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all my troubles on a burning pile (all lit up and i start to smile)

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"I promise."



It's been over 6 years since that day. The ghost of his mother's hands as she pushes him out of the house which was swarmed in darkness, still lingers on his shoulders. He feels it would remain there until he dies, or until he finds the light and is able to stop the suffering of the rest of the world along with himself. But alas, what he's learnt from the past years of being alone, starving, being on the brink of death, having his soul lie in the hands of the hooded dark creatures is that there was no light. He was walking in a never ending dark tunnel, trapped in an empty room with no exit.

Yet there was still something in his heart that always pushed him to survive. He learned how to kill those retched creatures with his enchanted sword hoping one day he would either die or find the light to save everyone. He's met a few people throughout the years hoping to find anyone who knew more, knew anything to where he could find the cause of this darkness. It didn't do much.

He doesn't remember when it started. The beginning of the end it seemed like. One day the sky got gloomy, and the sun never shined again. His parents started to study under magicians to save themselves and their family from the soulless beasts who found life through instilling fear among the masses, eating the souls of few and leaving the rest scared out of their minds. Whatever satanic entity that started this must perish.

But with darkness there must be light, right? Nobody has seen it, but no one can help but believe in it. Believe in a god given boon to come help them, rid them of their suffering and help them in their fight against the creatures of the dark. When Jungkook's home was attacked by them, his mother took him to the backdoor and gave him a bag of necessities. "We'll try to get time for you to escape. You're so special my boy." She said, caressing his cheeks and wiping his tears. They'd told him, that the day when they're found would come. He didn't want to believe it, he was just a kid after all.

"If fate is kind, we will meet sometime in the future. But now you must leave." She takes a shaky breath, grabs the sword kept at the side to give it to him. "Promise me you will find the light Jungkook. It takes great sacrifice and effort to obtain it, but you must. The light will keep you safe."

Jungkook's yet to find anything that keeps him safe apart from himself. He can kill about a hundred more soul eaters until sword runs out of magical energy kept stored in it. If he knew magic or found anyone who did, he could last a few more years but, it seems his death will be soon. There is one last city he wants to visit before though. From asking locals around the neighboring cities he's found out that the city of Eaden has a higher population of dark creatures than anywhere else. Which means that either their home is located there or their creator. Either way he will arrive there in a few days and try to do... something.




His legs are shaking. He's never been this high up before. The path to Eaden was the most treacherous out of all the journeys he's been on. Walking through many dense forests and mountains only while the number of the soulless kept increasing. Right now he was walking up a massive volcano. There were many corpses on the sides of the mud road, probably of people who've died of sheer exhaustion from climbing. But Jungkook was not the average human, having faced the worst of the worst life has given him. He continues on up the hill. Out of everything he's seen in life, he has never seen lava.

The people who he asked said that there was spiritual significance behind the volcano and that anyone who reached there would give articles dear to their hearts as offerings, hoping to get something in return. They never made it back though.

The top of the volcano was a flat ground with small hills from which lava spilled. He walks in front of one of the hills, seeing the molten red rock flow from it and feels the warmth it gives him. It's been a while since he's been warm, the climate always being gloomy and chilly. After all, the sun didn't show itself anymore. His legs give out when he hugs himself trying to get snug under the heat, and as his head hits the ground he passes out. He doesn't sense the snake which surfaces from the lava, completely unharmed, slither up to him and wrap around his arm, turning into a gold bracelet.

It's a few hours later when Jungkook wakes up. His body was always sore and tired, but this time there's a sort of heaviness in it which he hasn't felt before. His lungs take in air like he's been starved of it, chest feeling like it's being pushed inward and his body experiencing warmth like it's burning from the inside. He exhales deeply, like he's letting out a puff of smoke from a cigarette, and when he breathes in again everything that was affecting him suddenly disappeared.

Huffing a little as he sits up, he notices the bracelet on his wrist. He frowns and pokes it. It seemed to be attached to him like it was a part of his hand. When he pulls at it, the gold ornament doesn't budge, feeling like he's just pulling his hand. He takes a closer look at it to appreciate the pattern. The details of the snake were so realistic, the only thing giving it away to being jewelry is the prominent gold color.

Considering it as a gift from the volcano gods he chooses to ignore it and puts his backpack on to get up and continue with his journey. Walking down hill was much more refreshing. He doesn't know where he would find water next so saving the already scarce water he has in his canteen is his only option, though he was thirsty. To save it for when he thinks he might die without a sip of water. The trees around him rustle with the wind that blows by and stops immediately as he passes it. He stays still for a while and when he continues walking the wind was back.

But it wasn't cool like it was usually. It was warm, and he could feel it through his thick hanbok. Like tiny needles were pricking him in the back. And then it all stops when he does, back to being cold. He takes a deep breath, trying to think of his surroundings and that's when he feels it, feels the eyes on him. Years of being on his own in a world like this has strengthened all his nerves, he knew when someone was watching him even when he couldn't see them.

So why did it take him this long to figure out that someone was watching him? For how long? Why were they not speaking up? Why were they so powerful that he feels like two pairs of knives have pierced through his head?

He grabs the hilt of his sword and turns around. There was nobody. And the eyes were still on the back of his head. Either the person who's looking at him can teleport or he's imagining it. But with the weight those pairs of eyes hold, he doesn't think he's imagining it. He takes a 360 degree turn to look around himself and continues to walk. This time there was no wind, there was no movement at all actually. The pair of eyes still remained at the back of his head.

He makes it a little ahead before the tree on his side shake and he sees something fly towards him from his peripheral. He takes out his sword in a swift motion and cuts it down. He looks at the side just in time to see the... apple he just sliced break in half on it's path and split up, whizzing just past either side of his face. As he feels the cool air of the fast moving objects move his bangs slightly, his pupils focus on the man whose eyes he was directly looking at.

Sitting on a branch, dressed in all black, black cape hanging off his shoulders, black shiny boots, black hair and dark, dark eyes that stings his just by looking into them. The stranger also adorned silver jewelry, rings decorating his fingers in a dynamic fashion and earrings that shined even though there was no sun light to reflect on it. He raises his sword towards the unnamed man, ignoring the way his breath hitches at the absolute ethereal beauty he was displaying. The intense smell of fire almost knocks him out when he takes a deep breath before speaking.

"Who are you?" He questions with as much might he can muster up, taking shorter breaths to tune the scent out. "Speak up before I kill you."

It was a bluff. He wouldn't kill for no reason and he doesn't think he could kill this person even if he tried. The amount of dark energy coming from the man wasn't anything like he's ever faced before. He looks like a human, nothing resembling the soulless except the black attire. In addition, the burn of the stranger's eyes as he looks into them is abnormal. He wants to look away without appearing to be intimidated. The man lifts the corner of his plump, pink lips into an amused smirk.

"You have something that is very dear to me." He says, voice as smooth as silk, expression turning impassive after he finishes the sentence.

Jungkook feels a shiver go down his spine. He instinctively tightens the grip on his sword. "I don't even know who you are, how would I have something of yours?"

The man doesn't answer, just looks directly at his hand that was holding the sword. Jungkook feels it sting. The gold ornament somehow tightens itself more around his wrist if that was even possible. As if a bracelet would have a mind of it's own.

"This?" he asks. The man doesn't reply, just looks at him. Something about everything he did was so condescending, Jungkook hated it already. "I woke up and it was attached to my arm, you can try taking it off-"

In a flash the man was right by his side, grabbing the bracelet and trailing a nail through the intricate scales. Jungkook chokes feeling as if his body was burning, hot air travelling up his nostrils. "If you don't mind." He adds. It was somehow patronizing even though his face was expressionless, tone flat and he didn't even make eye contact, choosing to put all his attention on the golden ornament. He brings Jungkook's wrist to his lips and presses a kiss onto the head of the snake. After a moment he frowns. "Doluna." He calls, poking his tongue to his cheek in annoyance.

A man talking to an inanimate object. Jungkook would be lying if he said he hadn't seen that before. He looks back up into Jungkook's eyes. The sting was still there, making his eyes water. "She isn't answering."

Jungkook fights the urge to roll his eyes, he does not want to waste time of crazy people. "That's because it's an inanimate object." He deadpans.

The man observes Jungkook for a few seconds and then lets his hand go, turning his head to the side to show disinterest. Jungkook takes this as a cue to leave. He puts his sword back into its sheath and starts walking. "Wait who-" the man is gone when he turns around, "are you..."

And the pair of eyes are back on his head.




Jungkook wakes up the next morning gasping. He was burning, everything smelt like smoke, his head was wet with sweat and-

"You're awake." comes a voice next to him. He looks to the side and sitting on a tree branch staring at the apple in his hand was none other than the stranger he had met the other day.

When he scans the surroundings he sees nothing on fire. He takes a sweet breath of pure oxygen in relief. "How do you do that?"

"Do what?"

"Make everything smell like fire."

The raven haired man takes a bite out of his apple and frowns. "I don't."

Jungkook narrows his eyes and takes a clear look at him as he chews. His powerful eyes are a complete contrast to the stranger's otherwise disinterested and disconnected look. He hasn't made eye contact with Jungkook yet but his eyes still burn from looking at the glint in the other's. "Who are you?" he asks.

"Park Jimin." he answers with no hesitance.

Park Jimin. A common name.

When he was small he had many friends with the same last name, among Kim's and Jung's and even Jeon's, like himself. He's sure he even knew a girl with the same first name too. Was this man actually a human? Is he just weird? Jungkook could play off the smell of smoke and the sting of his eyes as his imagination. Maybe he was a master of taekwondo or martial arts which would explain how he got up trees and was so fast... But those clothes... How would someone get clothes like that and maintain jewelry during a time like this, and manage to look so sleek? His hair looked styled, parted through the middle perfectly. Jungkook doesn't even want to think about his condition. He hasn't seen a proper mirror in years.

"Jeon Jungkook." He says back, wanting to make his name known too. The man- Jimin simply hums in response.

"Are you going to be following me today too?" The rest of the previous day he was monitored strenuously by Jimin's eyes. He wasn't used to people just looking at him so he felt conscious of every action he made. All he did was walk, but soon he would have to come face to face with a few of the soulless. "You might as well just walk by my side, it's dangerous around here."

Truthfully, he can't really afford to take care of another person during this trip, neither did he have the energy. It was also hard enough finding food and water for just himself. He doesn't remember a time he was full or got enough rest. But he knows if one day the gaze suddenly disappears from his back and he finds the other's dead body somewhere hanging from a tree, he would never forgive himself. Even if the stranger seemed like he could very well take care of himself, Jungkook did not want to take any chances.

Jimin observes him for a second then throws the apple at him. Jungkook's quick reflexes allow him to take his sword out and slice it immediately, though he wasn't prepared. When his eyes focus back on the tree branch, Jimin is gone. He looks back in front to see him standing there. Even his stature was powerful. His back leaned slightly back, head forward, legs apart, hands in his pockets displaying nonchalance.

"If you don't mind."




Jungkook has questions. They've been walking for a few hours and haven't spoken a single word to each other. He half expected it because Jimin doesn't seem like the chatty type. They haven't come across any soulless yet, which made sense since they tend to stick to more populated areas. But that didn't mean they were completely absent in deserted lands. Since they were travelling to the most populated land in terms of the hooded creatures the number of them he would have to face would just periodically increase.

The awkward silence bothers him more than he likes to admit. Jimin could try a little, considering he's the one wanting to tag along with Jungkook. He glances at the man, pouting a little to see him looking as emotionless as ever. How long will he tag along with Jungkook? Does he plan to come with him all the way or until the gold bracelet around his wrist suddenly pops off?

The moment he opens his mouth to ask just that he feels a sharp throbbing pain on his head as if he got hit by a brick. He falls on his knees clutching his head. He knows what this is. Recovering almost immediately and he shouts at Jimin, who looks at him rather unfazed, to hide behind Jungkook. He turns around to see two soulless, floating a few feet in front of them.

He inspects the all too familiar creatures, appearing like figure of black smoke wearing a hooded coat. His eyes are already hazy, which is what usually happens in the first steps to getting your soul sucked out of your body. He takes a deep breath of air but chokes a little realizing that this time there was smoke entering his lungs along with the oxygen courtesy of the person beside him. He wasn't used to it to the least bit but tries his best to exhale and keep the amount of fear he feels to the bare minimum. He had to do this, though it wasted time.

It would only take a swipe of his sword to get rid of them, but the more fear he feels, the stronger they get and the more magic energy that is used up from his sword to kill them. At a time like this, it doesn't matter if he gets little pieces of his soul sucked out of him because he could always rebuild that with some rest and proper food (easier said than done) but magical energy on the other hand? The little bit left in his sword is all he's got.

He runs to them with lightning speed and gets both of them down in one clean swipe. Good thing they didn't move around too much. He huffs and looks back at Jimin, still unfazed. Usually if there was more than one person, groups of the soulless would split up. He would guess that Jimin just got lucky but with the expression he was sporting it was probably intentional for them to stay away from him. It made no sense, but at the same time it was the only proper conclusion. Maybe the man had some history with them.

"You know them?" he asks walking towards the man.

"Know who?"

"The soulless."

"The soulless?" Jimin repeats with mirth in his voice.

Jungkook is thrown off, did he say something wrong? "Yes?"

"You don't seem quite sure of yourself. Do you not think they have a soul?"

Now this was the most Jimin has talked to him yet. He briefly wonders what was so interesting about the soulless, watching the corner of the other's lips twitch like what Jungkook was saying about was amusing him. He wasn't even smiling, just being condescending. He doesn't like it at all.

"Y- No. Do they?" He feels unsure all of a sudden. Jimin just seems like he knows more than him...

The raven haired shrugs. "Anything that exists has a soul Jungkook."

Now Jungkook's really thrown off, did he just hear him say his name for the first time? "I just thought... cause they eat souls they wouldn't-"

"Have one of their own?" Jimin finishes for him.

"Yeah... How do you know so much? Who are you?" They start to walk again.

"Water has a soul. It moves, it has life, it gives life. Magic is the same. It flows through our bodies, connects our souls to everything around us. Without souls, we could not exist at all. Even inanimate objects have souls. Magic helps you see them and use them. That's what your sword does. It has a soul that contains magic which you use to kill those creatures." Jimin informs.

Jungkook had never thought he would see this man talk about anything with so much interest, or talk this much. And the words he said did made sense. "So does this mean I'm like the hooded creatures but for my sword."

"No, you're not sucking it's soul out, just the magic. It also doesn't live so it won't feel pain. But if you wielded dark magic, you could... suck its soul out I mean."

"Dark magic." Jungkook echoes. "How's that different from normal magic?"

"Normal magic has a lot of restrictions and limits. It's boring."

"You seem to know a lot about magic."

Jimin doesn't answer. He just shrugs with his face filled with amusement.

The question 'who are you?' still echoes in Jungkook's mind.




"We need to rest for some time." Jungkook announces before almost throwing himself into the plush grass.

From there he could see some cows grazing throughout the beautiful meadow, and when he lies down on his back he looks up at the gloomy sky hoping one day he would be able to feel the sun hit his face before he's gone.

"You need rest." Jimin corrects, still standing.

"Are you not tired?"

"I haven't been tired in a long time."

Jungkook grimaces out of jealousy. "I'm never not tired." he murmurs but the other catches it. He turns to the side to look at the animals chewing on the grass. "We need to eat something, I haven't had a proper meal in days."

"You need to eat."

"You don't?!" Jungkook questions.

"I don't need to."

Jungkook sits up, fluster evident on his face. "What kind of person doesn't need to eat or rest to survive?"

"One that doesn't live."

"You don't live?"

Jimin smirks grabbing his hand suddenly, pulling him to stand up. He takes Jungkook's palm and presses it under his shirt, right over his chest. Jungkook's face heats up and as much as he wants to believe it's because of the heat waves radiating off of the other or how his chest feels like it's a 100 degrees, it isn't. "I burn." he answers simply. As Jungkook presses his palm flat on the peck, he does not feel a single heart beat.

"Where's your heart?" Jungkook asks wide eyed.

"Somewhere in hell. Had to ditch it to come here." He shrugs.

"Why did you need to come here?"

The raven haired takes the palm out of his clothing and taps the bracelet fixed on his wrist. "Doluna."

Who are you? He doesn't know why he doesn't just ask. Maybe it was because of how Jimin never gave him a straight answer or maybe it was because he was scared of exactly that, a straight answer. His stomach rumbles loudly at that very moment, ruining any further conversation. "We- I need to eat something." Jimin nods and starts walking towards the cows. "Where are you going?" he asks.

"Aren't you going to eat those?" He blinks at him.

Jungkook almost laughs at the absurdity. "No way. That would be way too much meat and I don't want to be wasteful... Plus just the thought of butchering an animal that size makes my stomach upset."

"I take it you've never killed anyone?" Mirth was back into the other's tone.

"No... of course not. I wouldn't be able to live if I..." Jungkook replies, looking down. He couldn't- wouldn't. There was no need to. People were already suffering in a world like this, he didn't want to add more fear in it. Of course he has been given trouble plenty of times by crazed men and women, trying to attack him, steal from him or try to pull him into their house mistaking him for a loved one, but he'd always had the option of running away and he took it.

"So what do you eat?" Jimin asks pulling him out of his thoughts.

"Any small animal we find-" he points at the side to the never ending line of trees at the border, "In the forest."




They've been travelling for two days, most of it spent in silence. Jungkook needed to have a good night's rest once in two days if he needed to stay functioning. Sue him for being human. And even on that night he would only get maybe 5 hours or less, which was for the best because less sleep meant more time on guard. Jimin hasn't complained about any sleep so he guesses he doesn't need that either.

"We need to find shelter tonight. I need rest." Jungkook informs the other as they make their way through the dense shrubbery.

Jimin hums. "What if they come and attack you at night?"

"Then I get up and attack them back."

"Has that happened to you before?" The raven haired interrogates.

"When I was first travelling, I got tired easily so I also took rest frequently. There were many times I was woken up with half my soul sucked out of my body. I've learnt a lot since then."

The other doesn't reply and they just continue walking in silence. On the way, Jungkook catches two rabbits. Jimin watches him place a kiss at the top of their heads and apologize before killing them. They walk for hours it feels like. By the time Jungkook finds a proper place to rest under a banyan tree, the sky was colored a dark blue. He gathers leaves and small sticks lying around to prepare a fire.

They were wet. As if it'd rained a while ago, even the ground was wet. It had been all the while they walked there. He stares disheartened at the pile and takes out the flint and stone out of his backpack. They light up with a spark when he hits it over each other but the leaves don't catch fire.

"We need to move ahead until we find somewhere dry." He informs putting the stones back inside and standing up.


"Everything here is wet. I can't make a fire out of this to cook our- my food." He picks up his backpack to swing onto his shoulder but the weight of it sends him stumbling onto his knees. Was his bag always that heavy? His thighs shake from the exertion and he puts his backpack down. "I can't stand, my legs are too weak right now." He looks back to see Jimin standing behind him with an unreadable expression. "I'll just not eat today..." he murmurs and sits back facing the other, rubbing his thighs to make them stop shaking.

He doesn't know if he would be able to do anything tomorrow without eating and he doubts he'll get proper rest with his stomach empty and growling either but he cannot make himself stand. Considering how the entire forest was probably wet, it would take half a day at least to find somewhere dry. He prays to any being that was listening to him right now that they wouldn't get attacked, because if they do Jungkook was as good as dead.

Jimin continues to stare at him, eyes flicking back and forth between his bracelet and his eyes. The smell of smoke increases as more time goes by and Jungkook briefly wonders how he creates that scent. His eyes shoot up when he hears a groan coming from the latter.

"Fine." he rolls his eyes and takes a seat, staring into Jungkook's eyes. It stings, so much.

Before he could even open his his mouth to ask 'What?' he hears the crackle of a fire. He turns his head to look at his pile of wet leaves and sticks slowly catch fire out of thin air. He gasps and crawls toward it, feeling the warmth. This wasn't ordinary fire, it was big like he'd thrown logs and a bush into it. He turns to look at Jimin who also looks up from the fire to gaze at him. "How?" he asks dumbly.

Jimin's eyes reflect the fire, making him look more powerful than he already seemed. He taps on his wrist. "She wanted me to." He says and looks away, finding the bark of the tree much more interesting.

Jungkook looks at the bracelet on his hand and presses a kiss into the head of the snake. "Thank you." He whispers, loud enough so Jimin could also hear and moves to grab the rabbits.




"Where are you travelling to?" Jimin asks, from behind him.

"Huh?" Jungkook replies ducking under a tree branch.

"I realized I haven't asked, where you're going..."

"I'm going to Eaden."


"To see if I can find the root of all this evil, and then kill it or die trying." He sighs, trying his best not to slip on the wet rocks as they walk. "My sword's magical energy is almost over so it's likely that I'm going to die soon anyway. Might as well make something out of my last few days. Hey, who knows, maybe the light will come save me."

"The light?"

"Yes." he answers. "Wait I hear water!" Jungkook says in a hushed and excited voice.

It's been a few weeks since he's last seen any water body, travelling through dry plains and wastelands only. Which meant he hadn't had a good bath in a while. As he rushes in front, from all the energy eating those two bunnies yesterday, he sees a clearing for the waterfall and beautiful pool below it. He takes a deep breath of clean, fresh, humid air and runs to the water, washing his face and drinking many many gulps.

"This is so fresh! Can we wait here for a while so I can take a bath?" He asks Jimin who's just entered the scene.


Jungkook grins at him and puts his bag down, taking the canteen for water out and moving to remove his clothes. He looks up to see Jimin staring right at him, gaze trailing over his body. He can feel it, makes his squirm a little, not a feeling he's felt... ever. "Um... look the other way." He's sure his face is red.

Jimin's gaze shoots up to meet his. "Right." he says and clears his throat while turning around like he'd forgotten that he had to look away at all.

Jungkook changes out of his clothes quickly, biting his lip continuously knowing Jimin was standing right in front of him, and then jumps into the water. As soon as the cool water hits his body he feels refreshed completely. All the pain and ache in his body flows away. Usually he would've preferred warm water but since he'd been around a very warm body the past few days, this was exactly what he needed. The water wasn't deep at all, it came just below his waist. He looks at the side to see Jimin in the same position he had left him.

"You can look now." He tells the other, blushing a little.

Jimin turns around and makes eye contact with him, the sting doesn't last long as Jimin's gaze moves to the water fall at the opposite end. It's weird, travelling with a stranger, though he understands the man just wants his bracelet back, which he feels bad for. It's probably a family heirloom or something priceless by the look of it. Jungkook's just grateful that he didn't cut his hand off the skin the ornament off of him. He looked very capable.

It's also quite nice travelling with a stranger. He didn't realize how lonely he'd felt and even if they didn't talk much, the company was great. Because the other didn't require any tending to it was like what he was already doing but with somebody to talk to or ask him questions. He was glad somebody would know about his life story.

That question passes through his brain again. 'Who are you?' But there was also a louder question that Jungkook didn't seem to notice before.

'Can you help me?'

He hasn't asked anyone else because he's choosing to go on this journey on his own, why would anyone want to join? But Jimin is with him now, not necessarily since they're just acquaintances and Jimin's more or less stuck with him until the bracelet comes off, but still, he seems capable to help... right? He still feels bad though, asking someone to put themselves through trouble just because Jungkook wanted to try his luck before he dies.

Just a day till they reach Eaden.

His thoughts are interrupted by a loud splash sound. He immediately looks at the place where the water was disturbed, making violent ripples. Whipping his head around to search for Jimin, he finds him missing. "Jimin?" he calls. Realizing he didn't have his sword next to him, he panics. Unless it was something he could wrestle, he was completely powerless.

The thing soon emerges from the water before Jungkook could make an other move. He gasps when he sees Jimin, water running down his muscled torso, slicking his hair back and... tattoos, so many of them, covering his arms and chest. He makes eye contact with Jungkook, walking towards him. Jungkook somehow manages to stare back, mostly because he couldn't look away.

Jimin stands a few inches away from him in all his naked glory, grabs Jungkook's wrist and taps at the bracelet. "She-" he brings his hand up to touch the center of his chest, where there was a blank spot. "Belongs here."

Jungkook exhales and brings his hand up to graze the spot, in a trance. And Jimin lets him, so he trails his hands on the tattoos surrounding it, seeing the detailing on all of them. A skull, the grim reaper, a heart, mythical animals, butterflies. It had such a dark ambience to it but the more Jungkook looked the more he could see the beauty. He sees words written on his right rib- "If I catch fire then I'll take my turn, to burn and burn, and burn." it reads. Jimin didn't show much, but the sentiments the art on his body showed, told him enough.

When he looks back at Jimin, he flinches. The intensity of eyes were making his head feel dizzy and knees buckle. There was something different about it than he usually looked at Jungkook. It was like his eyes reflected all the emotions he felt inside. 'I burn.' Jimin had said. He puts his palm over the empty spot, exactly where his heart should be and feels the heat despite the cool water.

"What is the light?" he asks.

It takes Jungkook off guard, he's never met anybody who didn't know. "Light is... Light is a concept you could say. It's something that opposes the dark."

Jimin frowns. "How do you know it exists?"

"I don't. People just want a reason to have faith, to believe in something that would save us..."

"Do you want to be saved?"

The sincere expression with which Jimin asks that question makes him feel warm on the inside too. "I... Yes." He answers truthfully. "I mean, don't we all? I can't survive without my sword and with every soul eater I kill it loses magic energy. I believe that the light will keep me safe, I just need to put all my effort and sacrifice myself to find it."

"I thought you would say some motivational shit about keeping yourself safe." Jimin deadpans.

Jungkook chuckles at the statement, but it comes out more sad than amused. "I would love to, but I'm not a magician. I used to have a happy life before this y'know? Friends, family, school. If I could save the world I would and I'm trying but I'm tired. If there was an ultimate boss with an army of hooded creatures to fight at the end I would try but I wouldn't get anywhere." He admits, with an aching heart. "I'm tired and malnourished and my body hurts everywhere. I cannot take more than a handful of soul eaters at a time, I don't think my soul could either. It's just easier to believe in something else to come help you. It's hard to have faith in yourself when you're already struggling."

The atmosphere goes quiet as Jungkook sighs. At the end of the day he was only human, and he was never trained for this. Just given a pocket knife and asked to go fight the wolves. He was tired of waking up every day alone, tired of sacrificing himself, tired of having no home, tired of fighting so hard for so many years only to get nothing in return. All he can do is hope that the light won't let him die just like that and something would save him at the end to let him live peacefully. Maybe he wouldn't get his old life back or the people in it, but at least he doesn't have to suffer.

He feels tears stream down his face. It's been a while since he cried. He didn't want to die. Why did he need to sacrifice his life when there was no guarantee that he would find the light even if he did? He feels embarrassed, crying like this in front of someone who looks as lost as he feels. Jimin looks confused, his eyebrows knitted together opening and closing his mouth like he wants to say something. Jungkook gets the feeling he's never comforted someone before, which makes sense. He was just about to wipe his tears and ask the other to forget it when he finally speaks.

"You fight alone in a world like this and yet keep such a pure heart... Are you sure the light doesn't live inside you Jungkook?"

Jungkook looks up in shock. The words, as nonchalant as they were said, made him breathless as if his lungs were squeezed until all the air escaped. To hear such genuine thoughts about him come from a person like Jimin, it made his heart burst into a million pieces and fall like glitter. He doesn't think he's felt so good as he did then. A stranger having such an affect on him should be concerning, but at that moment he didn't care. Though it was impossible to have the light present inside of him, it was the thought of Jimin implying that his efforts was like the light itself that made him feel such delight.

"You're blushing." The other adds nonchalantly.

"I- Oh." He brings his hands up to cup his cheeks, feeling more blood rush up to his cheeks. "Thank you."

"No need to thank me. I just noticed you were so I thought I'd tell you, in case you were sick."

Huh? That wasn't what Jungkook was thanking him for. He watches Jimin bring a hand up and scratch his nape as if he was patting himself on the back for the great service of telling Jungkook he was blushing. But what he said at the end, about being worried if he was sick, made him blush more. Then his mind wanders to the fact that both of them were butt naked, standing face to face in a pool of water, completely drenched.

He feels as if steam was coming out of his ears as his entire body turns into the color of a tomato. Maybe he was more devoid of human contact as he thought. "We should get going." he announces clearing his throat.

"Right." Jimin moves away from Jungkook and starts walking to the edge.

When Jungkook sees him put two hands on the ground to lift himself out he turns his head away so fast he thinks he might've damaged some nerves at the back of his neck. Did Jimin assume he wasn't watching or did he want him to watch or did he just not care? He shakes his head and moves to leave the pool as well. He's a little taken aback when he sees Jimin completely dressed, with his back to him already. Jungkook snickers a little but quickly changes into new clothes, preparing to wash the old ones.

"How come there are no soul eaters around here?" Jimin asks.

"They usually stick to places where there are likely to be humans."

"They don't want the souls of animals? How rude." Jimin frowns, completely serious.

Jungkook chuckles. "I guess not. My guess is that they're being controlled by someone and there's a boss at the end I'll have to defeat to save the world."

"How old are you?" the other questions.

"Come on, it makes the most sense! Even adults can think like that you know, it really does seem like we're living in a fantasy novel." Jungkook pouts.

"No, I agree. I'm genuinely asking about your age."

"Oh." Jungkook wonders if the man can joke around at all. "23."

"I'm 25." Jimin replies.

Jungkook would've guessed he was about a hundred with the way he acted but he did look like he was in his twenty's. He lets himself take in Jimin's stunning features. A sharp jawline, smooth plump lips, perfect hairline, eyes that looked soft behind the sting and a button nose, not to mention how his side profile looked like it had been sculpted from ancient Rome. Jungkook thinks he might be some kind of god, but Jimin said he was from hell right? He burns like it too. Can the devil be handsome?




Jungkook doesn't think Jimin knows how his eyes sting where it lands. Unless there are two wasps continuously stinging his ass cheeks as he fights off the three soul eaters as soon as they ambushed them right after they exited the forest, it's Jimin's gaze. It acted like a domino effect of sorts. Jimin staring at his ass makes his concentration falter, requiring him to fight longer to get rid of the soul eaters, which ultimately gets the other to stare at his ass longer and so on. At least the man can't see how red his face is.

It's quite shameless if he thinks about it, but after that little interaction in the pool a few hours back he's sure Jimin is just that shameless. Sure if you're undead you wouldn't really care about these things. After getting rid of two of them, Jungkook searches for the 3rd one that he swears he saw but doesn't see anymore. He turns around, barely catching Jimin's eyes jolting back up to his eyes. Yeah, he doesn't know.

"Your face is red, were they harder to defeat this time?" Jimin asks just as he opens his mouth.

Jungkook blushes harder. He definitely doesn't know. "Uh... yeah... something like that, just a bit distracted today."

Jimin simply nods in response.

"Have you seen the third soul eater? I swear I saw three..." Jungkook tries to recall.

Jimin shrugs. "I wasn't looking."

He blushes a deep red and looks away. "Let's move."

The longer they walked the colder Jungkook felt. He stops along the way to take his coat out of his bag and continues along their journey. He's been to many cities with a good population of soul eaters but never felt any temperature drop like this. Maybe this is where their hive is located, he feels a spike of nervousness. One day left to live.

"Jimin?" he calls.

The older hums.

Please help me. "When we reach Eaden... we will stay overnight just outside the city and then in the morning I will go search inside. Whatever I find in there will probably kill me." Will you be able to help me? "Can you do one thing for me out of kindness?" Don't let me die please. He searches through his bag, fighting the urge to cry. Taking out a small envelope, he hands it to Jimin. "I wrote a letter for my parents. They said if fate was kind we would meet in the future and I doubt they are alive right now, but... but in case they are, can you please go to this address and give this letter to them? Please?" I don't want to die.

Jimin observes his face for a second before answering. "Ok." He says and takes the letter.

Jungkook feels his heart break into a million pieces. Just ask him to help you. He seems capable, if can't he'll simply decline and that would be the end of that. His brain screams at him. But he can't. Just the thought of dragging someone into the mess he chooses to put himself through doesn't sound right. The guilt that would seep into his heart if Jimin agrees... And wouldn't the man have offered if he was capable? Jimin doesn't seem like a bad person.

"Why don't you just go back home yourself Jungkook? Why do you have to do this?" Jimin asks. When Jungkook looks through the sting he sees concern and that's enough for him to feel a bit of relief.

"I made a promise. And I don't really think I could live with myself if I was capable of doing something about this and just didn't." Jungkook smiles at the man. "Hey, I would've died an unfortunate death eventually... at least I'm not alone in the end huh?"

Jimin doesn't say anything in response, just stares at him for a second more and then puts the letter into his pocket before turning away. Jungkook continues to smile regardless of hearing nothing in return. At least he's not alone in the end.




The closer they got the colder it became. Jungkook layered almost all his clothes on himself, tucking his hands into his pockets and digging his chin into the warmth of his shirt. Jimin seemed unaffected as usual, Jungkook could still smell the smoke and feel the warmth radiating off him which was the only reason he hasn't frozen to death he thinks. He doesn't know how he'll fight like this, he hopes the temperature is just because of the sun setting and that it would be okay in the day time.

What was weirder was that he didn't meet any soul eaters after the previous encounter. Maybe he was wrong about this city being the hive? But numerous other people have told him about it, why would they lie? This city definitely had something off about it considering the unusual temperature drop. Part of him hoped he would find nothing, so that he could live a bit longer.

They settled on a moor right outside Eaden. He looked ahead, taking in the structure of the city. It was half destroyed with a castle at the very center. He remembers studying about a King Sihyuk who used to rule this land when he went to school. He briefly wonders if he would still be residing in there, though it seemed impossible.

"We'll rest here today." He announces moving his attention to the orange hue of the dark clouds, wishing he could feel the sunlight on him again.

He lays against the plush grass once again, looking at Jimin still gazing at the city. "Won't they find us here?" he asks.

Jungkook shrugs. "They haven't found us yet it seems, I'm doubting whether it's just luck or they're going easy on us."

"Well then you should get some sleep. I'll keep watch."

He looks at Jimin for a second longer, admiring all his features one last time before letting the cold and the exhaustion get to him. His last night alive. "Jimin?" he calls, keeping his eyes closed. He continues after hearing a hum coming from the other. "Thank you."

The icy wind tousles his hair as it moves north. He lets out a shaky exhale as he feels sleep come to him easier that before, but over that there was the smell of smoke, still burning into his lungs. Maybe if he's alive longer he would feel the effects as if he'd been smoking for years. He feels the cracks and tightening of his lips due to the cold that he was too caught up to notice before. Digging his hands into the grass on either side and listening to the soft rustle of the leaves, he finds sleep.




Jungkook is woken up in the middle of the night as his body is lifted off the ground by force. He struggles against the hands gripping him hard enough for him to wince at the pain. He calms his heartbeat and looks at the people, dressed like soldiers, carrying down the road. Looking back he sees his bag abandoned on the grass and no sign of Jimin. Maybe his time has come faster than he'd hoped. He doesn't know where these people are taking him or what they aim to do to him but it's nothing nice considering how he's being treated.

There was no point screaming. He's prepared for this. He will take them on with pride.

The city was completely deserted, no sign of any inhabitants which made sense considering how many soul eaters he's seeing around there. But they weren't approaching Jungkook or trying to attack the soldiers, just watching from afar which was strange to say the least. Maybe there was someone who was controlling them after all. He briefly glances at his belt to see his sword still in its sheath, either they'd forgotten to take it out or they decided to be merciful and give him a chance to fight. At any rate Jungkook couldn't do anything while he was still held by the men.

They take him up the hill and to the castle. Upon opening the huge door, he's dumped to the floor and the doors are closed behind him. When he looks up he's in a throne room of sorts. Marble flooring, pillars on either sides leading to the throne where a man sits. He was tall and very built, Jungkook could observe from where he was. The man sat with his legs crossed, chin on his palm looking bored.

"Who are you and why have you brought me here?" Jungkook interrogates, not making any sudden movements because he judges that this man is dangerous. He oozes darkness and power, but not like how Jimin did, this was repulsive and ugly.

"Kim Wonjin nice to meet you." The mans voice was raspy and deep, it irritated Jungkook's ears as if somebody was scratching a black board. "You have something of mine."

"I don't have anything you own."

"Oh I don't own it... yet. It's that pretty bracelet around your hand." Wonjin grins. "If you give it to me, I'll let you go." The man sing songs like an excited child.

"I can't." Jungkook answers honestly. "It's stuck to my hand and even if I could I wouldn't give it to you. It's not yours."

"Oh that's okay." Wonjin smirks as he stands up. "I'll just take it myself." With a snap of a finger Jungkook was completely surrounded by soul eaters. "Kill him, eat his soul, I don't care I just need him dead fast so that I can tear that bracelet off of him."

Jungkook's head throbs where he sits. He's never fought these many soul eaters at once. He already feels himself losing consciousness, but fuck if he's not going to try. He calms his breathing down and lunges. In two strokes, six of them are down but they keep piling on. He swipes his sword over and over, feeling chunks of his soul getting eaten away but he ignores it. This was his last chance, his last move, his last breath, he just had to keep going no matter how much it hurt. He wasn't going to live to feel the strain on his body the next day anyway.

They pile on and on and as much as he wants to keep fighting until the end of the magical energy in his sword, he's already tired. He doesn't even know what bits and pieces of his soul is even left in his body. His legs give out from the pressure and he aimlessly swipes his sword around to keep the hooded creatures away from him, like that would do anything. He's panting hard. It wasn't as cold as it was outside, inside the castle but it was still chilly. The layered clothing did not provide enough freedom for movement and his throat is tightening up, lungs probably black with smoke.

'Are you sure the light doesn't live inside you Jungkook?' The words echo into his head. 'The light will keep you safe.'

He exhales, closing his eyes, letting the dark swarm him. With a throbbing head and aching body he tries his best to search inside his head, inside his heart for a spark, something that would resemble the light, something that would save him from this insanity. It felt like he was astral projecting. He senses his soul slowly getting chipped away, knowing he won't last a few seconds longer. Searching into the darkness of his entity, he finally sees it. His soul.

Well, souls didn't have any physical representation but Jungkook knew that was it. Like a floating piece of cloud, becoming smaller and smaller as if it was transforming into mist and disappearing into thin air. He moves closer to it and reaches a hand out to it with great difficulty. It felt warm. 'The light will keep you safe.' it echoes once again and the cloud turns black. Jungkook's hand burns as he pulls it away watching how it grows this time, bigger and bigger and bigger... until it burst into flames.

He gasps into consciousness feeling his entire body filling with power he'd never felt before. Was this the light? Then why was the scent of the fire so familiar? He thrusts his sword forward once again, glancing at the side briefly to see Wonjin's smile disappear. "How did you do that? You're just a human!" He hears the man say. Taking on all those soul eaters would be a waste of time, he should just make a clear path to Wonjin and slice his head clean off.

Headache completely forgotten, he fights forward and around him so that he could make his way through to Wonjin, running at full speed killing any and every soul eater that comes near him. Electricity builds up in his chest. The sword in his hand was ready and not nearly extinguished. He sees the image of a new tomorrow flash in his mind, sun shining onto his body, the feeling of constant ache all gone. Was this the light? Can he go home after this, see his family once again and tell them that he found it? He takes a leap towards the throne, seeing Wonjin's face twist into a frown at the sudden attack.

The sound of his sword meeting flesh fills the room. Jungkook pants as he stares into the dark, dead eyes of Wonjin. He feels all the power he had felt before leave his body as he looks down and sees the blood wet his chest. The blade is taken out almost immediately, and Jungkook coughs out blood. What just happened? His sword wasn't in his hand, it was in the other man's, dripping with his blood. He stares wide eyed at him as he falls to his knees, feeling the life slowly seep out of him.

Wonjin grins maliciously. "After all, you're only human. You bleed and die."

He clutches his chest feeling the wetness of his own blood drench his shirt through the layers. After all he was only human. He bled and as he anticipated, he would die. He thought he would've gotten used to it, the feeling of ache and death wherever he went but it seems his body stung now more than ever. Was that how it felt like to die? He closes his eyes and imagines his family and friends that he once was so close to, waiting for him in the afterlife. See his house, his backyard the same way it had been before, so full of life.

Maybe he could even restart where he had left off. Grow up, attend school, have his first kiss, get a job, find love and just be happy. His head starts to throb once again, thighs shaking from the pressure on his knees. The memories of days and nights flash through his mind painfully. This was the part where he was supposed to wish for the light to come save him one last time but as he takes his final breath the only thing he could recall as clear as day was the memory of a man in all black clothing and silver jewelry, whose eyes stung like being pricked by thorns, who smelt of fire that choked you and smoke that blackened your lungs.

Park Jimin. A powerful man with a common name.

Jungkook would laugh if it didn't hurt too much to do so. The only thing he could muster was a barely there smile because he wasn't alone in the end. He thinks he would remember those eyes even in the afterlife for some reason. Like the spirit of Jimin was so impactful that it was already tattooed onto his soul over anything else. While every memory washes away, the impression of smooth, pink lips would remain. As he feels his heart make its last pump and his final exhale leave his nose, he parts his mouth and says his name for the last time.

"Park Jimin."

When the darkness consumes him completely, he feels at ease. Because this darkness is familiar. It holds him tight, keeps him warm and whispers into his ear, "I'll keep you safe." He makes out something gently pulling him back, as if he was floating. All the pain gradually dissipates from his body, the sting of the wound suddenly no more. Was this the afterlife? Or was there something kinder to let him live?

A kiss is pressed to the side of his neck and hands wrap around his torso from behind. Jungkook lets his eyes open and feels something being put into his hands. He brings it up to see a small vile of lavender liquid.

"Drink this. Helps with the pain."

Jungkook felt relief wash over him like a large wave. He was not dead and he recognized that voice. He sinks to the floor when the hands let him go. Looking up he watches as Jimin gets on one knee in front of him, looking him in the eye and it still stung, but it stung so good. He takes Jungkook's hand, all gentle like he was handling something precious, and presses a kiss to back of his palm instead of the bracelet this time. The ornament slowly transforms into a real snake that slithers away from Jungkook's palm onto Jimin's and under his clothing.

Probably to take its rightful place, right at the center of Jimin's chest. Jungkook wants to laugh again.

Jimin stands up and turns, the thick black smoke around them leisurely disappearing until it becomes transparent. He was at the other end of the throne room, far away from Wonjin who was looking at them with a scowl which quickly turns into a grin when he sees Jimin.




Now Jimin... he didn't want to get involved. When he met a random kid on the surface with his main vile all he felt was anger. More so at Doluna than anything. He didn't know what was so special about that human that she decided to leave his body and the underworld as a whole for him. But when Jimin investigated further, he realized that he wasn't just an ordinary human, the power contained in that mere non magical body was impressive on it's own, not considering how his personality seemed to outshine it. He's never met anyone so... special.

It irritated him at the beginning. That tends to happen when you live a life full of darkness and is suddenly met with someone who radiates light. Why can't his life radiate light like that? Dark magic doesn't have to be dark, he didn't understand all the stigma around it. But then the more he walked around with this human the more fond he felt. Protecting Jimin without a second thought, letting him tag along though it would've been a burden, not expecting anything of him, not being unnecessarily cold towards him though he must've been living a pretty rough life.

Jimin didn't understand. How could you be so good when living a life in darkness, smile so genuinely when talking about sacrificing your life in hopes of helping others? He just wanted Doluna back, didn't want to be stuck with someone so good, someone who made his burning body so light, someone who made his heart beat faster wherever it was stuck in hell, someone who made life worth living by being with him for such a short time.

He hated it.

He hated how it made him feel.


"You ate his soul before I could, how rude of you." Wonjin remarks playfully.

Jimin just stares at him blankly.


He hated how it wasn't Doluna who asked him to create fire so Jungkook could eat something that night, it was just his consciousness which he thought died with his humanity.


The man clears his throat. "I see you're not in a playful mood... You must be wondering why I summoned you here. Park Jimin, the greatest sorcerer of dark magic that ever lived and turned into a demon when he died."

He raises an eyebrow. To the man's right he could see a few human soldiers, dressed in hoods resembling the creatures. Spies... the third soul eater Jungkook missed. So that's how Wonjin knew where they were.


He hated how Jungkook caressing the pictures and words littered all over his torso and hands made something flutter in his stomach.


"It started many years ago. I used to study under magicians you know? Looked up to them like they represented the gods but it turned out they were selfish, horrible people with power. Killed my family because they were too poor to pay taxes, even though I begged them not to. So I sacrificed my magic to summon these minions of mine to drive the magicians away. Turns out these things need souls to survive so people ended up dying. Well, sacrifices must be made." Wonjin says deviously. "I need your help to kill off the magicians on earth once and for all. Then after that we could cover this world in darkness and rule this world together. What do you say?" He asks extending a hand towards Jimin, fairly confident.


He hated how the tears spilling from Jungkook's eyes made him want to burn everything to the ground.


Jimin smirks and starts walking towards the man. "I was wondering why Doluna escaped my body to come here, turns out she was summoned." he chuckles. "But not by you."


He hated how he created a barrier around them when they neared Eaden so that Jungkook didn't have to waste the magical energy in his sword on them.


Wonjin's grin falters.

"As she tells me now, it was because Jungkook summoned her on the top of a sacrificial volcano. She took pity on him and decided to help out." Jimin scoffs.


He hated how he hugged Jungkook as he slept at night, giving him some of the warmth from his body because he was shivering.


"Jungkook? Oh that boy." Wonjin grimaces.

"You're only human. You bleed and die. That's what you said wasn't it?" Jimin recalls. He stops in front of Wonjin, takes the sword out of his hands and slits his palm.


He hated how he opened Jungkook's letter out of worry only to read the words 'I'm sorry' written on a piece of paper with some charcoal.


Wonjin looks in shock as blood drips from the wound. "H-How-"

"You thought I was a demon? That you could summon me?" Jimin laughs condescendingly.

"You went to hell, you don't have a heart you can't be living!" Wonjin exclaims.

"The things you can do with dark magic huh?" Jimin smirks. "Thought I'd try dying to feel alive. So I sacrificed my heart to hell and now I burn. A shame really I'm not alive but I'm not dead either." A shame because the sacrifice worked, there was something that made him feel alive.

"You can't be human... no... that's impossible." The other looks like he's about to pass out.

Jimin laughs. "I bleed and die. Obviously I could fix that but it wouldn't be any fun would it? Who would want to live in this dump forever." He scoffs on the inside because he could think of somebody who he would live an eternity for.


He hated how it made him feel like he needed to help him in some way.


He watched coldly as Wonjin's legs leave the ground as he started to levitate. "W-What's happening! Let me go!"

"Just because I do dark magic doesn't mean I'm a bad person who would participate in drowning the earth in evil."


He hated how he couldn't put more magical into his sword because he didn't know normal magic.


Wonjin struggles against his hold, looking as if the air was killing him. "Stop this instant! Or-"

"Or? Or what?" Jimin asks patronizingly. "Straight to hell you go."

And with the snap of a finger Wonjin starts to choke violently, frothing at the mouth, shaking until his heart travels up his throat out of his mouth and drops to the ground with a splat. Jimin let's go of his magic and senses Wonjin's soul get sucked into soul right onto the devil's hands. The soul eaters in the room disappear as it happens, the link completely broken and the darkness lifted off the face of the earth.

He quickly turns around to walk back and kneel in front of Jungkook again. "He's dead and they're all gone. You're safe." He reaches into his pocket and retrieves the envelope that he had been given and places it in his hands over the now empty vial. "There. I don't think I need to hold this any longer."


He hated how he put a charm on Jungkook's body to keep him protected and give him strength when he's in danger.


Jungkook looks at him, his eyes glassy. "Where did you go?"


He hated how he remembered that tiger lily nectar helped with body ache and so he-


"Oh right sorry I- to get this-" He stutters gesturing to the bottle. "Do you feel better?"

Jungkook stares at him blankly for a few seconds and suddenly starts to giggle, nodding his head. Jimin didn't understand what was so funny but he doesn't think he hates doing that anymore. In fact Jungkook's laugh makes him feel like going into outer space and capturing the sun for him. He's a little caught off guard by that intense emotion but smiles back, feeling genuinely happy for once in his 25 years of living.

His eyes widen a little when he senses Jungkook reach up and cup his face. "You're beautiful."

And Jimin feels electricity surge through him. He's never had someone call him beautiful before. Everything with him has always been associated with fear and power, nothing as delicate as beautiful. Their lips meet, and for the first time ever- Jimin melts. He no longer feels the burn in his chest where his heart used to be, notices himself cool down against Jungkook.




Jungkook didn't think twice before surged forward to capture the latter's lips. When he saw Jimin's eyes turn into little crescents, it took whatever breath he had in him- away. The feeling of not even asking for help but being heard and kept safe by Jimin was the best feeling in the world, but nothing could compare to how his lips felt against his own. Plump, smooth, pillowy lips engulfing his with such gentle care. The heat from the older transferred into his body, making his insides all warm. The cool air on the outside slowly thawed away as he felt himself burn and burn, and burn.

When they separate they rest their foreheads again each other, panting. Jungkook feels his heart ache instead of his body and he falls forward onto Jimin's chest. "Jungkook?" Jimin calls, hot puffs of air leaving his mouth. He doesn't wait for him to respond. "You make me feel alive." He says taking Jungkook's hand under his shirt, over his chest once again. "My heart's beating really fast in hell right now."

Jungkook snorts. "Didn't know you had a sense of humor."

"Didn't know you had an attitude." Jimin quips back, smirking.

"Well, now we can get to know each other." He says with a small smile back.

Jimin grins fondly, parting Jungkook's hair to press a kiss onto his forehead. "I like the sound of that." He looks up to the entrance that was left open, out into the open. "Hey look." he adds.

Jungkook turns his head to look outside but his vision is suddenly blurred by a bright orange light, slowly filling the entire room with a golden hue. His eyes tears up as he pushes his hand out to feel the rays of the sun like he had been longing for years. He felt warm all over, all the ache in his body leaving once and for all as a tear drop makes its way down his cheek and falling on the marble floor.

He learns that day that it didn't matter if there was no light at the end of the dark tunnel as long as his soul was on fire...






... and he let it burn.