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They both came from different worlds, and it seemed they had nothing in common, until that one special day. It wasn’t some holiday or festival, just a casual day, as a row of others in a calendar, but that particular period of time in her life had definitely something to say. 

She stepped on the path of listening to herself, her feelings. She had always been that way, but at that moment it was different, somehow she felt it was urgent. 

That afternoon, past-office meeting she went to a park for a walk, the air was partially frosty, but it wasn’t cold at all. Interestingly, she perceived she felt frost differently, she allowed her bare hands and face to feel the touch of wintry air on her skin, even permitted teensy wind play with her tresses. On the instant, she thought she was becoming older. She smiled to herself, to the sky, to gloomy chatty people passing by and to her favorite music in ears. She was walking down the tiled promenade, tracking the change of laying and found herself at a viewing deck, she rested on the banisters and looked at the river, capturing it turned the color to a dark blue amid the coming cold. She had lived in that city for so many years but only that day she noticed - a monument that watched the river partially resembled the one in Rio de Janeiro, inevitably she retrieved the phone and took a photo, it was beautiful she thought, a monument looked like a Brazilian one and a bridge over the river awoke the memory of the one in New York, it was a tricky blend of cultures in one scenery.

After a long walk in the park and around the city center it was time to go back home and also, there was an unexplained wish to read the book she’d bought on her way to the office. Not a random book, should be noted, the one she had given many signs to read. She went underground and waited for the train. While standing there, she heard her inner voice screaming over music in her ears, and that voice expressed her thoughts and feelings at that very moment so truly that it frightened her, she believed it might be the first time she confessed in this to herself.

Upon the arrival of a train she took a seat in one of the carriages and opened the first chapter. ‘Fear’. She put her face up in the air and mumbled f…u…c…k… as this was the exact feeling she experienced that particular second and somehow that author of that book knew it. ‘Fear is a natural reaction to moving closer to the truth’. Right, she thought. That was exactly what she’d wanted and now the Universe had kindly agreed to provide her with that opportunity. On the one hand, she eagerly wanted to accept that chance and wanted to jump and shout of happiness, on the other hand, she thought she’d screw it up. ‘This is where the courage comes in’. Yes! Definitely! She was strong enough to do this, especially after she’d sent special vibes to the universe for it, she couldn’t allow herself to lose the chance to build a stable relationship with one and only, so unique and so rare person she was gracefully presented to meet in her life. Maybe, that person was as many others on this planet, but she had never known them and after that specific day of their first meeting she never wanted to know anyone else.

The image of a beauty popped up in her memory: her height was average for a woman, and she was so huggable; her hair was naturally blonde, and it scented dark vanilla; her eyes were as blue as the ocean and the stare was unique, full of wisdom and inexplicable honesty; her lips were full and curved in a smile; her voice, once you heard it you’d always want to be her listener. ‘She was just like a movie, she was just like a song’ she hummed to her nose. Even during their first meeting they had a connection with the help of which they managed to understand each other even half sentence, which was so rare or had to be worked out months or even ages in the times of globalization. And they laughed, a lot, and smiled, all the time, and felt each other when there was a need to change the subject, and laughed and smiled, and there was no need in hiding anything, there wasn’t even a thought of holding back.

That was their first meeting when she found out they were not so different and the only distance between them - the ocean of prejudice. Despite that, they were so close, real soulmates, they even loved same activities and same food, even shared love to same music and books, even their values in life were the same.

That was exactly that time when she understood she needed to do everything possible to make that person after their first meeting that lasted several hours become hers for eternity.