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Objects in Mirror

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Disclaimer: I own nothing but the story line. SM owns the characters, I'm just having fun with them.

Chapter 1- Bite Me

Bella POV
Well, shit. This is just the perfect ending to an absolutely perfect first day of school. I started by driving my loud-ass monster truck into the tiny school parking lot, climbing out of it, and promptly dropping my keys into a puddle. Of course, all of my new classmates were standing around, and they felt it would be a good idea to laugh at me, instead of offering to help. No shock there. I endured a morning of stares, whispers, snide comments, and false friendliness, until my already sucky day took a decided turn for the worse after lunch. I walked into my biology class completely unprepared for what, or should I say who, I would encounter.

As my teacher directed me to the only available seat in the class, I raised my eyes to meet the fiercest glare I'd ever seen. His gorgeous face was twisted in an evil mask of hatred, and his deep black eyes glittered dangerously. I froze in my tracks, unable to move until the teacher called for me to get going. When I ducked my head to escape his gaze, I managed to trip and drop my books in the aisle. Cue the laughter from the class, you're welcome very much.

Gathering up my books and tiny remaining shreds of my dignity, I made my way to my chair and attempted to studiously ignore my very angry lab partner. He scooted his chair as far from me as he could get, and leaned his body toward the aisle. I lowered my hair as a curtain between us and spent the next hour trying to determine what on earth I could have done to offend him. The longer I thought, the angrier I got. This kid didn't know the first thing about me. He had no right to hate me so much. There is no way he could have known about my past; I made sure about that before I agreed to move here with Charlie.

Shaking myself from my dark thoughts, I miraculously made my way without further incident through gym class, and headed to the office to turn in my signed form. Entering quietly, I waited by the door until Mrs. Cope finished speaking with another student. I wasn't intentionally trying to eavesdrop but the words "fifth period biology" caught my attention and I quickly realized my pissed-off lab partner was actually trying to rearrange his class schedule to get out of class with me. That was it; I'd finally had enough.

Clearing my throat behind him, I watched him stiffen and turn slowly to look at me. I fixed him with my bitchiest smirk and leaned past him to hand my slip to the secretary. "Bye, Mrs. Cope! Hope you have a great afternoon!" I smiled at her before turning and tossing my hair in the face of the snooty Edward Cullen. I felt an unexpected chill go down my spine when I thought I heard him growl behind me.

I made my way to the mostly deserted parking lot and climbed into the ugly hunk of metal I was now the proud owner of. For a moment, I allowed my thoughts to drift to the sweet little Mustang I was forced to leave back in Phoenix along with the rest of my former life. I honestly didn't miss anything from that world, other than my car. But that car belonged to Isabella Dwyer, spoiled little daughter of Phil and Renee. My truck belonged to Bella Swan, long lost "child" of Charlie Swan.

Sighing as I pulled out onto the highway, I knew I wasn't being fair to Charlie. He has been nothing but good to me; he didn't have to take me in, and he sure as hell didn't have to buy me a car, but he did it because he is just an all-around good person. I owed him so much, and I was grateful for his intervention in my life, but those thoughts didn't make this truck any easier to drive. And with that, the stupid beast made a choking sound and died in the middle of the road. Yep, officially best day ever.

Getting out of my truck, I walked around to the hood and tried to lift it. Of course, it probably weighed more than I did, and I had no idea how to go about opening it. I turned and leaned against it, raising the hood of my jacket against the light rain, and waited for a good Samaritan to pass by. See, it was situations exactly like this one that made me wish I still had my cell phone. Charlie argued that it wasn't necessary, and it was something I could pay for myself once I had secured a job somewhere. With the glaring lack of businesses in Forks, my options were severely limited at this point.

The sound of an engine pulled my attention down the road, and I looked up to see a rusty motorcycle heading my way. As it got closer, I made out the driver- a tall, very muscular man who was obviously Quileute. His white t-shirt was soaked, and his black hair was slicked back with rain. I took in his ripped jeans and dark work boots as he parked the bike and kicked his leg over, before dragging my eyes up to his face and getting stuck. He was gorgeous! He looked at least twenty-five, and his face was sharp and angular, with a strong nose and defined brow. His eyes held me captive, they were such a deep brown that they were almost black, and I felt myself falling into them deeply.

I have no idea how long I stood there locked in his gaze before I shook myself and stuck my hand out. "Hi, I'm Bella Dw- I mean, Bella Swan." Where on earth had that come from? I hadn't tripped over my name all day, but I almost slipped up just now. This guy had my head going in circles.

He was still frozen with a strange look on his face, somewhere between shock and awe. Feeling bold, I reached up and tapped his chin where his jaw was hanging open, finally bringing him around again. "Oh, um, hi! Sorry, I'm Paul Lahote." He took my hand and brought it up to his lips, kissing it lightly and effectively melting me into a puddle of goo. "It's extremely nice to meet you," he finished with a devilish smirk.

I couldn't seem to get my brain connected to my mouth after that, so he turned his attention to my useless truck. "Having car troubles? Wait, isn't this Billy Black's truck? I thought he sold that to... What did you say your name was?" he asked with his eyes narrowed at me. He looked rather menacing but I couldn't find it in me to fear him for some reason. I couldn't explain why I already trusted him so implicitly.

"Um, I'm Bella Swan. Why?"

"You're Charlie's niece?" Wait, what?

"No, I'm his uh, daughter." Why was it so hard to lie to this man?

"You can cut the crap, princess. I know Charlie and I know you're not his daughter. You're Renee's daughter. He told us you were coming to live with him but he didn't say why. Don't worry though, we won't blow whatever your story is. Charlie is trusted on the rez, and we respect his secrets too." he leaned against the truck and smirked at me, instantly drenching my panties. He had that bad boy look down to a tee.

"Look, I really don't want to talk about it right now. Can you help me with the truck or not?" I knew I sounded like a bitch but this conversation was the last thing I needed after the day I just had. Thinking about my past and what sent me running to this rain-soaked town was not the best way to put me in a good mood. As much as I tried to block the memories, the empty pain in my chest began throbbing, and I wrapped my arms around myself without thought.

"Hey, what's the matter? I didn't mean to piss you off, I'm so sorry." I didn't realize I was crying until he had me in his arms, wiping the tears from my cheeks. The peace I felt in his presence overshadowed my embarrassment at breaking down in front of a total stranger and I found myself melting into his warm embrace. Despite his wet clothes, he radiated heat that warmed me deep inside my soul. I'm not sure how long we stood there before he pulled back and raised my face to look at him.

His eyes were dark with concern as he looked at me. "Can I take you home?" he asked softly, leaving me to nod almost without a conscious decision. It felt completely natural as he led me to his bike and helped me up, pulling my arms around his waist. "Hang on tight, princess." He tossed the words back over his shoulder, and I tucked my face into his warm back to block the wind as we drove to Charlie's house. I couldn't help but notice how good he smelled, the spicy scent of cedar washed in fresh rain, and it seemed to come from his body itself rather than his clothes. This observation startled me into realizing I was extremely attracted to this guy. Great, Renee would just love that...

All too soon we pulled up in the driveway and he helped me off the bike, but didn't let go of my arms. I looked up to see his eyes even darker than before. He leaned toward me and spoke in a strained voice that was barely above a whisper. "Bella, can I, I mean... I really need to kiss you, please." I was lost in his gaze and instead of answering him, I raised up on my toes and pressed my lips to his.

Kissing Paul was like nothing I had ever experienced. It was like touching a match to lighter fluid, I was consumed with passion and eagerly met him kiss for kiss. He groaned deep in his chest, lifting me to his height and I wrapped my legs around his waist without hesitation. I didn't realize we were moving until we were suddenly in the warm, dry house and he had my back pressed up against the front door. My hands were knotted in his sleek black hair and his began to wander all over my body. He raised my shirt up and broke the kiss long enough to slip it over my head, before pulling his own off and tossing them both aside. I gathered enough brain power to speak when he reached for the button on my jeans. "Wait! Charlie- upstairs."

He understood what I was trying to say and turned to carry me up the stairs with almost inhuman speed and strength. His muscles weren't just for looks, it seemed. Without me saying a word, he walked straight into my bedroom and dropped me gently onto the bed, before kneeling over me. "Are you ok with this?" he asked, suddenly serious.

"Yes, Paul, yes. I need you. Now- please!" I leaned up to take my bra off and pulled him back down to me, loving the feel of his overheated skin against my sensitive nipples. As he kissed me again, I ran my hands down his taut stomach to his jeans, getting them open quickly, and reached inside to pull him out. He broke away and hissed a quiet fuck when I wrapped my hand around him and stroked a few times. He tucked his head into my neck, breathing deeply, before licking a line from my collarbone up to my ear.

I shivered when he whispered, "Baby, you smell so good. So good. I have to taste you now, ok?" He started moving down my body without waiting for an answer. With one hand on one breast and his mouth on the other, I threw my head back in pleasure at his ministrations. I looked up when I once again felt his hands opening my jeans and lifted my hips when he moved them down my legs. He tenderly pulled first one shoe off, then the other, followed by my jeans, before kissing his way up my leg to my only remaining piece of clothing.

He grinned at my white cotton boy shorts, something I definitely would not have worn if I had known someone else would be taking them off today. He pulled them off slowly, pausing as he noticed the broken heart tattooed on my left hipbone. I bit my lip when he looked at me questioningly, grateful when he didn't push or pry. He leaned up to kiss my lips again before moving back down to kiss me lower. I jumped when his hot tongue began to lick up my folds, but stuck my hands back in his hair when he pushed two fingers in and focused his attention on my clit. Only a few seconds later, I was screaming his name.

Coming down, I heard the sound of a condom opening and then he was hovering over me, pressing at my entrance. "Bella, are you sure? You're ok with this?" I was touched by his tenderness and the fact that he had asked me so many times if I was sure. No one ever cared if I wanted to or not before, if I was kissing them it was assumed I wanted to fuck, and I quickly learned it was pointless to persuade them otherwise. I just nodded and hooked my legs around his hips to pull him toward me, guiding him home.

He stilled for a minute, giving me time to adjust to his size, before slowly pulling out and thrusting in again. "Bella, damn, you feel so good, baby." He held me tight to his chest for a few more gentle strokes before pulling out and flipping me over on my hands and knees and entering me again roughly. I pressed back against him and moaned at the intense sensations he brought out in me. His hot body wrapped all around me and I felt connected to him in more ways than just physically, it was like he was touching my soul somehow.

I could feel my orgasm building again as his thrusts increased and became less rhythmic. I fell over the edge just as I felt a sharp pain in the back of my neck that somehow pulled my orgasm out even longer. I finally collapsed on my stomach and he fell on top of me, holding most of his weight up, and licked slowly at the spot on my neck. "Did you just bite me, Paul?"

He froze and mumbled, "Oh shit!" before pulling back sharply. When I tried to turn my head to look at him, he held me in position, running his hand gently on the back of my neck. Where his fingers grazed the bite I shivered in pleasure.

"Paul, what the hell is wrong with you? Why did you bite me? Shit, I'm gonna have to get a tetanus shot or something now. Will you let me up?" He was still kneeling over me, holding me in place with his strong arms. We both froze when the front door opened downstairs and Charlie's voice floated up to us.

"Bells? You here? Is that Paul Lahote's bike out front? My deputy saw your truck on the side of the road." When his feet hit the stairs we jumped into action, grabbing our clothes and throwing them on as fast as we could. Paul was doing his best to look anywhere but at me, but I took the opportunity to get a good look at his toned muscles and gorgeous ass while his back was turned. That man was all kinds of delicious.

When Charlie knocked on my bedroom door we were both presentable, apart from Paul's missing shirt, and I was attempting to tame my blatant sex hair with a brush and a rubber band. My back was to the door when Paul opened it and I only managed to get out, "Hey Charlie-" before he stomped over to me and yanked my hair out of the way, turning on Paul.

"What the hell is this, Lahote? You fucked my niece? Then you fucking marked her?! Does she even know what this means? You are in so much deep shit right now, it's not even funny. You just wait until Billy gets ahold of you. I don't give a damn if she's your imprint or not, she's seventeen and under my supervision. I may love you like a son, but I'll beat the shit out of you like one too." I was frozen in shock, I had never heard Charlie raise his voice to anyone and I had no idea what half the stuff he said even meant. Marked? Imprint? With the way Paul was staring down at his feet, it must have been something pretty damn bad.

Charlie took a deep breath before pointing at us and continuing his rant. "You two get your asses downstairs. I have to make a phone call and then we're going to see Billy and Sam. Paul, good luck. You have no idea what you've just gotten yourself into."

Charlie POV
I couldn't believe it. She's here less than two days and already Paul Lahote has imprinted on her and marked her. Should have known it would be that boy and he would do it that backwards. They couldn't have even known each other an hour before they fucked. Guess they're two peas in a pod on that note, but he still should have told her about the wolves before he marked her. I'm inclined to take a shotgun to his ass- it didn't kill him the first time, so I doubt it would this time either. Might make him think twice about dropping his pants in my house.

Making my way to the kitchen, I grabbed the phone off the counter. I knew Paul would hear the call, but it was something we all needed to know before we went to meet with the elders. I had to call my no-good sister and find out who the hell Bella's father is. I know who I suspect, and Paul better hope it's anyone but him.


"Renee, it's Charlie."

Why are you calling? Didn't Bella get up there? I put her on the plane, if she skipped off somewhere that's not on me.

God, she's such a bitch. How did we come from the same parents? "Yes, Renee, she's here. I picked her up from the airport yesterday and she had her first day of school today. I'm calling for another reason. You need to cut your bullshitting and tell me who her father is."

I told you, I don't know for sure. I can't help you, Charlie. Sorry.

She wants to be that way, fine. "Well, I thought you should know she's fucking a boy from La Push and I'd just like to make sure he's not her brother or cousin or something."

WHAT?! I told her to stay away from that place! What did she do, jump the first Indian she could find? She's such a little slut. Now you see what I have to deal with, what I've been putting up with the past three years. She-

"RENEE! Enough! You can talk bad about her when she's living with you, but right now she's under my roof and my protection. Watch your mouth and answer the damn question. I know her father is Quileute and I have a pretty damn good idea who it is, but you need to tell me for sure." I waited in silence for almost three solid minutes before she cracked. I saw Paul in the living room sitting stiffly with his ear turned toward me. His hands were shaking in rage from what he heard Renee say, but as soon as Bella put her hand on his shoulder he stilled instantly and turned to hold her close. I might rethink this imprint thing; if those two can tame each other it will be no small miracle.

Ok, I'll tell you. But if I do, this is it. Don't call me anymore, tell her not to call me anymore, we are done. We were supposed to be done anyway, I disowned the little bitch already-"

"Renee. Last warning. Answer me."

It was just a few times, we were drunk out on First Beach. He was supposed to be at home, but you know what a dick he was. Anyway, it's Josh Uley. He's her father.

The dial tone signaled that she was gone and I caught Paul's eye across the room. He now looked like he was caught somewhere between pissed off and scared shitless. I was leaning more toward pissed off, but my anger was directed solely at my sister. When Bella was born and I saw her brown eyes and dark hair, I knew who she belonged to, or at least I had a good idea. I tried to get Renee to let me bring her back here to live with me but she was enjoying her government checks and then she married Phil, who I thought was a good guy and an acceptable father, so I left it alone. I guess I should have pushed harder.

Bella missed out on half her heritage. She should have attended the rez school with her brothers and grown up with family and friends around her. I would have raised her myself, but even if I didn't, there were plenty of families who would have taken her in. Joshua straightened up after Embry was born and he's been a good father to both those boys and a solid council member for the tribe. Shit, Bella must be right between the two of them in age, I wonder if he has more kids out there he doesn't know about. I just hope he and Bella can still have a relationship after all this time.

"Charlie? Are you ok? What's going on?" Bella's soft voice broke into my thoughts and I looked up to see the two of them framed in the doorway. They did make a beautiful couple, there was no denying that. I just don't think they are ready to be settled down and practically married by tribal law at sixteen and seventeen. I bet she doesn't even know how old he is, I know she usually went for older guys.

"Bells, come sit down for a minute. I need to tell you something, and then we'll go to La Push so Paul can tell you something else." I waited until they were sitting, noting that Paul kept his hand on her shoulder. I knew he felt like he needed to be touching her all the time; hopefully that wouldn't bother her too much. "Look, Bella, there's no easy way to tell you this. I know who your father is."

She looked at me, stunned, for a minute before she finally spoke. "I don't understand. Renee said she didn't know him. That it was some one-night stand. How do you know?" Her eyes, Sam's eyes, were looking at me, wide with innocence and sparkling with hurt. This girl has been through too much in her short life and it burns me up to know how much she could have been spared.

"I just called Renee." She froze in fear this time, and shook her head showing that she knew Renee didn't want contact with her at all. "I know, she didn't want me calling, but based on what happened today I didn't have a choice. You'll understand more once you know everything, but your father is Quileute. He still lives out at La Push and you actually have two half brothers who are close to your age. I think you'll like them a lot. Anyway, your father's name is Joshua Uley, and he's one of the council members for the tribe. You have an older brother named Sam, and a younger brother named Embry." I stopped talking to give her time to process the information. She sat very still, staring down at the table and fighting back tears. Finally, she looked up at me.

"Do Sam and Embry have the same mom?" I had to shake my head, no. "And how old are they?"

"Sam is eighteen, and Embry is sixteen." I knew where she was going with this and she was completely right. Josh was a player when we were younger, and didn't give a shit about using protection.

"So he had three kids in three years with three different women? And my mom calls me the slut. That's just priceless." Her laugh was humorless and Paul looked like he'd been slapped; I knew he wouldn't like anyone insulting his imprint, even herself. I just hoped he would be understanding rather than judgemental when he heard about her past. She felt bad enough as it was.

When Paul reached for her hand, she looked up at him, confused. "So wait, what does Paul have to do with this? Oh, shit! We're not related are we?" She jumped out of her chair, completely horrified, and in true Bella fashion she fell flat on her ass. Nice reflexes there, wolfy mate.

Paul pulled her up and set her back in her chair. "No, baby, we're not related. But Sam and I do have something in common that we have to tell you about, since it involves you now. Let's just get over there and get this over with." He looked like he was going to his execution. He might be. At least Embry hasn't phased yet, so he's only up against his Alpha in a wolf fight, if it comes to that.

We walked outside and Bella claimed the front seat in the squad car, leaving the back to Paul. After she shut her door I caught his eye over the top of the car and told him, "I've still got my gun on me, don't phase in my backseat again. Got it, boy?" He just smirked and shook his head, I guess I'm the least of his worries tonight.