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pay the moderators overtime

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Xiao's set up is all ready to go as he clicks off a few tabs before starting his stream. He reassures himself a successful start when his face pops up on one of his monitors as well as a few comments from his viewers that were slowly starting to trickle in. A small smile ghosts his face when he sees familiar usernames and an overall large amount of people joining him. 

"Hey guys," he starts off, booting up the game he was planning to play that night. It wasn't too difficult to manage since he was pretty tired and the ones accompanying him that night were skilled anyways. They didn't need to rely on him to carry so he could sit back if he wanted to.

"hi xiao!"

"i've been waiting for a stream with you and the idol group 🥴"

"are we seeing venti tonight??"

He chuckles lightly at the last comment but doesn't respond to it, the small sound of footsteps outside of his door an indication of what, or rather who , was to come. He says hello and thanks to a few early supporters who donate and he accepts the invites from his co-op group of the night.

"Hi everyone!" Childe's voice comes through their Discord call with other greetings from Zhongli, Diluc, and Kaeya. A few comments were made here and there, mostly about how they were looking forward to the game and what character they were going to choose. The chat immediately darts their attention towards them and away from Xiao whose door is now slightly open. 

They all make light conversation while picking their heroes for the battle with bickering between Diluc and Kaeya over a certain character. It ended up resolved with a coin toss ending with Kaeya snickering as Diluc chose his second best person with a scowl on his face. Xiao settles with a damage dealing role alongside Childe with Zhongli taking on a tank before they begin.

Xiao's eyes trail over to the chat but he doesn't notice that someone is calling his name. He sees Venti's name written all over with more greetings and it doesn't hit him until a hand gently cups his face. 

"Baby," he mutters under his breath and nods his head to his stream. Venti only smiles and leans down to kiss his cheek, winking at the camera before hanging back and resting on the room's couch. Xiao's gaze is still on his screen and he shudders at the amount of comments he sees.


"thx for reminding me that i'm still very single 🥰"

"xiaoven is still going STRONG"


"hu tao just keep going it'll stop soon"

Xiao sighs and he turns to look at Venti with an exasperated look, only to be met with an innocent looking smile. He made a mental note to treat his moderators later on as well as have something for his own lovely boyfriend after the stream. This wasn’t the first time and it wouldn’t be the last from Venti after all. 

His friends call his name and he returns his attention back to the game. Childe makes a teasing remark his way to which Xiao shoots back with a, "It's not like I don't see you the same way with Zhongli on your streams." The older man only looked at the two in confusion as Childe tries to steer the attention back to their gameplay. 

Meanwhile, their chat was having the time of their lives.


There’s a text from Hu Tao with her signature caps lock and excess emoji’s and Venti only laughs to himself. He replies slyly to which she responds with more exasperation. Now, of course he would treat her for her work later on but he wanted to have some fun. He scrolls through his phone for a couple more minutes before placing it down into the cushions.

Venti lays his legs over the arms of the couch as he stares lazily at his boyfriend. Xiao had been playing the same game with the group for about two hours now and nowhere within that time did he ever turn his head to look at Venti even if it was just for a second. But tonight, luckily for him and not so much for Xiao, he was feeling a bit coy. Venti picks himself up, leaving his blanket on the couch and drapes his arms over Xiao's shoulders.

"I see some people near the--" The streamer flinches as Venti places his forehead against the back of his head. Kaeya questions him through the mic and Xiao repeats his sentence without interruption but does look straight into his camera to share a look with the viewers. He sees Venti's face lift up and meet his gaze through the screen and he only smiles innocently.

"You can still play, I'll just be here." He says and doesn't release his hold. Only then did Xiao realize how close the other was to him as he could smell the aroma of his favorite shampoo and the softness of a hoodie most likely stolen from his side of the closet. "If you want me to..."

"Can you flirt some other time?" Diluc interrupts, calling upon laughter from the others and another plethora of messages from the chat. 

"Aw, Luc. You're just jealous that you can't get someone to love you like--hey!" 

Xiao forgot to disable friendly fire that round.


Xiao finds himself saying goodbye to his friends and thanking them for an eventful game night, something they had been unable to do together for months now. The chat is sad to see the group finish their stream but know that Xiao still has a little bit of hangout time after his own. 

“How are you guys?” He says and the chat sends in their messages, either having to do with the question or really random things they enjoy seeing his reaction with. He nods along to a few messages while commenting on others, a raised brow on a few, and a full double take on one particular one. 

“I’ve been reading fanfics”

“I made some pizza today and i melted plastic in the oven”


“ohh he BOLD bold”

He whips his head around to see the male in question, a smirk on his face as he adjusts his, well Xiao’s , oversized hoodie. 

“What did you do?” Xiao mouths to him and Venti just shrugs. In all honesty, he didn’t do anything except actually fix up his clothes behind Xiao. The streamer is slightly flustered as he darts his eyes from Venti’s eyes to his legs and back. 

“I have pants on, look--” Xiao has to practically launch himself off of his chair to cover him with a hastily grabbed blanket from the couch. “Hey--”

“Baby, can you please just sit on the couch or go eat something? I just want to finish up this stream.” Venti had rarely seen pleading eyes on Xiao but here they were. He places a hand on his face and kisses his nose. He felt bad, but only slightly. So he leaves Xiao to finish up as he heads to their living room to play with their cat.


"You're really troublesome, you know that?" Xiao says, pressing a light trail of bites on his boyfriend's neck. Venti only hums and places his hand on the back of Xiao's head. Venti returned into his gaming room right after the end of his stream and Xiao wasted no time in pulling him in, faux annoyance on his face.

"You haven't been paying attention to me," he gives a small pout and while it could have been teasing, Xiao sees that his expression was genuine. It had been a while since the two of them really spent time with one another as Xiao had been catching up with class and streaming and Venti with his own classes. "Is it bad that I just wanted to touch you?"

Xiao sighs, knowing he can't win this but it wasn't like he wanted to. Instead, he pushes himself up and kisses Venti, deep and slow like they have all the time in the world. He apologizes in a whisper when they part momentarily and Venti accepts it when he surges forward to bring him back in.