and Pepa, checking up on their boys and girl.