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In which a demon and an angel fall in love

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Demons and Angels

The difference was obvious.

Angels were brought into the world to bring peace and guidance. While demons were different, they’re purpose is to bring fear and terror onto others. It’s like they were meant to be sworn enemies since the dawn of time.

“Hey hey Guyfriend”

And yet this angel that was running toward the demon in excitement didn’t feel the way she should be. Instead of running away in terror and screaming for help, she ran towards the demon with a smile on her face.

“Oh, hey Kate, what're you doing?”

This demon, who you’d expect to chase after the angel with his fangs bared and his claws out, yet those fangs and claws were nowhere to be found as he embraced the smaller girl in his arms.

“Nothin much, wanna go get some pizza, after that we can go to my house to play some video games.” Kate said as she wrapped her arm around Guyfriends with a wide smile. “M’kay, but can we stop by the mall, I wanna get you a bunch of new clothes” Guyfriend responded as they made their way down the sidewalk.

“Awww what’s wrong with what i’m wearing now?” Kate pouted. “Nothing, I just don’t understand the point of a shirt with a no sign on it” Guyfriend teased, causing Kate to start fake crying. “Waaaaaaaaaaah you’re so meeeeeeean” Kate cried out, causing Guyfriend to chuckle.

“Aww you know you love me.”

“You got me there” Kate stuck her tongue out at him, making him laugh somemore.

Guyfriend felt like he was falling in love with Kate all over again.

The way her cyan hair would jump along with her whenever she got excited, her huge eyes that shined brighter than the sun, not to mention she had the voice of an angel (which makes sense since she was an angel).

He loved her more than anything in the world, and he promised himself he would never let anything get in their way.