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Grandma Boobitch

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Meet and Fuck games 

Grandma Boobitch 

Boomtown - The household of Nania Boobitch.


Nadia Boobitch - Is the mother of Nancy and Natasha Boobitch. 


She migrated to the U.S. At the age of 18 from Soviet Russia in 1984. When she was 15 still living in Russia, she worked as a nurse in a secret retirement house built for the former Soviet Military Generals.

The old perverts always tried to sneak a peek under her skirt and grab her massive chest. Many generals at the hospital tried to rape her and made sexual advances towards her, but she hated sex with old men, which still holds to this day. So she resisted them. She meets a Boomtown reporter, who was then working In USSR.

She let him in on some top-secret information; the USSR was on the brink of collapse. Since she trusted him with this information, he helped her seek political asylum in the USA. So he then she has become a professional masseuse living in Boomtown. Even in her 50's, she still looks arousing.

Nadia is a grandma But still feels very young and sexy.

Nancy and Justin are a team working for the Mnf Metropolis news agency. Nancy is a reporter and Justin is the camera operator. They do their best to get the hottest interviews and stories.

"Good morning sweethearts, so happy to see you. You arrived so late last night. How did you sleep? " Nadia asked. She had whitish blond hair and greyish-blue eyes and a huge rack that can barely fit her bra and a pink coat.

"Glad to see you mom, you're sweet as usual. We are actually here for a story were hoping to make a report on. We heard there's a sexual maniac in your town the locals the " Nympho-nanny".Nancy said.

Nancy Boobitch has orange hair and purple eyes and a huge rack and a white shirt and black skirt. 

"She catches young men and  fucks them until they're unconscious! All the victims are between the ages of 18 to 20 years old and not one reported it to the police!  These rumors are all over Boomtown and even MNF Metropolis. " Nancy said.

"Women are afraid for their young husbands because after the nymphomanic seductress catches them and has her way with them, they refuse to have sex with their wives haven fallen under her sexual spell. We have to find this person before the police and other news agencies do for our story! It's going to be a sensation and just break Justin and I need to make us top reporters again." Nancy said.

"Oh my... What an incredible story! Let me make you breakfast, you'll need your strength " Nancy said.

"Sorry, but we need to go right now! It's a hot story and we don't want to rival news agencies to figure this out before us. We promise to come back tonight once we've uncovered this mystery to have a celebratory dinner with you " Nancy said.

"Alright, I should head to work as well. If you need a good massage, just visit me there. See you later." Nadia said.

15 minutes later... In the van 

"Shoot I forgot my gear back at Nadia's house. How could I be so stupid... Sorry, Nancy. I'll be right back. Don't start the investigation without me " Justin said.

"Alright hurry up," Nancy said.

Justin back at Nadia's house and sees that the door to Nadia's room is slightly open. He sneaks up to her door slightly to try and get a closer look at Nadia's huge rack.

Justin is seen looking at Nadia in her room.

Justin is looking at Nadia and her huge breasts and then she got off her towel and she is naked and a little bit later she had her costume that is a pink and purple costume with her earrings with yellow coloring and its shape with an N.

Naruto then had her glasses on and she was standing and looking at a mirror. Justin then kept looking until ...

And there is a Giant golden N on the back of her costume.

Turns out it is grandma is nympho-nanny herself.

You can't escape her charms and sexy body now.

Nadia sees that someone is looking at her and pushes the door.

"you hit my nuts, you fucking nut! " Justin yelled as he clenched his balls.

"Oh, my little sweetheart! What have I done? Let Nanny fix your booboo! Don't worry, my baby. I'm a professional, I can fix this " Nadia said.


"Oh my, you're a big boy, aren't you ?" Nadia said

"I must resist her charms but he's a whiz, if this is wrong then I don't want to be right !" Justin thought.

"Just relax sweetheart. I'm a  trained professional " Nadia said as she gave Manuel therapy or a hand job and it was slow at first. Her gloved hand went up and down and then she changed hands and then she went even faster and used both. 

Then She decided to use boob therapy or a tit fuck ...

"Impressive young Justin, it seems I underestimated your self-control. Most of my victims er... I mean clients usually blow their loads in 5 seconds. I'll have to step things up a notch ." she said as she went and placed Justin's big cock in between her huge breasts.

"Oh man, this old bag's fits feel amazing! I don't know If I can hold out much longer...

"Wow, Nympho- Nanny... I mean Grandma boobitch, you sure are great at your job." Justin says as she went faster with her tit fuck.

She kept going up and down on his cock as Justin could see her huge nipples.

"Hmm... My massaging skills don't seem to be working... I'll have to use my mouth to get the swelling down " She said to herself.


Nadia begins sucking hard on Justin's cock.

"Oh wow, her mouth feels amazing! I want to shoot my load down this bitch's throat but I can't. I need to resist her charms so I can get this story with to falling victim to her evil spell. " Justin thinks in his head.

"I think he's wearing down he'll be my next victim in no time, "Nadia thinks. 

She keeps sucking the head of his cock and she went even faster. 

Justin is moaning and pleasure...

"Ah! I can't resist any longer! I need to cum on her boobs! It feels so good! "Justin thought in pleasure as she grabbed his big cock with her pink gloved hands and gripped hard for a  handjob. Teasing it.

Then he came like a fire hose and it was all over her breasts dripping all over.

"Very impressive Young Justin! You cum on my boobs but the swelling still hasn't gone down. I'm going to have to apply some unorthodox massage techniques.

"I can't risk falling under her spell but I can't resist that pussy either. I think I can control myself, I'll just stick it in her for a little bit then get out of here to tell Nancy. " Justin thought. 

Justin enters her pussy with just the head and it was like heaven

"Your pussy feels amazing! Even better than Nancy's! There's something magical about it..." Justin said.

Justin enters her pussy and it slides in and out as she is laying on the floor with her giant boobs out and she holds her ass and she had her pink boots on with purple laces to them. He goes faster as he feels her get wetter and her pussy gets tighter. 

Her breasts jiggle up and down and her eyes have a lustful look on her face as he continues to fuck her.

"I can't believe I'm going to cum again! This euphoric feeling, I can't fight it..." Justin thought.

"Yes, I can see it in his eyes and feel it in his throbbing cock, he'll be mine in no time! "Nadia thought in glee and lust 

Justin then came inside her pussy and all over her thighs and floor.


"I can't resist any longer! I need to fuck Nympho Nanny ass ! " he thought.

"Thst's it, my dear, have your way with my tight little hole. We'll get you all better. " Nadia said.

"Fuck yeah! You feel so good! I'll do whatever you say, just let me blow my load in your ass  ! please I beg you !" Justin asked as he was on top of her back inside her ass she holds on to him.

"Yes... Good... Tell me you're mine now and forever. " Nadia said.

Justin was pumping in and out of her ass enjoying it and over time he slammed down with his hips as he continued to fuck her and waves of pleasure was felt by both of them as he continued to fuck her huge ass and he noticed her huge legs and her ass jiggle in pleasure.

Justin then had a look of delight as he felt his big cock throb in pleasure. Her boobs were shaking as they keep jiggling and nipples were hard.

"I am yours, now and forever. " Justin said.

Justin kept going like a piston as Justin then cum hard in her ass and she smiled in lust and cum squirted all over her ass and some got on the floor and now he is happy.


In the van

"Justin! what the fuck, where are you ? " Nancy asked.

15 minutes later 

She came in and is in shock as she sees it.

"No way ! Nympho-Nanny is my own mother and she just seduced my sweetheart. What am I going to do now ? How am I going to get out of this ? " Nancy thought .

The end