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Imamiya Kenta had been dating his little sister’s friend, Haruka, for a couple of months by this point and was mildly surprised at how normal their relationship was considering how things had started out between them. In fact he was actually quite glad to spend time going out on dates with his gyaru girlfriend like a riajuu.

And that’s what scared him. At first he was simply content to spend time with the beautiful girl who had taken it upon herself to pull him out of his depression, certain that she would eventually move on to someone better and more interesting. Yet they were still going steady months later and he was starting to become worried about when the other shoe would drop.


“Aniki!” His sister’s voice called out, snapping him from his brooding, “Haruka’s here!”

“I’m coming!” He called back, taking a moment to look himself over before making his way out of his room and towards the front door.


As he reached the entryway he was assailed by his girlfriend, who took it upon herself to throw herself at him, wrapping him up in a tight hug as she was wont to do.

“Onii-sa~n!” She cried out ecstatically.

“Haruka-chan.” He greeted, hugging her back.

“You know I still don’t get what you see in him.” His sister interjected, “But I guess if you’re happy then I won’t say anything.”


“Aww! You’re the best friend a girl could ask for!” Haruka praised, releasing Imamiya to wrap his sister up in a hug.

“Yeah, yeah.” His sister said, rolling her eyes, “Just make sure to have him home before midnight okay?”


“I will~” Haruka singsonged before grabbing Imamiya’s wrist and started dragging him along, “Now c’mon Onii-san, let’s go have some fun!”



As promised he did, in fact, have fun. Haruka had dragged him across town, visiting several of her favorite spots to hang out, and they were now at the last destination of the day: a karaoke box.


Kenta watched his girlfriend having fun singing along with a popular song that had been making its way around. He had been having a good time on their date, but now those feelings of inadequacy were creeping back up on him.


He tried his hardest to not let it show on his face as Haruka finished up and sat down, cuddling up to him.

“How was that?” She questioned in anticipation.

“It was great Haruka-chan.” He assuaged her, “You have a beautiful singing voice.”


“Thanks~! Now it’s your turn Onii-san!”


“Alright, alright.”

At Haruka’s encouragement Kenta got up and prepared to sing a song. He selected an anime opening since those were just about the only songs he knew and was able to mostly follow along word for word.


He found it to be a somewhat embarrassing experience, however Haruka was smiling at him and seemed to be enjoying it so he persisted. Once he was done he sat back down and Haruka immediately threw herself across his lap.

“That was amazing Onii-san! You almost got a perfect score!”


Indeed, the karaoke machine was showing a flashing 98 on the screen and Imamiya sheepishly rubbed the back of his head.

“Well I listen to it a lot.” He explained nervously.


“What’s wrong?” Haruka questioned, suddenly serious.

“W-What do you mean?” He asked, trying to keep his voice steady.

“I mean that you’ve been out of it all day Onii-san.” She pointed out accusingly, “What’s got you all mopey? You haven’t been like this since we ran into your ex-girlfriend at the theatre.”


“Am I that obvious?” He wondered aloud.

“Yep~!” Haruka confirmed for him, “Now tell me what’s wrong.”


“I’m sorry.” He apologized to her before elaborating, “It’s just… I’m just worried. I- You’re amazing. You’re beautiful, and fun to be around, and I don’t get why you’re with… well, me.


That’s what you’re worried about Onii-san?” Haruka questioned, sounding incredulous.

“Yeah.” He sighed in confirmation.

“Onii-san look at me.” Haruka commanded, her tone brooking no arguments.

Imamiya looked towards his girlfriend to find her staring at him intently, a frown marring her beautiful face. Without warning her hands reached up to rest against the sides of his face as she brought hers closer and initiated a kiss.

This wasn’t one of her more innocent kisses that she usually peppered him with on most days to show her affection. No, this was deep . The kind of kiss that she usually only gave him during their bedroom excursions where her tongue entwined itself with his in a passionate dance.


Kenta thanked his lucky stars that this particular karaoke box didn’t have cameras in their rooms, otherwise he was pretty sure they’d have been banned from ever coming back. Not that that likely would have stopped Haruka.


Eventually the need for oxygen broke them apart and Haruka broke away from him, allowing him to gasp for air. It took him a good half minute to get his breathing back under control enough to focus his attention on his girlfriend who was currently staring at him intently.

“Let me make this clear Onii-san.” She started once she was sure she had his attention, “I’m dating you because I like you. You’re a nice guy Onii-san, way better than my last boyfriend that’s for sure, and I have fun when I’m with you.”

“Haruka-chan.” He muttered reverently.

“So no more of this ‘I’m me’ stuff because I like you and it’s insulting to me when you say that. Got it?”

Imamiya nodded, finding his throat too dry to voice any objections, not that he would even if he could.

“Good! Now then, why don’t we go back to your place and I'll show you just how much I like you~?” She teased him playfully.

Imamiya could only nod dumbly once again before allowing his girlfriend to drag him out of the karaoke box and towards his home for the night of his life.