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all i wanted was you

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Virginia was born in the year of 1931, not too long after the Great Depression had started. Her family could not afford to care for her and left her in an orphanage where she often found her self daydreaming, wondering when her life would finally begin.

She was seven when she was adopted by the Turners, a working class couple who were never able to have children of their own. They immediately welcomed her with open arms, treating her as if she had been there her whole life. Although they were not rolling in money, they did everything they could to make sure she had a good life.

Things took a turn in 1942, when her mother got sick and passed away just a few weeks after Virginia’s 11th birthday. Her father grew distant after that, providing what she needed to survive- nothing more and nothing less.

Although Virginia still loved her father dearly, and knew in her heart that he loved her too, she ended up leaving home at the age of sixteen after becoming engaged to a solder she had met at her town’s annual fair. They quickly married and headed to Washington, where they got an apartment near his family.

Life wasn’t so bad for the year they were together, he wasn’t even there most of the time. It’s not like they loved each other, at least she couldn’t say she loved him. She did everything she thought a wife was supposed to do, even if it made her feel empty. It was when she got a letter saying that he had been killed in action that made her think she was cursed. It was when she found out she was pregnant that she knew she was cursed.

Later that month she found herself at her first doctor’s appointment. Standing by the front door was a young man with golden brown hair. He looked at her with the saddest eyes she had ever seen, and gave her a nod of acknowledgment as she walked past him to meet with her doctor. Dr. Carlisle Cullen was a kind man. He assured her that everything would be fine, that he would help find the best doctors to look out for her.

“I would rather have the most affordable doctors, sir.” She looked down at her feet, avoiding eye contact with the handsome doctor.

“Don’t worry about money, I will make sure everything is taken care of.” Normally these words would make her laugh, because what kind of person would just help pay for a stranger’s medical bills? But she was just so insanely relieved that all she could do was cry.

As she made her way out of the office, the man from before walked up to her.

“Hello, I’m Edward.”

This was the beginning of the end.