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Until We Meet Again

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"What is this?" Korn asked the black something on his plate, then turned it around to try to decipher it’s identity.

"... Omelette" In replied sadly.

"What the hell did you do?" Korn poked his fork trying to find something to eat. He was now completely in 'hell friendly mode'.

"When I made it, it stuck to the pan and I couldn't turn it over," In explained.

"Huh? Dessert?" The elder opened the box and looked inside, and saw lookchub in it.

"Mom helped me make it." In said with one of his fingers pointing to the dessert "Actually, this was the hardest thing to do" In poked the star shaped one. Each piece was bright and colorful "Aaa.... Open your mouth!"

Korn found In feeding him funny, but opened his mouth to eat the lookchub nonetheless. When he started chewing, the delicious flavor of the star shaped sweet burst pleasantly in his mouth.

"It tastes like flavored jelly. But it's more delicious."

A smile appeared on the boy's face who was wrapped in a blanket. This is the result of the sweet dream, in which he was completely immersed in happiness. An alarm rang disturbing the beautiful bliss the dream had left him in.

Dean sat up and rubbed his face, telling his brain that he needed to get up. When his dream was over, he remembered nothing, but the happiness and warming feeling that had accompanied it. With his hand, he wiped the tear that had rolled down his face. He wasn’t surprised since he was a kid, he had often dreamed of someone, but he could never remember the details. He would always wake up sad and crying every time, without knowing why he was crying in the first place. The older he got, the less frequent those dreams became, the dreams that used to occur weekly had become monthly. In addition to sadness, he was also afraid. But when he dreamed again now, he was not sad, in fact he was quite the opposite. He was happy.

Maybe sadness was the reason he was looking for someone... maybe that someone knows the solution to his sadness.

Dean got up from the bed and walked to the bathroom. As he washed his face, he stared at his reflection. He appeared as a faint shadow, Their faces would have been as similar as those of a twin, but their smiles were different. Dean shook his head and took a bath.

Too confused.

Dean's family consisted of 5 people, and two maids. His parents were often abroad because of their jobs, leaving the two younger ones alone with their brother. He was too lazy to meet his father because they always quarreled.

As usual, breakfast in the dining room was quiet. The only sound came in the form of his sister as she was eating and his younger brother talking to someone on the phone. Dean’s breakfast was simple fried eggs, with sausage and bread, and orange juice. Their breakfast was prepared by the maids.

“I'm coming late today because I have a project I need to do with my friends. Is that okay?” Don, his younger brother, politely asked for permission. Dean just nodded.

He knew that both of his siblings were afraid of him and felt embarrassed near him, perhaps because they had not grown up together. He grew up with her grandmother. When he returned home at the age of 18, his siblings had already grown up. Sometimes he tried to get closer to them, but for some reason they always kept their distance. Maybe he was too introverted, he didn’t worry about his family until they were in a tough situation.

"I'm going to camp with the swimming club on Saturday night, I'm only coming home on Sunday, we're going with the juniors."

"I'll be home alone P" said his sister Del because she was worried Dean wouldn’t allow Don to go out to work on a project with his friends if she was home alone.

"No!" said Dean, "It's dangerous for a girl to be alone in the house, I'll call you." Then he got up from the table, picked up his car keys and his phone. He shook his head in response as his sister asked about his breakfast.

The black Sedan was in the parking lot. He just sat there for a while. He left the house too early to go to class. He didn’t want to go to the club, he wanted to look at the billboard, but he was too lazy to talk to people. In the end, his belly decided that he was hungry.

The most important buffet at the university was the largest, with many to choose from. Dean went to one of the counters. Luckily it was very early, so there weren’t many people around.

"I'd like an omelette with rice!" He ordered the first food that came to mind. A minute later, his order was ready. He turned to look for a place to sit, and went to one of the empty tables.

An omelette looked the same everywhere. But especially... he still thought of the burnt omelette he couldn't eat. Dean didn't know that thought came from, for he had never eaten a burnt omelette in his life.

His phone began to vibrate. He glanced at the name that flashed on the screen. A picture of the club’s vice president appeared, he wanted to turn the phone over. He really didn't want to be disturbed.

"What?" Dean's voice sounded cold, he just wanted to enjoy his breakfast.

"I'm just asking. When will you get to college?"

"I'm already here, what's up?"

"Ah, nothing, you're early. The president of the cooking club came and asked if we had decided on the food boxes. So I want you to come here."


Dean finished his breakfast and got up, "Okay, let's go to the club."

He left the table. He held his phone in his hand. He wasn't worried about his surroundings. But after a few moments, someone sat down at his table. He sat in front of him.

"Ah, I'm just eating. Yeah, in the middle canteen. Yeah, I'm waiting." Pharm put his omelette on the table. He talked to Team as he sat down and waited for his friends so that they could eat together.

Seeing the omelette, Pharm remembered his childhood. He had secretly climbed on a chair and baked eggs. He used the electric stove and did not put it on the right setting. As a result, his first omelet burned to black and his mother spanked him. He cried and begged his mother to teach him how to cook. This was the starting point of his love for cooking, he would later help his mother cook in the restaurant. His mother teased him to hurry up and become a good wife who could cook.

With that in mind, he became sad. He rested his head on the table, but lifted it as he grabbed something with his hand.

"Oh, what is this?" muttered Pharm, it looks like someone had left their notes.

"Hooii" his friend leaned over and stole a bite from Pharm's plate.

"Team!! The rice!!!" He slapped his friend's hand.

"Just a bite, okay, okay... Then I'll go and buy some for myself," the hungry dog shook his head and walked away.

Pharm shook his head and put his notes on the table, forgetting the papers that the
the person had left, mixed with his own.

"What does P'Dean's post from yesterday mean? Did the two meet at all?" Mannow showed Pharm the screenshot that Team had sent to the Line group last night. Thinking about it, he didn't really understand what it meant to * never forget *.

"We never met."

In English class, the teacher explained the correct meaning of words with a slight British accent. Team, who didn’t really understand the foreign language, sat in his place grumpily. Mannow and Pharm—who were already learning English at an international school—followed the lesson without any problems. They talked quietly and showed each other their phones under the table.

"Everyone was surprised when he posted after half a year, it's pretty weird." He initiated a conversation with Mannow. What does it really mean? The girl wanted to know the truth behind the post.

"Maybe before he ate the dessert, he wanted to take a photo in memory," Pharm replied, because he wanted to halt his friend's growing curiosity.

Mannow nodded "But how is that possible? I think Dean and Pharm haven’t met. Why would he want to post it?"

"Women's instinct?" Team, who had been silent so far, suddenly joined the conversation.

"Female intuition? What is it?" Pharm was puzzled at the new word.

"What's more special about girls 'intuitions” than boys'?" asked a laughing Team in a deep voice, causing Mannow to inflate her face.

"Haa... We 'fujoshi' can be aggressive, but we never ship a friend with another person. And please keep your eyes on the board because the teacher has already filled it. Pharm, do you feel anything? If you don't like this, then tell me and we won’t talk about it anymore because if there’s someone else you like ... ”Mannow explained seriously as she looked at her friend’s face.

Pharm smiled broadly and shook his head and gently tapped the girl's head with his pen, "Don't think too much. If I don't like it, I'll tell you."

"Then are you singled out?" the boy let out a sigh and responded.

" know....for sure."

His response made both his friends insecure. Pharm wasn’t sure if he should tell his friends, but he knew that they’d be very understanding.

"If I tell you, will you laugh?" Pharm asked as he stared at his booklet, as if there was a hole there for him to jump into.

"No..." Mannow and Team spoke in a sync.

"I don't know how, but when I see him, everything blurs. I feel very happy and I feel like I’m in love," Pharm muttered.

"That person ... a boy?" asked Team.

Pharm nodded, "Yeah ... that's why I'm a little confused about my sexual orientation." he said slowly as he played with his fingers. "I was always looking for someone ... until ... I saw P'Dean on orientation day."

ManNow raised her hand and placed it on her chest. He smiled cautiously as Team just yawned and tried to grasp the situation.

"Yeah ... yeah ... is P'Dean the person?" she wanted to scream, but held herself back.

"I'm not sure we met," Pharm clapped his hands together as he looked at his friends, "But I'm sad every time I hear his voice see his picture. "

"Then meet him. I’ll look for a solution." Team fired himself up, very curious about the meeting between the two boys.

"Don't ..." Pharm shook his head. His hands shook a little "I'm too scared"

"You don't have to, just calm down. Just meet Team at the club, you can run into P'Dean there anyway." Mannow tried to make a plan, but her friend just shook his head, his eyes wet, and he couldn't calm down.

"It's not like that, I mean I'm scared... I'm afraid of meeting him." Pharm closed his eyes .. he was afraid that if they met, he would make it impossible for him.

Pharm was very pale. Mannow and Team looked at each other, took their friend's hand and tried to calm him down.

"You don't have to meet right now, so calm down. We're here and we'll encourage you if you need it," she explained with a smile on her face, reassuring Pharm with her sweet words.

"Yeah it’s okay, if you can just make more dessert and I'll take it to P'Dean," Team smiled.

"Miss Marrisa!! Mister Pharm!! Mister Teerayu!!”;cried the teacher, causing the wanderers in the room to jump.

"We’re sorry" the three geese apologized and sighed deeply when the teacher told them to write 3 pages as a punishment.

The clock showed 9, Pharm had just finished taking a shower. In the afternoon after the club activities, the club president told him what they would need for the boxes that they will make for the swimming club. They will go shopping on Monday for the ingredients so that everything is ready by Friday and they can give it to the swimming club on Saturday.

Pharm opened his laptop and picked up the papers. How to complete the 3-page assignment for English? His friends were also punished too.

Pharm couldn't help but smile as he thought of the events that occurred today. When he was finally able to talk to someone about the things he was bottling up, it felt really good.

"Umm ... English task." he thought he could write "Guess something ... aww" with his friends

He noticed strange documents under his English papers. Pharm tried to remember how he got them, then remembered that he had found them at breakfast.

"I'm sure I accidentally took it," he was a little shocked when he saw the scribble on one of the corners, he was staring at it with wide open eyes.

"..." Pharm laughed, "Maybe it's just a coincidence," no matter what he said, it made his heart pound. After all, the identification code clearly showed that the person was in his third year. Pharm sighed and entered the university site. He navigated the search system, his hand trembling as he entered the code from the page and pressed enter.

The short boy bit his lip before looking at the name on the screen.

571-xxx Ratthanon Wongnate, Management Maj


He dropped the papers from his hand onto the table and screamed.

"Eeiii!!!" he unconsciously moved away from the table as if he had seen a scary monster.

"What, luck,...but how do I give it back to him?" Pharm was confused. Pharm frowned. "Or should I just give it to one of his friends? Eeiii... or should I ask Team to give it to you tomorrow? Aww, it's impossible. Team said he won't be in the apartment tonight because he's going home. I really don't know what to do! " the boy muttered to himself for half an hour until he realized that he had to return it in person.

"...but what should I say.."

The clock showed that the time was 11. Pharm printed out what he needed to submit tomorrow. He closed his laptop to finally go to sleep. But before getting up from his chair, he looked at the papers once more, causing his head to ache. His lips twitched into a cautious smile and he touched the name written on the paper and whispered softly, as if he was afraid anyone could hear him.

"Good night P'Dean!"

"Pharm, do you have club activities today?" Mannow asked as she hugged her friend's arm.

"No! But I have to go to the library. Yesterday, P'Oom said he left the swimming club budget and asked us to make desserts as well. So I want to look for some recipe books," Pharm explained.

“We’ll be very happy.” Team happily joined the conversation after hearing that they could eat food prepared by his friend’s club on the bus.

"Umm... I need to talk to the president first."


He had some books to read in his hand, in addition to the documents that he intended to return to P'Dean. He didn’t dare give them face to face because he was scared, but he was worried that he wouldn’t notice the lack of material that could be at the expense of his exam. Pharm took a deep breath and tried to stop the bad thoughts.

The books were about all kinds of sandwiches and Thai desserts. After asking P’Oom about making Thai desserts, the president agreed. But only now has he realized how complicated it will be because he has to be careful with coconut cream and other easily perishable ingredients.

The mini-burgers made a pretty weird combination with Thai desserts.

"First of all, Mannow is on a diet, so the chicken avocado sandwich will be good for her," he scrolled through the colored pages. The recipes were quite incredible, meanwhile it was funny enough to think that the Faculty of Economics is easier to survive than this “assignment”.

The short boy enjoyed writing down his thoughts on a piece of paper until he realized he had spent almost an hour doing so. He collected his notes before deciding what to do next. As he walked slowly near the other tables, he suddenly froze.

...what is this?

His heart pounded. He slowly stepped back and stopped at a four-seater table, but only one person was sitting there. He slept with his face on the tabletop

Why? When? How? P'Dean was barely a meter away.

Pharm looked around 'Is it good to wait until he wakes up and then give it back to him? Or should I just pretend I saw nothing and walk away? Probably just some paper, he can print it again. '

Meanwhile, he looked closely at the sleeping boy's face ...

'Wait!!! Damn Pharm!!! Why do you have to be so close to him?!” He turned quickly when he realized he was leaning too close to his face.

The confused boy rubbed his head, his face turned red again, and his fast-pounding heart made him go closer.

"If I get closer to him, my heart will probably stop working." he said as he put his arm around his chest.

"Huh ..." the hot tears dripped down his face, the feelings lurking in his heart surfaced again. Pharm was almost happy again. Why does this always happen when I see you?

Suddenly the teary-eyed boy thought of a solution, he left a post-it note. He wrote his name on the note, but ended up erasing it.

He snuck up to the sleeping boy and put papers near him. He took a photo of the half-lying person as a memento. His salty tears dropped onto his sleeves.

"Sleep well... P'Dean."

This time, he whispered to the owner of the paper.


After the sleeping boy got up, he heard a giggle from somewhere behind him. He rubbed his face and looked at a girl who smiled at him. lol He fell asleep, though he only wanted to read a book before he had to go back to the club. But it was 6 o'clock now. When he looked at his phone, he received countless missed calls and unread messages from his friends.

“I accidentally took your notes from the cafeteria. I'm sorry I returned them late.”

The club president's heart stopped for a moment. This time, as he got up, he felt happy again. But he still wondered who wrote the note because he didn't see a name on the post-it. Dean froze, then took a closer look at the paper. There was a name below the sentence, though it was erased, but the faint writing was still visible. He took out his wallet and put the post-it in the picture holder, then put his wallet into his t-shirt pocket.

... near his heart ...