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It was a bright and sunny day as a tall young man with light skin, brown eyes hidden behind circle glasses, and dark brown hair by the name of Chen Yuzhi was walking back from his lectures, carrying a few of his textbooks in his arms, when someone, or something, crashed into him, sending him to the ground and his textbooks and notes scattering all over the place.  His glasses were also knocked off his face and that was just great because now he couldn’t see shit.  He then let out a sigh and began gathering up his notes and textbooks when he heard the crunching of gravel near him.

         “Are you alright?” a voice asked.  Chen Yuzhi nodded as he continued to gather up his notes and textbooks.

         “Just fine” he replied.  Just then, a hand reached out and grabbed his face, making him jolt and look up with wide eyes as something came towards his face.  He quickly squeezed his eyes shut as something slipped onto his face and over his ears, gentle fingers making sure whatever was on his face was on well.

         “You can open your eyes now” the voice declared with a soft, teasing tone.  Chen Yuzhi opened his eyes and blinked in surprise to find that he could see.  He then jolted when he realized that a tall man with light skin, brown eyes, and short black hair dressed in all black was kneeling before him, a small smirk on his face.

         “Sorry about that.  Didn’t watch where I was going and just completely barreled into you” he apologized.  Chen Yuzhi blinked again before he shook his head, shaking himself out of staring.

         “Oh, it’s okay.  Sorry for being in your way” he apologized.  The man chuffed and shook his head.

         “You weren’t in my way, I just wasn’t paying attention” he stated before he stood to his feet, holding out his hand to Chen Yuzhi.  Chen Yuzhi blinked for the third time before he reached out and allowed the man to pull him to his feet.  The man then reached out and dusted him off before he looked him in the eyes.

         “You sure you’re okay?” he asked.  Chen Yuzhi nodded.

         “I’m fine.  Thank you” he thanked.  The man smiled, just as there was a loud shout from behind Chen Yuzhi, making both of them turn to see two officers running towards them.

         “Welp, that’s my cue to go.  See you around” the man bid before he took off.  Chen Yuzhi watched him run away, just as the two police officers chased after him, making Chen Yuzhi frown.

         “Who was that?” he murmured before he shook his head and continued back to his apartment.  When he arrived, he quickly dropped off his books before he walked over to his cabinet and opened it, pulling out a small can of cat food.  He then took the cat food and headed outside, walking into the alley that was right next to his apartment.

         “Xiao Bai~  Dinner~” he called out as he cracked open the can.  Immediately, a white cat with gray ears and a gray tail came out of the shadows and padded towards him as he smiled and knelt down. 

         “Here you go, kitty.  Eat up now.  And don’t let any of those other mean alley cats take it from you, okay?” he cooed as he reached down and petted Xiao Bai’s fur.  Xiao Bai made cute noises in reply as he began to eat, making Chen Yuzhi chuckle before he pushed himself to his feet and headed back into his apartment to do his homework and finish taking notes over his lectures for the day.




The next evening when Chen Yuzhi returned home from school after a long lab, he quickly set down his bag and textbooks before he went over to the cabinet and took out another can of cat food.  He then headed to the alley to feed Xiao Bai when he let out a gasp; Xiao Bai was sitting on top of a very badly injured and unconscious man, sniffing him curiously.

         “Xiao Bai” he hissed, quickly walking over and snatching the cat off of the man, holding him close.  He eyed the man up and down, frowning when he realized that the man looked strangely familiar. 

         “Where have I—” he started before he gasped.

         “Oh…the man who ran into me at school” he murmured.  He then looked at Xiao Bai and gave him a gentle scritch.

         “Come on, Xiao Bai, you get to come inside tonight” he declared softly, throwing one last glance at the unconscious man before he turned and headed back to his apartment.  Once he was inside, he walked into his bedroom and gently deposited Xiao Bai onto his bed before he took a deep breath and ran a hand through his hair.

         “Am I about to do something stupid?  Yes, yes I am” he murmured before he turned and headed back out of his apartment, turning into the alley.  He then walked over to the unconscious man, looking him over one last time before he turned around and knelt down, turning back so that he could see where his arm was before he reached out and grabbed it, throwing it over his shoulder.  He then pulled the man forward so that he was basically leaning on him before he stood to his feet and carefully wrapped his arms around the man’s legs so that he wouldn’t fall off.  Once the man was on his back, Chen Yuzhi headed back into his apartment, carrying the man over to the couch, where he gently placed him down.  He looked the man over before he shook his head.

         “Ah, what am I doing” he grumbled as he turned and headed into his kitchen where he kept his first aid kit, bringing it back over to the couch.  He then walked back into the kitchen and filled a bowl with warm water, making sure to grab a few towels on the way out.  He then walked over and sat down on the coffee table and narrowed his eyes as he studied the man’s cuts before he turned and grabbed the towel, dipping part of it in the warm water.

         “I don’t know if you can hear me…but this might sting a little” he murmured as he turned back to the man and began to gently clean the cuts and abrasions on his face.  The man didn’t respond, didn’t even flinch at the touch of the towel.  Chen Yuzhi frowned but continued to clean the cuts and abrasions until his face was clear of blood.  Once his face was clean, he looked down and studied the man’s torso.

         “Oh, please don’t be too badly injured…I don’t know if I can treat you” he whispered.  He then reached out and carefully sat the man up, removing his leather jacket before carefully removing his shirt, blinking at the sight of his abs.

         Oh…’ he thought to himself before he shook his head and continued to look for any stab wounds, gunshot wounds, broken bones, anything like that.  Surprisingly he found nothing, other than a few bad, but not too deep, knife cuts on his chest and one deep cut on his arm.  Chen Yuzhi hummed before he stood up, picking up the bowl of red-tinged water and carrying it over to the sink, dumping it down the drain.  He then refilled the bowl before carrying it back to the coffee table, placing it down beside him as he reached over and grabbed another towel, dipping it in the water.  He then began to gently clean the wounds on the man’s torso and arm, careful not to press to hard while cleaning.  After he had cleaned the man’s wounds, he placed the towel in the blood-tinged bowl before he opened his medical kit and pulled out a jar of ointment, carefully apply it to the wounds on the man’s chest as well as his face so that they would heal without too much problem.  Once he had applied the ointment to the wounds, he quickly wrapped them so that the ointment wouldn’t get rubbed off before turning his attention to the cut in the man’s arm.  It was deep but it wasn’t made by a serrated blade, so it wouldn’t need stiches, which was good since he hadn’t quite learned how to do that yet.  He then reached out and grabbed the jar of ointment, opening it and applying it to the wound.  After he applied the ointment, he placed a non-adhesive wound dressing over the wound and wrapped gauze over the dressing before finishing with velband and crepe.  Once everything was bandaged, he let out a sigh as he stared at the man.

         “I guess you can stay here tonight” he murmured as he packed up his medical kit and put it away before cleaning up the towels and the basin of water.  After cleaning everything up, he walked back to the couch and placed a blanket over the unconscious man, since he didn’t want him to get cold.  He then turned and made a quick dinner, wolfing it down since he was starving (he was a med student, he barely had time to breathe do you really think he had time to eat) then showered before turning in for the night.  He got under the covers, Xiao Bai quickly coming and curling up next to him, causing him to smile.  He reached out and stroked the cat’s soft fur before he shut his eyes and let out a sigh, letting sleep take him.




Around three o’clock in the morning, Chen Yuzhi was startled awake by a noise in the living room.  He blinked the sleep out of his eyes before he sighed heavily and pushed himself out of bed, slipping on his glasses before he walked over to his bedroom door and opened it.  He barely made it two steps out of his bedroom before something grabbed him and slammed him against the nearby wall as something sharp pressed against his neck.  He let out a squeak and whatever was pressed against his throat pressed deeper into it, causing him to whimper as he scrambled for the light switch that he knew was nearby.  When he finally felt it, he quickly flicked it on, flooding the room with light.  Standing extremely close, so close that their noses were almost touching, was the man that he had saved from the alley.  Chen Yuzhi looked at him with wide, terrified eyes and once the man seemed to realize who he was, his own eyes widened as he took a step back, removing the knife from Chen Yuzhi’s throat.

         “Oh, it’s you.  Bambi” he murmured.  Chen Yuzhi frowned at him.

         “Excuse me?  What did you call me?” he demanded.  The man chuckled and pointed to him with what looked like a knife.

         “Bambi.  Because of your eyes.  They go all wide like a deer in headlights when you seemed to be shocked so…Bambi.  But I’m sure that’s not your name, now is it?” he asked as he put the knife away.  Chen Yuzhi looked at him before he shook his head.

         “No.  It’s Chen Yuzhi” he replied.  The man hummed.

         “Chen Yuzhi…” he repeated, almost as if he was testing the name out on his tongue.  Chen Yuzhi then huffed.

         “Who are you?” he demanded.  The man looked over at him and smirked.

         “Jiang Yuelou” he replied.  Chen Yuzhi nodded slowly before he looked at him.

         “Would…would you like something to eat?  I’m not a very good cook, but I can at least make you a hot meal.  I’m sure you haven’t eaten” he stated.  Jiang Yuelou looked at him in surprise before he laughed and shook his head.

         “That won’t be necessary.  Thank you, though.  You’ve done enough” he stated, motioning to his bandaged arm and chest.  Chen Yuzhi blinked before he blushed.

         “Oh…you’re welcome” he murmured.  Jiang Yuelou chuckled as he reached out and gently stroked Chen Yuzhi’s cheek, making him look up at him with wide eyes.

         “Cute” he murmured, making Chen Yuzhi blush even deeper.  Jiang Yuelou chuckled again before he moved his hand away and walked back to the couch, picking up his jacket, slipping it on.

         “Wait, where are you going?” Chen Yuzhi asked, taking a step forward.  Jiang Yuelou smirked.

         “Leaving, obviously” he answered.  Chen Yuzhi shook his head.

         “But you’re hurt!  You need rest” he argued.  Jiang Yuelou shook his head.

         “It won’t be safe for you if I stay here.  So I’ll be leaving” he replied as he headed towards the door.  He then turned the knob and opened it, about to step through it and leave when Chen Yuzhi stepped forward.

         “Will I ever see you again?” he asked.  Jiang Yuelou paused and looked back at him before he smirked.

         “We’ll see” he replied before he stepped through the door and shut it behind him, leaving Chen Yuzhi alone, well almost alone, in his apartment.  Chen Yuzhi blinked before he sighed and headed back into his bedroom, getting back into bed.  He reached out and pulled Xiao Bai against him, the cat making a soft noise in protest, but Chen Yuzhi just held him tighter as he shut his eyes, trying to not think about Jiang Yuelou.




After that second fateful encounter with Jiang Yuelou, every time he came from home from school, Chen Yuzhi would check the alleys near his house, just to see if Jiang Yuelou would be there.  Sometimes at school he would check too, just casually looking around to see if he could see the man.  He didn’t know why he started looking for him, but he did.  He guessed it was just the healer in him, but he was constantly worried about him, wondering if he was okay, if he was hurt, if he was eating, if he was sleeping…he didn’t know where all the thoughts were coming from or why he was having them, but he was.  And he guessed the worry and concern started to show on his face because a few of his professors would come up to him after lecture and ask if everything was okay because normally he would be looking at the board with bright eyes, ready and excited to learn, but recently he had a very serious look on his face and it was concerning them.  He always assured them that he was fine, and while most of them believed him, a few of them didn’t and asked again to make sure he was really okay.  Chen Yuzhi wanted to tell them the thoughts that he was having and wanted to know if there was something wrong with him, but he thought better about it and just shook his head, smiling and assuring them that he was fine.  Even some of his classmates started to ask him if he was fine and that was when Chen Yuzhi knew that he might have a slight obsession with Jiang Yuelou.




Three months later, as Chen Yuzhi was sitting on his couch, reading a book, when there was a loud knock on his front door.  He looked up from his book with a frown before he put his book down and walked over to the door, opening it.  He then let out a gasp as he saw Jiang Yuelou standing before him, looking worse than when he found him the alley all those months ago.

         “Yuelou” he breathed.  Jiang Yuelou looked at him and smiled weakly.

         “Yuzhi” he murmured before he suddenly fell forward, collapsing against him.

         “Jiang Yuelou!” Chen Yuzhi exclaimed, quickly catching and wrapping his arms around the man.  He then quickly stepped inside, dragging Jiang Yuelou with him as he slammed the door behind him.  He then quickly walked Jiang Yuelou over to the couch and laid him down, looking him over.

         “Jiang Yuelou…oh Jiang Yuelou, what did you do?  What happened?” he whispered as he hesitantly reached out to touch Jiang Yuelou’s shirt, only for his hand to come back covered in blood.  He let out a gasp before he quickly stood up and grabbed the hem of Jiang Yuelou’s shirt.

         “Sorry about this” he murmured before he swiftly tore the fabric, revealing a multitude of bruises and a stab wound in his abdomen.

         “Jiang Yuelou” he whimpered before he shook his head and took a deep breath.  He had to focus and treat the wound or Jiang Yuelou was going to die here, on his couch.  And if he let the man die, he would not forgive himself.  He then quickly rushed over to his medical kit as well as his suture kit, grabbing both of them before placing them on the coffee table.  The minute he put them down, however, he realized that he was going to have a hard time working on the wound so he let out a huff before he picked up the two kits and rushed into his bedroom, where Xiao Bai slowly lifted his head from where he was napping on the bed.

         “Xiao Bai, off” Chen Yuzhi ordered.  Xiao Bai, ever the obedient cat, listened and hopped off the bed, heading over to the cat bed that was in the corner of the room to lay down.  Meanwhile, Chen Yuzhi rushed out of his room and over to the couch, carefully lifting Jiang Yuelou off the couch and onto his back, knowing full well that he was probably getting blood all over his clothes but he couldn’t care less at that very moment.  He then carefully placed Jiang Yuelou down on his bed and got to work, first cleaning the area around the stab wound before he carefully threaded the suture needle with the thread.  Once the needle was threaded, he began to carefully stitch up the wound, making sure that the stitches were clean and that the skin was pulling together nicely so that it would heal without too obvious of a scar.  After he stitched up the stab wound, he tied off the thread and snipped off the excess before he turned his attention to the other cuts that were covering Jiang Yuelou’s body.

         “Jesus Christ” he murmured.  He then reached out and sat Jiang Yuelou up, taking off his leather jacket and torn shirt, checking to see if there were any other wounds that he missed.  Thankfully there were none, just the ones on Jiang Yuelou’s chest.  Once he took inventory of Jiang Yuelou’s injuries, he stood up and headed into the bathroom, cleaning the blood from his hands before grabbing a basin and filling it with water.  He then carried it back into the bedroom, placing it on the bedside table before he turned and headed back into the bathroom, grabbing a towel.  He then walked back to his bed and dipped the towel into the water before he gently began to clean Jiang Yuelou’s chest.  As he cleaned Jiang Yuelou’s chest, he recognized the scars from the other wounds he had treated, sighing softly.

         “At least the other wounds healed properly” he murmured before he went back to cleaning.  After the wounds were cleaned, he quickly got to work placing ointment on them before carefully bandaging them so that they would heal.  He then took a step back and let out a shuddering breath, nearly collapsing had he not sat down in his chair in time.  As he sat there in the chair, taking deep breaths to try and calm himself down, he looked up at Jiang Yuelou as he laid in his bed and let out a deep sigh.

         “Wake up soon” he whispered before he leaned back in his chair and drifted off to sleep.




A few hours later, Chen Yuzhi was awaken by the sound of rustling sheet, so he opened his eyes to see Jiang Yuelou slowly sitting up.  His eyes widened and he quickly stood up from his seat, walking over to him.

         “Jiang Yuelou, wait, your wounds, you need to rest—” he started, reaching out to push Jiang Yuelou back down when Jiang Yuelou grabbed his wrist and yanked him onto the bed, pinning him down with his wrists above his head.

         “Jiang Yuelou, your wound, you’re gonna tear your stitches!” Chen Yuzhi exclaimed, not really caring about the fact that Jiang Yuelou was pinning him down on his bed.  Jiang Yuelou blinked as recognition crossed his face and he quickly got off of Chen Yuzhi, allowing him to sit up.

         “Yuzhi.  It’s you.  Sorry” Jiang Yuelou murmured as Chen Yuzhi rubbed his wrists before huffing.

         “You idiot, you could have torn your stitches” he grumbled.  Jiang Yuelou looked down at his bandaged abdomen before he blinked.

         “You…you did this?” he asked, looking up at him.  Chen Yuzhi huffed.

         “I’m a med student learning to become a doctor.  Of course I did” he replied.  Jiang Yuelou smiled slightly.

         “No wonder my other wounds healed so well” he mused.  Chen Yuzhi smiled slightly as well before he frowned.

         “What the hell happened?  Did you get into a gang fight or something?” he demanded.  Jiang Yuelou nodded.

         “Mmhm” he replied.  Chen Yuzhi’s eyes widened.

         “What?” he breathed.  Jiang Yuelou raised an eyebrow.

         “Yuzhi…do you not know what I am?” he asked.  Chen Yuzhi shook his head.  Jiang Yuelou huffed.

         “I’m a gangster.  You’ve been taking care of a gangster” he deadpanned.  Chen Yuzhi’s eyes widened slightly.

         “That’s why the police were after you the day we first met” he breathed.  Jiang Yuelou nodded.

         “And why I held the knife to your throat when I didn’t realize where I was” he added.

Chen Yuzhi nodded slowly.

         “Which is also why you said you couldn’t stay here…cuz it wasn’t safe for me” he whispered.  Jiang Yuelou nodded again.

         “Yup” he agreed.  Chen Yuzhi then shook his head.

         “But why come here then?” he asked.  Jiang Yuelou shook his head this time.

         “Your place was the first thing that popped into my head after I got hurt…I’m sorry, I probably put you in danger by coming here, I should go” he murmured when Chen Yuzhi reached out and grasped his wrist.

         “No, stay.  I’ve…I’ve been worried about you” he murmured.  Jiang Yuelou frowned and looked over at him.

         “You have?” he asked.  Chen Yuzhi nodded.

         “It got bad enough that my professors and classmates started to notice” he admitted.  Jiang Yuelou at him in surprise before he laughed and reached out, cupping his face in his hand, stroking his cheek with his thumb.

         “Cute…” he murmured.  Chen Yuzhi huffed and rolled his eyes before he looked at him.

         “Just…just stay here, tonight.  Please?” he asked.  Jiang Yuelou looked back at him and his pleading eyes before he sighed and nodded, stroking his cheek again.

         “Alright, I’ll stay” he agreed.  Chen Yuzhi smiled and Jiang Yuelou couldn’t help but smile as well because well, like he kept saying, Chen Yuzhi was so cute.  Chen Yuzhi then slipped off the bed, still smiling.

         “I’ll make us some dinner.  I apologize in advance for my poor cooking skills” he declared before he turned and headed out of the bedroom.  Jiang Yuelou watched him leave before he huffed and shook his head, just as a soft meow came from the edge of the bed.  He blinked before he scooted over and leaned over the side to see Xiao Bai looking up at him with his big blue eyes.

         “Hello kitty” he cooed as he reached down, scooping Xiao Bai up and placing him in his lap.  He then began to stroke Xiao Bai’s soft fur, smiling slightly when Xiao Bai began to purr.

         “You’re such a sweet thing aren’t you?” he murmured as he continued to pet him.  Xiao Bai continued to purr as he flopped over on his side, causing Jiang Yuelou to laugh.

         “Is Yuzhi not giving you enough attention?  Shame on him, hmm?” he teased. 

         “I can’t help that I have school” a voice grumbled, making him look up to see Chen Yuzhi standing at the entrance of his bedroom, holding a tray with two bowls in his hand.  Jiang Yuelou laughed as Chen Yuzhi walked over to him and placed the tray down, revealing the bowls to be full of egg drop soup and wontons.

         “It’s not much, but it’s warm” he explained, his voice soft, almost as if he was embarrassed.  Jiang Yuelou smiled before he reached out, grabbing spoon and bowl before taking a bite of the soup, eyes widening slightly before he looked at Chen Yuzhi.

         “It’s delicious” he whispered.  Chen Yuzhi smiled and let out a breath of relief.

         “I’m glad” he replied before he picked up his own bowl and began eating.  The two of them ate in silence, the two of them enjoying each other’s company, and soon both bowls of soup were empty.

         “Did you have enough?” Chen Yuzhi asked, raising an eyebrow at Jiang Yuelou.  Jiang Yuelou smiled and nodded.

         “I did.  Thank you” he thanked.  Chen Yuzhi smiled and nodded as he stood up, placing the bowls and spoons back on the tray before he headed out of the room.  Jiang Yuelou smiled slightly as he went back to petting Xiao Bai, who let out a low purr.  He chuckled softly as Chen Yuzhi walked back into the room, clearing his throat, making him look up.

         “Hmm?” he asked.

         “Since you need to rest, I’ll sleep in the living room.  You can take the bed” Chen Yuzhi declared.  Jiang Yuelou’s eyes widened and he shook his head.

         “This is your house and I’m the guest.  I’ll take the couch” he argued.  Chen Yuzhi shook his head.

         “I’m not the injured one, you are.  You’re taking the bed and that’s final” he declared, putting his foot down on the matter.  Jiang Yuelou looked at him before he sighed.

         “Alright, fine.  But, just come here for a moment” he instructed, motioning Chen Yuzhi over.  Chen Yuzhi blinked before he walked over, concern on his face.

         “Does something hurt?  Do you need me to change your bandages?” he asked.  Jiang Yuelou looked at him before he smirked and reached out, grabbing his wrist before pulling him onto the bed again.  Chen Yuzhi let out a cry of surprise as he crashed onto Jiang Yuelou, accidentally squishing Xiao Bai, who let out a mewl of protest before climbing out of Jiang Yuelou’s lap, heading off to find a place to sleep that wasn’t anywhere near them.  Chen Yuzhi then looked at Jiang Yuelou as Jiang Yuelou chuckled and shifted so that they were lying side by side, Jiang Yuelou still holding his wrist. 

         “Yuelou…what are you doing?” he whispered.  Jiang Yuelou smiled.

         “Compromising.  We both can share the bed” he declared.  Chen Yuzhi blinked in surprise before he blushed deeply.

         “Are you sure I can’t just sleep out on the couch?” he murmured.  Jiang Yuelou grinned as he pulled Chen Yuzhi closer, making him squeak as they were almost nose to nose.

         “Very sure” he purred.  Chen Yuzhi blushed even deeper before he tucked his head under Jiang Yuelou’s chin, Jiang Yuelou laughing softly.

         “So cute” he murmured, reaching up to gently run his fingers through his hair and scratch his scalp like he would a cat.  Chen Yuzhi shivered under his finger, making him smile slightly.

         “Do you like that, Yuzhi?” he whisper.  Chen Yuzhi made a soft noise of confirmation, causing Jiang Yuelou to grin.

         “Okay, then I’ll keep doing it” he replied as he continued to scratch Chen Yuzhi’s scalp, Chen Yuzhi shiver again before he began to relax and soon he was fast asleep, tucked under Jiang Yuelou’s chin.  Jiang Yuelou smiled softly and continued to scratch his scalp, listening to his soft and steady breathing before he himself slowly slipped off to sleep, Chen Yuzhi curled in his arms.




The next morning, when Chen Yuzhi awoke, he felt slightly colder than he had last night so he opened his eyes to find that it was just him in the bed; Jiang Yuelou was gone.  He quickly sat up and looked around the room, eyes wide.

         “Yuelou?” he called out, but there was no answer.  He then slipped out of bed and walked out of the bedroom and into the living room, looking around.

         “Jiang Yuelou?” he called out again.  Once again, no answer.  He then quickly checked every room in the house but he couldn’t find Jiang Yuelou anywhere.  After searching every room, he slowly walked back out into the living room and sat down on the couch, stunned. 

         “He just…left?  Without even…saying goodbye?” he whispered, feeling tears come to his eyes.  Just then, a soft mew came from near his feet, so he looked down to see Xiao Bai looking up at him with his big blue eyes.

         “Oh Xiao Bai” he whimpered as he reached down and picked up the cat, hugging him tightly as he buried his face in his fur.

         “He just left.  He didn’t even say goodbye” he sobbed, tears streaming down his face.  Xiao Bai just let out a soft mew and licked at the tears streaming down his face, making him sob harder.  He didn’t know why he was so upset at the fact that Jiang Yuelou just left, but maybe it was the fact that he thought they were…close enough that he could have at least said goodbye.  He could have at least done that.  Instead he left him sobbing on his sofa as he hugged Xiao Bai tightly, the poor cat not sure how to comfort his master.


~5 years later~


After completing medical school as well as residency, Chen Yuzhi decided that it was time to find a new place, preferably one that accommodated pets and had a space big enough for two people, since his little sister Keying was going to be living with him (their parents had died in a terrible car accident and she was the only sole survivor so he was taking care of her).  He searched for a while, but he soon found a house that was big enough for two in a great location and since the owner was selling at a fairly low prince, he quickly snatched it up.  A few days later, he, Keying, and Xiao Bai moved in and after almost 3 hours of unpacking and moving in, Keying and Chen Yuzhi were exhausted

         “Gege, I’m hungry” Keying whined.  Chen Yuzhi nodded.

         “Me too.  Let’s go to the store and pick up some stuff to make dinner, okay?” he replied.  Keying nodded and waited for him to grab his wallet and keys before they headed out of the house and to the store to buy groceries.




When Chen Yuzhi and Keying arrived back home, Chen Yuzhi was pushing open the double doors that led to their home when a figure came up behind Keying and grabbed her, immediately taking off down the road.

         “Gege!” Keying screamed.  Chen Yuzhi turned and when he saw the man running away with Keying, he dropped his groceries and took off after him.

         “Keying!” he shouted, feet pounding on the pavement as he ran after the man. 

         “Gege!” Keying screamed as the man picked up the pace before heading down an alley.

         “Keying!” Chen Yuzhi shouted, pushing himself harder to catch up to the man.  He then turned down the alley, only find Keying sobbing next to a stack of crates while the kidnapper was knocked flat out on his ass, unconscious. 

         “What the fuck” he whispered before he shook himself and rushed over to Keying, kneeling down before her.

         “Keying.  Keying, are you alright, sweetheart?” he breathed.  Keying nodded as Chen Yuzhi let out a breath of relief before he frowned.

         “How were you able to get away?” he asked.  Keying shook her head.

         “I don’t know.  Someone dressed in black knocked him out then disappeared” she explained.  Chen Yuzhi hummed and nodded slowly before he stood to his feet, reaching down and lifting Keying into his arms, hugging her tightly.

         “I’m just glad you’re okay” he breathed.  Keying buried her face in his neck as he rubbed her back comfortingly.

         “Let’s go home” he murmured.  Keying nodded as Chen Yuzhi turned and walked out of the alley, heading back home.  As they were walking back, one of the women who owned a wonton cart let out a sigh of relief.

         “Oh, your little girl is safe.  That’s good” she breathed.  Chen Yuzhi looked over at her and smiled slightly.

         “Yeah” he agreed before he paused and tilted his head at her.

         “Pardon me, but do you know who would have saved my sister?  I’d like to thank them” he explained.  The woman hummed.

         “It was probably your neighbor.  He’s a cop, after all” she replied.  Chen Yuzhi raised an eyebrow before he smiled.

         “Thank you” he thanked, dipping his head before he headed back to his house, Keying still tight in his arms. 




When they arrived at home, Chen Yuzhi pushed open the gate and headed inside, placing Keying down on the couch as he headed into the kitchen to cook dinner.  Once he made dinner and placed it on the table, he walked over to the couch and knelt down before Keying, who was playing with Xiao Bai.

         “Keying, I’m going to go thank the neighbor for saving you, okay?  You be a good girl and stay here” he instructed.  Keying nodded and Chen Yuzhi smiled as he leaned forward, pressing a kiss to her head before he stood to his feet and turned, heading out to find and thank the mysterious neighbor.  Thankfully the next house wasn’t too far from his, so he walked over and knocked on the door, waiting for a response.  He didn’t have to wait very long before the door opened and a familiar face smiled at him.

         “Yuzhi.  You’re not wearing glasses anymore” Jiang Yuelou greeted.  Chen Yuzhi looked at him with wide eyes, his mouth falling open in shock.

         “Yuelou” he whispered.  He then shook his head, shaking himself out of it before he cleared his throat.

         “I…I came over here to thank you” he stated.  Jiang Yuelou raised an eyebrow.

         “For what?” he asked.

         “For saving Keying” Chen Yuzhi answered.  Jiang Yuelou nodded in understanding.

         “Your little girl?” he asked.  Chen Yuzhi shook his head.

         “Little sister.  Our parents died in a car accident so I’m her guardian now” he explained. 

         “I’m sorry” Jiang Yuelou murmured.  Chen Yuzhi shook his head.

         “Don’t be…we’re okay now” he assured before he smiled.

         “I was just about to make dinner.  Would you like to come over?” he asked.  Jiang Yuelou blink before he smiled.

         “Sure” he agreed.  Chen Yuzhi nodded and waited for Jiang Yuelou to step out and shut his door behind him before they both headed back to Chen Yuzhi’s house.  When they arrived and stepped through the double doors, Keying jumped up from the couch and ran over to them, carrying Xiao Bai in her arms.

         “Gege, you’re back!” she exclaimed before she looked up at Jiang Yuelou.

         “Are you the man that saved me?” she asked.  Jiang Yuelou smiled and knelt down before her.

         “I am.  I’m Chief Jiang Yuelou” he introduced.  Keying looked at him and put down Xiao Bai before promptly launching herself at him, her arms coming around his neck in a hug.  Jiang Yuelou faltered slightly but quickly caught himself as he wrapped a gentle arm around Keying and patted her back.

         “You’re welcome” he murmured.  Keying gave him another squeeze before she pulled away and looked at Chen Yuzhi.

         “Gege, can we eat now?” she asked.  Chen Yuzhi laughed and nodded.

         “Yes, we can eat” he agreed.  Keying smiled and turned, heading inside, Jiang Yuelou and Chen Yuzhi following after her.




After dinner, Chen Yuzhi put Keying to bed, tucking her in and kissing her forehead before he headed out to the living room, where Jiang Yuelou was sitting in one of the armchairs, sipping a cup of tea that Chen Yuzhi had made him.  When he looked up and saw Chen Yuzhi, he smiled and placed his cup down before he stood up and walked over to Chen Yuzhi, looking him in the eyes.

         “Yuzhi” he murmured.  Chen Yuzhi looked at him before he shut his eyes and lowered his head, shaking it.

         “Five years…five years, Jiang Yuelou” he croaked.  He then lifted his head and looked into Jiang Yuelou’s eyes, tears in his own.

         “I didn’t even get a goodbye; you just…left.  You left Jiang Yuelou” he hissed.  Jiang Yuelou smiled sadly.

         “I know…I know and I’m sorry” he apologized.  Chen Yuzhi shook his head.

         “I looked for you everywhere.  I thought…I thought if I could just catch a glimpse of you, I would know that you’re okay.  But I never saw you.  You just disappeared.  I thought…I thought you had died” he whimpered before he let out a sob.  Jiang Yuelou quickly stepped forward and bundled him into his arms, holding him tightly.  Chen Yuzhi sobbed again and buried his face in Jiang Yuelou’s shoulder, clutching the back of his shirt in his hands.

         “Shh…shh…I’m here now, Yuzhi.  I’m here now” Jiang Yuelou soothed as he reached up and carded his hand through Chen Yuzhi’s hair.

         “I’m here now.  I’m not going anywhere” he whispered.  Chen Yuzhi sniffled as he pulled away and looked him in the eyes.

         “You promise me?  You promise me you’re not going to leave me again?” he asked.  Jiang Yuelou smiled softly before he leaned up slightly and pressed a soft kiss to Chen Yuzhi’s forehead before pulling back and looking him in the eyes.

         “I left you once five years ago and that was the most painful thing for me to do.  I’m not leaving you again” he promised.  Chen Yuzhi let out a sob before he nodded, Jiang Yuelou taking him in his arms again, both men holding each other tightly, sharing a silent promise to never leave each other again.