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They had been driving for hours and Bobbie was getting restless. Joanne hadn’t told her anything but to pack a bag for a couple of days, and to get in the car. She had shifted in her seat in every position possible and felt like she was about to lose her mind. Joanne knew that Bobbie was struggling, and she felt bad, but she was determined to keep their destination a surprise. 


“Joey, where are we going?” Bobbie whined shifting in her seat again. Bobbie hated being so impatient with Joanne, but she was itching to know. 


“Relax, baby, we’ll be there soon. About 5 or 6 more minutes,” Joanne soothed, taking a hold of her wife’s hand, running her thumb across the younger woman’s diamond. It was always comforting to Bobbie when Joanne would play with her ring. It made her feel like their marriage was safe. Like somehow Joanne was trying to remind her that they were married and that she wasn’t going anywhere. 


“Joanne, if this is another surprise birthday party-” Bobbie warned, realizing that her birthday was this weekend and that Joanne hadn’t said anything about it. Bobbie had already told Joanne earlier that week that she didn’t want to celebrate her birthday with anyone but Joanne. She just wanted to be in a quiet place where both of them could spend time together without any interruptions. 


“-It’s not. I promise now will you relax. We’re almost there.” Joanne lifted their joined hands, kissing Bobbie’s knuckles. Boobie pouted, wanting nothing more than to finally get out of the car. After a few minutes, Joanne turned into the driveway of a small house that sat overlooking a sunflower field. As Joanne parked the car, Bobbie stared at her surroundings in awe wondering how a city girl like Joanne, knew about this small place out in the country. 


“Oh, Joanne this is beautiful! How- why- I-” Bobbie didn’t really know what to say. They hadn’t even gotten out of the car before she was absolutely speechless. Joanne knew that she had been correct about her thoughts of Bobbie loving it out there. She was determined to make Bobbie the happiest she had ever been while they were out there. 


“Let’s go inside,” Joanne told her, tossing the keys to the house, “go ahead and unlock the doors. I’ve got our bags.” Bobbie caught them, the brightest smile spreading across her face as she scrambled to get out of the car and running up to the door, jumping and fidgeting like a child with excitement. Bobbie opened the door, her eyes becoming wide as she took in the interior, walking further into the house slowly. The house looked so tiny from the outside but once inside it was huge. Joanne had joined her in the house, setting down their bags by the door, coming to wrap her arms around the taller woman, resting her chin on Bobbie’s shoulder. 


“You like it?” Joanne already knew the answer, but she thought she would ask anyways. 


“Like it? Joey, I love it!” Bobbie nearly screamed, turning around and hugging Joanne to her tightly. 


“I’m glad. Happy birthday, kiddo.” Joanne muttered into Bobbie’s hair. Joanne had realized earlier on in their relationship that she had enjoyed making Bobbie happy, whether it was bringing her home a tub of her favorite ice cream or it was bringing her out to the countryside for her birthday. Joanne was always known to everyone else as some selfish bitch, but she really was very selfless when it came to her wife. She would move mountains just to see Bobbie smile. It made her life have a purpose. Bobbie made her life have a purpose. Bobbie pulled away from the hug, taking Joanne’s face in her hands, kissing her swiftly, stealing the breath out of Joanne’s lungs. Joanne melted, kissing Bobbie back with full force. They kissed until their lungs burned, still trying to peck at each other as they caught their breaths. 


“This is the best thing anyone has ever done for me,” Bobbie admitted,” where did you find out about this place?” Joanne took her hand and led her to the great room, sitting down with her on the couch. 


“Well,” she started, lifting Bobbie’s legs to rest on her own, taking off the taller woman's sneakers, “I bought it from a family friend back when I was in my second situationship.” Joanne didn’t like calling her past marriages such because she felt like the only true marriage she had was with Bobbie. All of her past husbands weren’t marriage material, and neither was she. She found them to be situationships, so she called them that because all those situations made her out to be the wife she was today. She lifted Bobbie’s legs off of hers to stand and go the kitchen, whispering a soft, “be right back.” She was gone for less than a minute coming back with a medium-sized tub of coffee ice cream and a spoon. Bobbie’s face lit up again, a small gasp escaping her lips, making Joanne laugh lightly, handing it to her. Joanne took her seat back underneath Bobbie’s legs again, starting to rub her feet. 


“Joanne, you are such the perfect wife. What did I do to deserve you?” Bobbie was starting to get emotional, becoming slowly overwhelmed. 


“I should be asking you that same question, kiddo,” Joanne said, wiping the tears falling from Bobbie’s eyes, leaning into her for a kiss. 


“I love you so much.” 




A few hours had passed, with them just talking and cuddling and kissing. While lying on the couch, Joanne felt Bobbie’s stomach growl and laughed audibly, echoing through the house.


“Why didn’t you just tell me you were hungry?” Joanne asked, tickling Bobbie’s sides softly sending her into a small giggling fit. 


“Because I didn’t want to have to get up and go anywhere. I wanted to stay here. Does anyone deliver out here?” Bobbie whined, pulling Joanne back down on top of her. 


“Bobbie, the refrigerator and pantry are full. I called Sarah and Harry and sent them out to the store with some money and a key to get in here. We’re covered on food,” Joanne explained lifting herself and Bobbie off of the couch, leading the younger woman into the kitchen. She turned to Bobbie whispering, “it’s just me and you. All weekend.”


“Are you going to cook for me?” Bobbie asked, biting her lip, boring her eyes into Joanne’s. Joanne involuntarily released a small moan, causing a carnal grin to spread across Bobbie’s face. 


“I-um,” Joanne said, a little flustered, “wasn’t planning on it tonight. I was going to tomorrow, but I can if-if you want.” Joanne could tell Bobbie wasn’t as hungry anymore, and wanting to do something else . Within a half-second, Joanne was being pinned against a wall, Bobbie’s hot tongue and lips on her neck, and one of her soft hands dipping into Joanne’s pants and underwear, immediately teasing her entrance with the pads of her fingers. Joanne let out a strangled moan, Bobbie taking it as a sign to move on, burying two fingers deep into her wife. Joanne yelped, her hands flying to Bobbie’s shoulders to steady herself. 


“Did you pack it?” Bobbie asked nipping at Joanne’s soft spot on her neck. Joanne couldn’t speak, too overwhelmed with pleasure, so she just nodded vigorously, trying to control her moans. 


“Do you want it?” Bobbie pressed herself closer, pushing herself deeper into Joanne, evoking a scream from Joanne. Joanne just nodded again, her eyes screwed shut. 


“Open those pretty eyes for me, Joey,”  Bobbie cooed, Joanne doing as she was told, “there you go. Now tell me what you want.” Joanne gasped, feeling herself coming closer and closer to finishing. 


Baby please- ” Joanne couldn’t say anything else because she came hard, her legs turning to mush. The only thing holding her up was Bobbie’s body pressed against hers. Bobbie withdrew her hand, picking Joanne up effortlessly. 


“Bag by the door. The backpack. It has it and our robes.” Bobbie quickly retrieved the bag, rushing back to the bedrooms. 




Joanne was sure that was the most intense sex they had ever had. She got up from the bed, legs trembling, trying to make her way to the kitchen to grab them some water. As she was putting on her robe, she heard Bobbie groan from behind her. Turning around to see why, she was met with Bobbie 2 inches away from her, the taller woman’s lips pressed to hers again. Bobbie’s hands undoing Joanne’s robe. 


“But what about the water?” Joanne muttered against Bobbie’s lips. 

“We’ll drink some later,” Bobbie answered, stripping Joanne completely of her robe, and picking her up again. 


Oh fuck me-” Joanne moaned as she was laid back down on the bed. 


“I will.”