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A Story is told

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Let me tell you a story

A Story of Rulers

Who each ruled different lands

One of the Endless Sky

 One of the Blazing Hell

 One of the Peaceful Earth

They were siblings, friends, and comrades.

And just like siblings, friends, and comrades

They sometimes fought or disagreed

At times it got out of hand, a neutral (C H A O T I C) party would put a stop to them

Who is that?

It’s the Ambassador

Sent by the one who gave power to the Rulers himself

The Creator of the Universe 

And once harmony is restored

Life moves on

But the story isn’t over

Far from it

For there is another

One who holds no title but is still held dear

An observer of the chaos

A friend

A sibling or brother

A comrade

These beings of Life and Death, of Chaos and Order, of Power or Not

Watch the world burn happily with each other

For they are safe with each other

And they are loved by one another

And the Universe is theirs as much as they belong to the Universe

And with that

The Story's over

Or is it?