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BTS Military Service, Alternative Service Announced
Kim Minju || Associated Press || February 23, 2022

Big Hit Entertainment announced that following their final Be The Soul Tour concert in Seoul on April 8, 2022, six of the seven BTS members will be enlisting for their 18 month mandatory military service. Kim Namjoon (stage name RM), Kim Seokjin (Jin), Min Yoongi (Suga), Jung Hoseok (JHope), Kim Taehyung (V), and Jeon Jungkook will report on Monday, April 18, 2022.

In the same release, Big Hit confirmed the long-rumored status of Park Jimin, stating that as he was an Omega, he would not be entering armed military service. Instead, Park intends to still serve his country through the Alternate Service Corps, lending his voice and image to the public relations arm of the Ministry of Classification.

"We want to thank our fans for their love and patience as we close out our tour and prepare for service. This is an honor for any South Korean and we look forward to doing our duty. We will go and come back safely," leader RM said in the statement.

Military experts predict that BTS...

Big Hit Entertainment @big_hit_entertainment
News release on BTS military enlistment details, dates.

Koreaboo @Koreaboo
Jimin’s an Omega! All of His Rumored Love Connections Through the Years

KPop Daily @kpop_daily
BTS announces hiatus in April to complete military service! Jimin confirms Omega status and will enter voluntary service. #btsenlistment

HollywoodLine @hwoodline
BTS fandom Army trends all 20 hashtags in BTS’s honor as KPop group announces break to serve in the military. #btsenlistment

Dispatch @kdispatchk
BTS confirms military service begins April 2022. All members but Jimin will enter military service. #btsenlistment

bangtannies @madebydesign23
I just feel so lied to. If jimin had known for years he was Omega why didn't he say something and let us know? I would have stanned someone else

Warrior Goddess @hernamewaszena
@madebydesign23 it's literally his job to be as appealing as possible? He doesn't owe any fan anything...also you had no chance w/him, grow up.

Tears On My Converse Highs @milli9283
knowing this is coming and actually being ready for it are two totally different things. Im so numb rn #heartbroken

Queen Miranda_a @miranda_a

Vminnies @slmates95z
@miranda_a we ALL called it

Be_the_Soul_Tokyo_22 @bts_saved_me
K-Armies say that the official reports list statuses of all seven members. Here come the ship wars… #btsis7

FlightorFight @p1neapple_p3n
i’m just a baby army, but i thought korea passed a law they didnt have to do military service?

Keneddee @angeljiminie7
@EnlistmentPlaylist im listening to mikrokosmos on repeat and eating cookie dough ice cream. U?

JKJM Updates @jk_jm_iwaswithhimat4am
I-Army, if you need to talk, my inbox is open. Take care of yourselves. Drink lots of water, sign off of social media if you need to. ILY

BTS @bts_twit
우리가 어디에 있든 일몰은 너무 아름답습니다.

The sunset is so beautiful no matter where we are. Await the sunrise.


BTS Holds Final Concert Before Enlistment
Lee See-yeon || Hollywood Line || April 9, 2022

There wasn’t a dry eye in Olympic Stadium as BTS sang and danced through the last 22 songs they would perform in front of fans before enlistment. Opening with their fan-favorite Dionysus and finishing the show with new song Only a Moment, BTS brought their typical high energy show as a final farewell. No member was able to make it through their ending statement without pausing several times for tears, and hugs were plentiful…

Koreaboo @Koreaboo
30 Photos from BTS’s Last Concert That You Have to See #bethesoultour #btsenlistment

KPop Daily @kpop_daily
Concert Ends in Tears for BTS, Army #btsenlistment #bts_twit #bethesoul

Charlizzz @charliezheron
these photos are killing me...i don’t think i will ever be emotionally prepared for suga crying #weare7withyou

Queeeen Jikook @gcf09011013
That hug … Jikook didn’t want to let go. My heart. #jikook

TetraK @opjkt
I know they’re honored to be serving but I’m really struggling to see this positively

m. @mvtjoys
Rap line’s tri-harmony, rapper Jungkook, Jimin’s dance solo, Jin and V’s instrumental duet...this was everything I could have wanted. Thank you @bts_twit

TaeTaeEveryDay @taetaeeveryday

BTS Daily Info @minimini
We will wait for you @bts_twit

BTS @bts_twit
오늘 밤 육군에 감사드립니다. 우리는 그것을 결코 잊지 않을 것입니다. 기다려주세요!

Thank you so much for tonight Army. We will never forget it. Please wait for us! #bethesoul


Members Report to Basic Training
Sarah Miller || Associated Press || April 18, 2022

A small crowd of post dignitaries and invited guests gathered to welcome BTS members RM, Jin, Suga, JHope, V, and Jungkook to basic training. After a brief ceremony attended by the Prime Minister of South Korea, who honored the artists for their achievements as musicians and their service to the country, the six members spent a moment saying goodbye to seventh member Jimin. This will be the last public appearance...

Dispatch @kdispatchk
BTS, Prime Minister attend BTS enlistment ceremony. All members except Jimin have entered service.

Nicola :) @itsniccola
I was pretending today would be like any other. But then the photos..they really are gone..Jimin hugging everyone..I can’t imagine them apart..

Queen Jikook @gcf09011013
I didn’t think Jimin wanted to let go of Jungkook… #jikook

Madridd @revenusene
@gcf09011013 He looked devastated hugging everyone, but JM def didn’t want to let go of JK, and did you see JK whispering to JM?

B/T/S.Rain @bumpercropcorn
is it bad that these shorter haircuts might be my favorite? they all looked soooooo good #btsenlistment

Samantha @s3j998
I hope they end up at the same base so at least they aren’t alone!!


Jimin Releases Children’s Album
Choi Sooyoung || Billboard Magazine || August 4, 2022

As part of his work through the Ministry of Classification, Jimin has released an album of children’s music that include updated lyrics of traditional Korean songs. The new lyrics replaced previously well-known and harmful A/B/O stereotypes and were written by some of the most famous musicians in South Korea, including BTS member RM.

Park also addressed his status in a separate release. “I want to give my deep appreciation to our BTS Army and the press, who allowed me to live my life without pushing me to identify my status before I was ready to share it. I am proud to be an Omega, and I am excited to share music that celebrates the differences between statuses while still encouraging every young boy and girl to achieve anything they dream of - as I and my other members have.”

Park, who hasn’t been seen in public since BTS’s enlistment in April and has only hosted one Vlive for BTS's anniversary on June 13, appears to have been incredibly busy in his members’ absence. He is reported to have also provided voice-acting to several state-sponsored cartoons addressing A/B/O themes, which will be released this fall during Chuseok. He will not participate in any public promotions for the album. He did not provide any comment on the other members' service.

I Star Times @istartimes
Jimin drops a surprise album through the Ministry of Classification! Listen to his title track “Korean Lullaby”, written by RM and featuring Jungkook!

LA Times @losangelestms
BTS member Jimin releases an album for children with rewritten lyrics that do not emphasize harmful stereotypes prevalent in traditional music.

BTS @bts_twit
육군, 분류 부를 통해 나의 최신 앨범을 확인 해주세요! 자신을 즐기고 돌보십시오! 잘 먹고!

ARMY please check out my latest album through the Ministry of Classification! Enjoy and take care of yourselves! Eat well!
#Jimin #koreanlullaby

Namjooning @23michael32
@bts_twit HI!!! I miss you so much!

Penelopi @restinglaurels
Jimin looks sooooooooo good with brown hair again. 🙌🙌 natural color! #jimim

All K-Pop @allkpop
Jimin breaks months of silence on BTS Twitter to encourage fans to listen to his latest work through the Ministry of Classification, and shares a photo.

DixieHeart @9claritee
This album is so beautiful. You can really hear Jimin’s warmth in every lyric. I don’t speak Korean but I can’t imagine NOT playing this for my kids one day. #jimin

yesmaam @james82900
These songs remind me of that one interview he did for that Japanese magazine, where he said he couldn’t wait to have kids one day.

yesmaam @james82900
@james82900 Everyone talks about how that was how they knew he was an omega, but I can just imagine him singing to his kids...

cykoofan @katieewaterrs
OMG JK ON LULLABY #koreanlullaby

tanniesammy @bangtangje
@katieewaterrs and it's the song RM helped rewrite. They must have done that one before enlistment!

how r u @hashtagbtsarmy
“Korean Lullaby” is seriously one of my favorite songs now. Their voices sound so good…and then their duet at the f*cking beautiful.

jikook4am @jikook4am
Never thought we’d finally get a Jikook subunit on a lullaby of all things...but i’ll take it…

GCFfanatic @gcffaaaaan
@jikook4am LOL that most of the subunit song/dances we have with Jikook are about sex/r-ships/r-ships falling apart...and then 1 about a baby.

jikook4am @jikook4am
@gcffaaaaan their first songs = innocent, coming of age/own it = sex, then we don't talk anymore/who = breaking up...and then baby? backwards!

BTS CHARTS @bts_charts1
"Korean Lullaby" by Jimin featuring Jungkook #9 on US Billboard Charts and #4 on Global Charts in its first week after release.

BTS CHARTS @bts_charts1
@bts_charts1 This is the first time ever a song produced by a national government has appeared on the Billboard Hot 100 or Global 200.

JIMINIE HYUNG @jiminiebaby
@bts_charts1 That's THE Park Jimin for you!!!!! #jimin #jimim #koreanlullaby


Jimin Reveals He's MATED On Birthday VLive!
Choi Sooyoung || Billboard Magazine || October 13, 2022

All the details here: BTS member Jimin hosted his second VLive since he started voluntary service and his fellow members entered active service. In a brief appearance online, Jimin revealed that earlier in the year he had mated and this was his first birthday where he wasn't single.

Jimim didn’t share much about his partner, revealing that they had known each other for a long time but becoming mates was "something surprising that we didn't look for". He stated that his mate had known his status but never treated him differently, which helped Jimin fall in love with him. He thanked fans for understanding that he hadn't told them about his mating right away, because he wanted "honeymoon" time without the world watching. He said that he hoped one day for everyone to know how amazing his mate is, but that for right now his mate would stay private.

Jimin also apologized for appearing tired, as he'd had a hard time sleeping the night before because he was so anxious to say hello to Army. Before signing off, he answered a few questions and revealed that he had heard recently from all the members. He reported they are enjoying their service and eating well. He had only been able to see Jungkook and Suga in person so far, but talked to the rest on the phone or by text many times.

Koreaboo @koreaboo
What Will Happen to Jimin’s Infamous Popularity Now That He is Mated?

Billboard Magazine @bb_mag
Omegas have come so far in equal rights, but will BTS member Jimin’s mating help or hurt the musical juggernaut? #jimin

clinically mad @intheclinc
Waiting for the think piece about how Jimin will have to give up performing to stay at home and have babies now. #wesupportyoujimin

Chimmy @chimchimlibra
So excited for Jiminie! Everyone deserves love! #ourjiminieismated

Kookie0901 @kookie0901
I see so many Jikookers upset...there’s no proof that Jimin’s mate ISN’T Jungkook! And even if it isn't, we can still celebrate their amazing bond!

Song Hyeon@1013jiminie
So many gross posts about Jimin and you know why Jimin didn’t even want to tell us his status. #wesupportyoujimin

Nuno @miniminiz
I hope Jimin gets some rest! He looked tired and a little sick on the VLive. #happybirthdayjimin

Inches to Miles @sarahsmithsmiles
@miniminiz I thought that too! He didn’t move much - usually he dances around at some point, even just in his seat, but he was so still today. #jimin

Nuno @miniminiz
@sarahsmithsmiles He looked like he’s gained a little bit of weight, good for him. He was too skinny before. #jimin

theseriousgirl @yanginnyc
Lets drown out the misogyny by retweeting your favorite concert moments from Jimin! #wesupportyoujimin

Bethie @epsiolon
Did everyone forget it’s his birthday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIMIN! #happybirthdayjimin #jimin

Marie7 @marebare
I’m so happy he was able to mate on his own terms! BTS is going to start working on the second generation! #Jimin

Mini Mimi Charts @MimiCharts
#ourjiminieismated, #Jimin, and #Jimim are all trending in 99 countries! #wesupportyoujimin is trending in 45!


Jungkook Takes Brief Leave from Military
Kim Chan Woo || Dispatch || December 10, 2022

Following several social media reports from Busan than Jungkook was seen arriving at the airport unexpectedly and looking tired, Korean fans had taken to the internet to demand explanations as concerns arose over whether the idol had been hurt during military duty. In a rare step to quell questions, the Ministry of Defense issued a short statement.

"Jeon Jungkook has been granted brief leave from the military to care for private health concerns of a family member. He will return shortly. Due to security concerns and the privacy of his family, no further information will be provided."

Big Hit Entertainment directed all callers to refer to the Ministry of Defense's statement. Jungkook's mother, father, and brother are all believed to still live in Busan, but reports are unclear where he went from the airport and who he is visiting. Personal leave for health concerns are typically only granted for parents, spouses or mates, and children.

Koreaboo @koreaboo
All the Times Jungkook Has Been a Model Son!

All K-Pop @allkpop
Jungkook Confirmed to be Taking a Break from the Military! Why It’s Not Likely Army Will See Him During this Break.

jk fans @jkjkkkkay
I'm glad they released a statement. I was so worried. Hope his mom or dad is okay! #healingwishes

Sammi Davis @uknowbts
God. Even in the military everyone has to be in his business. Let him be!!!!

94Liner @headjhopefan
Man, my heart leaped with joy for a minute there before I realized it was temporary. #jungkookonbreak

Beatrice7 @btsbombbadier
who posted all the pics of him at the airport there was one where he smiled and my heart went duhdum #jungkook

94Liner @headjhopefan
@btsbombbadier the ones where he had his mask off? they were from a sasaeng, i think they got deleted.

Beatrice7 @btsbombbadier
@headjhopefan aww man. It’s been so loooooonnnggggggg...


Jungkook Releases Statement on Mating, Thanks Fans
Big Hit Entertainment || For Immediate Release || December 20, 2022

Hello, Jungkook here. I wanted to take a moment to thank our ARMY for all of the care and concern you have expressed for my family. I wish that I could express my thanks and the news I am about to share with you all in person, but unfortunately my duties prevent this from occurring. I hope ARMY can understand.

Military service is a time that allows us to express our love to our country. It is also a time to realize who are the most important persons in your life as you prepare to leave them. For me, before leaving for service I had been romantically involved with the most amazing partner, and we decided to mate. This was not a decision we took lightly, but was the right one for us. We did not want to distract from BTS’s enlistment, so we determined that the mating would be announced at a later date.

Unfortunately, my mate fell ill a few weeks ago and I was granted leave to support them in their illness. They have since made a recovery and I returned to service on December 10.

Through my service and their illness, I realized once again that life is too short to not act, and I wanted to share my joy with you all. I apologize if this is startling news to Army. Someday soon I hope to introduce my mate to you so they can experience the same love you have always given me.


KNetStanz @knetstanz
Second BTS member is off the market! Who could the lucky Omega be? More about the Omegas Jungkook has been linked to!

All K-Pop @allkpop
With Two of Their Most Popular Members Now Mated, Will Army Stick by BTS? Or Have Jimin and Jungkook’s Matings Sunk the Unstoppable BTS Ship?

Big Tears No Fears @awwal384
@allkpop If they are REAL ARMY, they will be happy that members have found happiness, and will stand by them forever!!! #congratsJK

Kookie0901 @kookie0901
Trying not to be delulu, but my Jikook heart knowing that only Jimin and Jungkook are mated, that both of their matings took place “earlier this year”...

Kookie0901 @kookie0901
@kookie0901 I know I’m being delulu but what if they’re mated to EACH OTHER? #jikook

Jung Time @jungtime
All these fans upset that JK has mated with someone that’s not you...seriously, you live in another country and don’t speak his language.

Marie7 @marebare
Everyone deserves happiness! Can’t wait to see the pretty babies Jungkook and his mate have one day! #jungkook #congratsJK

Kemosabe @zbleec
JK was leaving busan after his leave when he was photographed? i hope his mate rlly was better when he had to go back cause he looked rlly tired

jk fans @jkjkkkkay
#congratsJK, #Jungkook, and #jungkook_mated are trending in 132 countries!


Jimin Attends Book Release, First Time at an Official Event in Almost a Year
Kim Minju || Associated Press || February 28, 2023

On Saturday, BTS member Jimin (Park Jimin) attended a book release press conference for Dream On, a children's story book that describes his rise to success despite social barriers put in his way because of his status as an Omega. Jimin worked with acclaimed children's storybook author Park Woo Cha (no relation) and the illustrations were done by Lee Keeyang in the project, which is a joint venture between HYBE's publishing wing and the Ministry of Classification.

In beautifully illustrated detail, the book captures how hard Jimin worked and his hours of practice at the cost of sleep, friends, and having fun for years to become one of the best dancers in KPop despite people's negative perceptions. The other BTS members are warmly depicted as "the most loyal friends" in the pages that show BTS's early challenges, all the way to the end of the book, when BTS swept the Dasaengs the first time in 2019.

The final page shows Jimin speaking to his unseen mate, thanking him for supporting Jimin's dreams and not expecting Jimin to be anyone but himself. Jimin wrote the dedication, mentioning his parents, brother, friends, fellow members, "and especially my beloved" as those who have loved him for who he is regardless of status.

The book is available…

Korea News Daily, the English News Source @knewsday
Jimin the author! Check out images from his new children's book about his time in BTS! #dreamon #jimin

no more dream @karikattt23
that last panel is definitely jimin at MAMA 2019 - in the background jin even has his birthday hat on - brb going to watch the mama bomb in slooooooow mo

udonemessedup @a_a_r0n
so was jimin with his mate in 2019? his statement on his birthday made it seem like it was a new thing?

Mimi's Protection Society @report4jimin
@a_a_r0n he said that he had known his mate for years, so it was just the mating that was new

udonemessedup @a_a_r0n
@report4jimin ohhhh I had thought they had just met. I remember that now. so sweet if he had his mate there to watch mama when they won so big!

soulmate things @95line4bts
call me delulu but the person he's speaking 2 is wearing black n u can definitely see the hyung line because of jin hat and RM SG JH hair was light

soulmate things @95line4bts
@95line4bts but u don't see v/jk at all n the mates hair is dark but didn't look red like jk so i think he's taking to v

Mikro Miss @mikromiss
@95line4bts yeah but K Army who read the enlistment reports confirmed Taehyung is a beta. Tae can't be Jimin's mate biologically...

Kookie Mimi @jk97jm95
all the members except JK were wearing white dress shirts… on the Last page you can see the collar of JM's mate and its not white… 👀

GODDESS SAMU @outkookside
@jk97jm95 am I delulu or are there squiggles on the mates hand? like tattoos

Erin Go Braugh @irishhannie
Can gross shippers just leave Jimin alone? Why do you have to dissect photos? Why can't you just appreciate his beautiful book? #dreamon #jimin

Tanya, Be the Soul Tokyo 22 @jkjmsk
I just went to Jimin’s dad’s cafe and they’re selling his book! They have his children’s song CD too. I love how much his family supports him.


Big Hit Announces Festa Activities with ALL BTS MEMBERS to Celebrate Tenth Anniversary
Kim Chan Woo || Dispatch || May 12, 2023

Though Korean social media has been bustling with this rumor, it was not confirmed until today's press release that all six active duty members of BTS will be granted one-week leave to participate in activities surrounding BTS's tenth anniversary, called “Festa” by the group, which will take place June 13, 2023. The week will be added to their service, pushing their release back to November 24, 2023.

Big Hit also released news that they have been working alongside the Ministry of National Defense to capture BTS members periodically during their active duty, showing what their lives are like in the military and celebrate their service. A Bangtan Bomb will be shared during Festa with this footage.

BTS @bts_twit
곧 육군과 함께한 일을 공유하게되어 매우 기쁩니다! 잘 먹고 잘 먹어!

So excited to share what we've been up to with ARMY soon! Take care and eat well!
#Jimin #10YearsofBTS

Billboard Magazine @bb_mag
Check on your fellow BTS ARMY members, because BTS has announced they have received leave to celebrate their 10th anniversary as a group!

Renee rainy @googiegirl

ppppacer @pacman99
Guys, I know we won’t but what if Jimin and Jungkook bring along their MATES for us?! And we get to see them?! #10YearsofBTS

Taehyung Has My Soul @vkook4eva
I don’t care if they never sub any of it in English. I just want to hear my babies’ssss voices! #BTSISBACK #10YearsofBTS

JinJiJook - The Original @jinjijook
i woke up to five screaming text messages and 28 people have tagged me. i love you all and OMG BTS IS COMING BACK #THEYARECOMING

Macie - Busy @maciemay
i’m so happy they can all be together for their tenth anniversary. I bet sometimes they never thought they’d get to five!! #THEYARECOMING

Hyung Girl @929394line
i’m going to be so curious to see how everyone interacts after over a year apart #BTSISBACK #10YearsofBTS

Suga is my Spice @sugasweetie
There was a K-Army rumor a few weeks ago that Jimin was seen near the base Jungkook and Suga are at with another woman. Maybe it was JK’s mate?

sheeinie @sheisofficallydone
@sugasweetie OMG seriously?! do you have the link? that is so sweet, Jimin is hanging out with JK’s mate!! BTS really is a family

Suga is my Spice @sugasweetie
@sheisofficallydone no i guess the OP had to delete because it was military info but it might still be on tumblr! i saw it there first

Raaaaaap Monsta @rmluver94
@sheisofficiallydone @sugasweetie KArmy knows so much more about where BTS is but can’t tell i have a friend who lives near a base and is always seeing weird mysterious tweets

KariKat @rosencranz2
They could do that silly frozen thing for half a video and I’ll be happy. #BTSISBACK #10Yearsof BTS


BTS 10th Anniversary Festa Details
Big Hit Entertainment || For Immediate Release || June 10, 2023

To celebrate the previous ten years of BTS, Big Hit Entertainment is pleased to announce the viewing schedule for #Festa10! Included in the events are several favorite concerts of the group, as well as dinner where BTS will interview each other on how their lives and minds have changed in the ten years since debut. A Bangtan Bomb with footage from the past year of military and volunteer service will be shared. And finally, BTS members RM, Jin, Suga, JHOPE, Jimin, V, and Jungkook will be joining fans for a VLive at 9PM KST on the evening of June 13 for a quick greeting!

For more details...

Chapter Text

BTS @bts_twit
We are going live! Join us! #10yearswithBTS

BTS_Translate @daeyong
Going to translate but I also might get distracted seeing the boys again so please forgive me if I miss something!! (thread) #10yearswithBTS

BTS_Translate @daeyong
They filmed a few things for us in the last few days. Saw a lot of their families - and dogs. Ate all their favorite foods.

BTS_Translate @daeyong
They recorded the dinner together last night. Says they have some stories they didn’t expect to be told that came out.

BTS_Translate @daeyong
RM said they thought it might be weird to be together after so long but it was like they hadn’t been apart. They stayed overnight in the dorm.

BTS_Translate @daeyong
🐻 It wasn’t quite like before because we’re all much older now, but it was fun.
🐹 A little louder maybe.

BTS_Translate @daeyong
When they can, they email or text. Strict rules about using technology in the military but they do have times when they can use it.

BTS_Translate @daeyong
The comments are moving so fast they can’t read them.
🐰 Wow, 32 million people are watching!

BTS_Translate @daeyong
Things they missed the most:
🐨, 🐱: Studio (recording)
🐹 Bed
🐿 Dancing
🐥 Calling members anytime
🐻 Mom’s cooking
🐰 Family

BTS_Translate @daeyong
JIMIN HAS A MIXTAPE!!! He played some of the music for the group this week.

BTS_Translate @daeyong
Jimin says it’s not really a mixtape, just a few songs. He’ll release them when they’re ready.

BTS_Translate @daeyong
🐻 Jimin released more music without us than with.
🐥 I didn’t have much to do without members.
🐨 Jimin will write the next album too.
🐱 Yeah!

BTS_Translate @daeyong
Jimin says he hasn’t been back in the dorm or to the studio much because it’s hard without the other members.

BTS_Translate @daeyong
Maknae line is hugging. I’m getting teary. #personal

BTS_Translate @daeyong
RM, Suga have been writing lyrics. Usually lyrics come after music, but since they can’t write beats, they felt like they needed to make music somehow.

BTS_Translate @daeyong
JH used time off to rent a dance studio and Jimin came to visit and dance with him. Says he’ll be rusty before November because of no practice.

BTS_Translate @daeyong
🐹 Jimin visited everyone but me.
🐥 Hyung, you have to tell me when I can!
🐹 You need to bring me food. I’ll send you a list.
🐥 I can!

BTS_Translate @daeyong
🐿 It’s worth it to complete our service but I will be happy to dance again.
🐰 The soldiers say I sing a lot and sometimes I don’t notice.

BTS_Translate @daeyong
V, Jin like the schedules of the military.
RM likes being just a normal person.
All agree - people know they’re in BTS but let them be.

BTS_Translate @daeyong
🐰 Early mornings are hard but he likes the physical challenges.
🐥 He’d (🐰) like to keep working out like that after the military.

BTS_Translate @daeyong
🐨 We head back soon, but we wanted to say thank you to our Army.
🐻 We purple you!
🐹 Sorry this is short but we will do another when we come back in November!

BTS_Translate @daeyong
Finger hearts and they’re gone… I definitely think I missed some things. Check other translators too!

JHope on the Streets @h0pew0rld
jh and jm having a dance date is maybe the sweetest thing I”ve ever heard of. #10yearswithBTS

Youngiiiiii @dragongurl
i feel so broken

BE_BTS_Dark @bobhosekie
i am going to need the recording of this to watch repeatedly for the next six months. #10yearswithBTS

JM @jkkjim

Bellaaa @purpleluvver
If you need me, I’m still at annyeonghaseyo.... #10yearswithBTS

Jimin the KPop King @brockdancer
Jimin visiting all the members because he misses them so much...brb sobbing…

:) @goddessalice
@brockdancer He loves them all so much

Sunny Hope @kangalittleroo
Anyone a little bummed Jimin and Jungkook didn’t mention their mates at all?

JM @jkkjim
JK had his hand behind JM. I didn’t just imagine that, right?! #jikook

7Sarah7 @tangerinesandolives
@bts_twt We will wait for you!! #10yearswithBTS

Billboard Magazine @bb_mag
BTS fans gets their first view of the seven members together in over a year! Read all about their live broadcast!

Koreaboo @Koreaboo
BTS Celebrates Ten Years! 10 Things We Learned From Their Live! #10yearswithBTS


Korean Conscription: What BTS Has Shared About Their Military Service
John Clancy || Forbes Magazine || June 19, 2023

BTS just wrapped up it’s tenth Festa, the celebration of their debut as a group, with various replays of concerts, a videotaped dinner divulging memories from the past ten years that hadn’t been shared before (who wants to see RM and Suga lip sync Wannabe in person now?!). The evening of June 13, their actual anniversary, the Bangtan Boys connected with a total of 43 million viewers in a live webstream, thanking their fans for their loyalty and answering basic questions about their current lives.

Being allowed leave from the military for another job is unusual in Korea, and while the BTS members are seen as cultural ambassadors and spokespeople for South Korea, speaking to fans is their job. But the reason for their unusual work vacation was revealed after the live show when Big Hit Entertainment dropped the “Military Bangtan Bomb” just after midnight on June 18. Bangtan Bombs typically share musical behind-the-scenes footage, but this time it celebrated the members’ exploits in the military and their excitement to serve their country. Even Jimin, who is not in active duty, was seen at a base’s shooting range and climbing wall, going through a short simulation of boot camp with fellow BTS members Suga and Jungkook.

The boys have just over five months left in their service…

All K-Pop @allkpop
All the Latest Photos of BTS During Their Military Service!

sha shelly @sheshelly
can we just have the behind the scenes of the bomb now? i did not know how much i needed jhope in camo until now. i need alllllllllll the footage. #bangtanfesta10

Lauriiiii @daydreemer
@sheshelly it gave me real tear vibes, with that dior outfit

Manda the Panda @mandy_pan
jimin and jungkook flirting while suga tries to use the shooting to take a quick rest in the background our little meow meow was adorable #bangtanarmybomb

jazzy mike @jzmk
@mandy_pan pretty sure little meow meow could take you out at 100 feet #armybomb

gloss @glossye
Namjoon needs to narrate docs. I absolutely would listen to him talk about history forevs. I learned so much from his voiceover. #bangtanfesta10

frankenweenie @peterpan_1
If they don’t do choreo in camo when they come back this whole time has been a waste. #sarcasm #butseriously #bangtanfesta10

Bronwynnn @bronsquir
OMG we used to say close the gyms but they're all so beefy...keep the gyms open!!!

Diara - Slow @diaradear
Hey BTS Army can we stop trending #/armybomb because people are asking if somewhere was bombed today. Lets not make enemies.


Karri (karikattie) wrote on Prince Jiminieee:

A collection of photos of Jimin on the shooting range for *reasons*.

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reply by umbrellagal
i thought jimin wasn’t allowed to fire a gun?

reply by winking_jhope
JIMIN IS GOOD AT EVERYTHING. he isn’t able to serve but he is a total athlete. of course he’s going to be at shooting guns.

reblog by siouxyQ
I literally wrote my senior thesis on military conscription in several countries and compared the treatment of Omegas, so let me butt in here because I studied SK among others. Os aren’t banned from service in South Korea because they can’t fire guns - it’s all about the birthrate and contraceptives. Up until the 1990s Os could serve because service was gender-based. But the SK birth rate has been falling for a long time, and as part of the “Grand Compromise'' of 1990, laws were passed that Os can only serve in the military if they go to bootcamp and get in the top fourth of their unit, and then it’s still subjective. One of the ways this law was defended by President Roh when it was enacted was because Os often have to take contraceptives, and there are service limits for people who take regular medication. Os are expected to “serve” by having babies instead.

Coincidentally, Os being banned from military service coincided with them also being encouraged to marry and have children. Before then, most of the 20th century Os were expected to stay celibate, being like the kindly uncle who you called for babysitting or the kindly kindergarten teacher. They weren’t allowed to marry and if they did have children, often those children were removed and placed with "traditional" couples. It was really messed up.

TLDR: Jimin absolutely could have served if he tried to qualify, he would have just had to have been the rock star he is at basic training.

reply by kremerk
If I was Jimin and was newly mated, I’d rather do the alternative service and come home to my mate every night. It might not have been the decision that everyone makes, but I think it was right for him. He looked so happy at Festa.

Chapter Text

Big Hit, HYBE Leader on the Unique Trajectory of BTS
Choi Jae Lee || Time Magazine || June 29, 2023

BTS is currently serving their mandatory military duty in the South Korean Army, but their sales and popularity have never been stronger. In a second of a three-part series, Big Hit Entertainment's Bang Si-Hyuk looks back at BTS’s ten-year history and shares the unique ways BTS set itself apart from other groups in both the Korean and international music scenes. See here for the first installment.

Choi Jae Lee: BTS’s success was unusual in so many ways, but in the last year the status of the members has been discussed in great detail. Big Hit did not trade on the members being alphas, betas, or omega. We’ve seen other agencies create groups solely around status, or create stage personas based on stereotypes. Was that intentional or accidental, as some of the members were young enough they didn’t know their status?

Bang Si-Hyuk: It is true we did not know the status of the members that were minors, but we knew that we had only one opportunity to create a group. It was bleak for the company when [BTS] was being formed. We chose artists that were multi-talented; artists that could dance and write music and sing. Those skills aren’t reliant on an individual’s status, so we never discussed petitioning for status testing before they were of age.

We were also aware that these young men were just that - young. They needed to find their own voice and figure out who they are without limitations. Any of them could have been omegas, any of them alphas. That didn’t change who they were as musicians, artists, or teammates.

Choi: How did you ensure the members maintained positive relationships once you and they learned of their statuses?

Bang: As an employer, we are not....

christane @petyadonka
Reading interviews like this, I’m reminded why Big Hit is such a good place for Jimin to be an artist.

happy rita @hiits97line
i can’t help but think the “a few came to terms with it after a short wait” was Jimin. sucks to think he was so disappointed to be who he is.

BTS Michelle @button.michelle
I love that Big Hit has never really commented on the others’ status and hasn’t said anything more about Jimin either.

Foxxy Kookie @seokjinkookie
@button.michelle yeah we don’t even know what the rest of the statuses are and thats okay

극ㅈ (slow) @drama_mama
@seokjinkookie It was in their military papers, @tkkhoseok had a translation a while ago
α Yoongi, Namjoon, Jungkook
β Jin, Hoseok, Taehyung
Ω Jimin

Foxxy Kookie @seokjinkookie
i don’t trust anything that BH or BTS doesnt release themselves

극ㅈ (slow) @drama_mama
@seokjinkookie I mean, you can not trust it, but it’s like...all over the web? Translated by a bunch of Army? Pretty obvious?

Foxxy Kookie @seokjinkookie
@drama_mama i’m not into stereotypes, thanks. i need the guys to say what they are before i believe it

Modi_7 @armytattoo
@drama_mama ignore, @/seokjinkookie is a Jinkook shipper and really doesn’t want to accept their favs are A/Bs and can’t mate

Lindy Loo @lindilio
@drama_mama Most kpop groups have one or two of the status present, but to have all three is unusual. They really are in a class by themselves.

TaeTae’s Sunglasses @taetae_taehyung
Bang PD talking so kindly about the different just warms my heart. I wish more companies were more accepting.


SBS KPop Special
Kang Woo Seok || Korea News Daily || July 8, 2023

Three of the largest names in KPop gathered for a roundtable with host Park Chaewon and Minister of Classification Kim Ho Jung regarding the current realities for Alphas, Betas, and Omegas in KPop. Idols Shinee’s Onew, EXO’s Sehun, and BTS’s Jimin spoke about the challenges of stereotypes and the structure of KPop trainee system in regards to status.

Onew highlighted the challenge that trainees starting work before status testing outside of court appeals as one of the hardest hurdles to overcome. He described agencies creating personas that might not match a person’s total character. “Alphas aren’t just one kind of person - you can be authoritative, opinionated, but also deeply caring for your members. Sometimes stereotypes don’t allow you to show all your facets of your personality,” he explained.

Sehun agreed, stating that because he looked outwardly cold and uncaring, he fits the Alpha stereotype - until you get to know him. Then…

Koreaboo @Koreaboo
Jimin Almost Joined the Military? What His Service Has Been Like Instead!

Dispatch @kdispatchk
All the surprising statements from idols in the KPop ABO Roundtable discussion! #btsjimin #exosehun #shineeonew

Flagship @flagshipmag
KPop idols pull back the curtain on status and the KPop industry; “We’re all people first” says BTS’s Jimin.

Army Geek Fan @groniac
I don’t have time for a full translation, but I’ll post the bits that I found the most interesting from Jimin on the ABO roundtable. #ABOround

Army Geek Fan @groniac
👤 How has public status been different for you?
🐥 I haven’t really thought about being an Omega a lot before. It’s just something that I was.

Army Geek Fan @groniac
Speaking about my life in regards to being an Omega is - tiring, maybe?

Army Geek Fan @groniac
My friends and family and the members have known for a very long time and it has never been an issue.

Army Geek Fan @groniac
👤 How has your mate supported you?
🐥 The same he supported me when we were seeing each other. He never expects me to be anything but what I am.

Army Geek Fan @groniac
👤 Did you consider joining the armed services?
🐥 I was planning to attend basic, but then was given an opportunity in the Ministry.

Sam says BTS is 7 @yosemiteesam
what was jimin’s advice to omegas? @bleemc went private and i lost the live feed! tysm!!

Lazer Spice @suhooo
@yosemiteesam I would say the same thing to Alphas, Betas, or Omegas: be who you want to be; don’t let anyone tell you to be someone different.

name here @bridger44
Not Jimin calling out the show for not inviting an Alpha at first; he “hesitated” to participate unless all three statuses were represented.

penny pinni @leionfd
Jimin saying status issues are everyone’s issues, not just issues for Bs and Os. He’s such a BADASS. #ABOequality


Run BTS 211 Recap: Catapult Tic Tac Toe
Lee Han Soo || KPOP ONLINE || July 17, 2023

It’s been a long while since we have seen a recently recorded Run BTS, as the past year’s episodes were prepared before the group’s military service. But this week fans were treated to the first of four episodes captured during the brief BTS break in June. Filmed during an overnight trip, BTS members proved that they are as chaotic as they were before their service.

After arriving at the remote overnight location, members were immediately challenged with a giant catapult. The objective: complete a tic-tac-toe with flying bean bags to earn their bedroom keys! Each member was given a specific color (which matched their microphone colors, adorbs!), and following a brief trial-and-error practice, the members were left with the cameras rolling, and the projectiles started flying.


BTS Ate My Soul @pepperfepots
NEW BTS starts now!!! Who’s streaming with me? #streamrun211

TwoSeok @seokjinner
Jin hitting himself in the pants, taking a breather, and coming back to notch three squares in a row to win is the most boss thing I’ve seen ever.

Seesaw @namjooner94
RM: let’s use math and science to figure out the best trajectory!
also RM: *overshoots every single beanbag*

soyeong @rubyrossboss
Suga: You’re going to overshoot!
RM: I did the math!
Suga: Trust your gut!
RM: *screams after shooting into field, collapses in defeat*

Charissa with a C @charlitan
Sorry not sorry, but Namjoon isn’t responsible for any artillery in the army right?! I think he’d be a great crossing guard or something.

KPop Humble Kings BTS @carlie23
jin and suga owning all their dongsaengs is what I’m HERE for #runbts211

Bangtang Boys @nsonyaaa
Jin, Suga: win, take a nap
94s: lay on ground, reevaluate life
maknaes: lets take turns standing in the field and shooting each other, 5 pts for a hit

darker n wilder @bhhitballs
Ok, but seriously, this could have been shot before they went to their service. They haven’t changed at all

myngi man @yoonkookshadow
the LOOK on hobis face when jimin stopped messing around and quickly got to three in a row because he was hot outside

euphoric bitch @taekonme
OMG i saw uno on the table behind them at dinner, if they dont play next week… #streamrun211 #whowillteachVagain

hobis dream lover @hoseokhobihope
i halfway expected them to go back to the house in the Soop

Pretty Purple Baby @kookliet69

Pretty Purple Baby @kookliet69
@kookliet69 the SOUND I MADE AT THIS MOMENT was like a pterodactyl in heat #jikook #jikooooooooook

zaire @zurcko
@kookliet69 did pterodactyls go into heat?


somun (somunie) wrote on 와일드 러브 방탄 소년단:

run bts 211: touching

Anon 1: Hey, you are always so rational about the shipping stuff. Can you explain why everyone is talking about Jungkook touching Jimin? I don’t understand why it’s so unusual? Isn’t skinship a normal thing?

Anon 2: why is it such a big deal that JK grabbed JM’s waist?


Anon 4: is it really such a big deal Jungkook touched Jimin?

Anon 5: Can you give us the Korean view of the skinship Jikook showed in the last Run Bts?

I have 37(!!) messages that all say about the same as the five I shared, and - YES - KTwitter is ablaze right now. Now, I’ll be the first to say that figuring out the A/B/O societal norms in South Korea is always confusing for foreigners. In the US where I lived for some of high school, Jimin possibly having babies with Alphas is about as exciting as me having brown eyes and black hair and being lactose intolerant. It’s all just physiology. Mostly a bummer if you aren’t an Alpha but like-like an Omega...that ship isn’t sailing.

Yes, skinship is absolutely a thing that all boys grow up doing in South Korea. Girls, too, but they don’t have the ABO thing to deal with. When boys learn their status as part of the military exam at 19 (it’s pretty rare here to find out before, usually just rich families and entertainers), As might ask their O friends if they’re still fine with skinship. Obviously, since in old footage we see nothing changing for Jimin’s relationships with Yoongi or Namjoon before and after his 19th birthday, Jimin must have been okay with it….and we all know how much Jungkook hung off Jimin...

This isn’t seen much in other KPop groups because most are A/B or B/O. But even if they were A/O, you almost never see mated A/Os still active in groups after mating because everything changes then. The expectation is that Jimin would be the first to touch an A that’s not his mate, not the other way around, and no A would grab Jimin like Jungkook did unless they were mated. It’s absolutely a no-no to touch a mated O or A on the torso if you are the opposite status.

I’ve seen some people arguing that Jimin was going to get hit by the catapult if Jungkook didn’t pull him back. Even if he was in danger, what seals it for me is that Jungkook didn’t move his hands from Jimin’s waist when he moved him. He lingered. That was an embrace, not a grab for safety.

I don’t know if BH meant to show the touching, or they didn’t notice, or they are slowly letting the secret out...but there is no way that if Jimin or Jungkook were mated to anyone else, they would have a. touched like that, and b. been okay with that footage being shared. From everything both have said separately, they care for their mate a great deal. So yeah, that embrace was EVERYTHING.

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BTS Jimin Releases New Single!
Benji || SeoulBeats || August 20, 2023

As he promised! A few months after teasing a mixtape during BTS’s anniversary celebration, Festa, Jimin has released a song! Just after midnight on August 19, Jimin posted a link to “Yes” via Soundcloud on BTS Twitter.

The sultry pop song’s highlight is Jimin’s soaring vocals, and the song is a strong departure from his other self-written music, which often has lyrics that encourage or support positive outlooks and emotions. In his latest song, Jimin strays into more mature territory. He asks a lover to stay the night and forget the consequences of the morning. “You’re my every wish and my only weakness, watch the moon fall to see the sunrise through my window,” he sings. Another line refers to “marks on my skin that only fade with the passing days”.

“I promised to share my new songs with you, so please enjoy this one,” Jimin tweeted a bit later at 2 a.m. “It’s a little more adult, but we’re growing up, right?” According to credits, the song was co-written by PDogg, produced by Jimin and Slow Rabbit, and...

KPop Daily @kpop_daily
Jimin releases a love song for his mate!

E Online @eonline
Long-awaited new music from BTS. Check out Jimin’s new song “Yes”!

HollywoodLine @hwoodline
BTS Jimin’s new song: five of the sexiest lines in his single “Yes”.

BTS Charts @bts_charts1
@bts_twt Jimin’s #Yes (audio version) hits 31 million views in 24 hours on YouTube!

Gabby BangTAN @gabrolfer

Gabby BangTAN @gabrolfer
“f*ck you my child is fine” your child has been listening to #YES on replay for 18 hours while eating ice cream and lusting after Jimin

Jimin’s Protection Squad @protectminimimi
Move over, French, Korean is the language of love now. #jimin #yes

Jimin’s Charts @jiminzcharts
#Jimin and #Yes are both trending in the United States!

jokerjikook @deocid
Was that a fucking MOAN at the start?! #yes #jikookanthem

blond jimin (rest) @menealion
Imagine someone is out there who can say, “This is my mate, Jimin, and I get to keep him FOREVER.” I both love and hate them.

Kookie Mated Mimi @charlottie3
Serendipity “The universe has moved for us”
Euphoria “Even if the earth crumbles..don't let go of my hand”
Yes “The evening sky is painted with our love”

jkjm jeon-park @marikadae
all the posts Jikook have made on August 19 (thread) #jikook #yes

Romulus @breamslite
What Jimin said: We’re all older now, right?
What Jimin meant: I get dicked down *RIGHT* now.

Kmin Post @j3nnif3r
okay okay okay can we talk about him using 응 for himself and 어 for his mate?! 응 is a cutesy way to say yes #jimin #yes


butterfly_bts (jiminspancakes) reblogged profdayyy’s post to MY JIMIN ADDICTION:

JIMIN’S HAIR IS PINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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reply by jmtae95z
omg my favorite hair color on Jiminieeeee!

reply by namjoons tiddies
these photos: exist
my eyes: cleaned
my skin: glowing
my crops: flourishing
my day: saved

reply by luvtkk90s
I saw on Twitter that these are leaked. Can you take them down since Jimin didn’t mean for them to be seen?

reply by jmtae95z
@luvtkk90s calm down he was on the street and people saw him. can’t really expect them to stay private if he’s going to be in public.


Koreaboo @Koreaboo
Eagle-Eyed Fans Spot Jimin on the Street in Seoul with Pink Hair! Comeback Soon?

All KPop @allkpop
Jimin has a new hair color! What does it mean? See the photos!

KNetStanz @knetstanz
@bts_twit posts photo of four undeveloped polaroids. Top ten fan theories!

aylie @aylie9837

jin’s shoulders are my home @ireniedemon
me: i need to make sure i respect Jimin’s wishes and not share the new hair
also me: lemme just zoom in on his car and see who’s inside first

Naner Milk @jhopekookmin
Jimin and his love for polaroids: a thread.

Matty Matters @shellpub
jimin said in june that he had multiple songs, bet he releases the mixtape for his birthday

shultzy @megshultz3
I’m trying so hard to understand why Jimin released one song in August and is doing the rest of the mixtape in October? #babyarmy

Jimin’s Mixtape is Coming @tucker2032
Army waiting for the polaroids to develop while creating theories like…🤡

! @nevermindtattoo


BTS Jimin Unveils 됐어 (No, Thanks)
Yeo Nguyen || Bandwagon || October 1, 2023

If you find yourself missing BTS, consider checking out BTS member Jimin’s new song 됐어. In his second song release of the year, Jimin considers breaking out of the mold others try to place you in, a fitting capstone to the work Jimin has undertaken this year as a spokesperson of sorts for Omegas. He had been teasing new work with a series of photos depicting four polaroids developing over the course of days. The images were revealed to be stills from the MV that released just after midnight on September 30.

In a note along with the link to the video, Jimin wrote that revealing his status “was both the most freeing and the most constraining moment of his life.” “If I could ask one thing,” Jimin concluded, “it would be that Army would meet new people and judge them by the heart, not the mind.”

The Korean singer, songwriter, and dancer…

Billboard Magazine @bb_mag
BTS’s Jimin releases new song “No, Thanks” in a surprise midnight drop!

I Star Times @istartimes
Jimin fills the hole left by his members’ absence with new track called “No, Thanks”!

Madridd @revenusene
Jimin has given us Yes and No this year...LOVE IT! #nothanks #jimin #jimins

Kookie0901 @kookie0901
August 19 + 13 days = September 1
September 30 + 13 days = October 13
#nothanks #jikook

Jimin Came Back (slow) @qwertygurl
So I was Googling and check this out, the possible meanings of 됐어 depending on usage:
-that’s it
-no, thanks
-it’s fine

Swiss Ripp @natashiapowerss
You may - I won’t.
You want - I don’t.
You won’t - I will.
You can’t - NO, Thanks.
Jimin go OFF baby!

You’re My Hope @hopeworld9449
the heels the heels the heels THE HEELS HOW DO YOU DANCE IN HEELS THAT HIGH JIMINIE #jimin #nothanks

Big Bad Kookie Kat @marikookiekat
If Slytherin Jimin wrote a song, it would be “No, Thanks”. #nothanks #jimin

Mistress of BTS @jikookeriesuga
I want to know how big Suga and RM were smiling when they first heard Yes and No, Thanks. Their Jiminie has grown up so much!

Jokers Unite @brittney938_2
I just think about him, back in 2018, talking about how he started out trying to be such a tough guy, and now he’s who he wants to be.

Jokers Unite @brittney938_2
@brittney938_2 Jimin, the tattooed, mated, badass main dancer/lead singer of BTS has my heart and soul. I’m getting emotional. #jimin #nothanks #yes

Chapter Text

Jimin’s Post-Birthday VLive - All The Details!
Lee Kae Seo || KPop Weekly || October 15, 2023

Jimin appeared live to say hello to fans for his 29th birthday! He shared that he celebrated with friends and family and had been exhausted after a full day of activities - so tired that his mom, who had been visiting, actually had to wake him up to go to bed because he fell asleep on the couch! Jimin said he ate too much, laughed a lot, and was spoiled by his friends and family.

Jimin then thanked fans for welcoming the songs he released on Soundcloud. He said that the last year and a half has been very odd without the members. He was able to find solace in writing music - a lot of which wasn’t finished but may be one day. He thanked BTS’s staff for...

SeoulBeats @seoul_beats
Jimin Doesn’t Talk About Mate During Live, and Social Media Has Questions!

All K-Pop @allkpop
Read all about the birthday projects Army put together for Jimin’s birthday!

Koreaboo @koreaboo
Trouble in BTS Paradise? Jimin Doesn’t Mention Mate on Birthday Live!

92 Line @seokjinwwhandsome
jimin: releases romantic song for mate two months ago

Jimin’s Pink Hair @pjmhappee
All you fake Army spreading stories about Jimin without him confirming or denying anything need to stop #wesupportyoujimin

STOB IT @seokjinnie_1
Normalize NOT talking about romantic relationships in the work setting every two seconds #hbdjimin

Minissi @geonds
i mean, i kind of get where everyone is coming from on the jimin mate thing? he says he doesn’t want to talk about his mate, but then releases a love song about him?

Minissi @geonds
@geonds Its just confusing, i don’t know what i can and cant talk about about him and his mate either

Gabby @gabbergabbers
I’m really sad that we aren’t talking about the interesting things Jimin said about privilege and not realizing how hard it is to be an omega because he was so protected by his agency.

Gabby @gabbergabbers
@gabbergabbers But hey, let’s freak out about him not talking about his mate (who he never brings up) instead of his really insightful comments. #jimin #hbdjimin

Jikooters @gukker
I mean, if your mate was in the military, they might not be able to come to your birthday and your parents might come to see you instead. *Ahem* Just a random thought I had…

Gouray @marcodinero
Did anyone see Jimin’s new wrist tattoo?! #jimin

Mira @lifewithbaebae
@marcodinero He has had a 13 on his wrist for a long time now.

Gouray @marcodinero
@lifewithbaebae yeah, but that one was on his left wrist. This was his right, it’s something Korean I think.

Mira @lifewithbaebae
@marcodinero Oh shit I missed it then. What was it?

semone @emmaa_chaa
@lifewithbaebae I saw it on @haeyons post! She could only see the first two letters. 다 (da) and then something else.

LuLuLeLo @lulu_leo
Isn’t a mate *also* family? No confirmation that his mate *wasn’t* there either. #hbdjimin

bet on bts @artechpoin
I’m a 95 liner like Jimin, and us being 28 international age but him talking about turning 30 in a few months sometimes confuses me? Like, I still feel young?

JIMINIE HYUNG @jiminiebaby
#jimin, #jimins, #hbdjimin !!


BTS To Present Awards, BTS’s Jimin to Perform at Year-End Shows
Marc Samburg || Associated Press || November 10, 2023

Jimin is confirmed to perform at several awards ceremonies this winter. This marks the first time a BTS member will be performing a solo from a mixtape at a year-end shows. So far, MAMA, MMA, Golden Disc Awards, and Gaon Music Chart Awards have all shared Jimin’s participation or listed “No, Thanks” as part of their scheduled telecast.

BTS members are also confirmed to attend the awards ceremonies and present an award, much to the relief of fans who want to see the stars after their 18 month service has ended…

Koreaboo @koreaboo
Your First Chance to See BTS Live: All the Details!

Dispatch @kdispatchk
BTS will be appearing in person in December! Find out where!

Korea News Daily, the English News Source @knewsday
With just days left in their mandatory military service, what is next for BTS?

중기 @joongki
KNetizens reporting that MAMA wanted Jimin to perform “Yes” but he refused, saying that wasn’t a song he wanted to sing publicly… #jimin #nothanks #yes

Puppy Prince JK @oncloud333
Awwww. Jimin saying that Yes is for his mate, not for an audience, is just super romantic.

subject to change @multifandomer
if jimin didn’t want to perform yes, then why did he even release it?

smoosher @jcmarkk123
the choreo for No, Thanks is so amazing. I can’t wait to see it live!!

Stacey’s Mom @celastial
. 🕯️
🕯 🕯️
. 🕯️
prayer circle for the No Thanks MV heels to make another appearance during Jimin’s performance

Soulmates @taemini95
BTS is going to be at awards shows, WE WILL SEE MY BABIES LIVE SOON #btsiscomingback

Lovers T-Shirt @aisley92
do kpop stars bring dates like western artists? would jimin and jungkook maybe bring their mates??

BTS Chart Toppers @bts_chart_watch
#btsisback, #btsiscomingback, #jimin, #nothanks are all trending worldwide!


The Hidden Vocals in BTS Jimin’s New Song
Peter Hoffman || Billboard Magazine || November 26, 2023

BTS’s Jimin just released his third self-produced song of the year, called “혹시 (By Any Chance, Maybe)” on November 19, and since then it has been rocketing up the streaming charts across the world. Like many others around the world Li Xiu Ying, a junior in audio production at San Diego State University, immediately loved the song. “I’m a big BTS fan,” he said. “I’m not sure I’m Army, but I have listened to all of their songs. And being in audio production, I’m a huge fan of their producers as well.”

The day after it’s release, Li decided to adjust the levels of the song to listen for hidden vocals. He said he’s done that before with BTS works. To his surprise, however, he realized that one of the sounds in the background was an autotuned voice. As he began adjusting the pitch, he was astonished that the voice sounded young - very young. It was a child saying what sounded like “eemi” or "eomi". Li immediately posted his finding on the internal SDSU audio production Twitter space…

Hollywood Line @hwoodline
Jimin’s new release hits the streaming charts running! Learn more about By Any Chance, Maybe!

KNetStanz @knetstanz
Jimin’s new song for the fans! What he wishes for BTS Army in Maybe!

BTS CHARTS @bts_charts1
In the first week of each of his self-produced songs weeks, Jimin’s three songs combined for 100M streams! #jimin #yes #nothanks #maybe

JJK @wabfrien
jimin LITERALLY has serendipity with a lyric that says “all of this is no coincidence”. if a kid in college could find this, that means he wasn’t trying to hide it too hard right? #maybe #jimin

JJK @wabfrien
@wabfrien not only that but he also quotes it in this song! he says “the whole world is different from yesterday” which is also in serendipity! #maybe

BTS Scholar @hobehobi
어미 (eomi) is such an interesting word to choose to use...for him to hide it in a song about having children (because this could DEFINITELY read as a parent to a child) is like taking back a word that belonged to Os and then they were discouraged from using

TaeTae Kim @btsbl4cksw4n
At this point, it’s obvious right? Yes - Jimin’s mate, No - Jimin, By Any Chance (Maybe) - their future kids. #maybe #jimin

Princess Jikooker @liewithaheart
*finds tin hat, blows the dust off, puts it on*
8/19...13 days before Jungkook’s birthday
9/30...13 days before Jimin’s birthday
11/19...13 days later is December 2
December 2...?!?!?
I’ll see myself out.

Jimin Says Yes No Maybe @nevermindtatt00
I just really hope that Jimin keeps writing his own music when the members come back. His songs are so unique, they feel just like him. #jimin #maybe #yes #nothanks

Goddess Kali @uwuminimoni
Can someone explain what eemi and eomi mean?


Hannah_Dool_Set (multi-fan_kpop) wrote on KPop Musings:

Allright, my multifandom friends, if you don’t want to hear about BTS coming back, feel free to scroll on by now. I’ll even put a “keep reading” on this.

Okay, ready?


I am not exaggerating when I say I watched these seven men speak in a language *I* do not speak after midnight and balled like a goddamn baby. I tried to follow some of the translation blogs but ended up just staring at their faces like they were the oasis and I’ve been in the desert for months. I mean, apt metaphor, right? We’ve been the desert of mandatory military service. But it’s all over. The second worst time of being a BTS stan is behind us! (I’m still feeling a little maudlin. Sorry. It’ll go away and we’ll never speak of disbandment until we have to.)

Ahem. Back to the live.

I’ve now watched it three times since the subs were added. Each time I’m just blown away at how happy the boys are to be back together. Jin reminded us that before their service, the longest BTS had gone without seeing each other from 2012-2022 was their month vacation in 2019. They were supposed to have a week of vacation after they got home and this VLive was going to be in another week. But the boys asked to start back up at work early. Yoongi said they didn’t know how to not work, and he was too old to learn new skills now.

Did I mention they all think they’re old now? Reminder: Jin is international age 31, Yoongi 30, Hobi/Namjoon 29, Jimin/Taehyung 28, and Jungkook 26. But in Korea it’s 32, 31, 30, 29, 27.

Jimin told us he had practice after the live for his upcoming stages. Namjoon joked that the others have been practicing handing out awards. They all bowed to one another and handed out notecards. Jungkook said he’d be the security and protect BTS, so if fans didn’t see him he’d be dressed in black hiding behind things. Then Jin volunteered to be the trophy, as no award would look as good as him. Humility. Jin didn’t find it during their service…

Other highlights:

  • Yoongi and Namjoon are already in the studio! They said that they ran into each other late the third night back and had delivery in the lounge like the old days.
  • Hobi said he liked his shorter hair and might not go as long again. He did want to dye it for fun though.
  • Jin ate a cake all by himself in the few days after he was released, then got very sick. He said he would do it again though.
  • Yoongi praising Jimin’s music and then teasing him because Jimin hadn’t played them “Yes”. Jimin said only a few people heard it before it was released. Namjoon said he hadn’t even told them it was going to be released and most heard about it from others or on social media.
  • Jungkook already asked their trainer if he could continue his military-style workouts and asked for a different machine for the gym. Taehyung said the members will never see him again unless they go to the gym too.

The members promised to start working on new music soon...and hinted at a tour in the middle of next year!!! If you heard a scream from somewhere in New Jersey, don't worry, that was just me!

Until next time, loves….


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BTS @bts_twt
우리가 돌 아왔다! 지금 라이브!

We’re back! Going live now!

LA Times @losangelestms
BTS returns to speak to fans live after their military service! All the highlights!

Flagship @flagshipmag
BTS reveals their plans for post-military lives online! Where will you see them first?

Dancing Jimin @decalfbaby
@bts_twit welcome home loves!!! 💜

Melissa @94rmjhope
i barely understood anything but i loved every moment #btsisback

Jeon Kim @jungtaelove
🐻 I’m going to be 30 in a few weeks.
🐰 You and Jimin hyung.
🐻 I’m so old now…
🐹 Yah! I’m almost 33!

GuyenHang @circefangirl13
BTS *pretends to freeze*
JHope *sneezes three times*
I can’t believe how much I’ve missed these seven jokers.

Laria @ktsclvly
im gonna believe their really back after like their third event, i keep thinking their going away again

Cypher Yoongs @ladymeowmeow
🐿 My mom was excited to see me for a few days, but now she wants me to stop eating all her food.
🐨 Wow, how much were you eating?
🐿 I was like Jungkookie!
🐨 My mom keeps telling me to eat more!

angie @sugaarking
🐱 Jimin’s songs were really good.
🐥 Okay, okay.
🐱 Jiminie, don’t be embarrassed.
🐥 Anyway…

Zaffy @btsbirdapp
🐰 You should have done an Eat Jin when you ate your cake.
🐹 It was not a good look!

Bangtan Bois @bts4lyfer
They’re going to start Run BTS again in two weeks!! Jin said he asked for them to start off gentle lol

VMinKooker @jiminjiminjimin
I am SO excited to see them at the awards ceremonies again this year!!

John @rmsheart
God i love them more than an healthy amount #btsisback

Socially Inept Girl @jungxxnz
is it too soon to say I miss BTS? #btsisback


BTS, Blackpink, Twice, TXT: All the Winners and Highlights from MAMA 2023
Sarah Wells || South China Morning Post || December 10, 2023

The 25th Annual Mnet Asian Music Awards was a star-studded event as mega-group BTS joined other KPop stars after their hiatus for service. While not up for any awards, the septet were on hand to bring their star power and hand out the daesang for “Artist of the Year". They also cheered on member Jimin as he performed a special stage with his new song, “No, Thanks.” Jimin also received “Worldwide Icon of the Year”, and credited his members and Army for the award.

It was Blackpink’s night at the awards podium at MAMA. The ladies took home two daesangs and three competitive awards. Blackpink also performed a medley of three songs off their latest album, “Moonlight”...

Korea News Daily @knewsdaily
All the best photos from MAMA 2023! See Blackpink, Twice, BTS, and more!

KPop Daily @kpop_daily
Jimin’s performance goes down as one of the most iconic in MAMA history!

Yoongie’s Bread Smile @_everlyyy
i think that announcer must be army, she looks as excited as i would be #mama

atiya (inactive) @atiyaa_bts
its the second awards show where RM and Jin have switched places for photos. coincidence or are they going to stay in this order?

meimei @M_e_i_mei
I’m crying, they all look soooooooo good in their matching purple ties. 💜💜

:*) @monomon
starting as a prisoner and breaking his own chains literally and figuratively … this performance is so damn powerful #jimin #mama

chaunah @belee_uwu
Jimin broke his chains, set fire to the stage, and then took off his jumpsuit and danced in five inch heels. #kingofkpop #jimins #nothanks #mama

Yush 7 @sumply_plush
my live feed was glitching like crazy just as Jimin’s stage starts *cries in 144p* anyone have a link??

Jimin’s Boots @jmirandaa
for the record, Jimin’s boots *did* appear tonight

Whale @Kookiemecrazy
BTS LEAPING up with TXT’s wins...still so proud of their dongsaengs

thynguyen @am_brh_rt
BTS: We’re going to do rock-paper-scissors right here to decide who talks!
Suga, JK: cheats to not lose, hides in back

sila @tanniessweetie
Jikook 2023 is Jikook 2022 is Jikook 2021...

ikookier @vlppivj
two besties...chilling zero feet apart because they’re mated #jikook

diana is waiting for BTS @nam_jooner
oh my god he is gorgeous #rm #bts


BTS New Album: Details, Release Date!
Wes Everett || USA Today || February 3, 2024

BTS fans, rejoice! Just after midnight in South Korea, Big Hit Entertainment confirmed a long-awaited new studio album on Twitter. The album named “New World” will drop at 1 p.m. in Korea, midnight in New York on Friday, March 15, 2024. Sources suggest that a tour announcement will follow, possibly starting as early as June or July 2024.

BTS remains one of the largest musical acts in the world, though they had been on hiatus for over 18 months while members completed their mandatory military service in the South Korean Army. Members RM, Jin, Suga, JHope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook...

I Star Times @istartimes
Everything we know about the newest BTS album, “New World”!

SeoulBeats @seoul_beats
Presales available starting Friday for BTS’s newest album!

Big Hit Entertainment @big_hit_entertainment
BTS “New World”
Friday, March 15

극ㅈ 🌍 @drama_mama
Breaking piggy bank, counting change, considering life of crime… #btsnewworld #btsnewworldtour

purple hearts for bts @cesiebutter
Streaming goals for New World!! #btsnewworld

BTS IS BACK 🌍 @Audriolo
WHAT?!? I though we would have to wait at least a few more months! #btsnewworld

Stream New 🌍 World 🌍 @tanniesworldwide
when Jungkook released his song Tuesday that we were in for a loooooong wait before a new album… #blinkofaneye #btsnewworld

heiley baby @heiley97
2/1: Sope VLive
2/2: ‘Blink of an Eye’ released by JK
2/3: New album announced
so far February has been a FEAST for Army

Linda Loo @lindilio
answer: check your bank account balance, cry
question: tell me you’re a fan of BTS in comeback season without telling me you’re a fan of BTS in comeback season

BTS Seriously 🌍 @btsseriously
anyone wanna bet how fast those tickets are going to sell out?!

shananananah @jk_jk_kookiemonster
me thinking the biggest thing i had to look forward to in march was spring break… #BTSCOMEBACK

Summer OT7 🌍 @awejikook
vote now...New World an album title or a song?

majo @yuukum1
last comeback was over two years ago...this doesn’t seem real...

KarMin @saja938475
A New World indeed...


The Golden House Scandal, ITZY’s Comeback, Lee Jiheyon’s New TV Show
Choi and Kim Expain KPop || Episode 187 Transcript || February 12, 2024

Edith Choi: Hello all! We had a completely different episode in mind, but everything has changed now that the Golden House drama is coming to light, and everyone is talking about it.

Daniel Kim: Yeah, I didn’t really want to talk about the scandal at all because it’s such an invasion of privacy for BTS’s members, but the rumors going around are so much worse than what probably happened.

Edith: And the sad thing is that this happened so long ago, and now it’s only coming to light right after BTS announced their new album. This really takes away from the hard work their agency and the members have put into this album release.

Daniel: So let’s review the details. The 골든 하우스, or Golden House, is near the base Jungkook and Suga were stationed at. It’s a rental, and about a year ago a rich guy’s kid -

Edith: - a chaebol

Daniel: - yeah, a chaebol’s son had someone break in and the kid was attacked. The guy sued the house’s owners and the case has been in the courts. When the investigators were looking into who might have information about the house, they found a little camera and figured it was someone blackmailing the guy or his kid. The police pull the photos off the camera, the cleaning company was fired, and the owners lost the case because a door lock was faulty. Done.

Edith: Or not. Because last week a new blog appears online, and immediately KNetizens notice that it has photos of BTS members Jungkook and Suga in a house somewhere on the website. The pictures seem to be from several different days. People start copying the photos -

Daniel: And while I understand people are curious about KPop stars, these were such low quality that it’s obvious they weren’t released by Big Hit or HYBE or the members themselves -

Edith: Yeah, they really are terrible photos.

Daniel: So Suga and Jungkook rented the house, no big deal, right? Some of the photos they’re together, some they aren’t. And they’re doing normal stuff - watching TV, sleeping, talking with people. Only in one of the photos you can also see Jimin with Jungkook. And that’s where it gets gross.

Edith: The photos aren’t X-rated like some people are saying...but Jimin and Jungkook are clearly hugging, some might even call it cuddling on a couch, and for anyone who doesn’t know how A/Os interact in Korea, that’s just not something you do if you aren’t mated.

Daniel: Of course, rumors have been going around ever since...

Koreaboo @Koreaboo
BTS’s Jimin, Jungkook Caught Up in Golden House Scandal

Dispatch @kdispatchk
Police detail consequences for the blogger who leaked #GoldenHouse photos.

Billboard Magazine @bb_mag
Support pours in for BTS members caught in photo scandal.

darker n wilder 🌍 @bhhitballs
I mean. Is anyone. Like. Surprised. #jikook

Seesaw @namjooner94
Army, we have to be better than this. Please stop trending #/goldenhouse! Give Jimin and Jungkook privacy! #weloveyoubts #protectjikook

Pretty Purple Baby @kookliet69
there is believing a ship, and then there’s seeing the evidence...i’m in shock #jikook

Charissa with a C @charlitan
Big Hit releasing a statement WHEN?! #protectjikook

Naner Milk 🌍 🌍 @jhopekookmin
I’m just sick about this golden house thing. Even idols deserve a personal life #protectjikook

Swiss Ripp @natashiapowerss
@dispatch trying to look like they’re supporting Jikook when the other 364 days they’re following idols around to reveal relationships

Gabby BangTAN 🌍 @gabrolfer
HOLY SHIT #gcfdasom


BTS @bts_twit
Golden Closet Film: 다솜 (Dasom)
#정국 #지민

Chapter Text

Golden Closet Films: 다솜 (Dasom)

Quietly, a piano plays before the music swells with the start of a gentle pop song.

A grainy video, blurry but then sharpening to show someone entering a living room, shutting the door and toeing off their shoes. Jimin. He turns, sees the video camera, and says something but there is no sound. He returns to looking away from the camera as it approaches, but he holds up the paper - an ultrasound. The camera shows the gentle swell of Jimin's stomach from above.

Jungkook’s voice begins singing.

The screen fades to white, then sharpens to show a tiny baby laying on white sheets, toy stacking blocks above their head spelling out Dasom in Hangul and English. The baby is swaddled in a green blanket with a matching bow on her hair, her eyes shut and hands at rest near her head. The camera zooms out; Jimin sits beside Dasom on the bed in a pajama set with a robe, taking a photo of her with his phone. He looks tired but happy, holding up the phone to show the photo he took and saying something to the person taking the video.

Another clip. Jungkook in a sweatshirt and sweatpants, softly rocking in a wooden chair. The tiny baby is in his arms, screaming with fists quivering. The camera is set down; Jungkook looks up. Jimin appears, gently lifting Dasom from Jungkook’s arms. Jungkook follows Jimin and the baby out of the room, his larger frame hiding Jimin’s from sight.

Jimin and the tiny baby appear in a FaceTime window, Jimin cradling Dasom while holding up her arm and waving it at the screen. He bounces her gently, giving a glancing kiss on her head before turning back to look at the screen. White lights are visible behind him on the tree in the corner of the room. The small window on the screen shows Jungkook taping the screen with a video camera as he smiles.

Jimin’s mom holding Dasom in front of a decorated tree as Jimin takes a photo of them. He goes to stand beside her and takes a selfie of the three.

Jimin reclines on a couch and pans down to Dasom asleep on his chest. Gently he rubs her back before blowing a kiss at the camera.

The camera zooms out from a table decorated with white cakes, a length of thick, long yarn winding around the cake trays in a ballroom decorated in more white and gold. The view pans past white floral displays to a small gathering beside massive ballroom windows. In front of the balcony with a dusting of snow, between more flowers, Jimin and Jungkook are flanked by their parents as they hold Dasom together. All smile and laugh for the photographer. The parents melt away and men close in age resembling both Jimin and Jungkook step to either side, posing again. They also back away, leaving Jimin and Jungkook to look at each other with the baby between them. Jungkook leans down, pressing his forehead to Jimin’s. Dasom’s attention is caught by the photographer’s assistant waving at her behind the camera.

The same ballroom, Dasom in Namjoon's arms as Yoongi, Jimin, and Jungkook stand beside him, again posing for photos. Namjoon laughs, leaning forward to hold the baby’s flailing fist.

Dasom sits on Jimin's father's lap, gently patting the book pages as he reads to her. He holds it up away from her hands to turn the page and the title on the slightly bent cover is visible - Dream On.

Dasom lays on her belly a blanket in a giant room with mirrors, her head softly bobbing as she looks around. Hoseok lays in the same position in front of her. He makes a face at her and then laughs when she pays him no attention and blows bubbles. He turns to speak to the person holding the camera.

Jungkook cooking in a kitchen with his mom, the baby tucked into a carrier on his chest. He leans down to check the oven, cradling Dasom’s head carefully.

A man is barely visible through the dark window tint, rushing towards the vehicle outside large iron gates set in a chain link fence. The back door opens and Taehyung flings himself onto the chair beside the car seat, immediately leaning over Dasom and making faces. He offers his finger to her and once she grabs it, he looks up and smiles at the camera in the backseat as the SUV begins moving.

Dasom sits on a blanket in front of a flowering bush, Jimin crouched down behind her with his hand on her back. He smiles for the camera, then gently lifts the baby onto his knee, scooting closer to the bush to show her the flowers.

Dasom sits held between her grandmothers’ laps on a couch as she squirms. Jimin appears, giving her a stuffed bunny. She squeezes it to her chest and stills, the women still smiling for the camera.

The members are gathered on a giant L-shaped couch, military haircuts at odds with their casual wear. Jimin and Jungkook are curled into each other at the end, looking at the staff member sitting in front of them who gestures as they silently speak. Dasom is almost unnoticed cradled in Jin's arms next to Jungkook, her arms only visible when she grabs at his shirt as Jin smiles down at her.

The dorm bedroom is fuzzily visible in the low lamp light, the nearby apartment buildings dark. Jungkook stands at the glass sliding doors, cradling the baby on his shoulder, his tattooed hand gently holding her head. He turns his head to look at the camera and smiles shyly. The camera approaches, then turns toward the ground.

Dasom is on a blanket with a pacifier in her mouth as she waves her arms and kicks, surrounded by Namjoon, Taehyung and Hoseok on their stomachs or squatting down to look at her. Jimin approaches the blanket and the members lay on their backs, smiling as Jimin takes a photo of the four on the floor with his phone.

Dasom is asleep in a crib, and a hand reaches from out of frame to gently rub her head before pulling her blanket up over her stomach.

Dasom lays below Jungkook on the floor as Jungkook does push ups, blowing on her tummy every few dips down. She giggles and flails. Visible below his white shirt sleeve, alone on his left bicep, is the tattoo 다솜.

Jin and Dasom on the ground in the grass surrounded by food containers, Jin setting her on her knees and speaking to her. She reaches down, grabs grass and tries to put it in her mouth, only to be blocked by Jin’s hand. He is laughing as he pulls her into his lap, but Dasom reaches up to the camera and starts crying.

Jungkook in a hallway with Dasom on her knees behind him. He runs in place and then looks back at her. She moves to sit on her bottom, then slaps her hands on the floor and laughs before slowly shifting her legs to crawl after him. He moves slightly down the hallway and runs in place again, smiling as she laughs.

Jimin sits beside Dasom, handing her a small piece of noodle. She looks at him, smiles and shows her teeth, and then pushes the piece off the side of the highchair tray with one finger. The camera shakes slightly. Jimin looks over and raises an eyebrow.

Dasom swings in a park with Jimin's brother behind her, grabbing at the camera every time she swings forward.

Jimin holds Dasom on his hip, her pink dress matching his hair. He takes a selfie with the baby in front of a set, then lightly bounces her, making her laugh. Sliding his phone back into his pocket, he turns and does a quick dance step, swinging Dasom up into the air and smiling at her silent giggles.

Dasom and Jimin stand in front of a large table of food, Dasom laying her head on Jimin’s shoulder as he speaks to Jungkook’s father. His father waves and several family members come to pose for a photo in front of the table. Jimin’s mother motions to take Dasom, but Jimin shakes his head gently, walking out of frame with the baby.

FaceTime video. The phone is propped in front of Jimin on the floor, Dasom sitting between his spread legs. She uses his shirt to pull herself to standing. Jungkook cheers on the screen. Dasom drops to the floor again and crawls over to grab the phone.

Jungkook holds Dasom with one arm and his phone with the other hand, recording the pair. In the background, only pink hair is visible on a pillow, the rest of Jimin covered by blankets. Dasom nestles into Jungkook as he kisses her head and they walk out of the room.

Yoongi is sitting on the floor of a room, eating and eyeing Dasom, who tries to grab his bowl. He puts a small portion of the food in his spoon and feeds her. She chews, then rests her hands on his thigh to stand and reach for the bowl again. He looks off screen and says something, then gently pulls Dasom’s fingers off his spoon to give her more.

Dasom sits, sobbing as giant tears roll down her cheeks. Suddenly Jungkook enters from behind her, stuffed bunny held up high. She turns and reaches for the animal, cuddling it close and wiping her nose on it before he can stop her.

Taehyung sits on the floor with Dasom beside him. She is holding onto his shoulder as she bends her knees and bounces. They watch Jimin rehearse in a studio with backup dancers. She lets go of Taehyung to pull at her headphones and Taehyung gently guides her hands away, pointing back to Jimin.

Dasom is dressed in a miniature hanbok, flanked by Jimin and Jungkook as she sits on the floor in front of an elegantly decorated table. In front of her items scattered on the floor in an arc around her. She looks back at Jimin, who says something and gestures, scooting closer to Dasom. Dasom turns back to the array, claps, then reaches for the gavel before moving her hand further to the right and grabbing the microphone. Jimin and Jungkook both laugh and rub her back.

Jungkook's father holds Dasom in his lap, feeding her small bites of cake. She reaches for the plate and he holds it away from her.

The members pose for a photo with Jungkook holding Dasom. Dasom holds a sparkly purple microphone in one hand and Jimin’s fingers in another. She shakes the microphone and yells, smacking Jungkook in the chin. Everyone laughs.

A Christmas tree comes into focus, then pans over to see Jimin and Jungkook laying on the couch, Jimin sandwiched between the back of the couch and Jungkook as they talk. The camera swings to a mirror, showing Jungkook's brother holding Dasom as she stares at their reflection.

Jimin and Jungkook, dressed in suits and purple ties, pose with arms around each other in a living room. Dasom walks slowly into view and grabs Jimin's pants leg. He swings her up, resting her on his hip and pointing to the camera for her. She turns to look at Jungkook instead and carefully reaches over to touch his dangling earring with one finger, making it sway.

Snow covers the ground, and Dasom is bundled into a coat and small boots. She clings to Jungkook’s fingers as he crouches so they can slowly walk down the path, Dasom gesturing and speaking while Jungkook nods. He points at the camera and Dasom takes a few steps forward alone.

The picture and music fade to black.

A nursery appears, curtains closed with sunlight just visible around the edges. Jimin stands with his back to the camera in front of a crib, swaying gently with Dasom on his shoulder, her eyes blinking slowly. She’s younger than the last clips, back in summer again. Jimin is singing to her in Korean, his voice breathy and light as he finishes the song playing throughout the video.

Because one day
In the blink of an eye
Life will never be the same
So let me hold you
Let me love you
Let you need me today

Chapter Text

BTS Members Jungkook, Jimin Release Video
Kim Minju || Associated Press || February 15, 2024

If you felt a gust of wind yesterday, it might have been the fandom for South Korea’s BTS gasping altogether as they signed onto Twitter. At 12:02 p.m. on Valentine’s Day the group’s account posted a short video entitled Golden Closet Films: Dasom. All seven members share the account but the post was signed by only Jeon Jungkook and Park Jimin

This is not the first Golden Closet Film. Jungkook, nicknamed the “Golden Maknae”, has made several short films and directed two BTS music videos, most under the same Golden Closet Films name. Often the subject matter is his fellow members’ lives on and off stage as they travel and perform around the world. “GCF: Dasom” is not quite the same.

The video…

Dispatch @kdispatchk
No statement from Big Hit Entertainment regarding BTS members Jimin, Jungkook

Flagship @flagshipmag
Is “GCF: Dasom” a teaser for upcoming BTS Album “New World”?

Korea News Daily, the English News Source @knewsday
Jungkook’s new “Golden Closet Film” shows personal film footage!

Hollywood Line @hwoodline
KPop Power Couple Jimin and Jungkook: See photos of “Jikook” and their daughter!

Koreaboo @koreaboo
Jikook Real? Thirty of Army’s Favorite Photos of the Possible Couple!

KNetStanz @knetstanz
BTS KPop Princess revealed! What we know about Dasom!

LA Times @losangelestms
Following Golden House Scandal, BTS’s members reveal relationship and daughter

New York Times @nytimes
BTS’s Short Film “Dasom” Startles KPop Industry

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BTS members Jimin, Jungkook release film with baby daughter

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Jungkook and Jimin Top Worldwide Trends on Twitter!
1. gcfdasom
2. Dasom
3. Jikook Real
4. Jikook
5. Jungkook
6. Jimin
9. BTS Baby
11. We Love You Jikook
15. Confirmed
19. Jikook Protectors

New World is Coming 🌍 @maciemay
@bts_twit I have never seen a more amazing film in my life. You deserve an Oscar. #gcfdasom #Jungkook

Sarah Bee @maurooo3
no one talk to me, i cannot function, everything comes out HFLDH:S:KSKMDIOEKDJKLD #gcfdasom

JHope on the Streets @h0pew0rld
@bts_twit Thank you so much for sharing! Your daughter is BEAUTIFUL! We purple you!! #dasom #wesupportyoujikook

theseriousgirl @yanginnyc
is it okay to email my professor and get an extension on this paper because Jikook had a baby and i’m really going through it right now? #jikook #holyfuck #gcfdasom

Naner Milk @jhopekookmin
i know i need to move beyond HOLY SHIT but SERIOUSLY GUYS HOLY SHIT #jikook #confirmed #gcfdasom

Gabby @gabbergabbers
I am just so blown away...jikook are such good parents. Dasom looks like such a happy little girl. #btsbaby

Dasom Protection Squad @vlppivj
Army, please report and block @/9djj203, @/pied_pipper, @/mariachristine7 for harmful comments about Jimin and Dasom.

BTS is My New World 🌍 @hashtagbtsarmy
Jungkook creates 3:29 film about his and Jimin’s daughter growing up over the last two years INCLUDING ACTUAL VIDEO CLIPS OF JIMIN BEING PREGNANT AND JIKOOK TOGETHER
Media: Could Jikook be a couple? Who is the child in this film?

Suga Suga 🌍 @sugasweetie
hello 911 i have been attacked by a 14 month old tell my family i love them #gcfdasom

Nicola :) @itsniccola
holy shit and holy fuck are US trends under kpop 😂😂😂 #jikook #confirmed #gcfdasom

Mighty 875 @bts_yes_bts
#GCFDasom released at 12:02, Dasom born 12/2 then? #confirmed #btsbaby

subject to change @multifandomer
so typical that right before the new album drops, jimin tries to grab attention again

Bethie Loves BTS 🌍 @epsiolon
@multifandomer What the ACTUAL hell? First off, GCFs are JUNGKOOK’s creations. Based on what we know, I’m sure that HE put it together about THEIR daughter. And if you think ANYTHING like this is released on BTS Twitter without the members knowing and approving, you’re so wrong.

Jikook is flipping REAL @jungtime
@multifandomer they were outed by the scandal! maybe there are more photos that bh or jikook know about, and they wanted to control what was said about their daughter? maybe they wanted to introduce her in a beautiful way instead of reacting to a reveal from fucking DISPATCH?!

JM 🌍 @jkkjim
@jungtime you tell them baby #jikookprotectors #wesupportyoujikook

RM is My Rap God @929394line
I can’t believe how much Dasom looks like Jungkook (sorry Jimin) #dasom #btsbaby

Happy Jikooker @gcf09011013
…… #confirmed

ILY Dasom @marebare
🕯️ Moment of silence for all the Army who thought GCF Toyko was about two bros doing bro things while hanging out in Japan on a bro trip and are now doing the math. #jikookreal


Complaint Filed Regarding Photos
Big Hit Entertainment || For Immediate Release || February 16, 2024

Hello, this is Big Hit Entertainment.

We have been made aware that multiple members of BTS were photographed in the privacy of a rented personal space in 2023. Today, we can confirm we have filed complaints with the Seoul Metropolitan Police regarding this matter…

BTS @bts_twit

Hello, we are BTS.

For almost 11 years we have been joined by our amazing Army on a journey that took us far beyond our wildest dreams as seven young boys from South Korea. We want to thank Army for cheering us, supporting us, and loving our music. We believe that part of what has allowed us to touch your hearts and souls is a deep honesty in our shared experiences as fellow human beings in this world.

But as KPop artists, we have been constrained in some ways from experiences others who do not live such public lives enjoy freely...

Soompi @soompi
Big Hit Confirms Investigation, BTS Releases Statement on Dating

All K-Pop @allkpop
How BTS’s Statement on Romantic Relationships Helps Other Idols

Dispatch @kdispatchk
Big Hit asks police to investigate Golden House photos

Korea News Daily @knewsdaily
BTS looks to challenge long-standing KPop dating constraints

LA Times @losangelestms
Why KPop stars typically don’t date, and how BTS looks to change all that.

jk fans @jkjkkkkay
I’m so glad that BTS is saying something like this. They have such power in KPop to make things better for so many idols. #befreebts

Jikooters 🌍 @gukker
For anyone who keeps saying the other members are being cheated or swindled because of Jikook, please read their statement. All the members are in full support of any other BTS member dating.

TaeTae’s New World 🌍 @btsbl4cksw4n
applications to date bts are found where on the big hit website? #signmeup

JJK @wabfrien
bts classily calling out fans who are dating but want idols to be single #mykings #btslove

Jeon Dasom @pjmhappee
BTS might welcome back those who leave Army because of them dating, but we won’t. Real Army wants them to be happy. #befreebts

GODDESS SAMU 🌍 @outkookside
better late than never @big_hit_entertainment

Erin Go Braugh 🌍 @irishhannie
Let BTS live their lives in peace! Thank you Big Hit for standing up for your artists! #befreebts


BTS’s Suga Opens Up About Dasom, New Album
Lily Applington || South China Morning Post || March 9, 2024

Before his birthday, Suga met with Army online and shared what life has been like since returning from the military and dropped a few tidbits about BTS’s latest album “New World”, which will be released March 15. The highlight for most fans, though, were details about his relationship with Jimin and Jungkook’s daughter Dasom! Suga shared that he…

SeoulBeats @seoul_beats
New World album tidbits from BTS’s Suga

Hollywood Line @hwoodline
All the details Suga shared about Jikook, Dasom!

Koreaboo @koreaboo
BTS’s Relationship with Dasom Revealed in Suga’s Live!

중기 @joongki
🐱: I’m seeing a lot of questions about the baby. She’s really fun.

중기 @joongki
@joongki 🐱: She calls me “oongi-ung”. (Suga referred to Dasom as 조카 here, meaning niece/nephew)

중기 @joongki
@joongki 🐱: Jimin taught her to bow but she likes to hug.
🐱: She’s a lot like Jimin. It’s cute.

Minissi 🌍 @geonds
I was kind of bummed when JHope didn’t talk about Dasom at all on his birthday live but Suga squeeing over her totally makes up for it.

Jikook True Love in a New World @aisley92
Suga saying she gets excited whenever she sees him because she’s known him the longest and being so proud of that, brb crying #uncleoongi #sugalive

STOB IT @seokjinnie_1
i guess yoongi being whipped for the maknae line extends to the maknae babies

semone 🌍 @emmaa_chaa
just imaging dasom growing up calling the members all hyung because her parents do i need a hug now #btsbaby

bet on bts 🌍 @artechpoin
Everyone who calls Yoongi cold or whatever just needs to watch this video of him talking about Dasom. #uncleoongi #dasom

LuLuLeLo 🌍 @lulu_leo
I’m sure that whatever he said was approved by Jimin and Jungkook beforehand but part of me is so squishy for the idea that Suga loves Dasom so much he couldn’t help but gush about her.

BTS is My New World 🌍 @hashtagbtsarmy
This little girl is the luckiest human on the whole damn planet. #princessdasom

BTS Scholar @hobehobi
🐱: We went crazy when we got back. Wrote most of the tracks before the new year. This is the fastest we’ve ever done a full album but we had to after being away from music for so long.


BTS Official @bts_official
“New World” Official Teaser Video

Koreaboo @Koreaboo
BTS Army goes wild for “New World” teaser video! #newworld

Korea NOW @korea_now
Twenty of the best tweets about BTS “New World” MV!

SeoulBeats @seoul_beats
How could the latest “New World” teasers fit into the BTS Universe?

Soompi @soompi
Top New World Theories!

Jikooters @gukker
@Koreaboo you misspelled “feral”

smoosher 🌍 @jcmarkk123

Hyung Girl 🌍 @929394line
i’m staring respectfully #newworld #jimims

JIKOOK Protection Society @report4jimin

Mira 🌍 @lifewithbaebae

Kookie0901 @kookie0901

New World @pacman99
if we don’t get mafia boss jimin in the new world mv, i will cry

Sarui @formula7
the hyung line the blonde hair i am not going to survive periodt

Tae Best Boy 🌍 @iwinyouwin
these fits, the power they hold #newworld


BTS Rocks Madison Square Garden
Lee See-yeon || Hollywood Line || June 23, 2024

Just over 26 months since their last concert, BTS started the overseas leg of their New World Tour in the Big Apple for the first of three nights at Madison Square Garden. The shows, which all sold out in just under two hours, feature a set list of new music from their most recent album, as well as favorites from previous years. The septet began with the title track "New World" off their most recent album before segueing into fan favorite "Idol".

"Two years ago, when we left the stage for a long break, we were honored to serve our country but we also were sorry to say goodbye to Army. We wondered what our welcome back would be like. You all have been more than we could ever have dreamt of," RM told the crowd at the end of the concert. All the members echoed RM's thanks to Army...

SeoulBeats @seoul_beats
After Korean Shows, BTS Begins New World Tour Overseas

USA Today @usatoday
BTS Brings Their High-Energy Show Stateside

Hollywood Line @hwoodline
See all the photos of BTS from Madison Square Garden!

John @rmsheart
I am once again asking for BTS to perform Baepsae for *reasons*

JK and JM Fans @jkjkkkkay
New World choreo is FIERCE #newworldtour

Stacey’s Mom @celastial
I’m glad to see that being mated hasn’t cut down on Jikook’s stage antics.

Jeon Kim @jungtaelove
Concert starts:
Jikook: Is this our opportunity to make Army feel single?

Zaffy @btsbirdapp
Cypher 5 just hits different with the hyung line in camo

Beatrice7 @btsbombbadier
dasom and jikook in central park she’s so cuuuuuuteeee! #dasom

Inches to Miles @sarahsmithsmiles
@btsbombbadier Please delete these! Her dads didn’t consent to have these photos taken. She deserves to be left alone!

theseriousgirl @yanginnyc
NYC Army, please make sure you take pictures of the members only when they are “on duty”, and remember that Dasom is just a little girl...let her live her life with her parents! We are better than this. #protectjikook #protectdasom

Atiya NYC NEW WORLD TOUR 24 🌍 @atiyaa_bts
I have tickets for tomorrow... I’m not ready, I’m not worthy, I’m not going to survive. #newworld

jikook4am 🌍 @jikook4am
I never thought I’d have to say this in the year of our lord 2024, but the more I look at the dirty dancing photos, the more I realize someone may need to save BTS from Jikook. #jikook


[BANGTAN BOMB] Sesame Street
BANGTANTV || Transcript || August 29, 2024

Green Room at Kaufman Astoria Studios, New York City
Jungkook: We watch the Sesame English show together a lot at home.
Namjoon: Jungkook told our managers yes before anyone else could say anything! It will be fun, it’s going to be like stepping back into our childhood.
Jungkook: Only Big Bird is yellow.
Namjoon: Yeah, he was purple when we were kids.
Jungkook: They gave us a few options but Grover is her favorite. So we’re going to be with Grover.
Namjoon: Jungkook practiced really hard for today.
Jungkook: I think meeting Grover is making me more nervous than speaking in English.

Sesame Street Set
Jimin: Do you want to sit here to see Daddy and Namjoonie-Hyung? They have a special seat just for you!
Dasom: Shhh! Be quiet!
Jimin: Yes, we have to be very quiet.
Dasom: You sit too.
Jimin: Do you want to sit in my lap?
Dasom: Okay.
Jungkook: Hug?
Dasom: Yes!
Jimin: You’re going to do excellent, Jungkookie.

WorldWideNewWorld @b4rb13
Jimin encouraging Jungkook in all that he does (a ridiculously long thread)

Song Hyeon @1013jiminie
RM is the most patient human being ever

amaya @koominniedasom

udonemessedup 🌍 @a_a_r0n
I know they’re mated, but Jikook hasn’t come home in so long. They’re so happy together. 😭 #btssesame

Raaaaaap Monsta @rmluver94
a bomb only two months after? with dasom? and jikook? and namjoonie hyung carrying dasom?

Dasom’s cute little voice *sobs* #btssesame

hoper @zbleec
me: knows jikook are fully mated and wake up together and kiss each other *on the mouth* probably a lot

KariKat @rosencranz2
Dasom has excellent taste, Grover was my favorite too. #btssesame #dasom

TaeTae My Love @eveeconn
I need Dasom with all of her other "ung"s now

Agust D Rap God @soulof875
if dasom is on a bangtan bomb, is she going to be in memories 2024?!

Han Solo @tobycattermole
Jikook was silent for too long, I have no tolerance built up anymore. #btssesame #dasom #jikook

Donkey Kong @amiaime
Big Hit calls this a "Bangtan Bomb", I think they meant "therapy". #btssesame

Mira @lifewithbaebae
Whoever decided Jungkook would help teach Grover the world “frustrated” is a SAVAGE. #dying #BTSsesame