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The Hamartia Quest

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Barry sighed as he waited for the guards to bring the honey dealer into the room. After the court casE, he never thought he would be meting with Liotta again, but where else could he go after Vanessa’s murder?

The bee heard footsteps and footsteps and Liotta hissing at the guards as he was brought into the room and made to sit on de chair. Normally they would have had someone who actually had a liscense interrogate Liotta, but he had demanded to speak to the bee fuck personally, and they did nt get anything out of himw hen the buzzy boy wasan’t in the room.

Liotta grinned when he noticed the insect, neglecting to cuss at the guards and instead just stare at the anthropomorphic honeybee sitting on the table. It had been a few months since he went to prison, so he must have changed at least a bit. (aka an excuse for me to write him as OOC lmayo)

“So you came.” The bad fella snickered, still staring into Barry’s soul like a tumblr user staring at a ballpit. Ray wasn’t the only one that had changed. (another excuse wee hoo)

“What other choice did I have?” Main bee man muttered quietly, but then he realized the emmy winner plausibly didn’t hear him, so he tried to speak in his normal buzzing voice as beest as he could without sounding like he’d cried a bee-jillion times after his beloved Vans shoe the company had ded.

“I want to know about your experiences with your lawyer.” Benson bluntly stated, even though he sounded like a kid trying to not sound hurt after commiting big ouchy on slide. The ex bee abuser raised an eyebrow at him, then laughed like a hyena with asthma after inhaling an entire kilometer of helium.

“He didn’t sound like he wanted to murder Vanessa before the trial, if that’s what you’re asking, Benson.”

His words made the lump in Barry’s esophagus grow tenfold, like those toys you would put in the water so they’d grow bigger. Still, he persisted without spilling his tears like bean dad’s hungry daughter spilling the beans on a plate.

“I mean, do you have any idea where he is now.” The tiny insect yelled at the prisoner.

“Oh, thing is, I do have an answer to that question, and I will say it, but only if…” Ray inched closer to the pollinator, slamming his handcuffs onto the wooden table like an epic ultra gamer to his keyboard during a heated gamer moment. “You also answer a question I have.”

“Deal.” The flying creature sighed, his red eyes staring back into Ray’s. This scares him, as he tries to not look back into the literal red tree roots that have filled the bee fucker’s eyes, probably after the bee apologist’s death.

“Montgomery is probably in Howe Caverns, he used to talk about a shitton on his website and when I talked to him about the court case. If he’s not there, I got no other leads.”
Benson nodded, almost about to fly away before he suddenly stopped and looked back at Liotta, sighing again for like the 3rd time like bro you ok

“Guess I still have to uphold my end of the deal. What’s the question?” Before Ray could answer, Berry heard faint footsteps, but didn’t know where they were from. They were probably just other prisoners or blue fucks, right?

“How much did you pay the judge?” The buzzy boy blinked rapidly as the footsteps grew closer, Ray growing angrier each millisecond he didn’t respond. “You didn’t even hire a lawyer, Benson. How the fu-“

“Get out, Ray! Get out!” He yelled as he saw a dark figure in the window behind himself take a gun out and aim at the honey seller. Ray looked confused but obeyed, as the guards looked at the window and the insect flew to the door. Just as Liotta stood up, a bloody hole appeared in his shoulder and he fell to the ground.

Barry took out his B-Phone and dialed 811 as he realized the dark figure left.


After everything, he couldn’t take it anymore. He didn’t care who it was that received the real life ban hammer, he didn’t want anyone to be censored out of existence like in Fahrenheit 420. The lachrymose bee simply went back to his- and bee bitch’s house, just to cry his eyes out on his Barbie bed.

He was so fucking glad when he got the news that the bee owner was just unconscious, but still alive. He wanted very much so to just sit on the Barbie bed and chew on some soap, but he figured he could simply do it later. For now, he wanted to be able to at least somewhat answer the emmy winner’s question.

He stumbled upon Vanessa’s phone, and unlocked it, his bug arms shaking and quivering as he went to the google browser’s history. The last page she visited was a fucking gardening blog. Why the fuck did Mont-what’s-his-name kill someone to a fucking gardening blog? Like bro wt

Tiny tear drops landed on the screen as he went through her history and scrolled to the days of the court trial. There was a,,,, paypal there??? (author’s note: no idea how paypal works)

Benson’s curiosity overtook him, and he hesitantly went to the page.

(Insert large sum of money here) succ segs fully donated to Judge Bumbleton.