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Make a Wish

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Renjun let out a short sigh wiping the sweat from his brow as he opened his locker in the back room, tossing his waiter’s apron onto the hook as he grabbed his bag and jacket, quickly changing his work shoes for his trainers, shutting his locker softly as he tossed his jacket over his shirt. Renjun winced slightly as he rubbed his hip having banged it on the side of a table earlier while he had been cleaning up, sighing as he pulled his bag over his shoulder, jumping as someone grabbed his other shoulder from behind.

Jesus fuck- Minho! Don’t scare me like that!” Renjun pouted as he turned to face his boss, restaurant owner Minho, looking up towards him “Do you need something..? Kibum said I could go early…” he gulped slightly hoping Minho would forgive him considering it was Minho’s own husband Kibum - Renjun’s manager - that said he could take off early. Minho chuckled and shook his head.

“Calm down Junnie, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. You’re not in trouble” Renjun sighed in relief, visibly relaxing as he smiled.

“What did you come over for then?”

“Oh!” Minho smiled and held up a bag “Kibum made these for you and the kids! He heard they both got first place in their spelling bees so he made their favourite cupcakes for them” Renjun smiled softly and took the bag from Minho.

“Thank you Minho, and tell Kibum I say thank you too, I’m sure the boys will love them”

Minho chuckled and ruffled Renjun’s hair gently “I’m sure they will, now go pick them up! And take the day off tomorrow, you’ve been working non-stop recently, it’s Saturday tomorrow, spend the day with them. I see you here tomorrow, I’m gonna have Kibum and Jinki drag your little ass back home.”

Renjun laughed and nodded “Okay! Okay! I’ll stay off tomorrow! Just don’t send those two after me, dealing with their sass on the job is bad enough. I’ll see you on Sunday then?” Minho smiled and waved him off as he gently pushed him out the door.

“Make it Monday, and not a day earlier Huang Renjun!” Renjun laughed and waved, giving a mock salute.

“Monday! Got it! Bye Minho!” Renjun jumped into his little beat-up Honda Civic, setting his bag on the floor of the passenger side and setting the cupcakes on the seat beside him before quickly clipping in his seatbelt and pulling out of the restaurant’s little parking lot.

Renjun quietly hummed along to the radio, not actually paying attention to the song playing as he drove towards the local kindergarten to pick up his two little angels, Chenle and Jisung, his whole world. No matter how much financial trouble he was in trying to care for them both and make sure they had everything, no matter how much he had to work every day to bring home meals and keep a roof over their head, no matter how much his heart had been broken when his wife had left him and their two little boys for a richer man, he wouldn’t change his life for anything. He had his two little boys to keep him going, and that was all he needed in this world.

Renjun squeaked slightly as his phone started ringing, quickly answering it and setting it on speaker as he stopped at a red light, balancing it on the dashboard. “Hello?” Renjun bit his lip slightly as he turned the corner.

“Hey, Renjun! It’s Mark!” Renjun smiled softly at the sound of his neighbour and best friend’s voice.

“Hey Mark, what do you need?”

“I was wondering if you could pick up Hyuck and Xuxi for me… Johnny is working a bit later so I don’t have the car right now…” Renjun giggled slightly.

“No need to sound so guilty Mark! Their elementary school is only 2 blocks away, from Chenle and Jisung’s kindergarten, right?”

“Yeah, I’ll send you the address, thanks a lot Injunnie!” Renjun hummed softly.

“You’re welcome Mark, just phone the school and tell them to keep the boys inside for a little, it’s starting to rain.” Mark was quick to agree, thanking Renjun again before ending the call just as Renjun parked, quickly pulling his hood up over his head as he stepped out of the car, shoving his phone in his pocket as he dashed across the street, smiling as he saw his little boys standing by the door with Jisung’s teacher, Mr Kim.

Renjun chuckled as he caught the flurry of limbs that was his 4-year-old, Jisung, tossing himself into his arms “Baba!!”

“Hello to you too Sungie, did you enjoy class?” Jisung nodded quickly as he bounced on Renjun’s hip as he stepped over to his other son, 5-year-old Chenle, taking his hand as he smiled at Mr Kim.

“Yeah!! Mr Kim taught us how to say hello in French!” Mr Kim smiled warmly and nodded

“Jisung is very good with his languages Mr Huang, he got it first try” Renjun smiled and kissed Jisung’s cheek.

“At least he gets something from me, and please, call me Renjun Mr Kim, Mr Huang makes me feel old.” Mr Kim chuckled softly.

“I’ll call you Renjun the day you call me Doyoung” Mr Kim grinned as he leaned against the wall “Now shoo, go home and relax, you look exhausted” Renjun chuckled and waved as best as he could with Jisung balancing on his hip, both boys waving and yelling their goodbyes as Renjun lead them to the car and got them buckled into their car seats

“Uncle Kibum made you boys cupcakes, you can have one when we get home, okay?” The boys let out joint cheers as they grinned, earning a fond smile as he got back in the driver’s seat and drove towards the local elementary school after double-checking the address Mark had sent him. Jisung let out a tiny yawn and curled up hugging his little stuffed hamster toy as he ended up falling asleep, Chenle lifting his own head to look outside.

“Baba, where are we going..?” Renjun hummed slightly as he glanced back at Chenle through the rearview mirror

“We’re picking up Xuxi and Donghyuck for uncle Mark, Lele”

“Oh, okay!” Chenle gave his father a toothy grin as he sat back, quietly singing along to the radio despite not knowing most of the words to any of the songs, bringing a fond smile to Renjun’s face as he pulled into the elementary school’s parking lot, jumping out quickly and dashing inside to collect the Suh boys before bringing them outside and getting them both settled in the car, placing his bags in the trunk of the car.


Renjun let out a gentle sigh as he sat down on the couch, smiling as Jisung and Chenle snuggled their way into his arms, pulling a blanket over the 3 of them as he turned on the tv, flicking over to the cartoons channel for them as he sunk back into the couch, keeping them close as he kissed their heads. “I love you, boys…”

Chenle turned his head to look up at him with a smile “We love you too Baba” Jisung nodding along with a sleepy smile, yawning quietly as he hid his face in Renjun’s neck, earning a chuckle and another kiss to the head as Renjun tightened his arm around him.

Renjun smiled softly as he looked down at his boys, quietly singing them both a lullaby as he played with their hair, keeping them close to him as he sang them to sleep, only stopping when he heard the twin sets of gentle snores against his neck, carefully standing up and carrying them each to their beds, tucking them in with a fond kiss on the forehead.


Renjun groaned softly as he was shaken awake, slowly blinking his eyes open as he looked to his side to see Jisung’s bright eyes staring back at him, the morning sun peeking through his curtains. “Good morning Sungie…”


“Good mowning Baba!!” Jisung smiled brightly, bouncing slightly on his knees “Can we have pancakes for bweakfast please?” Renjun smiled and nodded as he giggled.

“Yes baby, we can have pancakes for breakfast. Is Lele awake yet?” Jisung shook his head as he snuggled up in Renjun’s arms, yawning slightly.

“Still sleeping, the sun woke me up” Renjun hummed and pressed a kiss to Jisung’s hair.

“Well that just won’t do, I guess I’ll have to go beat up the sun for waking up my little boy” Renjun smiled as he tickled Jisung’s side, earning a squeal from the tiny boy as he squirmed and giggled.

“Baba!! That tickles!” Renjun laughed and rubbed Jisung’s back gently.

“Wanna help me make the batter for the pancakes Sungie?” Jisung nodded quickly and bounced off the bed, sprinting off to the kitchen as Renjun laughed and tossed the blankets off his body, stretching as he stood up and walked to the kitchen calmly.

Jisung was already patiently waiting by the counter, smiling brightly as Renjun lifted him up onto the counter, reaching over to turn the radio on while his baba got out the utensils and ingredients they would need.

“Jisung, baby, what kind of pancakes do you want?” Renjun turned to look at him from where he stood by the fridge, Jisung lifting his head to look up at him.

“Ummm… Ameriwan!” Renjun smiled and nodded, quickly gathering the right ingredients and walking over.

“Can you remember how many eggs we put in baby?” Renjun looked at Jisung with a fond smile as he watched Jisung think, before his smile grew as Jisung held up a single finger

“One egg Baba!”

“That’s right! My smart little boy” Renjun pressed a kiss to Jisung’s head before helping the young boy to get the measurements right, cracking the egg himself as the tiny pitter-patter of feet echoed through the hallway


“In the kitchen Lele!” Renjun smiled as he saw Chenle shuffle into the kitchen, rubbing the sleep from his eyes with a tiny fist “Pancakes okay for breakfast Le?” Chenle nodded as he yawned.

“Wha kind..?”

“American baby, the fluffy ones” Chenle nodded with a sleepy smile as Renjun lifted Jisung off the counter “Why don’t you two go watch some cartoons and I’ll finish cooking?”

Jisung nodded and walked over to Chenle, both of them disappearing into the living room to watch cartoons together as Renjun turned back to the counter, turning on the stove as he grabbed the frying pan off the counter, setting it on top of the stove and dropping a bit of butter into the pan as he watched it melt.

Renjun hummed along to the radio as he poured some of the batter into the pan, swaying his hips softly as he quietly sang, giggling as he heard Chenle and Jisung trying to sing along from the living room as he carefully flipped the pancake over in the pan, grabbing three plates from the cupboard as he watched the pancake carefully, eventually removing it from the pan and setting it on one of the plates.

Renjun continued this small routine until all 3 plates were filled, setting the pan down in the sink and turning on the hot tap to wash it off. "Boys! What toppings do you want?!"

Jisung yelled through first "Stwawbewwies and whipped cweam!" Chenle's voice soon following.

"Bananas and syrup!" Renjun chuckled softly and quickly cut up the requested fruit, setting them on each of the boys’ plates, carrying their plates through and setting them down on the coffee table, stepping back into the kitchen to grab his own plate alongside the syrup, whipped cream and cutlery for the three of them before making his way back into the living room.

The boys smiled and settled on the floor in front of the table, grinning as Renjun added the whipped cream and syrup to each of their pancakes respectively, before cutting them up a bit for each of them, handing a fork to each of them as he settled back onto the couch. "Eat up you two, we're going out for a walk later"

"Thank you, Baba!"

"Thanks, Baba!"

Renjun smiled fondly, quietly eating his own breakfast as he listened to his boys' giggles as they ate together, the kids' eyes glued to the tv as their favourite cartoons played. Renjun glanced out the window as he smiled to himself, watching the fluffy white clouds roll across the bright blue sky as he sat back.

“Baba?” Renjun hummed as he turned to look at Jisung.

“Yeah Sungie?”

“Can we get ice cweam on the walk?” Renjun smiled and nodded.

“On one condition, you floss your teeth” Jisung whined and pouted as he slouched.

"But Baba! It huwts!"

"I know baby but you need to do it, once a week like your dentist said"

“Fine…” Jisung pouted as he slouched down, Chenle giggling at him

“You’re flossing too Chenle, I don’t know why you’re giggling.” Chenle whined as he looked up at Renjun with wide eyes as Renjun smiled fondly, standing up to gather their empty plates “Now go look out some clothes, I’ll be in soon.” The boys quickly ran off to their shared bedroom together, Renjun smiling as he took the dishes to the kitchen and rinsed them off in the sink, setting them on the side to properly wash off later before turning to go down the hall to the boys’ room, smiling as he saw them looking out their favourite clothes.

Renjun stepped over and helped them both get dressed then took them into the bathroom to help them brush their teeth, kissing both their heads as he stood up and took them back to their room, leaving them to play as he went to his own room, quickly looking out the warm cream sweater Minho and Kibum had gotten him for his birthday the previous year, pairing it with his dark blue acid wash jeans before popping his head back into the boys’ room. “Hey, you two want to go play with Hyuck and Xuxi at theirs while I shower quickly?” Renjun was merely met by cheers and two young toddlers barreling past him to the door, bouncing around as he walked behind them and opened the door for them.

Renjun smiled warmly as he leaned against the frame of the front door, watching them run across the hall to knock on their favourite uncles’ door, chuckling as the door was opened by a rather confused Johnny who was quick to smile as he saw the boys. “Hey, you two! The demons are in the living room, on you go.” Renjun laughed as Jisung and Chenle quickly thanked Johnny, hugging his long legs before running inside to find their best friends, smiling wider as he heard 3 excited shouts from Mark and his kids, Xuxi and Donghyuck. Johnny turned to look at Renjun and raised an eyebrow. “You don’t normally let them over this early.”

“Sorry Johnny, I didn’t get a chance to shower last night so I was hoping you could watch them for a while…”

Oh for sure! Just knock when you want them back, have they eaten?”

“Yeah, they’ve had a big breakfast so no snacks, I don’t need them to be too hyper” Johnny chuckled and gave Renjun a small salute as he disappeared back into his apartment to help his fiance deal with both sets of brothers.

Renjun smiled to himself as he walked back into his apartment, stepping into the bathroom to turn on the shower.


Renjun smiled fondly as he watched Jisung and Chenle run around the park together as he sat down on a bench, taking his phone out to grab a few photos of them to send to his parents later, quickly slipping his phone back into his pocket with a smile as Jisung ran over. “Baba! Come push us on the swings!”

“Alright, I’m coming.” Renjun chuckled as he stood up and followed Jisung over to the swings, helping the tiny boy up onto it before lifting Chenle up into the second swing, gently pushing both boys at the same time with a smile that only grew as the delighted giggles of his sons.

Renjun continued to play around the park with the boys until late afternoon when Jisung was starting to yawn more frequently and was less likely to after his big brother. That was when Renjun decided it was time for them to go home and settle the boys down for a nap, gaining whines from Chenle about not being tired while Jisung wordlessly climbed up into his lap and snuggled into his chest with a quiet yawn. Renjun smiled softly and kissed Jisung’s head gently as he looked at Chenle. “Come on Lele, Sungie is tired, you can stay up for a bit longer at home, okay?”

Chenle pouted slightly but nodded. “Okay, Baba… Can we still get ice cream but?” Renjun chuckled and nodded.

“Yeah baby, we can still get ice cream.” Chenle cheered quietly as Renjun carefully stood up off the grass with Jisung slowly falling asleep in his arms, settling his bag on his free shoulder as he settled Jisung’s head into the crook of his neck. Chenle happily took Renjun’s hand when it was held out to him, happily singing little tunes as he walked beside his father to their favourite ice cream place, darting inside when Renjun opened the door for him and racing up to the big freezer to look at all the different flavours as Renjun chuckled and walked over behind him, gently shaking Jisung slightly. “Sungie, bubs, what flavour do you want for later?” Jisung raised his head slightly to look at the flavours as Renjun watched Chenle to make sure he wasn’t causing any trouble.

“Wants chocolate, Baba…” Jisung yawned and snuggled back into Renjun’s neck just as one of the parlour owners appeared from the back room.

“Well if it isn’t my favourite Huang brothers!” Hoseok grinned as he gave Chenle a high five over the counter, Chenle grinning.

“Hi, Mr Hobi!” Hoseok smiled as he looked at Renjun

“Hi Junnie, and hello little Sungie.” Jisung waved sleepily, Renjun smiling warmly.

“Hi Hoseok Hyung”

“What can I get you three?” Hoseok smiled as he slipped on a fresh pair of gloves.

“Just a medium tub of chocolate for Sungie, Hyung, and whatever Lele wants.” Hoseok nodded and grabbed a tub and scoop, sorting Jisung’s ice cream as Chenle looked over the flavours again.

“Can I have cookie dough Mr Hobi?”

“Of course Le, medium?” Chenle nodded, perking up as he saw Hoseok’s business partner step out from the back.

“Mr Keonhee!” Keonhee lifted his head to look at Chenle and smiled as he saw Chenle.

“Hey, little Le” Keonhee smiled softly at Jisung’s dazed face, reaching over to ruffle his hair gently before turning to Hoseok “You good if I head early?”

“Hee, I’d kill you if you didn’t. Go, it’s your anniversary, tell Hwan I say hi.” Hoseok glared at his friend before smiling and shoving him out from behind the counter as Renjun laughed at them.

“Happy anniversary Keonhee Hyung” Keonhee smiled and waved as he walked out the door.

“Thanks, boys! I’ll tell Hwan you say hi!” Hoseok smiled as he finished boxing up the ice cream and slipped Jisung’s into a bag before handing Chenle his with a spoon.

“$6 for my two favourite angels!” Renjun chuckled as he pulled out his wallet and handed Hoseok the money, slipping Jisung’s ice cream into his bag as he watched Chenle munch his happily, turning back to Hoseok to collect his change and letting out a surprised squeak when Hoseok held a strawberry milkshake out to him alongside it. “You look stressed Junnie, take it”

“But Hyung-”

“Nope! No buts! Take it, free of charge.” Renjun pouted as Hoseok cut him off, shoving his change into his wallet as he hesitantly took the milkshake.

“You’re mean Hyung…”

“No, I’m an angel, Yoongi said so”

“And Jimin-Hyung has called you the devil.” Hoseok pouted slightly as he thought for a moment.

“Okay, maybe Yoongi is a little biased since he’s my best friend…”

“Just a little.” Renjun chuckled as he walked to the door with Chenle. “Bye Hyung! Tell the guys I say hi!” Hoseok smiled and waved to the small family as they stepped out of the store and made their way home, Renjun keeping a hand on Chenle’s head until he had finished his ice cream.