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Until We Meet Again

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Everything was silent, except for the rain and the ever so present thunder. Water drops were hitting the ground. In the room, on the top floor of the eight-story building, two young boys were sitting on a wet couch, embracing each other, trying not to make any sound. The younger boy the other sobbed, leaning on the older boy's chest.

"It doesn't matter what happens, everything will be fine." he comforted the taller boy while leaning against him, though his own heart wept in agony.

"Don't Leave In." whispered a voice.

"Shhh ... we have to stay together, Korn," the younger voice continued, embracing his love tightly with both of his arms.

It was a forbidden love, both of them opposed by their parents. They both fought and quarreled with their families, but that only made matters worse, eventually banning them from meeting. But they still managed to escape.

Korn stroked the bruised face of the boy embracing him. Deep in his heart, he felt guilty because the always-cheerful boy was now fighting with his parents.

"I'm so sorry In," he whispered softly in his ear and kissed the trembling boy's temple to let his love know that, "I love you so much. Always remember that!"

The boy looked up with his teary face "Don't say that. Never leave Korn" he grabbed the shirt of his love tightly with both hands "I'll always be with you, as long as I can. Together forever!"

A bolt of lightning followed by the deafening sound of thunder could not distract the two boys from each other, forgetting about the rain and the storm. Korn kissed In's clenched lips, which were already bluish with cold and fear.


The huge door suddenly slammed open and the two boys screamed.

"Let him go! Fuck, didn't I tell you you can't meet him ?!" the angry voice of the exploding man directed his words to Korn.

"In, come here!" the middle-aged man went closer to the two trembling boys and began to pull his son, feeling his resistance, so he grabbed his love.

"Dad, I love P'Korn. Please let us stay together, please!" he tried to oppose his father, his voice trembling with the overwhelming emotions he was feeling at the moment. "Do you think he's better than your own father? Do you think I love you less?" In's father snarled. He tried to hit his son, but his hit landed on another body, the one who protected In.

"Don't hit him! He didn't do anything wrong. He didn't make a mistake. I'm sorry." the young boy wrapped his arms defensively around his love, protecting him from his own family. Korn awkwardly tried to raise his hand as a sign of respect, his eyes filled with tears.

"I love him. We love each other."

"Idiot! I don't need your respect!" the angry man picked up a rod that lay on the ground and hit Korn. The echo of the blow was like that of the sound of thunder outside.

"Dad .. No !!" Screamed In as he saw the blood of his love begin to flow down his head.

"He's going to die ... Please don't hit P'Korn!"

Behind his father appeared his mother's shadow as well. She followed her husband in silence and watched as the taller boy, his son's love, was being hit. He was silent, standing as a statue. The boys continued to scream, one in pain, the other to stop his father.

"Korn! Son! I told you not to breed with this boy!" the angry voice belonged to the other man, Korn's father.

"Damn, you hurt my son like a criminal, yet he hit back. I'm your enemy here!" Korn's father pulled the boy off of the bar that had caused the injury.

"Come on! Do you think I'm afraid of your mafia family?" In's father's voice ripped through the darkness of the room like a roar. "That's why I don't want In to have anything to do with your son. I don't want my son to be mafia blood like your son. Intouch, get away from the gangster puppy! "

The two men began to fight to separate the young men, who clung tightly to each other until they fell to the floor with the strength of the two men and then cried out in pain as the air was squeezed out of their lungs. At the sight of the tearful bodies, the two fathers stopped fighting.

The rain outside was pouring in, the tension in the room grew. Korn finally looked into his love's eyes. The light inside him began to fade as he decided to give up, but his love remained strong. Korn suddenly turned to his father and bowed.

"Dad ... I'm sorry," the boy jumped over to his father, grabbed his gun, and raised it to his temple. He pulled the trigger with a quick motion, but before that he smiled lovingly at Intouch.

"I Love You In!"


"P'Korn !!! P '... P" Korn!!! "Intouch's scream split into the air like a knife. Everyone was in complete shock and watched as the young boy hugged his lover's bloody body tightly. The boy was trying to stop the bleeding on the other boy's head. But by then Korn's gaze was already in the gloom of emptiness.

"I love you P'Korn" In cried and kissed the lips of his dead love. "P' you promised, you said we will always be together"

In's small hands trembled as his fingers reached towards the gun next to the body that had caused the loss of his love. Intouch's swollen eyes scanned the metal, than back to Korn's face, as if wanting to remember it even more.

"Son, no !!" In's father cried out when he noticed his son holding a gun and saw the determination in his gaze.

Another shot rumbled in the storm of the night, as did the thunder.

Another life was lost when the younger man fell on the body of his love, enclosing their love in a final embrace.

The sound of rain intensified. His mother's scream once again permeated the sound of the storm. Then a deadly silence fell over the night.