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Game, Set, Match

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“It’s a good thing the girls are such heavy sleepers,” Tobin said chuckling as she peppered Christen’s glistening chest with kisses. “And on the other side of the house.”

Christen’s chest heaved as she fought to catch her breath after Tobin made her come for the third time that night.

“Fuck,” Christen breathed out as she lay limply underneath Tobin with the dildo still inside her, her muscles completely spent. “It’s…your…fault,” she said between shallow breaths.

“How…” Tobin said as she kissed Christen’s collarbone. “Is…” she said as she kissed her right nipple. “It…” she said as she kissed her left nipple. “My…” she said as she kissed her pulse point. “Fault,” she said as she kissed Christen’s lips.

Christen moaned into the kiss. “It’s your fault…for being so…fucking good in bed,” she defended herself.

Tobin laughed as she stayed on top of Christen, still lightly thrusting inside her, brushing some stray hairs that had gotten stuck to Christen’s forehead from all the sweat covering her face.

“There are worse things. I don’t hear any complaints,” Tobin said cockily.

“No, but I can’t be expected to be quiet when your tongue and that strap are doing the things they’re doing. I can’t be held responsible for my volume in the middle of an orgasm,” Christen said, finally able to speak clearly as she let her hands wander to Tobin’s ass to push her deeper into her.

“Fair enough,” Tobin said laughing some more as she buried her face in Christen’s neck, sucking it lightly.

“God, baby, the things you do to me,” Christen moaned as Tobin’s mouth continued its assault on her neck.

Tobin and Christen had a very healthy sex life. In Pinoe’s opinion, maybe a little too healthy. Even after three years together, they still couldn’t keep their hands off each other and frequently had to be reminded that there were other people in the room with them whenever they would get mushy or handsy with each other. They had sex…a lot, usually later at night when the girls were in bed or whenever their friends offered to take the girls for sleepovers or during lunch dates at Tobin’s studio.

They officially moved in together one year after the day they first made love. Christen enlisted the help of Emma to ask Tobin and Jordan to move in with them and they enthusiastically said yes. Tobin sold her home and moved into Christen’s and they split all the bills, and cooking duties, down the middle. Emma and Jordan were now in the thick of their teenage years as newly minted sophomores in high school, with boys frequently being the topic of discussion between them. Oh, and they were each in the process of getting their driver’s permits, a scary thought to their mothers.

Christen was thriving at work and has been talked about as being on the short list to be successor to the CEO in a few years, something she was definitely aspiring to become. In her three years on the job, the company had gained almost double-digit market shares in successive years thanks in large part to her team’s efforts.

Tobin, for her part, continued to be in very high demand, but still chose to limit her projects to a manageable level, not wanting to sacrifice precious time with her new blended family. It took a bit of convincing by Christen, but she finally agreed to put her work on display for a 3-month exhibition that was opening tomorrow at the Portland Art Museum featuring local artists and Tobin was the first being featured in the year-long series.

“You like it when I do this, hmm?” Tobin whispered in Christen’s ear as she let her middle finger tease Christen’s sensitive clit while thrusting into her.

“Fuck, yes. You know I do,” Christen said, her mouth hanging open, not breathing, as she felt Tobin fill her up. At this point, Tobin knew Christen’s body better than Christen knew her own body. “We need to seriously get some sleep, though. It’s a big day tomorrow,” she said, trying to be the voice of reason.

“Fuck sleep. I’d rather fuck you,” Tobin said.

Christen moaned. Tobin always had a way of making her want her even more and her stamina was unmatched. Christen had never been with anyone who could make love for hours upon hours the way Tobin could. Not that she was complaining. Tobin always left her more than satisfied, but she sometimes had to remind her girlfriend that she had a day job that required her to be at work absolutely no later than 8am, unlike her flexible artist hours.

“Baby, it’s almost 2am. I wanted to get to work earlier than normal so I could leave early and get ready for your opening,” Christen said.

“Baby, the only opening I care about right now is the one I’m in,” Tobin said dirtily, waggling her eyebrows.

“You are so bad,” Christen chuckled and playfully smacked Tobin knowing she walked right into that one.

“You love me,” Tobin said, laughing along with her.

“I really do. So much,” Christen said as she pulled Tobin down for a long kiss. “But we need to call it a night or we’ll both be good for nothing tomorrow,” she said as she kissed her again.

When they pulled apart, Tobin sighed. “Fine, but can I finish this tomorrow?” she asked, thrusting a few more times for good measure.

“You’d better finish this tomorrow,” Christen said, fighting everything in her that wanted to let Tobin have her again. “And you’d better let me have a turn.”

“Always,” Tobin whispered.

Satisfied with their compromise, Tobin pulled herself out of Christen and collapsed next to her. To say that she always wanted Christen was an understatement. She wasn’t sure if it was because she had a non-existent sex life in the previous dozen years before she met Christen and was trying to make up for lost time or if it was just that Christen was stunning and desirable in every way, but she constantly wanted to be touching her in some way. Preferably naked and in bed. But tonight, there was probably another reason why she wanted to keep going. She pulled the harness off her and turned back toward Christen so that they were facing each other.

Christen reached out and traced Tobin’s jawline before leaning in for a soft kiss. Tobin closed her eyes and let herself feel the love coming from her partner. And when Christen pulled back, Tobin opened her eyes and took a deep breath.

“I’m nervous about tomorrow. With everyone planning to be there, your family flying in, I’m just feeling nervous,” Tobin quietly admitted. “I think I might have been subconsciously trying to get all that nervous energy out so I can relax and not be wound so tight. I’m sorry, baby. I didn’t mean to keep you up so late.”

Three years ago, Tobin had promised Christen that she would communicate if there was ever anything that was bothering her. She had kept that promise and kept the lines of communication open to avoid any misunderstandings and Christen did the same.

“Hey, don’t ever apologize for wanting to express your love in that way. If I didn’t want you to keep me up so late, you wouldn’t have been able to keep me up so late,” Christen said. “I know you’re nervous. I can’t say there’s nothing to be nervous about because this is a big deal, but I can say that we’ll all be there to support you and my hand will be there for you to hold whenever you need it.”

Tobin let out a breath she didn’t know she’d been holding while listening to Christen, always in awe of how she could calm her with her words. “Fuck, I love you so much, Chris,” she said. “You just…god…everything in my life is better because of you.”

Christen gave Tobin a beaming smile. “I am so in love with you, Tobin Heath. All my days are brighter because of you and your beautiful smile. And I’m so fucking proud of you,” she said.

“Come here,” Tobin said as Christen took that as her cue to turn around and let her back rest against Tobin’s front, their favorite cuddling position.

Tobin wrapped an arm around Christen and held her close. She kissed her shoulder and whispered in her sleepy girlfriend’s ear. “Sweet dreams, beautiful.”


Tobin woke up the next morning alone in bed, her 7am alarm blaring. A pout quickly formed on her face, having gotten used to waking up with Christen next to her almost every day since they moved in together. The only time they didn’t wake up together was when Christen would be on business trips and she looked forward to their morning cuddles. She rolled over to snuggle Christen’s pillow when she noticed a note sitting on it. She picked it up and read.

Hi baby,

Happy Friday/Opening Day! I didn’t have the heart to wake you at 6. You were too cute snoring away. I should be home by the time you and the girls get home from school. I can’t wait to kiss you. I love you.


Tobin felt tingles throughout her body just reading Christen’s note. She could feel the love all over the simple piece of paper and it made her smile. She let it rest on her chest as she picked up her phone and started typing.

Don’t know what you’re talking about…I don’t snore. I miss you. Can’t wait to hold you. Have a great day. I love you baby.

After brushing her teeth and washing her face, she walked down the hall to wake the girls up, knocking on each of their doors and waiting for a response to confirm they were up.

Tobin turned on the coffeemaker before anything else, needing a jolt to her morning given that she’d spent all night rolling around in bed with Christen. She smirked thinking of the warm body attached to hers last night, not caring one bit that she was paying for it right now. Totally worth it, if you asked her.

She proceeded to make breakfast as the girls started rolling into the kitchen.

“Morning,” Emma said, already dressed for school.

“Morning, kiddo,” Tobin said, setting the scrambled eggs and bacon down in front of Emma.

“Thanks Mama T,” Emma said.

After they moved in together, Emma had continued calling Tobin ‘Ms. Tobin’ and Jordan continued calling Christen ‘Ms. Christen.’ But after about six months of living together and truly becoming like a family, Emma and Jordan called a meeting and said that they wanted to make some changes. Tobin and Christen nervously sat down, holding hands, wondering what changes the girls were wanting to make. They had nothing to worry about, however, since the girls proposed that Emma start calling Tobin ‘Mama T’ and Jordan start calling Christen ‘Mama C.’ Tobin and Christen beamed at their daughters, more than happy with the change and it had been that way since. Tobin had grown to love Emma as if she were her own and Christen had done the same with Jordan.

“You’re welcome,” Tobin said. “Is Jordy almost ready?”

“I think so,” Emma said as she scarfed down her food, which made Tobin chuckle. “Are you ready for tonight?”

Tobin took a deep breath. She had largely kept her mind off tonight by showering Christen with all her attention last night and preparing breakfast, but she couldn’t avoid it for too long.

“Yeah, I think so,” Tobin said as she plated Jordan’s food.

“I’m excited to see everything put together,” Emma said excitedly. “Mom told us it’s gonna look amazing. She wouldn’t stop talking about it. We finally had to tell her to stop spoiling it for us,” she said, rolling her eyes.

Tobin chuckled as she put Jordan’s plate down. That sounded exactly like Christen. She had been so supportive of the project, silently there for Tobin every step of the way, giving her feedback only when asked. But she wasn’t silent around their daughters, apparently, and it made her warm inside just thinking about Christen proudly talking about her art with anyone who would listen. But that’s what made Christen Christen. So passionate with a big heart and so proud of other people’s accomplishments. It’s what made her such a great and much-admired leader. And it made Tobin thankful that this was the woman she got to kiss and come home to every single night.

Just then, Jordan strolled in and heard the last bit of their conversation.

“Oh my god, I swear if Mama C tells us one more thing about tonight, we are going to lose it,” Jordan said, also rolling her eyes.

Tobin laughed out loud. This was exactly what she had been needing in order to relax this morning. A good laugh for her soul, courtesy of her girls.

“Take it easy,” Tobin said. “She’s just excited.”

Tobin took her phone out and decided to leave Christen another message.

You’re cute and I love you.

Tobin smiled and sat down to have breakfast. It was going to be a good day.


“Tobin! This is amazing!” Cody said enthusiastically of the installation with his booming voice as he pulled her in for a hug.

“Thanks BD!” Tobin replied back, trying to match his enthusiasm, though she was hard-pressed to find anyone who could. “Thanks for flying up and everything. It really means a lot to me that you guys are here.”

“Are you kidding? We wouldn’t miss your big show for the world!” Cody said with a grin.

“This is incredible, Tobin, really. I’m glad Momo was able to convince you to share this with all of us,” Stacy said as she, too, gave Tobin a big hug.

“Yeah, well, she’s hard to say no to,” Tobin said as she put her arm around Christen’s waist and winked at her.

Christen shook her head and chuckled, making eye contact with Tobin and blushing hard, knowing that Tobin was thinking the exact same thing that she was. The method with which Christen had convinced her remained between them, but it didn’t stop Tobin from giving her looks each time the topic came up.

“It won’t get any easier. She got her powers of persuasion from me, so she’ll probably always get her way,” Cody said, unwittingly making the exchange even more funny and awkward.

Christen choked on her own saliva and started coughing. Tobin rubbed her back, trying not to laugh at the double conversation that was going on.

“Babe, you okay? Let’s go get you some water,” Tobin said.

“Yeah, get some water, Mo,” Stacy said.

“Yeah, I will,” Christen said.

“We’ll catch up with you guys later, okay?” Tobin said.

“See you later!” Cody said.

Tobin led Christen down a private hallway as they both erupted in laughter.

“Oh my god, baby, you should have seen your face,” Tobin said, trying to catch her breath while doubled over in laughter.

“You’re so mean to me,” Christen said, pretending to be hurt.

“I’m sorry,” Tobin said, her shoulders still shaking from laughing. “I didn’t know he was gonna say that. You have to admit that was pretty fucking funny,” she said as she pulled Christen in closer.

Christen shook her head, but couldn’t keep a straight face either, laughing along with Tobin. “I’ll get you back for that.”

“I hope you do,” Tobin challenged as she gently pushed Christen back against the wall and pressed her body against hers.

Their laughter faded and their eyes turned dark as they took advantage of the momentary privacy they were afforded. Tobin gripped Christen’s hips while Christen wrapped her arms around Tobin’s shoulder. Tobin then moved in and let her lips brush against Christen’s. Within seconds, their hands were everywhere as if there was no tomorrow.

Christen moved her hands down Tobin’s back and Tobin grabbed her wrists and pinned them against the wall.

“God,” Christen moaned, so turned on by Tobin taking charge.

“Fuck, I wish I could take you home right now,” Tobin said as her lips attached themselves to Christen’s neck.

“Me too,” Christen said breathlessly. “You do need to get back out there and mingle, though.”

Tobin groaned. She knew Christen was right, but it didn’t make letting her go any easier.

“We’ll have all night,” Christen promised as she reached up to fix Tobin’s hair and cleaned off some of her lipstick that had smudged on the side of Tobin’s mouth.

“All night,” Tobin repeated like a mantra, using that as motivation to finish the night strong and take Christen home.


Christen was so proud. The show was sold out for the entire 3-month run that Tobin’s work would be on display. She found out early on in their relationship that Tobin was a bit of a mystery in the art community. Always in demand, but rarely ever available. Not for commissions, interviews, or exhibits. Your project really had to excite her for her to take it on. Tobin had her reasons, of course. Jordan was her main focus and she simply didn’t want to take any time away from that. And she didn’t like the attention. Which was ironic given that Christen’s entire career was built on bringing attention to whatever brand she was working for.

“Baby, the world really needs to see your art,” Christen said while straddling Tobin’s lap a year ago during one of their lunch dates at Tobin’s studio.

Tobin had finally finished her piece called ‘Soul,’ the one that she showed Christen on their first date that she didn’t think she’d ever finish. She’d been trying to capture Christen’s eye color for two years and she thought she had finally done it. She put a blindfold over Christen as soon as she walked in the studio and eventually revealed it to her.

“No, it doesn’t,” Tobin argued as she trailed kisses all along Christen’s neck and started unbuttoning Christen’s blouse.

“Why not? I think…a…a retrospective of yo…your work would b…be amazing,” Christen trembled, quickly losing control as Tobin took one of her nipples into her mouth. “You’re depriving the world of th..that.”

“Chris, you don’t have a lot of time until you need to get back to the office. The last thing I wanna talk about right now is my art. You’re the one who’s depriving me right now,” Tobin said as she moved to the other nipple and devoured it.

Christen moaned and sighed. “Oh god, baby. Fine, but w…we’ll talk about this at home la…later,” she said.

“Fine,” Tobin said, punting the conversation for later, hoping Christen would just forget about it.

Christen tangled her fingers in Tobin’s soft hair and lightly pulled her mouth toward her, wanting more of what Tobin was doing.

Christen didn’t forget, of course. With a brain like hers, there were few things she ever forgot. It only took making love several times that night to convince Tobin to share her work, with Christen wearing a proud smirk when Tobin finally said yes in the middle of an orgasm. What can she say? She was good at her job and she was really good at getting Tobin to say yes to pretty much anything.

“You don’t play fair,” Tobin said, pretending to pout. “You know I’m weak for you.”

“Exactly,” Christen said as she kissed Tobin.

When it was announced that Tobin’s work would be on display, but not for sale since Tobin was adamant about that, all the tickets sold out in a day. She also insisted that every penny she earned from ticket sales go to maternal health advocacy groups that tackle the barriers to equitable maternity care for women and families of color. Tobin wanted no family to ever have to experience what she did even though Amanda had been under the best care possible.

Christen watched on as Tobin had a casual conversation with the museum’s curator during the artist Q&A portion of the evening and she had everyone’s attention. Christen was especially proud because she knew this wasn’t easy for Tobin. It wasn’t easy for her to have all the attention focused on her and have to speak candidly about her work with a roomful of people, mostly strangers.

Tobin was so introspective as she spoke and Christen thinks she’s never been more in love with her. On their first date, Christen had first gotten a glimpse of Tobin the artist when Tobin brought her to her studio for the first time. She remembers it like it was yesterday. Every moment of that night and it’s still one of her favorite memories. She looked through every single painting Tobin had lined up on the floor, her feelings projected on each canvas. She never got Tobin’s perspective on all those paintings that night…until tonight. Hearing Tobin talk openly and honestly about her heartache to the life she now lives with Christen and the girls, she was bursting with love for her.

Christen wants to marry Tobin. She’s wanted to marry Tobin for a long time, but something had been stopping her from asking. Maybe because it never really came up in conversation naturally. In her heart, she knew Tobin would say yes in a heartbeat, yet she hesitated to ask. She didn’t want to ‘fix’ what wasn’t broken, as they say. And they’d both been broken before. But they had been together for almost three years now, the best three years of Christen’s life, and she wanted to be able to call Tobin her wife. She had even accidentally almost said it a couple of times when introducing Tobin to other people in the last few months…because in every sense of the word, Tobin was her wife, just not officially on paper. Standing there tonight in the back of the room, watching Tobin, she decided on the spot that she was going to get plans in motion to ask Tobin to marry her.

“What are you smiling so big about?” Tyler whispered, nudging her sister’s shoulder.

Christen was brought out of her thoughts and she felt her face flush as if Tyler could see into what she had just been thinking. She hadn’t realized she’d been smiling so wide and her face did feel a little sore when she dialed it back down to normal.

“Huh? Nothing, I’m just really proud of Tobin,” Christen whispered back, not totally a lie, but not exactly what she had just been thinking.

“You got yourself a good egg. She’s pretty damn cool,” Tyler said.

“Yeah, she is. I could listen to her talk all day,” Christen said, her eyes not once leaving Tobin as she spoke.

“I’m sure you could,” Tyler said with a light chuckle. “Among other things…”

Christen blushed, regretting sharing with Tyler one time how amazing Tobin was in bed and she never missed an opportunity to tease her about it since then.

“I hate you,” Christen muttered under her breath as she focused her attention back to Tobin.


When the Q&A was over and the applause subsided, Tobin slowly made her way over to Christen, her eyes fixed on her beautiful girlfriend, the only one who could ever make her heart beat as fast as it was beating now.

“Baby, you’re amazing,” Christen gushed. “I am so so proud of you. In case I haven’t said that.”

Tobin just had to laugh because Christen had told her just about a million times how proud she was of her.

“You’ve said it a couple of times,” Tobin teased as she stood in front of Christen.

“I was telling Tyler that I could listen to you talk all day,” Christen said as she leaned in for a kiss.

Tobin smiled into the kiss and rested her forehead against Christen’s when they pulled apart. “I could listen to you talk forever,” she said.

Christen chuckled and tried to one-up her. “Well I could listen to you talk forever and a day,” she joked.

Tobin gave Christen a serious look and shook her head, which confused Christen. Tobin shifted her feet and looked down, taking a deep breath, before looking back into Christen’s deep green eyes.

“No, Chris, I mean I could listen to you talk forever,” Tobin said, enunciating the last word as if it would make things clear for Christen.

“What? I don’t underst…” Christen started to say when she saw Tobin reach into her back pocket.

Tobin took the little black velvet box she’d been hiding in the far reaches of their closet for the past three months out of her pocket and opened it for Christen to see. Christen audibly gasped and covered her mouth with her hand when she saw the most beautiful ring she’d ever laid eyes on, which caught the attention of the gallery. Their daughters, family, and friends were also nearby and they all stood in shock at what they were witnessing before taking their phones out to record the scene.

Christen was shaking. This night had taken a turn. Her legs felt like Jell-O and her heart was damn near about ready to give out. Her eyes were filling with tears and she was ready to say ‘yes’ before Tobin even had a chance to ask her question.

Tobin didn’t know what she was doing. She’d never done this before. She’d never bought an engagement ring or got down on one knee to ask the woman she loves to marry her. To say she was nervous was an understatement. She normally wouldn’t want any attention on her, but she knew she wanted to do this tonight in front of all the most important people in their lives, Amanda’s parents included, who just last month had quietly asked her when she and Christen were going to get married. She shrugged their question off at the time, not wanting anyone to know what she was up to. She also didn’t know when exactly she was going to propose tonight, but when Christen said she could listen to her talk all day, she saw her opportunity to play off of that and took it.

Tobin took Christen’s hands in hers and got down on one knee, the crowd around them gasping again at the motion. She didn’t have a speech planned, so Tobin kept her eyes up, locked with Christen’s, and began to speak from her heart.

“Baby, I wasn’t sure I’d ever have a chance to do this. I was forty years old when you walked into my life and the most unexpected and beautiful thing happened. I fell in love with you instantly and I haven’t stopped falling for you in the three years since,” Tobin said, willing her voice to stay steady so she could get through this and tell Christen exactly how she felt.

Christen couldn’t remain standing as she listened to Tobin. Passing out seemed like a very real possibility with the way Tobin was looking at her with so much love, that she had to get down to eye level with Tobin on the floor. She caressed Tobin’s cheek with one hand and waited for her to continue.

“Chris, I’m at my happiest when I’m with you. You make me feel so safe and loved and cherished and I can only hope that I do the same for you,” Tobin said as Christen nodded, both of them with tears running freely down their cheeks.

“The feeling I get just from holding your hand when we’re out for a walk is something I can’t even describe, but I know I want that feeling for the rest of my life. So when I say that I could listen to you talk forever, this is what I mean. I’m so lucky to be your partner and I hope you’ll do me the honor of becoming my wife,” Tobin said, her voice full of emotion as she took a deep breath in and out. “Christen Annemarie Press, the most beautiful soul I’ve ever met, will you marry me?”

Christen let out a breath that she’d been holding for way too long. “Yes!” she exclaimed loud and clear. “Yes, yes, yes! A million times over, yes!”

Christen hurled herself at Tobin who caught her and kept them upright as they wrapped their arms tightly around one another. Tobin buried her face in Christen’s neck and curls, the world around them fading as she held the love of her life in her arms.

The crowd that had gathered around them applauded and hollered and whistled, but they didn’t hear any of it.

“I love you, baby,” Christen said into Tobin’s ear, kissing it affectionately as she did so.

“I love you, too,” Tobin said as they let go just enough to look at each other.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” Christen said, wiping tears from her eyes.

“Can I put the ring on you?” Tobin asked.

“Yes,” Christen said again as she held her still-shaking left hand out.

Tobin took Christen’s hand and gently slipped the ring on her finger. It fit perfectly.

“Tobs, it’s so beautiful. I’ve never seen anything like it,” Christen gushed.

Tobin smiled at Christen’s face which was lit up more than she’d ever seen it. Christen had never seen anything like it because Tobin had painstakingly custom-designed the ring with a local jeweler. Every single detail of the ring had some meaning to it, but Tobin would have to save that story for Christen later.

“I’m glad you like it,” Tobin said simply.

“I love it. And I love you,” Christen said as she took Tobin’s face in her hands and leaned in to give her a kiss.

Tobin wrapped her arms around Christen and kissed her hard, getting lost in the woman who meant everything to her.

“Oh my god, you guys, please get a room,” Jordan whined jokingly, having seen this same scene play out many times in the last three years.

The crowd laughed as Tobin and Christen continued kissing, ignoring Jordan just this once.


“You want to know something funny?” Christen asked as she slid down Tobin’s body and collapsed on top of her in bed later that night, their daughters having been banished to their aunties’ house for the evening and Christen taking full advantage of not having to keep her voice down.

“Chris, you were just sitting on my face. I’m not sure I want to hear what’s funny about that,” Tobin teased as she rubbed circles on Christen’s back while her sweaty fiancée was sprawled on top of her, breathing heavily.

Christen laughed and kissed Tobin’s neck. “Not that,” she said.

“Okay, what’s funny?” Tobin asked, her hands moving to Christen’s ass to squeeze them, ready to go another round.

“Right before you came over to ask me to marry you, I had literally decided while I was watching you speak tonight that I was going to come up with a plan to propose to you,” Christen admitted.

“Oh?” Tobin said smiling.

“Yeah,” Christen said. “I was thinking about how much I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you and be able to call you my wife any time I wanted.”

Tobin smiled and kissed Christen. “You’ve almost said it a couple of times lately,” she chuckled.

“You caught that?” Christen asked, slightly blushing.

“Yes. If it makes you feel better, it made me feel really good about my chances that you would say yes,” Tobin teased.

“So when we were kissing in the hallway at the gallery tonight and you pinned my arms against the wall…” Christen said, a thought dawning on her.

“Yeah, you were about to feel the box in my back pocket. Couldn’t let that happen,” Tobin chuckled.

“And last night when you said you were nervous…” Christen said, connecting all the pieces.

“Yeahhhh…I was a little nervous about the show, but I was about to have a nervous breakdown about the proposal. No one knew what I was planning, so I couldn’t get advice or help from anyone,” Tobin said laughing.

“My poor baby. You did a great job, though. That was the best surprise ever,” Christen said.

Tobin shook her head in disagreement.

“Nope. I’d argue that Michael Jordan showing up to my birthday party two years ago is still the best surprise ever, but this was pretty good,” Tobin said, still in disbelief to this day that Christen got Michael freaking Jordan to come to her birthday party so she could meet one of her idols and the reason why she had a shoe problem.

Christen chuckled and kissed her softly. “Ask me again,” she whispered against Tobin’s mouth.

Tobin looked Christen in her eyes, her soul, full of gratitude that this woman was going to be her wife. “Will you marry me, baby?” she asked.

“That’s the hottest thing you’ve ever said to me,” Christen said, her eyes dark with desire. “Hell yes, Tobin Powell Heath. I’ll marry you.”