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First Blood

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Allie POV

Seeing Bea Smith after practically worshipping her for the past year was better than I could have ever imagined. When I first walked into H1 looking for her to pass off Kaz's message I was mesmerized. I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. Throughout the day I found myself constantly looking for her, hoping she'd look back.

The few instances we made eye contact she would avert her eyes. I was not going to stop until she got to know who I was. It was hard to try to get a moment alone with her with Kaz keeping me around her. Kaz has this theory that Bea was the one that shopped up but I could honestly care less, being in close proximity to Smith herself was a gift not a punishment.

She carried herself as this strong individual who kept her head high but also seemed quiet. She was always with someone from her crew and what I wouldn't give to just have a second of her time. My intentions weren't all that pure, I mean look at her. This was much more than some infatuation and I knew I was fucked. I wanted her, in every possible way.

I felt like some love sick puppy constantly looking for even the smallest bit of attention. She wouldn't budge, she was too caught up with Kaz's bitching and watching Maxine bash people. I got that she hated drugs because of what happened with her daughter but she was pretty harsh. Pretty impressive though, the control she had. Wonder what it would look like when she lost control?

Towards the end of the day I went towards the shower block ready to wash the day off of me. I went towards the bench area and undressed while quickly wrapping a towel around my body. I was putting my hair up when I hard Bea's voice. I was so caught up in my thoughts that I hadn't even registered that she was in the same space as me.

I heard her and Doreen talking about the freak and I heard Bea laugh. I would kill to hear that laugh all that time. She seemed a bit more carefree and calm. Bea started doing something that made Doreen laugh and Doreen left jokingly telling her to piss off.

When Bea was telling Doreen she'd see her later in the unit she and I made quick eye contact. She turned around to face the water and I caught a view of her ass. That was an image that would stay in my mind forever. I'd probably get off tonight thinking of her completely nude. She caught me staring and I honestly had no shame. I smirked and walked to the other side of the showers.

As I was getting in she was getting out and I knew she had to be aware that I was doing much more than looking. As I turned the water on letting it wash my face I took some of it in my mouth. I had my eyes closed when the shower curtain behind me was violently opened. There was no one else here so it had to be Bea. I turned around not caring that I was naked in front of her.

"What the fuck are you looking at?"

I wanted to grin, she had noticed. And I knew what she was capable of but I was more excited than scared.

"Do you have a problem with me?"

"Nah, just a bit disappointed. Always thought you'd do your own dirty work." I turned around hoping to get some kind of rise out of her and boy did I get one.

In seconds she had me pushed up against the wall and I could feel her body against mine which meant she had taken her towel off. Fuck, if I wasn't wet before I definitely was now. I think my arousal masked the pain of my face hitting the wall.

She breathed in my ear, "you want me to bash you, huh? Is that what you want?"

I've had several fantasies of Bea Smith, none really involved her being violent towards me but it was kind of a turn on. Her lips were lightly pressed on my ear and I wish she would just move them down my neck.

I grunted as she pushed more of her weight onto me. I couldn't help but be a smartass, "is this getting you wet?" I pushed myself away from the wall, getting a small glimpse of the blood on it. I turned to face her and saw the shock on her face.

I dropped to my knees half expecting her to run out or bash me but she stayed in place. I put my hands on the sides of her hips and kissed down her stomach. I heard her gasp as I gently kissed down until lightly licking her clit. I could feel her legs almost buck so I moved her so she was leaning against the wall. I glided my tongue along her folds and completely got lost in tasting her.

I saw her throw her head back as I moved her leg over my shoulder to gain more access. I couldn't believe this was happening but I was not about to question it now. I used two of my fingers to lightly enter her as I continued to suck on her clit. She groaned loudly as I pumped in and out.

Her hand fell down to entangle itself in my hair. "Oh fuck."

I moved faster hearing her breathing pick up knowing she was close. I curled my fingers and could tell she was losing it. I shoved my face as far as it could go and completely devoured her. I was enjoying this as much as she was and wanted to make her cum.

"Fuck, oh!" She started to buck against me and I intertwined my hands with hers. "I can't-I'm fuck."

She was so wet and riled up, once I I moved a bit harder she came. She did her best to muffle the noises coming from her mouth but evidently failed. I gave her a minute before I carefully kissed up her body and met her eyes. She looked beautiful but I could see the hints of fear hiding behind her eyes.

I brought our lips together and heard her moan when she got a taste of herself. I pushed her up against the wall and wrapped her leg around my waist as I took a moment to completely dominate her mouth. She didn't even try to fight for control because we both knew who had it. Kissing her was better than I could have expected, I could do this for the rest of my life. She was a really good kisser and the little whimpers she made when I put more pressure on her breast drove me insane. I tugged at her bottom lip and met her eyes, "hi," I grinned.

"Hi," she breathed back.

"I'd always dreamed of it but this was much better."

"I-I don't know what to say."

"Don't say anything. Words are overrated. This could be out hot little secret." I winked at her and kissed her neck, lightly nipping at the skin. I moved my hand to circle her clit.

"Allie, what if someone comes in?"

I shut the curtain, "problem solved. Plus, I already look bashed up so we'll say you were just reminding me who was top dog."

I could see the guilt flash her face, "I'm sorry." She moved her hand up to lightly touch the scar she had created.

"You could make it up to me."

She met my eyes and I could see a blush start to form. She bit her bottom lip and smiled, "what do you want me to do?"