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Tyler's Keepers

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"So How come you never have a bodyguard close by" Ian asked stepping into step with Tyler as they neared the door of their favourite bar
"What makes you think i don't" Tyler asked stepping through the threshold
"I have never seen them" Ian says following his friend too a two seated table
"Which means they are doing their job" Tyler said taking his seat Ian followed the action with a frown
"Hi my name is Macey and I will be you waitress what can i get you" Macey asked who had dark red curls twisted into a bun on her head pail skin and wore bright red lipstick
"Triple shot burboun Thank you" Tyler said
"Triple shot irish wiskey with a twist of lime and a drop of honey" Ian said as Macey rushed to write down his order
"Honey" Tyler asked raising his brow cause who mixes honey with whiskey
"Or syrup both are very good" Ian confirmed sure of himself Macey returned then placing Ian's drink down she repeated his order back to her after which he thanked her then she placed Tyler's order infront of him underneath his glass was a small piece of paper that he took and read to the unknown and Ian it seems the waitress was slipping Tyler her number in reality what he read was _Hey Bossman Goldie found somethimg girl teen lots of blood_ Tyler slipped the paper in his pocket and gave Macey a small nod which meant _Go_
"Yo Joe" Macey yelled
"Yeah" Joe yelled from behind the counter
"I am taking my break" Macey yelled already out the door she pulled the ribbon from her hair and tied it around her wrist and watch it tranform into a watch in seconds that had the name Hoechlin written inside within seconds she pressed the small botton and conectted to the coms
"This is Agent Red ,Goldie boss gave us the go ahead . I am on your six be there in 5" Red said
"Her number" Ian asked back at the bar
"No her cousin is 5 years old and loves superman she asked for a autograph" Tyler said smirking Tyler know the reason his agents where the best was because they had equality like in this moment how every agent was taught all his movements ment something and how he know protecting them was his first priority no one could know of their existence not even someone as trust worty as Ian