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Inside The Whaler's Hut

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Goading the druskelle into her bed didn’t end up being as difficult as Nina had anticipated. In the end, he must have been just as cold as she was. Odd, she would have thought all those muscles would have kept him better insulated.

He was stripping off his last layers, and Nina was desperate for something to do, somewhere to look, that wasn’t his strong back or thick and corded arms. She tried to pull her wet hair up off her neck with a thin band of leather, but it was heavy with saltwater, and most of it fell back down again. She tried to tuck the snarled strands back in, but the blanket she held over her breasts began to slip and she gave it up as a lost cause.

Finally, he tucked himself under the blankets beside her, hugging the side of the bed, a solid foot of space remaining between them.

“Closer,” she demanded.

He didn’t move.


Grumbling, he shifted over so that they lay close beside each other. His knee touched the back of hers, and his arm pressed against the small of her back. She tried to shimmy closer. He was damp, and his skin felt freezing to the touch, but she knew that the sooner they started sharing body heat, the warmer they would be.

“Would you stop your wiggling?” he demanded, going stiff and still behind her.

“You’re cold and clammy. It’s like lying next to a burly squid.” He tucked himself a little closer, his head against hers. If he hadn’t been shivering so hard, she would have sworn that the shaking in his chest was a quiet chuckle.

“You told me to get closer!”

She lay there for a moment. She hadn’t wanted to use her power on him. He wouldn’t like it. But if he refused to press himself fully against her for warmth, she would have to take matters into her own hands. It was a matter of her own survival. If her bedmate was cold, she would be cold too. She rolled over, trying to remain beneath the heavy furs, but her arm and upper back were exposed anyway. The cold burned like fire, and she tried not to groan at the bite.

“What are you doing?” he bit out as she reached for him, recoiling back towards the edge of the bed.

“God, relax, I promise not to ravish you”. She rolled his eyes at his strict Fjerdan modesty.

“I hate the way you talk” his face was inches away from her own. She sighed. Straining herself like this when she was already tired and weak was probably not her best idea but afterwards, saints willing, the druskelle would allow her to curl into his own warmth and she would be able to sleep for a spell.

She clapped a hand to his chest, digging her free thumb into her forearm, and reached for the streams of blood in his body. She sped up his heart, pushing fresh warm blood through his complex system of veins and arteries. She felt him relax underneath her, and then his hand came up to cover her own on his chest. She could feel him stop shivering, feel heat start to radiate from his skin, and then he pulled her hand away from him. The look in his eyes had changed somehow.

“You’re welcome, you big idiot” she ground out in Fjerdan, before turning her back to him and facing the fire. She shouldn’t have warmed him. She had used up too much of her own energy, and now was even colder. Somewhat detached from herself, she noticed that she was no longer shivering. Her limbs felt heavy and numb. She knew she should care, but she was so tired. She tried not to slip off to sleep. She needed to get warm first.

But perhaps, just perhaps, she could close her eyes for a moment.

She shifted a little, snuggling down into the furs, and her bottom brushed along the druskelle’s thigh.

He was still for a moment, and then his hand clasped the meat of her arm.

“Why have you not warmed yourself, witch?” he asked. His hand started rubbing up and down her upper arm. He didn’t even seem to realize he was doing it.

She tried to scoff, but couldn’t quite manage it. “How can it be that you hunt grisha for a living and yet do not know the first thing about us?” She asked. “I cannot use my powers on myself. None of us can.”

His hand left her arm and she felt him moving behind her. She rolled her eyes. She had offended the stupid lump, and now he was going to get out of the bed, leaving her without any warmth at all.

He surprised her though, rolling towards her, and wrapping her body in his. He wrapped one of his tree trunk thighs over her legs, his feet pressing against her own icy ones. His broad chest pressed into her back, and his arms wrapped around her. He held her hands within his own, dwarfing them, and gently began rubbing them back and forth, trying to improve her circulation.

She froze in his arms, like a startled hare caught in the middle of a path.

“You have made me warm,” he murmured, his breath hot against her ear. “Let me do the same for you.”

Incrementally, she let herself relax into his heat. It was blissful, and her eyes fluttered shut almost immediately.

She floated in and out of consciousness. She was still cold, but at least now she was shivering, her body starting to warm up again.

One of his massive hands was rubbing up and down her side, marking a burning path that started on the meat of her ribcage, just below her breast, and skimmed down over the dip of her waist, over the curve of her hip, and pausing at the top of her outer thigh before retracing back up her torso.

She tried to tuck herself further back against him, and he shifted oddly. He pushed his chest into her back, pulling her more firmly into his warmth, but also moved his legs back away from her. She nearly whined at the loss of heat, but then paused. Why had he moved like that?

She wiggled her hips back again, and his hand stopped on her hip, thumb digging into her buttock as he tried to hold her in place.

Oh, she thought. I see.

A laugh bubbled up out of her, and she moved a little away from him again, so that he could reposition himself on the bed.

He did, grumbling at her all the while.

“No need to be embarrassed,” she said lightly, stifling her giggles. “It’s perfectly natural”.

“Be quiet, woman” he commanded. His hand was still on her hip, having ceased it’s burning path.

She shifted onto her back, so that she could peer up at him. He was propped up on one elbow, staring down at her, with an endearing flush across his face. The hand that had been on her hip now rested on the soft rolls of her belly.

Her laugh died on her lips, and she reached to place a hand on the side of his face.

“I am much warmer now,” she murmured, giving him an out. “Thank you.”

He was no longer looking into her eyes though, and she glanced down to see where the furs had shifted. When she had reached for his face, one of her breasts had slipped free. He reached over, tucking the fur blanket back over her, wrapping it around the side of her body to hold it in place. They lay like that for a moment, noses nearly touching. Her hand was still on his cheek, and his fingertips still rested on her breast.

Then, slowly, she reached her face up to press her lips to his. Gently, softly, he kissed her back, the hand on her breast coming up to grip around the side of her neck. His lips were firm and chapped against hers, moving with intent. He pressed her into the pillow, bending over her. Nina felt breathless and exposed, lying on her back with the naked planes of his body holding her in place. Slowly he climbed on top of her, spreading her legs and settling himself in between.

His lips left hers, tracing a burning path across her cheek and down her neck, latching on over her pulse point. Nina felt herself reduced to a shivering whimpering mess as he licked and sucked and bit at her neck. She would be covered in marks the next day.

She felt herself growing wet and aroused, and tried to grind up against the thigh between her legs, desperate for some friction or pressure, anything.

His lips moved down even further as she ground against him, nipping and licking at her breasts. She keened as he bit down harshly onto one of her nipples, and his head snapped up.

“You once asked me how we cherish our women in Fjerda, Grisha,” he murmured, his eyes dark and wicked. “Would you like me to show you?”

And then he was kissing down her chest, over the curves and planes of her stomach, and towards the nest of wiry curls that awaited him between her legs.

His large hands ran down over her thighs, and wrapped under her knees, spreading and lifting them outwards, until she was totally exposed to him, pinned into place.

And then his lips descended towards her heat and she was lost. He licked up in strong, bold strokes, devouring her. He was warm and hot against her, his tongue slick and probing, exploring her folds in a way no man ever had before.

She slammed her head down into the pillow, whimpering. Her hands caught and twisted into the rough homespun sheets before her, and she tried not to grind up into his face too much.

His teeth grazed against her clit and she jumped, moaning. He chuckled softly against her wet skin, and did it again. Pleasure was building dangerously quickly in her body. She squirmed against his ministrations. His long tongue lapped against her. He seemed to know each move to make in order to make her fall apart. He sucked on her clit until the suction was almost too much, then released it with a pop. He licked in firm, broad strokes, enveloping the whole of her vulva in his warm heat, and then nibbled gently on her clit again.

She felt like a pot of water about to boil over. She writhed on the bed. Her legs and hips were aching from the position he held her in, but she barely registered it, so focused as she was on the overwhelming pleasure that was threatening to overtake her.

“Come on, Trassel,” he murmured. “Come apart for me”.

He sucked her clit back into his mouth then, probing at it with his tongue. She was close, so close. Inarticulate and desperate she bucked her hips against his mouth. He skimmed over her clit with his teeth again, and she spilled over.

Waves of ecstasy pulsed through her body, overwhelming her. Noises she didn’t recognize poured out of her mouth and her whole body spasmed in the aftermath. He licked her through the aftershocks, and she thought he would come to a stop, but his ministrations continued. She tried to wiggle away, oversensitive as she was, but he followed her.

Finally, whimpering with overuse, she reached down and grabbed his hair, yanking his head up.

“I’m cold, Druskelle,” she managed. “Come warm me up”.

His eyes were dark and mischievous. He pressed one more kiss to her cunt, and then crawled up to cover her body with his once more. He wiped his mouth off with the back of his hand, and then leaned down to kiss her again. She could taste herself on his lips, which really should not have been as arousing as it was. The hard muscles of his torso settled over her as he rested his weight on her. She felt herself working harder to breathe under his weight, but also found that she did not care. The taught warmth of his body was enveloping her, surprisingly soft given all his ridiculous muscles.

She trailed a hand down his back, over the curve of his buttock and around his hip to grip is firm length in her hand. He jerked a little as she grasped it, but did not cease his fervent exploration of her mouth. She guided the head of his cock towards her opening, moaning as she felt the blunt tip penetrate her.

He paused then, pulling back a few inches to gaze into her eyes. He gazed at her for a moment, and then buried his length within her with one firm stroke. He buried his face in the crook of her neck and she cried out. He fit her perfectly, hips pressed against hers, his hard cock filling her and stretching her just right.

Slowly he withdrew and thrust back into her. Once, twice, three times. And then something seemed to snap within him and he began driving into her heat with reckless abandon.

Nina clutched onto him, nails clawing into his back. Her breath was punching out of her in little gasps, tempered by whines and expletives in six languages.

He propped himself up on his hands above her, bringing himself to his knees and adjusting the angle at which he ruthlessly pounded into her. He used his newly freed hands to grab her legs, pushing them up and back once more, and suddenly he reached a new depth within her.

She keened as she felt that pressure building within her again, bringing her back up towards her climax. She stayed there, simmering with the need of it. So close to where she wanted to be, but just not quite there yet. She felt totally exposed under his gaze. There was not a single piece of her that he did not see. With each stroke, he filled her completely, driving into that spot inside her that made her arch and bend.

She was almost there. Almost, almost, almost. She met his thrusts with her hips, trying to drive herself over the edge, but with no luck.

“Wait! Wait…” he stilled within her, looking at her quizzically. “Come here,” she said. She grabbed his shoulders and pulled him down to the bed, rolling them over until she sat astride him on her knees. She raised herself up and used her hands to tuck him back inside of her, sinking down on his hard length until she sat upon his hips.

He grinned a little, reaching out to grab her by the hips. She began to ride him, as hard and as fast as she could. The look in his eyes was something like awe as she bounced on his cock. His fingers dug into her flesh with a bruising grip, and she whined. She was close, so close. The angle was almost perfect. She leaned forward, planting her hands on his chest to give her more leverage as she rode. In this position her arms thrust her breasts together, emphasizing her generous cleavage, and his eyes were caught.

“Du har ingen ide mitta tan minulle, kvinna” he ground out as she chased her pleasure. It built within her, hot and tight, ready to burst. She slammed down onto his cock over and over again. Yes, yes, yes, just there, she was almost there. She brought her fingers down to play with herself, almost there, almost there. She was about to push herself over the edge when-

“Ow! Damn.” She stilled, rubbing at her thigh. “Oh, damn it all. Oww”.

“Are you alright?”

He had released her hips when she had exclaimed, and was lying below her, eyes soft with concern.

“It’s nothing, it’s just, ow, just a cramp."

“Come here,” he murmured, lifting her off of him and laying her down beside him on the bed. He reached out with his massive hands and rubbed at the spot where the cramp was, digging his thumbs in to relieve it. After a moment the muscle relaxed, and she let out a soft sigh.

“Better?” he murmured, and she nodded. “Do you want to keep going?”

“Oh God yes.” He chuckled, and rolled her onto her stomach.

“Get up onto your knees for me, love”

She pulled her knees underneath her, lifting her bottom into the air, and he entered her from behind. He set a punishing pace, as she muffled her moans and whimpers into the pillow below her.

Her hands fisted into the sheets below her, and the whaler’s hut was filled with the slapping sounds of flesh on flesh, as well as their grunts and moans.

He leaned down, pressing the warmth of his chest along the line of her back, planting his arms beside her as he mounted her.

“Oh, Kvinna, you do bad things to me” he murmured into her ear. He wrapped his arms around her torso and hauled her up against him. She leaned her head back against his shoulder, letting him spear into her, hands gripping his wrists. One had was wrapped around her belly, holding him to her, and the other fondled her breast, twisting on and pulling at her sensitive nipple.

She lost herself in him, held in his lap, warm and safe in his embrace.

The hand around her waist moved suddenly, and his fingers found her cunt once more. She whimpered as he rubbed vigorously at her clit, building her right back up towards her climax. He was kissing and biting at the side of her neck when she reached the peak of her pleasure once more, twisting and whining in his arms as he sought his own pleasure, spearing her on his cock, pulling her down onto him again and again until he twitched and spilled inside of her.

They sat still for a moment, panting and sweaty.

Finally, Nina pulled herself away and crawled off of his lap, feeling his now-soft cock slipping out of her.

She slid down to lie on her side on the bed, facing away from him.

He stared down at her for a moment, and then lay beside her, on his back.

They were a strange parody of the distance that had been between them before. Now, though, their furs were thrown off, their nakedness plain for each other to see. Instead of carefully not touching, their limbs were splayed all over. They lay there in silence for a long moment. Nina closed her eyes, catching her breath.

When she opened them again, the druskelle was leaning over her, peering at her face.

“I am Matthias,” he said.

She laughed, stretching out and grinning up at him.

“Nina,” she replied.

“Nina,” he said, savoring her name on his tongue. “Come here, Nina.”

He grabbed her then, moving her until she was laying against her chest. She relaxed into his grip as he pulled a fur back over the two of them. She wasn’t cold anymore she realized, somewhat belatedly.

She was comfortable in his embrace, and so she allowed the muffled pounding of his heart under her ear to lull her off to sleep.