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Today Is a Good Day

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Today is a good day.

And for once he wasn’t being sarcastic about it, it really was a great day! None of the ghosts were causing any trouble (well, except for minor ghosts like Ectopuses but those were no sweat), he did all his chores, finished all his homework, and he finally had the time to hang out with Sam and Tucker later!

He hummed a tune as he relaxed, floating in mid-air. Looking up at the sky, it was light blue in colour and free of clouds. The breeze brushed through his hair, giving a pleasant and comfortable feeling. If it weren’t for the wind it’d be sweltering hot today.

Danny stretched and popped his joints, yawning all the while. “Alright, that’s enough slacking off. Gotta get these Ectopuses right back to the ghost zone”

But just before he could fly off, the faint shouts of children could be heard. Are they calling him? "Oh no," he muttered to himself, preparing for any trouble as he dashed off to the source of the sound.

He was mentally prepared for anything. Skulker? Technus? Bring it on! It was becoming a bit too boring around here anyways.

What he didn’t expect was for a group of kids to be there, still yelling his name. Scratch that, he did expect civilians, who else would’ve shouted for his help? He just didn’t expect them to be, well, uninjured.

He checked each and every one of them to make sure they were all okay, then checked the surroundings for any signs of an attack or the remains of one. They all seem fine; some people were even walking their dog around the park and some were jogging. That’s weird, he could’ve sworn they were in danger.

He floated down slowly to the area where those kids were huddled around. Concerned, he wracked his brain for an explanation. Are they overshadowed? No, their eyes aren’t glowing red. Are they injured? No, he already checked them beforehand. Is one of their friends in danger? Oh Ancients, he hopes not. But then again, they don’t look worried too worried so maybe not.

Sighing, he shook his head. He was getting nowhere with this; he’ll just have to ask those kids himself.

Clearing his throat he landed soundlessly on the ground. The kids cheered, running closer to him. Rubbing the back of his neck and throwing a sheepish grin he looked down at the mass of grinning children, “Uh, hi there! What seems to be the problem?”

A few kids squealed and one of them walked up to him and gave him the biggest smile he’s ever seen. “There’s no problem at all Mister Phantom, we just wanted to see you up close!”

Danny blinked owlishly at them, before doubling over in laughter. So that’s what got him all worried? Maybe Jazz was right, he was paranoid. He should’ve known better; he trusts the people of Amity to not deliberately put themselves in more danger than necessary. Maybe.

His chuckles faded away, but his grin was still bright on his face. “Well, I’m here now! Is there anything you all wanted to do in particular?”

His smile widened at the excited gasps they let out before simultaneously erupting into what could be called a shouting competition. Yelling out their suggestions louder than the others as if that’ll convince the rest that their idea is obviously the superior one.

“Can we play hide and seek?”

“No, that’s lame! He should show us all his powers!”

“But I wanna play games with him!”

“I want him to carry me in the air!”

“He can’t carry all of us!”

“Well, he’ll just carry me then!”

He chuckled before mediating the situation, “Alright, settle down you guys. We can decide on something we all like, okay?” It was amusing seeing all the kids quiet down and listen to him so eagerly.

He hummed and got thinking, “Hmm, well what were you guys playing before I got here?”

The kids brightened as one of them enthusiastically shouted “Football!” right as 2 of them immediately ran off presumably to get the balls.

A few of the kids looked a bit annoyed, one crossed his arms and huffed. “How many times do we have to tell you this? It’s called soccer, not football!”

Danny raised an amused eyebrow at that, sounds like a reoccurring argument. He let out a hearty laugh, they’re just like Sam and Tucker.

The kid that yelled out beforehand crossed their arm as well. “Is not! It’s called football for a reason!”


“Guys, we’re back with the balls!” indeed they were, effectively shutting up the kids. They all ran towards the field, argument far forgotten.

He smiled, walking after them. Grin widening as he got close enough to hear them get into another argument, this time about himself. Man, these kids are full of energy.

“Phantom should join us! We’re the better team!”

“No way! You already have Nicolas and he’s the best player, let us have Phantom!”

“Phantom deserves to be on the winning team!”

“No! We already have a handicap”

Danny awkwardly chuckled, rubbing his neck. He’s not too good at diffusing arguments, his tries with Sam and Tucker never ended well. He thought about a role that would be fair for both teams.

He cut them off in the middle of their argument, hesitantly putting his two cents. “I could be the referee?”


Well, they could all agree on that one.

In the end, it was decided that Danny would take a turn on each team so that everyone got a chance to play with him. They played well into the sunset, and they all were getting noticeably tired.

They decided to call it a day, despite the multiple protests of “I can keep playing!” and “I’m not tired at all!”. Congratulating everyone on their skills and high-fiving each other.

Danny’s team won every match of course.

He promised them that they could all play again sometime, and by the time everyone’s parents picked them up and said their goodbyes it was almost time for his hangout with Sam and Tucker.

He rushed over to Sam’s house where they’re going to have a movie marathon, feeling giddy from today’s events. He couldn’t wait to spend time with them.

And as he snuggled into his space-themed blanket, Sam and Tucker at his side bickering on which movie to watch, he can’t help but smile contently.

Yeah, today’s a good day.