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Separated by the light

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It was on one of those last sunny autumn days in Volterra that not far from the town’s clock tower there was a little girl standing in front of an old and brittle house of the 16th century, curiously studying a small plate that had been attached and engraved there in what seemed like a long time ago:


“Et Sic Semper Erit, Vita Brevis, Ars Longa, Mors Velox”

-To Eliza


The inscription left the girl deep in thought as she wondered who that woman named Eliza might have been and what kind of live she must have led to inspire such devotion,

so much so that she did not hear the woman approach from behind her who had been watching her for a while now.

Once the girl realized that someone was standing right beside her she turned towards the person. The woman seemed to be in her late 20s,

had strikingly clear blue eyes and long brown hair that reached all the way down to her lower back.

Compared to her physical features her appearance was relatively unremarkable as she was only wearing a plain dark shirt with some matching jeans and shoes.

“Uhm, hi,” the girl said, because she didn’t know what else to say and she also didn’t want to appear rude despite the woman being the one who intruded on the scene.

“Hi,” the woman said in return and offered the girl a warm smile.

“I saw you looking at this plate for some time and you seemed to be so interested by it that I thought I’d come over and tell you more about it if you want.”

The little girl’s eyes sparkled at that.

“Yes that would be great!” she said before she added “My name is Emma by the way.”

“Nice to meet you Emma,” the woman said.

“Now, this plate involves a lot of background information and the story is quite long, but I believe we will be done here before you have to be on your way.”

“Oh that’s not a problem, my mother works at the café just over there,” Emma said and pointed at a place with red and white umbrellas down the street, “and we still have some hours before they close so I think we should be fine.”

“Alright,” The woman smiled before she added “Then let’s begin, shall we?”