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the sweeter the deadlier

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Weekday nights were always for studying. Yeonwoo was actually quite surprised at how responsibly Yoohan was upholding his deal with his family to focus on his academics now that he was no longer an idol trainee. Usually, the two would spend a couple of hours in the afternoons to study together at Yeonwoo's house, and more often than not they would be pretty productive.

Today was just not one of those days.

"Yeonwoo-yah, stop ignoring me."


"Yah, don't look away."

"No, focus on your assignment."

"But I walked all the way to the market to get these just for you!"

"I never asked you to," Yeonwoo scolds, pushing away his probe's hand which held a single ripe strawberry between his fingers. "And I can eat on my own, thank you."

For the past hour, all Yoohan had been doing was trying to feed his boyfriend the strawberries he bought (because he couldn't resist thinking about his mono when he saw the bright red of the fruit at the market), but Yeonwoo was having none of it. They were spending their time together to get their schoolwork done, just like how they had promised their families, not to fool around and get off track.

But Yeonwoo also knew that if he took a bite, they would really stop studying.

"C'mon," Yoohan whines, peeking his head in front of Yeonwoo, who refused to look at anything other than his books. "Yeonwoo. My Yeonwoo. My cute Yeonwoo. Yeonwoo who so wants to eat these strawberries."

"Alright, I got it, I got it," Yeonwoo sighs, unable to ignore his probe's face blocking his vision. He gives in, decides that one taste shouldn't hurt. The bright crimson of the fruit did attract him, and a little sweetness should also do his tired brain some good. "Let me just finish this one question, okay?"

Yoohan grins wide, knowing he won this battle, not that he didn't think he would, of course. But with Yeonwoo finally agreeing, Yoohan takes his first bite himself, letting his teeth sink into the ripe fruit. He feels a gaze on him and lifts his own eyes to meet the pair of eyes that he loves to look into so much, and he can sense they're looking right at his mouth. Yoohan takes the opportunity to playfully stick his tongue out and lick away the excess juice that trickles down the corner of his lips.

Yeonwoo subconsciously gulps, eyes still stuck on his effortlessly seductive probe that always knew how to push his buttons. He should've known, of course, how much of a tease Yoohan could be from the day he asked to eat some damn ramyeon the first time he visited his house.

As Yoohan swallows down his own bite, he offers the upper half of the same strawberry right to Yeonwoo's lips, which were still left parted open. Yoohan meets Yeonwoo's eyes from a lower angle, raising one eyebrow as if to test him.

"C'mon," the probe breathes, and Yeonwoo doesn't know why Yoohan is whispering but none of it matters as he absentmindedly takes the strawberry with his teeth. The coldness of the fruit surprises him—it's enough to make him notice how heated his own face had become in the span of a few seconds. As he starts chewing on the strawberry, sweetness fills his taste buds, but not without leaving a hint of sourness as well.

Yeonwoo doesn't get to finish swallowing before he finds his lips occupied. He falls back onto his arms in his position on the floor as Yoohan towers over him, placing a hand on his neck and kissing him fiercely but slowly. The taste of the strawberry gets lost at the back of his mind and suddenly studying doesn't seem to matter anymore as his probe's tongue takes over, grazing his teeth and claiming the inside of his mouth. Yeonwoo feels a shiver run down his sides as Yoohan starts to toy at the hair on the nape of his neck, exactly where his knees get weak at. Just as he's about to run out of his breath, the probe pulls away slowly.

Yoohan's lips return to kiss away the juice that had spilled down the edge of Yeonwoo's mouth from their kiss as Yeonwoo just dazedly sits in the same position, unable to say anything. Yeonwoo gulps again, and he knows it's too late to try and refocus on studying now. Satisfied with the look on his mono's face, Yoohan gives his signature smirk, because oh, he definitely won this war.

"So what were you saying about being able to eat on your own?"