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Transformer Crossover Drabbles

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After vorns of war and the stress of carrying the Autobots on his proverbial frame, Smokescreen and Ratchet had been adamant that Prowl take a break before he collapsed.

Ignoring Prowl’s protests, Prime ordered him to take a vacation. Jazz whispered that it didn’t mean Prowl couldn’t work; he just needed to work with humans. Prowl began to look forward to returning to his old function.

Prowl transformed, startling several nearby officers. One of the officers almost fell off his bike in surprise. “Sergeant Getraer, Officer Prowl reporting for duty.”

The older man nodded. “Welcome to the California Highway Patrol.”

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Sheriff Carter stared up at the two large robots crouched outside Café Diem in the space previously occupied by a high-end racecar. “Stark, please tell me these are not Global’s new sci-fi booth babes.”

Dr. Stark rolled his eyes. “Sheriff, if you bothered to read the report you would already know that the Cybertronians are our newest resident scientists.”

Henry waved cheerfully from next to the white robot. “Jack, meet ‘Jack.”

“Hello, Jack!” Orange lights flashed above Jack’s head. Tuning out the red figure trading technobabble with Fargo and Larry, Sheriff Carter muttered, “I have a bad feeling about this.”

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Prowl stared, contemplating the large goblet created for his hand alone. The crude fuel crafted by the dwarves would undoubtedly sustain him long enough for Wheeljack’s accidental dimensional portal to be replicated.

Primus or the Valar had to have had a servo in this mishap, for here on this primitive world he had found comrades in sorrow. King Thorin and Lord Glorfindel sat silently flanking him, unaffected by his towering frame as they gazed down upon Dale.

Without a word, they raised their glasses in a toast to fallen kin: Gondolin, Erebor, and Praxus. Three near strangers united in mourning.

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“You sure about this, Nate? I’m just saying, this is crazy dangerous.”

“Yes, Hardison, I know what it is and where it is. Don’t worry I’ve gotten us some back up to help with the acquisition.” Nate and the team entered the darkened parking garage.

“Back up? Are they’re ready for this?”

“Of course we are.” A blue and yellow Porsche transformed in front of them. “Name’s Nightbeat. You need some assistance?”

Nate watched unfazed as four other sports cars transformed. “Jazz, glad you and your team could make it. All set? Now, let’s go steal a giant purple griffin.”

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Starscream’s lab was filled with purple Energon crystals. Normally this would have been subject to great rejoicing, overcharged singing and triumphant calls to Shockwave. The fact that the Energon crystals in question were flying around the ceiling was not helping Starscream’s processor.

Something bumped into his leg. Looking down, a pinkish-purple rabbit-like was humping his foot. A quick scan revealed the creature was also energon-based. The scan also caught a mass of rust-based tiny creatures scampering across the floor and under a table.

There was only one explanation for this.

“Skywarp! Did you bring that blasted FLDSMDFR into my lab!”

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“You were chasing an invisible jet?” Silverbolt’s head throbbed. Why was it always his team?

Slingshot crossed his arms. “We almost lost it twice, but we finally drove it down to the ground.”

Air Raid seemed shaken. “We thought it was a new Seeker with a disrupter.”

Fireflight nodded, “The lady inside was nice. She apologized after she pushed Air Raid into the rock face even though he insulted her first. I did tell her we were sorry.”

“Okay, I think I can handle Prowl’s report. Guys, just lay low for a while. Prime doesn’t like dealing with angry superheroes.”

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As Dr. Sam Becket orientated from his leap he realized he was sitting in front of an advanced computer terminal. In the reflection on the screen was an orange cockpit with three chairs near similar consoles.

He thought he recognized the black and white Cybertronian next to him, but he couldn’t recall his name. “Who are you and how have you replaced Ratchet?”

A red and gray Autobot and a smaller green one were drawing weapons and starting to rise from their seats on the other side of the ship.

Sam continued to stare at his metal reflection. “Oh, boy.”

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“I don’t get it,” Wheeljack mumbled as he crawled out from behind the worktable. “I’ve always had a few accidents but not like this.”

“I told you what’s causing it.” Sparkplug grumbled.

“They don’t exist.”

A tiny biped peeked out from a cabinet drawer behind them. Perking its large ears at the words, it crept down and slipped behind the pair. Snickering quietly the greenish reptilianoid dove into the tool kit, clutching a small green wire in a hand as it fled. Maybe next time it’d really blow up the mech, but for now at least the explosions were entertaining.

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“Ghostbusters.” Janine snapped annoyed that it never failed to ring just as she was heading home.

“You are the ones that trap spirits?” The voice hissed harshly.

Opening the calendar reluctantly, she asked, “Is it a mist, a figure or just a temperature flux?”

Cyclonus glared angrily at the ball of light pulsing around Scourge, cursing their inability to rid themselves of Starscream without dealing with vermin. “Prove your worth by removing this spirit fleshling, and we might spare your city.”

Janine waved Dr. Venkman over. “You better take this one; it sounds like one of those angry alien robots.”

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Scrapper grumbled as he onlined from the aftermath of Mixmaster’s experiment gone wrong. He could feel the rest of his team surrounding him, but their frames looked like toys not Cybertronians. Why did they look so…simple? Staring down at his own frame, Scrapper tried unsuccessfully to bend his limbs. What had happened to his gestalt?

Even as he stared at his new form, four figures his size approached. One stepped in front of the others and said, “Are you a Master Builder?”

Scrapper snarled at him insulted, “Of course I am.”

“Good. Come, there’s much for us to build.”

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Although now resigned to ignoring the incomprehensible squeals from the small, black mechanical piglet being chased by the green duck, Arcee still couldn’t think of a rational explanation to tell Ultra Magnus. Their other teammate was currently useless; Blurr’s now higher-pitched babbling was entirely focused on his dismay over his currently soaked femme frame.

Failing to find the right words, she simply stepped away from the camera and let the commander see the mechanical panda seated behind her. Kup was holding a wooden sign reading, “Jusenkyo is officially off all Autobot travel lists. This does remind me of the time…”

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As the black Trans Am headed swiftly down the road towards the military base, the driver grumbled, “NEST isn’t part of any government program Devon knows about. You really trust these guys, KITT?”

KITT patiently answered, “Michael, I would much rather avoid wasting my valuable circuits again in that eternal war. Unfortunately this is the only way for me to re-access my other form. The process worked with the Nebulans; Ratchet is certain it will work with you.”

Glancing down, Michael Knight said, “If you say so, but I’m still not sure I want involved with a project called Headmaster.”

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Fester said, “It’s such a gloomy, miserable day. Who wants to race?”

“Splendid idea, old man,” Gomez chuckled.

The dark gray Ferrari revved its engine as Fester climbed inside, “Last one to the gully eats mud.”

“This rain will probably wash out the road and make us crash,” The maroon Porsche pointed out as Gomez settled in the driver’s seat.

“One can only hope, darling. Now, don’t forget to hit any pedestrians along the way,” Morticia blew Gomez a kiss and watched them race off. It was delightful seeing Wildrider and Dead End fitting in so well with the family.

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"Just think About it Scully," the dark haired man said, catching the rhino's interest.

"Are you actually trying to convince me that aliens have infiltrated the National Zoo?" the woman's voice faded as the two humans walked away from his enclosure.

The rhino didn't look up or give sign he'd heard, but he did open up a link to the lounging silverback gorilla on the other side of the zoological park. ~Optimus, the male continues to be suspicious. He may expose us.~

~I'll have Rattrap keep a close optic on them,~ Primal promised. ~We're fortunate few listen to that human.~

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Prowl knew he was going to miss the odd department and his temporary coworkers; returning to his Enforcer roots had renewed his spark and reminded him of why he served. That didn't mean that the California Highway Patrol was going to be left without Autobot assistance, and he'd already done some temporary reassignments of patrols. "Sergeant Getraer, my replacements have arrived," Prowl said as the pair watched a motorcycle and a police car pull up to headquarters. "As agreed, Streetwise will be joining your department to work with Officer Baricza, while Groove should cut down on Officer Poncherello's equipment destruction."

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"So what makes you think this civilian can help us find and fight Shockwave's pet Driller?" Ironhide asked Lennox grumpily as they continued down the dirt road through the desolate landscape. The pest had escaped Chicago and headed off into the wilderness causing havoc wherever it surfaced, but it always fled before N.E.S.T. could deactivate it.

"I've been reliably informed that Mr. Gummer has experience finding and fighting things burrowing underground. Keep your sensors peeled; this place is supposed to be dangerous," Lennox gave a grim nod as they passed the 'Welcome to Perfection' sign and its list of warnings.

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Despite the Autobots departure from Earth, T-AI still had pieces of herself that had been left behind to monitor the planet and its development. She was keeping Sky-Byte under observation although the Predacon seemed very happy to have been left on Earth to swim the oceans and write haiku he read out-loud to the natives. Under instruction from their parent Teletraan I, T-AI also continued to monitor the development of her new sibling closely. Humans were fascinating to her, and she'd enjoyed her time on Earth with the children. Skynet didn't seem to be as interested in working with the humans.

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"That's Captain Gantu. He works as a crossing guard," Lilo explained as she and Stitch led the newest resident down the street. "He might be a long-lost relative of yours."

"Doubtful. I don't have any family left. Not that I need one," Sky-Bite said as he looked over at the organic alien standing calmly holding a crossing sign up. These humans were showing no fear of all the strange aliens walking around, even less than the humans in Metro City had shown to the Cybertronians in their midst. It felt strange to the Predacon.

"Sky-Bite find a family," Stitch promised.

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"Thanks for the help, Ironhide," Sparkplug said as the pair drove through the warehouse district. "I didn't ever expect to hear from them again, but..."

"They saved your life in the war. Helping you pay it back is the least I can do even if I did need a paint job to do it," Ironhide said almost dismissively as they came to a stop. An older man stepped out of the warehouse with a cigar sticking out of his mouth. "Reminds me of Kup."

Sparkplug chuckled getting out and calling out to the man. "Colonel, your temporary ride is here."

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Jetfire watched the armored alien follow the Technobots toward the Kimia Facility answering questions with sparkling-like enthusiasm. Learning that he was actually a type of organic spark somehow grafted onto the armor shell had excited the scientists like little else. Especially since it meant that they might actually be able to save Kup like Prowl ordered. There was also the slim possibility they might be able to use Thunderwing's abominable technology to fix the sparkling at some distant point. As payment for his help of course.

If they could and did, maybe Jetfire would be able to recharge peacefully again.

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The circumstances that had brought each of them to this Earth were different although neither seemed too worried about being there.

Steve thought that someone named Lang would be showing up eventually and focused on trying to help out wherever possible.

Clark seemed to relax and not worry as much about breaking things; he volunteered to help the Dinobots work on controlling their strength.

The troublemakers in the Autobots thought they should be giving Megatron the trifecta of disapproving looks not them.

Optimus just welcomed the company of two who truly understood when he asked them to call him Orion.