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SQ and the bee(ad)venture

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SQ and the bee(ad)venture

It was a warm sunny spring day in Storybrooke but of course none of them knew that their day or week was going to turn much darker. Regina Mills was off busy doing paperwork. Her assistant entered the office.

“Madam Mayor I apologize for interrupting but Sandy, a representative of Mayor Cory City of Augusta, Maine wants to see you” the assistant replied.

“Of course please send her in” Regina commented happily to take a break from doing her paperwork. Soon moments later the assistant escorted Sandy in.

“Hello Madam Mayor my name is Sandy Bloom representative to Mayor Cory” Ms Bloom introduced herself as Regina shook her hand.

“Welcome to Storybrooke Ms Bloom I am Mayor Regina Mills. Now what brings you here?”Regina asked as both ladies sat in their seats.

“Madam Mayor there has been a bee attack throughout our state and across the east coast. People have been getting attacked by bees for no reason” Ms Bloom explained her situation.

“That’s rather unfortunate but tell me Miss Bloom would you and the mayor know any reason as to why this is happening?” Regina asked intrigued.

“I don’t think we know why bees are attacking but do you know how many citizens have been affected by the bees?

“I actually do not know at the moment but please excuse me for a minute I apologize” Regina commented as share picked up the phone that was on the table.

“Hello Dr Whale, tell me how many citizens have been bitten by bees?” Regina asked, putting the phone on speaker mode.

“Roughly 70% of the town has been affected. The only ones that don’t seem to be affected are the children that are all in school at the moment and people who have been inside all day. Also the total bee sting I have is roughly 2000. Sheriff Swan who was here earlier did some investigation and a survey she found that people who have been wearing spring colors have been attacked by more than 1 bee at the same time.” Dr Whale explained what he knew.

“So basically anyone who wore warm color outside has been attacked vs those who haven’t been outside. How are the citizens? I hope it is not too bad” Regions asked.

“Nope everyone is ok but Madam Mayor if the sheriff is right please do not let the children leave, It’s more harmful for the children vs the adults” Dr Whale requested of her.

“Right I’ll let the schools know not to release the kids but Dr please I urge you to keep me updated” Regina asked before hanging up. Looking at Ms Bloms she said “About 2000 people”

“Thank you and I hope we can find a cure for all of this mess,” Ms Blooms commented.

“If what the Sheriff said is true please let the schools know not to release the children” Regina added

“Of course Madam Mayor and also the governor is requesting that you send a reparative to us once this whole thing clears up” Ms Bloom asked as Regina responded. Regina then walked with Ms Bloom outside sending her off.

“Madam Mayor I apologize for interrupting but Dr. Hopper says you need to get to the Sheriff Station immediately there appears to be a situation regarding the sheriff” Regina felt her heart skip a beat.

“Ms Bloo, have a wonderfully day I must get going” Regina told her apologetically then she added “I will call Mayor Cory once I return” Ms Bloom then left and Regina quickly rushers to the sheriff's station to her horror she could see Emma standing near a large swarm of bees. Regina looked confused but once she realized that the bees were attacking the bug. She could see Emma rushing at the swarm of bees with the bee repellent “EMMA NOOOO” she screeched as the swarm of bees left the bug but immediately started attacking her. Using her magic at bees did nothing but only made them angry.

“Regina gets the bees out the ambulance is on it’s way” Archie yelled as Regina managed to ho;d of the bees while the paramedics came and took Emma. She then proved herself and Archie to the hospital. Once at the hospital Regina headed to find Emma. She eventually entered the room that Emma was in.

“Emma you stupid stupid idiot why would do do that?” Regina nearly sobbed, grabbing her warm arm as she looked into those green eyes she adored.

“Because why not?” Emma shrugged thenshe added “I’m the savior”

“Emma I know you’re the savior my love but that does not mean that you get to perform these reckless acts' ' Regina firmly replied lifting Emma’s chin to look at her in the eyes.

“I’m sorry Gina” Emma sighed as Regina hugged her then she added “What’s with all thse stupid bees?”

“Well let’s just say this there’s apparently wild angry bees that are all over the east coast and we have no idea why or how” Regi explained the situation and what the representative from Governor Cory had told her.


“They have no idea dear neither do we” Regina explained as Archie entered the room.

“Madam Mayor, Sheriff I hope I’m not interrupting but Gold says that we have gotten rid of most of the colors that the bees were attracted to and now there is only one thing left. He says he wants to leave that thing to your choice” Archie explained.

“We’ll have to get rid of her car right?* Regina gulped then she added perhaps we can disguise it for the time being after all the sheriff holds that car close to her heart*

“The bees have found their way into the engine and the engine is far too damaged” Archie added looking at Emma then he mentioned “I’m so sorry Emma we tried to save the car we truly tried to.”

“I need a minute please” Emma commented before proofing out of the room.

“Is the car gone?” Regina asked hesitantly.

“No it’s still at the shop we couldn’t get rid of it yet” Archie explained as Regina left to find Emma who happened to be by the docks staring out at the ocean.

“Emma darling” Regina softly commented as she placed her hands on Emma’s shoulders.

“I know I have to get rid of it but it’s been in my life for so long” Emma replied sadly.

“We’ll get a new one I know it won’t be the same” Regina tried to make her feel better.

“You promise?” Emma asked Regina who was taken aback.

“I promise,” Regina commented as she hugged Emma for a few moments. After a few minutes of sitting together in silence the ladies headed back to the shop where most of the town was gathered to see their savior’s car go.

“Hey bud thanks for being in my life for so long and I honestly will miss you but thank you thank you so much.” Emma told the car as she placed her hand on the hood. The townsfolk shred a few tears after all it was a bittersweet moment.

“I’m sorry Emma” Regina commented as Gold’s magic surrounded the car and within a few moments it was gone.

“You haven’t said anything mean yet Gina”

“There’s a time and place for that Miss Swan”

“Since when did YOU of all people care about time and space”

“I always did Miss Swan”

“Please do it”


“What why not now”

“Miss Swan Prehabs use your brain the ENTIRE town is standing right there” Regina snapped gesturing to the hundreds of people that were standing near them.

“Gina I’ll always protect you always”

“Even if it means turning on them?”

“Yes my dad cam take care of them now be mean to me please”

“Very well and also SHE asked for it just so we’re clear” Regina shouters in the direction off the townsfolk turning to Emma she said “I told you so idiot”

“That’s it?” Emma asked, her facial expression not changing.

“What do you mean that’s it?”

“Miss Swan I was mean to you as you requested”

“Nah you can do better”

“Miss Swan the town”

“Regina if they truly TRY anything you know I’ll save you in a heartbeat

“I hate you”

“I love you”

“Um let’ssee that’s why that pathetic death trap of a car is useless because it’s so stupid that bees think it’s a flower”

“Yea that’s more I like it”

“You’re insufferable”

“You love me and same” Emma cheered walking away. Over the next few days the attack of the bees stopped.. Regina then had a plan to do something. A few weeks later Regina summoned Emma to town hall.

“Yes you summoned me, your majesty?” Emma bowed dramatically to Regina.

“I have a surprise for you my love”

“OOOHHH what kind of a surprise?”

“You’ll see” Regina giggled.

“GGGIINNNNAAAAA tell meee” Emma whined happily.

“My god be patient Eeeeeemmmmaaaaaaaa” Regina whined back at her.

“Ugh” Emma groaned.

“It’ll be worth it I think” Regina hesitated

“What do you mean by it’ll be worth it I think?”

“Well um I don’t know if you’ll hate it or despise it?”

“Miss Mills prehabs I will lov e it” Emma rolled her eyes.

“Are you sure? I mean you haven’t even seen it yet”

“Hey Mills shush and listen to mer here babe I will always love it” Emma reassured Regina their noses touching. Ad there was a honk in the distance.

“You know how Zelrena has been gone for a month?” Regina informed her.

“She went on a trip?” Emm questioned remembering what she was told weeks earlier.

“She went on a trip that part is true but on her way back she picked up something I ordered for you”

“Oh” Emma sighed as they could see Zelena’s truck pulling up but also the truck was hooked to a flat trailer which was carrying a yellow green bug. It was the exact same model.

“You got me a new green bug?” Emma asked as Zelena stopped in front of them.

“The color is chartreuse actually” Regina responded seeing Emma blinking at her she added “yellow-green the color is yellow green”

“Why?” Emma asked as Zelena handed her the keys after setting the car on the ground.

“I know that losing the yellow bug was hard and I know this one won’t fix anything” Regina started as Emma cut her off by kissing her.

“Thank you” Emma replied as she led Regina to the car.

“I love you”