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I hate you... But not really

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The bright morning sun shone through the widows, disturbing Helena in her sleep. She shifted slightly, sliding up Elizabeth’s body to bury her face in the blonde's neck. 


“We need to get up,” Elizabeth told her, her eyes still closed, not wanting to get up herself. She wrapped her arms closer around the shorter woman, tangling their legs. 


Nie chcę” (I don’t want to) Helena muttered into Elizabeth’s soft skin. She always woke up speaking polish, her accent the thickest in the mornings. 


“Hel, I don't understand,” Elizabeth said sadly, stroking Helena’s back and shoulders. She always felt so bad in the mornings before Helena spoke English. She tried so hard to understand what her partner was saying but she just couldn’t. 


Wolałbym zostać tutaj z tobą ,” (I’d rather stay here with you) Helena groaned, kissing the warm skin beneath her lips. She trailed her kisses up the side of Elizabeth’s neck and cheek, “ Pocałuj mnie” (give me a kiss) Elizabeth knew that phrase and obliged, blanketing the polish woman’s lips with hers. Helena untangled their legs, tossing one of hers over Elizabeth’s body to straddle her, laying down completely on the taller woman’s body, their lips still moving together. Elizabeth sat them up, her hands trailing up Helena’s thighs, creeping underneath her nightgown. Elizabeth parted their lips only to latch hers onto Helena’s neck, her hands now making their way up her sides, Elizabeth cherishing the curves of the older woman’s hips before running her hands up to Helena’s breasts. 


“Nie zaczynaj czegoś, czego nie możesz ukończyć, Arden, ” (Don’t start something you can’t finish, Arden) Helena growled in a warning, even though she knew Elizabeth wouldn’t understand it. She removed the scarf that protected the blonde hair she loved so much and wasted no time tangling her fingers in it, massaging Elizabeth’s scalp lightly, eliciting moans from the taller woman. 


“Hel, I don’t wanna stop-” Elizabeth started, realizing that they had already gotten too caught up in each other. 


“-Then don’t stop,” Helena answered. The way the words rolled off her tongue made Elizabeth’s stomach do flips. Helena didn’t make saying no to her any easier when she gently grabbed Elizabeth’s chin looking straight into her eyes before connecting their lips again. There was something about Elizabeth’s lips on hers that made Helena’s whole world seem to make sense. The both of them were head over heels in love and couldn’t deny it. 


“- But we’re going to be late to brunch.” Elizabeth groaned against Helena’s lips, trying but failing to pull away out of her own willpower, Helena’s kiss was addicting to her. It fueled her, made her feel like she could do anything in the world. 


“Lizzie, it’s still early, the brunch is only 10 minutes away from here.” Helena protested, taking Elizabeth’s hands and putting them back on her body, desperate for the blonde’s touch.


“Yes, but what would the newspapers say if they found Madam Helena Rubenstein and America’s Beauty Rose: Elizabeth Arden coming out of their shared apartment together at the same time. You have to leave first because your house is farther away. You have to go get ready then I have to leave for my house and get ready then I have to be at the brunch first.” Elizabeth explained while Helena kissed and sucked at her neck. Helena realized she was right and eased off of her, not very happy about the situation. 


“Fine, but we come back home tonight and we pick up where we left off,” Helena told her gathering a simple outfit to put on to go back to her house, Elizabeth getting up to do the same. After getting dressed, Helena grabbed her keys, scarf, and sunglasses, ready to leave their apartment. 


“I’ll see you in an hour or two, darling,” Elizabeth called out as Helena was leaving. Helena walked back to her quickly, kissing her on her nose and lips. 


“I hate you,” She said, knowing that once they left the apartment they were sworn enemies that hated each other’s guts. 


“I hate you more,” Elizabeth answered giving her one last kiss. 




“Madam Rubenstein, lovely to see you here,” Bugsy greeted taking Helena’s fur off of her shoulders as she stepped into the brunch event. She looked around for Elizabeth, not able to spot her from where she was standing. 


“Lovey of you to invite me,” Helena answered politely, still looking around for Elizabeth. She stepped further into the room towards her table, finally laying eyes on he blonde at the fruit bar. She couldn’t see her face, but Helena knew the behind attached to the woman from anywhere. She didn’t mean to stare at it as she walked toward the fruit table, but it was right in front of her. She wanted nothing more than to drag Elizabeth up the flight of stairs and have her way with her in one of the many guest bedrooms, but she settled for standing next to her at the fruit bar.

“Stop staring at my behind, Rubenstein. You’re going to get us caught.” Elizabeth warned quietly. Helena had no clue that Elizabeth even knew she was looking, She was going to ask but Elizabeth was ahead of her, answering, “I could feel your eyes, and sense your presence.” 


“I’m sorry, but I was not the one to get me all rilled up this morning, now was I Ms.Arden,” Helena shot back. Elizabeth felt a blush rise to her cheeks and quickly gathered the rest of the fruit she was going to take on a plate, making a move to walk away from Helena before anyone got suspicious. 


For the rest of the brunch, they sat at their tables, hot and bothered just itching to leave and go home so they could be with each other, They were finding themselves more and more inseparable by the day. Helena felt miserable when she wasn’t with Elizabeth, being rude and pushy with people. Elizabeth was also miserable but she moped around, not getting things done because she was upset without her feisty polish partner. After two and a half hours of brunching Helena felt like she was going to burst. She and Elizabeth had to get out of there immediately. Helena sent an eye signal over to Elizabeth to meet her at the dessert table for a few moments. The two both got up together and arrived at the dessert table at the same time. 


“I’m going back to my house to change then I’m going home. You stay for as long as you want but I’m falling apart at the seams without you, kotak (kitty).” Helena whimpered beside her. 


“I’ll be home in less than an hour, darling,” Elizabeth winked before leaving the table. Helena thanked her lucky stars and quickly left the brunch, excusing herself on behalf of work that she needed to get done. 




“Helena? I’m home.” Elizabeth announced knowing Helena was floating around somewhere. 


“In the bedroom, Lizzie,” Helena called back in a sultry tone and Elizabeth put on a smile, knowing it was going to be a very long afternoon.