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BTS Members Jungkook, Jimin Release Video
Kim Minju || Associated Press || February 15, 2024

If you felt a gust of wind yesterday, it might have been the fandom for South Korea’s BTS gasping altogether as they signed onto Twitter. At 12:02 p.m. on Valentine’s Day the group’s account posted a short video entitled Golden Closet Films: Dasom. All seven members share the account but the post was signed by only Jeon Jungkook and Park Jimin

This is not the first Golden Closet Film. Jungkook, nicknamed the “Golden Maknae”, has made several short films and directed two BTS music videos, most under the same Golden Closet Films name. Often the subject matter is his fellow members’ lives on and off stage as they travel and perform around the world. “GCF: Dasom” is not quite the same.

The video…

Dispatch @kdispatchk
No statement from Big Hit Entertainment regarding BTS members Jimin, Jungkook

Flagship @flagshipmag
Is “GCF: Dasom” a teaser for upcoming BTS Album “New World”?

Korea News Daily, the English News Source @knewsday
Jungkook’s new “Golden Closet Film” shows personal film footage!

Hollywood Line @hwoodline
KPop Power Couple Jimin and Jungkook: See photos of “Jikook” and their daughter!

Koreaboo @koreaboo
Jikook Real? Thirty of Army’s Favorite Photos of the Possible Couple!

KNetStanz @knetstanz
BTS KPop Princess revealed! What we know about Dasom!

LA Times @losangelestms
Following Golden House Scandal, BTS’s members reveal relationship and daughter

New York Times @nytimes
BTS’s Short Film “Dasom” Startles KPop Industry

USA Today @usatoday
BTS members Jimin, Jungkook release film with baby daughter

JinJiJook - The Original @jinjijook
Jungkook and Jimin Top Worldwide Trends on Twitter!
1. gcfdasom
2. Dasom
3. Jikook Real
4. Jikook
5. Jungkook
6. Jimin
9. BTS Baby
11. We Love You Jikook
15. Confirmed
19. Jikook Protectors

New World is Coming 🌍 @maciemay
@bts_twit I have never seen a more amazing film in my life. You deserve an Oscar. #gcfdasom #Jungkook

Sarah Bee @maurooo3
no one talk to me, i cannot function, everything comes out HFLDH:S:KSKMDIOEKDJKLD #gcfdasom

JHope on the Streets @h0pew0rld
@bts_twit Thank you so much for sharing! Your daughter is BEAUTIFUL! We purple you!! #dasom #wesupportyoujikook

theseriousgirl @yanginnyc
is it okay to email my professor and get an extension on this paper because Jikook had a baby and i’m really going through it right now? #jikook #holyfuck #gcfdasom

Naner Milk @jhopekookmin
i know i need to move beyond HOLY SHIT but SERIOUSLY GUYS HOLY SHIT #jikook #confirmed #gcfdasom

Gabby @gabbergabbers
I am just so blown away...jikook are such good parents. Dasom looks like such a happy little girl. #btsbaby

Dasom Protection Squad @vlppivj
Army, please report and block @/9djj203, @/pied_pipper, @/mariachristine7 for harmful comments about Jimin and Dasom.

BTS is My New World 🌍 @hashtagbtsarmy
Jungkook creates 3:29 film about his and Jimin’s daughter growing up over the last two years INCLUDING ACTUAL VIDEO CLIPS OF JIMIN BEING PREGNANT AND JIKOOK TOGETHER
Media: Could Jikook be a couple? Who is the child in this film?

Suga Suga 🌍 @sugasweetie
hello 911 i have been attacked by a 14 month old tell my family i love them #gcfdasom

Nicola :) @itsniccola
holy shit and holy fuck are US trends under kpop 😂😂😂 #jikook #confirmed #gcfdasom

Mighty 875 @bts_yes_bts
#GCFDasom released at 12:02, Dasom born 12/2 then? #confirmed #btsbaby

subject to change @multifandomer
so typical that right before the new album drops, jimin tries to grab attention again

Bethie Loves BTS 🌍 @epsiolon
@multifandomer What the ACTUAL hell? First off, GCFs are JUNGKOOK’s creations. Based on what we know, I’m sure that HE put it together about THEIR daughter. And if you think ANYTHING like this is released on BTS Twitter without the members knowing and approving, you’re so wrong.

Jikook is flipping REAL @jungtime
@multifandomer they were outed by the scandal! maybe there are more photos that bh or jikook know about, and they wanted to control what was said about their daughter? maybe they wanted to introduce her in a beautiful way instead of reacting to a reveal from fucking DISPATCH?!

JM 🌍 @jkkjim
@jungtime you tell them baby #jikookprotectors #wesupportyoujikook

RM is My Rap God @929394line
I can’t believe how much Dasom looks like Jungkook (sorry Jimin) #dasom #btsbaby

Happy Jikooker @gcf09011013
…… #confirmed

ILY Dasom @marebare
🕯️ Moment of silence for all the Army who thought GCF Toyko was about two bros doing bro things while hanging out in Japan on a bro trip and are now doing the math. #jikookreal


Complaint Filed Regarding Photos
Big Hit Entertainment || For Immediate Release || February 16, 2024

Hello, this is Big Hit Entertainment.

We have been made aware that multiple members of BTS were photographed in the privacy of a rented personal space in 2023. Today, we can confirm we have filed complaints with the Seoul Metropolitan Police regarding this matter…

BTS @bts_twit

Hello, we are BTS.

For almost 11 years we have been joined by our amazing Army on a journey that took us far beyond our wildest dreams as seven young boys from South Korea. We want to thank Army for cheering us, supporting us, and loving our music. We believe that part of what has allowed us to touch your hearts and souls is a deep honesty in our shared experiences as fellow human beings in this world.

But as KPop artists, we have been constrained in some ways from experiences others who do not live such public lives enjoy freely...

Soompi @soompi
Big Hit Confirms Investigation, BTS Releases Statement on Dating

All K-Pop @allkpop
How BTS’s Statement on Romantic Relationships Helps Other Idols

Dispatch @kdispatchk
Big Hit asks police to investigate Golden House photos

Korea News Daily @knewsdaily
BTS looks to challenge long-standing KPop dating constraints

LA Times @losangelestms
Why KPop stars typically don’t date, and how BTS looks to change all that.

jk fans @jkjkkkkay
I’m so glad that BTS is saying something like this. They have such power in KPop to make things better for so many idols. #befreebts

Jikooters 🌍 @gukker
For anyone who keeps saying the other members are being cheated or swindled because of Jikook, please read their statement. All the members are in full support of any other BTS member dating.

TaeTae’s New World 🌍 @btsbl4cksw4n
applications to date bts are found where on the big hit website? #signmeup

JJK @wabfrien
bts classily calling out fans who are dating but want idols to be single #mykings #btslove

Jeon Dasom @pjmhappee
BTS might welcome back those who leave Army because of them dating, but we won’t. Real Army wants them to be happy. #befreebts

GODDESS SAMU 🌍 @outkookside
better late than never @big_hit_entertainment

Erin Go Braugh 🌍 @irishhannie
Let BTS live their lives in peace! Thank you Big Hit for standing up for your artists! #befreebts


BTS’s Suga Opens Up About Dasom, New Album
Lily Applington || South China Morning Post || March 9, 2024

Before his birthday, Suga met with Army online and shared what life has been like since returning from the military and dropped a few tidbits about BTS’s latest album “New World”, which will be released March 15. The highlight for most fans, though, were details about his relationship with Jimin and Jungkook’s daughter Dasom! Suga shared that he…

SeoulBeats @seoul_beats
New World album tidbits from BTS’s Suga

Hollywood Line @hwoodline
All the details Suga shared about Jikook, Dasom!

Koreaboo @koreaboo
BTS’s Relationship with Dasom Revealed in Suga’s Live!

중기 @joongki
🐱: I’m seeing a lot of questions about the baby. She’s really fun.

중기 @joongki
@joongki 🐱: She calls me “oongi-ung”. (Suga referred to Dasom as 조카 here, meaning niece/nephew)

중기 @joongki
@joongki 🐱: Jimin taught her to bow but she likes to hug.
🐱: She’s a lot like Jimin. It’s cute.

Minissi 🌍 @geonds
I was kind of bummed when JHope didn’t talk about Dasom at all on his birthday live but Suga squeeing over her totally makes up for it.

Jikook True Love in a New World @aisley92
Suga saying she gets excited whenever she sees him because she’s known him the longest and being so proud of that, brb crying #uncleoongi #sugalive

STOB IT @seokjinnie_1
i guess yoongi being whipped for the maknae line extends to the maknae babies

semone 🌍 @emmaa_chaa
just imaging dasom growing up calling the members all hyung because her parents do i need a hug now #btsbaby

bet on bts 🌍 @artechpoin
Everyone who calls Yoongi cold or whatever just needs to watch this video of him talking about Dasom. #uncleoongi #dasom

LuLuLeLo 🌍 @lulu_leo
I’m sure that whatever he said was approved by Jimin and Jungkook beforehand but part of me is so squishy for the idea that Suga loves Dasom so much he couldn’t help but gush about her.

BTS is My New World 🌍 @hashtagbtsarmy
This little girl is the luckiest human on the whole damn planet. #princessdasom

BTS Scholar @hobehobi
🐱: We went crazy when we got back. Wrote most of the tracks before the new year. This is the fastest we’ve ever done a full album but we had to after being away from music for so long.


BTS Official @bts_official
“New World” Official Teaser Video

Koreaboo @Koreaboo
BTS Army goes wild for “New World” teaser video! #newworld

Korea NOW @korea_now
Twenty of the best tweets about BTS “New World” MV!

SeoulBeats @seoul_beats
How could the latest “New World” teasers fit into the BTS Universe?

Soompi @soompi
Top New World Theories!

Jikooters @gukker
@Koreaboo you misspelled “feral”

smoosher 🌍 @jcmarkk123

Hyung Girl 🌍 @929394line
i’m staring respectfully #newworld #jimims

JIKOOK Protection Society @report4jimin

Mira 🌍 @lifewithbaebae

Kookie0901 @kookie0901

New World @pacman99
if we don’t get mafia boss jimin in the new world mv, i will cry

Sarui @formula7
the hyung line the blonde hair i am not going to survive periodt

Tae Best Boy 🌍 @iwinyouwin
these fits, the power they hold #newworld


BTS Rocks Madison Square Garden
Lee See-yeon || Hollywood Line || June 23, 2024

Just over 26 months since their last concert, BTS started the overseas leg of their New World Tour in the Big Apple for the first of three nights at Madison Square Garden. The shows, which all sold out in just under two hours, feature a set list of new music from their most recent album, as well as favorites from previous years. The septet began with the title track "New World" off their most recent album before segueing into fan favorite "Idol".

"Two years ago, when we left the stage for a long break, we were honored to serve our country but we also were sorry to say goodbye to Army. We wondered what our welcome back would be like. You all have been more than we could ever have dreamt of," RM told the crowd at the end of the concert. All the members echoed RM's thanks to Army...

SeoulBeats @seoul_beats
After Korean Shows, BTS Begins New World Tour Overseas

USA Today @usatoday
BTS Brings Their High-Energy Show Stateside

Hollywood Line @hwoodline
See all the photos of BTS from Madison Square Garden!

John @rmsheart
I am once again asking for BTS to perform Baepsae for *reasons*

JK and JM Fans @jkjkkkkay
New World choreo is FIERCE #newworldtour

Stacey’s Mom @celastial
I’m glad to see that being mated hasn’t cut down on Jikook’s stage antics.

Jeon Kim @jungtaelove
Concert starts:
Jikook: Is this our opportunity to make Army feel single?

Zaffy @btsbirdapp
Cypher 5 just hits different with the hyung line in camo

Beatrice7 @btsbombbadier
dasom and jikook in central park she’s so cuuuuuuteeee! #dasom

Inches to Miles @sarahsmithsmiles
@btsbombbadier Please delete these! Her dads didn’t consent to have these photos taken. She deserves to be left alone!

theseriousgirl @yanginnyc
NYC Army, please make sure you take pictures of the members only when they are “on duty”, and remember that Dasom is just a little girl...let her live her life with her parents! We are better than this. #protectjikook #protectdasom

Atiya NYC NEW WORLD TOUR 24 🌍 @atiyaa_bts
I have tickets for tomorrow... I’m not ready, I’m not worthy, I’m not going to survive. #newworld

jikook4am 🌍 @jikook4am
I never thought I’d have to say this in the year of our lord 2024, but the more I look at the dirty dancing photos, the more I realize someone may need to save BTS from Jikook. #jikook


[BANGTAN BOMB] Sesame Street
BANGTANTV || Transcript || August 29, 2024

Green Room at Kaufman Astoria Studios, New York City
Jungkook: We watch the Sesame English show together a lot at home.
Namjoon: Jungkook told our managers yes before anyone else could say anything! It will be fun, it’s going to be like stepping back into our childhood.
Jungkook: Only Big Bird is yellow.
Namjoon: Yeah, he was purple when we were kids.
Jungkook: They gave us a few options but Grover is her favorite. So we’re going to be with Grover.
Namjoon: Jungkook practiced really hard for today.
Jungkook: I think meeting Grover is making me more nervous than speaking in English.

Sesame Street Set
Jimin: Do you want to sit here to see Daddy and Namjoonie-Hyung? They have a special seat just for you!
Dasom: Shhh! Be quiet!
Jimin: Yes, we have to be very quiet.
Dasom: You sit too.
Jimin: Do you want to sit in my lap?
Dasom: Okay.
Jungkook: Hug?
Dasom: Yes!
Jimin: You’re going to do excellent, Jungkookie.

WorldWideNewWorld @b4rb13
Jimin encouraging Jungkook in all that he does (a ridiculously long thread)

Song Hyeon @1013jiminie
RM is the most patient human being ever

amaya @koominniedasom

udonemessedup 🌍 @a_a_r0n
I know they’re mated, but Jikook hasn’t come home in so long. They’re so happy together. 😭 #btssesame

Raaaaaap Monsta @rmluver94
a bomb only two months after? with dasom? and jikook? and namjoonie hyung carrying dasom?

Dasom’s cute little voice *sobs* #btssesame

hoper @zbleec
me: knows jikook are fully mated and wake up together and kiss each other *on the mouth* probably a lot

KariKat @rosencranz2
Dasom has excellent taste, Grover was my favorite too. #btssesame #dasom

TaeTae My Love @eveeconn
I need Dasom with all of her other "ung"s now

Agust D Rap God @soulof875
if dasom is on a bangtan bomb, is she going to be in memories 2024?!

Han Solo @tobycattermole
Jikook was silent for too long, I have no tolerance built up anymore. #btssesame #dasom #jikook

Donkey Kong @amiaime
Big Hit calls this a "Bangtan Bomb", I think they meant "therapy". #btssesame

Mira @lifewithbaebae
Whoever decided Jungkook would help teach Grover the world “frustrated” is a SAVAGE. #dying #BTSsesame