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You know how people constantly say they would know if their lives were in danger? if you are one of those people, you’re dead wrong. I mean, yeah your brain will send you signals but most people just write it off as them being irrational, those people are stupid.


My name is Nova, and my mother has just recently let me have a bit of freedom, and by freedom i mean she’s quit homeschooling me so I could make friends (her words, not mine.) and stop being holed up in my room. My mom doesn’t understand that i like being alone, people don’t expect anything from me. They don’t want me to be someone I’m not. It’s better when I’m alone.


The only actual friend i even remotely had was a girl named Jessica, but she was only my friend since she was my cousin. She was kinda forced into the whole friendship because ‘family comes first, Jessica.’


Someone snapped their fingers in front of my face and i was dragged out of my thoughts, my eyes focused on the person in front of me (Eric, i think his name was?) i waited patiently for him to speak. He sighed and ruffled his own hair. “Dude, Nova you know it’s time for the next class right? Like, you do know that’s how a school works, correct?” He asked, his voice had a slight annoyed edge to it. I nodded my head a bit. “I know that. I was just lost in thought, is all.” I began packing up my things.


“Lost in thought, thinking about what?” He asked, suddenly intrigued. I shrugged my shoulders, he didn’t need to know what i was thinking about, that kind of ruined the whole point of it being thoughts and not being words.


“If i wanted people to know what i was thinking about I would have said them outloud, eric.” I said as i got out of my chair and followed him out of the classroom, i looked over my schedule, i had English next, my favorite subject if i was being honest.


Eric stopped by a locker to speak to someone, my guess was they were a senior like Eric and Jessica were. I looked up into the face of the person Eric was speaking too and my breath nearly stopped. This guy looked like he was a greek god.


His perfect jawline looked like it was enough to slit my finger open on, his eyes were pulled slightly down but they were the softest honey gold color, his lips pushed back in a small smile, his perfect teeth slightly showing as he listened to Eric drone on about whatever it was he was talking about. This guy was a good one foot, maybe two feet taller than i, myself, am. I’d definitely have to stand on a box if i wanted to be in his face. He wasn’t too muscular but he definitely had muscle to the point his arms pushed against the sleeves of his shirt, he was beautiful. I slowly realized those honey gold eyes were now staring at me and his expression had changed to slight bewilderment as if he couldn’t process why i was staring at him. Holy shit, did i call him beautiful out loud? Fuck.


Eric looked between me and the pretty male, just as i was about to apologize for calling him beautiful Eric cleared his throat. “Hey, Uh, Edward? I kinda have to get Nova to his last class of the day I’ll catch you later though! See you dude.” Edward (?) pulled his eyes away from me and nodded at Eric.


Eric pulled me away by my wrist, he looked slightly troubled. “I haven’t seen Edward look at anybody like that since Bella, if he’s also into dudes i owe my girlfriend forty dollars.” He grumbled to himself, i snorted into the back of my hand. There was absolutely no way Edward was also into men. It just wasn’t possible for someone that gorgeous to like men.  I collided with Eric’s back there was yelling coming from the classroom Eric had stopped at I didn’t understand what was being said but the two people arguing sounded pretty pissed.


A cold chill suddenly pricked the back of my neck, i turned slightly to see a pretty girl a couple inches shorter than me, she had short black hair and her eyes were the same color as Edwards were. She also had her hand wrapped around another girls, their fingers laced together, the smaller girl had a pout on her face as she watched what was happening.


A blonde girl who was sitting in the back had stood and walked towards where the guy was yelling at his (maybe.) girlfriend, the blonde girl grabbed the guys wrist and said something in a hushed whisper, the dude looked panicked for a slight second before he began pushing past the crowd of students gathered outside the door, he pushed Eric more into me which nearly caused me to fall backwards but a cool hand lightly pushed me back up, i turned to thank whoever it was to find a different guy, same eyes but this one was blonde. Another cullen? How many siblings does Edward have? God. I thanked the guy and moved on to my class.




After school was over i made my way to the busses, I didn’t have my license mostly because driving is scary and i get distracted very easily.


As i was walking my head began to feel like i was being held underwater. I couldn’t breath, my head felt mushy and my chest seized up in panic.


My last thought before i hit the cold, solid ground was: “Well, there goes my freedom.”