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While She Sleeps

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She woke up suddenly, covered in sweat and struggling to not let out the anguished cry in she felt rising in her throat.
The same ones as many nights before.
She had thought her spirit was finally at ease, that she had vanquished them just as her Beloved has vanquished the Invaders.
Obviously, she was wrong.


It has been months since that last battle and, since then, she sometimes had dreams of the tortures the Master of the Invaders has inflicted on her.
But not only about that.
Her most recurring nightmare was about that last day of battle, when her Beloved nearly sacrificied Herself to save the whole planet. And also pretty much nearly failed to do so.
Her Beloved has said many times that She was only saved by the love of the one who was currently sharing Her bed. The love of the one whose own insecurities nearly started this madness in the first place.


But all that was in the past. After many trials and failures, she has faced the truth of her own feelings towards her Beloved, and used this new understanding of herself to break the mold of her upbringing and to become a new person. “A better person”, her new friends said.


What a curious word.
For many years, she only had one. And even then, she felt more than friendship for Her. But it took her years to finally understand what it was exactly, and to claim it for what it was.
In the end, when the planet was about to be blown out by its own Heart, she told her Beloved how she felt in a desperate bid to convince her to not let everything go and to stay.
In retrospect, she had understood that even if her feelings hadn't been mutual, she would still have been happy to spend the rest of her days close to her Beloved as a simple “friend”


But her feelings had been reciprocited, and now here they were : officially a couple, living together, sharing the same couch.
Sitting on the bed, she looked by the window. She could feel one of the Moons slowly coming out. It would rise soon, a matter of hours, but most probably minutes.
She had always felt when it was night, morning or evening. Her senses were sharper than those of her Beloved or her friends, something that has proven to be very useful in her previous life. Quite less nowadays, but still sometimes... Like now...


She turned her head and looked at her Beloved.
In the current night, she could still see her like in full day, but under a different spectrum. In the dark, she could spot people or living things by their body heat. And of course, their smell and the sounds they made.
Currently, the form of her Beloved was a vibrant radiating aura of her red, blue and golden. And Her breath was slow, steady and calm. Looking at Her, you could hardly think that She has nightmares of her own.


But She has.
And she was the only one to know what were the fears of her Beloved, fears that sometimes had Her waking up in the middle of the night crying and looking for arms in which to drown and calm down.
Despite the strenght She had always shown, deep inside her Beloved was also a fragile and insecure person with her own issues.


Slowly, her hand started to caress the skin on the shoulder of her Beloved.
Just for the pleasure to feel its softness and to reassure herself.
This wasn't a dream : She was there with her, sleeping. No nightmares this time. Perhaps She felt the caress, for her lips turned into a soft smile. Perhaps She was dreaming about the woman who had shared the most part of Her life, before accepting to share it fully and completely for their remaining years.


Still caressing, she thought of how the bonds between them had become stronger in that last crazy year. Of how each one of them hadn't hesitated a second to sacrifice their life for the other. And how, despite seeing this, it took such a long time for them to realize what their feelings were for each other.


She tried not to laugh, least she would wake up the woman sleeping at her side.
In many ways, this has all been her fault. If she had been honest and had confessed her feelings 3 years ago, when her Beloved had left her for the first time to accomplish Her destiny, perhaps all would have been very different.
But why get gloomy about the past ? It was behind them now, dead and gone. All that was important was the present, and the future.
Their future.


Lately they had some discussions about some things.
First, to perhaps officialize their union in a more formal way. They didn't know how to do it, but had a couple of friends who had done it themselves and who could be of some precious help.
Then, their was the second thing.
As far as she knows, the most difficult one to do. But her Beloved has reassured her, telling her that in this case Magic would help as it has done for at least two other friends before. She wished to have has much faith in Magic as her Beloved has. Perhaps she hasn't that much faith in Magic, but she has faith in her Beloved.
She has to, for this wonder to be performed.
And she wouldn't hesitate to give her own life to see this wonder happen, and their common dream being born.


Once again she looked at her Beloved, still softly carressing Her arm and shoulder.
Now she could see Her fully, and not as a swirling radiance of colors.
She noticed that the lignt in the room was getting clearer, at least for her : looking by the window, she could see the first rays of the Moon rising.
In a matter of minutes, she would be able to see her surroundings as if it was midday.
Her Beloved was still sleeping, Her soft breath a reassuring noise. Slowly, she lied herself close to Her and let her heads touch. She slowly cuddled her Beloved then closed her eyes, just listening to Her breath and feeling pleasure in their shared bodies heat.


Suddenly, she felt a soft caress on her head and ears. She opened her eyes to see her Beloved looking at her, slowly emerging from sleep.
She smiled and whispered two words.
Two words that were the most simple definition of her feelings, yet carried a depth even her has only begun to fathom.


“- Hey, Adora...”


With her eyes still blurry from sleep, Adora smiled back at her.


There was a time when conquering Etheria was all that Catra wanted to feel whole.
But she knew now that she has been wrong.
For in Adora's smile lied everything that Catra has ever truly wanted to own.