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BTS Military Service, Alternative Service Announced
Kim Minju || Associated Press || February 23, 2022

Big Hit Entertainment announced that following their final Be The Soul Tour concert in Seoul on April 8, 2022, six of the seven BTS members will be enlisting for their 18 month mandatory military service. Kim Namjoon (stage name RM), Kim Seokjin (Jin), Min Yoongi (Suga), Jung Hoseok (JHope), Kim Taehyung (V), and Jeon Jungkook will report on Monday, April 18, 2022.

In the same release, Big Hit confirmed the long-rumored status of Park Jimin, stating that as he was an Omega, he would not be entering armed military service. Instead, Park intends to still serve his country through the Alternate Service Corps, lending his voice and image to the public relations arm of the Ministry of Classification.

"We want to thank our fans for their love and patience as we close out our tour and prepare for service. This is an honor for any South Korean and we look forward to doing our duty. We will go and come back safely," leader RM said in the statement.

Military experts predict that BTS...

Big Hit Entertainment @big_hit_entertainment
News release on BTS military enlistment details, dates.

Koreaboo @Koreaboo
Jimin’s an Omega! All of His Rumored Love Connections Through the Years

KPop Daily @kpop_daily
BTS announces hiatus in April to complete military service! Jimin confirms Omega status and will enter voluntary service. #btsenlistment

HollywoodLine @hwoodline
BTS fandom Army trends all 20 hashtags in BTS’s honor as KPop group announces break to serve in the military. #btsenlistment

Dispatch @kdispatchk
BTS confirms military service begins April 2022. All members but Jimin will enter military service. #btsenlistment

bangtannies @madebydesign23
I just feel so lied to. If jimin had known for years he was Omega why didn't he say something and let us know? I would have stanned someone else

Warrior Goddess @hernamewaszena
@madebydesign23 it's literally his job to be as appealing as possible? He doesn't owe any fan anything...also you had no chance w/him, grow up.

Tears On My Converse Highs @milli9283
knowing this is coming and actually being ready for it are two totally different things. Im so numb rn #heartbroken

Queen Miranda_a @miranda_a

Vminnies @slmates95z
@miranda_a we ALL called it

Be_the_Soul_Tokyo_22 @bts_saved_me
K-Armies say that the official reports list statuses of all seven members. Here come the ship wars… #btsis7

FlightorFight @p1neapple_p3n
i’m just a baby army, but i thought korea passed a law they didnt have to do military service?

Keneddee @angeljiminie7
@EnlistmentPlaylist im listening to mikrokosmos on repeat and eating cookie dough ice cream. U?

JKJM Updates @jk_jm_iwaswithhimat4am
I-Army, if you need to talk, my inbox is open. Take care of yourselves. Drink lots of water, sign off of social media if you need to. ILY

BTS @bts_twit
우리가 어디에 있든 일몰은 너무 아름답습니다.

The sunset is so beautiful no matter where we are. Await the sunrise.


BTS Holds Final Concert Before Enlistment
Lee See-yeon || Hollywood Line || April 9, 2022

There wasn’t a dry eye in Olympic Stadium as BTS sang and danced through the last 22 songs they would perform in front of fans before enlistment. Opening with their fan-favorite Dionysus and finishing the show with new song Only a Moment, BTS brought their typical high energy show as a final farewell. No member was able to make it through their ending statement without pausing several times for tears, and hugs were plentiful…

Koreaboo @Koreaboo
30 Photos from BTS’s Last Concert That You Have to See #bethesoultour #btsenlistment

KPop Daily @kpop_daily
Concert Ends in Tears for BTS, Army #btsenlistment #bts_twit #bethesoul

Charlizzz @charliezheron
these photos are killing me...i don’t think i will ever be emotionally prepared for suga crying #weare7withyou

Queeeen Jikook @gcf09011013
That hug … Jikook didn’t want to let go. My heart. #jikook

TetraK @opjkt
I know they’re honored to be serving but I’m really struggling to see this positively

m. @mvtjoys
Rap line’s tri-harmony, rapper Jungkook, Jimin’s dance solo, Jin and V’s instrumental duet...this was everything I could have wanted. Thank you @bts_twit

TaeTaeEveryDay @taetaeeveryday

BTS Daily Info @minimini
We will wait for you @bts_twit

BTS @bts_twit
오늘 밤 육군에 감사드립니다. 우리는 그것을 결코 잊지 않을 것입니다. 기다려주세요!

Thank you so much for tonight Army. We will never forget it. Please wait for us! #bethesoul


Members Report to Basic Training
Sarah Miller || Associated Press || April 18, 2022

A small crowd of post dignitaries and invited guests gathered to welcome BTS members RM, Jin, Suga, JHope, V, and Jungkook to basic training. After a brief ceremony attended by the Prime Minister of South Korea, who honored the artists for their achievements as musicians and their service to the country, the six members spent a moment saying goodbye to seventh member Jimin. This will be the last public appearance...

Dispatch @kdispatchk
BTS, Prime Minister attend BTS enlistment ceremony. All members except Jimin have entered service.

Nicola :) @itsniccola
I was pretending today would be like any other. But then the photos..they really are gone..Jimin hugging everyone..I can’t imagine them apart..

Queen Jikook @gcf09011013
I didn’t think Jimin wanted to let go of Jungkook… #jikook

Madridd @revenusene
@gcf09011013 He looked devastated hugging everyone, but JM def didn’t want to let go of JK, and did you see JK whispering to JM?

B/T/S.Rain @bumpercropcorn
is it bad that these shorter haircuts might be my favorite? they all looked soooooo good #btsenlistment

Samantha @s3j998
I hope they end up at the same base so at least they aren’t alone!!


Jimin Releases Children’s Album
Choi Sooyoung || Billboard Magazine || August 4, 2022

As part of his work through the Ministry of Classification, Jimin has released an album of children’s music that include updated lyrics of traditional Korean songs. The new lyrics replaced previously well-known and harmful A/B/O stereotypes and were written by some of the most famous musicians in South Korea, including BTS member RM.

Park also addressed his status in a separate release. “I want to give my deep appreciation to our BTS Army and the press, who allowed me to live my life without pushing me to identify my status before I was ready to share it. I am proud to be an Omega, and I am excited to share music that celebrates the differences between statuses while still encouraging every young boy and girl to achieve anything they dream of - as I and my other members have.”

Park, who hasn’t been seen in public since BTS’s enlistment in April and has only hosted one Vlive for BTS's anniversary on June 13, appears to have been incredibly busy in his members’ absence. He is reported to have also provided voice-acting to several state-sponsored cartoons addressing A/B/O themes, which will be released this fall during Chuseok. He will not participate in any public promotions for the album. He did not provide any comment on the other members' service.

I Star Times @istartimes
Jimin drops a surprise album through the Ministry of Classification! Listen to his title track “Korean Lullaby”, written by RM and featuring Jungkook!

LA Times @losangelestms
BTS member Jimin releases an album for children with rewritten lyrics that do not emphasize harmful stereotypes prevalent in traditional music.

BTS @bts_twit
육군, 분류 부를 통해 나의 최신 앨범을 확인 해주세요! 자신을 즐기고 돌보십시오! 잘 먹고!

ARMY please check out my latest album through the Ministry of Classification! Enjoy and take care of yourselves! Eat well!
#Jimin #koreanlullaby

Namjooning @23michael32
@bts_twit HI!!! I miss you so much!

Penelopi @restinglaurels
Jimin looks sooooooooo good with brown hair again. 🙌🙌 natural color! #jimim

All K-Pop @allkpop
Jimin breaks months of silence on BTS Twitter to encourage fans to listen to his latest work through the Ministry of Classification, and shares a photo.

DixieHeart @9claritee
This album is so beautiful. You can really hear Jimin’s warmth in every lyric. I don’t speak Korean but I can’t imagine NOT playing this for my kids one day. #jimin

yesmaam @james82900
These songs remind me of that one interview he did for that Japanese magazine, where he said he couldn’t wait to have kids one day.

yesmaam @james82900
@james82900 Everyone talks about how that was how they knew he was an omega, but I can just imagine him singing to his kids...

cykoofan @katieewaterrs
OMG JK ON LULLABY #koreanlullaby

tanniesammy @bangtangje
@katieewaterrs and it's the song RM helped rewrite. They must have done that one before enlistment!

how r u @hashtagbtsarmy
“Korean Lullaby” is seriously one of my favorite songs now. Their voices sound so good…and then their duet at the f*cking beautiful.

jikook4am @jikook4am
Never thought we’d finally get a Jikook subunit on a lullaby of all things...but i’ll take it…

GCFfanatic @gcffaaaaan
@jikook4am LOL that most of the subunit song/dances we have with Jikook are about sex/r-ships/r-ships falling apart...and then 1 about a baby.

jikook4am @jikook4am
@gcffaaaaan their first songs = innocent, coming of age/own it = sex, then we don't talk anymore/who = breaking up...and then baby? backwards!

BTS CHARTS @bts_charts1
"Korean Lullaby" by Jimin featuring Jungkook #9 on US Billboard Charts and #4 on Global Charts in its first week after release.

BTS CHARTS @bts_charts1
@bts_charts1 This is the first time ever a song produced by a national government has appeared on the Billboard Hot 100 or Global 200.

JIMINIE HYUNG @jiminiebaby
@bts_charts1 That's THE Park Jimin for you!!!!! #jimin #jimim #koreanlullaby


Jimin Reveals He's MATED On Birthday VLive!
Choi Sooyoung || Billboard Magazine || October 13, 2022

All the details here: BTS member Jimin hosted his second VLive since he started voluntary service and his fellow members entered active service. In a brief appearance online, Jimin revealed that earlier in the year he had mated and this was his first birthday where he wasn't single.

Jimim didn’t share much about his partner, revealing that they had known each other for a long time but becoming mates was "something surprising that we didn't look for". He stated that his mate had known his status but never treated him differently, which helped Jimin fall in love with him. He thanked fans for understanding that he hadn't told them about his mating right away, because he wanted "honeymoon" time without the world watching. He said that he hoped one day for everyone to know how amazing his mate is, but that for right now his mate would stay private.

Jimin also apologized for appearing tired, as he'd had a hard time sleeping the night before because he was so anxious to say hello to Army. Before signing off, he answered a few questions and revealed that he had heard recently from all the members. He reported they are enjoying their service and eating well. He had only been able to see Jungkook and Suga in person so far, but talked to the rest on the phone or by text many times.

Koreaboo @koreaboo
What Will Happen to Jimin’s Infamous Popularity Now That He is Mated?

Billboard Magazine @bb_mag
Omegas have come so far in equal rights, but will BTS member Jimin’s mating help or hurt the musical juggernaut? #jimin

clinically mad @intheclinc
Waiting for the think piece about how Jimin will have to give up performing to stay at home and have babies now. #wesupportyoujimin

Chimmy @chimchimlibra
So excited for Jiminie! Everyone deserves love! #ourjiminieismated

Kookie0901 @kookie0901
I see so many Jikookers upset...there’s no proof that Jimin’s mate ISN’T Jungkook! And even if it isn't, we can still celebrate their amazing bond!

Song Hyeon@1013jiminie
So many gross posts about Jimin and you know why Jimin didn’t even want to tell us his status. #wesupportyoujimin

Nuno @miniminiz
I hope Jimin gets some rest! He looked tired and a little sick on the VLive. #happybirthdayjimin

Inches to Miles @sarahsmithsmiles
@miniminiz I thought that too! He didn’t move much - usually he dances around at some point, even just in his seat, but he was so still today. #jimin

Nuno @miniminiz
@sarahsmithsmiles He looked like he’s gained a little bit of weight, good for him. He was too skinny before. #jimin

theseriousgirl @yanginnyc
Lets drown out the misogyny by retweeting your favorite concert moments from Jimin! #wesupportyoujimin

Bethie @epsiolon
Did everyone forget it’s his birthday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIMIN! #happybirthdayjimin #jimin

Marie7 @marebare
I’m so happy he was able to mate on his own terms! BTS is going to start working on the second generation! #Jimin

Mini Mimi Charts @MimiCharts
#ourjiminieismated, #Jimin, and #Jimim are all trending in 99 countries! #wesupportyoujimin is trending in 45!


Jungkook Takes Brief Leave from Military
Kim Chan Woo || Dispatch || December 10, 2022

Following several social media reports from Busan than Jungkook was seen arriving at the airport unexpectedly and looking tired, Korean fans had taken to the internet to demand explanations as concerns arose over whether the idol had been hurt during military duty. In a rare step to quell questions, the Ministry of Defense issued a short statement.

"Jeon Jungkook has been granted brief leave from the military to care for private health concerns of a family member. He will return shortly. Due to security concerns and the privacy of his family, no further information will be provided."

Big Hit Entertainment directed all callers to refer to the Ministry of Defense's statement. Jungkook's mother, father, and brother are all believed to still live in Busan, but reports are unclear where he went from the airport and who he is visiting. Personal leave for health concerns are typically only granted for parents, spouses or mates, and children.

Koreaboo @koreaboo
All the Times Jungkook Has Been a Model Son!

All K-Pop @allkpop
Jungkook Confirmed to be Taking a Break from the Military! Why It’s Not Likely Army Will See Him During this Break.

jk fans @jkjkkkkay
I'm glad they released a statement. I was so worried. Hope his mom or dad is okay! #healingwishes

Sammi Davis @uknowbts
God. Even in the military everyone has to be in his business. Let him be!!!!

94Liner @headjhopefan
Man, my heart leaped with joy for a minute there before I realized it was temporary. #jungkookonbreak

Beatrice7 @btsbombbadier
who posted all the pics of him at the airport there was one where he smiled and my heart went duhdum #jungkook

94Liner @headjhopefan
@btsbombbadier the ones where he had his mask off? they were from a sasaeng, i think they got deleted.

Beatrice7 @btsbombbadier
@headjhopefan aww man. It’s been so loooooonnnggggggg...


Jungkook Releases Statement on Mating, Thanks Fans
Big Hit Entertainment || For Immediate Release || December 20, 2022

Hello, Jungkook here. I wanted to take a moment to thank our ARMY for all of the care and concern you have expressed for my family. I wish that I could express my thanks and the news I am about to share with you all in person, but unfortunately my duties prevent this from occurring. I hope ARMY can understand.

Military service is a time that allows us to express our love to our country. It is also a time to realize who are the most important persons in your life as you prepare to leave them. For me, before leaving for service I had been romantically involved with the most amazing partner, and we decided to mate. This was not a decision we took lightly, but was the right one for us. We did not want to distract from BTS’s enlistment, so we determined that the mating would be announced at a later date.

Unfortunately, my mate fell ill a few weeks ago and I was granted leave to support them in their illness. They have since made a recovery and I returned to service on December 10.

Through my service and their illness, I realized once again that life is too short to not act, and I wanted to share my joy with you all. I apologize if this is startling news to Army. Someday soon I hope to introduce my mate to you so they can experience the same love you have always given me.


KNetStanz @knetstanz
Second BTS member is off the market! Who could the lucky Omega be? More about the Omegas Jungkook has been linked to!

All K-Pop @allkpop
With Two of Their Most Popular Members Now Mated, Will Army Stick by BTS? Or Have Jimin and Jungkook’s Matings Sunk the Unstoppable BTS Ship?

Big Tears No Fears @awwal384
@allkpop If they are REAL ARMY, they will be happy that members have found happiness, and will stand by them forever!!! #congratsJK

Kookie0901 @kookie0901
Trying not to be delulu, but my Jikook heart knowing that only Jimin and Jungkook are mated, that both of their matings took place “earlier this year”...

Kookie0901 @kookie0901
@kookie0901 I know I’m being delulu but what if they’re mated to EACH OTHER? #jikook

Jung Time @jungtime
All these fans upset that JK has mated with someone that’s not you...seriously, you live in another country and don’t speak his language.

Marie7 @marebare
Everyone deserves happiness! Can’t wait to see the pretty babies Jungkook and his mate have one day! #jungkook #congratsJK

Kemosabe @zbleec
JK was leaving busan after his leave when he was photographed? i hope his mate rlly was better when he had to go back cause he looked rlly tired

jk fans @jkjkkkkay
#congratsJK, #Jungkook, and #jungkook_mated are trending in 132 countries!


Jimin Attends Book Release, First Time at an Official Event in Almost a Year
Kim Minju || Associated Press || February 28, 2023

On Saturday, BTS member Jimin (Park Jimin) attended a book release press conference for Dream On, a children's story book that describes his rise to success despite social barriers put in his way because of his status as an Omega. Jimin worked with acclaimed children's storybook author Park Woo Cha (no relation) and the illustrations were done by Lee Keeyang in the project, which is a joint venture between HYBE's publishing wing and the Ministry of Classification.

In beautifully illustrated detail, the book captures how hard Jimin worked and his hours of practice at the cost of sleep, friends, and having fun for years to become one of the best dancers in KPop despite people's negative perceptions. The other BTS members are warmly depicted as "the most loyal friends" in the pages that show BTS's early challenges, all the way to the end of the book, when BTS swept the Dasaengs the first time in 2019.

The final page shows Jimin speaking to his unseen mate, thanking him for supporting Jimin's dreams and not expecting Jimin to be anyone but himself. Jimin wrote the dedication, mentioning his parents, brother, friends, fellow members, "and especially my beloved" as those who have loved him for who he is regardless of status.

The book is available…

Korea News Daily, the English News Source @knewsday
Jimin the author! Check out images from his new children's book about his time in BTS! #dreamon #jimin

no more dream @karikattt23
that last panel is definitely jimin at MAMA 2019 - in the background jin even has his birthday hat on - brb going to watch the mama bomb in slooooooow mo

udonemessedup @a_a_r0n
so was jimin with his mate in 2019? his statement on his birthday made it seem like it was a new thing?

Mimi's Protection Society @report4jimin
@a_a_r0n he said that he had known his mate for years, so it was just the mating that was new

udonemessedup @a_a_r0n
@report4jimin ohhhh I had thought they had just met. I remember that now. so sweet if he had his mate there to watch mama when they won so big!

soulmate things @95line4bts
call me delulu but the person he's speaking 2 is wearing black n u can definitely see the hyung line because of jin hat and RM SG JH hair was light

soulmate things @95line4bts
@95line4bts but u don't see v/jk at all n the mates hair is dark but didn't look red like jk so i think he's taking to v

Mikro Miss @mikromiss
@95line4bts yeah but K Army who read the enlistment reports confirmed Taehyung is a beta. Tae can't be Jimin's mate biologically...

Kookie Mimi @jk97jm95
all the members except JK were wearing white dress shirts… on the Last page you can see the collar of JM's mate and its not white… 👀

GODDESS SAMU @outkookside
@jk97jm95 am I delulu or are there squiggles on the mates hand? like tattoos

Erin Go Braugh @irishhannie
Can gross shippers just leave Jimin alone? Why do you have to dissect photos? Why can't you just appreciate his beautiful book? #dreamon #jimin

Tanya, Be the Soul Tokyo 22 @jkjmsk
I just went to Jimin’s dad’s cafe and they’re selling his book! They have his children’s song CD too. I love how much his family supports him.


Big Hit Announces Festa Activities with ALL BTS MEMBERS to Celebrate Tenth Anniversary
Kim Chan Woo || Dispatch || May 12, 2023

Though Korean social media has been bustling with this rumor, it was not confirmed until today's press release that all six active duty members of BTS will be granted one-week leave to participate in activities surrounding BTS's tenth anniversary, called “Festa” by the group, which will take place June 13, 2023. The week will be added to their service, pushing their release back to November 24, 2023.

Big Hit also released news that they have been working alongside the Ministry of National Defense to capture BTS members periodically during their active duty, showing what their lives are like in the military and celebrate their service. A Bangtan Bomb will be shared during Festa with this footage.

BTS @bts_twit
곧 육군과 함께한 일을 공유하게되어 매우 기쁩니다! 잘 먹고 잘 먹어!

So excited to share what we've been up to with ARMY soon! Take care and eat well!
#Jimin #10YearsofBTS

Billboard Magazine @bb_mag
Check on your fellow BTS ARMY members, because BTS has announced they have received leave to celebrate their 10th anniversary as a group!

Renee rainy @googiegirl

ppppacer @pacman99
Guys, I know we won’t but what if Jimin and Jungkook bring along their MATES for us?! And we get to see them?! #10YearsofBTS

Taehyung Has My Soul @vkook4eva
I don’t care if they never sub any of it in English. I just want to hear my babies’ssss voices! #BTSISBACK #10YearsofBTS

JinJiJook - The Original @jinjijook
i woke up to five screaming text messages and 28 people have tagged me. i love you all and OMG BTS IS COMING BACK #THEYARECOMING

Macie - Busy @maciemay
i’m so happy they can all be together for their tenth anniversary. I bet sometimes they never thought they’d get to five!! #THEYARECOMING

Hyung Girl @929394line
i’m going to be so curious to see how everyone interacts after over a year apart #BTSISBACK #10YearsofBTS

Suga is my Spice @sugasweetie
There was a K-Army rumor a few weeks ago that Jimin was seen near the base Jungkook and Suga are at with another woman. Maybe it was JK’s mate?

sheeinie @sheisofficallydone
@sugasweetie OMG seriously?! do you have the link? that is so sweet, Jimin is hanging out with JK’s mate!! BTS really is a family

Suga is my Spice @sugasweetie
@sheisofficallydone no i guess the OP had to delete because it was military info but it might still be on tumblr! i saw it there first

Raaaaaap Monsta @rmluver94
@sheisofficiallydone @sugasweetie KArmy knows so much more about where BTS is but can’t tell i have a friend who lives near a base and is always seeing weird mysterious tweets

KariKat @rosencranz2
They could do that silly frozen thing for half a video and I’ll be happy. #BTSISBACK #10Yearsof BTS


BTS 10th Anniversary Festa Details
Big Hit Entertainment || For Immediate Release || June 10, 2023

To celebrate the previous ten years of BTS, Big Hit Entertainment is pleased to announce the viewing schedule for #Festa10! Included in the events are several favorite concerts of the group, as well as dinner where BTS will interview each other on how their lives and minds have changed in the ten years since debut. A Bangtan Bomb with footage from the past year of military and volunteer service will be shared. And finally, BTS members RM, Jin, Suga, JHOPE, Jimin, V, and Jungkook will be joining fans for a VLive at 9PM KST on the evening of June 13 for a quick greeting!

For more details...