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They both came from different worlds, and it seemed they had nothing in common, until that one special day. It wasn’t some holiday or festival, just a casual day, as a row of others in a calendar, but that particular period of time in her life had definitely something to say. 

She stepped on the path of listening to herself, her feelings. She had always been that way, but at that moment it was different, somehow she felt it was urgent. 

That afternoon, past-office meeting she went to a park for a walk, the air was partially frosty, but it wasn’t cold at all. Interestingly, she perceived she felt frost differently, she allowed her bare hands and face to feel the touch of wintry air on her skin, even permitted teensy wind play with her tresses. On the instant, she thought she was becoming older. She smiled to herself, to the sky, to gloomy chatty people passing by and to her favorite music in ears. She was walking down the tiled promenade, tracking the change of laying and found herself at a viewing deck, she rested on the banisters and looked at the river, capturing it turned the color to a dark blue amid the coming cold. She had lived in that city for so many years but only that day she noticed - a monument that watched the river partially resembled the one in Rio de Janeiro, inevitably she retrieved the phone and took a photo, it was beautiful she thought, a monument looked like a Brazilian one and a bridge over the river awoke the memory of the one in New York, it was a tricky blend of cultures in one scenery.

After a long walk in the park and around the city center it was time to go back home and also, there was an unexplained wish to read the book she’d bought on her way to the office. Not a random book, should be noted, the one she had given many signs to read. She went underground and waited for the train. While standing there, she heard her inner voice screaming over music in her ears, and that voice expressed her thoughts and feelings at that very moment so truly that it frightened her, she believed it might be the first time she confessed in this to herself.

Upon the arrival of a train she took a seat in one of the carriages and opened the first chapter. ‘Fear’. She put her face up in the air and mumbled f…u…c…k… as this was the exact feeling she experienced that particular second and somehow that author of that book knew it. ‘Fear is a natural reaction to moving closer to the truth’. Right, she thought. That was exactly what she’d wanted and now the Universe had kindly agreed to provide her with that opportunity. On the one hand, she eagerly wanted to accept that chance and wanted to jump and shout of happiness, on the other hand, she thought she’d screw it up. ‘This is where the courage comes in’. Yes! Definitely! She was strong enough to do this, especially after she’d sent special vibes to the universe for it, she couldn’t allow herself to lose the chance to build a stable relationship with one and only, so unique and so rare person she was gracefully presented to meet in her life. Maybe, that person was as many others on this planet, but she had never known them and after that specific day of their first meeting she never wanted to know anyone else.

The image of a beauty popped up in her memory: her height was average for a woman, and she was so huggable; her hair was naturally blonde, and it scented dark vanilla; her eyes were as blue as the ocean and the stare was unique, full of wisdom and inexplicable honesty; her lips were full and curved in a smile; her voice, once you heard it you’d always want to be her listener. ‘She was just like a movie, she was just like a song’ she hummed to her nose. Even during their first meeting they had a connection with the help of which they managed to understand each other even half sentence, which was so rare or had to be worked out months or even ages in the times of globalization. And they laughed, a lot, and smiled, all the time, and felt each other when there was a need to change the subject, and laughed and smiled, and there was no need in hiding anything, there wasn’t even a thought of holding back.

That was their first meeting when she found out they were not so different and the only distance between them - the ocean of prejudice. Despite that, they were so close, real soulmates, they even loved same activities and same food, even shared love to same music and books, even their values in life were the same.

That was exactly that time when she understood she needed to do everything possible to make that person after their first meeting that lasted several hours become hers for eternity.

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Their meeting was an unexpected coincidence. Franky had a mate who worked for WHO but due to an urgent staff meeting Cleo couldn’t be present at a session organized by World Health Organization on ‘Mental Health and Psychological Support amid Universal Crisis’. Cleo dealt with gathering information and unlocking new medical treatments along with data analytics as well as keeping the stakeholders informed on all the issues. So, this session had to be informative and insightful for Cleo’s future reports, that’s why she kindly asked Franky to be present there and take all possible handouts and references of participants. 


Franky was lucky she didn’t have to run after those speakers and plead them for digital presentations as far as all guests were provided with them in advance. Additionally, Franky was happy to clear her head a bit, because all those legal terms and emergency meetings made her giddy. Despite the fact she adored her job and had significant career growth, she felt tired. She was a human, after all. She treated her clients well, always eager to help, especially if she knew the person wasn’t guilty. She realized how it sucked being falsely accused of the things they never did. 


Neither of her family members had been lawyers. Actually, she was lucky enough to be able to finish the uni successfully, she even got her Masters for free, which made her relatives sigh with relief they didn’t have to pay extra for her education. The relations with her family members were not easy, if to put it mildly. But she didn’t care as long as they didn't prevent her from doing what she really wanted professionally and personally. She communicated with them, though it was impossible to say they were really close. 


She lived alone from the times she started working early in her teens. It provided her with both: independence and privacy, more than that, she felt more secure living on her own. She worked in different cafés prior to becoming a law student to make herself a living and pay for the rent. After some incident at work she decided to study the legislation and pursue her legal career. Sometimes she thought, that was the only right episode she had over-lived in her desperate life. She didn't mind, if her destiny was to help people resolve legal cases - then she was lucky she was able to do this - the major positive activity in her life.


She had an hour free after work, so she came home, took a shower, brew herself a cup of strong coffee, sipped it leisurely in her beloved knickers on the sofa while listening to 🎵 The The - Giant 🎵 , that tune made her relax and revived her simultaneously. 


Franky lived in a flat that wasn’t too big, comprised two rooms and a huge kitchen with one meter length table accompanied by all modern appliances for her cooking masterpieces and a perfectly big balcony to drink coffee under the morning sun.


After she had drunk her vital drink, she trailed to the wardrobe to take a new suit she’d bought three months ago. Nothing special, but it was an Italian one, and she liked it at first sight she got it. Franky wasn’t the type of girls who spent whole weekends on shopping, she was more adventurous, so she eagerly ordered the suit online. She remembered how it fit her so well back then the day she received it, so she definitely wanted to be in it that evening. She ironed it. Put some underarm sweat pads to the blazer in case it would be too hot at the conference. Minutes later she was standing in front of the mirror in a navy blue suit and a white tank top with a bit of lace covering her cleavage. She looked businesslike, and she absolutely adored how every inch of that closing suited her and how the color of it emphasized the shade of her eyes. Her hair was still messy after a long day at office, so she applied some additional puffs of hairspray to her loose strands, some vanilla perfume to her neck and wrists, took keys and dashed to the session which was due in 15 minutes. 


She always behaved edgy at such high-class meetings. In spite of the fact she gained strong confidence, which was worked out within years, she still could feel as a little cowed girl, which she mastery hid behind her boldness.


The conference was in Park Hyatt, the internationally known hotels’ network and one of the best venues for such events in Melbourne. Prior to the start everyone was suggested coffee or water and after that lead to a grand hall. The host of the meeting was a regional director for the Western Pacific, Dr Kasai, a middle-aged Japanese man, with a very calming and assuring voice and kind smile. He opened the session with a general presentation, showing the figures and naming various international partners who were involved in research, accounting, investing, etc. Later on Dr Kasai gave floor to different representatives from 27 Member Countries of the WHO Western Pacific Region. 


Due to the fact that some countries had joint presentations as they were run by same project organizations and the time-limit was 20 - 30 minutes, the whole meeting lasted about three hours. 


Franky noted to herself that all the speeches were interesting, they were delivered in the format of a TED talk and live performance was captivating. That was much better than a dull clicking on and reading from key-note slides. 


The moment when it was time for Australia presenter to cover the topic Franky felt vibrating of her phone. When she retrieved it, there was a message from Cleo asking if the session bored her to death and how much she would owe her. Franky quickly responded that everything was cool and tucked the phone back. While she was dealing with her tight trousers she even didn’t notice how her head raised up upon hearing that magnetic voice. Unwittingly she smiled at the sight of a lady, standing in the centre of a stage, who seemed to be glowing from within. Franky was smiling the whole 30 minutes or so and didn’t give a heck in case someone was looking at her. 


After the session everybody was invited to a buffet dinner in the adjoining lounge area. Franky took a glass of champagne and some olives from the counter and upon her turning back in search of a vacant table at the terrace she saw miss Australia and their eyes somehow locked, and they smiled to each other. She took another glass of champagne and when aligned with the yet unknown blonde, stretched out a glass and presented herself: ‘Franky!’. A blue-eyed girl got hold of a tall wine glass, had a quick sight of the right hand where the bubbly drink was placed, gave a faint grateful nod and answered: ‘Bridget!’. 


Bridget was an elegant tiny slender woman in mid-forties. Her hair was shoulder-length and a bit wavy, it was glossy, the tresses were of different lengths that made the impression there was a fine head of hair and Franky instantly felt the desire to touch it. The brunette felt uneasy seeing beautiful hair. She didn't know the reason for this, but she definitely was keen on some style on the heads of people. That was one more non-verbal business card, she thought, and this blonde definitely got a ‘✔️ ’ for it from Franky. 


Being a lawyer, a businesslike looking brunette always made eye contact with unknown people, as if trying to read them, and as far as Franky was very intuitive she always relied on her first impression. And those eyes in front of her were like the ocean. And the issue wasn’t only in the color, which was a mix of blue and grey. The thing was they were sucking in and an already charmed woman felt as if drowning. In those eyes read so many things: huge experience, enormous wisdom, vast kindness, colossal understanding, gross intelligence and epic unexpected uncanny childishness. That was the moment when Franky remarked to herself she didn’t want to get drown in those two oceans, she wanted to plunge in them and discover underwater mysteries. 


Bridget’s lips shade of nude pink matched her nail polish. She was wearing a black skirt suit with a white silk tank top. She had a pendant and earrings in the form of a lotus flower, a symbol of purity, a white gold set that suite her so well. She looked neat, nothing was needed to be added to her outfit and she needed exactly nothing else to underline her natural beauty. 


Franky didn’t like lots of face paint on her women, she preferred day make up and considered it to be absolutely sexy. Which wasn’t the case with herself, she even had those days when her boss silently burst into her office, tossing in front of her a pack of wet wipes. That night, though, Franky allowed herself to be a little bit wild and her eyes were expressively black. That was the so-called Franky's business card: coal-black eye-lined eyes, her hair, her cheeky grin, her humor, she actually liked playing on the words and using metaphors. She was serious and precise in her field of expertise, but she was totally reckless when the question concerned her personal life.


Truth be told, usually self-assured lawyer was afraid to touch Bridget, she understood the meaning of the word ‘boundaries’, she was a bit cautious but simultaneously very determined. That was the first time in her life when she somehow knew and felt with her guts, she couldn’t allow herself to let Bridget get disappointed, not now, not ever. The grounds why that feeling crawled to her were yet unrevealed, which made Franky too committed to question her reasoning. 


Franky smiled and stretched her hand showing the way to the beach. The hotel territory was vast and the organizers were thoughtful enough to put small high tables near the water. When the wooden deck of a terrace, leading to the beach finished, both women had to walk to the spotted table along the sand. At that point they stopped, without any accompanying words Bridget gave her glass to Franky and took her heels off. Franky was in oxfords still she couldn’t stand Bridget to be barefoot alone, so she gave the glasses back to the blonde and took her shoes off as well. Two pairs of footwear were left at the banisters of that deck so as not to distract the women from a walk. They both giggled and soon were standing on the wooden floor barefoot cheerfully looking at each other. 


Franky instinctively stretched her palm to Bridget and the woman eagerly put her strong hand into the brunette’s. That muscular grasp of hand made Franky assume the blonde was active physically, she might not be in for sports, but she certainly was doing something to keep her body fit, about which Franky made an instantaneous mental note. Bridget's legs looked toned below the line of a skirt, she had a strong handshake, her chest looked trained under the blazer. 


All those little details created some expected image of a new acquaintance and the lawyer needed to check if those expectations had something to do with the reality. In the majority of cases the picture that Franky painted in her mind about the people she dated had to be repainted within the next several minutes of their meeting, and then again, and after that again, and later on again. And that freaked her out. She couldn’t figure why people were so dumb, unreal, why she was surrounded by dickheads and psychos. What had she done in her previous life to bear that heavy cross of hundreds of not-right people she had slept with. So, she was determined to check, whether she was going to fuck or… fuck or… what? That Bridget was so cute…


The beach was warm after the day sun and both women enjoyed the tickling of sand grains under their feet. From the distance they looked as a couple: hand in hand, champagne, Franky was taller, Bridget was the height of the lawyer’s shoulder, the brunette, the blonde, the green, the blue… just the perfect size, just the perfect color, or…what?




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Both women were walking in silence down the beach line, with one hand in each other’s warm palms, and another occupied with holding champagne glasses. Their hair was fluttering under a pleasant breeze from the sea. The moon was visibly laying its intricate reflection on a slightly rippling water.


They let each other's hands and Bridget was the first to utter a word and break awkward silence:

‘The sand is so warm. If the session was in the morning we could have barely walked without shoes.’


‘Yeah. Don’t you mind us walking in the sea?’ Franky suggested matter-of-factly.


‘Sure! Love it! But no splashing water, ok?’ Bridget giggled when they were approaching the seaside. She could detect some cheekiness in her new acquaintance’ gaze and assumed she could eagerly show her inner self at the very beginning.


‘I wasn’t even thinking of doing this. But since you’ve mentioned …’ Franky ran quickly to the water and made a motion with her right leg back as if wanting to sprinkle Bridget with some of it. She giggled. She noticed, somehow she began to feel at ease at the presence of a petite blonde.


‘Ahhh! Don’t you dare!’ Bridget said chuckling, yet with a serious expression on her face, pointing at Franky with her index finger, still holding a glass in the same hand. She enjoyed the brunette felt relaxed and there wasn't any tension between them, the one that usually appeared during first meetings. They were as if two kids having fun with new mates.


‘Just joking, Gidget, no worries, it’s our first meeting, I know how to behave!’ Franky winked and clicked with her tongue. Maybe that was her business-like costume that influenced and affected good behavior, maybe the seriousness of the event, or maybe that blue gaze that encouraged her with yet unknown compassion - it was still an undiscovered ground to her, still, she really felt that boundary that had to be watched over.


‘Ah so? Do you mean to say that if it was our not first meeting you’d make me wet?’ That was a long day for Bridget, and she was having fun, she didn’t want herself to process every word she spoke. But when she said the last phrase, she smiled to herself at the ambiguity of it. A soft blush appeared on her cheeks and she honestly didn’t want the brunette to elaborate on it.


‘Yes!’ Franky was concise, nevertheless looked at the blonde with a huge grin on her face and tilted.


‘So, you are a … ?’ As they were walking along the shore of the sea, Bridget decided to get acquainted. She had never seen the brunette before which made her assume, either she was new, or didn't belong to any WHO projects.


‘I am a lawyer at Gordon Legal. Actually, wanted to say, you are a fascinating presenter I could listen to you for hours!’ Franky confessed.


‘TA! What’s a lawyer doing at the WHO conference? Had a free slot this night between hearings and decided to fill it with ‘mental health’ cases?!’ Bridget teased the brunette.


‘Medical terms and smart docs turn me on, Gidget!’ Franky answered smiling at Bridget with her cunning grin, displaying exquisite dimples and showing off her tongue a little in between her teeth. Though Franky was trying to behave perfectly, she couldn't but teased back.


‘I’d rather you are motivated than aroused, Franky! It’s not just a box to be ticked, not a game to be played, the lives of real people are at stake. And…Gidget? It’s Bridget!’ Though her voice was serious, Bridget was smiling when talking to Franky. She didn't know the reason her new acquaintance generated a pet name for her, but it sounded genuine from the brunette’s lips.


‘I prefer Gidget! And now I am motivated and aroused! Hey, you are so tough, I didn’t mean to insult, calm down!’ Franky touched Bridget’s shoulder with her own very slightly in a playful manner.


‘I’m just teasing, baby!’ The blonde said with a little smile on her lips not turning her sight from the brunette and playfully turned up her eyebrows. She decided to pay back with a pet name as well.


‘Well, I am here for a friend, she works in an analytical department and asked me to substitute her, take all the info and contacts from presenters so as it would be easier for her to reach all of you later on. Can’t say I am fond of such sessions, but I must admit this one was very informative. So, you are a shrink, right? Like getting inside the minds?’ Franky decided to probe the ground.


‘I am a forensic psychologist. And yes, kind of like getting inside criminal minds. Right now working on my new research in the field of recidivism and practically based in Wentworth.’ Bridget answered hastily as she felt uneasy talking about herself during the first meetings.


‘No way! I am a newly appointed resident lawyer there. What’s your schedule?’ Franky was visibly astonished to know her girl of interest worked at the same institution as herself and made a mental note it could help her to reduce the length of a bridge between them.


‘Is it fate? Destiny? Karma? I am there on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, having counseling sessions with inmates and working on the research. You?’ Bridget was as surprised as her newly-acquainted colleague.


‘Same schedule, to be honest. These are tricks of the universe for sure. Do you believe in signs?’ The brunette turned her head to the blonde examining her demeanor.


‘Yes, I do! Sometimes I have prophetic dreams. Beware when the moon rises!’ Miss Australia narrowed her eyes playfully looking straight into the brunette’s.


'Oh, no, Gidge! You do not resemble a witch. Look at you, you are a little angel! *The brunette genuinely smiled* Speaking about the moons, don’t you mind we sit on the sand?’ Franky said motioning towards the spot in front of them.

Bridget nodded and both women sat on the dry sand very close to each other and raised their heads up to look into the night sky. They were leaning on one of their hands buried in the sand, with another still holding a glass of champagne.

‘You know, the Northern Hemisphere differs from the Southern?’ Franky said yet audible still looking upwards.


‘Mhm. It is interesting how we all, living on one and the same planet, see the sky differently, right?’ Bridget answered agreeing with her interlocutor, revealing the philosophic intonation in her comment.


‘Yeah! Look, that’s the Crux. It is said, if you find the Southern Cross in the night sky, you can draw an imaginary line between the two most spaced stars — the South Pole of the world is on this line.’ Franky shared the knowledge of astronomy. She was pointing at bright stars in the night sky joining imaginary lines with her fingers as if connecting them.


‘I can travel with you and never be afraid of getting lost.’ Bridget nudged the brunette slightly.


‘Yeah, for sure.’ Franky giggled and sipped her champagne.


‘You know that in our Hemisphere here is a Crux, in the Northern one they have a constellation of Ursa Major and Ursa Minor which are also known as the Great Bear and the Lesser Bear?’ Bridget also decided to unveil mysteries of the night sky, especially due to the fact she had practical knowledge in that.


‘Mhm, tell me about the bears…’ The lawyer expressed genuine interest. She was piercing into the night sky, seeing the stars and watching drifting meteors. She revived in her memory, how close in the childhood they seemed that she could touch them. Instantaneously she wondered if she ever could feel as free as those stars. She leaned her head on the shoulder and was prepared to listen to the story.


‘One Summer with my Uni group mates we decided to go to Italy, try their cuisine, coffee, see museums, and we stayed in Rome. I should say this city never sleeps, we literally were spending whole nights everywhere except the hotel. So, the second day we took a car and went to S. Marinella, which was only 30 minutes drive from Rome. Amazing scenery. That day we bought some ice cream and went to the seaside, we spent the whole night there, talking, swimming, and the sky was navy blue, and the stars were so low, and that was how I saw those constellations. They are like our Crux, but show the North.’ Bridget eagerly shared her memories from the student years. Especially, she was fascinated to see a smile on the brunette’s face listening to her.


‘Oh Bridget, that’s lovely. When I was a kid, we used to go to the riverside every summer with my best mate. And there I loved spending nights at the river watching the sky, there it was possible to see every star, they were so attractive…’ Franky shared the episode from her childhood that was preciously kept in her memory, simultaneously amazed at herself being so open with a stranger.


'Franky, I’ve never thought you are so romantic.’ Bridget giggled looking at the brunette and placed her hand on the shoulder of her opponent.


'You should talk. In an unknown city to spend the night at the sea — crazy woman, you are, Bridget!’

Both women were cheerfully laughing together. They felt as though they had known each other for many many years.

‘What would you wish if saw a falling star?’ Franky asked very concerned, with the eyes children make when asking for another candy, and turned her gaze to the blonde.


‘You know they don’t really fall, right?’ Bridget squinted her eyes in disbelief.


'Yes, smartypants, sorry, skirt, but, what?’ Franky narrowed her glimpse in return and was silently waiting for a reply.


‘You know, I even don’t remember that I ever watched the sky with somebody, literally, in such a way, searching for exact constellations, it’s romantic, very romantic, Franky!’ Bridget didn't mean to omit answering, she just underlined the merit of the moment.


‘What_would_you_wish_in_case_you_witness_the_sparkle?’ Franky was very pushy, she accentuated each of the word of the question, as the lawyer needed to know the answer so desperately at that very minute.


‘To have such kind of pleasant moments *Bridget waved at both of them* very very often in my life. You?’


‘Be the one who makes those pleasant moments unexpected for somebody.’ Franky whispered and maybe for the first time in her life blushed. Despite the fact, she saw that woman for the first time in her life, through their initial conversation the brunette’s desire to become a part of Bridget’s life progressed actively. She hadn't understood the reason, yet. She silenced.


Bridget looked at Franky half squinting her gaze and was thinking of how she instantly liked that woman on the one hand, and how she wanted to figure out the riddle of hers on the other. Breaking award silence the blonde stood up from the sand to say:

‘Ok! Right! Shall we call it a night, Franky? Today is already Monday and we both have to be at Wentworth. I was pleased to meet you, accidental colleague!’


‘I was pleased to meet you too, Bridget!’ Smiling, Franky took Bridget’s hand by reflex as they were going up the beach to the terrace and lead her to the nearest vacant sofa so as they both could put on their shoes.


The lounge was practically empty, there was a hardly heard slow melody. Both of them entered the room and put empty champagne glasses on the counter. As if by magic Franky took Bridget by the hand and drew her closer for a short dance. When their chests collided and their cheeks were so close to each other that it was possible to feel each other’s warmth, they both exclaimed in unison:

‘You smell vanilla!’

A burst of loud laughter sounded across the room. When they came to terms the brunette didn’t let the blonde’s hand and walked her to the car.


‘May I …’ Franky started the sentence and stretched her hands showing readiness to embrace Bridget.

The blonde nodded silently and hugged the brunette. It was a warm and tight embrace. Franky, being taller, managed to give a bear hug to a tiny blonde, Bridget in her turn silently put her face on the chest of her new colleague and embraced the lawyer so as her elbows were at the waist and palms were on Franky’s shoulder blades. They were standing like this for a moment which felt like too long and too short simultaneously, yet, they had to part and say their goodbyes for that night.


‘See you tomorrow!’ The brunette smiled faintly with a vivid flicker in her emerald eyes.


‘See you! Night!’ The blonde answered with a shade of a slight smile on her nude pink lips.


They both drove into the night, leaving a wildly-free vanilla scent at a parking lot, that seemed to become a first witness of a budding relationship, that evidently put out shoots of lively green sprouts into the souls of each other.




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In the mind of hers, Franky had always been a romantic type of person, even a sentimental one. Another thing was, she never ever showed it to the world. Even her close ones never knew how fragile she could be, and that a fearless brunette could, as it happened, cry. Oh my Goodness! She cried, but only late at night, behind closed, shut, sealed, secured doors.


And yet, her sensitivity was in details: various signs and symbols met on her journey of life were essential for the lawyer, and she paid a great attention to them. She even covered her skin with those signs of luck and prosperity, freedom and courage, rebirth and eternity. The tall brunette truly believed in mythology, that was paradoxical taken into account her professional sphere of activity, however, even Justice was blind that meant she was governed by senses.


And those senses communicated with Franky. Her tactile sensation reminded how warm and strong the blonde’s hand was, that provided her with the feeling of compassion. The sense of vision translated inexplicable electric impulses containing pleasant to her eyes images of miss Australia to the brain. Auditory sense revived in memory a seductive contralto voice that made her feel goosebumps of delight. The sense of smell remarked an attractive blended odor of perfume and skin on the hands and cheeks of the brunette after their embrace. And yet, there appeared a desire to satisfy the sense of taste.       


Having slept only three hours that night, Franky woke up early to cook lunch for the upcoming day, and that was the opportunity to try her romanticism in action and take her chance at winning another hour of attention of the woman of her interest. 



‘Hey, Bridget!’     Franky appeared in the opened doors of the forensic psychologist’s office. 


‘Hey, Franky!’     Bridget smiled at the sight of her new colleague.


‘Would you mind having lunch together, I know some nice place?’     The brunette asked bravely.


‘Oh that would be perfect, I am starving and need some caffeine and urgently.’     The blonde was piling up the profiles with a banging sound on her desk, looking at the lawyer with a genuine smile on her face.  


‘Challenge accepted! Espresso?’     Franky leaned against the doorframe and asked inquisitively.  


‘Triple, with cinnamon.’     The psychologist reported hastily as if she was asking for a dose of caffeine to be injected intravenously. 


‘Mmm you take your coffee as lawyers - dark, bitter and getting more expensive by the minute!     *Franky winked*     Meet you in front of the gates in 15.’     The brunette produced a slight giggle and vanished. 


‘Thanks!’     Bridget said on the heels of a ran away brunette. She smiled at a witty parallel Franky made, between the coffee Bridget wanted and the lawyers. She suddenly caught herself at the thought, she was incredibly happy to see that woman, who felt so warm under her embrace several hours back that night. 


Upon meeting each other at the gates, Franky gave Bridget a big bamboo cup with coffee. 


Bridget smelled the aroma of a freshly brewed drink, closed the eyes and her lips stretched in a smile, she hugged the cup with her hands and singsonged:     ‘Thank You, Franky, you saved my day!’


‘My pleasure Gidge! Well, according to my maps that fancy place should be somewhere near here, around the corner practically…’     Franky was concentrated on Google Maps in her phone.  


‘Interesting. Which cuisine have you chosen?’     Bridget wondered in between the sips of her deliciously intense coffee. 


‘This time - mine.’     Franky answered with a grin which quickly faded away as she looked back to her phone vibrating the sign of a reached destination.


‘Oh I didn’t know they have a lake so close to Wentworth, the place is beautiful! From now on that would be my shelter during lunchtime.’     Bridget raised the cup with coffee into the air and joyfully waltzed around herself. 


‘Will you take another stray employee with you?’     Franky asked winking at her colleague, delighted by the fact the blonde was a free-spirited person. 


‘Mm ... It depends!’     Bridget giggled looking at Franky and nudged her slightly with the shoulder.


‘Hold this, please.’     The brunette gave her backpack to the blonde previously taking out a soft navy blue traveling rug.


‘You’ve prepared!’     Bridget was honestly amused at the fact that her colleague next door was so thoughtful.  


‘Yeah, I know what you want to say, but it’s not romanticism, Gidge. It is a certain way to run away from all those terrifying things I come across every day solving cases… some of the convicts are unjustly and not fairly sentenced, you know? It makes me dizzy, and I feel my exhaustion dealing with dickheads and psychos. How do you manage to be so resilient watching all that stuff daily?’     Franky noticed herself being too open with the blonde, again. 


‘Oh, Franky, do not think I am that resilient, I just figured out how to cope with it. If you take everything close to the heart you won’t survive another day.’     Bridget didn’t switch a mode of a psychologist, as a matter of fact she was trying to be frank with the brunette. 


‘So, how do you cope, doc?’     Franky asked with a cheeky smile on her face. 


‘Haha! I live near the river, I like spending time there. I have a garden. Music is a  perfect therapy. The friends.’     Bridget enumerated some of the possible activities of hers that usually helped to remain sane.  


‘Sounds as you like being isolated, hm?’     The lawyer was half teasing half seriously wanted to get to know the blonde who occupied her mind that night. 


‘No. You asked how I cope with stress. What image do you have about me? I arrive home, take the needles and knit baby shoes for future grandchildren?’     Bridget was laughing. 


‘Oh my Gosh, you are crazy! No, after what I’ve heard I imagine you arrive home and start taking off the clothes in the hall, in your underwear you are brewing some very very strong coffee or take a glass of …     *Franky stared at Bridget as if reading her mind*     white wine and go half-naked to the river where you meet the sunset.’     The lawyer tried to depict the image of herself at the area of Bridget’s and that image slipped from her lips. 


‘Oh that sounds pretty like me, you are a cunning mind reader.’     The blonde psychologist was looking at Franky, who was dynamically taking out boxes of food and silverware for their lunch.  


In spite of being occupied with setting a rug for a meal Franky heard each word said:     ‘Oh really? I definitely need to see this!’     The brunette raised her face to watch Bridget’s reaction and saw nothing but a smile on those nude pink lips.  


They laughed looking at each other, until Bridget finally asked:     ‘Will you feed the girl?’


‘Sure, sorry. You are just funny.’     Franky stretched the box with food.  


‘So you thought I was a nerd?’     The blonde accepted her lunch and looked at her brunette colleague quizzically. 


‘No, just thought you were very serious, when I saw you on the stage.’     Franky answered honestly with a shrug. 


‘Sorry, I had to leave my clown nose off-stage.’     Bridget tried to imitate Franky’s cheekiness and winked at the brunette. 


Franky, accepting the game opened her mouth in astonishment and commented:     ‘Hey, Gidge, stop teasing! Let’s eat! Take a fork. This is a bowl with tuna, hope you like fish.’


‘Mmm… that looks tasty! Thank you for bringing me here, and for the food, and coffee, it’s very kind of you!’     Forensic psychologist expressed sincere gratitude towards being saved from starvation that day. Moreover, she noticed how diligently Franky was trying to create a casual atmosphere, and she felt necessary to underline it. 


‘I wanted this! My pleasure!’     The lawyer was extremely happy to hear the words of  appreciation of her deeds. 


In that brand new world people rarely seemed to verbally express their gratitude. And Franky underlined that fact every time she tried to establish contact with colleagues or conceivable girlfriends. 


After they’d finished eating vegetables and fish, the brunette opened her backpack and took two small containers with cheesecakes thoughtfully decorated with mint leaves. She gave one to the blonde and one left on her lap.


‘You bake?’     Bridget was surprised with a desert after a main course, but that cheesy delicacy was absolutely needed amid a hectic working day. A cheesecake was one of her favorite deserts, though she had never tried to make one herself. 


‘It’s very easy, if you want to I can show you one day!’     Cooking was Franky’s passion, and she didn’t mind teaching someone so cute and sexy, one or two of her favorite deserts.  


Bridget took a forkful of a cheesecake and delicately put it into her mouth, and with an absolute culinary pleasure hummed:     ‘Mmmm it’s delicious! The best I’ve ever tried. I can get used to such breaks.’


Suddenly, Bridget imagined herself in her own spacious kitchen with Franky next to her, carefully guiding her steps in cooking that delicious desert, as if a pianist showing how to take care of key buttons so as they produced proper sounds. 


‘Not the worst time to be spent, ha?’     Franky was enjoying the moment, she was happy to know that all her actions were appreciated. 


‘Defs not! So, why Law?’     Bridget asked without looking from her cheesecake box. 


‘I believe it just meant to happen. Before I entered Uni my first job was at a small but very popular café, with good reputation. Back then I thought I was lucky to be employed by them. They had some huge order from some organization which wanted catering daily, and I was appointed to provide the service. Several months everything was good until one day that I was accused of stealing some production from one of the departments of that organization. Nothing bad happened, still, I was 20+ and confused that such things occur to people who do not know how to protect themselves legally.’     Franky abridged the story, as well as she didn’t want to mention the fact, she nearly spilled the burning oil all over the face of one of the persons accusing her back then that day. She was no longer accepting that experience of hers as something bad, she was sure - that was the life that tried her and in some sense made her stronger. 


‘How did you avoid investigation?’     Bridget was shocked hearing that revelation but never showed it. She reasonably understood, people faced different obstacles on their life paths, and she learned on her own example that neither experience could be perceived as good or bad, but only as an experience.  


‘The savior was - at that moment I wasn’t officially employed by them, I consulted some lawyer and never appeared at work.’     Franky revived that episode in her memory and with a sigh of relief smiled to herself. Not mentioning the fact, she was happy and lucky enough everything ended well for her, unlike for other people in similar situations.


‘I am sorry it happened to you, but on the other hand that was the reason for you to follow another path in life, and now you are able to help people and save them from trials, or you can try and help reduce the sentence. You’ve done great! And an absolute plus - you are a fantastic chef!’     Bridget expressed her genuine point of view as well as cast light on her own position about life.  


‘You can find a grain of positivity in everything, don’t you?’     Franky asked the blonde who was cheerfully chewing the mint from her desert. She started to like the woman in front of her more and more. 


‘You should appreciate what you’ve got otherwise you should get what you can appreciate - a circle of life.’     Bridget raised her bamboo cup motioning a toast with her hand, sipped some coffee and locked eyes with the brunette. 


Franky, one way or another, could detect a scent of freedom which was infused  into the air. She was thumbing through a record book stashed in her memory, trying to count the exact amount of free spirited people she ever met. All were snowed under work, family problems, their own psychological issues, dogmas of society, frameworks imposed within their families, and the shit thing was - they were forgetting to live. Yes, forgetting, exactly constantly and always ... And the brunette had spent so much time beating that crap out of her mind, generously tighten around her neck, that upon meeting that blonde she was enjoying the positivity and the lightness of both of them in the moment of time.   


‘Clever enough! What about you, why Psychology, why Forensic?’     It was now the blonde’s turn to reveal the mystery of her career of choice. 


‘That’s funny you might think. No drama in my story. No romantic background. I just loved detectives in childhood. You know in teens everyone suffers from insomnia, so I was watching detective stories practically every night. Do you remember those series ‘Columbo’ about a lieutenant who could read people’s behavior, words they used, etc.? I wanted to understand the world and my surrounding better. And Law has always been my soft spot, so I decided to have a blend, a little medicine, a little law and here we are.’     Bridget drew an invisible circle in the air to admit the reality of existence.  


‘I’ve always fascinated those ones who knew from their early ages what they wanted to be.’     Franky didn’t want to raise her head up and was concentrated on circling one of her rings from the left to the right.  


‘Somebody knows, somebody needs someone to be pushed, somebody needs a trigger…’     Bridget understood that her opponent was confused for some reason and just decided to implicitly reassure her that every person had their own way in becoming oneself.  


‘You are lovely, Gidge!’     Saying that Franky wanted to show that she got the hint from the psychologist. 


‘Why?’     Bridget wanted to know why exactly that word was chosen by the brunette to depict her. 


‘Just… dunno…just lovely!’     Franky couldn’t find exact words to clarify her reasoning, she just felt that way and expressed it with the help of words she felt at that moment. 


‘Haha! Ok! I am happy we met.’     Bridget knew there was something hidden deep inside that brave exterior of the lawyer, and it enticed the blonde personally. She saw the depth in every Franky’s word and action. Something, that she hadn’t seen and felt from anyone else for so long. 


‘Me too!’     Franky smiled at Bridget faintly and turned her gaze to the greenish-bluish lake.


They sat like that for a while, smiling to the sun, listening to singing birds and quacking ducks and enjoying each of their own moment of stillness.   


That was the end of their lunch break, and they had to return to their offices and finish with the working routine. They were reluctant to go back after spending an hour under the sun and breathing fresh air from the lake and of course they were both cheerful they spent that time conversing with each other. For both of them it was unusual a bit. 


Franky usually couldn’t find a person who would mentally challenge her. To have a normal conversation with someone was such a rarity for the brunette, the colleagues not counted. Her friends were cool, but they were friends, mates, and she was ready for something serious in her life. The lawyer was ok with some short-period relations, though she felt something was going on inside her, and she was done up with swift dressing ups and smooth dashing outs from her one-night stands’s apartments. She simply wanted to have someone real to bake pancakes in the morning for. She was ready to settle. She wasn’t ready to lead a boring life of a married couple: shower, breakfast, work, dinner, bed, repeat. Franky was ready to have a partner as adventurously crazy as herself and the one who could finally melt her heart and who could imperceptibly make her fall in love for the first time in her journey of life. 


For Bridget, it was the same. Though she had huge amount of acquaintances due to her work and researches, she couldn’t click with anyone. That was of enormous importance for her to have a connection with her partner on all the levels: mental, physical, spiritual. She wasn’t searching for marriage, she needed and wanted a partner. She always thought that being a good wife/husband never meant being a good partner, and partnership relationship was a must. She didn’t want drama. She desperately wished for her Love to call some time during the day, saying ‘Let’s fly to India this month, when is it convenient for you?’ and they would run from the whole world for several weeks and would need no-one except themselves. Bridget was a type of person who’d prefer being single than having one-night stands. She highly respected and appreciated her life and was never ready to allow somebody in for some period. Bridget, as well as Franky, had many nice friends with whom she spent holidays, vacations, organized parties, but there was no one to make her heart bounce. 





Chapter Text


A forensic psychologist was always on time for meetings, work and other activities that she was involved in. The habit originated in childhood was developed within years as one of her best mates from student’s life was always behind the clocks that irritated the blonde immensely. She could wait for her friend hours, circling around the park, or waiting in a café drinking another cup of coffee.

That day wasn’t an exception, she woke up at 7 am. She really wasn’t a morning person at all, but 7 was much better than 5 or 6 she thought. She was 75% luckier than the rest of the population. She took a pleasantly warm shower enjoying every drop of it on her skin, she applied some lotion to keep her body hydrated, did her hair, make up and already fully awoken and ready for the day went to her kitchen lit by a golden sun to brew coffee and prepare breakfast. 

Usually her breakfast was light but nourishing. So she didn’t betray her morning routine and did some oatmeal with mango, orange and banana seasoned with black and white sesame, chia seeds and flax seeds. She brewed herself a cup of fresh coffee and added a bit of milk in it. 

She noticed that she started to think about her new brunette colleague with contagious smile and captivating personality. Her thoughts never traveled further than the development of their relations, though. She never understood those women who at the first date imagined themselves in a wedding dress. Even being a teenage girl she never did that ridiculous stuff. She assessed, evaluated but never wore pink glasses. After being hurt severely she became too sensible. She even elaborated her own technique which helped her realize whether the judgements were pure or her objectivity was clouded. She would give herself several days of complete resilience and if at the accomplishment of those days the emotions towards the person were still positive, it was the sign her first impression didn’t play games with her. And it always worked. But that lawyer didn’t let her think of anything else but her and Bridget caught herself on the wish to spend much time together, after working hours.  

Later on that day, Bridget was sitting in her office drinking her second serving of hot coffee from her favorite white cup with an inscription ‘Good Morning’. It was indeed a good morning for the blonde: all inmates seemed to be quite open with her that day, and it provided the psychologist with the opportunity to fill the files with new additional information on them. In the evening she planned to catch up with friends for a glass of wine and a chat. Her research was progressing as well and if everything would be as it was planned in a year or two she would go to the USA to present her monograph. The only thing that worried Bridget that day was one inmate. The psychologist was in her thoughts when heard a knock at the door. 

‘Gidget, hey!’ Franky peeped into the office without fully coming in. 

‘Hey, Franky!’ Bridget smiled to the brunette and it seemed her eyes sparkled with joy.

‘I’ve got a question…’ The lawyer was being hesitant, and it made the blonde stand up from her chair.  


‘Can you dance?’ Franky said quickly, being afraid if she would do some pauses in her question Bridget would disappear as a smile of a Cheshire Cat behind the inmates' profiles. 

‘Unexpectedly!’ Bridget raised an eyebrow in surprise. 

‘........’ Franky was still standing at the door with a questioning look.

‘Yes, I can. Why?’ The blonde rested on one of her legs and leaned with her hips over the table. 

‘So, dancing it is, then!’ Franky was still finding out what was making Bridget’s chest so toned, and why was she looking there?!

‘What do you mean?’ The psychologist didn’t understand that groundless, to her mind, comment.

‘Well,   * Franky shook her head not wanting to elaborate *   I was presented a gift card for a three-hour dancing class.’ Franky started. 

‘Are you keen on dancing?’ Bridget was as if opening Franky to herself for the first time. She really didn’t resemble the type of a classic dancer. 

‘Not so much actually, I can move though, still it’s not on a professional level for sure!’ The brunette faintly smiled. 

‘Which dances are we talking about?’ The psychologist was seeing flashbacks of herself on a parquet as if remembering the steps from the dances she was good at. 

‘Tango.’ Franky reported hastily. 

‘Tango? It’s out of my depth, Franky!’ Bridget confessed, still being in shock of the question. 

‘Gidge, I wanted to ask you to go with me.’ Franky decided to be courageous and just went for it.

‘I am not against, but if I hurt you by stepping on your feet - I’ve warned you!’ The blonde smiled and raised her index finger at the direction of the brunette. 

‘Wish that wasn’t you!’ Franky laughed sarcastically. 

‘When is it?’ The psychologist asked to make sure she was free on that specific day. 

‘Saturday 11 am. Does it suit?’ Franky was slightly doubtful that she could hear a rejection but was hoping for the better.  

‘Yeah, fine.’ Bridget smiled faintly.  

‘Gidge, I can’t hear excitement in your voice! If you don’t want to just say it.’ The lawyer didn’t want to press too much on the girl that she wanted to feel so desperately in her arms. However, she noticed some signs, the blonde liked her, she didn’t want to spoil the springing relationship between them. 

‘Franky, sorry! It’s not you or dancing, it’s just a serious case with a lifer and I am searching for some therapies to help her. You know I can’t go into details, but she suffers, let’s put it this way.’ Bridget seemed pretty honest.

‘Right! Then, I’ll go. Can I pick you up at 8-30 on Saturday? I know a petite French cafe near a dancing studio. Suggest us having a light brekkie, like a croissant and a juice or coffee, have a little walk to the studio and learn some Tango?’ Franky decided not to push, at least the blonde agreed to go with her, the rest would be solved later.

‘Sounds great to me! Then I’ll message you the address in the evening?’ Bridget suggested. 

‘Cool! Thanks, Gidge!’ The sigh of relief was heard in the brunette’s voice. 

‘My pleasure!’ Nude pink Mona Lisa smile appeared on the face of the blonde that made Franky’s soul sing. 




9.03 PM
8 Martin Street, South Melbourne, Vic 3205


Are you fine?
Yes, thank you! You?

Not good
What’s wrong?

Missing you

Do you miss me, Gidge?
9.04 PM
🥐 ☕ 👯 💃 👩💋👩
9. 05 PM
See you! Good night, Franky

Night, Gidge!



Though it wasn’t a date for both of the women, they were even not dating, just meeting each other for a breakfast and a dancing class as many friends or colleagues do, they were both nervous and seemed were loosing calories without cardio trainings. 


‘Bridget, you look pretty!’ Franky smiled to the meeting her at the doors blonde, standing in front of her in light gray jeans and a silk blue blouse tied in a knot. 

‘Thanks, you too!’ Bridget made a compliment to the brunette, wearing dark skinny jeans, white T-shirt and a dark jacket. 

‘It’s for you.’ To reduce the awkwardness of the moment Franky stretched a little bouquet of flowers bought on her way to the blonde’s house. 

‘Freesia?! It smells fantastic! Thank you, Franky!’ Bridget kissed the brunette in the cheek.

‘You smell good too!’ Franky winked at the blonde seeing as her future dance partner blushed.

‘I’ll put them in the water. Will you come in or wait?’ Bridget showed the sings of hospitality. 

‘Nah, I am fine on the porch.’ Franky sat on the steps and was waiting for the blonde, whole-bodily experiencing shivers of anticipation.    

‘I’ll be in a minute.’ Bridget smiled gracefully at the brunette. 



They got into the car for Franky to drive them to the café.

‘How did you know I like freesia?’ Those flowers were really among Bridget’s favorites. 

‘I didn’t. When I saw them - thought about you instantly, they are colorful, little and smell delicious.’ Franky was honest with the blonde. She didn’t like the idea of red roses cliché - that was vulgar. Moreover, in her eyes Bridget wasn’t associated with a woman who liked red roses. 

‘Thank you! I am flattered. Who presented you dancing lessons, if I may ask?’ Bridget had some idea, still wanted to give Franky the floor to answer. 

‘Honestly?’ The brunette turned her gaze to an expectantly looking at her blonde. 

‘Sure!’ The psychologist nodded. 

‘No one!’ Franky answered breathing out. 

Bridget looked at Franky half amused and half adoringly. She was assuming later previous night Franky deliberately did this to have a pretense to meet outside Wentworth, and she was glad the brunette opened up, to top it, she was glad Franky did so. 

‘I just wanted to ask you on a date.’ Franky answered sheepishly not believing herself she was behaving as a kid. She wanted to slap herself on both cheeks to provoke to act normally. 

‘So, this is our date?’ Bridget asked from under her eyebrows. 

‘Is it?’ Franky asked hoping for a positive reply.

‘It is!’ Bridget’s reply was confident.

‘Does it mean a girl can get a kiss goodnight?’ The lawyer felt some bravery and was flirting.

‘If another girl’s husband approves!’ Bridget said with a very serious face only to tease the brunette. 

Franky turned abruptly to the blonde to see the gravity in the blue stare. ‘What?’ she exclaimed. Bridget shrugged, never changing her countenance. This behavior of the psychologist made Franky nervous and she instantly turned to the side of the road, stopped and faced Bridget. ‘What does that suppose to mean? Are you married?’ She was as concerned as never before. 

Bridget smiled playfully: ‘Franky, you look amazing when nervous! Of course not! I wouldn’t have gone with you to a dancing studio, more than that, I wouldn’t have spent half of the night talking with you after the conference. Oh, your reaction made my day!’ Bridget was laughing, this whole situation made her cheerful, as well as made her understand Franky was interested in her. ‘Sorry, baby!’ Bridget still couldn’t stop laughing. 

Franky wasn’t irritated by the game the blonde was playing, but just in case decided to ask. Her voice was too serious for a simple car conversation.  

‘Do you have a boyfriend?’ 

‘No!’ Bridget assured Franky once again. 

‘Do you have a girlfriend?’

‘Yes!’ With these words Bridget looked timidly at Franky.

‘You’re kidding! Bridget! What the hell is going on? Fuck, who is she?’ And the seriousness in her voice disappeared, changing the tune to a flabbergasted one.

‘Ok! I will be absolutely honest with you!’ Bridget slightly turned her body in a passenger seat to fully face a worried brunette. 

‘Yes, be, please!’ Franky was trying hard to regain composure. Her hands holding tightly a steering wheel. Her knuckles white, out of creeping rage.  

‘We’ve met recently. She is beautiful, clever, creative, she even can cook!’ Bridget was enumerating pluses of her girlfriend. 

‘Bridget, fuck, can you just say who she is?’ This whole situation started to make Franky furious, and she didn’t understand what was going on.

She is the one, who is being silly and has forgotten that when people date they are considered to be each other’s girlfriends.’ Bridget looked Franky into the eyes and was timidly laughing as it visibly started to dawn on Franky that she really was being silly. 

‘For fuck’s sake, Gidge! Seems you know how to get rid of a body because you will definitely be the death of me! Fuck! You know that you made me nervous?’ Franky was laughing together with the blonde. 

‘You look adorable when nervous!’

‘Now, stop laughing and Do Kiss your Girlfriend! Fucking hell! I’ll need counseling sessions after such convos.’ 

Bridget dragged the brunette closer to herself by the nape of the neck. She swiftly brushed her nose against Franky’s. Their faces were that close for the first time, which made their bodies pleasantly warm. With the mouths slightly open they exchanged hot air after which their lips tangled and as if a feather touched the skin and the electric currant trailed over the lips simultaneously. The kiss wasn't long, but it was enough to feel radiant passion through the moans. Then Bridget moved back a bit to look at green eyes looking at her without a hint of irritation. Those greens were calm and kind, and Bridget could read in them, they really enjoyed that little romantic gesture. 

‘Never do this to me again!’ Franky whispered in the mouth of her now girlfriend. 

‘Agreed!’ Bridget timidly answered back and pecked the brunette into the lips. 

Franky caressed Bridget’s cheek with her fingers and smiled into the mouth of the blonde. It was intimate. It…was…different.



After a light breakfast, as it had been planned, they strolled to the dancing studio, laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation happened in the car. When they got to the destination, Franky opened the door for Bridget and let her in. She really appreciated the blonde’s readiness to spend time with her. She felt she wanted this, wanted her, wanted everything that was coming as a bonus with the blonde psychologist, but she didn’t want to screw up that bliss, rushing it and finally spoiling it. For the first time in her life she was determined to try and act as her inner voice told her and not what was dictated by the puss in the pants. 

They were met by the host and showed the way to the lock room. Bridget, as well as Franky was wearing tight yoga pants, as they were advised prior to the lesson. The blonde had a tight black bodysuit that seductively showed off her toned body. Franky decided to wear a hazel t-shirt to feel comfortable during the lesson. 

First 30 minutes they were learning basic steps, elements and principles of balance and walk, first separately then paired. Further on, they were instructed to come closer to each other 'in the intimacy of embrace'. Franky put her right arm on the small of the back of her partner, Bridget put her left arm on the brunette’s shoulder, their free hands connected in the air on the level of their shoulders. Their teacher announced, that from that moment they were 'one body'. Women smiled to each other. That was another opportunity for them to feel skin on skin, to be so close to one another. Their foreheads were slightly touching from the right and left sides of their eyebrows respectively. 

The dialogue of their bodies began, the embrace established a complete connection, Franky led, Bridget followed. Despite that was their first lesson their bodies were moving as one single unit. They followed the rhythm with each step, they embraced the walk together to the music. Franky led a side step followed by a forward walk facing Bridget. Then she stepped forward with her left leg, took a side step with her right leg and Bridget did the same mirroring her. They held perfect posture, with their body weight on their feet. Franky transmitted a slight bend to the Bridget’s left leg to start a lead of the side step. With an upward and forward gestures of her chest Franky was touching Bridget’s, leading her backstop and moving forward facing her, breathing in her vanilla scent and looking at her nude pink lips. She felt a strong desire to touch those lips with hers again. She silently descended her arm several inches down the blonde’s waist to touch her buttocks with her little finger. 

Bridget, feeling airy fingertips on her bottom, smiled shyly. She was sensing the lead of the backstop, she kept her body intention forward, extending the leg in the same line. She kept a constant contact of her torso to Franky’s, feeling the rise of her breasts at movements. 

By the time their emotional intimacy started threatening the success of dancing together, the lesson ran to an end. They stopped in the center of a dance floor and were trying to regain their normal breaths. Their teacher, seeing the sparkles of passion between the women, silently left the ballroom, giving them both space for emotions. They were still a single body. Franky couldn’t wait as her emotions were boiling, and her brain stopped processing the information. She suddenly pulled Bridget even tighter in the embrace, pressed her lips to hers and instantly got a hot kissing answer. Bridget’s inner self was burning with passion gained during those three so intimate hours. She moaned into Franky’s lips and felt as she was slightly taken in the brunette’s arms as she was melting to the sweet touch. They pressed their foreheads tightly after the kiss and locked their eyes. 

‘Now I understand why Tango’s considered to be the most passionate dance.’ Bridget told half whispering still looking into the green eyes of her dancing partner. 

‘If we don’t go now the whole dance studio would be blushing witnessing our passion on this parquet.’ Franky answered and took Bridget by the hand walking back to the lock room. 




Chapter Text



The couple was in the period of discoveries of each other. They were getting acquainted with types of behavior influenced by different moods, getting adjusted to some habits of one another that were different from their own. It was impossible to say they were complete opposites and that was the reason for them to be magnetized, on the contrary, they shared so many similarities and had so much in common that the period for them to get used to each other was not traced at all. They dated, walked, talked, watched films, listened to music, danced, cooked, kissed, hugged, laughed, they enjoyed each other’s presence to the full. They were not living under one roof as well as they hadn't had sex in their relations, just yet, but the thing that they spent so much time together compensated any inconveniences. 

Their cooking relationship was a kind of recipe according to which they were adding different spices and stirring the dish to perfection tasting if something else had to be added.

They were spending practically whole weekends together or in the circle of their friends. In case there were any events in Melbourne they were in. They went to racing, horse riding, they did some tennis, however the most favorite pastime was the sea.

The beach was their second home, where they liked spending most of their free time. The sea was a silent witness of their long conversations in the mornings and dancings to music in the player at nights. One day it was windy and Franky brought a kite to the seaside, knowing Bridget had never flown any. At the end of the day they had to present that kite to a little girl, though, still they managed to have fun.



That day Bridget’s shift started in the afternoon while Franky was the whole day at Wentworth. The lawyer was slightly irritated by one of the inmates totally refusing to follow her advice. To regain a normal state of existence the brunette decided to have a five-minute working out. However, she was interrupted at pushing ups by a knock at her door. She stood up from the floor, brushed her trousers off, checked her hair and stood at the edge of the table. She didn’t bother herself putting on a blazer. Her toned arms were displaying the majority of colorful inks.

‘Come in!’ Said the brunette repossessing even breathing.

‘Hey, baby!’ Bridget smiled, standing at the door of Franky’s office. She was so happy to start her day seeing exquisite dimples on the cheeks of her beautiful girlfriend. Additionally, she liked the view of affirmations on her brunette’s body. She instantly remembered when she first had the opportunity to trail her fingers all around the lines of Phoenix feathers, getting to know the story of this and the rest of tattoos on the lawyer's body.

‘Hey spunky!’ Franky winked at the sight of her blue-eyed girl.

‘What do you think about Kylie’s concert?’ Bridget raised in the direction of the brunette two tickets to the nightclub.

‘Kylie Minogue?’ Franky decided to clarify the offer.

‘Aha! Just thought we could go together this weekend?’ The blonde was eyeing her girl impatiently waiting for a reply. They hadn't been to any of the concerts yet, but both immensely loved music.

‘Yeah, why not, she’s hot!’ Franky winked with her emerald green eyes and clicked with her tongue.

‘Franky! I heard that!’ Bridget pouted the lips playfully, imitating the insult.

‘Gidge, I think I have a soft spot for blondes.’ Franky shrugged her shoulders and smiled at her woman.

‘You are unbearable!’ With these words Bridget smiled at her brunette and closed the door behind her as she left the office.

Franky was still standing at the table when she heard another knock at the door: ‘Yeah?’

‘And I brought you this!’ Bridget came into the office of her lawyer to give her a thermo-mug with freshly brewed coffee, that the blonde thoughtfully prepared at home.

Franky smiled delightedly at the caring action of her girlfriend, she absolutely adored her coffee. The door to the office was opened, and she couldn’t give a thankful kiss, so Franky covered the hand, holding a cup, with hers and silently mumbled ‘Thank you’ to get the most generous and honest smile and a shy nod of the head. Bridget was going out of the office, turning back at the door frame to see the reaction of her woman, who was still smiling, holding the coffee cup and smelling its aroma. She smiled to her again and closed the door behind herself, leaving her lawyer in the silence of cases to be solved.



At 7 pm on a Saturday evening Franky was standing in front of Bridget’s door. She was dressed in a black leather skirt half calf-length delicately embracing her hips, and a creamy silk tank top, underlining her full breasts. She had a guitar pendant, hanging on a leather string, which made her image wildly sexy. Her profile was complemented by open toe heels. She looked utterly lady-likely alluring.

After she had knocked at the door a tiny blonde in a knee-length tight black dress and a leather jacket met her with a warm smile. ‘You look stunning, baby!’, ‘You look hot, Gidge!’, and their lips collided in a soft warm kiss.

Franky traced her hand over a small of the back of her beautiful girl: ‘Dinner?’ The brunette asked, stretching her hand to lead the blonde to the car.

Bridget nodded, entwining their fingers, and took a seat in the vehicle. 'How was your day, baby?’.

‘It’s totally perfect now, as I am with you, Gidge!’ And Franky did mean that.

‘Mm that sounds nice!’ Bridget was glad to know she was the reason for the brunette to feel better despite how shit the week was. They couldn't discuss the cases they were working on, as well as their clients. Still they were negotiating together if there was something difficult to be solved alone. And Bridget was aware some of Wentworth inmates were stubborn enough which could lead to a longer incarceration term. And that fact always made Franky nervous.

‘What do you think about Japanese?’ The brunette suggested and looked at Bridget sitting in the passenger seat.

‘Perfect! They have some nice wine there as well.’ The blonde answered and smoothed her perfect dress.

‘The girl wants to party?’ Franky turned her head to look at Bridget.

‘And I will. With you!’ She smiled softly in the direction of Franky and took her free hand in hers.

After their delicious dinner and a glass of wine they went directly to the club. There were loads of people. What to say, Melbourne was extremely happy to meet Kylie. She wasn’t only born and raised in that city, she was also one of the highly-sold musicians and singers of all times. People genuinely loved her, and it seemed there was no empty space in between the audience in the club.

‘Have you seen her in ‘Neighbors’?’ Franky asked as they were approaching the stage.

‘Yes. She was quite a spunk in that overall, you know?! You should get one yourself.’ Bridget teased the brunette.

‘You adore teasing me, don’t you?’ Franky got hold of Bridget’s hand and squeezed it gently in her palm.

‘I do!’ Bridget smiled at her green-eyed girl and kissed her in the shoulder.

The psychologist chose tickets near the stage due to several reasons: not to be disturbed by people who ate and drank sitting at the tables, not the second floor to have enough space to dance, and to some obvious reason - the front venue was usually better guarded, and honestly she didn't want them to get involved in anything among 2000 people.



Their night was amazing, they both loved dancing and singing. Moreover, they both hadn’t been to concerts for quite a long time. They were enjoying the atmosphere, the LED lights, especially the presence of each other. Both women were shouting lyrics of all the songs together with the crowd. They were dancing as if they had never danced before, and they were kissing each time the blue met the green. They were tremendously close to each other.

Franky was keen on the feeling of joy and resilience granted by Bridget. She was truly happy she wasn’t planning in her mind the route of escape from another not very good woman, not to say the worst. She was absolutely in the moment, and she savored every second of it. Enjoyed the way her person was dancing in front of her, how free she was, how she smelled, how her tender skin felt under the fingertips. If that were the sparkles of happiness, Franky literally felt the ignition going on in her sternum.

Bridget was utterly pleased with the moment of bliss. She loved the strokes of her girl, her movements, how their hips were touching and repeating the swaying of each other never breaking the pace. She didn’t have any thoughts at all, her mind was wholly sucked in the music, lyrics, arms of her stunning woman and she simply wished all this to progress and develop.

Franky was standing behind her petite girl when the first chords of 🎵 ‘Confide in Me’ 🎵 sounded. That was a slow melody and practically everyone was dancing with their couples at a steady pace to a live orchestra. Should be noted, both women adored live music. All Kylie’s songs sounded differently that evening. The version of that track was the Abbey Road Sessions and featured various types of guitars, pianos, other stringed and drums. It was as good as the warm sea at the weekends spent together.

If that were a movie, Franky and Bridget’ couple would have been lit by a white projector indicating them as the main couple of the evening, and everybody would have left the room for the pair to sway to a mix of soft musical instruments. Those two were merged with the sound of the live band.

Kylie’s voice was pleasing to the air, and it seemed as if she was singing only for the oceanic-emerald couple, enveloping them by her beautiful light soprano.


🎵 We all get hurt by love
And we all have our cross to bear
But in the name of understanding now
Our problems should be shared 🎵


Franky was standing behind Bridget with her arms around the blonde’s waist. She leaned her head so as her lips were close to Bridget’s ear and sang in unison with Kylie the next line of a song


🎵 ‘Confide in me, confide in me’. 🎵


She trailed her fingers over Bridget’s body, up the sides of her back and down her hips, they were intimately close to each other, Bridget’s back to Franky’s chest. They were swaying to the music.


🎵 Confide in me, confide in me
Confide in me, confide in me
And you will see what we can be 🎵


Franky repeated the same activity as previously and Bridget turned in her arms, locked her hands around the brunette’s neck, looked deep in the green eyes and next two lines they were singing together in an embrace of each other.


🎵 Confide in me, confide in me
And you will see what we can be 🎵


For both of them it was a musical sign they could move on in their relationship. As if with the help of a singer they were asking each other to place confidence in one another. As though, Kylie was a judge and the barristers from both sides were agreeing on a consensus.

After a zillion kisses for that night, Bridget put her head under the crook of Franky’s neck to feel the brunette’s warm kiss in her crown. They were rocking to the songs, and it seemed the whole world was still but for them.

Both women woke up from their dance-floor-love-meditation hearing groovy melodies and started jumping and dancing with the crowd of other audience.

The concert finished at about 3 am. Bridget and Franky were totally spent but extremely cheerful. As Franky lived a 30 minutes drive from Bridget, and Bridget lived 20 minutes drive from the club, the blonde decided to kindly offer her girlfriend to spend the night at her house. The next day was a weekend for both of them and in any way they were going to spend it together, so it was even convenient, they could have a leisure morning together smoothly drenching into a joint day.


Chapter Text



The next morning after the concert Bridget woke up as she felt some commotion over her. Franky was doing push ups and every time she lowered her body she kissed Bridget on the nose.  


‘What are you doing, Franky?’ Bridget asked unable to keep the laugh.    


‘Multitasking: waking you up by kissing you and doing morning push ups.’ Franky answered honestly, slightly being short in breath.  


‘Ah so!’ Bridget hugged Franky from both sides, and they rolled on the bed after which suddenly fell on the floor and laughed loudly. They kissed gently and long, tenderly and sweet. Subsequently, Bridget suddenly sat with her eyes fixed on the brunette. Franky made the same movement and sat on the floor with one of her knees erected, her spine upright, leaning on the bed. Bridget was resting her back on the knee of her girlfriend. In a trice Franky saw a formation of a tiny little tear in the angle of the eye of the blonde.  


‘Why?’ Franky asked bemused, stroking the back of Bridget’s spine.  


The blonde drew herself closer to the brunette and said silently: ‘I feel so good with you’. 


Franky didn't know what to do, she just got Bridget tighter in her lap and embraced her, kissed her forehead and stilled. Again that strong feeling engulfed her. Her heartbeat hammered, transmitting the pulsation into her temples… That feeling was absolutely new to her ..... She felt hot, puzzled and a bit scared ... Nevertheless, she didn't want to let Bridget go... Franky kissed Bridget's forehead again and touched the blonde’s nose with her lips. Though, Franky really felt Bridget was mature in their starting relationship, at that moment she realized her girl was such a little baby whom she wanted to take care of and hold as long as it was needed. They were silent for long minutes. Bridget covered Franky’s legs by hers, and they were just silently unmovably rocking ..... 


‘Gidge, are you ok?’ Franky petted the blonde’s head kindly and whispered gently not to spoil the silence.   


‘Yes, I am sorry…’ Bridget’s voice was even. She smiled to herself, to the girl holding her and pressed her forehead to the brunette’s jaw.   



Bridget felt instant connection with Franky from the moment she saw her, and shortly after they exchanged some words during their first meeting. It was that striking chemistry that either happened between two people or it didn't. And Bridget was certainly the one to know it so well. She had a truckload of people in her circle, but no one had ever caused that to her, neither of her previous partners.


Bridget wanted to feel those lips on hers, on her skin. She wanted to know how the nipples on those full breasts taste under her tongue. She wanted to feel Franky’s whole body, fully naked against herself, under herself and on herself. She wanted to know the sounds that would be produced during their lovemaking. She wondered what kind of gasps there would be, low-pitched, or high-pitched. She wanted to know if Franky would be tender or rough, dominant or equal. She wanted to feel her taste on her own tongue, whether she was sweet, or savor, or bland. She wanted to be inside her and simultaneously feel her inside herself. She wanted her so much…



‘Will you tell me?’ Franky asked tentatively. That was the first time the blonde behaved that way, which was new and unknown to the brunette.   


‘Not yet.’ Bridget, returning from a dreamland, answered quietly and embraced her girlfriend by the waist.   


‘May I kiss you?’ Franky still didn’t know what to do and decided that the kiss might solve at least the tension between them.   


‘Mmmmm…’ Bridget consented, raised her head up to meet Franky’s lips. 


Their kiss was romantic, Franky wrapped Bridget’s lower lip by hers as if covering with a warm blanket and sucked it a bit. Then she felt Bridget did the same with hers. The brunette kissed her lower lip again touching it softly by the tongue, then she did the same to the upper lip. They both produced a sound. 


Bridget slightly parted their kiss and stroked Franky’s lips with her tongue, from angle to angle, as if she was licking salt from a nape of her thumb before taking a shot of tequila. Franky giggled a bit, feeling this erotic action of her girl and couldn't resist but took Bridget by the waist and put her on the lap so as she strode her. Bridget began kissing Franky passionately. Their tongues were in flame. The blonde put her both hands under the hem of Franky's t-shirt to touch brunettes toned hips and moved her hands up to the brunette’s shoulders.  


Franky felt inexplicable tremor. Every time she had sex with someone it was simple and easy and didn't bring about any effect. But she had never felt that, her lower belly ached as if there was a knot, she was a bit frightened and simultaneously felt desperate desire to hold her woman, to feel her, to smell her, to taste her…all of her, every bit of her honey skin, every inch of her toned body…   


‘What are you doing to me?’ Faintly parting their lips Bridget whispered into the mouth of her brunette, enveloping her waist by the legs. 


‘I wanted to ask you the same.’ Franky mixed their thick breaths and with her right hand helped the blonde, straddling her, to move the hips, and soon they were rocking to their passionate sighs. 


Bridget smiled and stroked an exposed clavicle with her tongue making Franky groan. She was traveling with her hands under the brunette’s t-shirt provoking the goosebumps to appear on the olive skin.  


They kissed vehemently and when Bridget put her head up, Franky used the opportunity to kiss the blonde’s neck and lowered her lips to the shirt through which she felt hardened nipples. Bridget hugged Franky’s neck, they were moving back and fro with their lower body parts, and it made them even more aroused. Franky took one of Bridget’s nipples into her moth without taking a shirt off and heard Bridget’s ‘Oh God’ which motivated her not to stop. She then traced with the back of her index finger the path from the blonde’s cheekbone to the neck and lower to the exposed chest. She put her eyes up to Bridget as if searching for permission to take the clothes off. As she was loosening each button she was kissing the newly exposed part of Bridget’s chest. 


When the shirt was unfastened Franky felt as Bridget took the hem of her t-shirt and put it over the brunette’s head taking it off and without giving her woman time to recover senses she pushed them both harder back so as they found themselves fully laying on the floor. In that more comfortable position Bridget put her lips on Franky’s chest and her palms on the shoulders and started to move synchronically lower, giving kisses to the center of the chest and caresses to every part of her girlfriend’s smooth and fit body coming on her way down. The hands were touching toned arms, full breasts, the lips were moving from enlivened nipples to the flat stomach. 


Franky’s back arched when Bridget kissed her belly button. She was the first girl to touch it with the tongue, and it gave her a funny, tickling sensation and very pleasant at the same time. 


Then Bridget parted Franky’s legs with her knee pressing against the hot sex. Moved her body up to meet Franky’s lips and gave her soft and long kiss. Their tongues were dancing some unknown to both of them jiggle which drove them crazy. 


Later on Bridget moved down again, this time to feather-touch the breasts and circle the areola with her fingertips. She lovingly took Franky’s right nipple in her mouth and encased it with her tongue and lips, she made the same to the left one and as she was moving lower and lower Franky suddenly hugged her body with legs and turned them so as now Franky was in charge. 


The brunette smiled adoringly looking at Bridget, traced her hands over the breasts and leaned towards the belly, kissed and sucked and nipped slightly every inch of Bridget’s body that made the blonde produce moans. She moved up to cup the breasts and take hardened nipples in her mouth and suck them, caressing them with her tongue while enfolding her lips around them.  


Bridget put one of her hands on Franky’s head as if asking her for a kiss, and they met, lapping each other’s crimson lips in a fervent kiss.  


Franky then moved down to find Bridget’s knickers and put her kisses through the fabric feeling the blonde was hot under them. She then took them off to see Bridget’s utter arousal and readiness and couldn't resist but kissed the other lips down there passionately. She swaddled the labia with her capable tongue each at a time, moving hands over hips. Then she found Bridget’s clit bud and sucked it in, brushing it with her tongue and lips, shaping digit eight and driving Bridget insane by that activity. 


Bridget was moving her body in unison with the brunette’s caresses, she couldn't lay still, she felt so damn good. Franky took the blonde's hips in her hands and made Bridget put her legs over Franky's neck. The brunette travelled with her tongue up and down the heated flesh, causing the blonde to move her lower body in concert with the brunette’s tongue. They worked so well together that in several moments Bridget was holding tightly the shirt in her fists, producing lower moans. Unable to help Franky with movements anymore, after feeling several independent strokes over her clit she came undone. The brunette helped Bridget to ride her orgasm still kissing the blonde’s clitoris, smoothly trailing her tongue from the clit to the opening and drinking the juices after which moving up to kiss her girl.  


‘Mm your tongue is cold, Gidge…’ Franky commented upon sucking in the tongue during the kiss.   


‘It was fantastic…’ Bridget was still breathing hastily under Franky. She was hugging her woman, their noses rubbing each other intimately.   


‘You taste wonderful!’ The brunette looked fondly into the blue eyes and kissed soft rosy lips curved in a smile.


‘Mmmmm’ Bridget closed her eyes, enjoying the euphoria of being held by a very caring and affectionate girlfriend of hers.   



‘I…..' Franky thought she wanted to say she felt something strong towards Bridget, but she was afraid to scare the blonde, and it fucking scared herself as well. She never felt that way before within her 35 years. 35 years, fuck. She never loved. Was it strange? Was it abnormal? Was she loosing her confidence? Maybe she needed a counselor? So many thoughts were in her brain that time… Maybe she ... 



‘I want to taste you…’ Bridget trailed her fingertips over a velvet skin, kissing dreamy soft lips in front of her.   


That phrase made Franky wake up from her thoughts and she giggled hearing it, and gave a peck on Bridget’s nose. 


The blonde moved her body lower, kissing and sucking in every part of Franky’s exposed flesh. Bridget bit her breasts and Franky moaned, she massaged her hips and Franky groaned. She situated comfortably between Franky’s legs and with the back of her palm she stroked the brunette’s hot pussy behind the undies. They locked eyes, Bridget saw a horny craving, Franky saw passion on fire. Bridget lowered her head to kiss a perking clit through the thin wet cloth afterwards took that unneeded part of attire off. She erected Franky’s hips a bit on her arms and breathed in her arousal mildly touching the labia with the tip of her tongue making the brunette’s back arched and causing a gasp. She amorously drew with her fingers a line from between the breasts down the nude body, making Franky shudder at the titillating feeling over her skin. Then she kissed her girl’s puss, opened the folds with her tongue to further release the bud of the clit from the confinements of its hood. She was drawing circles around it with the tip of her diligent tongue and sucked in the clitoris, later on transferring her firm tongue inside the opening. 


Franky felt as if Bridget was giving French kisses to her sex, she closed her eyes with the hand, being satisfied with the ministrations of her blonde. Bridget was enjoying the activity and moaned in unison with Franky. 


The brunette felt as the hard tongue was immersing inside her vagina, moving forward and backward fucking her, she felt lack of air, as if her whole essence was swamped by the attention of her girl between her legs. 


When Bridget felt Franky was approaching the edge she quickened the pace. Her lips were embracing the blooming hot clitoris and her tongue pressing it deliberately every time it moved from the opening. Bridget felt pulsation around her tongue and smiled at the thought of her lover coming. She crammed her lips harder, tightened the embrace around the hips for the brunette to be stiller and didn't stop moving her tongue waiting for release. Franky was cursing. Her pelvis were moving in the arms of her woman while experiencing loving touches. After they beautifully drove the orgasm the blonde was making her way up planting wet kisses over the brunette’s overheated body, to meet Franky’s lips saying: ‘You taste wonderful too’.  


Franky giggled and hugged Bridget. Seemed they both felt that good for the first time amid their sexual life. They were drowsy, relaxed, happy and content.


They crawled up back to bed and instantly fell asleep, holding each other tight. In forty minutes or so they simultaneously woke up, as if their body clocks synchronized automatically, still in the embrace of each other, smiling, watching and studying each other’s faces and expressions of the eyes. They didn’t say anything, as if everything was written in their gazes and the words were needless.  


‘Breakfast?’ Franky asked eyeing Bridget’s lips and without waiting for an answer kissed her softly three times, because she wanted those leisure kisses be felt by the woman for whom she was consistently falling in love.


‘Coffee?’ Bridget suggested relaxed. 


‘Aha, your specialty?’ The brunette tickled the blonde, trailing her fingertips over the nape of the neck. 


‘Ok'. Bridget slightly giggled at the sensation and trailed her tongue over the lips of the brunette to give her a sweet kiss.





‘Gidge, do you have something to wear for me?’ The brunette was standing near the bed with her arms stretched motioning at herself.


‘I prefer having breakfast naked…’ Bridget smiled cockily. 


‘Oh really, you naughty minx, Gidge!’ Franky winked. 


‘Joking. But I’d definitely loved watching you cooking naked….mmmm…I can imagine your sexy butt in front of the counter and your ….’ Bridget was raising the tone of her voice and was audibly flirting. 


‘Gidge! Stop it, or we’ll never ever eat, drink and see daylight.’ Franky was more than honest that minute, there appeared lines on her forehead as she frowned.  


‘Hahah ok, baby! Here’s a t-shirt and pants.’ The blonde gave her girl some of her clothes and kissed her, placing her hands over the small of the brunette’s back. 


‘Cool! Thanks!’ Franky returned the kiss and dragged Bridget even closer in the embrace, softly petting her butt.


The couple was rocking, shifting from foot to foot with their hips touching each other as if dancing salsa. Their music was the mutual breathing and their clothes at that moment was still hot air infused with sex, covering every part of their lit by love bodies.  



Chapter Text



Venus In Cancer




Fridget Writer Intern

On June 2, 9:19 am ET Venus enters the sign of Cancer, inviting us to centre in the heart. This is the time for casual flings to be over, as Cancer and Venus will be pushing you to make long-term connections.

Cancer traditionally rules over the fourth house, which is home and family, so if you're dating someone, the relationship could get more serious: meeting their family, moving in together, buying a home — all that good stuff.

This transit reflects a strong drive to nurture more deeply both ourselves and our loved ones. And highlights the importance of feeling safe and secure in all our relationships. This is the time for establishment of new relationships, rooted in emotional honesty, mutual support, freedom and empowerment.

Insecurities we had suppressed long ago may come up again. Expressing our necessities clearly, setting healthy boundaries, knowing our worth, and not settling for people who cannot give us what we know we need will help us navigate this transit constructively.

Fear of abandonment and instability may emerge, revealing displaced emotions of our childhood we haven't integrated yet. These vulnerable parts of our psych are emerging to be seen, accepted, and loved, rather than fixed, suppressed, or judged. By giving ourselves the medicine we are trying to get from others and taking responsibility for our relationship choices, we have a chance to grow both emotionally and spiritually.










Bridget clearly understood the reason of her being so emotional that morning. She felt so hard for the woman now preparing their brekkie. Previously, she had a long and stable relationship that lasted about 14 years. She was just after the uni, and she fell in love with her former professor. Those relations weren’t difficult, they mutually loved each other. Or, at least, Bridget wanted to believe they did. Unfortunately, that professor was meant to discourage and overwhelm her, and it took her some time to mend that little young heart of hers. Actually, Bridget was the initiator of those relationships, and looking backwards now, it was easy to put the dots. She was the anchor of their well-being, she loved, honestly and purely, she was completely loyal. She even forgave the first betrayal, though it was extremely difficult for her mind and heart. And she was trying to restore that hole in her still pumping blood organ already hardly resembling the heart. But then she was betrayed again and again and her love was fading away. She felt as if the flower full of vitality was smashed by a freight train but despite that, still was trying to make its way from under the dilapidated asphalt. She became stronger, however it also made her indifferent, even numb at some point, and she couldn’t trust anymore. After that first love she never felt that way to anyone else. 



Does Time Heal ?




Fridget Writer Intern

They say, time heals – no, it never does. It just provides you with the opportunity to reflect on what happened, learn from situations and fix emotional wounds. For some people that happens fast and easy, some people never cope with trauma. People think for psychologists it should be easier, but those ones forget that therapists are humans as well, just possessing some knowledge of surviving techniques.

After that happened to Bridget, she was single for five years. Later she had long relations with her partners, but they rarely lasted more than two years. It really didn’t bother Bridget at all, she was reasonable and clearly understood that sometimes people simply couldn’t be together. Actually, she was always the one who left. She didn’t like drama. When she felt there was no way to develop together - she quit. With some of the partners they remained good friends, and she believed it was a normal way to finish relations. Though they were not spending time romantically anymore, they supported each other in times of need, could spend holidays together and communicated with each other's new partners.


And there was she… she met Franky at the place where she wasn’t searching for love but was for a work mission. And after their first interaction she felt very close to the brunette. With every next meeting and always interesting communication she felt harder and harder. The night Franky stayed at her house she didn’t mean neither to fuck her, actually, for Bridget sex always was a kind of art and the way to show off feelings and fulfill her sexual desires, nor make love to her. Though, she clearly saw Franky was ready for a serious relationship she also was a good character reader and felt that at times Franky could be a good player, and she didn’t want to be hurt again. 


Bridget noticed that with her the lawyer was absolutely different. She was more touchy, sincere and extremely kind. With her, there was no sign of arrogance that she induced while walking the halls of Wentworth, there was no bravado showing her expertise. As if Franky knew Bridget didn't need that. 


In her turn the brunette noticed she was, indeed, different in the presence of Bridget. Previously, she was harsh with her one-night stands, she could be bitchy and swaggering as if the people she fucked were rubbish. She didn't like that behavior of hers, though, it was inevitable inner Franky that made her be closed towards the world. Impossible to say, that upon the meeting with the blonde Franky became more amiable. She was still full of herself. But there appeared some compassion in her demeanor and sophistication in the choice of feelings to be displayed. 


After the concert the couple drove to the psychologist’s house as it was much closer to the club where they danced whole night and Bridget kindly offered Franky to stay. They were so exhausted, that they took a shower, changed into night shirts and went to bed. Franky even didn’t forget to ask if she had to sleep in some other room, but tiredly mounted on the bed in Bridget’s bedroom and till the time the blonde was out of shower Franky was sweetly sleeping as a baby covered in Bridget’s blanket. Bridget looked at the sight adoringly, laid close to the brunette and fell asleep immediately. 


In the morning, when Bridget was awoken by Franky’s ‘multitaskings’ she felt some pleasant joy filling her whole essence, her brain, heart, body, she wanted to cry out loud that she fell in love with the woman doing kissing push ups (oh God, really???) over her. That was the moment of her being weak, vulnerable and scared. But after Franky held her without any questions (Franky wasn’t a psychologist and wasn’t a psychic, she couldn’t read minds and Bridget wasn’t ready to confess), after her soft kisses on the forehead and nose (without pushing and pressing), Bridget felt she was melting, and she couldn’t help but plunge into the ocean of love and was JUST EXTREMELY HAPPY. 


Bridget was very organized. Though she had never had a plan of her life, she had wishes and dreams, and sometimes she could catch herself in an imaginary world, seeing the development of her life. But to plan that in a certain year this or that had to happen - never. Bridget liked being prepared in some practical issues, however life itself was an unpredictable merry-go-round that would be swinging you to the right, to the left and then could throw you away without a warning. 


When the brunette woke up in Bridget’s bed the morning after the concert, she found herself laying practically across her side of the bed with her forehead touching the blonde’s biceps and her nose - her elbow. She loved her smell. Within their half year of dating that smell became dear and native. She trailed her fingertips over the hand of the blonde, heard a soft yet audible moan from above. Bridget was still sleeping, her lips curved in a smile. Those lips, though, the shape, the color, the fullness… she wanted to know the taste and shape of other lips down there. What was the connection, she didn’t know. It was all so different. She needed that blonde in her life and she had her. And that moment she needed some sports, she had to subside the desire of getting under the sheets, under the sleepwear, under the skin… she needed a workout


Franky didn’t expect anything would happen between them two, not that day and not even in the close future. She saw Bridget’s flirtatiousness, and she realized that Bridget definitely wanted her and liked her. But the blonde was restrained, there was always some kind of border between them. Though they were making out and could be intimately close to each other, Bridget never hinted at something more. On the one hand Franky was concerned, she thought the blonde could be afraid of her, she couldn’t still reveal what of exactly, but thought it could be something in her behavior. On the other hand she felt fine as these relations were absolutely different to the ones she’d had before. There were 15 years difference between them and Franky did realize Bridget had serious living-together moments, while Franky had experience only in one-night stands. Even her long-standing partners lasted for several weeks only. They were like magazines to her: some articles in them were quite nice and readable and the rest of the pages were hastily turned, later on the magazines were thrown or transferred to other readers. There were never quality books in her arsenal of lovers. Franky felt fine with that as she couldn’t change this. The problem was certainly not in magazines but in the reader herself. That’s why when she met Bridget, so exquisite and eloquent in everything she did, said, wore, she decided not to rush but be in the moment and see how they both felt. And they both felt astonishing. The brunette sensed being in trouble, in a complete mess. As far as she’d never undergone through that before, she didn’t know what was that. She wanted to dance (?) And to sing (?) And she didn’t want to go back to her apartment but stay with Bridget at her light and cozy house which felt like home. 


While preparing breakfast she was brooding on the way how she felt and what exactly those feelings meant to her and at the time the last pancake was flipped to become golden at another side she came to a conclusion that the feeling in common terms was called ‘LOVE’ and uttered ‘fuck’. At the realization of that said aloud she turned around to see whether she was alone and touched her chin considering the case. She hadn’t planned that. The only thing that she had ever planned before was her BAR exam and her professional development. The rest were dreams that seemed would never see the light. Luckily, it didn’t take her long to accept the fact that she asked for love, searched for love and there she was in love, in her lover’s t-shirt and pants and even undies, in her lover’s house, cooking for her lover, no, her Love breakfast and she wanted nothing more than be there with her and preferably for eternity.






When the pancakes were ready, the orange juice squeezed and poured into glasses, coffee previously brewed by Bridget served in little coffee cups, Franky arranged the plates and silverware on the table and called for her blonde who was presumably changing after the shower: ‘Gidge, breakfast!!!’ 


‘I’m coming!’ Bridget was walking down the hall barefoot. 


‘You had to cry those words earlier while we were on the floor….’ Franky grinned her cocky smile and met blushing Bridget at a set table.


‘Dirty bird you are, Franky!’ The blonde came closer to the brunette and kissed her lips airily. She liked this witty ability of a lawyer that she could turn any word to a winning one for her.


‘Say you don’t like it…’ Franky placed her hands around Bridget’s small of the back and swayed her in a hug. 


'Oh, I love it, baby.’ She brushed her lips softly over the forehead of the brunette and placed a gentle kiss, to later on press their foreheads together and enjoy each other’s warmth. 


There was a huge heavy wooden table in the kitchen that created the atmosphere of both, modern abode and a comfy country house. There were French windows wall length in the kitchen that overlooked the garden as well as glass folding doors leading to the patio with a swimming pool. The place was filled with light, and it suited Bridget. Franky felt the house described her girl well, they were both radiant from within. 


There was also one more thought invading Franky’s mind which was connected with pancakes. She revisited her walk in the park where she dreamed about simple pleasures like frying pancakes on mornings for her family and that made her generously smile. She looked at the woman sitting in front of her, delightedly eating the breakfast. She was studying her face, posture, the way she held silverware and how she smiled at delicious bites, as if making sure she was really in love… and she was, honestly, silently and cheerfully. It still scared her, but she wasn’t a bad person and she deserved that, she thought. She wanted to give her girlfriend all possible happiness that existed in the world and wished to get some share in return. Somehow she had a strong feeling that she could be 100% sure in the woman sitting in front of her. She was positive, that blonde creature was the one who’d never let her down or betray her. She was confident, she could trust those blue eyes, as the owner of them was rare. More than that, by some means she knew if Bridget chose her it meant for real, and they were on the same page with that. 


Actually, Franky wasn't too demanding. Some simple pleasures could be enough: care, love, kindness, passion, attention, and some slightest bit of unexpected romanticism would certainly do its magic. Bridget was already a fairy. To break that ice, in the heart of Franky, hidden under the concrete, covered by a metal coating would have needed sophisticated wizardry.


In cartoons women’s brain was portrayed as some mechanism with colorful neurons that didn’t transmit data to one another but were working simultaneously creating chaos. At that moment of peace Franky could imagine a blue sky above them both. No any cells or whatever influenced the reaction. Just fluffy white cotton clouds smoothly drenching over the blue sky enfolding them both, as if providing with conscious coolness in the heat of the sun. As if the photograph was being developed till it obtained needed contrast and shades of black&white with the help of proper chemicals. Franky wondered why she didn't feel those fucking butterflies in her stomach, as that were those crazy bugs that had to enter her belly somehow at the realization that it was love. But no. No butterflies. Some stability. As though a Greek puzzle was solved through matching all the tiles in nine circles of hell… 


‘Honey?’ Bridget asked without any secret intention.


‘Mmm?’ Franky looked at Bridget questioningly, waking up from her thoughts. 


‘I meant, would you like some honey for pancakes?’ The blonde smiled at the realization that the brunette misled the offer of a sweet-side with another pet name of hers.  


‘Oh yes, sorry …’ Franky giggled, and a soft blush appeared on her cheeks.  


After they’d laughed at the situation, they were both silently eating with content smiles on their faces that they both didn’t need any words of confirmation the breakfast was delicious. Seemed, they were both in their own thoughts and simultaneously mutually resolving a Greek riddle: they were thinking about what happened earlier and how they both liked that; about the breakfast that was so genuine, as if they were having it together whole their lives; even the way Franky found every utensil in the kitchen made them think about the déjà vu effect. 


Later on, still without any words, Bridget stood up and took a jar of jam with black currant, sat back at the table, sliced a piece of a pancake with the fork, put some jam on it and stretched it to Franky: 'Try it, it’s tasty…’


Franky took a bite and said ‘Mmmm, it’s really delicious’


‘Want some more?’ Bridget suggested motioning with the knife and fork towards the pancakes on her plate. 


‘Yeah’ Franky licked her lips and was waiting for another treat.  


Bridget did the same serving two more times and at the third feeding some jam dripped on Franky’s chin: ‘Oh, you are such a baby!’ Bridget said giggling.


‘You have to do something with it now.’ Franky answered with her tongue stuck out a slightest bit.


‘You sure you need help with it?’ Bridget asked flirtatiously.


‘Defs!’ Franky folded her hands on her chest showing she was waiting for a further activity. 


Bridget stood up graciously from the chair and slowly moved around the table to come closer to Franky. She slightly leaned to her and with her thumb ran slowly over the brunettes chin, after which putting her finger in the mouth sucking it, slyly looking right into the green eyes watching her. Without parting their eyes Franky put aside her plate and seated Bridget on a warm wooden surface in front of herself. Standing now between Bridget’s legs she kissed her softly, smacking her lips of sweet flavor of their breakfast. Then she moved her hands on the blonde’s hips making her lie on the table with her whole back so as she could take her pants and undies off, leaning to one of Bridget’s knees saying: ‘It’s time to feed puss’ and kissing her. They both laughed at the phrase and spent three hours discovering different patterns on that so fascinating table. Never it had seen those varieties of positions, never witnessed the walls such a diversified vocabulary of cursed words and never heard birds such delighted shouts. 

‘Have you ever slept on something this hard?’ Franky asked seriously.


‘Never, you?’ Bridget answered half laughed.


Franky put one of her arms under her back of the head, with the other hugging her girl, ‘When I was little, with our class we had a camping with tents and the rest, you know, the approach was really serious *she giggled*, and we roasted potatoes on the fire and meat, and veggies and we …’


Bridget interrupted her saying: ‘Were telling horror stories sitting around the campfire?’ 


‘How do you know?’ Franky asked amused.


‘Saw in movies.’ Bridget laughed. 


Bridget’s laugh was contagious, and it made Franky laugh in unison, drawing the blonde closer to herself, and kissing her. Bridget rose herself on one elbow, so she could face Franky and her blonde strand of hair went loose. The brunette took the tress carefully and put it behind the ear of a blue-eyed beauty and very softly, gently and accurately pronounced: ‘Gidge, I think I’m in trouble’. 


‘What’s wrong baby?’ Bridget asked concerned though she clearly understood it wasn’t some sort of life problem, it was something personal with which her girl wanted to share, so she was silently waiting never avoiding the green gaze. ‘Bridget’, she started bravely after which lost confidence completely and with a half of whisper articulated: ‘I think I am steadily falling in love with you’. 


To her own surprise she felt her heart rate accelerated and her cheeks inflamed. To her memory that was the first time she communicated her feelings to someone and the very first time she felt in love and spoke of love. 


‘I’m confidently falling in love with you too’, Bridget said a bit audibly than the brunette and pierced in the green eyes watching her. 


Franky gasped in relief and laughed, tightly hugging her Miss Australia ‘Will you ….’ she didn’t finish the phrase, silenced. 


‘What ?’ Bridget asked leisurely. 


‘Oh, nothing!’ Franky was confident again.


‘Ok!’ The blonde kissed the brunette and looked smiling into her eyes. She put her head on Franky’s chest and cuddled closer to her. The table wasn’t hard for them anymore, it was just fine. 


‘Does the sun always dawn in that direction?’ The brunette asked enthusiastically.


‘Always!’ Bridget turned her head to the French windows to watch the sun dawn together with her love. 


‘Can we have this tradition of watching the sundown together?’ Franky thought that such a paraphrase of the silenced by her previously offer of being with her officially and with further consequences, would be not bad.


In our schedule, baby’, Bridget understood Franky’s implication and took her brunette’s hand into hers, then raised it up to her lips and kissed. When they intertwined their fingers, Bridget placed their hands on the chest below her breasts, and so they were laying still on that same table till the room was lit only by lights of the appliances. 




Chapter Text




We became a little something together,

From now on the dishes are broken for luck,

Our movie is on, the sound track is playing, 

And I am humming it in unison with you.

We are moving on,

We are comfortably floating together,

We are breathing in every emotion.

In our boat of life there’s pretty much space for us,

I am inhaling you

Ah… Oh…

I am inhaling you

Ah… Oh…

We are flying, two free birds in the blue sky,

We are exploring every avenue in holdfast,

The beauty of the world beholding,


Inhaling each other, 

Oh… Ah…


Inhaling each other, 

Oh… Ah…




Everything happened naturally: Bridget never asked Franky to move in, as well as Franky never asked Bridget for a permission. That was a kind of silent agreement according to which day by day Bridget arranged her things the way there was enough space to locate her belongings for Franky. That was rather convenient for both of them to resolve some issues like this without bothering each other discussing them over. Why should they spend time on those trifles when they could devote it to something more interesting.

Since their first morning breakfast they were living together, leading a life of a couple. From time to time spending weekends with their friends, sometimes together, sometimes separately, but they never parted for more than a day. All mornings and evenings were theirs, and they truly considered it to be one of the qualities of stable relationships. Franky never spent any other nights in her apartment, as well as Bridget never wanted her to be anywhere else unless with her. In their daily vocabulary instantly appeared such words as ‘we’ and ‘us’ which was quite essential for both of the women. 

Anything they wanted to do, they were doing together. If they needed self-time there was plenty of space like patio, garden, gym, river and their studies, where they were working on serious cases, when didn’t want to be disturbed in the kitchen.  

When they wanted to spend time with friends, they did that. However, seldom but it happened, they behaved as teenagers who couldn't dote on each other, sending texts or calling one another. Sometimes their meetings with friends ended up escaping into embraces of each other and wandering around the city or spending time at home. 



It was still a riddle for the legal mind how on earth some people could become dear within an hour. Within that patch of time there was developed trust that she could never have worked out through the life with her own parents. It happened as a rare thunderstorm on a sunny day. Everything was so easy for Franky. As if the scenario was in her head and she was simply choosing the best line. She didn’t have to specially read the books her person was reading, because they had some of the same ones in their phones. She didn’t have to listen to special music to know more about the interests of her person, as they both had the same tracks in a playlist. And they did not have quarrels on various life questions because they had the same opinion and viewpoint.  

They were just a little stream that wanted to become a river. And only the seaweed could prevent them from drenching smoothly.

And there were no obligations anymore, only wishes. There were no questions about whose turn it was to buy products or clean the house, put dishes into the dishwasher or mow the lawn, etc.  

At communicating with friends pitying on their relationships, Franky would keep quiet and put on a mask of understanding on her face, saying there was pleasure and pain in there. And she knew right, there was. But she also knew, her personal story with Bridget was so different.



One night, before they started living together, Franky went out with her mates. The evening was naturally effortless. They were laughing, drinking cocktails, relaxing. In spite of that, every so often she was writing to Bridget, and the most awful thing was – she was impatiently waiting for a vibration of the phone in her pocket indicating a reply. They didn't have a chance of seeing each other daily at that point: only three times a week having shifts in Wentworth as well as the weekends. They were only dating and Franky missed her hilarious girlfriend. She desperately wished to have her there by her side. 






Fridget Writer Intern

Interesting, how friends become not enough upon meeting Your person under the stars.


Needless to say, the brunette lawyer was good at balancing: her private life, social life and personal life. 

As a matter of fact, one more thing that united them both, was the attitude towards surrounding them people. They felt it not right and insulting when at some point their acquaintances forgot about their existence because of a new lover. They truly acknowledged the importance of not only establishing contacts, but maintaining and nourishing those contacts. Additionally, they cherished their friends a lot.

As a result, at 1:30 at night, Franky thought it was enough. Got a bottle of Chardonnay, excused herself and went to Bridget. They spent whole night talking, seemed the topics for their conversations were unlimited and any appeared convenient and easy. The morning after that, Bridget found herself sleeping on the couch, while the brunette was sleeping as a star on a soft carpet below. 

Soon enough that spot on the floor would become their favorite one and some years after – Franky’s one of the most comfortable.



That morning was meant to be early, Bridget stretched on the bed, yearned leisurely, kissed a very silent body scattered near her slightly resembling Franky, and went to take the shower. Luckily, Bridget had a king size bed, as she loved to feel freedom while sleeping. Franky was the same, she adored ‘throwing’ her limbs on their bed and sleeping like a log at times. 

The blonde knew, that by the time she would prepare coffee Franky would have been awake, in the kitchen sipping it happily with her and maybe telling her the dream or some funny moment from a working routine. 

The previous night they went to bed early and fell asleep early as well, but in the morning of the next day. They were busy discovering each other’s moles. Bridget got to know that Franky had a little sexy brown spot on one of her lips, situated much lower her face. In her turn, Franky got to know that Bridget had a lovely kissable mole on her right butt cheek. They were giggling as kids at those discoveries and promised each other that no matter what or the mood be they would always kiss those beauty spots every evening.

Bridget trailed to the kitchen refreshed after a warm morning shower in order to brew coffee for herself and for her beloved girl. She switched on music, loud enough not to wake Franky up. 

The brunette entered the kitchen witnessing as her blonde girl, in a long white t-shirt, was dancing around the kitchen with half closed eyes humming lyrics to her favorite songs, spices scattered around the table, and Bridget eagerly adding each of them at a time: a pinch of turmeric, a pinch of nutmeg, two buds of cloves, two seeds of cardamom, a pinch of black pepper, two pinches of cinnamon, a pinch of vanilla - that morning ritual had the influence of waking up the brunette, ‘Morning, my little witch!’, she said softly, accompanying Bridget in a dance from the back, hugging her and inhaling Bridget’s fresh smell. 

‘Morning, baby! Did you sleep well?’ She asked, turning to face the brunette and laying a kiss on her nose, chin and a collarbone. 

‘Mmm, perfect, babe!’ * Franky answered laying a kiss on the blonde’s lips * ‘Was missing you’, she continued kissing, sucking Bridget’s lower lip, then upper lip, followed by thrusting her tongue to meet his companion in another woman’s mouth, with her both hands on the butt-cheeks of her love. They swayed together to the tune until the coffee in cezve was ready. 

‘Mmm, I love your coffee, it’s delicious, Gidge!’ Franky murmured contently.

‘Only coffee?’ Bridget asked, winking at the woman sitting in front of her. 

‘I am sure you know the answer, and of course I am sure you're aware to what such questions lead, right? And we both have to be at work in forty minutes…that’s not enough time to explain, you know…’ Franky was in the mood that morning.

‘Can’t but agree, my hot convincing lawyer! May I kiss you, Your Honer?!’ Bridget was following the game. She stood up from the chair, straightened her posture, as if she was ready to march to an imaginary army tune. 

‘Oh, Miss Westfall, the procedure is time consuming, you have to file an application, then I have to review it and within a week to issue you a reply….’ Franky wasn’t given time to finish, as Bridget came quickly to the brunette and shut her mouth with a kiss. Later on she dashed to the bedroom to get dressed, leaving Franky with an amused silly smile on her face. 

In several minutes there was a knock on the door and Bridget, jumping on one of her feet putting on heels on the other foot appeared in the hall, quickly pecked her girl on the cheek saying: ‘Please, baby, open the door to whoever it is, see you!’ went outside through the back door to get into the garage. Bridget had to be at her private practice office working on her thesis and seeing some clients, and Franky worked at Gordon Legal that day. 

Some time later, Bridget was sitting in her office, drinking water, while arranging a split view of two Pages documents for her research. The scrolling of pages was interrupted by a message:



Hey, spunky, we are in trouble!

What’s happened? Are you safe?

Yeah, I’m fine. Are you free? Too lengthy to write…

Bridget called back to get to know that the ones who knocked the door that morning were their neighbors, asking them kindly to close windows in their bedroom next time as their ‘exclamations’ as the neighbors called that, till 3 am didn’t give the chance for their family to sleep. That was awkward. 

Though they were lucky to live in a residential area, where the plots around the houses were large enough not to see the neighbors from windows and even from behind the fence, they usually tended to be cautious, just in case. But ‘usually’ never meant ‘always’ and that night was the case. Both women laughed, they never meant to insult their neighbors in any way, and honestly they didn’t notice they were uncommonly loud. But that case helped them realize they definitely had to make at least their bedroom soundproof not to be caught by their own staying overnight relatives and friends one day. 



Psychologist’s relatives were happy for Bridget. They liked Franky and for them, it seemed that those two were always together. They could finish sentences for each other, bring something for each other that they wanted but hadn’t asked.

The family of Bridget’s brother was big, and they all trusted Franky immensely. The lawyer was a charmer. She easily discussed with Timothy some architectural issues connected with his job as well as Jane found an interesting interlocutor on jewelry, though Franky knew nothing about the hallmark, purity, gem cutting and the rest. 

Lawyer’s mother was also delighted with the choice of her daughter. However, they were not on perfect terms, especially of what happened in the childhood, they were communicating from time to time. 

Franky didn’t like to rise the topic of her relationship with parents and Bridget never overstep that line. She felt it wasn’t easy for her girlfriend to talk about it. She saw the brunette was much closer to her relatives, and it didn’t bother Bridget. She acknowledged Franky behaved the way that was comfortable for her, and comfort in their relationship was one of the prerogatives.  



One day, though, they had to look out of their bubble to face the reality. Bridget had an upcoming week-business-trip which coincided with her brother’s vacation which he wanted to spend with his wife. That meant that their three kids had to stay with Bridget, as usual, the only thing was - the business trip. 

Both women were occupied with dinner preparation in the kitchen when Bridget decided to approach the issue: ‘Baby, there’s something we need to discuss.’

‘Yeah? We aren’t breaking up, are we?’ Franky asked, concerned but still with a smile on her face.

‘Definitely, not!’ Replying, Bridget patted Franky on the shoulder. ‘You remember about my trip, right?’

‘Sure!’ The brunette answered matter-of-factly, dicing carrots for their Spicy Kofte. 

Timothy and Jane are going to some island for their vacation alone’, Bridget began making a rise of her tone, ‘and that means we have to look after the kids’.

‘But that’s not a problem, right, we can cope with three little monsters?’ Franky said jokingly.

‘The problem is, they go next week the same as I do.’ The blonde added olives into their salad and looked at the green eyes concerned searching for reaction, relieved she didn’t see fear in them.

‘Gidge, it’s ok, I’ll manage, seriously!’ The brunette assured her girlfriend and genuinely smiled.

‘Are you sure, Franky? I don’t want you to feel pressure, you have a job and alone with three children might be tiresome. If you do not feel like, we can send them to Jane’s parents, no trouble.’ Those blue eyes were kind and understanding and truly didn’t want to cause problems. On the one hand Bridget wanted Franky to stay with her nieces and a nephew for them to become closer, on the other hand she was aware that her lawyer girlfriend had shifts in Wentworth as well as in Gordon Legal which she was in charge of. She knew she could cope with anything, but three kids at a time could be … unexpected. 

‘No, Gidge, really, it’s fine. No worry! I’ll cope with them. They are in school/uni/office, I am at work, dinner, activities, rest, bed, some reading, exercises, I’ll make them busy!’ The green eyes were absolutely sure in what they were talking about. Additionally, Franky didn’t want to disappoint Bridget as their relationship was on the initial stage, though they were together already for more than half a year. And  moreover, she wanted to try herself in the role of a mother. With older kids that might be easier, she thought.

‘Oh, thank you, baby!’ Bridget kissed Franky softly in the lips. She was relieved the brunette would try to manage her niblings.

‘Ah, it’s ok! Quid pro quo! Someone will have to stay with our kids when we want to hide from the whole world on an isolated island.’ Franky continued with a serious concern in her eyes.

‘You want kids, do you?’ The blonde smiled and noted to herself that Franky was actually thinking about having children and presumably with her, which made her heart pump. 

‘Of course I do! At least now I know I am ready to have them as I met one woman, you know, she is hot and clever, and she stole my heart and mind…’ A teasing smile appeared on Franky’s face. She came closer to the blonde and put a dice of a carrot into Bridget’s mouth, teasing her. 

‘Mmm’, Bridget hummed, ‘Will you get us acquainted?’ She accompanied Franky in her game.

‘No way, I’ll keep her fully to myself! Happiness loves silence, Gidge!’ The brunette dragged the blonde even closer to herself using Bridget’s belt loops on the jeans and put both her hands on her lover’s hips, they swayed to an inaudible tune together. 

Bridget raised her head up to lock her eyes with Franky and whispered ‘I love you, baby’ to hear ‘I love you too, spunky’. 



Chapter Text




Arrival of three monsters didn’t seem intimidating at all, though the greatest was 20, the middle one - 15 and the little one was only 5. 

The oldest girl, Amelia, was a good-looking young lady, studying Economy as a major at the University of Melbourne. She was a bright kid and got a full grant for her education, making the whole family so proud of her. She was a fresher. However, being naturally very attractive girl, the center of attention among friends, lover of parties, she never caused troubles to her parents.

She loved her aunt and they both had a tight connection. Amelia perceived Bridget as a good example of female dignity, mixed with attractiveness and intelligence. Truth be told, Timothy and Jane gave a credit to Bridget, helping them to raise kids. There was a dark period in Amelia’s growing-up, where she hung out with bad gangs and both of her parents thought they had lost her, until a blue-eyed fairy addressed the situation. 

Patrick, on the other hand, being highly intuitive, sensible and even a little sensitive young man, seeing constant teenage quarrels of his sister drew an inference and at his young age was good at IT and started his internship at Google. Unlike his eldest sister, most of his spare time he spent at the laptop programming, writing codes, however, allocating two hours a day to do CrossFit. Sports was essential for him! It was impossible to say he ate healthy, but junk food was rarely found on his table. 

Helena was a little creative Goddess. She had dancing classes on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays. She played piano, violin and guitar on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. And she had drawing classes on Sundays, which could be done either online or offline, that provided the opportunity for the family to have one joint day off. The fact that the youngest was more than likely into humanities exhilarated them all, as at least she was growing up as a happy, cheerful kid not being too serious and concerned with the reality. Still, she was only 5, and nobody knew what ace she had up the sleeve.   


The whole week was busy for Franky, she was living according to the schedule of the kids: morning wake-up followed up by breakfast preparation for four of them; then she gave Amelia a ride to the Uni, Patrick to Google Melbourne and Helena to preschool. During lunchtime, she took Helena to either of the classes that she had that day. Evenings were more or less free, she simply took a little dancer/musician home and was cooking, watching TV and more importantly having rest. Franky was blessed, the eldest ones could hang out after Uni and work or could be given a lift home by their mates. 

The weekend was practically the same with the difference that Amelia and Patrick were sound asleep till 9 and Franky was living on coffee since 6 am. She wasn’t prepared at all for a ballroom dancing competition on Sunday, about which she was forgotten to be warned in advance. 

She left a note on a wooden table (smiling looking at it, reviving in her memory all those positions and gasps and cries and ……) for eldest kids, informing to look after themselves and noting the breakfast was in the oven. She fed Helena and herself, and they went shopping for a dress. Franky thought that the girl would be the death of her. They tried on all ballroom dresses in three department stores. Even Bridget was more decisive when it concerned clothes. Luckily, within four hours they chose ‘a dress of a dream’ and went back home. On the table the brunette found a note in pink:



At friends’. Will be home by 11-30 pm. Thanks for brekkie!

and a note in black:



in the gym, will be in two hours. Girls are driving crazy, right? luvsya!

Franky smiled at notes, however the week was driving her really mad, and she started to feel exhaustion, the children were nice to her which made her realize she did love to have kids with Bridget one day. 



Franky came home later that evening, she was in the court to represent her client. In spite of the intricacy of the case, she managed to prove her client not guilty and was reviving in the memory her speech when pouring some water into the glass. Patrick silently came closer to get himself some night tea and started a conversation. 

‘Franky, when did you realize you liked girls?’ Patrick asked with a concern in his voice.

‘Think, I was about 20+. Why?’ Franky reported matter-of-factly, vividly being awoken from her thoughts about the court. 

‘Just asking!’ Patrick sounded at a loss.

‘Mate? Is there something you want to talk about?’ Franky poured a full glass and put it aside on the table.

‘No, everything’s fine!’ The boy looked down, which made the brunette assume her girlfriend’s nephew was struggling with something personal. 

‘Is there a male friend that you like?’ Franky didn’t know how to approach an issue and decided to ask the first thing that she believed was right about the ongoing conversation. 

‘Actually, there is a female friend that I like, and I do not know how to behave with her. How did you win over Bridget, she’s a hard nut?’ Patrick watched the brunette attentively and shrugged his shoulders inquisitively. 

‘I dunno, mate, it just happened. She is my soulmate. And it struck me really hard at the first moment I saw her. Later on, I just realized I fell in love for the first time in life and was trying to do romantic gestures, and we communicated a lot. Actually, we do speak a lot. I believe, when you know the person for some time, you definitely feel somehow about them, you realize what can make them happy or sad, and you do or avoid doing that. Tell me about that girl.’ Franky decided to be honest with the boy. Either that was the issue of all the Westfalls or Bridget taught her to express her real thoughts and feelings so easily, but she noticed again, she was being quite open with her opponent.   

‘Wow! Franky, would have never thought you are a softy!’ There could be heard notes of sarcasm in Patrick’s voice. He nudged the brunette in a playful manner and was waiting for a continuation of their conversation.  

‘I am being honest! If you don’t need my opinion, go hug the laptop!’ The brunette pretended to be insulted. 

‘Sorry! Well, she is the same age as I am and having a probation period at the same department. She is pretty. We do not speak much.’ Patrick even didn’t know what to say about the girl, whom he scarcely knew himself.    

‘So, she is the same tech geek.’ Franky was trying to joke and make the boy feel at ease. 


‘Ok, kiddo! Well, have lunch together at least. Talk to her. You know, small talks always give you the insight. If you’d still like her, ask for a date.’ The lawyer was at a complete loss. She neither was an expert in relationships, nor she was good at giving advice unless the issue was legal.  

‘Ammmm, that’s the problem!’ Patrick was on the verge of telling something important to the brunette to hear a yet giggling reply:

‘What? You’ve never been on a date?’ Franky still wanted to make the situation less serious and turn everything into a joke. 

‘No, I mean, well… never mind!’ Patrick took his cup of a very strong black tea and was trailing to his room to proceed working on a project. He was thinking of browsing some websites like Quora for some possible ideas. He had a strong wish to call Bridget, but he didn’t want to disturb his aunt during a business trip. He was shy to talk about his heart problems with his parents though, but he completely trusted his ‘personal psychologist’ and he did miss talking to her at that moment.   

‘Patrick?’ Instantly, Franky got that she was wrong acting like that and thought she needed her blonde girl to help her. She hadn’t known the kids quite well. It was easier talking to Amelia as she was practically an adult, Helena was a charming creative princess and their communication was on the level of instincts, but a teenage boy - it was difficult.   

‘No, it’s ok! I’ll go search for some IT exhibits, that was your advice, right?’ Patrick smiled faintly and proceeded walking to his room. 

‘Kind of…’ Franky nodded with an ill-defined smile. 

‘Thanks, Franky!’

‘Welcome, mate!’

Franky honestly didn’t understand the problem of a 15-year-old boy, who was in perfect physical condition, very handsome, light-haired, blue-eyed, tall, very talented and even was an intern at Google. What issues might these kinds of boys have with girls - that was a mystery for the brunette. 




‘Gidge, I believe we have a problem!’ Franky informed the blonde via FaceTime half concerned, half laughing. 

‘One more? What could be worse than spending 4 hours on a dress of 60 sm length?’ Bridget was waiting for another epic story from her girl. 

‘Had a conversation with Patrick… well, he likes a girl and he doesn’t know how to ask her on a date. I think, this is his first serious crush and he …’, Franky hadn't finished the sentence that she eagerly started. 

‘Franky! The problem is - he has never dated before, that’s what he was trying to tell you!’ Bridget informed with a weak smile.

‘I also never really dated before you, Gidge!’ Franky sat on their bed with the phone in her hand. 

‘Franky, you do not hear me, that girl is not only his first crush, but The First Girl in his life. Ever!’ The blue stare was piercing the green through the screen waiting to accept the seriousness of the issue. 

‘Oh fuck! But I couldn’t be his Kiss Teacher. He is a boy, teenager, I thought he…’, Franky was silent and couldn’t think of proper words to describe her frustration. 

‘He is sitting in front of a computer all the time. Now he has a job that he’s dreamt of since was a kid. He is a good boy! Maybe not very self assured. He is still a child, Franky! He doesn’t need a Kiss Teacher, he does need your encouraging word!’ Franky could hear serious concern in Bridget’s tone.

‘Gidge! I need you here, I can’t talk to him about all that stuff.’ The brunette pronounced the last two words in half a whisper and drew her face closer to the phone as if revealing a dangerous mystery. 

‘Franky, I’ll definitely talk to Patrick upon arrival. Though, you see, You are there for him right now and he addresses you because he thinks you are a friend’. Bridget was still trying to encourage Franky and make her realize that even teenagers sometimes need to be treated like children, very gently. 

‘Gidge, the fact that I dated women doesn’t make me an expert in this field.’ Franky was trying to joke.

‘Franky, he is a child but not silly! He gets that we are a couple and despite the fact it’s common now, it wasn’t so easy let’s say 10 years ago. He projects Your coming out, Your struggle upon himself, as he is, right now, making a great effort to at least to speak to a girl he likes. Do you see my point?’ Bridget switched on a psychologist mode and tried to clarify her nephew’s implied intention. 

‘Yes, doctor!’ Franky looked down and brushed off invisible dust from her pants. 

Bridget clearly understood that the whole situation was new for Franky and she never waited for her to react or do anything by the book. The fact that her girl was there for her niblings meant a lot to her. She wanted to be there with the brunette and not be separated by the screens of their electronic devices. 

She thought suddenly, she could have been too harsh. ‘What did you advise him?’ Bridget asked with a kind intonation in her voice.

‘To have lunch together to talk and in case he still likes her, ask on a date.’ Franky reported her idea. 

‘That’s good! Thank you for dealing with their problems, baby, and thank you for spending time with them!’ The blonde smiled to Franky as generously as she could, and she did mean that. 

‘Gidge, they are really cute! I was just at a loss. Tomorrow is a dancing competition. I vaporized the dress and prepared all those dancing gears like shoes, tights, etc.’ Franky visibly started showing signs of agitation. 

‘Franky, you’ll manage! *Bridget smiled again* And…do not forget to be there two hours prior, you’ll have to apply make up and do Helena’s hair. Do not worry, I’ll message you contact details of a girl that will help you tomorrow with that. And, please, say Amelia and Patrick to be there as well, it’s important for a little dancer!’

‘Oh! For Fucks Sake!!!’

The screen went black as Franky dropped the phone on her chest. Only her thick breathing was audible. She was extremely afraid of screwing something up. That was all new to her, the kids, the competitions, serious conversations about romance, etc., she felt as a puppy adjusting to life.

‘Baby?’ Bridget said benevolently.  

‘Gosh!’ Franky was trying hard not to use curse words. 

‘Franky, you’ll manage! You passed Bar! And you’ve survived the whole week, baby, one day left and everything will be fine, I promise you! You know that I am thinking of you, right?’ Bridget decided to support Franky with the words of love and appreciation, as that always worked properly. 

‘Uhu!’ The brunette’s eyes twinkled as if everything was normal again. 

‘Franky? I love you!’ 

‘Mmm, that’s better!’

‘I miss you!’

‘Way better!’

‘I want you!’ 

‘My girl!’ 


‘I also love you, Gidge! Will record tomorrow’s Hell.’ Franky seemed much better as she somehow felt that nothing seriously disastrous happened and despite that was terrifying, it could also teach her something. 

‘I kiss you, baby!’ Bridget saw that the feelings, transmitted over the wireless system of a global network by means of words, made their magic and her girlfriend seemed to be revived again. 

‘And the mole?’ Franky was flirting.  

‘You are being such a child, Franky! And the mole! And not only it….’ Bridget answered giggling. 

‘Oh! This bedtime story’s going to be wet. Have you had the shower?’ The brunette stood up from the bed and went to the bathroom to switch on the water for it to get warm. 

‘Not yet…’ The blonde accepted the idea and transferred the call to her mobile, closed the laptop and went to the shower.  

‘Ok, let’s take it together, then?’ Franky winked to her beloved girl. 

‘Mmm!’ Bridget raised her eyebrow playfully and started to unbutton her blouse with one hand and with another moving the camera of the phone down her body as she gradually exposed so desired for her girlfriend’s parts of it…  



Chapter Text



Franky woke up at 4 am. The house was extremely silent. She took a quick shower to get refreshed, called a taxi to the airport and went to meet her traveller  from the business trip. She didn’t want to drive herself as she wasn’t fully awoken and thought she might not be attentive enough on the road. On her way to the airport she bought a tiny bouquet of wild violets at a 24-hour flower shop and soon was in the waiting area so as to eventually hug her woman. She started dancing on her heels when finally saw her blonde approaching, and then came closer and smashed her in a tight hug.

‘I was missing you so much, Franky!’ Bridget whispered into the ear of a woman who was holding so dearly, as if they were in the middle of the ocean and the brunette was afraid to drown. 

 ‘Please, never leave me again!’ Franky kissed Bridget in her temple and they found themselves spinning around in the middle of a morning airport crowd. She could never expect herself being emotional or miss somebody. Missing another person was as new to Franky as well as loving that person. Nevertheless, that feeling thrilled the brunette and she couldn't wish for anything more.

Bridget was granted tiny little flowers that smelled morning freshness and hid her nose there. She absolutely adored Franky’s ladylike behavior: notes, flowers, she was an expert in treating Bridget right. 

‘Next time let’s try to arrange everything and go together?’ The blonde suggested. 

‘That’s the best variant, babe!’ The brunette’s voice seemed more cheerful. 

The couple got the traveling bag and other belongings and were moving to the exit to get into the car home.

‘I hope you didn’t drive in the middle of the night?’ Bridget was excited to see her girlfriend at the airport meeting her, but she didn’t want her drive sleepy and tired at any part of the day, so she expressed her concern with the question. 

‘Do not worry, I took a taxi. I think I slept only two hours. The competition day and then I was just waiting for those 4 am to strike.’ Franky sighed and raised Bridget's hand to her mouth to kiss it.

‘I was so tired after the conference that when I got to the seat aboard I wrapped myself in a blanket and fell asleep, even missed the dinner, so I am starving now!’ Bridget dragged Franky by the shoulder closer for a hug. 

‘You know, I am glad we are living in the time of digitalization, otherwise I do not know how I would have coped without seeing and talking to you, knowing you were fine.’ The lawyer confessed and pressed their bodies tighter. 

‘Definitely a plus. Sometimes time difference is a savior… I’ve been missing you, baby. And…thank you!’ Bridget was smiling at the realization they spent online enough hours to still be close in spite of the miles distancing them. But even despite that, she was longing to be together with her girlfriend, she missed her smell, touch, voice, the vibration of which she could feel with her palm if touching the chest, she was happy to come back home. Franky was home for Bridget. She would feel good anywhere on that planet hand in hand with her beloved girl.

Franky smiled reassuringly to Bridget, looked her in the eyes and squeezed a warm, soft honey palm. She opened the door of a taxi for her girlfriend and proceeded to the opposite one to take a seat next to Bridget. 

‘So how was the competition…?’ The psychologist half-turned her torso to see Franky’s expression. 

‘Oh, everything went really well! You will hear all the details, I believe, as far as we get home. I do not know how you managed this, but I think they are like fucking post-its that want to stick all around you….’ The brunette was so expressive with her words and gestures that it fascinated Bridget a lot. 

‘Franky!!! Baby, are you jealous?’ The blonde squinted her gaze. 

‘Well, no. Anyway, there was some news we didn’t have time to talk about. What was that?’ The lawyer put a hand on Bridget’s knee and was massaging her knee-cup. 

Bridget noted a new affectionate exercise of care which made her close the eyes for some time at a pleasant sensation. ‘Oh yes! There would be another business trip soon, to LA, in some time, depending on when I finish the thesis…’

‘That’s perfect, Gidge!!!’ Franky was still massaging the knee and her hand inevitably was moving up the thigh. 

‘And I definitely want us to go together. Do you mind?’ There appeared some blush on Bridget’s face. Still she didn’t give her brunette a notice the activity was too pleasant for her.

‘You ask? I am in.’ There appeared a coy twinkle in those deep green eyes fixed on Bridget, hand determinedly moving up closer to a prohibited, due to circumstances, area. 

Bridget put her hand on Franky’s making her stop the ministrations: ‘I am glad it’s easy to negotiate with you anything.’

‘Anything for you!’ Franky folded her hands on her own legs as they were approaching the house. She definitely understood Bridget without extra words.

‘Thank you, baby!’ Bridget mumbled in reply. 

‘Ma!!!!! You are home! I missed you, ma!!!’ Helena was rushing to the appeared on the doorstep Bridget and literally smacked her in the embrace that the blonde sat on the haunches leaning on the wall with her back.  

‘Morning, sweetie!’ She hugged her little niece. ‘How is our wonderful dancer? May I congratulate you?’ That was a pleasure for the blonde to come back to a home where everyone was waiting for her. 

‘Our pair got the second prize! Our performance was good! You haven't seen my dress, it is just perfect!’ Helena was talking about the competition with such an adoration, that even at this early age it was clear - dancing was her passion. 

‘Oh! Congratulations, darling! You are so talented! I am really proud of you! Is there going to be another round?’ Bridget stood up, took her niece in arms and got her on the sofa to have the chance to take off the shoes.  

‘Yes. But not for our category.’ Helena shrugged her shoulders and sat on the sofa bouncing her legs. 

‘Then we have time to master the steps, right?’ The blonde took off her blazer to get it into the washing machine after a conversation with her niece. 

‘Yes, ma! I love you!’ The little blonde stood up on the sofa again and motioned for Bridget to come closer for a hug.

‘I love you too, Helena! Will you show me the dress?’ Bridget kissed the crown of a little girl and started to move towards her bedroom to have a shower after a long trip. 

‘Can I have brekkie in it?’ Helena asked tentatively. 

‘We can watch the recording of the competition in it, ok? Deal?’ Bridget winked.

‘Deal!! Thanks!’ Little girl smiled in return and hugged the dress as if a beloved toy. 

‘Bridget, can we talk after you shower?’ Patrick hugged his aunt and asked quickly without preventing the blonde from having 15 minutes for herself.

‘Sure, Patrick! Is everything fine?’ Bridget patted her nephew on a shoulder.

‘Yes!I just need you!’ He answered in a half whisper. 

‘Ok, baby!’ Bridget smiled and went to the bedroom to see Franky there. As if no one wanted Bridget to have a shower in that house.  

‘Bridget, do you call him ‘baby’? He is two times bigger than you are and one time bigger than I am, seriously, ‘baby’? She frowned. 

‘Franky, it’s only between us and only at home and Patrick knows I call him like this only because I express my interest in him and his problem, he knows I do not mean he is a baby or acting as one.’ Bridget explained, taking the clothes off, averting and folding it to wash later. 

‘Yeah, I see! Again, I still cannot get it, how you manage to establish that huge bond between all four of you.’ Franky was following Bridget into the bathroom as though there was no intention to leave her alone even there. 

‘Franky, I believe it is intuitive and either you have it between you and your kids or not.’ The blonde switched on the water and while it was warming up she was brushing her teeth. 

‘Can’t wait for us to have children.’ The brunette tapped her fingers over the sink and leaned on it to face the blonde.  

‘Were you serious?’ Bridget looked concerned at her girlfriend. They never discussed their plans to have kids, they were not good at planning, though they were good at negotiating their wishes.  

‘I was. Yes. You do not want kids? Or, better, you do not want kids with me?’ Franky decided to clarify, just in case within a week something changed. 

‘Franky, no! I want kids and I want kids with you! I thought those were emotions.’ Bridget took off the last pieces of clothes, loaded everything into the washing machine and switched it on. 

‘No, I was serious. I was honest.’ Franky trailed her index finger over a naked arm of her woman and granted her with the kindest smile ever. 

‘Good! I should take a shower, ok?’ Bridget got hold of the brunette’s arm and squeezed it in hers reassuringly. 

‘Yes, babe!’ Franky turned to leave to the kitchen. 

‘Franky?’ Bridget called from a shower box. 

‘Mm?’ The brunette turned back to look at Bridget practically hidden in the vapor of a hot shower. 

‘I love you!’ Bridget whispered. She was happy to be home. She was happy her woman was with her. She was happy they were a couple. 

‘Me toooooooo!’ Franky smiled cheerfully and dashed to the kitchen to prepare a tasty breakfast to celebrate a successful dancing competition and Bridget's arrival.  





Franky, Amelia and Helena were preparing breakfast in the kitchen while Bridget and Patrick were talking in his room.

Patrick sat in the chair at his desk and started a conversation: ‘Bridggie, I reckon Franky told you about our chat the other day…’

‘She did. Patrick, I fully understand you and what you might be going through right now. But can you tell me what exactly bothers you? Is it about your behavior, choice of topics of conversation, a kiss, sex?’ Bridget wanted to help her nephew. She couldn’t allow herself to leave a teenager solving his problems on his own. It was always a better way out to guide at first than searching for ways of resolving outcomes later. 

‘It is messy in my head. I am binge-watching all those romantic films, where guys are easy conversing and getting attention of women and I am like a freak…’ The boy folded his arms on the chest, his whole demeanor brought on sadness. 

‘Patrick, dear, you are not a freak. You are a type of person for whom education and career is more important. When you have what you want in your professional life your brain allows you to move forward. And it is normal, nothing’s bad in it. It is your mentality.’ Bridget sat on the bed facing her nephew, pronouncing every word distinctly and at a low pace for him not to be nervous, but clearly understand people’s priorities could be different. 

‘But, you know, I am so sure in what I do professionally. I see the ways of my development and I know what to do so as in five-six years I could be in the Silicon Valley. But I am dumb in the question of women.’ Exasperatedly he touched his head with both hands and moved them down his face. 

Bridget tapped one of her nephew’s arms to get his attention: ‘Look, Patrick, you have two sisters, two aunts and we are all available for you today. Let’s play? Try to say or do what you feel like doing for that girl but in the frameworks of this house. Is it possible?’

‘I can try. At least I am not afraid of you.’ Patrick agreed to a suggested idea. He always enjoyed the schemes provided by his ‘personal psychologist’ as they always worked. 

‘In such a way you will become more sure. And, each of us would tell you feedback. Do you feel you will manage?’ Bridget raised her pitch questioningly. 

‘Defs. But…still there are some problems.’ A soft blush covered Patrick’s face and it provided the reasons for Bridget to proceed to a more intimate part of their conversation. 

‘Kiss and sex?’ 

‘Aha!’ Patrick looked at his aunt from under the eyebrows being ashamed of this topic. 

Bridget made her mind to address the issue from already known angle to her nephew to avoid a further embarrassment: ‘Patrick, we are all experiencing some things that are new for us as well as we are developing our own strategies towards those things. Like writing codes for apps, the same rules, still there are always some deviations which make the app unique and stand out among others, right?’

‘Yes, sure, I am always practicing at mastering my skills.’ Patrick seemed more relaxed when intimacy was paralleled with the IT.  

Bridget, realizing her teenage nephew got the idea, continued: ‘The same is with relations of any kind. The more you ‘feel’ the app, the less bugs it has. I have some good literature and some videos for you. After you read and watch you can ask anything. I am sure there would be nothing that you haven’t seen before, but there is the technicality that is explained, so I believe it would be handy, alright?’ The blonde always communicated with her brother’s kids as if they were grown ups not depending on the age. She distinctly admitted the idea of educating children from their early ages on even the hardest and most complicated questions. She always believed that it was better to describe to a child in simple words, for example, what the process of photosynthesis is if they ask the reason of leaves changing their colors without just saying something like ‘trees were awake or asleep’.  

‘Thank you, Bridggie! I feel much better now!’ Patrick kneeled to hug his aunt sitting on the bed. He was taller than Franky and being on the floor made him even hight with his beloved aunty. 

‘Patrick, you know I am always here for you!’ Bridget hugged him in return delighted the conversation made her nephew more confident and more aware of his further actions. 

‘Yeah, I know! You are the best!’ Patrick kissed Bridget in the cheek, stood up from the floor and proceeded working on his project. 

When only a shade of Bridget was approaching the kitchen, the eldest from the nieces rushed to her: ‘Bridget, I need to talk to you, there’s something really important…’ Amelia was nervous and it made Bridget suspect her niece was having personal problems.

‘You are all kidding, right?’ Franky was slightly irritated that within a week two grown up kids obtained more problems than they ever had within the time of her and Bridget dating. 

‘Baby, it is ok! It really must be something important. By the way, Patrick will be our ‘boyfriend’ today, so if you think his behavior at some point is weird - tell him about it.’ Bridget hugged Franky by the waist, placed a kiss on her shoulder and went after Amelia to her room.

‘Look, Bridget, I understand that I am quite an adult and I have parents for this, still, I think something is wrong and it bothers me to a great extent.’ Amelia was looking concerned and she was nervously creasing the hem of the shirt she was wearing. 

‘Amelia, you know that whatever it is I am ready to listen to you and help. So, tell me what’s wrong?’ Bridget was seeing different images appearing in her mind: pregnancy, drugs, breach of law, etc.

‘Look. It is awkward… *she heavily gasped* I think I am unresponsive to sexual ministrations of my boyfriend…’ Amelia pronounced her own diagnosis and cast her eyes down. 

‘How long have you been feeling this way?’ Mentally Bridget sighed out with relief on the one hand, on the other hand that problem wasn’t better if it were real.

Amelia always felt it easier to discuss something this hard when laying on Bridget’s knees. That habit had been practiced for many years. She felt soothing when her aunt brushed her tresses with her fingers still approaching the huge elephants preventing from leading a normal life. 

The niece was laying on the sofa in a fetal position with her back to her aunt and her head on Bridget’s knees: ‘Since our first, you know, intercourse…’ 

Bridget stroked carefully the head of her niece brushing her fingers through the blonde hair: 'Amelia, I am sorry to ask this. Do you feel aroused when touching yourself, masturbating?’

‘Yes. I am having orgasms…with myself…’ The girl was talking half of her voice.  

‘Why are you whispering? It is good! But bad for your boyfriend. Surely a mismatch.’ Bridget rested her hand on the shoulder-blades of her niece. She realized, though, she didn’t have to voice last two sentences, but she was tired after the trip and it influenced her verbal diagnosis. 

‘So, I do not have to visit a doctor?’ Amelia turned to face Bridget still laying on the knees. 

‘On your side everything is good, physically…’ Bridget looked down at her niece and continued the analysis. 

‘What do you mean?’ Amelia raised and sat next to Bridget with her torso slightly turned in the direction of her aunt. 

‘I mean, that you do enjoy affection. It results in the following: either you have psychological issues with your boyfriend or there is something else.’ Bridget gave Amelia the thought to digest and understand the problem herself. 

‘What do you mean psychological issues with my boyfriend?’ It was Amelia’s first boyfriend with whom she was intimate and she didn’t understand what problems there could be between them as she felt fine with him.

‘There could be trust issues… Do you feel safe with him apart from in bed? Do you like him kissing you? Do you feel aroused when he touches you intimately?’ Bridget offered some ideas to clarify her previous comment for the girl. 

‘Bridget, you saw him, he is good, I feel safe. The rest - answer is no.’ There was sadness in Amelia’s voice and it alerted Bridget. 

‘Do you love him?’ She asked not sure to get a positive answer. 

‘Maybe I am a lesbian, Bridget? You know I like watching lesbian porno.’ All of a sudden Amelia blundered out. 

‘Amelia, darling, we are not discussing your sexuality, or are we?’ Bridget felt her niece was confused and that long period of time being in a relationship with her boyfriend made her get used to him which prevented her to realize that if not facing it that second, later on the problem would only become bigger and the circumstances could be much worse. She couldn’t simply advice her niece to break up.  

‘Bridget, I do not know, I am at a loss.’ Amelia hugged her folded in knees legs and rested her chin on them. 

‘Amelia, sweetheart, we have never touched upon this and I was sure everything was good between you two.’ Bridget hugged her niece with one arm and left her hand on Amelia’s shoulder. 

The moment of closeness and revelation made the girl teary. ‘Bridget, I do not know what to do…’  

Bridget squeezed her niece’s shoulder in a comforting manner: ‘Amelia, do not cry. Please, tell me, is there anything else that you do not like between you and your boyfriend apart from sex?’

‘Well, in general, everything seems good.’ She answered suppressing the tears. 

‘Have you told him how you like to be touched?’ Bridget asked all those questions she once had to ask herself when her partner didn’t care about her physical sensations as she truly acknowledged that kind of indifferent attitude would be outspread on any other needs. And judging by the psychologist’s experience that would happen really fast and may lead to causing insecurity in her niece, which she didn’t want to happen. She also didn't feel it appropriate to communicate to her niece her own experience. Bridget thought it could influence a young girl's decision, which wouldn’t be right. 

‘Yes, I told…and then I…showed…navigated his hand or…but he never listens.’ She turned her head still resting on her knees to face Bridget.  

Bridget petted the head of her niece and with a compassion in her voice retorted: ‘Amelia, darling, it happens quite often that partners do not match sexually. In the majority of cases that leads to a separation as being sexually satisfied for a woman is very important.’

‘So, you think I am not a lesbian?’ Those naive blue eyes locked with the concerned blue gaze in front. 

‘Amelia, do you feel sexually attracted to women? Or you feel attracted to men? Or both?’ The psychologist asked nonchalantly to hear a very sure answer. 

‘To men.’ 

‘Then we have a 100% answer to your question. Your diagnosis - that boyfriend of yours doesn’t click with your sexual affection and he doesn’t listen to your needs. Should I elaborate?’ Bridget felt sorry for her niece to get a negative first experience, though she never showed it neither with her demeanor nor with her further comments. She smiled softly and draw her niece for a hug. 

‘No, it’s clear. Sorry for this conversation and my tears…’ Amelia hugged Bridget even tighter. The girl was relaxed. She always knew she would never be laughed at or reproached for anything when dealing with her aunt as well as she knew she could trust Bridget that any conversation would be only between them two. 

‘Amelia, darling, I am always happy. You are a young woman, you should be satisfied with all aspect of your life, and sexual as well.’ Bridget sighed with relief knowing her niece got the information and the decision was only after her. 

‘You see, I do not want to change partners daily to find out who is good in bed…’ The girl tried to explain her reasoning of staying in a relationship that didn’t satisfy her.  

‘Amelia, you would feel it. It would be different, when your Prince Charming kisses you and touches you, you will feel he is the one, trust me, there will be certain evidence.’ Bridget granted an encouraging smile to cheer up her niece. 

‘I got you! You know, that you are the best aunt possible in the world? And you are my best friend, Bridget! I love you!’ Amelia kissed Bridget’s hand. That was the grandest affection the girl could present. Sometimes Bridget saw some resemblance between Franky and Amelia. They both were independent and self-assured to the outer world yet vulnerable inside. 

‘I love you too, sweetie! Can’t express my happiness that you didn’t consult google and chose me!’ Bridget winked at her niece. She was rejoiced she could help. 

‘Always you!’ Amelia’s answer was convincing and brief and Bridget knew her niece was honest. 

Franky finally saw her girlfriend in the kitchen. ‘Babe, is everything fine?’

The blonde came closer and whispered so as neither of kids heard. ‘Sure! Abridged version - we are on the verge of a break up. How is our ‘boyfriend’?

The brunette followed suit and whispered in return: ‘Doing well. Talking shit about some wireframes, patterns, mnemonic methods and the like. Abridged version - he is attentive and patient.’

‘Fantastico! Least evil - watching a dancing competition and eating my long-awaited breakfast.’ She perked her girlfriend in the lips. 

‘Lunch, Gidge.’ Franky suggested motioning at the table full of different dishes.

‘Whatever…I am also starting to forget my favorite flavor….’ Bridget’s voice turned to flirty and she touched lovingly her brunette’s hand. 

‘Mmm late dinner for two?’ Franky offered pulling her woman in the embrace resting her hands on the small of Bridget’s back.  

They pressed their foreheads in their beloved affectionate manner and were mouth talking with each other: 

‘Mmmm late dinner smoothly transferring into early breakfast…’

‘I like this idea…’

The couple’s intimacy was disturbed by appeared in the kitchen Amelia: 

That is what you were talking about ‘I would feel’? Because I do not know about you two, but watching both of you I am starting to feel…’ Amelia fanned her face with the hand and mumbled ‘hot’ to the couple, making them realize they ignited the fire pretty well. 

‘Amelie! For fuck’s sake!’ Franky didn’t expect the girl would comment on their making out. 

‘Franky, here’s a little kid, by the way. Hey, it is too hot in here even for this spacious kitchen. And…Franky, please, call me Amelia! ‘Amelie’ was a good film, but a bit weird. Don’t want to be associated with the main heroine, ok? Think I am being nerdy, but, you are either not Francesca, right?’ Bridget made a mental note that Amelia did have something in common with Franky. 

‘Fair enough! Accepted! Sorry, kiddo!’ The brunette passed her the drink and a plate with various delicacies. 

Amelia took her big mug of coffee and went to a living area to have late breakfast with the rest of the kids. 

‘What should she ‘feel’, Gidge?’ Franky was slightly amused at the comment of  the eldest among niblings.

‘Desire!’ Bridget’s lips swiftly brushed Franky’s when the blonde took her glass with orange juice and proceeded to the table. 

‘What?’ Franky was standing in the kitchen for some time, trying to process the information. She took her cup of green tea and joined the rest at watching the dancing competition and finally enjoying the breakfast.




Chapter Text




Gidge, I wanted to tell you something…

Yes baby?
This morning all I want to do is you.

When I have you so helpless to me, I want to make you come so hard that you don’t know whether you want me to stop or keep going.

Keep going….!!!
I want to French kiss your pretty little pussy until your back arches.

Do not stop….
I want to suck on your tender little clitoris until you are throwing your head back and screaming in pleasure.

I love the way your hips rock when I thrust my fingers into you……

You are making me wet… I just don’t ever want to stop….



My head between your thighs, lips pressing tighter and fingers working you faster as you get closer and closer.

Oh fuck!
What turns you on most isn’t simply knowing how much I want to make you come, it’s knowing that when you do come……

……I won’t stop

I am mutually wet, babe!
I love when you are helplessly feeling like you can’t possibly come anymore, yet knowing that I won’t stop until you do

You are using my words!
I am following the game..

I want my mouth to be all that you can think about
I love how your tongue is capable of making me quiver

The beauty of how I can bring about so many sensations from such a small part of you…
These tiny actions always leave me breathless….

While my determined lips entangle with yours most tender ones…
I have a relentless desire right now…

I always want to be certain that at least sometimes, seating on that black chair you are thinking about is my head nestled between your thighs.
I think - my thighs are in complete trouble right now…

And now I want to make you come on the table of your office? Is it legitimate?

It isn’t….?
In two…





The lawyer saw her girlfriend entering the office and closing the door behind herself, walking towards the table Franky was sitting at.

‘You are naughty, Gidge!’ The brunette protruded the tip of her tongue in between her teeth while smiling at the blonde. 

‘It’s all your fault. I was working, actually.’ The psychologist answered in a raspy voice slightly bending over her brunette. 

‘What did you say about your head between my thighs?’ Franky was rising from the chair. 

‘I remember mentioning something about that, yes…’ The women were too close to each other that their breaths mixed intimately. 

Bridget felt how Franky’s urgent hands started rambling over her body and their breathing became faster and thicker…. They were whispering to each other’s mouths: 

‘Franky, we can’t do this here…’ Bridget smiled faintly. 

The brunette trailed her finger over the jawline of her girl: ‘I know, I know…’

‘Not here, not yet…’ 

Bridget was leaning at the table with her back, Franky was standing in front of her. Their legs were entwined in such a way that they both could feel each other’s hot sexes. They were talking whispers mouth to mouth, their lips were practically touching. The eyes were half closed with passion and desire. Franky’s hands were either side of Bridget as if locking the path for her not to run away. Bridget’s hands were on the waist of Franky, holding tight, giving signs of no escape. 

‘What time are you home, babe?’ Franky finally spoke trying to regain reasoning. 

Bridget pressed her forehead to the brunette’s lips. ‘’Bout seven, you?’

‘Earlier…fuck…’ Franky kissed the blonde’s forehead. 

‘I want you, baby!’ Bridget affectionately kissed her woman in the sternal notch and broke their embrace starting to feel warmth in her whole body.  

‘Fuck. Have never thought of being so horny at work. That’s all your influence.’ Franky went to a cooler to get herself a glass of water. 

‘Then I better go…’ Bridget pronounced in whisper, moving towards the exit. 



About seven in the evening the psychologist came back home to a waiting for her brunette: ‘Baby, I am home!’

Unexpectedly Franky flung the door closed, turned Bridget to face it and was talking into her ear from behind: ‘Do you know that you were a naughty girl today, Gidge?!’

‘Was I?’ The blonde breathed out.

‘You definitely were. I thought I wouldn’t make it till the end of the day.’ The brunette put her hands under the hem of Bridget’s white silk blouse and was traveling over a warm soft skin. 

‘Did you….?’ Bridget squinted her gaze sensing a pleasant touch and slightly pulled her hips back to press them to the brunette’s. 

‘No! Decided to leave this job for you!’ Franky turned Bridget to face her. 

‘If there were no cameras in Wentworth I believe I could have fucked you there.’ The blonde looked into the green eyes and traveled her gaze down the brunette’s body. 

‘Bridget, mind the language!’ Franky commented smiling and kissed softly her girlfriend in the lips. 

‘Can think only about the tongue, baby!’ Bridget thrust her tongue inside the mouth of her girl to deepen the kiss. 

‘Somebody is horny!’ The brunette’s hands squeezed the blonde’s butt-cheeks tenderly.   

‘Was thinking how I’d take off your shirt…’ The blonde started to unbutton the shirt of her woman exposing her beautiful body.  

‘Mmm..’ Franky allowed her woman to do anything she wanted, she was enjoying the closeness of their shared moment. 

‘And kiss your beautiful breasts…’ Bridget cupped her woman’s breasts with her hands and kissed each at a time, slightly biting the flesh. 

‘Mmm…’ Franky was massaging the blonde’s head showing the fondness of the activity. 

‘And take off your trousers…’ The blonde unzipped the trousers and tugged them down the legs laying a kiss to the belly. 

‘Oh…’ Franky’s gasps became more audible as she felt her girlfriend’s lips touching her stomach. 

‘And the panties…’ Bridget traced a line over the waistband of the underwear. ‘Why do you wear so many clothes?’ She pulled the undies down the legs to enjoy the sight of a fully naked beloved woman in front of her.  

‘Haha…’ Franky laughed as she stepped out of her undies and leaned her back over the wall behind herself. 

Bridget stood up to kiss Franky: ‘And lick my way from your upper lips to your lower lips…’ She moved her wet kisses down the nude olive body making it shudder.  

Franky was aroused by both, the comments she heard from Bridget and the actions she performed over her. ‘Oh..fuck!’

‘And suck on your beautiful clit…’ Bridget embraced her lips over a clitoris of her woman to make it escape from the hood, trailed her tip of the tongue circling the bud of a clit, simultaneously embracing the butt of her girl. 

‘Oh stop talking, Gidge, otherwise I’ll come undone without even being touched…’ Franky’s body was covered in goosebumps. She still couldn’t get used to the pleasures Bridget made her feel. ‘And I want you… inside me and on me…full of you… to kiss you… to love you…’ Franky pronounced through moaning gasps. 

‘Somebody is horny too…’ Bridget stood up from the haunches and connected their noses lovingly. 

‘You definitely shouldn’t wear this silk blouse to work…’ Franky quickly unbuttoned the blouse, undressed her blonde and dropped it on the floor next to her clothes. 

‘Oh yes?’ Bridget kissed Franky’s lips. 

‘And this lace bra…’ The brunette massaged the blonde’s breasts through the bra, unclasped it, threw it over the couch.  

‘Mmm…?’ Bridget kissed her girl’s neck in reply. 

‘And definitely not this tight skirt…’ Franky wandered through the thighs and hips of her woman reaching the butt to give it a soft squeeze, unzipping the skirt to let it loose and slide down the legs of the blonde. 

‘What should I wear then?’ Bridget’s hands were trailing over the breasts of her dear woman making her close the eyes at a pleasant touch.

‘Some overall, you know…’ Franky bent her head down to kiss and bit the collarbone of the blonde to move up her neck. 

‘Wouldn’t be attractive to you, would I?’ Bridget whispered to her girl’s ear.  

Franky raised her head up to mix the green and the blue. ‘You will, your sexy butt will be seen even through that sealed denim attire.’

‘Bedroom?’ The blonde gave a tender kiss on the lips. 

‘Aha! I’ll close the windows… wanna make you shout with joy!’ The brunette winked at the blonde and led her to the bedroom. 

‘Ah so?’ Bridget giggled. 

Franky shut the windows and came back to the blonde. ‘Mmm…’ She engulfed Bridget in her light embrace and swayed her from side to side enjoying the heat generated between them.

‘Take me!’ Bridget whispered to let a kind smile appear on her face. 

They fell on the bed and were kissing passionately for several minutes, fighting for dominance and rolling over the bed, exchanging their places atop, ending up in between each other’s thighs. 

Bridget was on top of Franky. She felt as the brunette slid her tongue over her wet and hot pussy and moaned softly, teasing the brunette under herself with her capable tongue. They were quickly moving their tongues over each other’s sexes, moaning and groaning until Franky hugged the blonde’s hips and dragged her right over her mouth so as Bridget could straddle her face.

‘Can I turn?’ Bridget asked timidly.

‘Mhm.’ Franky answered delightedly not stopping movements of her tongue.

When Bridget turned to face Franky she leaned forward to kiss her green-eyed beauty: ‘Love you!’ She whispered.

‘Do not get distracted!’ Franky whispered back and placed a soft wet kiss over Bridget's lips. She hugged her tighter to later on drag her up to her mouth again. Franky hugged Bridget’s hips and placed her hands around the blonde’s waist. Bridget was looking down her girl smiling and allowing her fingers to play with the brunette’s hair. Franky propped up the blonde slightly to be able to move her tongue without any boundaries. She slid from the blonde’s hot opening to the clitoris and then moved back to the opening. She was circling Bridget’s slick hole and then thrust her tongue inside and was moving back and forth inside her girl, fucking her with the tongue. 

Bridget was loudly groaning, she was moving her pelvis to the tune of Franky’s tongue simultaneously massaging her breasts. Later on Franky changed the tongue for two fingers and was already thrusting her girl with them and stroking her blonde’s clit with the tongue. She heard Bridget’s merry exclamations above herself, and it made Franky even more excited. She started moving faster inside a hot and slick sex of her lover. She curved her fingers inside and was pressing the G-spot, her mouth was sucking the clitoris unabashedly. 

She heard as Bridget’s breathing became quicker and thicker, her belly muscles started to twitch, the pelvis started to move backward and forward much faster, the moaning became steady and regular, the pulsation around her fingers became more and more distinct. Eventually, Bridget fell on Franky, with her one hand on the bed supporting herself and another hand trying to take her loose tresses out of her face. While Bridget was calming down with her eyes closed, Franky was watching her in amusement, she considered her girl to be incredibly beautiful at the time of release. She was enjoying the sight of her woman above herself, who was trailing her cold tongue over dry lips. She enjoyed feeling Bridget’s loving caresses over the cheek and jawline even with the blonde's eyes still closed. She loved thick breathing above, as if Bridget had just run the marathon. When Bridget's inner muscles became weaker, Franky gently drew out fingers from inside of the blonde and kissed her still hot pussy: ‘My beautiful girl!’

Bridget intermittently breathed out, still trying to regain herself and slid down Franky: ‘You are the master!’ She kissed the brunette in the lips to savor her own flavor.

‘Oh yes?’ Franky was giggling but proud to hear the appraisal from her woman.

‘Yes! Can give classes, you know, educate people…’ Bridget was teasing.

‘I would be tired then after extensive workshops.’ Franky looked into the ceiling as if imagining herself being a sex-instructor only to tease her blonde. 

‘Theoretical workshops, darling!’ Bridget was still under the spell of her recent climax, nevertheless, she raised her face from Franky’s chest to give her teaser a serious look.

‘So, you are jealous? Good!’ Franky stated delightedly. Her thumb was drawing a contour over the nude pink lips of her woman, who was laying as a feather, so light and tender, on the overheated body of the brunette. 

‘Do you like that I am jealous?’ Bridget was waiting for the answer concentrated on her beloved greens.

‘Of course I do! You are doing it reasonably.’ Franky kissed her in the nose. 

‘Not a drama queen?’ The blonde winked at the brunette. 

‘Thanks God not! Had an unpleasant episode in my previous life…’ Franky enveloped Bridget, her fingers moving back and forth over the blonde’s shoulder blades. 

Bridget propped herself up and was tracing her fingertips over the smooth face of her partner. ‘I am your blessing, baby!’ 

‘And I am your curse…’

‘Definitely not, Franky! You are my sunshine!’ Bridget laid a yet felt kiss to the angle of Franky's lips. 

‘I love you, Gidge!’

‘Always!’ With these words said, Bridget moved down to praise her brunette with wet kisses all over a heated smooth skin of the olive body.





Chapter Text




That day the couple was working separately, Franky at Legal Gordon, Bridget at her Healthy Minds, Vic. private practice office. They met in the evening, excited they could finally devote time to each other and share some news from their offices.

‘And she was like: ‘Oh, you are the Franky Doyle Taylor was gushing…’ Ha! Such a word, ‘gushing’, can you imagine? As if I got that position through bed, fucking hell. Gidge, I was devastated by her manner of communication at the beginning, to top it all, I had to please and babysit her. Do you know what Taylor told me?’ Franky was nervous. She didn’t like the idea of being accepted as some girl from the street. She knew quite well her own value as a lawyer, and she wanted everyone to respect that. She had come across so many unfair episodes in her life, that some arrogant client could wind her up easily, even with an inappropriate gaze. 

‘Mm?’ Bridget remained calm. When she only started her private practice she came across such clients as well, all professionals at some point did. But Bridget also knew that those clients got tamed, once they realized they were dealing with an efficient expert. She knew, her girlfriend was being temperamental, and she wanted to present her with some compassion of her own.

‘‘If she asks any questions, nod and look pretty’’ How come I could nod if she was talking bullshit?’ At that moment, Franky raised a pan from the cooker to make the vegetables in it flip, then put it back. She was gradually calming down while inhaling pleasant aroma of spices and veggies simultaneously communicating with Bridget. 

‘Baby, she is your client, you are well aware of those unwritten rules. Apart from this, they are negotiating your position as a senior partner, you have to… *Bridget was hastily thinking of a decent phrase* …behave, Franky. *Bridget relentlessly used that word* I know how important for you this job is. So concentrate on your well-being. The less shit from clients you take to the heart, the healthier and more unbiased you are.’

‘Yeah! I got you, Gidge! Thank you for always listening to me!’ Franky cherished, that Bridget never told her, she was acting wrong. She was always using appropriate words not to discourage her. Truth be told, it seemed to Franky, Bridget was the only person in her life, who was 100% thoughtful and invested even in the tiniest issues they had been roller-coasting. 

‘You are my priest, baby! I can tell you anything. *Bridget slightly giggled, looking at Franky’s already kind demeanor.* I feel so good, when you share your feelings and emotions with me. I know, it is difficult for you, and I respect that! Just know, I am always for you and with you, Franky!’ She kissed her raven haired beauty in the temple and petted her shoulder. Little by little Franky was opening up and Bridget considered that as a vivid sign of their growth as partners.



After they had cooked dinner together, had a pleasant meal accompanied by refreshing Chardonnay, they were relaxing on the couch watching some music TV show. They rarely really watched anything. Usually, the TV was a background for their conversations or lovemaking. They were even thinking of buying a projector, that would make the atmosphere in the house more romantic, and as an addition, the projector could be used outside to organize film nights with friends. At least in that case, they would really have to pay their attention to what would be happening on the screen. 

‘Have you ever caught your parents having sex?’ Franky asked later on that evening, showing genuine interest.

‘I’ve heard lots of stories when kids become chance witnesses of their parents’ intercourse, but I was lucky enough or they were prudent enough that I only saw them kissing. As you are asking, I might assume you saw your parents in the  bedroom?’ Without a reason, Bridget was serious.

‘No, but once I entered the bathroom which wasn’t locked and saw my dead’s snake…’, the brunette uttered confused. 

‘A Snake? Franky !!! Why do you call it a snake?’ Bridget asked with a faint smirk. 

‘How would you call it?’ The brunette frowned her face quizzically. 

‘A penis?’ Bridget suggested tentatively.

‘What?’ Franky exclaimed, cringing her nose.

‘Why? What’s wrong with the word ‘penis’? Ok. Let’s say, you are talking with your friends, and you have to name it somehow, what would you say?’ The blonde wanted to understand Franky’s confusion with the term word. 

‘A dick!’ The brunette answered with a falling intonation, as if stating to Bridget that that was too simple even for a child.

‘So, calling it a ‘dick’ doesn’t make you blush, but a ‘penis’ does? Franky?’ The blonde was really bothered. She wanted to understand where that embarrassment came from. ‘Well, how would you call your and my, let’s say ‘private part’?’

‘A ‘puss’?’ Franky smiled suggestively. 

‘It’s a kitten, Franky! I am serious!’ Bridget raised her eyebrows with her eyes fixed on Franky’s fingers, which were tossing a ring from one of them to another. 

‘Bridget! I can’t say it, it is confusing’. Franky spread her arms to the sides to further fold them on her chest. 

‘No, confusing is the fact, that you can’t call ‘the puss’ its real name. Ok, get dressed.’ Bridget kissed Franky on the cheek and went to take jeans, a tank top and a blazer from their wardrobe. 

Not understanding what was going on, Franky got dressed in jeans, a t-shirt and a checked shirt. They both went outside, took their sits in the car and Bridget drove them to the nearest beach. The place wasn’t fully isolated, it was a warm night and there were still some people walking, talking, dining and even running. The beach was surrounded by low mountain-like hills. On the one of such there was a bench overlooking the sea. For some while they were sitting there in utter silence.

‘Gidge, did you decide to get rid of me?’ Franky asked laughing.

‘Funny! No, baby! Look, there’s no one close here, right?’ Bridget gestured to the sides around them and looked back at Franky. 

Franky looked around following the example, ‘That’s right!’.

‘Do you feel comfortable with me?’ Bridget started to push slightly. 

‘Bridget! Are we playing a therapist-patient game? We can make love inside, just for your information?!’ The brunette touched Bridget’s hand with hers and laughed at her own joke. 

‘Franky, I want you to be serious!’ With a faint smile and a slight nod in the direction of the lawyer, the blonde commented on the behavior. 

‘I am!’ The lawyer smirked, sat straight on the bench and fixed her eyes with the blonde’s. 

‘So? Do you feel comfortable with me?’ Bridget followed with a serious tone in her voice to hear an assuring: 


‘Do you trust me?’ The psychologist continued on prodding her girlfriend. 

‘Will the next question be about the stop words? Gidge, what’s going on, you are being intimidating!’ Franky bent one leg in her knee and dragged her on the bench, fixating it with her hands. 

‘Franky! Be serious, please!’ Bridget pleaded.

‘Of course I trust you, babe, can’t you see this?’ Franky couldn’t get what that conversation led to and moreover what they were doing on a cliff at night. 

‘Fine! Then, that’s the best place to practice. People are far away, we are in a complete darkness, and we trust each other as well as we are absolutely comfortable with each other’. Bridget drew a line of conclusion and made a pause for her girl to agree. 

‘To practice what? Sex on a bench? You are being quite creative!’ Franky laughed.

‘Tell me, what do you call a ‘puss’?’ Bridget didn’t react to a joke and proceeded with the exercise. 

‘For this we arrived at the sea? Seriously?’ Franky couldn’t restrain her giggle. 

‘Franky!’ The blonde’s voice was harsh, and it made Franky to stop giggling and admit Bridget was serious. 

‘Vulva. Vagina.’ Franky pronounced in a low voice, scary for herself terms. 

‘She would be upset if you call her this way, baby! Can you be more determined?’ Bridget looked down to find Franky’s eyes, and when they locked them, she raised the gaze for the brunette to follow suit. 

‘Gidge, you know, I am very determined to fuck you here right now!’ The dimples were fully displayed, accompanied by a sticking out tip of the tongue. 

‘Next time, I promise, but now concentrate’, Bridget stressed each word. 

‘Vagina’, Franky pronounced more confidently.

‘Much better! Will you try once again?’ Bridget offered. 

‘Vagina!’ Franky repeated louder.    

‘We are progressing, baby!’ The blonde supported her girlfriend and was smiling, looking at how fear decreased on Franky’s face with every loud cry. 

‘Va-gi-na!’ Franky cried out at the top of her voice, looking at the darkness of the sea in front of herself and then at Bridget, who was amused watching her green-eyed girl.

‘I am proud of you, baby!’ The blonde took Franky’s face in her palms and kissed her softly in the lips.

‘Now tell me, what was that?’ Franky slightly tilted her head, watching the blonde.

‘Franky, I wasn’t being a shrink. I know you do not have problems with expressing yourself and your desires, and you are very open, but, baby, you have to use exact terms for body parts the way you do in your legal sphere. Without embarrassment.’ Bridget started to clarify her intention and the reason of this activity. 

‘I am happy you wasn’t practicing any new therapy on me’. Franky laughed and sighed with relief. The last thing she wanted in their relationship was for Bridget to cure her. 

‘No, absolutely not, still, it is used of course to….’, the blonde wanted to tease Franky.

‘Bridget?’ Franky’s voice was alarmed. 

‘No, baby, I am serious right now. You deal with different cases and some people are victims of abuse. Apart from this, we take care of my brother kids. And most importantly, we will have kids, and we are to use proper terminology, teaching them their body parts, as it is an important engine for their self-esteem boost as well as the protection from being sexually abused.’ Bridget finally continued her explanation when was given time. 

‘Gidge, you know that you are gorgeous, right?’ The brunette’s hand gently got hold of Bridget's. 

‘And I love you too! Now we can go home!’ The blonde put her hand on Franky’s, holding her by the wrist. 

‘Ha! No! I did what you wanted, now my turn!’ Franky’s face was intimately close to Bridget’s and while she was talking, her lips were touching the blonde’s. 

Bridget giggled. ‘And what would it be?’

Franky pulled her girl by the hand, making to straddle her. Bridget was sitting on Franky’s lap with her legs bent in knees, placed either side of the brunette’s hips. Bridget felt one of her lover’s hands on her waist and another on her butt. Franky rocked her a bit so as the blonde’s sex could rub against her lap.

They were breathing the same air, they were very close, and somehow that ‘vagina therapy’ made them both aroused.

Bridget leaned lower to whisper into the brunette’s ear: ‘Franky, you always get what you want, right?’. She trailed her hand over a toned shoulder, covered under the checked shirt, and pressed the muscular arm of her woman.  

‘We are taking turns, as far as I can judge, Gidge!’.

Franky made Bridget stand up on her knees on the bench and unzipped her jeans, tugging them down slightly, revealing white lacy panties. She hugged the blonde around the small of the back and pulled her up to her face, when the pubis was close enough she placed her soft kisses there. 

Bridget took Franky’s head in her palms and moved her lower body backward and forward, moaning. In a few seconds, Bridget felt as her panties were dragged aside, and a hot wet tongue touched her folds. ‘Oh God!’, the only thing that Bridget could groan. 

‘Talking about vaginas, Gidge, somebody is happily wet!’ Franky teased. 

‘Oh, baby, not now, please!’ Bridget was on the verge. 

Franky carefully slid two fingers inside the awaiting hot opening and started moving steadily inside, simultaneously caressing the blonde’s clit with her tongue. Bridget’s breath was thickening, Franky could feel pulsation around her fingers as she was touching a magic spot inside. The blonde was moving together with the brunette helping herself to reach the climax and in several minutes Franky heard Bridget repeating huskily: ‘Fuck, fuck, fuck!’. 

After that, as Bridget slowed down a bit, she slid on Franky’s lap, but still continued moving back and force with the brunette's fingers inside her. Bridget was trying to remain as quiet as possible. Though, as the tension was steadily building, the inevitable squeals were escaping her mouth from time to time. She was biting her lower lip, simultaneously breathing out heavily. 

Franky trailed her tongue over the nude pink to feel as the kiss was passionately deepened by the blonde. Bridget was holding on to Franky’s neck tightly, pressing their foreheads together. Her orgasm was intense, and she surely didn’t want to stop on the initial phase. 

As they were moving in unison, Bridget kissed Franky passionately, saying: ‘You definitely know how to properly operate your tongue and fingers, baby!’ Then kissed again. 

‘Gidge, this is a too long sentence for a person who is on the verge of the third orgasm’, the brunette whispered and kissed Bridget again. 

‘Just don’t stop!’ 

Their lips collided again. 

After the fourth orgasm, Bridget realized that her body wasn’t relaxed enough in those tight jeans on that hard surface to continue. She put her hands around the back of Franky’s neck and kissed her loads of times in the lips, pronouncing: ‘It was fantastic, baby!’ 

The brunette smiled at the words and hugged her blonde girl tightly. That moment, Franky thought she had experienced a lot in her sexual life, but not until meeting Bridget. As it turned out, there had been lots of pleasant moments discovered with her love. Way more pleasant than a quick fuck in a nightclub toilet.


On their drive home, Bridget pulled off the road, stopped, put the hand brake on and closed the car from inside. She turned to Franky with a mischievous smile on her face: ‘We haven’t finished.’ Bridget put a palm on the brunette’s cheek and moved closer to kiss her. When she felt Franky’s tongue in her mouth, she stretched her arm and started to recline the seat steadily so that it enabled them both to lie on it. 

‘I want you so badly. Your smell and the taste practically made me cum there.’ The brunette confessed.  

‘We definitely should go to some isolated island’, with these words the blonde started kissing Franky’s lips, moving down to her chin, collarbone, putting the t-shirt up, revealing Franky’s pink bra, taking each breast out of it and sucking her nipples hard, as if wanting to eat them. It drove Franky crazy, she groaned loudly, feeling as Bridget’s hands were moving down to her jeans, unbuttoning and unzipping them, smoothly tugging them together with the knickers and tossing them to the driver’s seat. Franky dragged her body a little up to the back seat so as to give Bridget enough room to get cozy between her legs…


While driving back home, their faces were radiant with smiles. Every so often, the couple was exchanging mischievous looks. 

‘You know what I am thinking about …?’ Bridget turned her sight from a wheel to look at her girlfriend. 

‘Mmm?’ Franky answered dreamy. She realized, she was having side effects of the active night. Her eyes were half closed.

‘Cool, we have leather seating, yeah?!’ Bridget answered matter-of-factly.

Despite the fact that Franky was partially dreaming, that comment from her beloved minx made her laugh uncontrollably. She took Bridget's hand in hers, squeezed and pronounced: ‘You are just…’

‘What?’ Bridget smiled shyly, briskly looked at Franky and turned her attention back to the night road.

‘Cracked me up…’ Franky was still shaking with laughter. ‘I love you, Gidge! I even do not want to sleep anymore, so we can proceed with a second round at the beach.’

And Bridget didn’t have to be asked twice…a silent, smooth break… sharp turn…and the car was moving into the direction of the beach…




Chapter Text




Josh Merril, 37, now inmate at a maximum security facility, Melbourne Assessment Prison, was romantically involved into the relationship with Andy Padding, 11. According to J.Merril there wasn’t any sexual relations between them, which the medical expertise proved.



The relationship between the inmate and the victim lasted 11 months. As stated by the inmate, constant meetings were held at a seaside cabin.



The relationship included hugging, mainly, the victim was sitting on knees of the inmate.



In accordance with the J.Merril’s testimony, 09/24/2020 there was a conflict between him and the victim, amid which A.Padding ran out of the sea cabin. After a conversation on a cliff, the inmate persuaded the victim to finish the argument in a cabin.



During a further quarrel the inmate became raged which caused him to attack the victim. The inmate rushed to the victim, raised him and smothered against the wall. The inmate held the victim with his arms around the neck until the victim stopped breathing. In line with the declaration of the inmate, being afraid of a committed murder, he framed the killing as a suicide.





Bridget was reading the file again and again, unable to come to terms. In an hour, she had to have a session with the mother of a mentioned above victim.




Just two weeks before the murder, the client got to know she was pregnant. At the moment of investigation and tiresome trials, she was three months pregnant, and she was struggling. Her mind was filled with the thoughts about her killed son. She was unable to let him go to give herself the chance to love a new life, developing inside herself, as well as she wanted to get the murderer of her son suffer. 




Eventually, Bridget managed to come up with several techniques and methods, as well as proper words to help her new client. Though, she felt she was drowning herself…



Alright, Bridget, let’s try to detach from all this mess, let’s try to breathe, you know how to do it, you know it should help. 

The feeling that I am experiencing right now is…stress…yes, I am stressed out…somewhat disturbed… 

I should breathe. I should quickly exhale to help myself get distracted from all these feelings… 

I have to concentrate on my breathing…

I am inhaling through my nose and exhaling through my mouth, focusing on the expansion and contraction of my stomach…

When I am doing so, I feel that I am taking in positive, uplifting energy. When I exhale, I feel that I am releasing negative toxic energy…

Inhale for four. Hold my breath for 4 seconds. Exhale for 4. Right. Four, four, four. Once again: four, four, four. And repeat…

Let’s try to lower my left ear to the left shoulder as I am breathing in, then return to the middle and breathe out. 

Inhale for four. Hold my breath for 4 seconds. Exhale for 4.

Lowering my right ear to the right shoulder as I am breathing in, then return to the middle and breathe out. 

Inhale for four. Hold my breath for 4 seconds. Exhale for 4…

Now let's try to increase the inhale and exhale rate to 10 seconds. 

Good, seems it's helping. 

Let’s try 15 seconds… 

Really helps…

I feel better, less exhausted, still agitated… 

I feel down…


Bridget, how can you help others if you cannot help yourself…poor creature…you shouldn’t do that, shouldn’t work as a psychologist, shouldn’t work as a forensic, you are a bad doctor, you lack efficiency…you…

Hey! Bridget! Stop that! Self-destruction never saved anyone… 

I’ve helped so many people, there are so many successful stories and those patients advance after undergoing treatment with me… I am not that bad…

I just…I should have…

I should have undergone through this therapy at the end of every day this whole week, it's too late right now. It would bear fruits only tomorrow.

Maybe music would help…Or wine..

Yes, I need some wine, a steamy glass of cold Chardonnay…

I need Franky…I have to talk to her, but I can’t…I want to hold her…



When Franky arrived home, she noticed a still warm engine of Bridget’s car that was parked at the entrance. She thought she could read her report to the blonde while they would be cooking dinner together. They often negotiated with each other something that concerned their professional growth. It was also some kind of connection that they craved for in their relationship. Those tiny little things that had been absent previously had the chance to be nourished. They were sure, it made them closer. They both couldn’t totally deflect from the work issues, so sharing some labour stuff could be the reason for their mutual well-being, and it was also an evidence-based answer to a burning question ‘How was your working day?’. 

‘Gidge, babe, I am home! And I need you urgently. I want to ask you to…’ Franky hadn’t finished the phrase as she was moving inside the empty house to find a note on the counter 'I am off…’. The lawyer recollected seeing Bridget’s car parked outside as well as she noticed a faint light spreading from the patio. She knew for sure her blonde was home, so she figured out ‘off’ meant a problem. 

She could hear a soft guitar tune playing in the garden. Stepped in there to see Bridget in a complete darkness but for a lit candle on the coffee table, a glass of wine in the hand, which she was sipping leisurely with her gaze fixed at one imaginary spot in front of herself. 

Not to scare the psychologist, the brunette came closer to her from the side, touching her gently by the shoulder: ‘Gidge, babe, are you fine? What's wrong?' 

'Tough day, too tough week…’ Bridget made another sip, her eyes were still piercing in the darkness. Despite a dim light, Franky could see a pale face of her woman. 

'Have you eaten?' She kneeled down to ask with a concerned look in her gaze. 

‘Nah…’ The blonde took another gulp of wine and exhaled heavily.   

Franky understood there had to be something odd at her office that day, which made Bridget feel so blue. 

Despite being always emotionless at work, Bridget was not reserved at home. At the office, she had to suppress any visible reactions for the sake of her patients. But doing that had a vengeful impact on a perceptive psychologist. And that moment it seemed just too much. She wanted to be alone, but beside her dear person. She wanted silence, but accompanied by music. She wanted darkness, but lit by a candle. Inconsistency in its best. 

‘Coffee?' Franky knew it always lifted up the mood of her girl. Either that or spinach smoothie. But they didn’t have that greenery in the fridge, so coffee was that.

‘Please...' Bridget was grateful she would be taken care of. Franky was a little firefly that could glow any gloomy thought. Bridget wanted to nuzzle against her olive neck, inhale her fresh scent, but not yet. She wanted to hug her very best warm and kind person, but just not yet. She felt if she did that she would cry. She would feel that softness against herself, and her inner emotions would be given away. But crying out of tiredness or disastrous cases was silly, she thought. She needed some time to regain strength.

Franky understood her girl needed some time to come to terms. She would definitely try to get to know at least the outline of a problem as far as she wanted her woman to breathe freely and not as if she was some kind of fish adjusting to oxygen.  

Both of them were good at taking care of each other. They needed a different approach, though, that wasn’t an issue for them. The couple figured out how the mechanism of their psychics worked and used appropriate tools to mend breakdowns. 

Several minutes later, Franky arrived to the garden to wrap her Bridget into a warm blanket. She could feel the blonde was shaking, though there were no any visible signs of it. She thought it was some kind of post-effect of a terrible day.

'Thank you, baby.’ Bridget whispered and hid her legs under the blanket. But for the still pale face it could be assumed, the blonde was warming up near the fireplace amid a cold windy night. Looked cozy, but didn’t work. 

Franky sat on haunches in front of the psychologist, put her hands on either shoulders, and looked her in the eyes. To no avail, she could see the reflection of herself in them, though Bridget was looking at her. At her, but through her. She was really off, with fairies or not, but she felt she had to rescue her from the world she was residing in right now. She trailed her palm over a soft and steadily warming up cheek to see how her girl leaned in for a touch. At least she reacted to activities and touches, that was good, Franky thought.  

The lawyer went to the kitchen to cook them dinner, she wanted it to be quick and nourishing, as well as she didn’t want to leave Bridget alone for long. While the coffee was brewing, the water for pasta boiled. Simultaneously she grated Parmesan, sliced avocado, cut into halves cherries, cleaned rucola salad. She quickly mixed cheese with pasta and assembled the salad from tomatoes and greenery, sprinkled it with olive oil, added some sesame and flax seeds, served everything into plates and went back to Bridget. She also had had two minutes for a desert in a cup. She decided they might need it. The chef mixed some coconut flour with yogurt, nuts, dry fruits and coconut oil, poured the mixture into cups and put it into the microwave so as in three minutes those two little cakes were ready. 

'Baby, I am here for you!' Franky stretched a cup with coffee for her woman and was ready to listen.

'I know. I can't...' Bridget wanted to share. She knew she had to, otherwise it would haunt her, but that ethics didn’t give her permission to open up. 

'Use synonyms, rephrase... I need you talking, Gidge. And you know this better than I am.' Franky tried to push. Simultaneously, she raised a cup of coffee in the blonde’s hands for her to remember, the hot drink was ready to help as well. 

‘Right.' The blonde smiled faintly, but her gaze was still fixed at some spot in the darkness. Bridget felt how her hair was petted, she looked at Franky but still her stare was blank. It terrified the brunette. That sort of stare the people had who had lost hope completely. Nevertheless, the psychologist made her best to summarize the day. 

Franky acknowledged, that if that had happened to her, the blonde would have spent much time making her talk. 

‘The client… Suicide… Attempt…’ Bridget sipped some wine. Breathed out. 'The client… Freud…’ She gulped intense coffee thoughtfully brewed by Franky and placed the warm cup next to a glass with wine. 

Seemed, her pupils dilated. That was impressive for Franky to witness the change of state of mind of Bridget. Despite the dim light the blonde’s pupils were contracted which looked so weird and scary, but with the help of a warm blanket, coffee and a smell of the upcoming dinner, as well as the conversation and touches she looked like coming to terms. 

'The client… Severe injuries… Incurable disease…’ Bridget made several gulps of coffee again. 'The client… Underage… Bad…’ When the blonde stopped talking, she looked at Franky again, and it seemed as if she was repossessing the visual sense. She didn't reveal much, but at least that patch of information, shared with someone concerned, made her feel better.

Franky found the psychologist's hands under the blanket, took it in hers, pressed and got a squeeze in reply. 'My baby! I am here for you!' 

'Franky, I am sorry. Sometimes I am fine with the abundance of shit going on inside those four walls, but sometimes… in days like this… when too much was taken in, I am a wreck, I cannot even see myself. Thank you for understanding! I am so, so sorry!’ Bridget’s eyes were normal again, she got some color on her face and even a faint smile curved her lips.

'I got you had a shit day. The resume was perfect, I understand, babe… You should eat, you will feel much better, I promise you. A shower. Then bed. You will be new tomorrow…’ Franky gave the blonde a plate with a very quick dinner. It wasn’t the best one, but it got enough protein and potassium to survive the night.

In between the bites, Bridget asked timidly: ‘Can I sleep on you?' 

Franky had never heard that from Bridget before. Actually,  she had never heard that question from anyone. 'Sure.' There was no any hesitation. Her woman needed her, and she loved feeling her warm, tender skin on herself. More than that, since the time they got together the lawyer had understood the importance of embrace. She recollected in her memory an article she read long ago about the art of hugs and its positive influence on the human’s emotional state. She had never thought that was true, moreover, she had never seen herself as needing one. But since she’d started dating Bridget and their daily hugs, she understood she would never ever be able to survive another day or night without a hug. It became as essential as calcium for her bones, as 12 breaths per minute.

Bridget had always been a kinesthetic person. She didn’t feel it wrong to touch the shoulder of a client at her office or an inmate at Wentworth to comfort them, or to hold a colleague’s hand at the beginning or the end of the day. But Franky was different. She rarely resorted to touches in her previous relationships. On the one hand she didn’t want to invade the personal space, on the other hand she didn’t want herself to get attracted to people through sensual touches out of bed. In the current relationship, though, Franky started to grow the addiction to physical senses. The touches, taps, swipes, stolen kisses, finger trailings, etc. all those teensy things had become indispensable for a stoic brunette. Before, she hated seeing people holding hands amid the heatwave, she thought it wasn’t real and to some extent ridiculous, even though she seldom witnessed such couples. And now she became one of those weirdos herself. Somehow, it didn’t bother her anymore.



When they ate dinner, Franky put the dishes into the dishwasher and went to their bedroom where Bridget was taking off the clothes, having a scent of bad emotions. There were two under one shower. Bridget was alive again, but Franky was still providing extra care. She squeezed some shampoo to her palm and applied it to the blonde’s hair, she massaged the scalp, giving some alternate scratches. That activity definitely resulted in Bridget’s mood up-lifting. After the shower, Franky covered her girl in a soft towel, kissed her temple: ‘Would you like some tea, Gidge?’

‘Only if you want.’ Bridget noticed a smile on her brunette’s face at hearing the reply. ‘Franky, what did you want me to do when you came home?’

‘Oh, nothing, babe. That’s not important.’ The brunette was tapping the towel against the honey skin of her blonde. She placed a soft loving kiss on the shoulder, unsure if that was the time to provide with some softness. 

‘But you said it was urgent.’ Bridget looked at Franky pleading. She sincerely didn’t want her emotional state to spoil their evening, especially after she had been taken care so kindly. 

‘It’s ok!’ The brunette whispered. 


‘It’s nothing… I wanted you to listen to my report in case it needs amendments…’ The lawyer knew quite well, that was Bridget’s character. Despite her own problems she would always listen to Franky or allocate time to help her solve any issues and that always fascinated the brunette. 

‘Good! Let’s listen to it, then.’

‘No, Gidge, it’s fine, you shouldn’t.’

‘I should. And I am ok, see, I am smiling.’ The psychologist genuinely smiled to reassure Franky that everything was under control again and she was really ready to give a favor back. ‘But I still want to sleep on you, don’t you mind?’ Bridget tilted her head and was looking at her brunette girl from under the eyebrows, as if a little baby. 

‘I’ve got a cupcake for you.’ Franky accepted Bridget’s inner child and wanted to treat her girl to raise the level of sugar in the blood. 

‘I will owe you a lot, baby!’ The blonde put on a T-shirt and got one for Franky.

‘Just do not wear any underwear…’ The cheeky brunette wanted to grab Bridget’s butt and squeeze it, but stopped herself, thinking it might not be a good time just yet. 

‘I am not…’ Bridget pointed out straightforwardly. 

‘Tomorrow… to the office…Then you’ll get distracted and won’t take any shit close to the heart.’ Franky put her T-shirt on and was looking at Bridget’s reaction to her being flirtatious. 

And the reaction was just the one Franky needed to still got hold of that sexy butt. ‘Franky, I can’t get off by listening to patients, they are not you.’ 

‘So you can get off listening to me, you naughty minx?’ The brunette also decided to give an additional bite to Bridget’s neck. 

‘Depending on what you say, yeah…’ And Bridget loved those touches from her woman.


When the tea was prepared and the couple was sitting at the bar counter in their kitchen, Franky decided to check to what extent her words could arouse her girlfriend. Each of the odd word from the report she pronounced with a low pitch looking directly into the eyes of her blonde: ‘To add depth to our analysis of the beautiful pussy, we have incorporated research from Index Finger company, now part of Middle Finger company, to see what sets Franky’s Tongue company apart in the eyes of their Bridget Westfall….’ 

‘You are a cunning linguist, Franky!’ Bridget pulled Franky for a deep kiss, her beloved brunette was amazing in all possible senses of that word.

Needless to say the report was approved only at the fourth reading, however both sides were more than for those readings. 



Eventually, Bridget did sleep on Franky that night. Heart to heart, breath to breath…







Chapter Text



Franky had been planning the weekend thoroughly that whole month. She was secretly buying huge traveling backpacks with roll mats and a tent. The brunette bought the charcoal and decided to put it inside the backpacks for them to become heavier and at least slightly resemble traveling ones. She bought two torches for scary stories and a warm double sleeping bag and two traveling pillows, as she was determined to make Bridget sleep the whole night in the tent. She didn’t forget about the meat, vegetables, potatoes and even marshmallows. She realized they couldn’t arrange a real campfire in the garden, though they had a wonderful grill that would substitute just well. She also bought some good white wine, as they were not kids anymore to drink some home-made grog. Even though Franky wanted their camping to look like real, she didn’t want them to have a sore head on Sunday. 

When the brunette was choosing the date of their camping, she wanted it to coincide with the full moon period. That night didn’t have to be only romantic, but also scary. Childhood campings were creepy in all possible ways, as a rule.

On Friday evening, while Bridget was in her study, writing another draft chapter for her thesis, Franky decided to prepare everything. She marinaded the meat in lemon, Italian seasoning, black and white pepper, the slightest bit of red pepper, fresh rosemary, olive oil, some soy sauce and a little bit of salt. She put the taper into the fridge overnight for the meat to become tender by the needed time. She stocked all necessary stuff into their backpacks and went to the sofa to watch ‘My Octopus Teacher’. She pressed ‘pause’ as her mind was rambling through horror stories and funny stories to tell her blonde during the campfire, she was anticipating for the following day to come.

‘Oh, good, I wanted to watch that.’ Bridget sat on the sofa next to the brunette and took a remote controller to press ‘play’.

‘You are beautiful!’ Franky suddenly blurted out looking at the blonde, sitting next to her, with a messy ponytail, in a tank top showing a seductive outline of her breasts, her legs bent in knees in high shorts, revealing the smoothness of her tanned legs.

‘What?’ Bridget didn’t expect to hear those words, as far as she knew the lexicon of her partner. There were mostly words like ‘spunky’, ‘sexy’ or ‘hot’ which the blonde loved, but she wasn’t prepared to such a simple description of herself as ‘beautiful’ amid common circumstances. 

‘I said… I mean… you look beautiful, Gidge!’ Franky was confused at that moment. She never expected herself to say to somebody ‘I love you’ and that moment she was spilling her guts telling somebody, she considered them ‘beautiful’. 

‘Yes I heard…I just…thank you, Franky!’ Bridget smiled genuinely to Franky. She understood she was behaving awkward, but at least she was real with her emotions. Somehow, that situation seemed delicate for both of them.

‘You see, for me to tell some words, some special words - is very difficult. I am sorry. It is all new for me. I truly love the way you look, Gidge. I do not know what people say in such cases.’ Franky tried to clarify her behavior even though she felt Bridget understood everything without words, she was highly intuitive. But the brunette wanted to make sure they both perceived the moment right.

‘I appreciate that, Franky! Thank you! And I do understand…I understand everything!’ Bridget pressed ‘pause’ and kissed Franky in the cheek.  

It appeared that most of the time the women grasped the idea of each other’s comments immediately after it had been said. They even learned to read each other’s face expressions. But still from time to time they felt the urge to spell out what was even on the surface. 

‘Don’t you mind if we watch it tomorrow?’ Franky asked tentatively. 

‘Aham.’ Bridget agreed and pressed a red button to switch off the TV. 

It looked as though they were under some mysterious spell, they didn’t say anything more, but enveloped each other in their arms and paved their way to the bedroom with kisses. 

Franky wanted to say the words of love, she desperately needed that second not only to show her love with the actions of lovemaking but with her words as well.

Their bedroom was lit by a bright full moon light, that it was possible to see each other perfectly without a bedside table lamp on. 

Franky took Bridget’s face in her hands and pressed her nose to the blonde’s. She was inhaling Bridget, taking in the sight. She felt as if falling in love again, as if they met each other only the day before, and there had never been that year together. She was trailing her thumbs over the sides of eyes and eyebrows: ‘I love waking up to this ocean blue gaze of yours.’ She kissed the eyebrows and moved her lips towards the nose: ‘I love this delicate nose of yours.’ She kissed the tip of the nose and moved to the cheeks, touching them gently with her fingertips: ‘I love these cheeks blushing at some pleasant words you hear from me, or maybe naughty words.’ She giggled softly and kissed both cheeks one after another, caressed them lovingly and moved to the ears. She sucked in the right earlobe and followed the action with the left one: ‘I love your little ears, they have the inexplicable ability to hear me.’ She fixed her lips over the ones in front of hers and swiped her thumb over the nude pink: ‘I love these clever lips that speak wisdom.’ Franky was sliding her kisses to the neck, she heard, as Bridget was sighing heavily at every kiss and every word. When the brunette placed kisses over the jaw, she felt some wetness under her lips and urgently looked up to check if everything was alright with her woman: ‘Gidge?’
Bridget was teary but smiling cheerfully at the looking at her bewildered brunette: ‘It’s good…. I am fine’, she whispered, enfolding her lips around Franky’s, mixing their breaths in a tender kiss. When Bridget enwrapped Franky’s neck with her hands, the brunette was able to raise her in the arms to make several steps in the direction of their bed. 

The couple was oversensitive that night. Their wish was to see each other faces and bodies while making love, to witness every drop of sweat, every emotion and to sponge every moan shed. 

Franky laid Bridget carefully on the white crispy linen. She gently pulled up Bridget’s tank-top, pepper kissing her honey flat stomach, to finally take it off. She let Bridget undress her, and soon they were both enjoying the sight of them being unveiled. Their fingers were caressing the skin, as gently, as if it was for the first time.


The next morning, Franky woke up with her face turned to the bedside table. She opened her eyes to see a wooden trencher there with a glass of orange juice, her favorite egg in bread in the shape of a heart, some vegetables, a fruit salad accompanied by a little card with Sakura flowers painted on it, and a familiar handwriting: ‘I love you so much! B.’. She covered her happy face in a pillow so as it could absorb her tears. Nobody in her life had made her breakfast in bed. And the thing wasn’t only in breakfast in bed. That whole gesture made her teary. The realization that her partner knew that at weekends she preferred to start mornings with a glass of orange juice and not coffee, that she loved a simple egg in bread sandwich and more than that, Bridget knew her yet unexplainable passion for cards. 

When her eyes became dry again, she raised her back, put a tray on her knees and started eating a still warm breakfast. 

She left a card near the lamp, made their bed, took a shower, got dressed and went to the kitchen to wash dishes after herself and to search her morning chef. When she was walking past Bridget’s study she heard her talking over the phone about the launch of her new program and so as not to disturb her she went to the gym. 


In forty minutes or so, her girlfriend appeared in the door frame: ‘I am sorry, I had some work to do…’

‘Thank you, babe! You are wonderful!’ The brunette switched off the treadmill and came to Bridget to kiss her in the cheek. 

‘You had some plans for us for the weekend, what did you prepare?’ Bridget wiped the sweat from Franky’s forehead with a towel in her hands. 

‘What do you think of us having a camping in our yard? Please, say yes!’ Franky looked timidly in her beloved blue eyes with a hope that everything would work out for them that day.

‘Yes! Horror stories from you!’ Bridget gestured to her girl with her index finger.

Franky kissed that finger, agreeing to the request: ‘Deal!’ 

Both women were in the kitchen packing their traveling bags with the utensils they might need during the camping, food, clothes, etc. They realized, of course, that the route to the camping spot through the patio would take maximum 7 minutes. However, the idea of a theatrical performance was to get into the roles the more naturally the possible. Actually, that could become an interesting experience. They negotiated, if they enjoyed that little aka camping, they would indulge a real one some day. 

Bridget was wearing sand light shorts, white tank top and a light yellow shirt tied in a knot on her waist. She was attractive in any clothes, and Franky loved how beautiful her girlfriend looked, and the way her blonde’s booty was shaped in those shorts. 

‘Why are you looking at me this way?’

‘Because you look sexy!’

‘Oh yes! I am gorgeous, I know!’

‘Why are you teasing me all the time?’

‘Because you look funny when I do!’

When they stopped laughing and every thing was packed, the couple went to the camping area. The view was mesmerizing, green grass, navy blue river, nothing else was needed to better the site.

‘You know, if we decide to go camping one day, I’d rather choose something that would enable us not to carry these bags…’

‘Oh yeah! That would be a disaster of a holiday. I am not 10 anymore, do not have the enthusiasm of carrying all gear behind my back.’

They assembled the tent watching a video on YouTube and in no time it was erected and stable.

‘So, we have a grill. Where did you get the stuff to make fire when camping in childhood?’

‘We were camping in the forest, so we were divided into groups of two and explored it, searching for dry branches, then arranged everything for the fire.’

The couple put some mats near the river and was conversing, allowing the sun to tan their skin. 

‘Tell me more about childhood. We’ve got plenty of time before we start cooking.’ Bridget wanted to know more about her woman. 

‘I always felt free and secure when in nature. Maybe because there I was with my grandparents usually…*Franky made a pause, shook her head, and without wanting to elaborate, proceeded on talking about the camping memories* Well, anyway, there was a company of six of us and when we gathered together we always organized something illegal or scary, as we thought.’ Franky turned her head to Bridget, squinting her eyes because of the sun, smiling cheerfully because she was happy her girlfriend easily agreed to camping and was listening to her, most importantly, she heard her. 

Bridget noticed, Franky silenced herself deliberately, and realized, that was another difficult topic for her woman. She made her mind not to show her brunette girl, she spot that. ‘What was the most illegal thing you did in childhood?’

‘I stole apples from our neighbor’s garden. Was punished badly back then. They were delicious, though, worth being punished.’

Bridget laughed. ‘You are a naughty girl, Franky Doyle!’

‘I bet you never did anything bad…?’ Franky assumed. But she also knew her girlfriend a little bit, so she was ready to hear some not advanced behavior. 

‘Once I burnt our neighbor’s haystack.’

‘Oh fuck! I knew it! I thought there should be something behind this A-grade exterior.’ 

‘Now, you are teasing, baby!’

‘Equalling the score, Gidge.’

When the meat was cooked, potatoes and veggies grilled, two women arranged the site near the river to have dinner. As it turned out, there was no any cups with them, but a bottle of wine.

‘Have never drank wine from a bottle…’

‘A lot happens for the first time when you are with Franky!’ The brunette winked, sticking the tip of her tongue in between the teeth to see a happy smile of her woman.

Their dinner was delicious, and the process of drinking wine from the bottle had some implicit sophistication that pleased both women. 

The full moon was high up the sky, Franky switched on the torcher and placed it under her chin, so it lit up her chin, nose and eyebrows from underneath and produced a scary image of a skeleton. 

‘Time for spooky stories, baby!’ Franky pronounced with a creepy voice and suddenly touched Bridget by the knee, resulting in a slight shudder. 

‘Oh, you are being so reckless, Franky!’ Bridget giggled, lit her torcher and placed it under her chin, following Franky’s suit. 

After they’d both generously laughed, the brunette started her horror story from the childhood.

‘There was one scary story, involved summoning of the Queen of Spades. A story aka ritual. I’ve never tried it myself as long as the consequences were the following: at 12 am sharp the one who summoned the Queen of Spades had to throw the card from under the pillow to the appeared figure of a ghost Queen before she suffocated them.’

‘These were the games you played in childhood? Fascinating!’ Bridget cleared the throat and was waiting for the continuation of the ritual. 

‘We all were told the following story: one night, four teenagers had a sleepover party. They were sitting in a dark room with a mirror, a candle, red lipstick and certainly the card. One of the kids took a playing card and placed it in front of the mirror, another one lit a candle, the third kid drew a door with the steps leading to it on the mirror. The fourth child was summoning the Queen, standing in front of the mirror and repeating the magic spell.’ Franky was eager to retell the story to scare her girlfriend. 

‘Queen of Spades Come to Visit Us!’ Bridget’s voice was creepily low and made Franky jump.

‘Do you know this story?’

‘No, sorry, just practicing!’ Bridget silently smiled, not to discourage her girlfriend.

‘The thing was, that the fourth child was standing in front of the mirror, visualizing going up the stairs, opening the door and getting inside the room where they had to meet the Queen of Spades. That kid heard some laughter and commotion behind the painted door, was frightened and decided to stop the ritual. The next morning, the three kids found the fourth with black hands’ imprint on his breathless throat.’

‘Oh my Gosh!! What happened?’

‘Apparently, he didn’t wake up to kill the spirit by throwing a card at her, and she won.’

‘Shit! Franky! I can see her, I can see her…run!’

‘Bridget, not funny…’

Bridget quickly stood up from her place and ran toward the river. Franky was also scared, though she couldn’t see anyone. When she approached the river, Bridget was above her shoulders covered in the water. Without thinking too long and not turning back, Franky jumped to her girl.

‘Oh, fuck, it’s freezing. Where is it? Did you really see someone?’

‘You are such a baby, Franky!!!’

Bridget giggled and entwined her body around the brunette. When she felt Franky’s hands around the waist, she pressed her lips to the woman holding her. 

‘This camping would turn to a nightmare. You scared me. I didn’t expect.’

While they were standing close to each other Bridget unclasped Franky’s bra, slid her hand into the brunette’s undies to trace the line over a hot smooth pubis to the labia, with her other hand helping her to release one of Franky’s breasts and sucking in the hardened nipple.

‘Oh fuck! I need a fire brigade here!’ Franky shouted into the darkness and petted  her girlfriend’s head to make her look up. ‘Babe, let’s get into the tent?’ 

The pleasure of tents was there was warm inside. The floor was covered with several mats and a sleeping bag with pillows. Impossible to say it was the softest bed ever, but camping was camping, they were enjoying that whole activity till the end. 

When the couple got inside, they switched on one of the torchers and put it inside the bag, enabling a faint blue light glow their bodies. They were undressing each other, getting rid of wet clothes, enjoying pepper kisses over each others bodies. Their passion accelerated fast and soon there became hot in the tent.

Bridget sat behind the brunette, her legs either side of the hips, raven tresses scattered over the naked breasts of the blonde. Bridget’s hands were traveling up and down Franky’s stomach and chest, drawing patterns with the tips of her fingers. Bridget’s right hand was massaging Franky’s full breasts that were rising up from heavy breathing. The blonde’s mouth was near the ear of the brunette: ‘I love you, baby!’. 

Franky stretched one of her arms and embraced the blonde’s neck, pulling her for a kiss. While kissing, Bridget leaned forward and her left hand had granted access to a longing for caress pussy of her love. Upon touching the brunette’s clit and circling it with her fingers, she could hear Franky producing a long pleased moan. Bridget was insistently encircling a steadily growing clitoris, she dipped her fingers into the opening to get some juices and followed on sexually torturing the engorged bud. 

Franky was moaning heavily. From time to time her breath became pulsed, she bestrewed kisses over the cheek and jawline of her exquisite partner. 

Bridget placed the labia of the brunette in between her index and middle fingers and started massaging them upward and backward pressing the clitoris, entitling the brunette to breathe harder and moan lower. Then she pressed her middle finger over the clit and started massaging it again, transferring the movements to slight patting and vibrating, she was working really fast with her finger that it made Franky groan. The brunette’s pelvis were moving back and force, trying to sooth reliving her pleasure. 

Bridget wanted to get Franky to her high but not just yet, so she petted the clit to make it calm and trailed her palm over a hot beautiful pussy, pink with excitement. She sucked in the pulse point of her quivering girl. Very gently she massaged breasts, letting the nipples in between the fingers. With another hand on the pubis, she stretched the middle finger to immerse its tip into the hot watery opening. Bridget smiled into Franky’s neck and started to deepen the finger further into a hot vagina, trailing with the tip inside its rigid surface. She thrust inside three times and then was wandering over the upper wall of vagina, simultaneously she was massaging the perked nipples of her aroused woman who was audibly keen on the movements of hands and fingers of her love. 

The blonde was working on the clitoris and then thrusting into the vagina, then again was performing pleasurable acts over the clitoris. She then plunged into a balmy welcoming opening with her two fingers curled to touch the upper wall of Franky’s vagina to hear a squeal. She kissed a wiggling in her arms woman in the neck and proceeded on touching the magic spot inside. When Franky was again on the verge, Bridget proceeded teasing and turned her attention to the clitoris again. She started massaging it, applying special pressure to the needed parts of the body of her crying out of pleasure woman. 

When Franky’s movements subsided a bit, Bridget thrust her fingers inside her again. She was moving them in deeper and outside, then curved them and with the tips of her fingers was pushing towards the engorged spot inside Franky’s vagina. 

‘You feel so good there!’

‘You’re doing some magic, babe!’

Bridget was moving her curved fingers up the rigid wall, pushing and pressing it from the inside up, until she felt Franky’s nails digging into her thigh. 

Franky was breathing intensely and squirming in the arms of Bridget, she saw how the air became densely white in the tent, she felt how her genital muscles were twitching inside and how Bridget’s fingers were working their way to the orgasm. She felt some overwhelming feeling she had never experienced before and unconsciously dived her nails deeper into the thigh of the blonde. Her pelvis was moving up and down in tune with Bridget’s fingers. She felt how her inner muscles were tightly embracing the fingers, which still were smashing the upper wall. She could hear her thick sighs mixed with lubricated sounds, that made her even more aroused. She felt Bridget kissing her neck, slightly biting her collarbone, trembling her nipples, moving inside her wet vagina so fast, that abruptly she was shouting with a delightful release and feeling how her own thighs were becoming wetter and Bridget never stopping to move inside her…

Some time later, Franky felt Bridget’s sighing smile against her neck. She felt tender kisses over her sweaty skin. She felt as if reborn and was too responsive to any touch. She suddenly felt very cold and curled in the embrace of her beloved and caring girl. 

Bridget covered them both with the sleeping bag and held tight still shivering Franky, she was caressing her face, trailing the nape of her hand over the cheeks, wandering with her thumb over the lips, placing soft kisses over the nose and forehead until the nose felt warmer and Franky raised her head to meet Bridget for a kiss.   

‘That was the first time I …’ Franky whispered timidly a half sentence to praise her favorite person. 

‘I got it.’ Bridget whispered yet audibly not to spoil the moment. She hugged her even tighter, sharing her warmth with the brunette. 

Franky smiled to herself. She always understood. And nuzzled her cool nose into the crook of Bridget’s neck. 




Chapter Text





Attention compound, attention compound… 

                                                                                                                                stay in your units…

                                                                                                                                                                             the lockdown…

                                                                                                                                                         the officers are needed in Block H…


The alarms were signaling Code Black and it meant, someone was killed. Bridget put aside the files she was reading and turned her head to the window, overlooking the corridor of the prison. Suddenly, her memory jumped several hours back, to the morning, when she was seeing a new inmate in their cell. She remembered noticing one door at the H Block, that was uncharacteristically filled with scratches, but didn't pay attention to that. That wasn’t her job to watch the government property, moreover, she wasn’t too often to Blocks, so she didn’t know exactly when those damages appeared on the door and if there was any connection to the current situation. 

Her thoughts were interrupted by a message notification from Franky to which  Bridget answered immediately:



You ok, Gidge?
Yes. You?

Yeah, fine. 💋

The smiling psychologist came to a cooler to get some water, and at that very moment she noticed that always bustling corridors were absolutely quiet and isolated, which was strange and unusual. Not getting out of the room, she leaned her head to the side of the window to have a better view of the hall to see the foot of some indefinite officer. She instantly locked her door, took her phone and called Franky.

‘Baby, close the door!’ Bridget’s voice was alarmed, she was scared, something could happen to her partner. 

‘Yeah, I did. What's wrong, Gidge?’ Franky’s voice was calm. She never gave a shit about whatever was going on among the inmates.

‘Just, very carefully, look outside your window, what can you see?’ Bridget’s request was nice and slow.

‘Gidge, sounds as if we are in the middle of a conspiracy theory.’ Franky chuckled, but looked out of the window. ‘Fu-u-uck!’

‘How many officers are there?’

‘On the right, there’s one lying on the floor, not sure dead or alive. On the left, close to the assembly room, there’s definitely an inmate, I can see the teals, presumably holding a shiv and a walkie-talkie.’

‘Shit! What are we going to do, Franky? I should talk to them.’

‘What? No! You stay wherever you are!’

‘Franky, nobody knows, they are here. There could hours pass till they count the inmates. And that officer might need a medical help.’ Bridget came to the other side of the window to now clearly see the inmate, breathing heavily. She recognized that woman as one of her clients, and dashed to the bureau table to search for her file. ‘Baby, she is Melissa, and is accused of assaulting her husband. But I remember our first meeting at psych evaluation. She was surely being abused, she is a bruise, not a woman.’

‘Yeah, Gidge, I understand you want to talk to her, but she could be dangerous.’

Without waiting for any activity from Bridget, Franky opened the door of her office and made a silent step forward with her hands in the air: ‘Hey, Melissa, I am Franky, a lawyer. Let’s talk! I can help!’

‘Shit! Franky!’ Bridget uttered, as she didn’t expect Franky to take the rage of the inmate on herself. She saw Melissa moving in the direction of the lawyer's office and instantly opened her door, making a tentative step froward. ‘Melissa, you can tell us what’s wrong, we can help!’

The inmate watched the blonde’s hands carefully. When detecting no weapon or anything she was expecting the psychologist could be holding, she leaned her back to the wall and was looking at Franky and then at Bridget with her scared eyes.

‘Can I check the officer in case he needs some help?’ Franky saw the inmate’s nod and ran to the lying officer. She kneeled down to see he was steadily coming to terms, apparently after being heavily bashed over the head.

Bridget saw as Franky nodded positively, giving a sign the officer was alive and fine. ‘Melissa, you aren’t achieving anything by organizing the riot.’

Finally, a frightened voice broke the silence in the corridor: ‘It wasn’t me. I didn’t kill anyone. When that started, I just ran. I was afraid they would do that to me. I didn’t kill. That wasn’t me.’

‘Melissa, you’re safe here!’ Bridget assured a woman, seeing as Franky helped the officer to sit.

‘Tell us, what’s the problem?’ Franky proceeded with a mild interrogation. 

‘I think my husband wants to kill me here.’

‘What makes you think so?’ Bridget recollected the photos of the inmate’s body, that was covered in old and new bruises, cuts, burns. It looked like torturing more, than the attempt to ‘kill’.

‘I asked my lawyer to prepare the docs for my daughter to live with my parents, as  I think he can hurt her, while I am here.’ The inmate started to sob.

‘Look, Melissa. It might be true, but there have to be evidence.’ Franky intervened in the monologue. 

‘There’s a new woman here, she is next cell to mine. When she appeared, I noticed I started to behave abnormal. I know, how it sounds, but I think she might be spiking my food. Every time I am in the shower, she follows me. …’ The inmate provided a lot of grounds for the lawyer and psychologist to assume, she had been telling the truth. Still, that was too difficult to help, especially, when the person was inside the teal walls fucked by the system.


‘Ok, look, Melissa, I can talk to the Governor, and we may arrange your transference to another unit, or to the protection unit, for a start.’ Bridget suggested.

‘But at the end of the day, you will have to sit in a wet cell for bashing the officer.’ Franky squinted her nose and gave a faint yet visible smile. ‘Look, I’ll try to help you legally. Why don’t you come and see me then?’

‘We should report, Melissa. But I promise, we will talk to the governor and try to help you, ok?’ Bridget came closer to the inmate, patted her on the shoulder, and carefully took a shiv from her hand.



The inmate was reluctant to go back to her unit, but she was relived she would be spending a week in isolation. That could give her time to think and live, at least another week more. 



The couple was having late lunch at their secret spot at the lake. It was still unrevealed why they were the only ones there spending their break from work, but still were happy no-one could spoil their intimacy. It was silent there, as usual, and they could enjoy themselves after a delicious meal. Seemed, as if it was another world  there, after hustles inside the prison walls. 

For some time the couple was sitting in silence, holding each other hands and looking at serene swimming of ducks. They were watching those lake birds clean their feathers, dive under the water to get some food with their orange paws on the surface, their quacks, etc. which made the women feel better.

They were unsure of what their decisions could have been in case they were held hostage, still, they acknowledged, in any case they were both involved in whatever was going on and were ready to back up each other. 



‘So, tell me, Gidge, what was the most extreme place you had sex at?’ Franky asked her blonde with a cocky smile on her face. Somehow that topic always relaxed her. And after what they both had experienced, she didn’t have pleasure left, to reflect on what had happened before. 

‘In the cinema.’ Bridget was nonchalant. She was on the same page with Franky, four hours in a complete lockdown was just enough not to have the wish to talk about the job or anything serious. 

‘What?’ Franky exclaimed, not expecting for her Bridget to be so wild. 

‘Well, not exactly sex, but in the cinema I drove my partner to the orgasm’. Bridget described the episode from her memory and sipped some coffee from her bamboo cup as if nothing serious had been said. 

‘Gidge, you are naughty!’ Franky pushed the blonde slightly with her shoulder and smiled widely. 

‘Well, I am not, just…is it bad?’ Bridget, slightly blushing, turned her head to face Franky.

‘Did you discover those new places with all your partners?’ The brunette asked in a shipshape manner.

‘Why did you use the past tense?’ Bridget smiled, looking from under the brows. 

‘Not meaning you stop discovering, but meaning I am the only one and last, ok?’ Franky was probing the ground. 

‘Being selfish?’ Bridget nudged Franky and giggled.  

‘So?’ The lawyer’s face turned to serious. It turned to serious every time they had conversations about their relationship. 

‘No, only with the one who was my first real crush. I was truly in love and I liked making her feel that…’ Bridget answered honestly with a faint smile on her face. There wasn’t a note of sadness in her voice, though it made Franky think. 

‘And what about her? Did she make you feel her love?’ The brunette wanted to know the details as far as the blonde wasn’t very eager to discuss her previous partners, however, she was always open to any question Franky asked her. 

‘Yes, for some time she did, then it was only a one-way street, unfortunately.’ The blonde lowered her gaze and was plucking green grass near her shoes.  

‘Do you regret it’s finished?’ Franky asked cautiously. 

‘Never!’ Bridget looked at the brunette with a genuine smile. 

‘Good!’ The brunette sighed with relief. A mischievous smile radiated her face. 

Bridget could notice that sometimes Franky wanted, as if to make sure the blonde didn’t regret being with her. The psychologist never gave reasons to even plant a seed of that thought. Still, she accepted that behavior of her brunette lawyer and was sure they would deal with that when Franky would be ready to share the story from her past life. 

‘I am so happy you are with me’ Bridget’s timid whisper mixed with the wind, however it was audible enough to cover Franky’s face with the goofy smile. 

‘Have you had unusual places for sex?’ Now that was Bridget's turn to plunge into a secret life of her brunette. 

‘Not really, actually. You know I never had a partner whom I loved or wanted to reveal my feelings. I have some experience, though.’ Franky winked playfully to Bridget. ‘But the most unusual is a ladies' room in a club or restaurant, I guess.’

‘Extreme!’ Bridget was trying to read Franky’s emotions, whether she wanted those extremes to happen again, or those were just convenient places for her to get off in. 

‘No more than having sex at a public beach, Gidge!’ Franky winked at Bridget as if giving her a silent answer not to worry about the previous encounters. 

‘Fair enough! And you haven’t answered, if it is bad I am being naughty?’ The blonde took some straw into her mouth and was chewing a green piece of grass nervously.  

‘Seriously? Bridget, this is honestly a silly question from a clever woman!’ Franky touched a tip of one of the Bridget’s fingers with hers and pierced into those blue eyes that had a childish look in them. 

‘I just wonder!’ Unusually timidly to herself, Bridget commented. 

‘You are a wonder, Bridget! Do you know the percentage of couples who are satisfied with each other on a mental level, sexual, routine? Only 64 percent! And this is family life in general, its just a bit over the half of their daily life together! Can you imagine?’ Franky erected her spine and was very precise and sure in her knowledge of the numbers. 

‘I know the statistics, Franky! Less than 30 percent are content with their sexual partners’. Bridget was sitting with her straight back and a serious look on her face, as if she was conversing with one of her colleagues. 

‘Which results in the following: I was lucky enough to meet a woman, who can make me cum by the phrase ‘Psychodynamic Perspective’’. Franky could hardly bear a laugh. 

‘Only you could quote from any book laying at the wrong place in the house, Franky!’ The blonde enjoyed her woman was sophisticated and their conversations were always profound, even though naughty.  

‘And you love me for this!’ The brunette was twisting the hem of her blazer. 

‘And I love you beyond this!’ The psychologist raised a cup with coffee, motioning a toast, and had a sip of caffeine.  

‘Kiss me, will you?’ The lawyer insisted on a romantic activity and sat closer to her woman to have a better access of the longing to caress lips.

When they stopped kissing, Bridget asked: ‘Why are you so aware of statistics, you do not review divorce cases?’

‘Well, because of myself….’ Franky was in the mood to open up, though, was tossing her ring on the thumb back and force. 

Bridget put her hand on the ringed thumb for the brunette to stop being nervous: ‘What do you mean?’

‘I was trying to understand why I never had long term relations and why I never loved or felt really close to someone. That statistics calmed me down, so to say, as if assuring me, a lot of people are unhappy.’ Explaining her reasoning, the lawyer was looking from time to time into the eyes of her blonde girl. There was nothing to hide from her previous life, however it wasn’t something very pleasant that the brunette wanted to shout out happily, moreover it was difficult for her to open up. 

‘Did it help?’ Bridget squeezed the ringed thumb, making Franky lock the eyes with hers. 

‘Actually not. *She giggled* But having met you, I acknowledged that all of the people I came across previously were not right for me. Never leave me, ok?’ Franky whispered the last phrase with a smile on her face. She wasn’t teary, and she wasn’t sentimental at that moment, she was serious, toughly serious, ever.

‘Never, promise! And I always keep my promises!’ Those blue eyes radiated honesty. That low timbre enveloped with earnestness. Bridget was 100% precise in her answer, and according to her own statistics, it was perfectly accurate. 

‘Gidge, I want a baby from you!’ Franky smiled at the blonde, caressing her index finger with her own, and looked her in the eyes.

‘Tomorrow!’ Bridget kindly smiled back never braking the gaze. 

‘You are baking them quite fast, Gidge!’

Both women giggled. 

Bridget took Franky’s face in her hands and kissed her softly, romantically and very long. That was a blessing neither of their colleagues knew about the lake. They could always have some time for themselves there and discuss anything without being interrupted or watched. 

‘And I want lasagna, let’s order some Italian dinner? Do not feel like cooking tonight.’ The brunette suggested. 

‘Sure, baby, anything you wish!’ Bridget was happy they were developing that level of openness and trust toward each other and could always negotiate any question with ease, sooner or later, but never leaving any issue unresolved. She felt the urge for Franky to have a real family with a baby, and she was ready to provide her with that, to top it, she wished for a little copy of her emerald-eyed-beauty to fill their home with laughter as soon as possible. Bridget felt, in any their decision or wish, they were halfway in the middle toward each other. They were meant to be. It fascinated the blonde and exhilarated her.  



After a late dinner they went to bed exhausted, they even didn’t have strength to talk about anything before the sleep as that was their usual night routine. 

Though, in the middle of the night, Franky woke up with Bridget in her arms. The brunette was a big spoon, lying on her left side, with her left hand under the blonde’s head and her right on her girl’s stomach. She could feel her pubis touching Bridget’s smooth skin of a butt, her knees in the back of the knees of a still sleeping blue-eyed girl in her arms, her woman, her partner, her love. 

Franky breathed in the smell of Bridget’s hair and smiled at the odor of moringa and vanilla. She still couldn’t understand how two absolutely different people with different preferences in clothes style, working in different fields, having different looks had the same obsession with vanilla scent on them. 

The brunette traced the velvet skin of her lover from the shoulder to the ribs. Bridget was so tiny, that it was possible to count her ribs while she was gently breathing, watching last dreams for that moment. Franky moved her fingertips down to the pelvis, then to the hips, slightly moving to the pubis, hidden by the blonde’s legs. The brunette kissed Bridget’s neck and drew her even closer in an embrace, placing her hand in between the blonde’s breasts, covered by Bridget’s hand. 

‘Good night!’ Franky whispered in her love’s ear, kissing the pulse point on her beloved honey neck. 

The sound of the most dear voice as well as the touches made the blonde to wake up from her sleep: ‘Mmm… Night, baby!’ Bridget’s hand was moving down the naked hip of her woman, who was heating them both with a night of passion.



Some time passed, and the couple was still…and asleep…again. 

The next day they were having Helena at their place, and agreed upon visiting the woods, to make a little child get distracted from the abundance of all the activities. She was doing well, but they considered it necessary to allow a child to be a child at least for a day. 






Westfall-Doyle couple lived in a nice neighborhood, where they had several ponds within five minutes walk from their house, a lake within a thirty minutes walk and a forest within 40 minutes walk or about 15 minutes drive by car. That was Sunday, the only day off for Bridget’s niece, which she was spending in her aunt’s house. They all decided to be actively occupied and make the girl breathe some fresh air and rest from her dancing and music classes.

After the shower was taken, and the breakfast eaten, the three of them took their things and headed to the car. It was still an early morning and the parking wasn’t teemed with vehicles. They parked, took their bags and went inside the pine forest. 

The lawns in the park were green and shined brightly under the golden sun. The birds were chirping their morning songs, creating a serene atmosphere. Some people were walking with dogs, some - with children, some people were working out, some - were walking at the music in their ears. The trolleys with coffee were producing the grinding sound of fresh beans. The cotton candy was rolling up into intricate clouds, imbuing the air with a sugary smell. 

‘Ma Bridget, look, a squirrel!’ Helena whispered cautiously not to frighten the red animal, grabbing her aunt’s hand.

‘Would you like to treat it with a nut?’ Bridget smiled to the girl, stretching a plastic bag full of walnuts. 

‘Yes, please!’ Helena took a nut from her aunt’s hands and crouched to the lawn, waiting for a squirrel to come closer to her. 

Franky put her hand around Bridget’s shoulder and whispered in her ear: ‘That’s definitely the moment’, she placed a soft kiss on the blonde’s temple and took her phone off the jeans pocket to video record the event. ‘Why does she call you ‘ma’, Gidge?’ Franky asked, still looking at the girl feeding a squirrel with nuts. 

‘When she was little she called Jane and me her mother, later she understood that only Jane is her real mom and started calling me ‘ma’.’ Bridget revealed a story of her nickname and shrugged her shoulders. 

‘Is Jane jealous?’ Franky turned to face Bridget.

‘No! Even though the connection between me and my nieces and nephew is tight, she is their mother and will always be, and she is a good one!’ Bridget acknowledged, her relationship with the kids of her brother’s family was strong, but so was it with her brother. They were brought up that way and were sure in each other's support any time. Following this tradition, every child in Westfall family was raised in accordance with the perception and development of the bond between every member of the family. And Bridget was sure these same values were already rooted in their partnership with Franky. 

Franky smiled. Looking at the way Bridget treated her nieces and a nephew, she believed the blonde would make a good mother for their kids in the future.

However happy they were, there were still episodes when they could look at each other appraising. It was a human nature to assess and evaluate. But one more characteristics of this new family was to value each other and never judge. 

‘She has cold paws! Ma Bridget, Franky, she has cold paws!’ The girl ran to the women, pretty excited that the fluffy tailed animal took a nut from her and touched her.

‘Oh really? Did it touch your fingers, Helena?’ Bridget showed a genuine interest in what had happened.

‘Yes, I handed her the nut, and she touched my fingers, and she has biiiig looong claws!’ The little girl was so excited that she couldn’t contain a bright smile on her face.

‘Wow! That’s amazing, Bub! I haven’t been touched by a squirrel.’ Franky took a nut from Bridget’s walnut bag and crouched down the lawn where Helena was sitting previously.

‘Let's feed them together, look, there are lots of them!’ Bridget suggested to her niece and gave her one more nut. 

The tall brunette, the tiny blonde, the little blonde - all three were sitting on their haunches with stretched arms holding nuts and waiting for squirrels to touch their hands. The luckiest of the three of them was Bridget, as she was approached by a little animal and brassily got hold of the blonde’s fingers, taking the nut out of her hands and running behind the tree to dig it in.

‘Even animals trust you, Gidge!’

Bridget stood up with a delighted smirk and was filming Franky and Helena, waiting for their forest pets. Little kid was the second to experience luck, and Franky was the third! Despite the fact that at least two girls were old enough to go through this situation compassionately, they were all as chirpy as the birds that met them at the entrance of the park. Those red squirrels definitely made their day.



Bridget, Franky and Helena were walking in the forest. The weather was amazing. It was warm, and the air was filled with pine odor. 

‘Hey, Bub, put aside the tablet, let's walk around and enjoy the beauty of the nature!’ Franky was concerned that the little girl was fully in the gadget. 

‘I am watching a cartoon. Can I enjoy nature later?’ Helena asked Franky and pouted her lips.

Both women exchanged the looks, Franky gave Bridget her bag and ran after Helena, who was walking slowly afar. The brunette ran from behind the child, gently took the tablet in one hand and Helena in another, and started spinning her around. When Bridget came closer she took the tablet from Franky and that enabled the brunette to take the little girl in both hands and raise her higher in the air only to hear a loud cry. Franky was afraid she did something wrong, put the girl on the ground and with a frightened look on her face turned to the blonde. Bridget mumbled ‘height’ to let Franky know Helena was afraid of being higher than her own head. 

‘Hey, Bub, I am sorry, I didn’t know.’ Franky apologized. Her voice audibly sad, she didn’t want to frighten a little child. 

Helena ran to Bridget, took her by the hand and answered to the brunette: ‘It is ok. I am fine.’

Franky came closer to both of them and tentatively stretched her hand to the little girl. Helena took Franky by the hand, and they proceeded walking down the path covered with dry bronze pine needles. Franky felt uncomfortable, she frightened a little girl.

‘Helena, you know, sometimes we do those things that we are afraid of?’

Franky looked at Bridget, and they smiled to each other, as if only two of them knew what exactly the brunette meant by those words.

‘But I am fine like this…’ Helena looked at Bridget and then at Franky, hoping that both adults wouldn’t make her do something she was afraid of. 

‘Sure you are, Bub! Come here…’

Franky motioned to the girl to come closer until they stood under a big oak tree. 

‘Look up the tree, what can you see?’ Franky looked up at the very big tree in front of them with the hope that the little girl would enjoy the lesson. 

‘A trunk, branches, leaves’ Helena was looking at the huge oak, enumerating the known to her constituent parts of a tree. 

Franky kneeled to the ground so as to be even height with the girl. 

‘That’s right. Do you know what’s the color of leaves?’ The brunette met a little blue inquisitive gaze staring at her with a slight fright in them. 

‘Green!’ A little girl giggled.

‘And do you know what’s the texture: are they smooth, rough, fluffy? Are the leaves covered with dust or are they clean? Do they have visible veins?’ As Franky described possible variations of leaves, she was touching Helena’s palm soothingly, as if it was the leave. 

‘No?’ Helena was taken aback by the questions she didn’t know answers to. At her preschool classes, they hadn’t learnt the way the leaves felt in their hands.

Franky stood up and stretched her arms to the girl, then asked: ‘Can I take you in the arms and very slowly put you up? I will be holding you veeeery tight, and you can hold my hands all the time.’ The brunette was impatiently waiting for a reply.

‘Will ma Bridget be with me?’ Helena turned her head to face the blonde, and Bridget could clearly read fear in the little girl’s eyes.

‘I am with you, love! You are brave, right?’ Bridget smiled at the girl and saw a slight shrug. ‘Ms. Helena?!’ Bridget winked at the girl and pat her back to hear a giggle and a practically inaudible ‘Yes’.

Franky took Helena in her arms and raised her slowly up, as had been promised, until the girl could touch the leaves with her fingers.

‘What can you feel, Bub?’ Franky asked, looking up at the girl. 

‘They are smooth! They are smooth! And so thick like plastic.’ Helena couldn’t express her amusement with words, she couldn’t stop giggling, and it seemed she forgot she had been afraid of height. Franky put the girl stand on the ground and hugged her: ‘You are so brave, little kite!’  

‘What ‘bout me? I also want to touch the leaves of the oak!’ Bridget pouted her lips and looked at her brunette. 

Franky was laughing, but took Bridget by the waist and raised her in her hands. She placed a yet felt kiss over the blonde’s chest, and Bridget giggled at this activity. 

‘I saw you!’ Helena squinted her gaze, looking at both women.

When Bridget was on the ground, she petted, her niece head and placed a kiss on her forehead.

Helena took the women by their hands and was in between them, walking and hopping from time to time.

‘You could have been a good psychologist, Franky, you know?’ Bridget looked at her brunette girl very proudly. ‘And you will be the best mom!’ She mumbled for only Franky to hear this opinion. 

‘See, I am not only a good root!’ Franky winked at Bridget and showed off her dimples, delighted with her joke.

‘Seriously…?’ Bridget frowned and wasn’t happy with the joke at all. She turned her eyes to the little girl between them, clearly hinting the brunette to watch her vocabulary.

‘Do you grow trees in the garden at home?’ The girl asked naively.

Both women laughed at the comment and answered in unison, ‘We do, Bub, we do!’




Chapter Text




                                          I feel alive, when you are close by my side,

                                                         There’s definitely something ‘bout the way you smile,

This is the art —

             Not to hide our feelings,

This is the art —

                              To love you in witness of the world, 

       Save my love tonight,

                                     We are feeling close under the starry sky,

              I cannot stop the feeling…

                    You are all I needed in my life.

That day Bridget woke up early. She turned to the right side of their bed to gently hug Franky and place a soft, yet noticeable kiss on her beloved olive shoulder. She smiled to herself, seeing black tresses all over her partner’s face. That sight bemused her. Her always tough lawyer looked funny in the mornings. Bridget eloquently took the hair from the brunette’s face and air-kissed her nose to make Franky wrinkle it. Bridget smiled again, seeing that unconscious reaction to her kiss.

Franky didn’t realize, she was hugged and kissed, the brunette was sound asleep and a crooked Mona Lisa smile was spread on her lips. The blonde was interested, what was her love dreaming of, and made a mental note to herself to ask her later that day. 

She was sure, Franky would have still been in bed by the time she arrived. They both preferred sleeping till 9 am, when they could allow that to themselves, or their schedule permitted. 

She inaudibly crawled down from the bed, not wanting to wake up a sleeping beauty. She was grateful to the Universe to wake up and fall asleep beside her girl, who was laying peacefully in their bed, covered under the blanket. 



Fridget Writer Intern

Have you ever loved someone just for the fact that they exist? I am not sure if that feeling is called exactly love or otherwise, but it is so huge, enormous, important and real that lives inside me and fills my whole essence. I do not say body, because physical isn’t my prerogative and I don’t give a hack how it sounds. I feel that deep feeling inside my mind, in those little cells that invade it, they are moving there with the thoughts of you, without preventing from thinking clearly, but they exist. My heart…it pumps when the image of you appears in my head. Not the exact image, not a photograph of you, and not a motion picture, just the sketch of you, and the heart shrinks a bit, and then I feel my breath hicks and as if the throat becomes dense with something, like air, or I am not sure what exactly…

Still sleepy, Bridget went to the bathroom, took a shower, applied some makeup, got dressed and went to the kitchen to have some coffee. She sneaked out of the house, got in the car and drove to her meeting. That meeting, though, wasn’t with a client, neither it was connected with her projects or researches. That early rise was needed to organize a surprise trip for both of them to Europe, mainly Bridget wanted to show Franky constellations of a Great and Little Bears.

Bridget had been brooding on that idea for quite a long time. She vividly remembered how Franky was delightedly listening about her trip to Italy and decided that they both urgently needed to go there to enjoy the plethora of adventures the country could provide them with. It was tempting to run away to another part of the world, to feel each other under the same Sun, but simultaneously the one that was eight hours behind, and dissolve in undiscovered sceneries.

The blonde was absolutely sure, her green-eyed girl would be happy to go on a zestful tour with her. Bridget planned to show not only constellations, but to treat Franky with amazingly delicious lasagna, Italian gelato, frozen yogurt, pizza baked in a traditional wood-fired oven, Meloncello and coffee. That wasn’t going to be a gastro tour, but being in Italy and never trying those delicacies would be a pure dismay.

When everything was booked, she quickly ordered some Italian dishes for their breakfast, to create the atmosphere of a proper surprise. 

She came back home to a still sleeping brunette. It was practically 9 am and they both had an afternoon shift at work, which usually provided an opportunity to cuddle in bed more. 

Bridget organized the takeaway on the table and went to their bedroom to wake up Franky. She was so impatient to tell about their upcoming trip, that she felt how her heart was jumping in her chest, her breath was shallow, and she was shaking with excitement. After several profound breathings she entered the room, kneeled down on the floor at Franky’s side to face her, stroked the brunette’s face with the nape of her palm from the temple down to the chin and kissed her softly in the lips. She heard Franky murmuring something and said: ‘Wake up, sleepy head!’. 

‘What time is it, Gidge?’ The brunette asked raspy. 

‘It’s 9 am, baby.’ She kissed her in the lips again. ‘Please, open your eyes, baby, I am so impatient to share something with you that I can’t act as an adult, pleeeeease!’ Bridget pleaded with a wide grin on her face. 

Seeing Bridget like that, amused Franky, but also charmed her to the ache in the pit of her sternum. She stretched her hands to the blonde for a hug and deliberately applied some strength to make her fall on her. Franky rolled Bridget on the bed so as to be atop and placed swift soft kisses over Bridget’s face and neck, ‘When did you change?’. 

‘I had something to do in the morning, and that something can’t wait another minute, come on, let’s go to the kitchen!’ Bridget pecked Franky in the lips and turned them both on the bed, stood up and tugged her sleepy woman out of it.

‘Ok! Sit down, baby!’ Bridget said impatiently, dancing on her heels. 

‘Gidge, all this, I mean, the meal is a surprise? What’s going on? You are being weird!’ Franky motioned to the table and frowned her forehead a bit.

‘Here!’ With shaking hands the blonde stretched an envelope to the brunette, set her hands to her face sucking in the tip of her thumb, waiting for the reaction. Her eyes were glued to the face of the lawyer, reading the card. 

‘Italy? We’re going to Italy, babe? It's fantastic! How did you know I wanted to go there?’ Franky jumped off from the chair with a wide smile on her face and hugged Bridget very tightly, delighted. 

‘You wanted?’ Knowing the answer, the blonde still decided to reassure herself.

‘I was intrigued by your story about Europe at our first meeting. Thank you, Gidge! When is the trip?’.

‘In two weeks!’ Bridget answered, smiling at the sight of her amused woman. She thought those two weeks would be enough for them to organize everything with their practices and Wentworth. That wasn’t so easy to arrange a holiday, judging by their busy schedules, but a joint google calendar provided with a perfect opportunity to trace vacant days. In exactly two weeks their green and navy blue slots were filled in with the titles related to work only, without urgent cases or tasks, even their evenings didn’t carry any ‘friends meetings’. So, that time was simply meant to be spent under the Italian Sun. 

The brunette raised the envelope high in the air and exclaimed: ‘Perfetto!’ 

Bridget laughed and placed her hands around Franky’s waist, ‘I am so happy and relieved now! It was worth waking up, right?’

‘You know me so fucking well, Bridget! In two weeks we would be making love in the Mediterranean….mmmm…’ Franky stuck a tip of her tongue, grinning at Bridget and waiting for the reaction.

‘Mmm…yes! The Mediterranean hasn’t seen your beautiful mole on your kissable lips!’ Blue eyes came closer to the green ones and united in a long passionate kiss.

‘What can I say, babe, it hasn’t seen your mole on this sexy butt.’ Franky said, touching Bridget’s cheek-butts through the jeans.

Bridget giggled and with a quick move of her hands, unexpected for the brunette, took off her t-shirt, pushed Franky slightly, making her lay on the table.

After an hour or so spent on their favorite wooden table, a hot shower accompanied by romantic kisses, both women were in their bedroom getting ready for long 5 hours at Wentworth. 

While they were making love, Bridget decided to prolong the Italian mood and used several phrases she knew in Italian to flirt with her woman. 

‘Gidge, how do you know so many Italian words and phrases, ha?’ 

‘Trip to Italy, baby, I told you’

‘Was it a fucking sex tour?’ Franky stopped doing her hair. Inevitably, the forehead was lined by deep frowns. She fixed her stare at the blue eyes in the mirror looking at hers. 

‘I met there some Italian guy, he was my boyfriend there and he also came to visit me in Melbourne. He taught me some Italian. We were dating.’ Bridget answered the question and came to Franky so as she helped her to zip the skirt.

Franky did the zipper and placed the hands on Bridget’s waist. ‘Was he good, you know, in bed?’

Bridget turned around to look at her concerned girlfriend. ‘I told you previously, it was good, but long ago. And to close the topic of my previous sexual partners - no one has ever made me so content physically and emotionally as you do, no one felt me the way you do and I never desired anyone more than I do you for this long period of time. You know, usually sex anticipation fades away with the course of time, especially if you spend too much of it making love at the initial stage of the relationship… And it’s not only about sex, Franky!’ 

Franky liked that Bridget never held back anything, but straight away answered any question, even though some of them were not pleasant. Still, it interested Franky why she never was asked about her loads of sexual encounters and that second she felt was the time. ‘Why haven’t you ever asked me about my previous partners?’

Bridget truly didn’t want to know about all women and men of her girl. Those facts that she already knew were enough. She acknowledged it was in human nature to compare, and she did realize Franky would be juxtaposing herself with the partners Bridget’d had, though she didn’t want that. But on the other hand, she couldn’t leave her love’s questions opened, so they reaped what they sowed. 

Bridget put her hands on the brunette’s, still holding her by the waist. ‘Franky, it is enough for me to know you have had a lot of them - this is the first. I sincerely do not want to know the details - this is the second. And I am more than happy to hear your exalted exclamations during and after our lovemaking - this is the third. More than that, I am not silly, I see your rapt reaction when something in our bed happens for the first time for you or me, us - this is the fourth. And …’

Franky interrupted Bridget with a smile on her face saying: ‘Ok, Gidge, please, do not continue, I do not want to go to the beach at night to cry out ‘squirt’, ok, that would be too much!’ 

Bridget’s gaze was piercing and serious, as if she was presenting her client's report to the board. ‘Just, do not elaborate, alright? You know exactly how I feel about you, you hear this and see it every day.’ Bridget squeezed tightly Franky’s hands.

Franky really was the best partner she could ever imagine, and she didn’t want her brunette to get upset by some random thoughts in her mind. 

‘I didn’t want to insult you, babe! I thought it’s normal when people compare previous partners with present ones. I just want to make sure…you know…that I am good…not in sex, in general…as a whole, Gidge!’ Saying that, Franky looked down at their two pairs of barefoot in front of one other. She was evidently blushing and was trying to hide that awkwardness of hers. On the one hand, she was immensely sure in her feelings and the feelings towards her, on the other hand, previous negative relationships, as well as the relations with her parents, made her let sprout that seed of ambivalence. That’s why, from time to time, she was unconsciously searching for something to agonize over.  

‘Franky, has anyone told you before you weren’t good enough?’ Bridget raised Franky’s chin very gently with her hand and looked her in the green worried eyes. She loved that brunette so much. She was happy just being with her, holding her hand in hers, having that opportunity to hug her. Ridiculously, she even loved ironing Franky’s shirts. She loved her smell at any part of the day. She loved to be loved.  And sex was only a plus, she could have definitely live without it, other key priorities were at stake. 

‘I’ve never given a chance, you know, I left the latest the next morning. But…’ Franky still couldn’t tell the whole story of her childhood. It scared her. She simply couldn’t reveal 100% of it. It embarrassed her, and frightened simultaneously. She kissed the palm of Bridget’s hand that was still resting on her jawline as a sign for Bridget to talk. 

‘But still, what do you think, is this idea of perfectionism coming from you being a lawyer, or has somebody insulted you verbally, physically?’ The blonde honestly had the wish to understand her woman’s intention. Even though seldom, but she saw how the brunette needed confirmation of her good deeds, verbal or non-verbal never mattered, but she saw how her eyes twinkled at the testimony something was good. 

‘I think both, Gidge! You are right, my legal profession needs me to be precise even in the teensiest bits. I can’t deny, it also gave me strength to act according to my own rules in my life. What concerns being insulted - I dunno exactly, I feel simultaneously sure and insecure.’ Franky was spilling her guts, while buttoning up her girlfriend’s blouse. It felt easier to talk when not looking in those clear blue eyes. 

Bridget also helped her girl to get dressed in the blazer, while they were continuing the conversation. ‘Why didn’t you want to stay for breakfast at least, previously?’ 

‘Felt uncomfortable…’ 

There was some inexplicable beauty in dressing up each other, the same as dressing off, but in some way more intimate. Having been fully buttoned up and prepared for departure to Wentworth, the couple went to the kitchen. They still had 30 minutes free, and they devoted it to drinking tea and digging into the core of the problem. 

‘At the places of your exes, or being with them at daylight?’ Bridget sat in front of her girlfriend, enveloping the hot cup with two hands. She went deep into the details. She acknowledged, such conversations helped them both to get to know each other better and better, to avoid making mistakes. She could still recap in the memory, how long ago, she slapped Franky playfully over the butt, unconsciously too hard, as it turned out, to get a warning from her to never do that again. Even despite the fact, Franky liked patting Bridget over her butt, she always did it very gently. That was exactly that moment, when Bridget realized, there had to be some certain definite reason, according to which the brunette didn’t understand that playful gesture and felt it was painful. Only in several years, Franky would have the courage to tell Bridget about her childhood nightmare, but for now, there had never been any such problems again. So, the blonde was eagerly listening, taking in every detail.  

‘Both. You know, when you enter someone’s apartment, it speaks for the owner.’ Franky gestured around the kitchen, holding a cup in her hand. ‘And entering that flat or house, you, as if asses, try to feel yourself in that new to yourself environment.’ 

‘Right.’ Bridget sipped her tea quietly and was waiting for her brunette to proceed. 

‘And even before we fucked we had nothing in common. It was a challenge to get into the pants.’ She squinted the gaze and folded her hands on the table. 

‘Have you tried to date some of your colleagues in the field, not at the office, but people connected with you professionally?’ The blonde was preparing the grounds for a further verdict. Bridget knew for sure, inspite of Franky's confidence in anything she did, she had certain insecurities, the same as any other person in the world, the same as herself. But, that was bloody essential for the blonde to make anything possible for the lawyer to get rid of those bad thoughts. That was difficult, but they were both on that ride under the title ‘life’. 

‘Yes. The same situation. We communicated about legal things which was nice, but apart from this - a hollow ground. As if we were from different planets. I mean, with my friends I have more in common than with those who presumably could  have become my partners. It’s weird.’ The brunette looked into the blue eyes in front of her. She admitted, that talking about her previous relationships wasn’t that pleasant and even was happy, Bridget never asked those questions before. 

‘When we first met, what did you think about?’ Bridget smiled yet noticeably, not averting her gaze from her lawyer girl. 

‘First - you were like a ray of sun on that stage, second - I had the desire to get to know you. And by our lunch at Wentworth, I wanted to get into your pants.’ Franky revived in memory their first meetings and a happy smile lit her face. 

Bridget smiled back and tilted her head. ‘And we talked…..?’ She allowed Franky to finish the sentence. 

‘About different trifles… we even didn’t touch much the subject of our professional activity. Those fucking stars as if gave me the insight into your soul. And I had never had that before until that evening.’ Franky leaned on the table with her torso visibly, feeling more confident. 

‘And then you saw my house …..?’ Bridget provided another sentence to fill in with the thoughts. 

‘Yes. And it seemed light and I drew a parallel that it was as light as you were there at the conference, like you both had the radiation from within and I thought the house suited you. And I felt freedom, instant freedom when with you and inside the home…yes, it instantly, somehow, felt like home.’ Franky’s voice turned to a gentle one, as if baby Franky was talking.

‘As if we were just meant to be…?’ Bridget gesticulated between both of them for Franky to understand she was talking about them right now and not about the house.  

‘Exactly!’ The answer was more than convincing. Franky proceeded drinking tea eagerly, as if the load had been taken from her shoulders. She was unable to answer, even to herself, why exactly she needed that constant proof, Bridget was happy with her. She saw it and felt it. But that voice in her memory, screaming, she wasn’t enough, didn’t allow her to relax. On the one hand, she was happy it tortured her, as if reminding her, she had to be better and never stop reaching the goals. On the other hand, she was relentlessly afraid, it could affect her and Bridget relationship.  

‘So, we’re done with comparing, I assume?’ Bridget stood up from the table and straightened up her suite. 

‘That was insightful!’ Franky took the cups and followed to the sink to wash them quickly before going out. 

Bridget hugged Franky from behind, while the brunette was washing their cups. ‘You are the best and only for me, baby! And I honestly mean it!’

‘My Gidge!’ Franky turned to Bridget, looking sheepishly at her: ‘May I ask?’

‘Anything, baby!’ Bridget was ready to any question, she was still hugging her girl by the waist. 

‘What did you think about me, when we first met?’ Franky’s eyes expressed timidness and at the same time cockiness, and that made Bridget giggle.

‘I thought you were intelligent, funny, cheeky and possessed some good manners, and I felt some instant connection between us, as if we had a lot in common.’ The blonde felt how her hands were covered by very warm ones, belonging to her girlfriend. 

‘Hm, seems, we really meant to be…’ Franky squeezed her girl’s hands tightly, repeating the action Bridget had done previously to her. 

‘That’s right!’ The blonde whispered. 

They were silently holding each other's hands tight as if their lives depended on each other. Further on, they went to a car to drive together to Wentworth and help inmates with their legal and psychological problems. 





Chapter Text




They say, ‘All roads lead to Rome’, as well as the flight from Australia to Italy flew the couple practically directly from Melbourne to Rome, through Doha. Bridget chose the fastest variant possible: connecting time - three hours and whole trip - 24 hours 35 minutes. Long enough to get tired, but short enough for the airlines not to lose the luggage. 



Bridget trailed her palm over a cheek of a sleeping on her shoulder Franky: 'We arrived, baby!'

'Mmm?' Franky murmured, smacking her lips after a sleep, granting Bridget with her adorable smile.

Roman Pebbles


Fridget Writer Intern

Every country has its smell, have you noticed that? Some countries smell fresh, some - freedom. And it goes without saying, you get the first impression of the city the first minute you appear there. That first impression doesn’t depend on people who show you the sights and tell the legends, no, it depends on the inner communication between your soul and the soul of the city. It is difficult to talk about the image of your native habitat. In the majority of cases, generally, you love it, or even do not care. But what happens to the brain, when it starts to process new smells, new plants, new pavements, new architecture, etc. It assesses, again, as if meeting a new person.

The couple's new acquaintance, majestic Rome, was an easy-going mate. It tempted at night and encouraged in the daylight. 

Roman Pebbles


Fridget Writer Intern

This is the metropolitan city of lights, love, laugh, emotions and unexpected moments. This city never sleeps. And it is never silent. You feel this upon stepping on the first Roman pebble. 

It felt as if the electric current ran through their bodies from the heels, that stepped on that cobbled pavement, directly to their brains, inducing the couple with historical beauty and romantic advances of a millennia-long center of power, culture and even religion. 

The lightheartedness of the Romans could be described through the abbreviation ‘S.P.Q.R’ (Senatus Populusque Romanus // The Senate and People of Rome), which could be found on all important architectural buildings of the city, and was humorously interpreted by the locals as ‘Sono pazzi questi romani // These Romans Are Crazy’. And what was another way to describe people who hired lawyers to help them avoid the law?! Yes, Italy could be so much fun.

Needless to say, the newly-arrived couple was crazy enough and ready enough to feel every color of the city that was so raw and opulently beautiful. There was definitely some magic in that city, it held so many places of tourists’ attraction, historic sites. It seemed loaded with every building or ruin on its way. Simultaneously, the magical was the fact, that despite the city was dense, even among those crowds you could feel as a single unit. You wouldn’t be able to take a proper photograph, though, but definitely would feel authentic real self. 



However, the trip itself was Bridget’s present, Franky wanted to make it even more special for both of them, and the Eternal City of romanticism was more than ideal for a proposal. 

Bridget didn't feel any official tide coming her way in Italy. She naively wanted to treat her woman with positive emotions and hide from day-to-dayness of their existence. In fact, she didn't have an idea of them officially becoming a married couple. They lived together, they shared everything, and that was more than enough. Furthermore, they had never discussed an option of changing their statuses to ‘fiancé’ and later on to ‘wife’. Why? Maybe because they already had a family with plans for the future without being officially declared as a Westfall-Doyle union…

Truth be told, Franky bought that ring long ago. They had known each other for about two years already and dated less than a year and a half. After Bridget niblings’ stay with Franky, the brunette understood she could cope with anything, even with three kids at a time, which was absolutely new and even awkward to her back then. That was also the moment she realized, she felt so settled and so sure in herself, her deeds, feelings. That even her beloved job couldn’t make her feel that way anymore. Honestly, she didn’t need a ceremony, guests, dresses, cakes, she just wanted to make Bridget special and the rest, they would figure out later. 

So, about half a year ago, Franky decided to buy a ring. She didn’t have an exact day in her head to propose on, she just bought it in advance. And that ‘in advance’ was subsequently a trip to Italy. She kept that Tiffany box securely hidden in her law books in one of her paper boxes in the study. 

There wasn’t any idea to impress anyone with that Tiffany ring, the story was pretty simple: many years ago she suddenly saw one of the rings of that make and absolutely loved it. She couldn’t buy it to herself, there wasn’t any practical purpose in it, even despite she liked it immensely. So, later on, she made a decision: IF one day, she had a girl, she’d buy that ring for a proposal. And Franky never betrayed her own promises. 

That was a Tiffany Harmony collection, white gold ring with a round shape cut diamond, very classic and very beautiful. At first sight, Franky realized the ring would suit her girl. 

It was expensive. But what were dreams for? Right, to make even the craziest of them come true, thought the brunette and was happy having that gem ring in her possession. 

There was an interesting trait of character in the green-eyed woman. Though, she wanted that kind of ring to herself, she would have never bought it, but she would  - to her love. And that concerned not only expensive things. The least, she could easily buy an ice cream to the blonde late at night when she was asked with puppy eyes, but she’d think a hundred times if she had to buy that ice cream to herself and surely if that wish appeared at night the answer would be a total ‘no’. That wasn't a matter of sacrifice or setting priorities, that was just her real self. To do something for herself - she would search for the reason, to do something for the one she loved - she would search for opportunity.



That special night Franky booked a Vespa, to ride around the night city with Bridget, and at some romantic place, in her point of view, to propose. 

Franky, herself, had never been riding a motorbike. However, she was in Italy for the first time in her life. She wanted to merge with its authenticity as much as possible. Those small cute Vespas were all around the city, white, black, red, moving fast, delivering people and goods to any part of the city. The way, it would be driving them from site to site.

They both decided to be lady rock&rollas that evening, wearing light dresses and leather biker jackets with leather boots, accompanied by some metal pendants on leather strings. Both women liked when they chose practically the same outfits for their days and nights out, they believed it was another sign of connection, especially, owning to the fact that they both had different preferences in clothes. 

They were buzzing down small cobbled alleyways and got a fascinating view of Rome's legendary nightlife. Their hair was waved in the Roman air, their dresses were shaken by the breeze of unexpectedness throughout the Vespa tour, Bridget’s hands fastened securely around the brunette’s waist, Franky’s smile plastered firmly on her face…


Stop One. 


The almighty Colosseum was a starting point of their Vespa journey. It looked wonderful. Projectors had only started their job for that night. Yellow light from the inside of the amphitheater tempted to get inside. With the admission tickets, the couple was allowed in the Flavian amphitheater, where Gladiators would fight for their lives and emperors would win the people's hearts.

Franky booked a show for them to see, mainly an acted out fight. The ‘warriors’ wore special outfits and were masters of weapons, which created the atmosphere of a real battle. The improvised performance awoke in memory of both of the women the film ‘Gladiator’ when they saw the sparkles of weaponry amid violent confrontations… 

Seemed, some of the audience were more prepared than the couple, wearing medieval clothes and waving their intricate fans, screaming something in Italian and raising their thumbs up or down. 

It was a good opening scene for their night of adventures, it set the mood and at the same time blended the old and the modern just in front of the couple’s eyes.


Stop Two. 


Piazza Navona, with its beautiful square, dominated by the famous fountain of the four rivers, met them with many restaurants and people queuing at their entrances, waiting for a vacant table. 

There were sketchers, dancers, theater performers, but both women enjoyed the artistry of a painter, portraying the night sky and the tree lit by a moon with the help of only a can, a paper card and aerosol paint. Within seven minutes the amusing masterpiece was ready, which fascinated the couple: how could worldwide known painters spend years on canvases, when people were able to create no less talented works within minutes.

The southern part of the square revealed the view of the Campo de' Fiori or Field of Flowers. There were lots of flower markets, vegetable markets, bars and restaurants. 

Franky was holding Bridget by the hand when they were approached by a little and a very expressive Italian man: ‘F’iori per belle donne?’. Franky couldn't resist and bought a little bouquet of Cornflowers of intensely blue, purple, accompanied by white Daisies. 

Interestingly, during the day, there weren't any flower-boys in Rome. As if they were in the fields, picking up beautiful plants to be sold later at night. And so was every part of the city, abundant of secrets as well as filled with emotions. 

Soon they walked into a flash mob. A group of dancers were reviving a famous ‘Thriller’ dance and a couple couldn't but joined a steadily growing crowd. They both were so free, they savored every moment together, performing energetic movements with ease. Having learned that dance some time ago, neither of the women could ever suppose they would need to show off their dancing abilities one day.

Rejoiced, they moved on into the night. 


Stop Three. 


While they were exploring tiny and colorful alleys of Trastevere, they found an authentic bar with craft Italian beer and nice live music. 

They were enjoying their night out as well as chatty people, highly gesticulating every word said. It was funny to watch them. Impossible to say, Straya didn't like using their hands amid dialogues, but the Italians - they were majestically virtuoso. 

Franky had an alcohol-free glass of beer, but couldn't hold out against making a gulp of the one, Bridget chose to try. It was a crisp, refreshing lager that exuded Italian style with a hint of citrus. It differed from the assortments they had in Australia. European beer had other shades of flavor, the same as the Australian wine had distinct tinge of fruits or even nuts that lacked in other wines. That beer was absolutely worth being added into the pallet of flavors tasted. 


Stop Four. 


With its irregular butterfly design, beautiful Spanish Steps met the couple with a wide irregular mix of curves, straight flights, vistas, and terraces. 

Unfortunately, people were becoming more and more disrespectful towards the heritage even of their own countries. So, the newly-arrived couple couldn’t sit on the steps, as it was already a UNESCO site and as so much damage was caused to the marble, fines had been introduced by the local government. Back for centuries, that place was a well-known meeting point, posed for people to eat and chat, as well as for artists and poets to pursue their dream and career. 

Even though, Bridget shared a memory how she was walking up and down the smooth marble stairs, the way she was cooling down after a hot day, sitting on them, eating gelato and drinking coffee. 

And somehow those memories drove her to the marble figures she saw and touched in Louvre, Paris.  She mentioned, it was prohibited to touch them, and all those statutes were outlined by a velvet rope, though it didn’t prevent the blonde from breaching the law. 

Her story was so appealing, that Franky wanted to buy tickets for them to fly to Paris to touch those marble women figures herself. 

Well, she would, of course, but not that time, for sure.


Stop Five. 


The exact spot of a very important moment for both women was Trevi Fountain. That fountain was considered to be the most beautiful one in the world. 

Franky decided to tell Bridget a myth about ‘Three Coins in the Fountain’, but not till the end.  

Seemed, that any water surface, in any part of the globe, could be approached by coins for luck. According to the tradition, a person had to throw the coin with their right hand over the left shoulder and wait for whatever luck had in the store for them. 

Bridget, being previously in Rome, didn’t know about the tradition of three coins to be thrown into the fountain. She knew the one about exactly one coin to be thrown to return to Rome again. She smiled to herself, that the tradition worked, so she expressed her belief in the myth and hoped, three coins would also bring something good, whatever that was. 

Bridget took three euro cents into her right hand, turned her back to the fountain, and threw them over her left shoulder and into the fountain. Franky repeated the same activity. When they both were standing facing the water, looking for their coins in there, Bridget asked: ‘Will you tell me the story behind the myth, baby?’

Franky smiled to her girl and began the story: ‘In the fifties there was a film called ‘Three Coins in the Fountain’ about three women, hoping to find love in Rome. So, according to that movie, if you throw exactly three coins - you will marry the person that you met. That’s the story!’

‘Lovely!’ Bridget kissed Franky in the lips.

‘Actually, Bridget, I want to check if it works’, with these words Franky kneeled in front of her woman (simultaneously both of them could hear enthusiastic sighs of adoration by a huge collection of people around), took a Tiffany box out of the pocket of her leather jacket, opened it and raised her hand higher at the level of Bridget’s waist. Bridget’s genuine reaction and a gasp of unexpectedness amused Franky. She tugged the ring out of the box, took Bridget’s left hand in hers and asked:

‘Will you be with me, Gidge?’

‘I will! Yes! I will!’ Bridget smiled happily to the woman standing in front of her on her knees, putting a ring on her finger. She hadn’t expected that to happen. She even hadn’t noticed herself to answer to the proposal. She was honestly unprepared, to the shake in her hands. 

Just at the moment, when Bridget pulled Franky to stand up, the brunette took Bridget into her arms and waltz her in an embrace. Putting her girl back to the marbled floor of the fountain case, she leaned to kiss her lovingly and whispered: 

‘You are the best myth that became a reality, and I cannot allow myself to let you go.’ Franky rested her hands on the small of Bridget’s back, tagging her closer and closer. 

Hearing back: ‘You are the best reality that seems a myth, Franky. I love you! I love you so much!’. Bridget was trailing her fingers along the spine, sending shivers to Franky’s body. 

They stood near the fountain with their foreheads connected, smiling to each other, feeling the blend of the blue and the green in an intimate dance of love. They were so In the moment that they couldn’t hear shouting people, locals and tourists, watching and congratulating them. They were happy, they were alive, they were connected. 

Franky couldn't believe herself she actually did propose. Everything seemed to happen so quickly, that the only sign, reminding the scene was ‘filmed’ was a very cheerful face of her beloved best blonde person near her, studying a shiny ring. Bridget was looking Franky in the eyes, wordlessly. Those heavenly blue eyes, transferring love and devotion, made the brunette think of the impossibility - a human being could possess that amazing twinkle in the eyes to any of her deeds. She had never experienced that joy before. 


Some people might think a ring could make them committed, but for those two, that ring was a combination of their journey. Not the start of the family as it was started long before, not a declaration of them officially becoming engaged, as they were already engaged in every activity of each other's lives. That would be a ring symbolizing their future child, no less.  


Bridget didn't want that night to finish. She’d never stop being astonished by Franky's romantic nature. She was so genuine in every wonder she performed, that the only thing Bridget could commit that night, was to better Franky's make up by applying some gelato over her soft lips. 

Hand in hand, they strode to a nearby Gelateria ‘Gelateria Valentino’, which was only a two-minute walk from the fountain. That Gelateria wasn’t only a tourist attraction site, but produced really delicious ice cream. 

Valentino, a charismatic man, told the story of ice cream making, and suggested a great variety of choices.



The coconut was creamy and full of natural flavor and pieces of coconut. 



The cherry was fabulously scrumptious. 



The Oreo, although not their priority, was a rave hit too! 



Then of course there was mango, and tiramisu, and pistachio with pieces of nuts, and also strawberry with fresh red fruits, they were unable to stop trying each of the flavors available, they all were delicious… 



One more characteristic, that united both women, was an indisputable fact of them being relentless kids and notably not so deep inside. 

Valentino was bemused watching two women, holding three cones with seven flavors of gelato. They were giggling, chirping to each other some stories he couldn't hear, from time to time dancing, expressively moving their arms and hips, feeding each other delicious tastes and being absolutely free. 

He detected, those two were as free as their Italian happy kids. He rarely had the chance to witness this, as many tourists, even being on holidays, were still concerned about the way they looked, talked, to say nothing, they couldn't let go thoughts about their jobs. 

If his gelato, the one he so craftily and lovingly molded, could have been impersonated, he wanted it to possess qualities of a raven-green and a blonde-blue.




Chapter Text



The couple was traveling from one city to another, enjoying those incredible views not only from within but from above as well. The lakes, rivers, the ocean, the bushes, and the trees – everything looked so colorful from the birds’ fly. 

The world was created to love and feel, breathe and experience. 

Their next city on the list was Garda. Lake Garda - one of the largest in Italy, got its name after a Germanic word ‘warda’ meaning ‘place of safety’. 

And it really was a very peaceful site. It had crystal clear water with deep blue color and shades of cerulean and celestial, mixing with teal blue at the parts where the lake met the mountains. It was safe enough for two swans to pay daily visits to the harbor and salute both travelers. The swans were dazzling white, their feathers glistened under the sun. They were quite friendly and allowed people to touch and pet them. 

The couple’s afternoon ritual comprised several funs: to come to their appointed spot with delicacies for lake birds to feed them, exclaim when being pinched over the palm, run at the bank of the lake, and sit on pebbles, sticking into their bums and hips while chatting and catching rays of the Venetian sun. 

That city differed from other Italian ones because it was very quiet. There were people, lots of them, especially at the territory near the lake, which was occupied from rise to dawn. Still, it was inexplicably serene there. 

Garda Swans


Fridget Writer Intern

Water is a symbol of depths of one’s consciousness and the swans always stay atop of it. These birds never dive with their full bodies into the water. As if representing their sober attitude towards life and the choice of a partner. 

Swans are known to transform from small, ugly, and clumsy, into large, beautiful, and graceful, as though allegorically depicting the transformation of life of the couple.

Having become mature and ready, they discovered each other amid flowing waters, staying forever together, wing to wing, without hiding from each other under the depths of material tides.

The brunette was standing on the balcony of their suite, overlooking the lake, piercing into the line, where it met the sky. In that early hour, the color of the water was especially beautiful. 

At nature, always busy lawyer felt at home, free and energetic. There, things were alive and pulsating, beautiful and grotesque at once. 

Franky made up her mind to retrieve a photo camera from a traveling bag to make some photos around the place where they lived, while Bridget would be attending a seminar on criminal psychology. 

Franky registered to herself, she liked the idea of ‘me time’ even during a joint holiday. Why not, she thought. If Bridget needed that seminar for her professional development then it wasn't a problem. It would have bothered the brunette if her fiancé wouldn't have had anything to do except sleep, eat and fuck. 

Frankly speaking, that whole trip was so inspiring for the lawyer, that it made her get back to her secret creative passion - photography. She was wandering around the corners of her memory, trying to recollect what happened that made her forget about the camera. Was she too busy jumping from one bed to another? Was there an abundance of cases to work on?

To Franky's despair, finally, it dawned on her: one of her mates told her, she was behaving like a child capturing every grass, and it somehow laid an impact on her and resulted in sealing the camera case for several years. It was stupid from her side, she knew it, to listen to a person, even though they were from her close circle of mates. 

Standing on that balcony she acknowledged, she did have to filter those comments, do what she felt like doing, because that was her life, her passion, her hobby, more than that, it made her feel as an artist. Franky could never paint, though she wanted to. When she was a kid, she was asking her mother to teach her, but always got a rejection. Instead, she received an answer if she wanted to learn something, she had to do that herself. It was insulting for a little Franky to get such sharp replies from her mother, however, it molded her character, she had become will-powered from an early age. And finally, she learned to draw, but through the prism of her eyes in the format of a Joint Photographic Group.

She traveled ten years back to her adulthood, recalling herself, taking a photograph of a sunset on the northern end of the Sunshine Coast. The mix of olympic and teal colors of the water, connecting with the rainbow color of the sand, captured by Bronica, evoked pleasant emotions. In a snap, she nosed the smell of chemicals, remembering herself developing that photograph, which was now stashed in her phone, already in a digital format. 

She was imagining, how she would retrieve her camera from a box. The way, she would feel the black cover of its body, the way the sound of a clasping mirror would signal the completion of action. 

She was smiling. Seemed, her life started to obtain colors. 

And there were so many shades of blue in it… 

Franky decided to give her girl several more minutes to sleep, while was trying to distract herself with a picturesque view. 

Bridget was laying on their bed half asleep, with both her hands under the nape of her neck, watching Franky. Her exquisite shape was hidden behind a transparent organza curtain, that, with its tremble in the air, filled the room with fresh aroma of flowers and morning bakery from a restaurant. Bridget realized, her brunette fiancé had seen a lot of beautiful sights in her life, as far as Australia was a picturesque country, though, she noticed how her woman was discreetly mesmerized by everything they had seen in Italy so far. The climate and nature were absolutely perfect there. 

She was musing, how the country was opening up from a different angle with the right person. How this elegant brunette empowered freedom and confidence into both of them. 

Bridget had always had a big family, her brother, his wife, her nephew and two nieces, they spent all holidays together and met each other so often that it was impossible to feel sad or get bored even for a day. Simultaneously, she had never considered she had a family of her own in a traditional sense of that word. She had never felt that with either of her partners. Just until her cheeky girl had appeared in her life and so determinedly, with ease, eloquently changed her Universe. 

And on that cheek, and o’er that brow, 

So soft, so calm, yet eloquent, 

The smiles that win, the tints that glow, 

But tell of days in goodness spent, 

A mind at peace with all below, 

A heart whose love is innocent!

Somehow, Bridget also thought about photography. More of a portrait and silhouette, though. She pictured how beautiful her olive-tanned girl would look next to those white organza curtains lit by the sundown, how her toned body would reveal the outline of muscles on black-and-white shots… 

Bridget had some idea in her mind, to incorporate which, she shall need the photographs, and soon she would have to find proper time to communicate that idea to Franky.

Her dozing was interrupted by the brunette, who ran inside the room and smashed onto the bed close to her, then placed her head on the blonde’s stomach, watching the ceiling. Bridget started caressing black tresses, pleasantly massaging the scalp of her girl. When Bridget transferred her hand on Franky’s chest, the brunette raised it to have a better view of a shining diamond.

‘You are mine, Gidge!’ She pronounced gently, as if not wanting to wake up the blonde.

‘Have always been.’ Bridget stated with her sleepy voice.



Franky kissed Bridget’s knuckles and dragged the blonde’s hand to her cheek. The aroma of Bridget’s skin calmed Franky and at the same time evoked the desire to fuse in one body.



Franky turned to her stomach propping herself up on one elbow and with another hand started discovering Bridget’s body, still covered under light linen. With her index finger, she accurately stroked the blonde’s eyelids and asked:

‘How do I call this sea blue stare in Italian?’

‘La occhi.’ Bridget smiled gracefully at her inquisitive beautiful brunette. 

Franky repeated after Bridget, smiling: ‘I love your occhi, babe!’

Then she softly touched pink tender lips with her thumb, trailing the ideal contour, and asked: 

‘What’s this?’

‘Le labbra’

Franky repeated the word, not averting the gaze from her beloved nude pink, and kissed Bridget gently. ‘And what have I done? How should I call the action?’ She kissed her blonde fiancé again.


Franky repeated the word as well as the action. She then deepened the kiss and played with Bridget’s tongue. ‘And this?’

'La lingua.’ Bridget giggled, predicting what was going to be next.

‘And where is this seductive lingua of yours located?’ She smiled playfully.

‘La bocca’

Franky repeated already known activity and moved further exploring Bridget’s body. She placed several kisses on her neck: ‘And this?’

‘Il collo’

Franky fixed her eyes on Bridget’s lips, while the blonde was pronouncing new to the lawyer words. ‘You have wonderful pronunciation, you know, Gidge?’

Bridget couldn’t suppress laughter, making Franky giggle as well. 

Kissing the shoulder the brunette asked: ‘I baciare your …?’ She raised her tone at the end of the question, allowing Bridget to continue the sentence. 

‘… la spalla. And you are a quick learner, baby!’ The blonde pulled Franky by the ham of her T-shirt for a kiss. 

‘It is very smooth, baby!’ Franky was moving down Bridget’s body kissing every inch of it. When she reached the breasts, she took them in both hands, massaging gently, stroking smooth honey skin, making Bridget moan.

‘And this?’

‘La seni’

‘Do you know that your la seni fit my la bocca just perfectly, babe?’ Franky’s gaze darkened, when she leaned to kiss Bridget’s breasts, one at a time.

‘Yeah, I noticed that!’ Bridget giggled and stroked her girl’s back.

Franky took the left nipple into her mouth and sucked it in, tickling it with her tongue, then she replicated the activity with the right nipple, took the whole breast into her mouth, then sucked in the nipple again, biting it at parting, causing Bridget to slightly squeal.

‘And this?’

‘Il capezzolo’

‘After I kissed il capezzolo it looks like a raspberry, look… they definitely like my tongue!’

Bridget, giggling and making Franky come up to kiss her, answered: ‘They absolutely Love your tongue, baby!’

Franky, without moving from her lover’s lips, smiled widely and placed her hand on Bridget’s hot pubis: ‘And this?’

‘Do you need a term word or a ‘puss’?' Bridget asked Franky, dragging her closer by the waist, kissing her passionately.

‘Mmm.. ‘a puss’. The brunette deepened the kiss. 

When the women parted for air Bridget answered: ‘Farfallina, it means ‘a little butterfly’’.

‘I want to make your little butterfly fly, my Italian girl!’ She winked playfully. 

‘Tu sei la mia felicità!’ Bridget enveloped the small of Franky’s back, sliding her hands down the brunette’s spine, and under the waistband of her panties. 

‘What? *Franky suddenly straddled Bridget* Do they have an interpreter here?’ She exclaimed into the air, laughing, making movements towards the phone: ‘We should call in a Room Interpreter!’ Franky grimaced, waiting for Bridget to translate.

‘You are my happiness, Franky!’ Bridget’s cheeks were covered in a girlish blush. She silenced. 

‘Ti amo!’ Franky feather touched Bridget’s jawline, while transferring her body in  a laying position to be atop of the blonde, to make it more convenient to look into her favorite blues. 

They both were piercing into each other’s eyes motionless for several seconds. Happy smiles on their faces. Until Franky broke the silence:

‘Gidge, before I…you know…go catch the butterfly, I desperately need to know, what’s the Italian for this?’

Feeling a squeeze on her butt, Bridget answered: ‘Mozzicone.’ She laughed, kissing and hugging her curious woman, rolling her over a wide bed. 

After a linguistically and sexually induced morning, Franky and Bridget went to the city to busy themselves: Bridget had a two hour seminar, Franky decided to spend these hours outdoors, taking photographs. She hadn't done that for quite a time, so that opportunity was devoted to both: check, if she still liked it as well as see if she still could do it. 

Alongside cobbled pavements, there were lots of different wildflowers. Franky enjoyed the view of rocks, kneeling down deep into the warm lake. It might depend on the timing, but that harbor was isolated. 

A brownish dove flew just in front of Franky’s eyes, catching her attention, and landing on one of the rocks, that showed its top from the blue water. Not to frighten the dove, Franky silently laid down on the smooth pebble stones, which were causing a slight discomfort, digging into the ribs. She was fully prepared to take a photograph of a bird, that seemed to enjoy its reflection in the lake. When the shot was taken, Franky pressed the preview mode, and still laying on the warm stones adjusted the settings. As there was water, which added up the light to the camera, the brunette increased shutter speed and made another snap with a smaller aperture. Franky zoomed in that second image and was content with the result. Extra light was offset, the pigeon looked more distinct as well as its perfect reflection mirrored in the lake. She still was able to do it. She still adored it.

Walking around the lake bank, Franky was taking macro photos of flowers, capturing glistening drops of water on colorful petals. She spent several minutes, walking after a butterfly, that had a piece of yellow dodder in her legs, so as to catch an elegant shade of purple on her fluffy forewings. She took several landscape photographs with ideally formed clouds, reflected in the rippling lake, accompanied by a macaroon tinge of the sun. 

She was enjoying every minute. 

She felt settled. 

Several hours later a couple met to move on into a fun afternoon. After their meeting with the swans, they found themselves in the center of the city, which was lit by a lavish sun.

‘When I first was here, I suddenly came across a cafe on wheels selling frozen yogurt. You should try. Your inner chef would definitely enjoy it. It absolutely differs from the one sold at home.’ The blonde still had in mind to try Italian specialties with her fiancé and Lago di Garda was just the venue to put a tick in front of another traditional dish on the list. 

‘What do you think about that cozy cafe?’ Franky suggested, gesturing to the building. 

It was an average Italian cafe with a calligrapher menu on a blackboard and little tables scattered densely around the area surrounded by leather sofas. 

They decided to take a seat at the window to have a view of the city. Garda was green. Various trees and flowers decorated it. There were loads of traditional Oleander shrubs of white, pink, orange, and red colors. These little trees could be met around whole Italy, it was like a business card of the country. At their table, in the center of it, there was a tiny white vase with a branch of a white Oleander, which definitely created the atmosphere. 

The pleasure of frozen yogurt was in its freshness and softness, along with the tantalizing flavor of gelato and simultaneously not being ice cream. Originally, it was of a white color and vanilla flavor. The most confusing thing in the process of ordering frozen yogurt was to choose the flavor of confiture. And usually, there were as many choices as types of gelato in Italy.

‘Try apricot, it’s the best.’ Bridget suggested, already foreseeing a negative answer. Seemed, that Franky ate everything, especially, when it was deliciously cooked. But somehow she disliked apricot jam or dried apricots, as it was too sweet for her. Having known that ridiculous side of her girl, Bridget, nevertheless, suggested the best taste possible.

‘I do not like apricot. Maybe farfallina?’ Franky grinned cheekily at the blonde.

'Franky!' Bridget smiled back, tilting her head to the right, out of embarrassment. She liked that cocky behavior of her woman.

'What? You weren't that shy this morning, Gidge!' Franky was smiling, her tip of the tongue stuck in between her teeth.

Bridget moved her leg under the table in the direction of the brunette touching bare legs of the most flirtatious person: 'So?'

'Spoilsport!' Franky gasped. 'Maybe mango?' 

Bridget smiled with consent. ‘You can take mango, and I’ll take apricot, then.’ Bridget knew, Franky would love apricot flavor, but she didn't want to impose her choice. 


When the frozen yogurt was served, Bridget took a spoonful of hers with the apricot confiture, that was already starting to freeze, and put it into her mouth. She closed the eyes and moaned with satisfaction, smacking her lips afterwards. Franky looked at the blonde hungrily, swallowed, and tried the desert of her choice. 

‘It’s tasty! Really, I want to get to know the recipe to cook it for us. But I don’t like mango jam, it’s too plain.’

‘Try mine. Though you don’t like processed apricot you will enjoy the incorporation of savoriness and sweetness alongside the milky yogurt.’

‘Tiny seducer!’ Bridget was always able to find proper words to talk Franky even into the food she usually didn’t eat. The brunette leaned her torso to the centre of the table to take a tiny bit of apricot sweetness, generously presented by her woman, and spread it over her taste buds. ‘Mmm it is absolutely delicious! I should have listened to you, Gidge!’

‘Always!’ Bridget winked to Franky and gestured to the brunette to open her mouth again as she gave a spoonful of frozen yogurt enveloped in a newly-preferred by her girl taste.     

Strikingly, Bridget was the only person to Franky’s memory who was allowed to feed her from spoons or forks or even hands. She never allowed that to be done by anyone. She considered that as an invasion of her personal space. That was something new, she was getting used to, but she absolutely loved it. Loved the way Bridget was looking at her, while feeding. That was the look of adoration, respect, a mix of intimacy and sustainability. Now Franky understood why people did that in romantic movies. The least, she guessed, it was not romanticism, but a sign of care and acceptance of that care. And she loved to receive that from her already fiancé.



Chapter Text






Flourishing Florence


Fridget Writer Intern

When you travel to Italy, or any other new country, there are certain places you can't omit visiting, and not only due to their historical significance, but because of their beauty and atmosphere. And certainly, you have to pop up at all small towns coming on your way, if traveling by car, for instance. They will be like tattoos on people’s skin, telling the inner stories of the country. 

There is a certain trick: the good way to check whether the city suits you, is to go around non-touristic sites. The only way you can breathe real authenticity is by means of touching with the sole of your sneakers the undisguised dust of the country. And if that reality would still fascinate you - then your choice of a country is correct.

The couple’s next stop was Florence, white and turquoise city. It was so different. Rome’s architecture seemed to be golden, Vatican City - white, Garda - green because of the plethora of plants, enlacing the buildings. And so many other colors to discover awaited the blonde and the brunette.  

The name of the city spoke for itself - ‘Flourishing’. Florence had always been buoyant, even under weather-beat. 

Florence imposed the mood of history and significance within centuries. That colorful place presented the world with well-known artists, explorers, and as it happened, the western hemisphere itself was named after a Florentine writer and mapmaker Amerigo Vespucci. To say nothing about the Medici, who showed how to conduct the statecraft. 

Truth be told, women arrived there not to go around the museums. Visiting main squares could be enough. The elegance and uniqueness in its best. 

Flourishing Florence


Fridget Writer Intern

One of the remarkable things in traveling to unknown places is that you do not know people, so you do not care about anyone unless it's your partner, picturesque view and you yourself.



After Bridget and Franky had traversed up the winding staircases inside the Duomo to see some of the best sights of Florence, a beautiful view of Tuscan countryside enveloped them through the distance, with the impressive palaces and churches in the fore. It also provided the couple with the choice of a spot to try traditional Italian coffee.

They were going through tiny streets where the cobble glistened chicory and chocolate under the sun, passing crowded cafés and gelataries, feeling as Florence was gingerly working its charms and paving its way through their hearts.

Finally, they reached Piazza del Duomo, the epicenter of Tourists and of course the Renaissance. The Florentine sky lit the piazzas with romanticism and energy. Even despite there were flocks of visitors from different countries, there was an inexplicable safe bubble around the couple. Maybe it was due to the fact that in Europe, people minded their own business. Maybe it was just them, that they didn’t need anything except themselves. 



After a morning walk around the city, they decided to visit a teensy world of their favorite vital brew in a nearby coffee shop. Upon opening the door, the couple was as if smashed by a heady odor of coffee and spices. The place was congested with people, but for some reason it wasn’t as loud as the rest of the country. Coffee really did something to the folk, calmed them down, made them more resilient, compassionate and absolutely cheerful. 

Franky and Bridget were met at the entrance by a tall, handsome brunet with a kind smile, very service-minded. They were fallowing the host, taking in the decor of a coffee shop. Much of the café’s style could be seen in its beautiful decorations and furniture from 1920s time. Exactly that period, when the great salons were in vogue and filled with crystal chandeliers, contemporary paintings and sculptures and delicious dark wood paneling. 



‘Do you know that coffee is another type of endorphin, Gidge?’ 

‘I do not need coffee!’

‘What? You love it!’

‘I do! But to be happy I need you’

‘Oh you are such a cutie, Gidge!’



When both women were at the table in front of a window with a wide windowsill and a patterned mattress with pillows on it, Franky asked the host if they could sit on it. When the permission was granted, they took their shoes off and sat on the windowsill. The café was at the Arno River overlooking the Ponte Vecchio medieval stone closed-spandrel segmental arch bridge. The view was magnificent and the smell in the café was perfect, the atmosphere was tranquil, and it seemed the time stood still.  



‘Here the coffee is served in a heated cup in order to maintain its warmth and enhance its flavor to the fullest’, Bridget broke the silence, leaning her back leisurely against the wall of the window. 

‘Mmm. I want to try it. Is here anything as delicious as the view?’ Franky was  following the suit, leaning against the opposite wall. She was massaging her feet to get them relaxed after an intensive morning excursion. 

‘Do you mind me being your guide in coffee flavors?’ Bridget, having received a positive answer from her brunette, asked the waiter for some ingredients for their future drink.

‘All ears, spunky’, Franky winked at Bridget and smiled cheerfully.

‘Then, I want you to sit comfortably and listen to the story from Aosta Valley.’ Bridget lowered her voice, so it sounded as if she was reading a good night story. ‘There, people believe that whoever doesn’t drink in their company is either a thief or a spy. Later, that concept was elaborated in an Italian saying…’

‘In coffee veritas!’ Franky exclaimed giggling.

‘Absolutely, Ms. smart lawyer!’ The blonde smiled, looking at a happy brunette. 

‘You know, I also do not drink with people whom I do not trust.’ The brunette shared another secret of hers.

‘Me neither. But if we had lived in those times, we could have been considered as those who wanted to hide something.’ Bridget provided a mischievous smirk. 

‘And could have been burnt as witches!’ The brunette made the voice sound mysterious. 

‘I would have lost you in no time, Franky!’ Bridget giggled and smiled playfully at the direction of her fiancé.

‘Oh God! You are a great teaser, Gidge!’ Franky pinched Bridget by the toe. It was a favorite habit of the blonde to tease the brunette, it definitely entertained her. 

‘Well’, Bridget raised the intonation to follow with the story, ‘people in Aosta Valley believe in friendship and loyalty…’

‘Is coffee served with Sodium Pentothal?!’ Franky interjected giggling. 

‘Do you have anything to hide from me?’ Bridget squinted her gaze as if suspecting something. 

Franky stretched her legs forward, put the right one on the left. Now they were hidden in between the window and Bridget. ‘Ha! No! I know you are a witch, no, wouldn’t dare!’ She petted with her toes Bridget’s thigh comfortingly, as though proving she was joking.

‘Are you afraid of me?’ Bridget narrowed her eyes even more, allowing the edges of her lips to raise slightly.

‘To lose you, yes.’ Suddenly, Franky’s demeanor changed. She instantly became serious. 

‘Baby? Being sentimental?’ 

Bridget enjoyed the way they maintained the conversation, it was always a dialogue and even though they could interrupt each other by saying something naughty or joking, it never spoiled the moment but only heated the topic and showed genuine interest. She wasn’t really thinking about that much, but her new status as fiancé made her highlight this fact in their relationship. As well as it made her recollect how much effort she was putting into her previous relations to no avail. With her cheeky girl everything seemed different and easy. 

‘No, sorry, Gidge! Just the truth! Go on!’ Franky put on an indifferent look as if nothing had been said previously. She was still a little hedgehog. In case something touchy appeared on her way, she rolled into a ball, not to show off her fragility to the fullest.  

Bridget saw those sharp defensive spines but continued on telling the story with  brightness on her face: ‘People from that valley originated a tradition to drink their coffee all together from the same bowl and called that bowl a Cup of Friendship! And before you interrupt, we are not going to smoke a ceremonial Peace pipe!’

‘My girl!’ Franky smiled and petted Bridget’s foot, transferring touches into a massage. She loved every part of her woman. It was natural for both of them to touch each other, even if it was a light brush of their shoulders. 

While Bridget was trying to tell the story with Franky interrupting her, a waiter brought the ingredients, the pot, 2 wooden cups, matches and a little electric stove for further activity and arranged everything on the table adjacent to the windowsill.

‘How is it called, Gidge?’

‘Caffè alla Valdostana’

‘Oh, I can see Grappa…will we drink?’ Franky smacked her lips joyfully.

‘We will need 2 small cups of it.’

‘Can I help you?’

‘Sure!’ Bridget kindly accepted help from Franky.

They were both sitting with their legs crossed, took a small pot and put inside of it 4 small cups of coffee, 2 small cups of Grappa, 8 tablespoons of sugar, some lemon zest, some cinnamon, 4 buds of cloves and some juniper berry followed by several drops of orange juice.

‘Now we have to put it on the stove until sugar is melt’, having pronounced these words Bridget got hold of a pot to put it on the hot electric stove. Franky was following every stage of preparation of coffee according to a new recipe.

Bridget took the cups and wet the rims of them in orange juice to be later covered by sugar. She poured hot ‘melted’ coffee in the cup and to Franky’s surprise set it on fire, after which she covered the cup with a wooden saucer and waited a couple of minutes. She took off the saucer and gave a cup to Franky. 

The brunette inhaled the aroma: ‘Cool! Looks fascinating! Can I prepare the one for you?’

Bridget nodded and watched how the brunette was pouring and igniting coffee for her. When both cups were filled with deliciously smelling elixir they sat very close to each other with their backs to the café and faces to the river.  

‘When drinking this coffee, people from the valley look each other in the eyes and pronounce a toast ‘To confident people’’. Bridget was finishing the legend. 

‘Will we exchange the cups? I want to get inside that mind of yours, babe?’ Franky stuck out the tip of her tongue playfully and smiled kindly, displaying her exquisite dimples.

‘Just my mind?’ Bridget smirked.

Franky nudged her blonde woman slightly and giggled. They raised their cups in the air, locked their eyes, voiced the toasts and sipped from cups.

‘Oh, fuck! That’s delicious!’ Franky cursed while drinking her portion of truth elixir. It was moderately sweet, with elegant notes of raisins, spices and woody nuances intricately blended with the intensity of Italian coffee. It was more than fucking delicious. 

‘I am happy you like it, Franky!’ Bridget would never tell Franky, that was the first time she was preparing coffee according to that exact recipe. She had tried so many ones, seemed Caffè alla Valdostana remained the only one undiscovered. And the legend of its origin seemed not so conventional to be told. She was absolutely happy her woman of the heart, brain and soul appreciated her effort. She really wanted this so much. 

The brunette put her hand over Bridget’s knee and they were sitting like that, sipping their flavored coffee, exchanging their cups from time to time, talking about something important and less and looking forward into their mutual eternity.   



After Bridget took a shower and was walking through the hall to the room, she found Franky lying down on the floor. The music was on. 

A very professional lawyer was lying on her back with her eyes closed. Tickets to their next destination, leaflets and pencils, pants and shirts, were scattered over the floor. The room smelled coffee and vanilla perfume. On the table there was the evidence of a pleasant aroma. Judging by the vapor above the cups, coffee in them was still hot. 

Franky knew Bridget’s morning routine quite well. The blonde loved sitting on the chair, covered in a robe, with her washed hair drying naturally, her knees to the chin, sipping leisurely her favorite vital drink.

Bridget smiled, having registered the cups. 

‘You good, baby?’ She startled, when she saw her brunette not even stirring, lying peacefully on the floor. Not that Franky had never been spending time working or resting on the floor. The blonde hadn’t expected to see her so serene listening to a shrill, intimate, deep tune. 

‘Yeah! Come here! Lie down…Listen!’ Not changing the position, Franky raised the hand, motioning for Bridget to join her. 


🎵 A lot of hope in a one man tent 

There's no room for innocence 

So take me home before the storm 

Velvet mites will keep us warm


Morning, keep the streets empty for me 

Morning, keep the streets empty for me 🎵

Fever Ray ‘Keep the Streets Empty For Me’


Bridget watched the way Franky’s hand was dancing in the air, as if she was directing that track. ‘God, I’ve never thought you are so…’ Bridget couldn’t get a proper word to describe that situation. Music was one of the essential things in the life of the couple. They could spend hours listening to various tunes while doing absolutely anything, or dancing in any part of their house. Bridget thought that was the first time she saw her girl getting energy from lying on the floor listening to music. It was subtle. Beautiful. Spiritual. Bridget loved that sight, and she honestly appreciated that moment was shared with her. Usually, people didn’t want company experiencing that state of mind. 

‘Will you stop loving me for this?’ Franky didn’t open the eyes, but the hand that was directing the tune fell to her belly. 

‘Of course not, silly!’ Bridget gently tapped another hand of the brunette. 

That hand, of the olive tinge, that was holding lovingly another hand, of the honey shade, trembled at the touch and squeezed the palm harder. ‘Why you said so?’

‘Because you are always, well, mainly, the Iron Woman…’ Bridget closed the eyes. It was something new for the couple to lie like that on the floor, being absorbed in music and talking truth to each other. The truth that is often silenced. 

‘I want to be strong for you.’ Franky pronounced the statement and with her bare feet touched a very soft and warm one of her partner. 

‘And I want to be strong for you.’ Bridget entwined their fingers. Several minutes of silence passed. ‘You know what we are doing wrong?’ She finally uttered. 

‘Mm?’ Franky turned her head to the right, where Bridget’s face was.

‘Want to be strong for each other when we need to spill our guts and not be afraid of being vulnerable…’ The blonde answered and turned her head back, watching the ceiling, closed her eyes again, taking in the tune. 

‘Hm…’ Franky followed Bridget’s suit. Cleared her throat yet audible. 

‘Tell me?’ Bridget whispered. 

‘I am afraid…’ Franky whispered back.

‘Of what?’

‘Losing you. You leaving me. You not loving me. You not wanting to spend time with me. You not wanting me.’ Franky breathed out, as if a sack full of bricks got off her feminine shoulders. Her voice was simultaneously strong and gentle. She was really scared. That was the first time in her life when she felt needed, even out of no reason, and indispensable. She felt she was loved for the first time in her desperate life, not judged, accepted beyond, cherished, felt, understood, wanted, desired, etc. she was scared, anything or anyone might happen and ruin their life and family, as far as for the first time in her life she felt she had family and home. That minute a flashback appeared in her memory: her mother, contemplating and reproaching, she never perceived their house as home. But for Franky, a ‘house’ wasn’t home. Four walls could never be accepted as home…at least by the brunette.  

Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant

or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful;

it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth.

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

Love never ends. As for prophecies, they will pass away; as for tongues, they will cease; as for knowledge, it will pass away.

Corinthians 13:4-8


‘You shouldn’t be afraid of this. I made my choice long ago.’ Bridget stated matter-of-factly. ‘Though, I also experience the same feeling from time to time. I believe it is good. As long as we feel that pleasant nervousness, the longer we would be willing to do something for each other.’ 

‘Yeah. I feel you are right.’

The song was repeating its another circle. The couple still lying on the floor, hand in hand, foot to foot.

‘We’re all coming with some baggage, even into this life. There was something in the past, right? You had it, I had it. But I am not inclined to jeopardize. I feel - you likewise.’

Franky breathed out loudly. Bridget followed on with the monologue. 

‘There was something. Something that you are silent of. I know that you trust me, so…I assume, you are embarrassed to tell, and I accept that, Franky! I will accept every thing that belongs to you, unless it’s dishonesty and infidelity.’

‘Thank you!’ She whispered silently. 

‘And one more: you shouldn't be strong for me, Franky! You should be strong for yourself as well!’

‘But, Gidge!…’

‘Look, in previous relationships I always gave and rarely received something. In our relationship I feel tenfold back…’

‘But you give tenfold..’

‘Yes. This circulation is good, baby! Just, never, never forget to do something for yourself as well. We are a unity, but we are two, baby! When you are strong for yourself, you are strong for me.’

Franky breathed in. 

‘Do you feel my hand?’


‘Do not be afraid then!’



Their lazy morning continued with coffee, which was already cold, and musical chirping of birds from the garden.

Both wanderlusts were settled in two cozy armchairs on the balcony. Their room was on the first floor, and it overlooked the trees that bore huge cones. To be noted, those cones from a Stone Pine would be thoughtfully gathered and carried in bags to Australia, as well as the abnormally designed seashells.

The couple decided they would start gathering some souvenirs from the places they'd travelled to so far.




Chapter Text






Fridget Writer Intern

With pastel colored terra-cotta-roofed houses, artistic churches, Genoa is rightly known as a quintessence of Italy. In one of his works Paolo Coelho would write: ‘Among the marvels of Italy, it will take some digging to find the beauties of Genova, but it is worth visiting it. I remember walking there with a friend, when she suddenly said: ‘Let’s stop for a bit. I can’t stand this orange color!’ 

This port city might look usual, but the more you stay there, the more decayed glorious tiny beauties you discover. Genoa is also known for its mouth-watering traditional dishes and sweet plus savory desserts. 

The couple started their gastro tour by following their route along Downtown Genoa's narrow medieval streets to sink their teeth into classic Italian cuisine. While they were walking down smooth, looking like just washed, cobbled alleys, they stumbled upon two little tables. That place hardly resembled a café, nevertheless, the pair decided to look inside it, where were met by the most friendly restaurant owner in the world. 

That was a special characteristic of Italians: kind-hearted, happiness-inducing people who wanted to tell their story, show and even share their life and treat with the delicacies at hand. When Marco got to know that he had visitors from Australia, he called his mother, who was busy preparing dinner for them and their family café’ guests, and asked her to take Bridget and Franky belle donne and serve them with lasagna.    

Both women were very excited to see the life of a native Italian family from the inside. For Bridget, it was a business pleasure as well, as she had been thinking about a little family coffee shop or a café. And as far as her now fiancée was into cooking, she was sure the idea would become a reality one day. For Franky, it was a double delight, as they were going to be taught to cook lasagna, as Marco’s mother Aurora hadn’t started it yet. 

Aurora was a middle-aged woman, with raven dark hair made in a high bun, black bushy eye-brows and very deep dark eyes, her smile radiated the whole kitchen. Her Rubenesque figure was as if flying around the venue full of appliances. She had a light and soft voice, with a good knowledge of English and heavy Italian accent.

Both women were given aprons and cooking caps. They were warned that Italian dishes are cooked with bare hands and good mood, as the food had to be nourished with positivity and love. Everything looked like an Italian cuisine master class. 

There was a long table panel, where all the pre-cooking stages were performed. Behind, there were several stoves and ovens. The kitchen had a heavy odor of cheeses and spices. Different vegetables, dry and raw, were placed or hung around the place, which was so different from what the women got used to see at home. 

Suddenly, Aurora came to Bridget and cupped her face: ‘Oh, you are a good one, right, bella?!’ At that moment, Franky as if rose from above Aurora, gazing at Bridget with her wide open green orbs. Bridget didn’t know what exactly Aurora meant, but she thought she might feel something. Anyway, Bridget was happy Aurora said exactly those words.

‘Beautiful ladies, let’s start with noodles. You should make a volcano from flour and a crater in it’, Aurora was demonstrating the activity, naming every process and watching the couple. ‘Well done! Now, break eggs into the crater and stir them with the fork like this and incorporate them with the flour, and knead like this.’      

‘Yikes’, exclaimed Bridget, mixing the flour with the eggs.

Franky giggled. 

Aurora kindly continued: ‘Now, girls, we will smash, fold, stretch and push the dough with our hand’s heel.’

‘Have never fought pasta in my life’, Bridget confessed, honestly.

‘Kind of a working out!’ Franky reported, expertly turning the dough in her hands.

‘We need this to make the dough elastic and work in the gluten’, Aurora commented.

When the dough was juggled, the three of them cut it into quarters, flattened each piece, sprinkled with flour and fed it into the pasta-making machine. That process was entertaining for both of the travelers. They loved lasagna, but to cook it they usually bought pre-cooked noodles to save the time. 

When the cooks were done with pasta, they proceeded with the ragout. Each of them heated a healthy glug of olive oil in a large pan, while cutting into tiny slices the carrots, onions and celery. They cooked those three ingredients until they were soft. In about five minutes, they added ground beef and pork and stirred until the liquid from the meat evaporated. Then they added white wine and continued stirring. 

Aurora suggested the three of them pour some wine into their glasses to make the process of cooking lighter, as there had to be one more hour spent stirring the meat as well as preparing Béchamel sauce. 

‘Béchamel sauce is what makes your lasagna taste better’, with these words Aurora made a generous gulp of wine and smacked her lips watching the women in front of her. Franky sipped from a glass and looked at Bridget. Her eyes were concentrated on the nude pink lips of her fiancée. This undisguised wish to kiss the partner was noted by the Italian woman. ‘You can kiss, Francesca! It’s love. When you want - kiss. It’s Italy! Don’t be embarrassed.’

Franky didn’t notice she was so obviously staring at Bridget. 

‘The ancient Romans had three different kinds of kisses: *Aurora continued* for relatives, for close family, husbands and wives and the more intimate was a Lover's Kiss, somewhat like a French Kiss but with more subtle lip action combined with hands, applied to each other's faces, neck or shoulders. With Italian lovers, it's a more of a full body sport…’ She raised her glass, made a sip and turned to the stove, providing the couple with the minute of intimacy.

Bene, allora, we need a pan. Here, everything is copper.’ Aurora indicated the utensils in the kitchen. ‘Pour 500 grams of milk, add 44 grams of plain flour. With a whisk, just whisk it all up, until all the lumps dissolve. Good! Just like that. Keep whisking.’ The Italian woman was expertly directing every process. 

'Gentle touch of salt.’ She gathered a pinch of salt in between her thumb and index finger, looked smiling at both women and threw it into the pan. Both of the women did the same magic.

‘Whisk it about 4 to 5 minutes, and then it will be ready.’ 

Bridget was nonchalantly drinking cool wine, simultaneously whisking the sauce. She enjoyed the process to the fullest. She had heard so many stories from her colleagues, that they were visiting different countries for gastro tours, where they were taught how to choose products, spices, how to cook national dishes, but she had never thought it would be so fascinating.

‘Look how smooth it is. It’s ready.’ Aurora smiled contently, after she had checked the couple’s sauces.  

‘Now we need to add some butter inside. Don’t forget to put 4 spoonfuls of grated Parmesan cheese. Parmigiano Reggiano!’ She expressively raised her hand up in the air, the thumb, index and middle finger connected, and shook her hand high in there. It was a pure delight to watch the Italians talk. It seemed, that if to tie their hands, they would fail to communicate the information. 

Bellas, remove off the stove your pans, and stir the sauce on the table. We don’t want this sauce to stuck, right? So we need to remove it from the stove. We do not want to burn Béchamel! Look, how the butter adds a lovely shiny tinge.’

‘Now, as every ingredient is ready, the most creative part of cooking begins!’ Aurora raised her hands in the air with fingers parted and practically shouted the last words.

‘We should start with besciamella. Cover the whole pot with it. Just a thin layer. Mhm..the texture is so good, beautiful ladies. You did so well!’ Aurora praised her students, watching two delighted faces. 

‘Now, cover it by ragout. Thin layer…’

‘It smells delicious.’ Bridget commented, while spreading the meat over the first layer of Béchamel.

‘Just like you, Gidge!’ Franky playfully touched the hip of her partner with her own, and clicked her tongue.’

‘And you are all flirt, right?’ Aurora looked at both of them. Seeing some misunderstanding in their gazes she followed on. ‘When I was young, I met Stefano. He was flirty and did amazing things for me that I thought I was in a fairytale…’ She paused. A gasp of sadness was so audible, despite still working stoves.

‘Did he break your heart?’ Franky decided to ask. She didn’t like the idea of being called ‘all flirt’ as her intentions toward Bridget were the most honest and pure.

‘Oh! Francesca, he was the most noble man I’ve ever met. He was that big cock.’ Aurora paused again.

Both women smiled at the phrase used by their chef, knowing she misled it with ‘cocky’. 

‘Why ‘was’? Bridget felt the topic wasn’t easy for the Italian woman. But they all needed the clarification.

‘We had a happy life together. He was funny. We had fantastico 45 years together. I lost him two years ago…’

‘We are so sorry, Aurora.’ The couple pronounced together. 

All the women shared some minutes of silence and later on proceeded with cooking. 

‘Our third layer will be already precooked pasta, which will coat the first two layers completely.’ All three of them added the third layer into their ceramic pans. 

‘In between the sections, we will add grated Parmesan. The best Italian venture: Parmesan cheese! It makes everything tasty.’ Aurora winked at both of the women and generously grated Parmesan over the dish. 

They repeated the process until all the ingredients came to end. While lasagna was in the oven, women were cleaning the kitchen and conversing. Aurora was telling her life-story, the couple was sharing the account of their journey. In thirty minutes of anticipation, the gorgeous dish was ready and the three of them proudly took it down floor to show to Marco and have dinner together. 

‘Marco, mio ragazzo! Espresso!’ Aurora accentuated each word and was so happy that their house was filled with cheerful laughter of Bridget and Franky.

‘Aurora, Marco, thank you so much for having us at your home and restaurant …’, Bridget started.

‘And revealing us the secret recipe of lasagna ….’, Franky continued.

‘Our pleasure, beauties!’ Marco generously smiled, showing his white teeth.

‘Buon viaggio, lovebirds!’ Aurora wished them a good trip.

They were all sitting outside, at those two little tables in between myriads of buildings at a tiny street, savoring candidly delectable lasagna and drinking flavorsome espresso, conversing about their lives and endeavors. 

From their site it was possible to see the sun, going down over the port and laying bronze kisses on Bridget and Franky’s merry faces.  

They were wandering around tiny lanes of a fully awake city, it was possible to see the reflection of pedestrians in the cobbles colored in yellow by the sun, that was soon going to hide below the line of the sea. 

‘I wanted to do this long ago…’ Without notice, Bridget pulled Franky into an isolated squad, pressed her to the wall, and a passion driven kiss covered velvet lips of the brunette. 

From the unexpectedness, Franky could only moan. She felt as her tongue was devoured by her blonde. Feeling this, she slightly slid down the smooth building, she was leaning against, to be thoughtfully caught by her woman. 

Bridget pressed her knee in between the legs of the brunette to make sure she would be stable and proceeded with a kiss, rambling her hands all over Franky’s hot body. ‘You are so beautiful, baby!’ 

Already aroused lawyer was groaning aloud. Her gasps cherished the ear of the blonde. Bridget put her hand under the hem of the T-shirt to feel smoothness of the olive skin. At this activity, there appeared a gap between the building and Franky’s back. Women parted their lips to breathe in some air. 

‘It might be illegal..’ The brunette pronounced, raising her head up to see the sky gradually becoming darker from the falling dusk. 

Bridget pressed her knee harder in between Franky’s legs and started moving it gently, rubbing the hot sex. She was leaving love bites on the neck of her woman, still steadily traveling with her both hands under the T-shirt of the brunette. 

‘Oh, who cares…’ Franky could hardly pronounce in between her moans, which made Bridget smile cockily, brushing her lips over Franky’s. When the horny blue met hazed from arousal green, Bridget transferred her hand from Franky's back to the stomach, trailed with her nape of the palm downwards and hid in the trousers of her woman. 

As Franky felt those loving and tender fingers gathering her juices and washing with it her clit, she swore many times as she was being driven to the point of no return by the ministration of her partner, that she couldn’t mind her language. ‘Fuck…fuck…fuck…oh fuck…’

Franky pulled Bridget in for a fervent kiss. Sucked in her lips and licked them with her tongue, with this activity turning on herself even more.

Bridget noticed how her girl was moving her hips much faster and trailed her sucking kisses down the neck.

‘No-no-no, please, just kiss, kiss, don’t stop…mmmm fuck…’ Franky wanted to be held, needed to sense the tongue of her Bridget in her mouth, dancing with her own. She was moving so fast to a finish line with the help of the thrusts of her girl.

Finally, their lips connected again, and their tongues met each other. The brunette could feel how her breasts were massaged, and her clit circled, then pressed, then enveloped in lubrication and circled to the other direction and pressed again, then rubbed, how the fingers in her wet undies were craftily moving from the opening to the bud and vice versa. She parted the lips with the blonde and started to breathe erratically, hiding her face in the crook of Bridget’s neck. When she came, her hips’ movements became easier, and she felt the hot palm of her beloved partner on her dripping sex and clit. 

Several seconds later, the blonde was performing circular motions, creating the feeling of excitement again. Franky pressed her forehead to the lips of Bridget and was breathing heavily to meet those teasing movements with a greater pleasure. Either the blonde was applying heavier strokes or the sensitivity of her clitoris became higher, Franky couldn’t understand, but those vertical movements made her moan even louder. She was holding Bridget’s waist tight, from time to time digging her fingers into the flesh, hidden behind a thin blouse. 

Bridget trailed several times with her index and middle fingers over the inner labia and started torturing the bundle of nerves of the erected clitoris of her girl, who didn’t make her wait long till another beautiful release. 

They were kissing passionately and Bridget hardly managed to take off her hand out of Franky’s trousers when they were caught by a police officer.

‘What are you doing here?’ He asked, looking at both of the women staring at him, still breathing heavily.

‘Kissing?’ Bridget couldn’t think of a better answer that second, especially when saw a still blurred vision of the girl pressed in between her body and the building supporting her.

‘Tourists! You shouldn’t be here, better go..!’ The police officer allowed both women to escape from his disgrace and gave them room while they were walking past him, giggling as kids.


‘Thank you!’ 

Soon they mingled among the night-people who were leading their best lives, talking, dancing, eating. The second phase of life began at night in Italy, which was amazing.


-‘Why were you deported from the country?’ -‘For fucking in a public place…’ Franky voiced a possible scenario.


‘What? I didn’t do anything?’ Bridget looked at Franky with her most honest look that made them both laugh.

Franky hugged Bridget around the shoulders, dragged her closer to herself so as her lips were close to the ears: ‘You are crazy’, and kissed her lovingly in the temple.




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Franky appeared in the bathroom, watching Bridget shaping her eyebrows, naked, but for lingerie. ‘I’ve got a fever…’ She pronounced, leaning against the door frame.

‘Oh, baby?’ Bridget turned to Franky, worry on her face.

‘Can you check?’ Franky made several steps toward Bridget. 

‘Sure.’ Bridget put aside the brush and moved to meet Franky in the middle.

‘Hand on my forehead…’ The brunette smiled mischievously.

‘As you wish.’ Bridget answered cautiously, smiling back, feeling something was wrong, nevertheless putting her palm over Franky’s forehead to check if there really was any temperature. 

‘Kiss my neck…’ Franky’s smile grew exponentially.

‘Having fun?’ Bridget cupped her fiancée’s merry face and kissed her cheeky brunette in the lips. 

‘And when you touch me, baby, I turn red…I’ve got a fever, so can you check?’ Franky hummed the lyrics of her new favorite song, setting to dance. She placed her phone on the basin’s countertop. Sound on. The song continued its first round. Franky enveloped Bridget’s waist and pulled her closer in for an embrace. Her right hand was on the waist, fingers were slightly moving to the firm butt of her partner. Franky’s left hand was holding Bridget’s, directing their movements to a dance deep-house pop song. Then, she switched the position of her hand, so as her palm was nicely connected with the palm of her girl. After that, she as if circled a halo above Bridget’s head, turned her around and pulled to her chest again. 

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‘You are inventive, baby!’ Bridget finally kissed Franky’s neck, and leaned against the chest. She trailed her fingertips down the tanned arms of her girl, simultaneously trying to merge into one body, while moving to a playlist. 

‘You smell so good, Gidge!’ Franky was inhaling Bridget’s scent, her nose very close to the blonde head. 

‘What’s your take on having pizza for breakfast?’ Bridget was trying her best to be nonchalant. 

‘Mmmm so good…’ Franky rasped. Her hand, that was holding Bridget’s, trailed up the neck and into the hair of the blonde. She started massaging the scalp of her fiancée, ascending from the nape of the neck and to the parietal part of the head. She aligned her face with the blonde’s so as they could breathe the same air.

‘See the volcano from afar?’ Bridget’s voice broke. She was enjoying the activity her lovable brunette was performing over her. It simultaneously relaxed and aroused her. 

‘Can’t get enough of you…’ The brunette’s hand descended from the waist and hid in the underwear. Franky squeezed lovingly Bridget’s butt several times, then started tugging those undies down.

‘Yes…’ Bridget’s pulse increased. She closed her eyes, feeling every touch caused by her woman. Blindly, nude pink found the most velvet lips on the planet, and they united in a sensual morning kiss. Bridget enveloped Franky’s neck. In her turn, Franky slightly lifted Bridget and made her sit on the basin’s countertop. She stood in between Bridget’s legs, that were hugging her waist, her hands on the top of the basin. 

Still kissing, Bridget enlaced her hands around Franky's chest to unclasp the bra. When the action was done, she threw the brassiere to the floor and pulled Franky closer to kiss beautifully shaped breasts of her partner. 

They both were not wasting time. As if by the drop of the hat, their both hands found intimate asylum on the smooth pubes of each other. Their skillful fingers were discovering every curve of their sexes. 

With her legs still around the brunette, Bridget dragged her right up to herself, which enabled to practice lovemaking crafts in earnest. She immediately inserted a finger into her wet girl, moving gently inside, feeling every ridge, enjoying the hotness and firmness. She was kissing Franky’s breasts, simultaneously traveling with her free hand alongside the back and butt of her girl.

Franky was leaning against Bridget whole-bodily. Just when she fixed her needy eyes with the blonde’s, she felt another finger inside of herself and pressed her mouth to her partner’s to kiss her fervently. ‘Mmm…God!!!!’ 

Without even catching a breath, Franky kneeled down in front of Bridget to praise her, and pulled her to the ledge of the basin to have a better access to her beloved puss.. 


‘What do you think about this, babe?’ Franky gave her phone to Bridget to show her a photograph she did in Lago di Garda.

‘Oh my Goodness, it's amazing, darling! Did you take it?’ Bridget couldn’t take her eyes out of the screen, she zoomed in to get a better view of every detail.

‘Yes. I took it when you were at the conference. You know, I like taking photographs.’ Franky whispered her confession as if it was the biggest world secret.

‘That is so professional, look at the composition and formation of clouds, wow.’ Bridget proceeded, expressing her admiration by a view.

‘The nature here is picturesque, I could stay day and night out, capturing everything.’ Franky pronounced with a slight giggle and happiness that her work made an impression on the most important person in her life. 

‘Oh, baby, it’s fantastic! Why haven't you told me about this secret passion of yours earlier?’ Bridget touched Franky’s hand, but still was looking at the photograph.

‘Am, I dunno, Gidge, it’s something private and not all people react to this like you do. If you do not do something professionally, then your activity is silly.’ Franky explained with a faint smile on her face.

‘Oh Franky, why do you say that? God, it really is beautiful! Show me more!’ Those were tiny little wonders between the women. Despite they’ve known each other for many years they were still discovering those cravings that inspired them personally and exhilarated interest towards each other. And most importantly, they both had the ability to find proper words to motivate each other to do more and develop in every sphere possible. 

Franky took the phone, opened the album entitled ‘Show to Gidge’ and gave the phone back to a smiling Bridget: 

‘My bestie told me once that at my age, people do not do that stuff.’ Franky followed on with a sigh. 

‘Even do not know how to ask, what do people do at your age?’ Bridget looked up at Franky to see the sorrow in her green gaze, and continued looking through the photographs. Bridget knew that in spite of the visible sadness in her woman’s eyes, Franky wasn’t unhappy at that moment, as well as she didn’t regret about her activity. Bridget felt that for her girl the most important thing that second was to hear that genuine feedback from her.

‘You see, I told her once, that she never knows the symptoms of her being ill with some flu and people at her age should…’ With a shrug, Franky simply repeated one of their recent conversations with her best friend. 

‘Fair enough! Oh my Gosh, these are the dews on the petals. How could you capture them so perfectly? They look like little diamonds.’ Bridget was multitasking, listening to Franky’s revelation and looking through the photographs. The photos were really good and she honestly wanted her girl to know this.

‘You see, your reaction…it is genuine. I have never needed some appreciation of my talent or anything, I know myself the photos lack a professional touch, but to say something like you did, like ‘the nature on the captions is beautiful’ is totally enough for me, really.’ Franky was touched to the bone by the honesty Bridget revealed with her simple words. She didn’t need recognition, she fairly needed words of support that would motivate her to do more.

‘Franky, I love the views a lot! Manifique! Have you thought of publishing them?’ Bridget had an idea in her mind and she wanted to gently push Franky towards it.

‘No, never, they are not ideal, if I see they lack professionalism then the rest of people could.’ Franky knew she loved her art, simultaneously she was a good critic of herself.

‘I get your point, baby! But we can assign you for some classes, practical ones, 20% theory and 80% practice, and it’s blend. What do you think about this?’ Bridget planted a seed of the idea in her the most precious brunette head.

‘Once I attended the classes, but there was the whole month of theory which made me dull, and I quit. But yeah, I’d love to. And I also want to study portrait photography. Actually, I’ve found a course by David Lazar, the whole half year he is in Melbourne, so, I believe it could be productive. Would you be my model? I mean, I can’t, I never could photograph people who do not inspire me, and you do, I think you will be beautiful on camera…’ Franky was happy she was so easily supported and even motivated to pursue her dream. She was so happy she found strength to show her works to her blonde. That was something so little, one might think, a tiny photograph, but that meant so much for the brunette.

‘Oh! That’s wonderful, baby! And… I have an idea…. What do you think of us having a little café, a coffee shop with fresh bakery? Which could be done in grunge, decorated with your photos suitably styled, or anything of this kind?’ Bridget revealed an idea that was long stored in her mind.

‘And how long have you been thinking about this, my beloved business lady?’ Franky nudged Bridget, put her phone into the pocket and took her by the hand, motioning to have a walk.

‘For some time. That’s the same thing as with the photography, you cannot blurt it out at the first meeting. Today was the day, Franky!’ Bridget squeezed a warm hand in hers and smiled at the brunette. 

‘Agree! With everything we’ve discussed.’ Franky silently dragged Bridget to her side while they were walking, with her one hand embracing the blonde by the shoulders she placed a kiss to the psychologist’s temple: ‘Thank you, baby!’ 

Bridget put her hand around Franky’s waist, and they were walking like this, very close to each other, without saying anything, each of them in their own thoughts about the upcoming photography classes and a café planning and many other things…    

Finally, they reached an open-plan restaurant with wooden ovens there. The place was full of people though had enough space for the women to get the best table that allowed them to enjoy the view of pizzaiolos cheerfully juggling the round dough and seasoning it with special sauce, different cheeses, tomatoes and basil, after which putting it inside wood-fired pizza ovens with a special long spatula for exactly 90 seconds and serving it to anticipated travelers, who ate it with their hands while it was still hot, savoring every bite with a constant smile on their faces.  

‘Did you know that pizza Margarita was called after the queen?’ Bridget asked, quizzically looking at the menu. 

‘Yeah, I heard, but I do not know the legend…’ Franky prepared to listen to the story and was choosing the make of water to order. 

‘The queen wanted to try something traditionally Italian as she was tired of French cuisine and asked the chef to cook different types of pizza, where the one was exactly this.’ Bridget pointed to a appealing golden-brown Margarita in front of them that was brought several seconds ago by the waiter.

‘It looks as a national flag, by the way.’ Franky mentioned the fact, taking a piece of hot pizza into her hands and rolling the angle inside so as the cheese remained in the heart of the dish. 

‘Exactly, the chef decided to include red tomatoes, green basil leaves and white mozzarella cheese to make the meal memorable.’ Bridget had a bite of her pizza and closed her eyes with delight. Many years had passed since her first try of the best pizza in the world. 

‘Oh God!!! It is the most delicious pizza I’ve ever tried!!! Those ovens create magic!’ Franky was chewing and talking simultaneously, hardly succeeding in filtering her language not to curse, as the pizza was beyond fantastic. 

‘Mmm…!’ Bridget was savoring mozzarella melting in her mouth with incredibly tasty dough and fresh basil with juicy tomatoes, still with her eyes closed.  

‘Foodorgasm…’ Franky pointed to another pizza brought by the chef, perfectly served on a wooden platter.  

‘Foodporn…’ Bridget smiled, pointing at the switched on camera.

The couple ate two pizzas very quickly and were having their evening espressos. The view on their left changed as the flocks of people were eating and going further around the city, but the view to their right remained the same and its magnetism and previous conversation rejoiced the couple to follow with the discoveries of the city covered in smog from a sleeping Vesuvius. 

‘I am happy to see you happy, baby!’ Bridget put her hand on Franky’s, waiting for the brunette to look at her.  

‘I am!’ The green blended with the blue and Franky caught herself at the thought, that the sky in Naples was of the same deep blue as her love’s gaze, and her lips broke into a wide smile. 





Fridget Writer Inter

Sometimes people do not need words to prove their feelings. Actually, people do not need to do anything to prove their feelings, it always happens unintentionally, as if karma leads you, and you act according to a scenario of the heavens. And upon seeing those locked with yours eyes, and feeling the beat of the heart through a holding you hand, you realize that every thing in your life, white or black, just meant to be, simply to make you be in this very moment and breath it in and feel it with all your senses and tattoo every emotion on the inside of your skin to last it forever and stimulate to proceed in this marvelous direction.   

People love saying that somebody accomplishes them. With these two it was different. Neither of them accomplished each other, they were self-sufficient, independent, standing thoroughly on both their feet, alone, they never needed anyone to make them grow another limb. When they met each other, they simply felt connection and happiness.




Fridget Writer Intern


You do not need anyone to become better. If it is inside you - it is in your life. But the one you do need - is an ally. Someone who is holding your hand in the time of need is much better than having three hands knowing nothing what to do.    

Two holding each other hands were walking around labyrinths of history, noting various lacy layers of periods in time in one and the same city. They visited local native yards through narrow streets where the sky was lined with wreaths of drying multicolored clothes hanging from one building to another connecting windows of quarters. They saw beautiful authentic frescos on ancient buildings which were still colorful even after being aged with the course of time. They enjoyed the view of a breathing volcano and were discovering its nose and mouth from afar. The city seemed messy, but its originality took a place in both women’s hearts. 


Their next stop was at the local shop in the city center where there was a night gustation of limoncello, meloncello, fragoncello and crema di limoncello. 

It was a usual shop, a little one, just a round corner shop practically every Italian building had. There wasn’t any fancy room and beautiful waiters serving the glasses, everything was performed by one single person, and it filled the air with authenticity.

‘You can see bright yellow color of Limoncello. We made this possible by steeping lemon zest in highly concentrated ethanol, then mixing it with simple syrup…’ The owner of the shop started his gustation after he had provided each entrant with a glass full of yellow liquor. 

‘Mm that’s delicious, Gidge! Really delicious! And I like the color, as if you are drinking a lemon.’ Franky expressed her satisfaction with the drink.

‘Last time I liked meloncello more. Interesting, which one would you like best?’ Bridget told tasting bright lemony beverage. 

‘For this liquor we take Cantaloupe melon and soak its dices in vodka and in 30 days we turn it into syrup and in 60 days more we get this bright with color and flavor drink.’ The man served another glass with meloncello and enjoyed the sight of people drinking his produce. 

‘Gidge, you were right, it is better than the traditional one.’ Franky was finishing another glass of liquor. 

‘We should take a bottle home!’ Bridget placed a bottle of meloncello into their cart to check it out after the gustation.  

The next liquor was of a light strawberry color called Fragoncello. And the last was Crema di Limoncello of a creamy color which was made of milk and not syrup, that’s why it was less alcoholic. 

The couple took some more bottles of limoncello and meloncello for their relatives. They also stocked their cart with traditional Italian pasta made out of different vegetables and in many different shapes.

‘Fuck!!! Babe, look what I’ve found! It is awesome! Will take it for Cleo! For fuck's sake! Now she could try any: black, red, white…’ Franky was thoroughly looking at a packet of Italian macaronis shaped in penises and was giggling at her discovery. 

‘I will take these ones for us…’ Bridget giggled together with Franky at Cleo’s present and chose gondola shaped macaronis for themselves, and then flower shaped, and then butterfly shaped… 

When their hands were full of different authentic food presents for relatives and for themselves, they decided to call a taxi to the hotel. It was their last day in Italy, and they were extremely happy everything went so well and smooth during their first mutual traveling. While they were driving in the taxi, their hands were entwined, but the heads turned to the left and right respectively, watching the passing sceneries. The city slightly became darker, and they wanted to take in every appearing star. Inevitably, they caught each other smiling, turned to each other, looked into the eyes, smiled wider, pressed their hands tighter and turned back watching the city in their windows. They surely didn’t want to sleep, they took a shower, dressed in jeans and T-shirts and went outside to find some night café to drink Naples coffee, savoring their moments in Italy. 

Bridget and Franky entered a little night café near their hotel and took seats in front of each other. 

‘Franky, thank you for this trip, it was honestly the best one!’ 

‘Gidge, that is me who should thank! And I am more than grateful to you, you are my favorite guide from now on.’ 

‘Do you like the country? Do you want to come back one day and see other cities?’ 

‘I like being here with you. It is the time of adventurous stillness!’

‘I love you, baby!’

‘With you, I want to repeat everything we do together!’

‘Fascinating, how different everything is with the right person.’

‘It is true. Gidge?’


‘Can I sit with you?’

‘Of course, why do you ask?’

‘Do not know…’

Franky sat very close to Bridget and took her all in her hands, her right hand was around the blonde’s shoulders, her left hand was holding two Bridget’s hands lying on her knees. Bridget leaned in to a tight hug and was touching with her finger a shining diamond on her left hand. 

‘I just want to hold you!’ With her right hand, the brunette bent Bridget’s head so it was near her face and kissed the forehead.

‘Just never let me go!’ Bridget put her head in the crook of Franky’s neck and took her brunette’s hand in hers for a caress. 

Seemed the eternity passed when they were interrupted by a tiny waitress: ‘Sorry, madams, your coffee.’ 

‘But we haven’t ordered yet.’ Both women answered with amusement.

‘That lady over there did.’ And the waitress showed to a woman who resembled the one from Fellini’s films, stout, tall, long dark hair, beautiful and mysterious at the same time. She raised her cup of coffee at both of the women, smiled, stood up from her sofa and on her way to the exit she approached their table and pronounced with a wink: ‘Se non hai mai pianto, i tuoi occhi non possono essere belli.

When the couple was comfortably sitting in the airplane, Franky had time to look for some information before they took off. 

‘I found what that woman told us: ‘If you haven’t cried, your eyes can’t be beautiful.’ Franky read out the words, holding the phone in front of both of them.

‘I know this saying, it’s by Sophia Loren, right?’ Bridget asked Franky. 

‘You know a lot, doc!’ Franky activated the flying mode and put a phone into her jeans’ pocket.

‘And they both were right…’ Bridget put a pillow on the armrest between their chairs, embraced Franky and put her head on the chest of the brunette, kissed the exposed spot of her beloved girl and closed the eyes. Franky kissed the crown of her blonde haired woman and put her left hand on the back of Bridget. They were ready to fly back home. 




Chapter Text


Several months had passed since the couple’s arrival home. Life was drenching its usual path, without visible changes in the tide’s flow. Appointments, cases, Wentworth, Gordon Legal, Healthy Minds Vic., meetings with friends, family, discussing and preliminary planning of their little ‘coffee world’, etc.

Their morning routine remained practically the same, with the exception that the smell of coffee had changed. According to a tradition that ran in the family during the working days, at 7 am in the morning both women were in the kitchen eating breakfast cooked by the lawyer and drinking coffee brewed by the psychologist, after they had taken a shower. Usually, at such an early hour they seldom talked. They would digest silently the food and in 40 minutes, they would be fully awake for a morning chat. However, that early hour differed from the rest, as Franky woke up frustrated. 

Bridget, seeing concern on her love’s face as well as her fidget on the chair, started a conversation: 'Franky, what’s bothering you?’ 

‘I had a weird dream, Gidge!’ Franky answered with audible uneasiness in her voice. 

‘Will you share? Is it connected with your new case that you’ve been working on all this week?’ The psychologist decided to start with mild issues that could be thought of in the morning. 

‘Oh, actually, not. It was a sex dream, Gidge!’ The brunette blushed. Usually she was quite eager to discuss dirty images on her mind, but that time she was timid. 

‘Was it a sex, like, intercourse with penetration or oral?’ Bridget was acting not like a partner but as a psychologist, as when she looked at Franky and saw some inexplicable exasperation in her behavior, as to the fidgeting the nervous touching of her ring was added, she was ready to instantly jump at whatever issue there was and rescue her girl.  

‘Oh my Goodness, Bridget! Are we having a counseling session?’ Franky was being shy, still ready to address the problem as it really somehow bothered her, even worried her, and she didn’t see the point neither in those dreams nor in her being nervous. 

‘Franky, you look really concerned. It means that this dream agonizes you. I want to help. So…?’ Bridget put aside her breakfast and locked eyes with the brunette, a faint smile on her lips. 

‘Just oral. …It was beautiful. It was pleasant. It looked so fucking real. I mean, why am I seeing it? My sexual life is beyond perfect…’ Franky described the active part of a dream with high enthusiasm, which later on turned to panic again.  

‘Franky, actually, it is normal for a person to have such kind of dreams. The majority of women see them when they are 35+ and that is good, means they become more sure in themselves and they accept their life and enjoy it, additionally, it’s a sign of developing of femininity. Worse thing when people see a sexual intercourse with penetration - in 90% that would mean there’s lack of it in one’s life and they are not satisfied neither with themselves, nor with their life as well as sexual life. Do not worry!’ Bridget decided to prove her point from a scientific view, as she was sure that approach always made Franky satisfied. 

Apart from that, Bridget was practically sure the science was to be trusted. There were certain evidence in her own practice. However, the people she had been helping to, even upon having such dreams, never paid attention to them, not viewing them as some problem. She remembered though, the conversation she once had with one of her patients. The woman under her treatment retold the psychologist a dream that ended up with the orgasm. Later on she expressed her worry about the amount of it in her life, as well as she was concerned by the fact, she didn't have a partner, to top it, she was questioning her sexuality, apart from other insecurities. Therefore, drawing a parallel between the scientific facts, the patient and Franky's life and dreams, Bridget could tell for sure her fiancée was absolutely fine.

‘But, Gidge, that was so real and there were some positions … I’ve never thought I could bend that way.’ Always so brave lawyer was confused describing what she saw in her dream. 

‘That’s good, baby! Not always our dreams is a purely psychological phenomenon, it is also our imagination. Did you see the person with whom you had sex in your dream?’ Bridget reassured her lost girlfriend and proceeded with their conversation. 

‘Yes, pretty fucking clear.’ Franky answered with a smile on her face and tilted her head, still being reserved. 

‘Do you know that person, is it real?’ Bridget slightly prodded. 

‘Pretty well, actually! Yes.’ Franky said still looking at her plate.  

‘Good! Can you name three qualities of that person that you enjoy in them?’ The blonde started a short therapy which would help the brunette to cope with agitation caused by the dream. 

‘Amm… She is open, wise and attractive.’ Franky enumerated the qualities she liked in her sex partner from a dream and winked at Bridget. Seemed that she progressively gained her bravado. 

‘So, that She might possess the quality, among those you’ve mentioned, that you might want to develop in yourself. Is that true?’ Bridget continued helping Franky. 

‘You are too clever, Gidge! You know this?’ The brunette started being flirtatious and seemed to regain positivity. 

‘Maybe…’ Bridget answered coquettishly. 

‘I think you are right, I might lack some openness. So, nothing bad?’ The lawyer breathed out with relief. She was sure there was a deficit in being open even with her blonde. She built that wall in the childhood. However, with the help of love and trust provided by her fiancée she had been starting to unpack her baggage so as it wasn’t locked up. And it wasn’t easy. 

‘Of course not!!’ Bridget silenced, mustering up her will power. ‘Amm.. Who was that ‘She’, Franky?’ The psychologist asked with her right eyebrow raised slightly, being afraid of the upcoming answer. 

‘Haha, you, Bridget, that was you!’ Franky loved teasing her partner and adored seeing her reaction as if it made her realize at what extent Bridget actually loved her. 

‘Did you know that when in your dreams you see your life partner - that’s a good sign. That means that subconsciously you agree with your reality.’ On the one hand, Bridget was delighted to hear her girl saw not anyone else but her while sleeping. On the other hand, she still wanted to communicate to Franky that those dreams were nothing to worry about. 

‘Oh is it so, Bridget?!’ Franky took a bite of her pancake and giggled while talking. 

‘Actually, I am serious right now, Franky! And one more…’ Now that was Bridget’s turn to show concern towards the issue. 

‘Yes, babe?’ The brunette asked nonchalantly. 

‘But be serious, ok? What do you think, do we have a good level of psychological connection?’ The blonde knew, though the type of dreams Franky saw was purely good, her inner psychologist was relentless. Bridget acknowledged they both had a good level of mental, spiritual and physical connection, yet she wanted to make sure Franky felt the same way.  

‘Why do you ask that? I think yes. Is there a problem?’ The brunette squinted the gaze and let her fiancée clarify her reasoning.  

‘No, of course not. Still, these dreams… maybe it’s only a lack of ‘openness’ … but what if we are becoming an average couple?’ The blonde asked troubled upon the possible consequence. 

‘What? Surely, not, I would have felt that. And even if to project this presumable lack of psychological connection…doesn’t it mean if there’s some deficit - partners do not feel each other’s needs during daily life and during sex?’ The lawyer suggested. 

‘Yes, it does! Yet, you could have become a good psychologist, baby!’ Bridget was vividly calm at that point and happy that both of them felt the same way about their relationship. 

‘That’s all your influence, my spunky Doc.! By the way, do you have such dreams?’ The lawyer asked flirting and was silently piercing into the blue gaze.  

‘Sometimes, yes.’ With the same collected gaze, Bridget flirted back. 

‘And who do you see there, in between your sexy legs?’ Franky gathered some honey from a pancake with her index finger and licked it, after which sucked it to tease the blonde. 

‘Some green-eyed beauty… You see, I even fantasize about her….’ Bridget flicked her tongue over her lips slowly and bit her lower lip looking at Franky.  

‘Mmm …‘fantasize’… you are a naughty girl, Gidge!’ Franky stood up from her chair and started moving in the direction of her girl.  

‘Say, you don’t like it?’ Bridget abandoned her stool and was also walking to meet her brunette. 

‘No way! You’d better be like this!’ In the middle of their walk, their fingers connected on a wooden table that they were both touching while striding around the kitchen.  

‘Hug me, Franky!’ Bridget’s tender voice was full of compassion and love, yet audible. 

With a Cheshire Cat smile the brunette came closer to Bridget and gave her a tight bear hug, she kissed her in the temple and rested her cheek there. 

‘Love you…so…so…much…’ Bridget whispered to her brunette and rested her head in the crook of Franky’s neck.

‘My baby Gidge!’



Bridget wasn't too much concerned about a conversation with her fiancée regarding the sex dream they had several weeks ago, though she was still thinking they needed some sort of connection. More than that, she longed to make Franky feel ultimately special. 

The blonde noticed, that she herself gave a way to her feelings, when she felt like crying. She showed off her vulnerability, it was seldom, but it existed. Franky, on the contrary, suppressed all possible teary emotions. Bridget knew the reason, still, she realized, one day there could be, for instance, some difficult case, the least, and her strong lawyer could have a breakdown. And she honestly didn't want this to happen.

Bridget acknowledged, being in a relationship, made her worry not only about the physical health of Franky, but about mental and psychological as well. As a result of those dwellings, Bridget decided to have a loving session with Franky, where she would be the most important woman of her worship. To say nothing, Bridget loved watching her girl. And watching Franky while she was approaching + on the verge + riding satisfaction = was amazing: from the way she sighed to the way she moved, from the way she felt inside to the way she was wet outside, and of course all that view made Bridget feel special together with the woman of her heart.



That early evening Franky was reading some news on the introduction of amendments to Family Law: ‘Federal Family Violence Orders’, Bill 2021 by the House of Representatives. She was considering possible options for the outcome of her new case. Bridget had just arrived from their bedroom, leaving which she securely closed not to allow the aroma spread around the house. She saw the way her partner was concentrated on the task she was doing, and those lovely lines on the forehead of her girl made her smile.

‘Franky, what do you think if we try something special?’

‘Do you want something special for dinner, Gidge?’ Franky looked up from the laptop, still concerned with the news she was processing.

The blonde tilted her head in disbelief, looking at her woman. ‘Yes, I do! *She pronounced half laughing* Where’s the cheekiness of yours?’ Bridget put on a serious look on her face. 

‘Oh fuck! You are about that ‘special’? The brunette giggled, immediately closed the laptop, ready to hear the suggestion. 

‘Yes, I am! Oh, I definitely chose the right person! At one time you are the dirties mouth and mind ever, the other minute you are a kiddish kid ever!’ The blonde adored those innocent green eyes, looking at her. 

‘You love teasing me, right?’ Franky tucked her feet under herself and was listening. ‘So, tell me, what ‘special’ do you want to try? Should I worry?’

‘I will cover your eyes…?’ Bridget stretched a hand for Franky to stand up, not willing to disclose any minor detail.

‘Do we need a safe word?’ The brunette giggled.

‘Mm maybe!’

‘Mmmm, that turns me on already, Gidge’, Franky accepted Bridget's hand and stood up from the sofa, anticipating whatever her woman prepared for her.

‘Oh really?’ Bridget kissed Franky gently in the lips and trailed her hands over the brunette’s body. 

Kissing, they entered the bedroom where everything was set for the night of love. There was a dim light caused by thousands of floating candles in bowls with water. The air had the scent of their favorite vanilla with notes of orange and lavender, which was absolutely relaxing. There was a soft mattress on the floor near which were some oils, silk tissues and a feather. Very calming natural tune was on to set the mood.

‘Gidge, it looks very romantic.’

‘Happy, you like it, baby!’

‘Anything done by you!’

‘Mmm.’ Bridget kissed Franky softly. ‘Lets have a shower together? Wash off the day, cases, trials, clients, etc.?’

Bridget took Franky by the hand and led her into the bathroom. They sponged each other gently without washing off the smiles from their merry faces. When they stepped outside the shower box Bridget wrapped them both in a soft towel. Relaxed and naked they went into the bedroom. Bridget took both Franky’s hands into hers while they were standing in front of the mattress kissing. 

Bridget guided Franky to sit on the mattress and sat in front of her. They were looking into each other’s eyes until their breathing synchronized. When they got into mutual rhythm, Bridget took a silk scarf into her hands to cover Franky’s eyes with it. She kissed the brunette in the lips, very gently, enveloping each lip separately with hers. She trailed her fingertips over the olive skin from shoulders down the arms, then from the collarbone down the breasts, circling the nipples and down to stomach, slightly touching the bellybutton and moving down the legs crossed in a lotus position. She drew the fingertips up Franky’s legs caressing her ribs and moving up the nape of the arms. 

Franky was shivering under the touch. Her breath was wavy, feeling gentle fingers on sensitive skin, she stretched her legs forward for better comfort.

Bridget then slightly petted Franky’s shoulder so as she laid her back on the mattress. She caressed her lover’s face and took a feather. With the soft tip of a feather, Bridget wandered from soft lips down the chin, to the neck leading to the chest and down to the belly, when Franky gasped. Bridget drifted the feather down the right leg and moved up the left leg drawing artistic patterns on the pubis of her love. 

Franky sweetly moaned and slightly spread her legs apart, allowing Bridget to move further. The blonde smiled at this action, conscious that her woman was enjoying the process. 

Bridget then tenderly moved the tip of a feather down the right labium and then the left one, making Franky moan. Then she trailed the teasing fluff in between the labia over the prepuce to hear Franky’s more loud moan and see her body covered in goosebumps. Bridget trailed the feather up and down the inner thighs, making the brunette stir on the mattress, then moving up her breasts to play with nipples that made Franky’s back arch.



Bridget felt building of her own arousal after seeing Franky naked on full display. She felt a desperate urge to kiss her girl. She put the feather aside and bent down her love, leaning against her hands on either side of a beautifully exposed body. She placed her hand over the brunette’s jaw and started kissing Franky, placing swift pecks on the forehead, leading to temples, cheeks, nose, chin. When she reached the lips, she felt Franky’s hands around her waist pulling her closer: ‘Tonight is you’, she whispered yet audibly into her girl’s mouth and continued the motion down. 

Bridget kissed and sucked each finger on hands, she placed kisses on arms and shoulders, a neck and collarbones. She breathed warm air onto the nipples stimulating the nerves, then traced little circles around the areola, flicked the nipples with the tip of the tongue, after that drawing each nipple into her mouth and sucking it caressing it inside her mouth with the tongue.

Bridget felt as Franky’s body was moving under hers, her breath becoming thicker and her moans turning into groans. She absolutely loved her partner’s reaction, which caused in building of another wave of excitation. Bridget was torturing herself, nevertheless paying attention only to the needs of Franky. 

Trying to be strong, restraining herself from devouring her lover, Bridget moved her kisses down the stomach, dipping her tongue down the belly button wandering to the thighs. She nibbled inner thighs, kissing and sucking the flesh, and trailed her lips down Franky’s legs. She took each toe into her mouth to suck them. At that activity, Franky closed her mouth with the hand, mumbling: ‘Fuuuck’. 

Further on, Bridget drifted her kisses up the legs to gift a long-awaited kiss to Franky’s pubis. She heard as the brunette breathed out intermittently as if she had been keeping the air inside her lungs for long. She licked each labium from the bottom up to the prepuce, spreading the labia with her tongue to expose the clitoris. She brushed her tongue from the opening, feeling the dripping wetness and spreading it over a slightly inflamed bud of the clitoris. She sucked the bud and applied pressure to the bundle of nerves, moving to Franky’s moans. 

The brunette was squirming under Bridget, grabbing the mattress into her fists, and when the blonde felt approaching climax she pressed soft kisses to the vulva for her girl to calm down and moved up to Franky’s lips. She kissed her woman, who had been just on the verge of the orgasm and continued teasing her. Franky was shivering to the kiss, her breath still quivered. 

Bridget took some warm oil into her hands as well as sprinkling warm drops over Franky’s breasts, making her wriggle slightly. She massaged the olive skin, gently squeezing full breasts and playing with the nipples by her fingertips. The blonde spread some oil over the toned stomach and moved her hands up and down the brunette’s ribs caressing the hipbones. Bridget dribbled some oil to her lover’s already hot sex, making her shudder and groan with delight and desperation. Gently and thoroughly Bridget massaged Franky’s pubis, applying the oil over labia and onto the clitoris, stretching apart her index and middle fingers putting the clitoris in between them and moving the fingers down the inner lips pressing them closer to one another upon moving up to the button. Franky was generously groaning, her hands in fists, hips moving up and down matching Bridget’s touches. She was on the edge of an orgasm again. 

When Bridget moved with her index and middle fingers down to the opening for the umpteen time, Franky held her breath, feeling Bridget’s gentle penetration into her hotness and wetness. 

Bridget slid inside and out several times, already feeling contractions of inner muscles, after which curled her fingers and pressed them up to the frontal wall for her love to feel the friction over the G-spot. 

Bridget pulped the engorged spot inside Franky’s vagina and started stimulating it, motioning her fingers up and down over the spot until she heard a slightly thicker breath from above. Then she added her tongue, circling over clitoris and sucking it inside her mouth. Bridget was working her partner up until she felt Franky’s inside walls hugging her fingers tight, after which she applied stronger pressure over the clit and started moving inside her faster, in several moments hearing the cry of relief and feeling the brunette’s juices covering her hand, she didn’t stop moving her fingers and tongue, helping Franky to ride the orgasm.

When she sensed her girl’s breath started to become even again she began her thrusts inside the hot flesh causing the brunette’s hips to rise up. She was moving inside the brunette, with her tongue sucking the clit and sliding over the opening, soon feeling another approaching climax. After the fourth orgasm Franky, struggling for breath, whispered: ‘I can’t..anymore…’ and stroked lovingly Bridget’s crown of the head, the only part of the blonde’s body that she could reach with her fingers. 

Whole Franky's form was a bag of nerves. Seemed that even tips of fingers were transmitting current. She was oversensitive. Bridget kissed Franky down there, licking all the juices, moving up her love’s body getting to her hot dry lips and cold tongue after extensive breathing. ‘I love you, baby, you are so beautiful!’ She cocooned Franky in an embrace and held her close to her heart. 

‘You are…driving me…insane…Bridget…I can hardly…process…it is amazing!’ Franky took a silk scarf off her eyes and placed a kiss on Bridget’s lips feeling as the blonde trailed her fingers up her stomach to her breasts, accidentally touching the nipple: ‘Oh, stop please…I really…. I can’t…Sleep! Sleep!’ They both laughed and Franky, regaining some strength put Bridget up her body and kissed her deeply and lovingly. 

In precisely three minutes both women, entwined in each other’s arms and legs were in the arms of Morpheus. They were both too tired after an extensive working out that were unable even to cover themselves with a blanket.




Chapter Text





The day was pacing slowly for Bridget until the door to her office shut open abruptly, and a furious Franky appeared in front of her table.

‘Apart from that Italian guy, have you been with men?’ There was an audible irritation in Franky’s voice, and Bridget didn't like that.   

The psychologist stood up from the chair, silently came to the door to shut it close. With the same compassion, she closed the blinds, then came back to the brunette:

‘Yes. * She affirmed * Franky, what the hell is going on?’ Bridget was honest and confused at the unexpected question.  

‘Did you like it ?' Franky proceeded with the interrogation.  

‘Franky, it was long ago.’ Bridget really didn’t understand the exasperation of the brunette. She had noticed, though, that that whole month Franky was a bit out of order, but she blamed the job, her being torn apart between Wentworth and the Legal firm that she ran. Apart from that, everything was stable. As any couple they had some negotiations that never led to big quarrels, and even if there were moments of silence between the women they never slept apart, that was a taboo in their family.  

‘Did You Enjoy It ?’ Franky insisted on the answer.   

‘It was fine, Franky, I even don't remember…’ Bridget was bewildered at the question as well as she wanted to know the reason why her woman was asking it.  

‘So, what prevents you from clarifying your memory, he looks good.’ Franky was nervous at the fact that somebody paid attention to her girl, and also she was worried it might lead to consequences she even didn’t dare to voice or think of.  

‘Franky, for fuck's sake! It's ridiculous. There are no grounds for you to be jealous or blame me for something.’ Bridget showed the signs of irritation as far as there were no any implicit or explicit reasons for Franky to be so furious.

‘Have you seen how he looked at you, as if undressing you….’ The brunette followed on by explaining her point.   

‘Franky, he can look at me anyhow he wants. The main thing is how I treat him and what I allow him to do by my actions and words .’ Bridget started to see the whole picture of a problem and was becoming patient again.  

‘No, Gidge, you should tell him you have a partner!’ The brunette clenched her hands in fists and her knuckles became white.   

‘Franky, he’s never asked me out or asked about my relationships, we are just communicating. What's wrong with you? Where’s this anger and jealousy coming from?’ The psychologist was absolutely calm and hoped her demeanor would help Franky to subside her boiling emotions.   

‘I dunno, Gidge but when I see the way he undresses you with his looks I want to kill the bitch or at least smash his face.’ Franky approached Bridget and with an open palm bashed  the wall behind the blonde.  

‘Franky, you are trying to threaten me.’ Bridget pronounced half voice. 

‘Why would you say that?’ Franky stepped back, thinking she didn’t have to show her fury. 

‘Because you’re trying to intimidate me and I don’t like it. I don’t respect this, Franky!’ Bridget didn’t expect that kind of behavior from her fiancée. She could be nervous or raise her voice, but she had never punched walls. For a split second Bridget felt frightened. But despite that, the blonde knew that conduct wasn’t just out of the blue, as well as she was sure Franky would never hurt her. So, eventually, that fright faded away within a patch of time. 

‘Gidge?’ Franky breathed out guiltily. 

Bridget was wearing a performance on her face and nothing gave way her apprehension with the brunette’s behavior: ‘Franky, baby, I’ve never given you a reason to be jealous, neither you ever heard me flirting with any colleague. You have nothing to worry about, I am safely and soundly taken by somebody who now looks absolutely adorable being red in the face out of unreasonable rage!’  

Franky put her hands high in the air and with a stretched at her woman index finger pronounced: ‘No, Gidge! I fought hard for what I have . I have a girl and a job and a life and I will never allow some dick to ruin this all.’

It slightly started to dawn on Bridget what might be the reason of Franky’s agitation. ‘And this won't happen, Franky! Neither dick, nor puss, will ever take me away from you. I am happy. I am loved. I love. Why should THAT happen?’ Bridget slightly raised her voice. 

‘I dunno, Bridget, I think I am just afraid to ruin our life, the family.’ Franky was teary, and she threw her hands at either side of her body in exasperation.    

‘Franky, our family is a work in progress. We are doing everything to live up to our expectations and so far we are doing well! We are working on our relationship and we both do not want to screw it up, so , as a result, that won't happen! What triggered you?’ Bridget accentuated  her every word, she wanted the brunette to hear her and calm down.    

‘My life…..’ The brunette answered and sighed out heavily. One skinny tear was deceitfully shed and Franky urged to wipe it away quickly, hoping the blonde wouldn’t notice. 

‘Come here’, Bridget opened her arms, motioning for Franky to come closer. She took the brunette’s hands in hers, and they locked eyes.  

‘Gidge, I am sorry! I am irritating you at work in the middle of the day, but I feel bad.’ Franky looked Bridget into the eyes and the greens were visibly drowning in salty waters, still her voice was harsh.   

Bridget pressed her hands tighter against Franky’s: ‘Firstly, you do not irritate me, not now, not ever. Being unreasonably angry at times is normal. Secondly, why are you nervous?’  

‘I don't know.’ It seemed that Franky would step her feet at the next question as if a little child being reproached for bad behavior.  

‘Baby?’ Bridget was looking into the eyes, her voice was calm and assuring.   

‘I can't explain. I just feel bad, angry, and then I feel happy seeing you, and then irritated by that walking dick.....I am sorry, Gidge!’ Franky was rambling, and it provided grounds for Bridget to derive a conclusion:   

‘Franky, can I assume that we are pregnant?’  

‘Gidge, you are not listening ….’ Franky allowed herself to cry. Those faithless tears were pouring down. Everything seemed too much: the legal cases, the jealousy and now her fiancée who appeared not listening.  

‘That's the thing, Franky, I am listening, and I hear you pretty well, and I know you. This kind of behavior is not common for you, you've been agitated this whole month ...I first thought it could be work and in between the periods, you know... But we tried, and maybe we succeeded this time? Don't you mind I make an appointment with Doctor Sullivan tomorrow morning?’ Bridget wiped tears from her woman’s eyes and bestowed a warm smile upon her.   

‘Gidge, but I would have noticed if I were pregnant…’ Franky sobbed, but the voice changed to more resilient.  

‘Well, it's normal for the first month, baby. So? Seeing a doctor tomorrow?’ The blonde was happy to see Franky coming to normal self and suggested checking her assumptions.   

‘Ok! Let's go! But do not talk to that wee-wee with legs again!’ The brunette grimaced. 

‘Franky !!!!’ Bridget gave her girl a look that meant she had to mind her language.  

‘Fine. Penis with legs, whatever.... Do not talk to him.’ Franky was standing her ground and deep inside she was afraid that one day Bridget would leave her for someone else. She simply couldn't voice that fear aloud. 

‘Franky, I can't, he is a colleague. I should show respect to colleagues. And he is harmless.’ Bridget clarified her reasoning of working ethics.   

‘Sure?’ The brunette squinted her gaze.

‘Franky, I do not need a man or a woman, I need you ! Day and night, I think about only you! Do not make me nervous, please. You see how fucking hard I am in love with you!’ Bridget looked deep into the green eyes that were capturing her every  word, and hoped that that was their first and last conversation of that kind. 

‘Ah!!! My lovely dirty bird!’ Franky took Bridget’s hand to her mouth and kissed it.  

‘You'll be the death of me, Franky!’ The blonde nudged the brunette playfully with her shoulder.   

‘And I fucking love you too! You know, that lemon armchair looks big enough for us to make out on it ..’. Franky motioned to the chair and winked at Bridget.

‘Franky! We are living in a fishbowl, for God's sake!! Don't you have a client in 10?’ Bridget said with a serious intonation in her voice and a kind smile on her lips.  

‘Have you learned my schedule? Spying on me?’ Franky was being flirtatious.  

‘I have! I am not!’ Bridget was still serious. 

‘What?’ Franky asked, raising her eyebrows, mouth slightly agape.  

‘You are not the only one who can be jealous, ok?’ Bridget answered, arranging some files on her table, avoiding a direct look. She didn't want Franky to see her embarrassment.   



‘Is this our first serious fall out?’ Franky asked cautiously.  

‘Now we know too many unneeded facts, baby! And now we will be brooding on them…..’ Bridget answered with a concerned gaze.  

‘That's true! But at least I know.’ Franky was tentatively moving closer to her blue-eyed girl.  

‘Kiss me, Franky!’ Bridget asked in earnest.

‘What about the ethics, Gidge?’ Franky followed with her cocky grin.   

‘Just do it!’ There appeared some sternness in the blonde’s voice. Bridget considered herself one of the most loyal persons in the world, and she was a bit annoyed by even Franky’s idea she could have been unfaithful. 

‘Yes, madam!’ The brunette complied and there was not even an inch between them anymore.  

‘Mmmm you feel so good!’ The blonde put her left hand around the waist of the brunette and with her right caressed the jawline. Their bodies were extremely close, there was even a friction felt.    

‘Bridget! Stop it!’ Franky broke the embrace and made a step backwards, blushing. 

‘What's wrong? Have I hurt you?’ The blonde asked, puzzled.   

‘I am… too aroused. I should be going. Lunch in an hour at our place?’ Franky was red in her face from shame that covered her. Usually she could restrain herself from showing off her temper, especially at work. And now she was practically undone out of just being kissed…   

‘See you, baby!!!’ Bridget giggled, knowing for sure, this time they were pregnant…  

When Bridget was alone in her office she picked up a phone, dialed the reception of a Perinatal Wellness Victoria to make an appointment with Dr.Sullivan.



The couple was preparing for the appointment with the doctor. They were both in the bathroom, Bridget buttoning up her blouse, Franky doing the pregnancy test. They both knew the procedure by heart: first - do the test, second - make an appointment. But the psychologist was so sure in their second attempt, that they did everything vice versa. Additionally, Bridget was well-aware of Franky’s behavior and her body, and there was certain evidence that made her sure they would soon become mothers.  

‘Baby, have you done the test?’ The blonde turned in the direction of the brunette still sitting on the toilet bowl.  

‘Yes.’ The brunette answered timidly, holding a test in her hands. 

‘What’s wrong?’ Bridget came closer to her girl and crouched in front of her, putting her hands on the knees of the puzzled brunette. 

‘I am afraid to look, Gidge! It’s the second time and still there’s never been any signs except, as you say, my behavior. I am afraid it’s negative and you did call Dr.Sullivan, and all that is in vain, and …’ Franky hyperventilated. 

‘Baby! Just give it to me… Franky, if we are in the fourth or sixth week, what do you want to notice?’ Bridget took the test in her hands. Her voice was calm, though she was nervous as well. They both wanted to get pregnant. Their first attempt was unsuccessful which made them sad, though they never lost hope and quite soon decided to try for the second time. 

‘I do not know, some monthly signs at least…’ Franky stood from the bowl and went to the shower box to have a quick refresh. 

‘Franky, we could have mistaken spotting for periods, you know, this is your first pregnancy and you are quite fit, so anyway…let’s have an appointment ‘right?’ Bridget leaned her back against the wall in front of the shower box, watching her woman nervously washing herself, while they were waiting for the results. 

‘Gidge, you know too much beyond psychology, are you aware of this…’ the brunette turned off the tap with the water and was ready to step out of the box. 

Bridget provided Franky with a soft towel: ‘Franky, I am into theory, I read a lot and use that knowledge in my research and with clients, still, practically, we need Dr.Sullivan and a sonogram, baby, no worry. We are in this together.’

Bridget was holding a little white plastic tube in her hands and her face started to give away visible signs of happiness.

‘Bridget, what is there?’ Franky asked while drying her body after the shower.

‘Franky, it is positive!’ Seemed like Bridget jumped at announcing the good news.

‘Positive?’ The brunette came closer to check the quantity of vertical lines.  

‘Yes, baby!’ Bridget hugged her bewildered woman not paying attention her blouse would get wet. 

‘We will be mamas?!’ Franky’s face was flashing with a smile and she was waiting for another confirmation from Bridget. 

‘We will be mamas!’ The blonde hugged Franky even tighter and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. 

For some time both women were full of emotions at the preliminary news, holding each other’s faces tight out of happiness.

‘I love you, baby, so much!’ Bridget couldn’t contain her tears. 

‘I love you, Gidge! I want everything to be good this time!’ Franky was looking at her woman with great appreciation. 

‘We will make this happen, Franky! I am so happy!’ Bridget was swaying them both to some inaudible tune and was placing multiple kisses over Franky’s face, neck, chest. If she could she would have taken her brunette in the arms and would have jumped to the stars.

‘I love you!’ Franky was practically speechless. She wanted to cover them both in a cocoon and spend there all following nine months, not letting each other out of their arms.


 Dr.Sullivan, a middle height red haired woman of about forty met the couple in the waiting area, greeted them with a kind smile, shook their hands and led them to the observation room.

‘Franky, Bridget, happy to see you! I suggest we start with the ultrasound to make sure everything is fine and detect a more precise dating of pregnancy and maybe hear the heart-beating.’

‘Ok!’ Both women agreed and Franky got hold of Bridget’s hand. She was having a mix of emotions: happiness as they had a positive test, anxiety as there had been no ultrasound done yet and she was afraid something might be wrong or even the test was incorrect. She was scared, but Bridget’s reassuring strokes over her hand and inner side of her palm made her feel more comfortable and not alone.

‘Girls, my congratulations, you are 6 weeks and a half…’ Dr.Sullivan was interrupted by cheerful gasps from both women.

‘We are pregnant! Bridget, oh God, six weeks and a half, I can’t believe it!!!!’ Franky couldn’t cope with her emotions, she was clinging to Bridget for dear life.

‘Thank you, baby!’ Bridget couldn’t hold her emotions either. She placed a gentle kiss on Franky’s forehead.

‘And I suggest we proceed with a vaginal ultrasound to check some points…and…we could also be able to hear the heartbeat, if you want of course.’ The doctor was explaining every activity for both women to feel comfortable. 

‘Sure, we want!’

Bridget was looking at the monitor and clearly saw two blueberries there. She wasn’t a midwife or a gynecologist, but she could read ultrasounds. She kept silence. She sucked in a breath, waiting for the confirmation of her assumptions from their doctor. Dr.Sullivan was following the observation. That moment it was possible to hear the heartbeat of the embryo. Franky was smiling, the tears were trailing down her cheeks. Bridget, looking at Franky, was teary as well. It was so exciting and long awaited for both of them that simply smiling could not help anymore. That was the first time they could hear the evidence of their baby, their child, their love.

‘The heartbeat is strange, is everything fine or it just should be like that?’ Franky asked their doctor with an audible worry in the voice.

‘Franky, Bridget, I congratulate you, girls, you are having twins. You can see them here, these two little beans are your babies to be….’ The Doctor motioned with her hand to the monitor where it was possible to see two little reasons for them being teary. 

Bridget was incredibly happy, they were pregnant, and they would be having two children. She brought Franky’s hand to her mouth and kissed white knuckles out of the brunette’s holding tight to her. 

‘Two babies! Gidge? Have you heard?’ Franky wasn’t watching her language and was calling Bridget by her nickname but who cared, at that moment they were the happiest on that planet. 

‘Yes, Franky, we’ll be mommas of twins!’ Bridget was patting the head of her beloved woman, simultaneously kissing those white knuckles. Having had a positive result on the test is one thing but hearing a heart-beating proof during the observation is definitely another, a kind of revelation.  

‘I will leave you for several moments, to get dressed and to congratulate each other, and will come back with the recording of a U/S.’

‘Thank you, Dr.Sullivan.’ The couple couldn’t contain their smiles, tears and all other mixed emotions igniting in them.  

‘Gidge, two babies!’ Franky whispered to Bridget while putting on her lucky undies followed by trousers. 

‘Franky, it’s such a special moment!’ Bridget couldn’t resist but kissed any part of Franky she physically could at the conditions they were in. 

‘I love you!’ Franky was dressed in a suit, took a seat near Bridget and the tears were unintentionally running down her pink cheeks.

‘I love you, baby! Stop crying, please!’ Bridget was wiping those tears, adoringly looking at her fiancee, the moment was too touching. 

‘I can’t, I am becoming too emotional. You’ll have to deal with me…!’ The brunette sobbed and laughed simultaneously, trying to cope with her tears at least till they were home. 

‘Can’t wait! As of now, you will be discharged from all the shenanigans you do! ’ The blonde wanted her woman to be moody. She knew that the next following year would be the hardest for them but she literally longed for every second of it.  

‘I love you! I love you! God!!!! I am so happy, Gidge!’ Franky hugged the woman whom she loved immensely, who was looking at her with those clear blue eyes and she felt as if the time stood still. 

‘Love you baby!’

Their embrace was interrupted by the doctor, stretching a memory stick with a recorded U/S to Bridget.

‘Have you noticed any changes within these 6 weeks?’ Doctor Sullivan was filling in the form and needed some information to make the advice more precise and handy. 

‘Bridget says I’ve become more irritated without a reason. But honestly I haven’t noticed anything yet.’ Franky was so overwhelmed that she even forgot to mention her seldom cases of indigestion. 

‘Franky has some issues with food digestion, she has become more tender to the touch at the area of breasts, but they are still of the same size, she has become agitated, so apart from this - nothing.’ Bridget got a coy smile from Franky, signaling she was touched, the blonde was so attentive. 

‘That’s good! You might feel nauseous in the mornings or during the day, but do not worry, according to your previous blood tests there has been a diet generated, it is on the memory stick as well, so you’ll just have to print it out. It won’t save you from any symptoms, though. However, it would help to reduce its severity. Just make sure you consume enough micronutrients and….’ Dr.Sullivan consulted on some issues that could be new to Franky and her body during the first trimester.

‘Dr.Sullivan, Franky does high-intensity working outs and we need your medical advice on what could be still done and what should be reduced or even omitted, please!’ Bridget voiced her concern about the extensive training of her brunette. However, Franky never did anything with the weights, some of the exercises were really harsh and Bridget thought those ones could impact the health of their two little blueberries. 

‘While you are in the first trimester, you could do practically anything, but: don’t hold your breath while exercising. Don't use jerky or twisting motions, remember that your joints are already stressed-out. Listen to your body and stop when you become fatigued. And don't get overheated. Maybe you’d like to switch to yoga? It should be noted, that in the second trimester there would be no-nons to exercises on your back, however, I would remind you about this later on soon.’

The three women were communicating for some period of time and then the couple thanked for the appointment and drove back home. Whole their way back Bridget was holding Franky’s hand and kissing it while attentively driving the car. Franky’s free hand was traveling from Bridget’s knee to their clasped hands, then to her eyes. She couldn’t cope with her emotions. She had been longing for both of them to become mothers. To change diapers, to warm the milk, to teach their babies some cute and clever stuff, to grow as a Westfall-Doyle family. 

When the car was parked and the door to their house closed behind them, they were shouting out of happiness and jumping, dancing and laughing, crying and kissing. They were in a bliss of happiness, holding each other very close and tight with the blend of blue and green covering them both. 

They were already six weeks and a half mothers to two little kids who were still the size of blueberries but already having so bright heart beats.


Chapter Text




That was a pleasantly early morning. Birds behind the windows started to chirp, and the sun was practically on full display, brightly illuminating the room. The sunbeam jumped from Bridget’s crown of the head to her nose, which made her stir. The honey-colored skin glowed under the sun. The heat out of it caused the blonde to turn to the other side of the bed. 

Franky appeared in their chamber with a bouquet of Mansfield Park Garden Spray Roses of a pink blush color. They were neither white nor pink but extremely beautiful with an adoring smell nourishing the whole bedroom. She kneeled in front of the sleeping birthday girl with flowers in her hands and placed a light kiss on her nose. Bridget moaned and tried to awaken from a dream world. With only one eye open, she noticed the green eyes of her beloved woman hidden behind the roses and smiled gently at the sight. She thought it was a blessing to wake up to those loving bright gaze. She rubbed her eyes, and raised herself on the pillows, muffling herself up in blankets, smiling. Franky made herself seated on the bed, stretching the bouquet, singsonging: ‘Happy Birthday, baby girl!’ Bridget eagerly accepted fresh roses, smelled them and with a delighted ‘Mmmm…’ kissed the brunette.

There was a tradition in the family, to congratulate each other early in the morning, to be the first out of the rest of their family and friends. Despite it being a tradition, every time such early wake up congratulations were perceived with unexpectedness.    

Suddenly, both women heard a howling from the hall. They smiled at each other.

‘Franky, is that what I think?’ Bridget jumped out of bed fully awake, fully naked, running towards the sound in the hall.

The brunette made an instant note to herself again that her woman was just the best person on the planet and shouted to her: ‘Barry! He is Barry!’ As she got up from the haunches she went to the hall to see the best set ever: her birthday girl was sitting on the floor with Barry in her arms licking all over her cheerful face making Bridget giggle.

‘Who is a sweet little boy? Ha? Barry!’ Bridget was cooing. 

Franky, unable to restrain her emotions, crouched closer to the both of them and held Bridget from behind, stretching her legs on either side of her lover’s hips, leaning her back against the sofa. Bridget rested on Franky’s chest and turned her head to the left and slightly up to meet her brunette’s lips: ‘Thank you, baby!’ ‘How are we feeling?’ Bridget smiled at Franky, fidgeted a little so as to be still between the brunette’s legs but not leaning against their still invisible baby bump.

‘We are perfect, babe!’ Franky smiled back.

‘I love you!’ Bridget protruded her lips, as if a child asking for a kiss, which made the brunette chuckle.

‘Love you, Gidge!’ Franky kissed the blonde with a smile on her lips. 

They were sitting like this for some time until Barry fell asleep on Bridget’s chest. Franky thought Bridget would look amazing with their children in arms.

Bridget’s head was resting in the crook of Franky’s neck, allowing the brunette to fully observe the picture. She kissed the blonde on the forehead, stroking with one hand their little puppy and with her other hand resting on Bridget’s toned stomach, drawing feathery patterns there.

And so their morning started.



Bridget loved attention on her Day, as every other person on their birthday. But she loved spending this special occasion with Franky and always left the celebration as it was for the other day. All her friends were aware of this habit and those, who wanted to congratulate personally, always came in the morning, the rest of her friends and acquaintances called, sent messages or emails knowing that they would meet the blonde at some appointed date. It wasn’t a superstition or eccentricity. Somehow, she always felt strange before her birthday. There was never any kind of childish joy but an awkward feeling, as if she didn’t know what to do on this day, as if planets collided in space which prevented her from reacting and feeling exhilarated. That was the main reason she didn’t have the wish to organize posh celebrations. She needed to recharge. The following day was always much better, and she felt freer.

Knowing this feature of her fiancée, Franky didn’t ask about the plans for that occasion, she knew they would spend it together. They both had a bee in a bonnet towards their birthdays. They had different reasons, however it resulted in the following: they both were happy doing something common on the day of their birthdays, nothing extreme or overwhelming, only pleasant and positive activities together and from that moment with Barry. 

The couple decided to spend the whole day at the seaside. They packed all needed things into the car, took some water and feed for Barry and left their house. They agreed upon a take-away breakfast from a beach restaurant to be eaten watching the rippling water under the yellow sun. They also wanted to have fun with their Barry and teach him to swim.

Franky and Bridget were standing a couple of meters away from each other in the sea with water slightly covering their hips. 

Bridget was holding Barry under his armpits and was guiding him to swim to Franky. ‘Barry will have been more than a year old by the time our children appear. Do you think they will get along well?’ She expressed her worry. 

‘Sure, Gidge, we chose a Golden, and they are extremely sensitive and friendly, considered to be family dogs. Also, we have several months ahead to teach him to be nice and careful.’ Franky tried to put Bridget’s mind at ease. 

‘I am just anxious he could jump at you and hurt you deliberately, he is still a little puppy.’ Always calm and conscious psychologist was nervous, which at some point, amused the lawyer.

Franky guided Barry to swim back to Bridget. ‘Gidge, surely that should be me to worry, writhe in hysterics, and you should be the one to hold my hand saying ‘I got you!’ and ‘do you want to talk about it?’ and ‘how are you feeling?’ Franky laughed.

‘Franky!’ Bridget stretched the last syllable of the brunette’s name, being insulted. Splashed playfully some water in the direction of Franky. Carefully enough not to water Barry’s ears. The brunette answered with a bigger splash.

Barry, seeing this unknown to him game, quickly swam to the shore and sat at the bank watching his two mommas behaving like kids. He didn’t bark, on the contrary, was silently sitting and turning his head to the right and then to the left, to the right, to the left. Bridget and Franky were cheerfully laughing and were totally wet. All of a sudden, the brunette submerged into the water and swam to Bridget from behind, enveloped her in her arms and made them fall into the water. They jumped out of the sea together, laughing loudly and looking around to see if Barry was still sitting on the shore. When they saw him staring at them, they took each other by the hand, exchanged looks, giggled and went out of the water with a guilty look on their faces. They both kneeled in front of Barry and stretched their arms for him to go for an embrace. Barry, slightly waving his tail, came closer to his mommas and licked their faces.

‘Sorry, Barry!’ The blonde said, suppressing her giggle, and patted his head.

‘And you were concerned about his behavior?’ Franky laughed and got a look from Barry. ‘Oh fuck! Gidge, he is a too serious doggo!’ The brunette couldn’t stop laughing. 

‘At least we have several months to teach her good vocabulary, right, Barry?’ The blonde hugged their puppy-son and kissed him on the smooth wet nose.

‘I also want a kiss!’ Green eyes pouted the lips.

‘Will you behave?’ Bridget asked, playing seriousness.

‘Yes, mom!’ Franky looked at Bridget, ‘Yes, dad!’ She looked at Barry and started to laugh again. 

‘Unbearable!’ Bridget kissed Franky on the nose and patted her back. 

Barry, watching his crazy mommas and accepting his family as it was, fell down to his right side with his head on Franky’s lap and touched her belly with his cold wet nose. He sniffed it, tickling Franky with his little whiskers, making her giggle and licked it. 

Bridget, seeing this adoring moment, sat hip to hip to the brunette. She kissed Franky in the temple then in the clavicle and was stroking their clever dog enjoying her birthday.

It was definitely one of the best days spent together.

‘Would you like us to cook or order something for the evening?’ Franky asked while they were gathering home after practically a whole day spent at the sea.

‘Cook! Tender duck fillet with veggies on me and you surprise me with a dessert if you don’t mind?’ Bridget suggested. She absolutely loved when Franky baked something, she was amazing in the kitchen. 

‘Anything you wish, my birthday girl!’

Franky was mixing coconut flour with cream for their chocolate caramel slice. Bridget was combining spices for the sauce to marinade and bake duck fillet. 

The call startled them both. Somebody wanted to reach Franky. And that somebody was no one else but her mother. Franky’s brow raised. She silently picked up the phone from a counter, showed Bridget the caller ID and went to the living area to talk. Deep inside she felt that call wouldn’t be one of the pleasant ones. 

‘Yes? Hi mom.’ Franky mumbled, prepared to listen to another reproach to her address. She worked out some tactics in communicating with her mother, mainly, she was listening, then trying hard to forget whatever negativity it would be spewed out on her. ‘Thank you, I will tell her.’ ‘Yes, everything is fine.’ ‘Yes, bye, see you.’

Franky came back to Bridget, who was utterly occupied in cooking.

‘Is everything fine?’ The blonde asked tentatively. She knew quite well what such calls could make Franky do. At the least, mow the lawn until the soil was visible.

‘Ah?’ She asked bewildered. Still coping with a positive result of a conversation. ‘Yes, she, actually, called to say her regards, congratulate you on your Birthday.’

‘Oh!’ Bridget didn’t expect Franky’s mother would remember, as well as be eager to congratulate. ‘That’s kind of her, thanks.’ A small smile appeared on the blonde’s face. ‘Does she know...?’ Bridget didn’t finish the question, knowing Franky would understand the implication. 

‘About us? Yes. About the rest - no.’ She shrugged her shoulders and concentrated on shredding the nuts for their dessert. The next second, the knife slipped out of Franky’s arms and landed on the floor. Franky jumped off, so it didn’t hit her toes. ‘Fuck!’ She cursed silently.

‘Why don’t you tell me?’ Bridget uttered, calm as a freight train, as if asking to switch on the kettle.

Never expecting the blonde to go willingly into details of her and parents’ relationship, Franky decided to finally talk. 

‘It’s your day, Gidge!’ She hesitated.

‘Just the occasion, ha?!’ The blonde chuckled. 



‘Well, nothing fascinating. Somehow, I do not want to talk about it, as well as I want to share it with you.’ She sighed. 

‘Years of digging into my own mind made me realise the whole situation. As my father’s catch-as-catch-can working style prevailed, it meant that other members of our family had to adjust and accommodate to his work, that he never negotiated with us, should be said. My mother became a linchpin of the family, without discussions or conscious decision making. And I wasn’t even born yet. She felt abandoned.’ Franky breathed out. 

‘She was an abuser on level ‘minimum’. I never had the right to voice my opinion, or simply talk. I was afraid of her. Every day I was experiencing fear of coming home, of waking up, of her coming up to me. I was always ready to be beaten, have my hair pulled, shouted at, reproached, whatsoever.’ She paused.

‘On weekends, if my father appeared to be home, not fucking some slag, he would be hiding behind a book. They both were depleted and irritable, hurt, anxious and angry. And in such a state they did parent me. As a little kid I couldn’t possibly understand the motives of two adults, however I was able to witness unhealthy interaction, evil conversations, violent behaviour toward each other, and as a result I had to become a victim of those activities as well.’

‘Thanks to my grandparents I never experienced the feeling of abandonment, but I felt lonely. I believe that was the reason for me to be comfortable single, no strings attached was the best attitude towards life. Nevertheless, I always knew subliminally that there were things in the world much more important to my parents than me. I felt there was something wrong with me, I thought I was stupid and unworthy, apart from that I was always told I was that type of kid. Unconsciously I started to believe in that, just until I became a teenager and learned to filter all shit I heard.’

‘I remember how I was covering the signs of her evil on my skin by wearing long sleeves. There was a period when I cut myself, you know. * Franky’s face cringed* I couldn’t cope. And when I felt the blade against my skin, it’s cold and sharp edge, the way it stung into my arms, I was as if in another world, silent and safe. *She smiled weakly*  I felt anxiety and pressure all the time. That process of self-harming calmed me down.’

‘There were some good times, when I felt occasional care and love. We went together to the park or...There was a good time when we went together to the park. We rarely spent time together. There were some circumstances when we had to do that, like holidays, for instance.’

‘When I entered the Uni I left home and for the first time in my life I was able to breathe. I needed several years to forget the pain out of her nails dug  deep into my body. As well as I learned not to shrug in my head when somebody was raising their hand near me. I was learning to talk. You know, as if from the very beginning. As it turned out I was unable to bind two words to make up a sentence. For the lawyer it’s shitty.’ She smiled to herself and nodded her head, being embarrassed. 

‘Whole my life, just until my mid twenties I was afraid to become an alcoholic. There were times when they got drunk to oblivion, I had to clean after them, had to search for them around the city, etc.’ She still didn’t raise her eyes to look at Bridget.

‘I learned to deal with anger. The only thing that I cannot still learn is to block her bullshit. Somehow my inner self takes it to the heart. Still. I do not blame her. I am not angry with her anymore. She is my mother and I will always help her, but unfortunately something inside of me broke. *Franky sadly looked at Bridget* I am not that scared child anymore. I am not afraid of her. I see her, and can read her. I cannot understand why she doesn’t want to change her attitude towards life, but anyway, that’s not my problem. *She breathed out* That’s in brief. I do not remember my childhood well. There are some flashbacks, but I do not remember many years from that life. I wanted to block it so much, that now I know the consequences of the cause-effect relationship, that’s all.’ She tapped her fingertips against the cooking surface. 

‘The emotional climate was always unpredictable and confusing. I never got that attachment, feeling of tenderness, reasonable parenting, secure and reliable parental presence, mainly I got a stick not knowing exactly what the carrot was.’

‘It has been hard for me to open up because I was never listened to or made talk. I remember that once I did say something about the way I felt or thought and was instantly cut, it wasn’t interesting for them, I was proved wrong, so eventually I chose to be silent. And when you are silent for more than 25 years it’s hard to start, Gidge! I am sorry for that.’



Franky’s eyes were filled with pain towards the past and appreciation towards the person in front of her, listening attentively. Her voice calm but harsh. She was holding tight to the table in front of which she was standing. That cool marble surface cooled her temper that second. Her whole monologue was presented as if in one breath. Actually, she felt pride that she, being a child, was able to cope with all the bruises her mother gifted her. She was proud she was clever enough to filter abusive remarks in her address. And she was proud she didn’t feel anger towards her parents anymore.

Bridget stopped doing what she was busy with. She was astounded Franky finally shed a light on her story of childhood. She clearly understood it was only a sketch, full of a dark palette, though she was happy, her partner decided to crack open the door to the past.

When Bridget was little she never came across such things like being beaten, or else. She was respected by her parents even at a young and vulnerable age. She was happy to do what she wanted to, she developed, learned about the world. As a psychologist she had to work with many victims of abuse and she knew quite well what way it influenced their life. She was so proud Franky managed to cope with everything herself, to make right decisions and come to reasonable conclusions. She sensed her partner became more beautiful for having been broken, thanks to the golden clay, the mixture of comprehension and devotion they were using to mend each other and highlight positive mesmerizing sides of one another. She was proud to be by her side. 

‘Thank you!’ Bridget finally spoke.

‘What?’ Franky never expected to hear that , as a reaction to what had been said. 

‘Thank you, Franky. For being strong. For being nothing like them.’

How Bridget could know Franky’s fear was that she could resemble her parents. The blonde just pronounced the words Franky needed to hear. 

‘You really think so?’

‘Yes, I do!’

‘Thank you, Gidge!’ Franky smiled. ‘Would you like some ice cream for dessert?’

Bridget giggled, that the brunette switched off to another topic so quickly: ‘Yes, that would be great, baby!’ Bridget’s heart pounded. She was terrified by even the story of how parents could treat and presumably ruin their own child’s life. She was trying hard not to show her sorrow to her girl. And at that very moment it dawned on her, they would be really good parents and allies to their kids. 

Franky was thinking about their future children every day now. Those thoughts invaded her head. She was restless. She was whipping the cream and looking at the blonde. She couldn’t help but evaluate their family for a stable and positive environment to bring up two healthy children. 

‘I love you, Bridget!’ Franky left aside the activities, to come up to Bridget to kiss her, as a sign of affirmation of her thoughts.

‘I love you, Franky!’ Bridget leaned in for a soft kiss. ‘I’m happy with you!’ She came as close as she could to Franky to be held. Her hands were all in the sauce and spices, so she didn’t dare to embrace the brunette. 

‘I am happy with you too, Gidge!’ Franky enveloped the small of Bridget’s back and placed another soft kiss on the forehead. 

They heard dovelike clinks of Barry's clawies against the parquet in the hall. His sleepy little head appeared to be funny for both of the women. They laughed when they saw him.

‘Would you like some water, Barry?’ Franky added some fresh water to the bowl for their puppy.  ‘Or some food?’ 

Barry wiggled his whole body, approving the offer. 

‘You are an adorable little boy, Barry!’ Bridget commented, while arranging the fillet in a roasting pan. She loaded the dish into the oven, cleaned the hands and sat on the floor, petting their puppy while he was eating. ‘You are so soft!’ 

‘Just like his mum!’ Franky giggled, petting Bridget’s crown of the head.

‘Every time you are in my arms I want to merge with you.’ 

Franky whirled at the sound of the deep husky voice and drew in a breath. Bridget looked like a star from some erotic movie with tempting fuck-me body. When Franky bent over her limp form, she was astonished to see white silk lingerie under Bridget’s shirt. She circled her elegant shoulder for ampteens consecutive times, considering the possible options of how to proceed. 

Bridget eyed her partner cautiously, as if she was puzzled by her new inclination to review her activities. She was suddenly flipped to back face Franky. The brunette’s hands were motioning from the blonde’s waist up to the shoulderblades to unclip the bra. A soft moan escaped Bridget’s mouth. Franky leaned forward, peppering tender kisses on the honey back. She was trailing her arms down the hips to tug the jeans down.

Another flip, and now Bridget was in front of Franky, lying beautifully on the bed. Her hair was no longer accurately held in a ponytail at her nape and was now in disarray, with hundreds of strands of blonde hair loose and haphazardly framing her face. The brunette considered Bridget’s face to be sexy, very damned sexy, with lips full and tantalizing, an elegant nose with a slight tilt at the end and sharp, elegant cheekbones. She was so slender and fit. Her firm breasts heaving within every passionate breath. Her straight bare legs made her calves look so delectable, and feet so kissable. That sight made Franky feel like a starved wolf wanting to take a bite or two. No, to eviscerate the blonde, long and pleasantly hard. She  kneeled down to tug on the last attire the blonde was wearing and substitute those lace panties with her hot wet kisses. 

Bridget arched her back, feeling Franky’s tongue brushing against her core. The brunette was as if painting a landscape, applying impressive violent brush strokes against Bridget’s labia. She embraced her legs around Franky’s neck and gave in to a savage artist of her body. 

Their bodies entwined, fingers interlaced, groans merged.

Franky leaned her weight into Bridget. Hardness of their chests crushing against each other, the strength of her slightly bigger body suddenly made the blonde feel tiny and vulnerable. Bridget’s breath caught in her throat at the feel of a persistent leg pressed snugly between her hips, touching an already tortured bundle of nerves. 

Vibrant voice, belonging to Franky, made Bridget shiver: ‘I love you, Gidge!’

The blonde’s lips brushed over hers, the fleeting touch sending sizzling jolts of awareness to every nerve ending in her body. Slowly her hands slid from her face, down her arms and toward her olive buttocks: ‘I love you, baby!’

Having gained strength again, none too gently, Bridget cupped and squeezed Franky’s butt, pulling her forward as she collapsed against her pelvis. She turned them both to be atop of the brunette. Thick veins strained in the blonde’s neck as she clutched her beloved woman tightly to her hot body, rambling her urgent fingers all over the heated flesh. 

Franky exerted her own remarkable efforts and bit back a string of whimpers, knowing she would surely climax only from sheer, pure desire that had been boiling inside her. As if on cue her bosom flooded with feverish, immodest juices, and just for a wink she worried that any second Bridget would be able to actually see the steam emerging out of her pussy.

The feel of their balmy, gentle palms on the tender skin and their all-powerful tongues mercilessly thrusting into each other's mouths drove their insides into a frenzy. Whatever insanity this was they both didn’t want it to end, because they felt magnificent, wonderful, marvelous.


‘Do not tell me he was watching us all this time?’

‘He is going to be quite experienced!’ 

They laughed looking at Barry, lying at the end of the bed, attentive watching their already favorite humans.


Chapter Text


Bridget was working on her monograph as a beaver. She desperately wanted to close this page of her professional development before their children’ birth. Her days were long, nights were sleepless. She was constantly reading, writing, rewriting, and proofreading. Her study smelled of coffee, likewise her skin. The climate in the workplace was refreshing, as Bridget needed her brain and body to stay cool for better concentration. Nonetheless, every time she escaped the confines of the room for a meal or shower, she looked as if steaming.

It was at the forefront of her mind to have everything done for the Los Angeles County Psychological Association event. That presentation would definitely allow her to get a higher rank in the national association, as well as fewer working hours and more money. Which would be beneficial for all five of them in the future. 

Franky was more than helpful those several months. From time to time, she was working offline and was honestly enjoying the state of her being a mother-to-be and a practicing lawyer. She was a natural at juggling her hobbies and professional responsibilities. 

Even though her first trimester was not very pleasant, she treated her woman with the most delicious meals, supported her when there was a visible or invisible need. Every so often, they managed to use the study for purposes other than that intended. 

As it had been discussed long before, they were going on that business trip together. The preparation time was prolonged due to Franky’s pregnancy. They were in their second trimester. Morning nausea and extreme tiredness weren’t an issue anymore, so that was just an ideal time to get on board. They had to make an appointment with the doctor, to undergo the obs to get permission to fly. They had to take the right precautions, as despite their exhilarated mood, they were still concerned that anything might happen. Onboard the flight, Bridget would be making Franky drink some fluids every thirty minutes or so. She would make her fiancée eat, even though Franky wouldn't be hungry. Bridget was nervous about the health of her three beloved people, and she secretly hoped Franky wouldn’t take a plethora of care as a fright. 


Bridget thought, at some point they would have to talk to Barry, clarify to him, they were going on a business trip, and he would stay with the family of the eldest of the Westfalls. The couple treated their dog as a member of the family, although he wasn’t a human and couldn’t talk. However, he was fantastic at giving looks, which Franky was sure he took after Bridget. 

When the blonde was walking past their bedroom one morning, she heard Franky sweet-talking to ...Barry. 

‘Hey, buddy, we are going to the US with your mommy. It means you have to stay with three kids, so look after them, all right, you are their big brother, ok? They love you. You’ll spend crazy time running after them and swimming together. Do not chew the chair, ‘right, naughty boy. We will miss you, fluffy paws. In five days we are home, ok, do not worry, be good, ok?’

As Bridget had to finish some reports and reschedule the sessions with clients, she was in her private practice office that afternoon. She couldn’t resist but sent a video of a morning conversation between her amazing fiancée and their lovely puppy she had secretly recorded some hours earlier. 




I thought I was all talk! 😂 I love you, baby!

Several minutes later she got the answer from Franky:



Gidge, babe, it’s embarrassing! I had to talk to him. I do not want him to think we abandon him


Bridget, as well as her whole family, were fairly the only people who were lucky to see the real Franky, her big pure kind heart and her vast soul. Bridget felt so happy to be with that woman. To be her partner in life, love and ‘crime’. 


A whole week awaited them in LA. Truth be told, they starved to travel, so they spent every opportunity on visiting and exploring the hearts of new cities and countries. Some time ago, their family became fuller with the appearance of Barry there. They didn’t want to leave him alone, but also, it wasn’t a close destination, moreover, they couldn’t allow their precious member of the family to travel in the hold, so they agreed upon an ideal scenario for a little pup. He loved attention. And both women were more than sure that all the Westfalls would take good care of the dog. 

The couple arrived in the City of Angels late in the evening. When they got settled in their room in a hotel, they took a shower, redressed and went exploring the city they had never seen before. 

It was impossible to say that LA was different than Melbourne. There were the same skyscrapers, the same parks and alleys. It was the same hustle and bustle, but simultaneously it was quite the opposite. 

This city, though, was a big family of cinematography. Potential actors and actresses were here and there. They could be even seen in restaurants working as waiters and waitresses in between the filming. And the reason for them providing service there was not due to the immersion into the roles, no, they were really earning money. The problem was, there was enough space for another star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but the question was who was going to fit in. In spite of the fact, it wasn’t so rainbow-like striving for the cinematographic endeavor, those people were so shiny and cheerful and so hope-driven, that it was possible to arrange group counseling sessions on the Hollywood Boulevard. 

That was LACPA’s 33rd Annual Convention, which lasted three days. Bridget had to be present at all the sessions, however her day of presentation was the third one.

In her turn, Franky found several masterclasses to get distracted while being in an unknown city and not wandering aimlessly alone around it. 

All the sessions started at 11 am, as well as cooking and photography classes Franky subscribed to. The couple had leisure mornings and breakfasts in bed together. Then they parted for a day to meet each other in the evening and to further enjoy themselves.

They lived in a Casa del Mar hotel in Santa Monica, in an ocean view room. It was a vibrant place with a stone distance from the Pacific. Their elegant room was decorated in soft white and blue colors and featured floor-to-ceiling glass windows, a king-size bed, hydromassage tub, etc. There were two restaurants available that treated with fresh sea-food catch daily and of course any world dish possible.

‘Do you like height?’ Franky asked Bridget when they found themselves on the balcony of their room, enjoying the night city view and breathing fresh air from the ocean.

‘This room has the best view.’ Bridget had a sip of her wine and leaned her back on the banisters adoringly looking at her beautiful brunette displaying those exquisite dimples. 

‘Oh wow! That sounds like ‘Pretty Woman’. At this point, I should get on the banisters, lean my back backward and you, being my Edward Lewis, should get scared of me falling.’ Franky was giggling, reproducing the scene from one of their favorite films. 

‘And you, being my Vivian Ward, should kiss me to save me from a heart attack.’ Bridget stepped rightward to get closer to Franky and took her by the hand. 

Franky was a millisecond breeze from Bridget, encased her hand around the small of her back and feathery touched a smooth honey cheek: ‘Do you remember she’d kissed no one on the lips until they met?’ Her lips were moving closer and closer…

‘I do!’ Bridget swiftly brushed her nude pink lips against the warm magenta ones without proceeding with a kiss. 

‘Do you remember, I’ve never felt this connection with anyone before?’ Franky whispered into the mouth of her woman.

‘Me too … from our first meeting!’ Bridget enveloped her arms around her girl, covered those amazingly smooth lips with hers in a loving kiss. 

The couple was enjoying the silence, standing on the balcony with their foreheads pressed to each other. It seemed that even the ocean adjusted to the pace of their breathing, not to interrupt the moment of closeness. 

‘In case I forget to tell you later, I had a really good time tonight.’ Franky winked at Bridget. 

‘Are you going to quote ‘Pretty Woman’ during our entire trip?!’ Bridget petted Franky’s butt, while they were going inside the elevator to get down to the restaurant for dinner.

‘We should visit the Opera, I desperately need to say: ‘It was so good, I almost peed my pants!’ The brunette laughed and placed a warm kiss on the blonde's cheek, and her hand on the hips, pulling her closer. 

‘I have to download the script. I feel at a loss!’ Bridget took Franky’s hand, kissed it and while still holding it they went out of the lift. 

‘And then I can sit on it and say: ‘That's one I haven't been on before.’ Franky giggled again and squeezed Bridget’s hand tighter. 

‘God! Franky, stop it! You are way too hilarious, my stomach aches already!’ The blonde was trying hard not to swear. She wanted to make her woman silent by a fervent kiss, and she didn’t give a heck they were at the restaurant already. But at that very moment, when Bridget turned abruptly to Franky and her right hand was moving higher to the olive tanned neck, the host approached them: ‘Good evening!’ That person startled Bridget and instead of the kiss, she took a loose strand of raven hair from her fiancée’s face, mentally shouting ‘fuck’ . And so both women were looking at a fit man in a black tie suit in front of them. ‘Let me lead you to the table, madams?’ He stretched his arm and with a kind smile led the couple to the ocean view site. 

Bridget woke up to a still sleeping Franky. She traced her hand over the shoulder to no avail. She took a shower, after which came back to the bedroom to a still sleeping woman. Bridget got back into the bed, spooned her brunette from behind and was enjoying the warm soft naked body against hers. She rambled with her fingertips over the side of Franky, trailing over her ribs and hips, drawing circles on their little beloved bump and felt how Franky’s hand touched hers: ‘Good Morning, babe!’, ‘Morning, baby!’. 

‘You smell nice.’ Bridget rasped, inhaling Franky’s scent. 

‘Does that mean I have to take a shower?’ Franky demonstratively sniffed her armpit. She noticed, during the pregnancy, she started to sweat more. She thought Bridget was kindly hinting at the shower.

‘No! I meant you really smell good. Different. Very sweet.’ Bridget was nonchalant, still petting her woman with her fingertips. 


‘Mhm.’ Bridget slyly smiled into the nape of Franky’s neck and trailed her wet kisses down the brunette’s shoulder. 

‘You don’t like it?’ Franky was trying hard to concentrate on Bridget’s ministrations, but that thought didn’t let her mind rest. 

‘I said it for you to know that the smell of your skin has changed . I absolutely love it.’ Bridget bit her woman lovingly on the bare shoulder. 


‘Really! Silly.’ Bridget pulled Franky gently so she could straddle her. ‘I love you!’ She leaned in to kiss the brunette.

‘Ok.’ Franky smiled at Bridget and let her expert hands travel underneath the hem of Bridget’s T-shirt, apparently the only piece of clothes she was wearing after the shower, and took it off. She sat up together with the blonde on her lap and was looking fondly into the eyes of her fiancee. ‘You are so tempting.’ She closed her eyes as she leaned into Bridget’s space. She paused for a second, simply enjoying their closeness, the ghost of Bridget’s breathing on her skin raising every hair on her neck. When both her palms cupped Bridget’s breasts and the blonde produced a moan, Franky felt as if soaring. And even if Bridget had kissed Franky thousands of times before, there was nothing that could have prepared Franky for the moment when Bridget's lips were finally on hers. It was like flying for the very first time, seeing the change of shades of blue at the change of altitudes. Like dancing tango for the first time together that close in the studio. Albeit their kisses were long and multiple, every time their lips met each other they sent jolts to the pit of their stomachs.  

Bridget trailed her hand over a rosy cheek of her woman, pressed their bodies tighter to each other and encased Franky’s lips in hers. 

Through the moans Franky managed to pronounce: ‘You know how to wake up a woman, right?’ Bridget bit the brunette's earlobe, her voice euphonious: ‘I just love you!’

Franky turned her face to Bridget and kissed her on the lips: ‘I love you too!’ When their lips parted Bridget gently pushed Franky to stand on the knees, she definitely didn’t want that morning to be fast.

‘You know, you look beautiful from behind…’ Bridget kissed Franky’s back. 

‘Babe, can you see me blushing there, 'cause I am…’ Franky giggled and there were notes of timidness in her voice. 

‘No blushing at all, I can see her smiling with delight…mmm…’ Bridget smiled and proceeded with the activity that exhilarated them both.

Some moments later they were both entangled in each other's arms. Bridget was caressing Franky’s face, taking aside long dark tresses. ‘I love you, baby! I love you so much.’ Bridget kissed the side of Franky’s nose. 

‘You are the queen of sex, Gidge!’ Franky giggled and pressed her lips together protruding them towards the blonde, asking for another kiss. When the kiss was granted and the brunette regained some breath she smiled at Bridget: ‘I love you, Gidge! You are my girl.’

The next convention day was free from conferences and of course the couple couldn’t miss the tour to the Warner Bros. Studio. On those 45 hectares there were 29 film sets and even double more of different pavilions. Lots of halls were open for visitors, devoted to different movies, where mannequins had clothes of famous heroes, garages held cars from films about Batman, and of course the pavilion where cinematographic secrets were revealed. 

They were laughing while making their butts comfortable on one of four sofas from ‘Friends’, cheering themselves that even Jenifer Aniston’s bum was sitting on it. Franky was shouting ‘Joey doesn't share food’, commenting on Bridget's request to pass her some water. 

Harry Potter’s Dobby became alive due to controllers and transmitters situated on the floor on which Franky was standing and performing some motions. 

‘Franky is a free house-elf and she can obey anyone she likes and Franky will do whatever Bridget Westfall wants her to do!’ The excited brunette was quoting her favorite lines from ‘Harry Potter’, laughing, seeing Bridget’s amused face. 

Bridget had the chance to try herself in the role of Hermione. In front of a green screen she was flying on the broom, following the director’s instructions after which the couple enjoyed the video of the blonde moving around the night city finally arriving at Hogwarts. 

‘Leviossaa!’ Exclaimed Bridget, while they both were watching her flying. 

‘Yeah, my girl!’ Franky pulled Bridget in for a hug and kissed her fondly on the temple . 

 And for sure they had to take a picture of both of them in front of the fascinating HOLLYWOOD letters. There were three possible spots from where the photos could look good, which the couple used: Griffith Observatory, Canyon Lake Drive and Mulholland Drive. But their wild nature never gave their feet rest, they decided to have a close up of that inscription. They reached a turquoise door at Mulholland Drive Park area to be met by the sign ‘Park closed sunset till sunrise’. Who cared. They opened the door and trailed 2 km up the road to reach an arduous hill. When they finally got to the destination, they found themselves just behind the letters, the only block on their way - a metal gauze fence. They joked, that they ‘entered Hollywood from the back door’. Still, they were strolling around the place in search of any possible holes. ‘If the Bills had loopholes why fences couldn’t’, the couple reasoned with an irresistible smile on their faces. Apparently, laws were more accessible. 

The other evening they were both sitting on the balcony, enjoying the touch of the night on their bare shoulders. Franky wanted to show her beloved woman some tricks she learned while the psychologist was stretching the horizons of people’s minds at the convention. 

‘Baby, how was your day, what were you doing?’ Bridget asked, looking at Franky, who was arranging some cheeses and wine on the table. 

‘Meeting some woman…’ All of a sudden Franky decided to joke. For some reason, she wanted to make Bridget jealous. 

Bridget made a face, never uttering a word. Her gaze was piercing that the cheeky brunette could read in it ‘Don’t you dare even joke about it’ . Franky was good at reading the blonde's faces, so she instantly accepted her defeat. 

‘Do not look at me like this, it is irrelevant. * Franky smiled faintly * I would never do that to you, Gidge!’

Bridget was still silent, she simply raised her head, her chin was high in a demanding answer manner.

‘I was at the Sommelier class * Franky raised her both arms in defense * Scout’s honor!’ She winked at her blonde woman. ‘It was rather brief, only four wines, but quite informative. I used to do one in Melbourne when I was working as a chef. I passed the first part of the exam but failed the second where I had to get a Certification, and of course, I never did the third. I was just walking around, taking photos and then saw a leaflet and thought ‘why not’.’ 

‘Why did you decide to check if I am jealous?’ Bridget retorted, unexpectedly for Franky. The brunette was thinking her partner would proceed on inquiring about a short course of hers but in vain.

‘Like seeing your puzzled and helpless look, at least sometimes.’ Franky sat at the table, eying Bridget, somewhat bewildered by her own openness. 

‘I do not know how to comment on this, Franky!’ Bridget was looking at her woman perplexed. 

‘Oh, speechless Bridget is something new.’ Franky giggled. Their love to tease each other sometimes reached new evil levels. 

‘Thank you for being honest!’ Bridget finally looked at Franky, and it seemed that those kind blue eyes couldn’t be kinder or bluer. 

‘And that’s it?’ Such a brief reply bemused Franky. 

‘Yes! * Bridget kindly smiled looking at Franky * Tell me about the wine!’

‘I love you, Gidge!’ Franky observed her beloved partner sitting very relaxed in the armchair, her hands on armrests, legs slightly stretched on the floor, left on right. Bridget was smiling so naturally, her eyes full of warmth, which made the brunette’s heart accelerate its beating. Franky thought that was one of the best possible reactions. She realized there could have been a quarrel and their trip could have been thrown out of the balcony they were sitting on, but that could have been for sure with anyone else and luckily, Franky would never know what could have been but for her Bridget. She felt so happy to be beside that compassionate and fantastic woman, who was eager to live with the brunette’s shenanigans and even love her beyond all that. 

Bridget’s answer was silent, she got hold of Franky’s hand and squeezed it. She didn’t feel the need to elaborate on what had happened. Whatever her partner wanted to get - she received it employing her genuine reaction.

‘The wine, though…’ Franky smiled at Bridget and stood from the chair so as to proceed with the story. 

‘Did you try this same wine, baby?’ Bridget was examining Franky’s look. She was worried Franky might overdose with wine and together with the flight and change of time zones it could lead to harmful consequences. 

‘Yes, exactly. Do not worry, I made just a sip. * The brunette sommelier filled her partner’s glass slightly * Did you know that Chardonnay grapes are harvested at night to stay cool?’

‘Mmm…’ Bridget enjoyed the golden tinge of Chardonnay that was beautifully sliding into the lucid glass. 

Franky saw Bridget raising a glass to her mouth to have a sip and stopped her. ‘Let’s nose it first, babe!’ 

Both women swirled their glasses that the inside of them was covered with the layer of wine, increasing its evaporation rate.

‘I like the color, as if the sun is in the glass.’ Bridget underlined the shade that she enjoyed. 

‘Yeah, it’s because it is vintage and aging.’ Franky agreed. 

They were inhaling the aroma. After swirling the wine in glasses the palette of scents was amplified as if the volume on the stereo was turned up.

‘Which notes do you smell, Gidge?’

Bridget gave the wine a sniff, closed her eyes to feel the palette of Chardonnay, and then pronounced: ‘Pineapple, mango, pear and might be a little bit of vanilla essence or something of this kind.’

‘Mm maybe you should pass that test one day?’ * Franky winked * ‘Tropical fruit aroma, exactly, and some flinty mineral notes, and yes, vanilla essence.’ 

Bridget always liked the way they complemented each other’s sentences. ‘Show me how you taste it, baby?’ Having a personal chef at home was fascinating. 

‘You should take more than a sip into the mouth so it could hit every taste bud, you have to as if squish it around the inside of your mouth, hold it a bit before swallowing.’

Franky demonstrated and Bridget diligently followed suit. 

‘Oh, it’s good, it tastes fantastic!’ Bridget licked her lips with delight. 

‘Even better than me?’ Franky pouted her lips looking at her woman. 

‘I should check.’ Bridget said flirtatiously, pulling Franky to lean in for a kiss. ‘I’d say, as good as you, baby!’ Bridget winked at Franky and took another quick sip of wine.

‘Good!’ The brunette smiled, appreciating the blonde’s answer. ‘There is a good backbone of acidity that is felt more down the sides of the tongue. What can you say about the tannin, Gidge?’ Franky proceeded with the wine analysis. 

‘What are the parameters?’

‘There are tanning spectrums, from low to high. White grapes are generally removed from the skins immediately, therefore, white wines’ level of tannin is generally much lower than that of the reds. Still, the oak can enhance this criterion.'

‘Aha, ok. Then, judging by the fact we have a vintage aging wine, and I can taste grape and oak feeling, I believe it is on the middle-end of the tanning spectrum. What do you think?’ Bridget was a tiny wine expert and that exhilarated Franky.

‘You definitely should get a Certification, you are too good at this, babe!’ Franky made a slight sip of wine, enjoying the taste with each of her taste buds. She took a small beat of blue cheese and stretched her hand toward the blonde’s mouth. Bridget, smiling slyly, touched with her lips the tips of Franky’s thumb and index finger, holding a piece of cheese, and sucked them. Seeing that activity the brunette unintentionally opened her mouth appreciatively, stood up from her chair, moving to Bridget to kiss her passionately on the lips, hug her, hold her by the waist and lead inside their room.  

‘Thank you for the questions and your attention!’ Bridget thanked everyone present at the conference and scanned the hall to make eye contact with the board. 

When she traveled her delighted gaze over the back of the hall she locked eyes with Franky. They hadn’t agreed that the brunette would be present, but surely Franky couldn't miss the presentation of the monograph of her talented fiancée. Franky placed her right hand at her heart and with an open palm stretched it into the direction of Bridget, showing her silent appreciation. Bridget, seeing this gesture, mumbled ‘love you’ to Franky and started to gather her papers to mingle among the rest of the scientists, professors, students and other people invited. 

When the psychologist finally paid tribute to all the people she had to, with a sigh of relief she dashed through the flock of them in search of her lawyer. 

Franky approached Bridget, clasped her hand over the blonde’s shoulder, presenting her with a spray of freesia whispering into her ear: ‘I won’t let you sleep tonight.’ Franky placed a gentle kiss behind the ear of Bridget, resulting in goosebumps over the honey body. ‘I am so proud of you, Gidge!’

‘Thank you for being here, Franky! It is important for me!’

‘I know! I would never miss anything connected with you, Gidge, you know, right?' Franky saw Bridget's nod. 'You were fantastically convincing and utterly alluring!’ Franky was reviving the memory of how she first saw Bridget on the stage during the WHO event, she couldn't help but fall in love even harder. 

On the evening of their fourth day, both women decided to go to the casino which was quite a convenient entertainment as it was situated on the ground floor of their hotel.

‘Gidge, do you see that stout man sitting at the table over there?’ Franky asked, turning in the direction of a poker table. ‘I see him every day, at that same table, winning every time he touches the cards.’

‘And that is a cue for me to do what?’ Bridget squinted her gaze, trying to read the expression of the player’s face. He was focused. His gaze was intently fixed on cards and opponents. He didn't give a single way, what were the cards in his hands.

‘I think we could play him…’ Franky smiled mischievously and made a sip of sparkling water out of the martini glass. 

‘Let’s try!’ Bridget smiled back and started moving toward the table. 

‘Wait, babe…’ Franky placed her free hand over the hip of Bridget, dragging her closer, and trailed the tip of her tongue over the honey neck, kissing the reached jawline for luck.  

They were acting and they loved that. 

Bridget knew the rules of the game pretty well. When Timothy decided to open his own architectural firm he needed money and urgently. He spent months learning the combinations and tricks. Bridget was a poker face opponent for her brother and in the course of time she obtained some knowledge. The couple didn't have the intention to win, which would be also an additional plus to their budget. They wanted to have fun. Women and the night were created for each other. And that night was induced with the atmosphere of the performance. 

Bridget took a seat in front of that targeted man, smiled coquettishly and made her first bet. 

When there was the time for the last bets the man pulled all his chips to the center of the table, being sure of his win. At that moment Franky approached the table and placed her hand over one of Bridget’s shoulders. The brunette gave the blonde the glass of champagne and kissed her on the lips. Bridget's opponent was shocked, as he had planned to comfort the blonde after his excellent and smooth win. He was devastated by the fact his appealing opponent was playing for another team. Bridget, still being on the stage and acting her role perfectly till the end, placed her bet as well. 

There was the time for ‘showdown’. Bridget decided to let her opponent feel the last minute of triumph. He threw the cards on the table face up, revealing he had a flush: K♥ Q♥ 7♥ 4♥ 2♥. He tipped back in his chair, with his whole demeanor as if saying Bridget ‘try to bet me now’ . His hands were stretching towards the chips laying in the center of the table when Bridget elegantly put her hand of the ace-high flush in front of herself: A♦ Q♦ 7♦ 4♦ 2♦. The dealer instantly motioned to the player, preventing him from touching the chips and declared Bridget a winner. The man was flabbergasted that second and even for the third time within that night. Apart from the fact that the attractive blonde had a female partner, she outplayed him, moreover, with the same flush but higher in rank. That was total nonsense. Despite the fact he lost $10,000, he came to Bridget and shook her hand, then retreated to the bar, leaving the blonde in the embrace of Franky. 

‘You aced it, babe!’



Chapter Text



Franky woke up to a pleasant aroma of vanilla and coffee, spreading around the house. She took a shower, got dressed, and went to the kitchen to see one of the loveliest pictures. Music was on. Bridget was holding already not so little Barry in her arms, swinging them both near the stove, not forgetting to turn the pancakes on the frying pan. Simultaneously, in a cezve, Franky could see foam forming giving a sign that the coffee was brewed. On the table, there was a bouquet presented earlier that morning. There was a collection of white freesia, purple and white eustoma, and white spray roses. It resembled a wedding bouquet but for the size.  

‘Didn’t know you can cook with a baby in arms, Gidge! You look adorable!’ Franky stroked the blonde’s head lovingly and kissed her girl on the cheek. She anticipated meeting their kids and experiencing all the blessings of motherhood together with her future wife.

‘Happy birthday, beautiful!’ Bridget kissed Franky on the lips and having put Barry on a high stool, she stroked their slightly visible bump: ‘Good morning loves'. 

Their dog was even height with the brunette’s chest. He was cheerfully licking Franky’s face, making her giggle and squint. ‘Oh, you definitely love kissing, mate! Like your mom!’ She winked at Bridget.

‘Franky!’ Bridget stretched the last syllable of the name, showing her embarrassment, to only be met with a wide grin of her partner. 

 When Franky let Barry go, their little dog went to his plates, and eventually, they could hear Barry drinking water, smooching every drop. They laughed at the sound and shouted in unison: ‘Barry, drink carefully!’ Despite the funny quacky sound he was making, they didn’t want their pup to feel discomfort hiccuping after all.

Franky held Bridget from behind, with her hands clasped on the blonde’s stomach, her lips near her ear: ‘You know you are turning me on when cooking, right?’

Bridget hummed in agreement: ‘Mmm. I hope so, baby!’ She stretched a fork with a bite of a pancake for Franky to taste it.

‘Mhhh. That’s good, babe! Absolutely! Thank you!’ She kissed the nape of the blonde’s neck. ‘When you find a girl, Barry, make sure she can cook, mate, ok?!’ Franky laughed at her own joke and patted Bridget’s bottom. ‘I love you, Gidge!’

‘Love you, baby!’ She placed a plate with pancakes in front of Franky. ‘Even when you behave like a dork.’ She kissed her on the temple, squeezing the brunette’s shoulder. 

Franky grasped Bridget’s hand and made her sit on her lap. Out of surprise, Bridget giggled. The brunette made her fiancée comfortable in her arms, caressing her honey cheek: ‘I really, really love you, babe! You are so my person.’

Bridget leaned in for a caress, closed her eyes, accepting the warmth of touches and words of her woman: ‘I love you, baby, always and forever. You are my home, my church, my present, and my future. Love you!’ She planted kisses on Franky’s lips after every revelation. 

When piercing into intensely blue Franky felt as if her heart was melting and dripping down drop by drop. ‘Can you sit like this for some more, please. You are so warm. I don’t want you to go.’

Bridget hummed in consent, pulling her fiancée in a tight embrace. The blonde loved such intimate moments they shared. She had never experienced that with anyone but her nieces and nephews. They were kids, though. Franky was the one and only partner who felt what Bridget liked and needed and never felt embarrassed to show her fragility. 

Because of the negative memories from the past Franky didn’t like being at home on her birthday. Practically all the holidays were screwed by verbal and physical bruises of her mother. Their communication back then in her childhood was purely dysfunctional, which impaired her image of a real celebration: wrong disposition of a plate, not the expected word said, incorrect behavior, etc. not only due to a fault of a baby Franky the holidays were dumped, any thing or any one could influence the mood of her mother. Unfortunately, Franky was a punch bag not depending on whose guilt that was. 

She had, though, in her mind, the picture of a true festival that she could paint so well even with her eyes open, and for that she needed Bridget. Her Bridget. Her Joy. Her holiday. 

With Bridget, every day was sunny even if outside their windows it was raining heavily. Even if they spent special days, celebrating with wine and cheese, the atmosphere was induced with the spirit of Christmas. That warm, filled with the aroma of orange and cinnamon feeling that filled her inner-self and made her expect the miracle. 

In her turn, Bridget wanted to revive the spirit of holiday for Franky. She knew it was hard to skew seventeen years of disaster with several bright ones, but she was trying hard. She decided to invite her girl to a museum that Franky had wanted to visit for several years. Everything was arranged in advance, so in the afternoon both women were inside the walls of the Natural History Museum. They both enjoyed different departments, especially those ones, where something interactive was available. They could see the growth of a dinosaur and operate its 3D model. They could experience the sound transmission through their elbows. They investigated underwater life, closely watching different fishes. 

Then there was the time for a 360 degrees tour to start ‘A Voyage into the Universe’. When they entered the room there was a gigantic round leather sofa above which it was possible to see a round disc with a timer counting back. They had exactly 56 seconds to settle comfortably on the sofa to lie on their backs and face the ceiling with a disc. 

When a mobile sky projection disc started floating in the 12 meter-high stairwell, Franky produced a gasp of astonishment. That disc introduced the visitors to the history of the universe. The voice behind the multimedia explained the formation of the universe and the Earth and briefly introduced all other planets of the solar system – Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and, of course, the Sun itself. As the story progressed, the disc moved closer and closer to the audience. It projected the Earth zooming in into their continent, giving a good observation of Australia. Then the outline of Melbourne appeared on the projector and Franky uttered: ‘Wow’. The GPS sign appeared and everybody could see the building of the Museum from above. The kids present in the room started shouting: ‘We are inside!’. 

When the disc was only three meters above their heads, all visitors could see their faces on the sofa. The disc made a slight movement down for half a meter and only two faces were projected now: Franky, with a wide childish smile on her face, and Bridget, holding already a well-known velvet box, having an undisguised happy smile on her face. The audience started exclaiming words of excitement and were jumping off the sofa to find those two. Somebody was even filming them on the phone. Franky was still lying on the sofa with a silly smile, not wanting to spoil the moment until they all heard the voice previously retelling the history of the universe: ‘ And so the new family created, and further life continues ’. Those words said, the projector switched off and the disc went up into the ceiling, the room was slightly lit by daylight. Franky turned right to see Bridget, but there was no her girl, she turned left - no. Then she felt a soft touch on her knee cap, erected her back, and saw the blonde on her one knee standing in front of her: ‘Will you marry me, Franky?’ Bridget held her love’s hand in hers, waiting for a reply. ‘Yes! Of course, I will!’ Bridget hardly managed to put the ring on the finger when she was abruptly raised up from the knees and up in the air. Franky was spinning them both around the room and was kissing Bridget multiple times on the lips. She was as happy as if she had never proposed to Bridget before and had never heard ‘yes’ before. Bridget, not wanting to ruin Franky’s happiness, whispered in her ear: ‘Franky, put me down, babies!’ When they stopped waltzing, they sat on the sofa in the embrace of each other with the need to just be close.  

‘You are the explorer of my heart.’ Bridget said, looking into Franky’s, bright with happiness, green eyes, and kissed her on the forehead. The brunette was silent for several minutes, stroking the blonde’s hands with her fingers. 

‘Bridget, I didn’t know you’d propose in response. You didn’t have to.’ A blushing Franky pierced into the blue eyes. 

‘I know! But I wanted to.’ Bridget pronounced kindly with a happy smile on her face.

‘And the museum… I wanted to visit it so much, and that voice, and camera showing us, it’s so sweet, babe!’ Franky was honestly amused by the ability of her future wife to convert a museum visit into something as romantic as a proposal, not telling anything about Bridget’s talent to know and remember anything Franky liked. 

‘I am happy, baby!’ Bridget covered Franky’s cheek with her warm palm and pressed her forehead to the brunette’s.  

‘You know, with you, I am having the best moments! Previously I had some not bad, but they were in early childhood and practically blurred in memory already…’ It was possible to see starting wetness in Franky’s eyes. She was being exposed, again, despite being fully clothed. 

‘Franky, I am honestly happy I can make you feel this joy, it is so important for me, you’ll never believe to what extent.’ 

Holding Bridget’s hands in hers Franky whispered: ‘Now we are officially a family!’

‘In a way, yes!’ The blonde whispered back and kissed her future wife’s hands.

The rest of the birthday night was decided to be spent outside their house. They chose a local bar about 15 minutes drive from their home. Franky was wearing a suit, Bridget was wearing a dress. It was a simple black suit, as well as the most simple black dress with a vent at the side. They were sitting at the bar, in a dimly lit nightclub, both having non-alcohol cocktails. The air was a mix of red and blue and everyone there was minding their own business. There was some music playing in the background. 

‘You decided to kill me?’

‘Never meant. It’s your reaction to simple things.’

‘This dress can’t be called simple …’ Franky placed a hand on the inner thigh of Bridget’s leg. ‘So, what were you saying about LA…?’

Bridget fixed her eyes on Franky’s. She was holding tight to a thin stem of a glass. ‘I got an official confirmation it was a success…’

Franky started to travel her palm up the inner thigh of the blonde. Gently, and steadily, and long. She didn’t avoid the blue gaze. ‘I never had a doubt…’ She bit the lower lip, still watching the blonde. 

Bridget swallowed hard, the brunette could see the lump of arousal heavily moving along the blonde’s throat. ‘That’s good…’ Bridget held her breath at the feeling of a moving hand up her leg, caressing her hot skin. ‘… Good, you were there with me.’

‘I couldn't let you go alone.’ Franky’s gaze traveled from the blonde’s legs up to the chest, to the tantalizing lips and stopped at hazed blues. 

‘I like your firmness…’ Bridget clenched her hand in a fist, feeling how the brunette’s fingers were gently approaching a prohibited zone. ‘I like your determination…’ She let the glass stand on the counter, being afraid of breaking it with her fingers. 

Franky was smiling seeing how her woman was trying to suppress heavy breathing, but in vain, her breasts were moving up and down at every seductive caress. 

Bridget couldn’t stand that any longer, she suddenly stood up and waved her hand to a bartender asking for a receipt. 

Franky stood up simultaneously with the blonde, saddened at losing the touch of her slightly wet lace garment, and forced her lips against Bridget’s. 

‘Not so close…’ Bridget could hardly pronounce in between the tries to catch some fresh air. 

Franky pulled Bridget closer with high determination and eventually kissed her. Either there were hormones, or the day was too emotional, or the dress too revealing, but Franky desired to ravel Bridget there and at that very moment in witness of the whole bar. 

‘I should go…’ Bridget whispered into the brunette’s mouth and went outside the bar to breathe. She was turned on no less than Franky. 

With her back leaning against the brick wall, Bridget was waiting for the brunette outside, letting herself cool down. Soon they were walking down the avenue holding each other’s hands until they reached the corner and Franky pushed Bridget to get inside the alley. She pressed the blonde against the building, kissing her passionately, at the same time putting the hem of her dress higher and exposing her butt squeezing it gently. All of a sudden, they heard some people walking by and nuzzled in each other’s necks out of embarrassment. When they finally got their car Franky pressed Bridget against it, dragged the hem of the dress up once again, and started moving her fingers against the hot center of her girl. 

‘Let’s get somewhere…’ Breathing heavily, absolutely excited, Bridget was roaming her hands over the hair and back of the brunette, wishing to feel her naked body against herself. 

Getting inside their house, Franky closed the door and pulled up that damn dress to the waist of the blonde, slid those wet undies, and made her girl sit on the wooden table, pressing her fingers against the hot clitoris. She was circling it while kissing Bridget, trailing her lips down the neck. She made herself comfortable at the table, Bridget’s legs around her neck. She hugged the thighs and proceeded on treating herself with non-alcohol juice generously presented by her girl. They were both groaning out of desire. Bridget was squeezing Franky’s hands, petting her girl’s head, she was moaning hard at the approaching climax. She pulled her head back and was catching the air with an open mouth, still holding Franky’s head at the place where she needed her to be. 

There was nothing so intoxicating for Franky, seeing her beloved woman coming in front of her, with her legs shaped like a diamond, her feet still behind the neck. The whooshing of her breathing and shake of her knees made Franky nearly come undone herself. She stood up and leaned forward to kiss Bridget on the lips with all the need she experienced that second.

Sometime after, while exploring each other's mouths, Bridget took off Franky’s shirt and trailed her finger’s over the brunette’s breasts, moving her fingertips against aroused nipples, making Franky groan. They were kissing while moving around the house in a blind search of their bedroom. Somewhere in the middle of their walk, when Bridget could feel the wall behind herself, she urgently turned and pressed Franky against it, holding her woman’s neck with one hand and kissing her fervently while unbuttoning her trousers with another. When she skidded down the bottom part of Franky’s clothes, she moved lower to suck in the perked nipple and encircled the clit under her palm. Franky felt the extreme need for the umpteen time within that evening, she hugged Bridget’s waist with her leg and Bridget followed the cue, smoothly moving inside Franky while sucking in and biting the breasts of the brunette. Franky’s groans turned into glottal, and Bridget kneeled down to envelop the full bud with her lips. She was moving faster inside Franky simultaneously kissing and swiping her tongue around the clit, until she felt a strong hand grabbing and pulling her hair suddenly, pushing her in closer again. Bridget heard a hoarse groan, smiled at the sound, proceeding with the activity. 

Finally, they were in their bed, trying to gain normal breathing, in the embrace of each other.

‘I love you’, the brunette uttered while brushing her nose against her Bridget. 

‘Always’, the blonde kissed her birthday girl, smiling back. 

‘This has been one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had, Gidge! Thank you!’

‘And so many more to come, baby!’

‘Come…! So many more…!’ Franky grinned suggestively.

‘Naughty!’ Bridget giggled and pulled Franky in for a kiss.