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Bad Luck Charm

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I was always seen as...different growing up and I didn't think it was because of the fact that I happened to be descended from Salem witches either. My parents died when I was young thanks to some asshole killer that stabbed them, leaving me in the foster care system. I was moved from house to house due to the incidents that I caused.

At first, I didn't know it was magic and just assumed that I brought bad luck and misfortune to everyone I came across. It made me the target of bullying easily since they all thought I would "curse" them, so I just mainly spent majority of my time alone. 

Oh dear, where to start? I guess I can begin with my name...I'm Cameron Kirkland. Um, I'm twenty four years old, I have light green eyes and brown hair (my bangs cover my right eye), and I'm a witch. I think that outside of my childhood and teenage years, I think I should go through what I considered to be the happiest period of my life: college. 

I was able to keep to myself and every one ignored me since I just spent time studying in my sorority and taking some classes online, only really going out to the classes I was required to be at.