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A Present For Brie

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Your name is Emily and you are hopelessly in love. You didn’t mean for it to get so out of hand. It had started as a simple crush on a kid your age. Their name is Brie and they live down the road from you. Down the road being relative when everyone is a farmer with large fields. You live in a small town of mostly mice farmers with a few bird merchants. Meaning everyone knows everyone, and you’ve known Brie almost your entire life. 

Something about how confidently they do everything, up to and including eating dirt, just makes your heart pound. Unfortunately this means you can barely get a sentence out around them, let alone a full on conversation. You’ve spent so much time laying in the flower fields dreaming about talking to them though. About how the harvests are going or if they’ve gotten any letters from their siblings. Or even bringing them to the fields to watch the clouds. 

Today is a special day, Brie’s birthday. You intended to buy a present for them in town and deliver it later that day. That plan went out the window when you saw them arrive in town with their dad, and even more so when they went into the store with all the interesting stuff. You had absolutely no time to make a better present, especially not if you want to give it to them before they head back home. 

The only thing you have on you is your scarf. It’s a good sturdy scarf you wear everywhere, even to the flower fields. It’s not the perfect present, but it will have to do. You watch as Brie comes out of the store with a map and book in hand. The soldier recruiting calls out to them, but they nervously skirt around the mouse and instead head over to you. 

And you, are woefully unprepared for the moment. You stutter out, “”, Brie, hi. Happy birthday. Um...I thought you looked cold, so, I thought I’d give scarf, um. Ok bye,” and hand you scarf over before running away. You sneak a quick glance as you abscond and see Brie equip the scarf before they’re hidden by the buildings. With a smile on your face and a pounding heart, you return home.