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Oh Shit, A Chat

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Rainbow After Rain added Stellan, Alec de Tropos, Reuben, and 3 others to Unnamed Chat.


Rainbow After Rain: would anyone like to explain why the absolute fuck my oven is on fire?


Stellan: Arson wizards


Alec de Tropos: stell.


Reuben: Probably Stellan again? Sorry! :<


Yami: I blame Stell


Voltaire: Oh Fuck a ✨Group Chat✨


Voltaire: Def was Stell Btw 


Bigfoot: bigfoot


Rainbow After Rain: dammit not again


Rainbow After Rain: i fuckin hate it here


Rainbow After Rain: stop showing up at my apartment stell, i cant house you forever


Stellan: :(((((((


Stellan: Mom :(((((((((((((((


Rainbow After Rain: no.


Stellan: :(






Reuben: Wait, Rainbow, did you ever put the fire out? (,,꒪꒫꒪,,)


Rainbow After Rain: yeah its fine now!


Rainbow After Rain: daydream put it out.


Rainbow After Rain: speaking of daydream


Rainbow After Rain added Daydream at Night to Unnamed Chat


Daydream at Night: Greetings strangers and also rainbow and stell




Daydream at Night: Hello stell :/


Daydream at Night: Care to tell me why the oven was on fire again


Stellan: :) no






Voltaire: This Chat Needs Some ✨Spice✨


Voltaire renamed Unnamed Chat to Gaymer Central


Voltaire changed their name to sugar&spice


sugar&spice changed Reuben’s nickname to bestboi


sugar&spice changed Yami’s nickname to NURSE? NURSE?


sugar&spice changed Rainbow After Rain’s nickname to mother unit


sugar&spice changed Daydream at Night’s nickname to ghost?


sugar&spice changed Stellan’s nickname to yard weed


sugar&spice changed Alec de Tropos’ nickname to its not a phase


sugar&spice changed Bigfoot’s nickname to CRYPTID


sugar&spice: Fuck Yeah