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Her feet were on fire, her back hurt like hell, she had to pee, her wife was still out of town on business for their company, and Helena was stuck in a meeting. She was in the middle of presenting something to her staff, 6 months pregnant with her and Elizabeth’s baby. The baby had moved slightly, settling itself right on top of her bladder.  She knew if she didn’t get to the bathroom soon, she wouldn’t need to go anymore because she would’ve already gone on herself. She needed Elizabeth here to pass this along to so she could run to the restroom quickly, but she was by herself. 


“Everybody take 5,” Helena said, speeding out of the conference room down the hall to her and Elizabeth’s office, rushing to the bathroom and making it just in time. She felt so embarrassed, and the fact that she felt embarrassed made her angry, and without Elizebeth there to ease her, she was already on a warpath. She stormed back into the conference room, slamming the door behind her. Technically they still had one minute left on their 5-minute break, but Helena was angry and ready to get the meeting over with. Everyone was still in the room, but they were up and about chatting and stretching. 


“Sit! Time to keep going, we’re almost done,” she barked. She quickly finished the PowerPoint not even taking questions at the end. She thanked everyone for coming to the meeting and dismissed them, storming out of the room back to the office. She dug around in her purse for her phone, pulling it out and calling her wife. 


Elizabeth Arden speaking,” Helena sighed hearing her voice, immediately put at ease. 


“Lizzie, it’s me,” Helena told her, sitting down and kicking off her shoes and unbuttoning her suit jacket. 


Hey, honey! What’s the matter, I thought you were in a meeting?” Elizabeth asked, concern lacing her words. 


“I ended it early. I needed to talk to you. I miss you, and I’m miserable. When are you coming home?” Helena whined. 


I’ll be home soon, darling. I promise.” Elizabeth was in the airport on her way home to surprise Helena early. She had gotten the business deal closed earlier than expected and could wait to get home to her wife.


“How soon? It’s been a week, Elizabeth. I need you here with me. We need you here.” Helena wanted to cry, but she would be damned if anyone in her office saw her doing that. She looked down at her hands, admiring her ring, twisting it around on her finger in an attempt to distract herself. It didn’t work and she started crying anyway. 


I know, Hel. Please don’t cry. I’ll be home before you know it, okay? I love you.” Elizabeth felt bad not being there for Helena. She knew how much they depended on each other and with Helena being pregnant, she clung even harder to Elizabeth. 


“I love you too. Chodź do domu. (Come home),” Helena cried harder, wanting nothing more than Elizabeth’s arms wrapped around her. 


Hel, honey, I’ve got to go, but I will call you in a few hours okay?” Elizabeth really didn’t want to go, but they were calling first class to board the plane. 


“Okay. Goodbye, kotak .” Elizabeth hung up the phone reducing Helena to sobs. She didn’t know if she could make it through the rest of the workday, so she left the office early. 




Helena was standing in the home office at her and Elizabeth’s house, on a conference call, frustrated with the people on the other end of the line. She was already mad because Elizabeth wasn’t home and now this idiot on the other end of the line was pitching her some bullshit ad campaign for their new mascara line. Elizabeth was coming into the house, setting down her bags and creeping down the hall towards the office, ready to surprise Helena. As she got closer she heard Helena yelling and waited by the door to listen.


“I already said I don’t like it, ty jebany kretynie (you fucking imbecile). Go back to the drawing board and get me something else or you can FIND. ANOTHER. JOB!” Helena hung up the phone before she could get an answer.  Elizabeth quickly opened the door to the office, wanting to sooth Helena before she broke anything out of frustration. Scurried in, wrapping her arms around her wife from behind, resting her palms on the swell of her stomach. She buried her face in the side of Helena’s neck, breathing in her scent. Helena gasped in surprise, her eyes watering with happy tears as she leaned back into the blonde’s embrace. 


“Lizzie,” She whimpered, turning around to embrace Elizabeth back, “ Tak bardzo za tobą tęskniłem (I’ve missed you so much).” 


“I’m assuming that means that you missed me. If that’s the case, I’ve missed you too,” Elizabeth told her, wiping her wife’s tears away. Helena nodded happily, kissing Elizabeth for the first time in what seemed like forever. Helena attempted to pull Elizebeth closer but found her belly in the way. She pulled away looking down at her growing stomach. 


“Excuse me, baby girl, but I’m trying to hug mama if that’s alright.” Elizabeth chuckled lightly, bending down on her knees to be face to face with Helena’s belly. She tugged at the pajama shirt Helena had on pulling it up just enough to uncover the baby, or rather where the baby was. 


“Did you miss mama as much as mommy did?” She cooed, rubbing her hands over the growing baby bump. She kissed all over it, smiling against Helena’s skin hearing the shorter woman’s laughs as she did so. She stood up, kissing Helena once more, not able to get enough of her. 


“You seemed a little stressed when I came in the house. How about I run you a bath, wash your hair, then you get foot, back, and belly rubs? How does that sound?” Elizabeth offered, already massaging Helena’s lower back lightly. 


“Like heaven,” Helena answered, her face falling to Elizabeth’s shoulder. She really needed everything Elizabeth had mentioned and more. She was too afraid to ask for what she was truly craving. 




“Helena! Your bath is ready!” Helena waddled into the bathroom, dropping her robe and climbing in, Elizabeth taking her hand and easing her down. She sat and splashed for a few seconds, adjusting to the temperature of the water. Elizabeth pulled up a stool, taking some water in a cup and rinsing the dark hair. 


“Lizzie,” Helena ask meekily, “I’m not trying to be difficult, but this isn’t the normal temperature you run my baths at.” She felt bad for pointing it out, feeling like she was being a little much. She just got Elizabeth back home and she didn’t want to run her back off acting like a pregnant monster. 


“It’s okay, darling, you’re not being difficult. I did it on purpose. You’re not supposed to take a bath in water that is going to raise your body temperature too much, for the baby’s sake,” Elizabeth explained lathering her hands in shampoo, “tilt your head back a little.” Helena did as told, Elizabeth threading her hands into the dark tresses, placing her lips atop Helena’s. The rest of the bath was spent washing Helena up, sharing small kisses now and then. When the bath was finished, Elizabeth dried her wife off, instructing her to sit on the bed. 




Helena sat criss crossed on the bed, in complete bliss as her wife’s hands traversed her back and shoulders. To Helena, Elizabeth gave the best massages because she always knew where to put the right amount of pressure to relieve any aches and pains. The back was the last thing Elizabeth worked on, Helena felt sad that her treatment was almost over, but Elizabeth had other plans. 


“You feel any better, Hel?” Elizabeth asked as she slyly uncrossed her own legs, drawing herself to sit chest-to-back with the shorter woman. 


“Absolutely. Dziękuję kochanie (thank you, my love).” Helena turned her head around as best she could to give Elizabeth a kiss. Elizabeth happily returned the kiss sliding her hands forward to the front of Helena’s body and cupping her breasts slightly. Helena moaned slightly when she felt Elizabeth start to knead at her breasts, she was so gentle, but it still was hard enough to gain reactions from both Helena’s lips and other body parts. Helena pulled away from the kiss, dropping her head backwards onto Elizabeth’s shoulder, giving the blonde space to kiss the olive-toned skin of her neck. Helena was loving Elizabeth massaging her breast but her hands were not where she needed them the most. 


“Hel, don’t be afraid to tell me what you want,” Elizabeth whispered in her ear, sending shivers down the shorter woman’s spine, “what do you want , baby?” Helena uncrossed her legs, placing one hand on top of Elizabeth’s guiding it down between her thighs. 


Dotknij mnie, proszę (touch me, please),” she begged. While Elizabeth didn’t know the exact meaning of the phase, she knew exactly what Helena was asking for. Elizabeth ran a finger along Helena’s entrance a few times, adding more pressure every time before sliding her finger all the way up to massage her clit. 


O cholera (oh shit) Lizzie, please ,” Helena whimpered, turning her head to kiss her wife again. As much as Helena enjoyed the pleasure she was being given, it wasn’t enough. 


More,” was all she could mutter, Elizabeth understanding her plight and sliding two fingers into her, evoking a scream from the shorter woman. Elizabeth didn’t realize how sensitive everything was, so she was more gentle with her movements wanting this to last a while for Helena. 


Mocniej, szybciej (harder, faster),” Helena pleaded, rocking her hips slightly against Elizabeth’s hand. Elizabeth had learned when they first got together what that meant, so she did as she was asked, making the older woman writhe between her legs. 


Please, Lizzie jestem tak blisko (I’m so close).” It took two more pumps of Elizabeth’s fingers to send Helena tumbling over the edge, with a loud moan. 


“Oh, Helena, I love you so much. I’m sorry for leaving you for so long,” Elizabeth apologized, easing Helena down from her climax. Helena turned around on her knees, wrapping her arms around her wife, crashing their lips together. 


“I love you too,” Helena muttered against the blonde’s lips, “ Chcę ciebie (I want you).” Helena started gathering Elizabeth’s gown in her hands, running her hands across the taller woman’s thighs. 


“Not tonight, Hel. You need to sleep,” Elizabeth told her, reaching over to the other side of the bed, grabbing Helena’s big t-shirt. 


“But, kotak- “ Helena whined, kissing along the blonde’s neck. 


“Maybe in the morning, but it’s time for you to get some rest,” Elizabeth cooed pulling the t-shirt over Helena’s head. Helena muttered something in polish as she put on the t-shirt, laying down in the bed afterwards. 




“Did you think of any names while you were gone?” Helena asked as she cuddled up next to Elizabeth. 


“I kind of like Annelle,” Elizabeth had met a woman named Annelle and thought her name was beautiful so she had been considering it for the baby. 


“I was going to suggest Elise, but Annelle is great.” Helena had a great aunt named Elise, and she wanted to name the baby after someone in her family. 


“I have an idea. How about we combine the names. We’ll name her Annalise,” Elizabeth suggested, running her hands over Helena’s stomach. The baby kicked one good time, right where Elizabeth’s hand was, lighting up the women’s faces. 


“She seems to like it,” Helena laughed, “Annalise it is.” 


“I love you, Darling.” 


“I love you too, Kotak ,” Helena gave Elizabeth a kiss, feeling the baby kick again, “yes yes, we love you too, Annalise.”