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Red, Blue, Yellow Out Of The Sky (prologue 1.5)

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Far in the distance, across Uranus, there is a little speck. It grew, and it grew. The little speck became a large man, unconscious, flying downward to an island. He crashed. Thunderous, it pierced the ears of every Amazon within range. Around him, trees collapsed, animals ran away screeching or hissing, a flock of birds blackened the sky, and a cloud of dust puffed into the air. When the dust cleared, a man laid there; breathing shallow, his green face twisted in pain. Shadows appeared around him.

“He cracked the ground.”

They surrounded him. Staring at the queer man who toppled trees and scared off animals of the land.

“Such a strange outfit, why would he wear it?”

The question asked, but only one person had the answer. He is not speaking. The outfit is mostly blue—torn up—except for his red boots, red and gold "S" insignia. What looks like a torn red cape?

“He is wearing red underwear.”

“No, those are trunks. Very popular during the nineteenth and twentieth century, for strongmen to wear. It's why pro wrestlers wear them too.”

“Different name, same thing. Let's talk about something important. His skin is green.”

“I wanted to ignore that. Now you brought it up.”

“I don't think our doctors can help with… Whatever this is. Also, sorry.”

“Take him to our healer?”

They went silent. The law of Paradise Island forbid men from stepping upon their lands. Though it has been debated in the Princess's Chambers since the turn of the twentieth century. There hadn't been any progress; bills were made and vetoed. Queen Hippolyta, the final voice of Paradise Island, has remained silent on the subject. The only thing that came out of the many meetings has been increasing the man's world hospital budget so they can upgrade the hospital every few years.

Somehow, they knew. Despite its technology, this man was beyond the help that could be given there. He needed more, a science beyond physics and natural laws. He may need magic. For the first time in three thousand years, a group of twenty Amazons have broken the longest standing law of Paradise Island. The punishment will be unheard of. It could cause a precedence, one that’ll reverberate for years. It could stomp out the debate for good. Whatever comes next, Paradise Island is changed forever.


Silent uproar as they marched through the streets of Athenia carrying the large man. Silence was worse than any noise that could've been made. Nobody stopped them. The guards didn't. The officers. They made their way through the streets, to the House of Healing. They entered. When they came out, they were arrested. Faces of shock and anger stared at the twenty Amazons who held their heads down.

The Queen and Princess arrived has arrived to see the man. Greeting them were guards from Paradise Island's Defense Force. The leader stepped forward.

She bowed first, arose back up and then spoke. “O' Queen and Princess.”

She waited for the queen's response. In a different circumstance, the leader would be talking to queen about many things, given the Hippolyta is a casual person and doesn't care too much about formalities. Given what has happened, and the many Amazon watching. Now wasn't the time for causalities.

“Where is the man?” the queen asked.

“They moved him to the very last room. I placed guards outside the door… My queen, there have been incidents. We’ve made several arrests, as they attempted to see him.”
The queen raised an eyebrow to that statement. While Princess Diana wondered why she felt strange. Ever since she overheard the maids talking about him, she couldn't seem to stop feeling like she has to be here. She has to meet this man. Not even the Oracle foretold this. Only by meeting him will she understand.

“Send word to all print and televised news of Paradise Island, I will make an announcement soon.”

The leader bowed once more and went back to the guards. It seems she has informed them about the Queen’s impending announcement. She turns back to the Diana and her mother.

“As you command, O' Queen.”


Usually, the Princess doesn’t intentionally listen on others on purpose, sometimes it’s accidental, just like now; she heard them before the opening the door. The guards weren't busy doing their job, seems they’re preoccupied with this man.

“He must be a God.”

“The son of Zeus, there can be no other explanation.”

“Could Hera curse him with madness, or would she secretly yearn for him?”

Mother won’t be happy to know these guard are slacking off, but to ogle over a man? She will be furious. I should help them.

The door opened to an area. The guards didn't turn around to greet their queen and princess. They’re engrossed in peeking inside the room. She could only imagine the punishments they'll go through over such carelessness actions. Looking at her mother's face, the silent rage is clear. Her stare is cold as winter.

“Excuse me,”Hippolyta said.

For a moment they didn't turn around, too afraid to face Hippolyte's legendary wrath. Seeing these guards standing like a deer cornered by a wolf. Diana decided now is the time to speak up.

“It is better to put on a brave face than to do what you're doing now. One gains the respect of my mother. Now, turn to face us.”

They did. The princess, stern, but gentle. Amazons call her the summer princess among . Warm like the summer, then an unforgiving heat wave of a temper. Princess Diana continued on speaking. Allowing her mother’s fury to mellow, if that is possible.

“I don't know who this man is, he could be the son of Zeus for all we know. Regardless, your duties were to guard this door. You were to stop your sisters from breaking the law, not yourselves. You are all dismissed. I hope next time, you remember what's important.”

The guards walk away. Heads hung low. They look despondent, Amazons have a strong sense of duty towards one community. Failure is often a hard pill to swallow. She wanted to say something to lift their spirits, but she would make matters worse for her later on. That's the hardest part of being the princess, she's too nice.

“On your way home, head by the Punishment Building,” the queen said. If the princess is the summer, her mother is the winter. Cold, harsh, and unforgiving. But, winter has many wonders and things to enjoy.

They’re gone. It was the Queen and Princess alone. Without looking at her daughter, she spoke.

“Diana, you were too lenient with them. They must face consequences, not dismissed from their duties.”

The words doesn’t help much. Kindness and niceness often seems ingrained into her very core. Nothing else needed to be said, the pair opened the door. It is like a bolt of lighting had struck her when she saw the green-skinned, man laying upon the table. She had seen them in videos, in pictures. She has listened to the stories about them. All of that pales compared to what lies before her.. He very well maybe. She thought. Her blue eyes scanned all over his body, not a blemish in sight, aside from green skin. It's as if the Gods had thrown him out of the sky.

“Hm. I see why they've gone crazy now. He is quite something, too green for me. What do you think, Diana?”

“I am thinking lots of things. Let us focus on him, the problem right now.”

The queen nodded, not taking her eyes off him for a second. Her stare was serious and stern unlike Diana’s curious gaze.

In came the head healer, Persephone. A lanky Amazon, short-cut brunette, older than most healers here. She ignored the man on the table and stood before them. She bowed.

“O' Queen and Princess,” she said and arose back up.“I won't keep you long, I know today must be very busy; I also know of your impending announcement. I regrettably must say, our magic works not on him.”

Wide-eyed and stunned they both were. The magic of Paradise Island has failed. Their magic, taught to them by Hecate herself; failed. It is incredulous as it sounds, but they cannot deny it. This man is becoming more troublesome than a satyr chasing a nymph. Not only are Amazons causing a ruckus, but Hecate's great magic is made a fool of; I hope Hecate doesn't cast a curse upon Persephone, she thought. Joining the conversation with her mother and the head healer. And the three went on, discussing what they will do to ensure no Amazon gets into this room.


Night. A lone figure enters the room. An opening in the roof, lets in moonlight revealing a white tunic fluttering at her feet, tPrincess Diana. She had entered during the guards late-night shift change where they won't be back for a while. Swifter than Mercury, she entered with no hassle. She doesn't understand it, why she had to see this man, she knew it was more than important. He laid there on the table, haven't moved since being brought here. Almost a graceful dance, she moved to the table.

“Not a shade of green. In fact, his is a strange shade. Never seen it before.”

Aphrodite help me. Why did this man come here? Why am I curious about a man I have laid eyes upon hours ago?

She wanted answers, but the Gods aren't always on time. She must do figuring things out on her own.

She stopped, at the head of the table. She ran her hand along the edge, and briefly felt the contact of his skin against hers. He might be, he just might be Zeus's son. She is sure of it.

“It was probably for the best we never spoke to each other.”

She said and walks away.

The act of being here, mere hours after her mother decreed all Amazons banned from seeing him and those who go against her words shall experience a wrath worse than anything the Gods could ever do, has already turned Paradise Island on its head. No doubt her mother knows of what she did. Hippolyta has spies throughout the night, monitoring Amazons. Closely monitoring her. She had made it to the door and turned the handle.

That deep voice resonated through her. A great shiver hit her like a wave. A voice that when you hear it, you listen to it. The power, the authority, the richness of his voice. She know words has power to them, his words must be magic in the man's world.

“Where am I?”

The princess turns to see that man sitting on the table. With his eyes open, she lost herself in those blue eyes. Almost otherworldly, such a bright blue, almost like the ocean is in them. His skin too, and his hair. Longer she looks at him, the more he didn't quite fit normal. It piqued her interest even more.

“So, can you speak English?” He then spoke several other language. Asking her if she knew it, in each language. She did. Even wanted to reply back in each language, but she opted for English.

“I can speak English.”

He smiles.

“Great, now mind telling me where am I? The interior looks Classical Greek, but nothing I recognize.”

Diana walks back to the table, she got warm as those blue eyes fixated on her. And when she leaned against the table, he moved in closer to her. Now, she realized how big he is. His muscles, arms, hands, chest; everything about him is far bigger than anything she has seen. Who is this man? Nothing about him is right, she thought.

“You crashed onto Paradise Island. Home of the Amazons.”

“Amazons? You mean the tribe of women from the Greek myths?”

Diana nodded. A short and curt nod. He places his hand on his mouth looking down. It seems he's taking the idea in. Diana searches his face to see any denial or whether he accepts this incredible truth.


“So, you accept what I've told you is real? I expected more outright denial.”

Diana and her mother went to the site where he'd crashed earlier. He left a crater about the size of a boulder and upturned pieces of the ground. She still can't believe it, but here he sits: legs cross, and she's wondering how such a tight outfit isn't being ripped by his massive frame, even more. Here is a man who should be dead. He’s made of tough stuff or the Fates must have a great interest in this man. Perhaps, he easily accepts reality around him? The Princess concluded.

“I've seen a lot,” he said.

Somewhere in his sentence, Diana had hopped onto the table and crossed her legs and leaned back on one hand. Somehow, having a man being accepting about her people makes her excited. Most men had to get their memories whipped. After all, no man should know about the Amazons. They're myths. There's also the trauma of a near-death experience, that helps too. Her bracelet caught his eye. He points at it.

“What's the bracelet about?” he said.

She smiles. He's inquisitive too. This might be a fun night. I wonder, will he believe the what I am going to tell him? For a moment, she thought to tell a lie and say it's a fashion accessory, common among the Amazons. This chance may never come again. And, she’s a terrible liar.

“Thousands of years ago, Hercules enslaved my people. It was humiliating for them, for my mother. As I've been told.” She stops and waits for a response, a rebuttal. It never came, and he's listening eagerly. She continues. “When hope seemed lost, they prayed to Aphrodite. Begging for forgiveness and help. The Goddess didn't help. But, she told them: ‘You all have the will to break your chains, for no man can enslave an Amazon’. Empowered by Aphrodite’s words, they broke free and escaped. Then, Athena gave them a ship and lead them here; Paradise Island, raised up by the Hecate and Artemis. This island, it's been where we've lived for the last three thousand years. These bracelets are a reminder of our foolery, our penance to the Goddess, our creator.”

“Creator? Aphrodite?”

Diana nods. So, the story continues.

“Oh yes. This is the most interesting part. Early in the years of men, the Golden Age. Ares lead a force to usurp the throne from Zeus. They nearly went to war had Aphrodite hadn’t created her race of women she calls, us, the Amazons. They fought with love, peace, and empathy. The war ended and the Golden Age continued until Pandora, you know her story. Anyways. Zeus thanked Aphrodite for her actions. Ares never forgave the Goddess. For years he attempted the downfall of the Amazons, each time he failed. Until he seeded hate into the heart of Hercules, which leads to...You know the story.”

She's done, the story of the Amazons was told to a man. She has broken many laws, but she may have created a new one. Still, it's good to let someone know. That the Amazons are real. That they have so much to share with the world. Maybe if it's one man, he knows the truth.

“To think reality is better than the myth. Quite the story… Um… I don't know your name.”

“My name is Diana.”

He nods his head, amused at what she said.

“Quite Roman, for a Greek.”

“I'm no Greek. I was born here and raised here. I am an Amazon.”

“I stand corrected, quite Roman for an Amazon.”

She nods. Years she wondered about the man’s world and now a piece of it sits close. Another law created, she told herself.

“Tell me about yourself,” she asks.

The space between the two had closed. They both were sitting with their legs over the table. She learned his name is Clark Kent, he's a reporter for the Daily Planet. He spoke about his friends like Jimmy Olsen, Bruce Wayne. His parents, he calls Ma and Pa—actual names Martha and Jonathan Kent. And, one who speak in a different tone with, a woman named Lois Lane. She sensed a bit of longing there. There is someone in this world who can make him sound like that? She must be something else. Diana's almost went somewhere else in that line of thought, but she ignored it.

“Your life sounds very fun, Clar—”


Placing a finger on his mouth, he turns to the door.

Unconsciously, he placed his hand on her arm. His gentle touch sent a tingling sensation up her arm. She didn't know what to do, never touched by a man before. She didn't mind it, to her surprise. The idea of a man's touch is something that's talked about, not in the open. Especially not by the Princess, but she always thought of it. She even practiced reacting. In one practice, she swung at the imaginary man. In another, she recoiled in disgust. She practiced so much, she never considered the idea of being surprised. When she moves away, he turns to her, realizing what he did, looking embarrassed.

“Sorry, I… Sorry.”

The look on his face may show embarrassment, but it's like he's concentrating on something. There is an intensity to it. She gets pulled into his gaze. Then, his face softens, but there is a seriousness to it.

“A group of Amazons are coming.”

The gentle warm breeze wafts into the room, carrying with it the scent of the ocean. Under moonlight, Diana sits shocked, because he told the truth; she hears the footsteps of Amazons walking towards them, they'll be in here soon. He heard them before her; it has never happened before. From how he keeps his head down, hiding the worried look, he's down this before. She leans close, far too close, but he didn't seem to mind it and whispers low enough.

“Lay down.”

She hopped off the table, and he lays back down. The upper torso alone takes up half the table. The Amazons are almost here. Swift like a bird, Diana flies up to the ceiling. Look down, Clark is staring at her, shocked. I guess we both had hidden talents. The door opens, he feigns unconsciousness. Had she not known, it would've tricked her. He's good, very good.

In came the Amazons, the guards to be exact. Their shift had just started. Hm, seems I was a little preoccupied. They're talking about something, Clark more than likely. He was the discussion of every Amazon today. One man caused such a ruckus. It was like the perfect storm. Even now, Diana concentrates her incredible hearing. She doesn't do much, it's very invasive and quite annoying. But, she has to know what they're talking about. The more she concentrates, their words became clearer.

“… man, from what I heard, new arrivals from the man's world calls him that. They say he's quite a big deal. He can catch bullets with his bare hands. Break steel like it's a stick. Leap skyscrapers in a single bound. And many more powers.”

That would explain why he caused such an impact when he crashed. I don't think this man is human at all. Son of Zeus… The Princess listened high above. Hands behind her back so light won't shine off the bracelets. The guards crowd around the man, they seem infatuated. One rubs her hand along his chest, she pulls away.

“So, there is a man like our Princess? The man's world is a stranger place than I thought.”

They didn’t talk too much longer. Mostly about the coming series of debates of the Court of Eunomia, which Themis’s Judges will weigh in on this. That’ll eventually reach the Queen’s chamber. Diana internally groaned realizing the many hours she’ll have to sit in on all. I won’t tell them I told him about our begins. Hera help me, mother would be furious.

The guards left the room. Diana flew outside the room, from the ceiling opening. There she looked at the brilliance of the moon and stars, and thought of the day. It was worth the ruckus to meet Clark, to learn a little of the man’s world. She’ll remember this day. She should talk to her mother about getting an ambassador to the man’s world. It’s time for a change.

“Beautiful,” he says.

She turns to Clark he too floats above, his torn cape flapping, there's something majestic about it, and powerful. I should’ve known he can fly too.

He has a strange glow, yellow-ish, almost like the sun. It disappears. Diana lifts an eyebrow. From his reaction, he doesn’t seem to notice. She’ll keep it a secret, remembering earlier, before the guards arrived. It’s deep within him, that struggle to accept who he is. If only he could stay on the island, to learn how Amazons celebrate the abilities they’re born with, to celebrate who they are and what they can do. I know he has people there for him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be here. Still, there is much he can learn from our teachings, from me too.

“What’s beautiful?” she asks, floating closer to him.

“The moon. Back in Metropolis, they don’t get to see it, looking like this—all these moons and stars out. It all so beautiful”

She turns back facing the moon, it’s past midnight, going by the position of the moon. Most of the Amazons should be asleep. Not the Queen, she is up waiting for her daughter. Diana can hear it now, the scathing rebuttal. Still, deep down, it was worth it.

“Diana, come with me. There are people out there just like me and you. Others with powers. W—You can use your powers to change the world.”

She finally processed the words. She couldn’t believe what he just asked her. To leave her home, abandon her responsibilities as Princess. Run off with a man. Many Amazons have left for the man’s world before. Even a Princess, once. But, Diana isn’t just a Princess or Amazon. Her responsibilities are far too great. Life beyond the shore of Paradise Island, she often thought of it, but never desired it. This is her home, she has no reason to leave it. She never came across a man like Clark Kent. The idea to fly off to the man’s world, it sounds tempting. In the end, she shook her head.

“Clark, I can’t lie; it sounds interesting, but this is my home. I protect this place. Just like you use your powers to protect your home, I assume from your tattered clothes. I can’t leave.”

In the breath of her sentence, Clark had gotten closer to Diana, to where they could embrace each other. She didn’t mind though.

“I figured that, but it was worth a try. I can at least come visit? I’d like for you to show me your home, more of Paradise Island.”

Diana lips forms a smirk.

“I would love to show you to my favorite places, but you won’t find this island again. Paradise Island never stays in the same place. Plus, men are forbidden from stepping foot upon our lands.”

Diana watches Clark turn his head towards the west. She figures it’s the location of Metropolis. He is just like me. Using his abilities for a greater good. Why would you ask me to leave my home?

“It’ll be awhile, but we’ll see each other again.”

Diana watches him fly away, until he’s a little speck. The after image of red and blue disappeared. He sounded so sure of himself, that we’ll meet again. He makes me believe it too. Perhaps I’ll keep hope. Speaking of hope, I need that. Time to face my mother.