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Please pick up. Please pick up.


Your heart lurches instantly at the sound of the call connecting.


You sniffled. “Yeah?”

“It’s fucking three in the morning.”

“You and I both know you aren’t on the verge of sleeping yet at this hour, Yoongi.” you retort back despite the stuffy nose you were sporting from crying so much.

You hear him grumble through the line before sighing heavily. “Why are you even crying during this hour anyway?”

“I just finished watching Violet Evergarden,” your voice cracked while mentally noting how quick he always was in noticing you were in another crying fit.

Yoongi didn’t quite understand the last part of what you said. “What?”

You rolled your eyes. Trust Yoongi to completely forget anything you said related to dramas. “You know.. that one anime I told you about the other day,”

The pale-skinned male paused for a moment to try and recall the conversation in his head. “Wait a second, didn’t you say that you were also crying about some show a few days ago? Are you on some angsty anime marathon or something?”

“Yoongi, that was the same show.” you wiped off a tear that fell on the side of your face with the back of your hand. “I’ve been crying for about five episodes straight,”


“I know,” tears welled up in the corner of your eyes as you recalled the ending in your head despite your best friend’s mindless ranting on the call. “I didn’t know it was gonna hurt this bad,” you sobbed.

Yoongi sighed. He hated it when you’re crying like this. If this was happening in person, he would let you hug it all out and he'll gently rub your back while he whispered soothing words to your ear to console you like he usually did. He was left conflicted at what to do.

“Do you mind telling me what happened?”

“No way. I’ll end up telling you a bunch of spoilers.”

“I don’t care, Y/N. Just tell me."

“Aren’t you planning on watching it too?” you sniffled. “I really don’t want to spoil it for you in case you decide to watch it.”

Even though he wasn’t exactly averse to watching heart wrenching anime, he was unsure at the idea of picking up Violet Evergarden for now. “I don’t think I would be watching any kind of emotional shows anytime soon,”


Just as you were about to tell him the first part of your sob series, a fresh wave of tears came on to you, effectively rendering you unable to continue speaking.

Yoongi listened to your cries in silence, desperately wishing he was there with you physically. When he noticed that your cries had gradually died down, he stood up and grabbed his acoustic guitar near the bed.

“Do you want me to play you a song?” he asked after placing his phone at his bedside table, switching the call to speaker mode.

“Which song?” you asked curiously.

He placed his fingers on the strings before plucking them experimentally. “Any song. Suggest one for me."

As if on cue, a specific tune started to play in your head, before you suddenly realized it was the soundtrack from Violet Evergarden that triggered your heartstrings often whenever it was being played in the background.


Yoongi panicked. “Hey, are you crying again?”

“It’s just—” you struggled to say your words. “I heard the song from the anime play in my head,” you replied in between sobs.

He let out a whine. “Oh, for the love of—"

Your loud sobbing began to drown your best friend’s voice in the background as you wailed uncontrollably.

What the hell did this show do to you? You were never this much of a crybaby at the shows you watch. Normally, you’d tear up at certain emotional scenes and endings then you're able recover a few hours later. But this anime had you crying like a little bitch. You were a full-grown adult, for god’s sake. It seemed like you were becoming more and more softhearted the more you got older.

Moments after your short inner monologue, you started to hear music playing from Yoongi’s mic.

You wiped the tears away from your eye for the nth time that night. Instead of asking him, you decided to keep still and listened to the tune on what you guessed he was playing on his guitar.

The tune began to sound familiar to you as moments went by. Before you knew it, you were singing the lyrics of the song in your head. It was a song you knew well.

When the tune ended, you noticed your body felt lighter for some reason.

“That was Fix You by Coldplay, wasn’t it?” you inquired eagerly.

“Yeah. I learned the chords only two days ago,” Yoongi replied.

You smiled at the revelation. “What a talented man you are.”

He let out a chuckle before shaking his head lightly at your comment.

Yoongi played a few more tunes at your request. You deliberately asked him to show off the other songs he learned how to play during the past month. He started picking up the acoustic guitar not long ago, so you felt the need to cheer him on on every kind of progress he made. Even though you didn’t know shit about playing musical instruments.

The two of you got silent after a while. Yoongi kept strumming a few chords despite being aware of the growing awkwardness of the call.

You decided to break the silence first.

“Thanks a lot, Yoongs.” you muttered before closing your eyes, taking in the silence.

Yoongi’s hand went up to the back of his head before brushing his hair absentmindedly; suddenly feeling shy at your direct words.

“W-what for?”

“For being the best best friend ever,”

“Yeah, yeah.. Whatever,” he brushed off lamely.

You grin to yourself giddily. You love a flustered Min Yoongi. It’s a shame you couldn’t see his reaction right now.

“Aren’t you sleepy yet, Yoongs?” you said before a yawn comes out of your mouth, not even bothering to cover how loud it was. You were aware the guy had difficulty managing his sleep schedule unlike normal people did but it lead you wondering to what he was up to before you decided giving him a call.

The male let out a short yawn in turn. “Hm. Maybe I’ll go to bed early today.”

“You better,” you said with your eyes still closed. “You seriously have to quit acting like a zombie,”

“Says the one who goes to class everyday looking like a zombie.” he retorted back without missing a beat.

“Shut the fuck up, Yoongi.”

He snorted at your reply.

“Sleep well, Y/N. And please, stop crying already.” he pleads desperately.

Those words weren’t new to your ears but you swear you felt butterflies flutter inside your chest at the warmth of his words.

“Mhm.” you nodded before mentally kicking yourself a second later. This is a voice call, Y/N. Why are you nodding?

“Goodnight, Yoongi,” you hesitated for a while before finally deciding to go with your gut. “Love you.”

You could’ve sworn you heard his breath hitch for a moment.

The call went silent for a few seconds (to you it felt like hours) as you held your breath, awaiting his response.


“...Love you too, Y/N.” he answered softly, paired with that deep voice that you secretly adored so much.

A single bird is crying
It searches for me in the nameless sky

I’ll go on to tomorrow
In a cradle I knitted with kindness
So that whether it’s sunny or rainy,
I can protect you