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Will you find me afterlife?

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I made you a promise. I promised you, Sue, we would share our lives together, and you promised me back. Oh, how childish of us, not to think one of our journeys could be the first to end.

We promised each other death would be our last kiss, my love, but you were the first one to keep that promise.

I thought we would do it together, like everything we do, my Sue. I thought it would be like when we fall asleep together, closed eyes and holding hands, only for us to wake up again next to each other, bur this special time, somewhere else besides our bed.

I thought we would live happy and long lives next to each other, until Death’s arriving, and we would part together, leaving the children of our own in this world, like we always dreamed about.

How childish of me, thinking we would be able to leave this world together. It never occurred to me that there was a chance of you leaving me first. A chance of me loosing you first.

He took you first, my Sue, and I don’t know if I can take this journey alone. He took you first, like everything has been taken from me.

Life’s a Rose, and it was your time to be called beyond it. I wasn’t ready, my love.

We made a promise, and I will keep it. I will search for you. And finding you might take me a little while, but I will. And we will wake up together, for once again.

Yours, Emily.