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Of Presents and Gifts

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“Gah-!” a disgruntled yell could be heard before the crashing of concrete. Laying on a small crater on the ground was the one and only amazing Danny Phantom! Only he isn’t looking so amazing on the ground. Groaning as he pushed his torso up on his elbows, he shook his head before dragging his body upwards into the air. “Hey, Skulker! Looks like your suit’s all fixed up from last time!” he yelled out with a faint teasing tone, smirking all the while.

Skulker just glared at him, clicking his tongue, “Your destructive tendencies cost me a great number of resources in repairing it, Whelp.” Phantom, now face-to-face with Skulker, floated with a nonchalant look as if he didn’t just hit the ground hard enough to make a crater. “It’s almost like that was the point” he deadpanned for a few seconds before cackling, doubling over in laughter.

Skulker looked ready to retort before seeing his fighting stance, he cut himself short before getting into a fighting stance himself. He readied his weapons, “Very well, the more you put up a fight the more rewarding it will be-!” his voice raised an octave higher as he was cut off, white light encasing him “What, impossible?! I’ll get you next time you-!” He stretched and thinned until he was fully in the thermos.

A boy in a red beret cheered as he capped the thermos shut, “Aw hell yeah! Another point for me!” he whooped around. “That’s unfair, Tuck! You switched out my thermos with a broken one!” another person ran up to the boy, completely clad in black. She was wearing a black sweater instead of her usual crop top in the chill of autumn. “I did not! You’re just mad I won this round” he stuck out his tongue before chuckling.

Danny floated downwards to the two teens, “Nice sneak, Tuck!” They exchanged a high-five, “You guys still on the competition on who can catch the most ghosts off guard?” Taking the chance to rub in his win, Tucker jumped at the opportunity “You betcha! And yours truly is on the winning lead” he gloated with a gleeful smile. “Not for long” Sam smirked -totally not in an ominous way- with a mischievous glint in her eyes, they both shudder.

Before any of them could respond a little girl ran up to them, holding a small package to her chest. “Um, Mr. Phantom? Can I have a word with you please?” she said with a hint of an accent, nervousness clear in her voice. Danny smiled reassuringly before kneeling down to be eye-to-eye with her. “Yeah, sure! What’s up? And no need to be formal, you can just call me Danny, or Phantom” he chuckled.

The girl lit up as she quickly opens the top of the package, “I wanted to give you a present Mr. Phantom! My family and I are celebrating the mooncake festival, and I wanted to give one to you! After all, you help us a lot and save us all the time, so I wanted to show you my appreciation! Well I don’t know if ghosts even eat, I actually should’ve thought this more thoroughly, huh” the girl stammered, disregarding his offer of being less formal earlier and holding out the mooncake.

Danny stilled, a bit slacked jaw. He wasn’t sure how to respond, no one ever outrightly showed their appreciation towards him, let alone give him a present. As the present (ha get it?) caught up to him he closed his jaw and gave the kid the brightest smile. “Really? Thank you so much! And don’t worry about it, we ghost can eat.” He said with a chuckle and accepted the mooncake. “I’m really happy you gave me one of your mooncakes! I’ve heard about it before but never got around to try it. It sounds amazing though, and I can’t wait to try it!”

The girl beamed up at him, eyes shining with excitement behind her glasses. “I’m so glad you like it, Mr. Phantom! It’s the least we can do for you!” she looked hesitant for a second before tackling him in a hug and running away to an adult standing nearby, presumably her parents.

Danny looked down at the package that was given to him, still in shock at what happened. “Well, someone’s popular” Sam teased from behind him, smirk clear in her voice. “You deserve it, dude! I’m surprised no one has done this sooner” Tucker slapped his back, grinning. Although he would never admit it, he’s proud of his friend and he deserves all the appreciation he can get for all the things he goes through.

“You guys,,” he trailed off, trying to shrug it off as it’s no biggie but it’s obvious this means a lot to him if the big grin on his face indicates anything.

And if the rest of the city starts giving him small presents anytime they see him, well, who’s to stop them?