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The Outside

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'Geez, given the amount of moving we did, you'd expect that it'll get easier.' Naruto grumbled.


'It would get easier if you would just talk less.' Kurama drawled from his mindscape.


Naruto gasped, 'Wha-! I'm the one who's actually doing the moving, y'know! You don't get to comment on my suffering!' He said as he crossed his arms.


'Well, your whining brings suffering to my peace. Just get moving, will you?' Kurama exasperated.


'Not whining! And I would definitely finish faster if you actually helped me. Y'know you can get out of the seal on your own, right?'


'Yes, I know I can. What you should ask is, do I want to help?' Kurama humored.


'Well, do you want to?'




'Argh! You overgrown fox! You shouldn't have suggested that if you'd just say no!' Naruto huffed.


Kurama just ignored him and went back to dawdling in his mindscape. Him, the greatest and mightiest Demon, help in doing such a puny thing like moving? Nah, he doesn't think so.


Naruto just sighed and looked around the place. It's ridiculously huge for a single person or two to live in, but it will do. Kurama's out of the seal most of the time and likes to laze around outside, so a huge room for him is a must. Even though that fluffball is very much of an asshole, Naruto wouldn't intentionally limit Kurama's comfort.


Kurama suddenly groaned, 'You are thinking like that just to guilt trip me into helping, huh?'


'Whatever do you mean, dear otou-san of mine?' Naruto asked innocently.


Kurama just sighed and looked at the mindscape's sky to ask Kami why he have such an irritating musuko. He's going to complain but he'll still help Naruto anyway. He's a tsundere like that.


'Whatever.' He rolled his eyes before closing it. Afterwards, he appeared on the outside in his dog-sized fox form and then transformed to his human form. He made sure that his appearance was as close as it can get to his fox form, albeit just the color. He prided himself very much on his beautifully colored fur after all. His hair is burnt orange in color and is really long, but not too long that it hinders his movements while training or fighting or just doing menial tasks when he decided to help Naruto, which he's going to do right now.


He's wearing a surprisingly modern outfit, casual in design to make him comfortable but still with style. He wore a cotton fleece sweatpants because he knew arranging their belongings could be so troublesome —word courtesy of a certain Nara. He's gonna need to be comfortable so he wore a plain grey shirt with a small geometrical design of a fox's head on one of the sleeves, because fox. He doesn't like wearing shoes because he prefers it if he could feel the ground that he walks on, specifically the nature, but since they're just inside of their new home, he decided, 'Eh, I am just going to wear some shoes, whatever it is for. I would not like the kit to whine about how I am acting so ungentlemanly-like. Feh.'


Kurama is a demon, yes, but that doesn't mean that he shouldn't wear something fashionable, nah uh. He prefers wearing something not bright, as to not clash with his fiery hair color, like monotone ones and even pastel sometimes if he felt like it.


As for his features, he made sure that he looks old enough to pass as Naruto's guardian since he can manipulate his appearance. Looking at his face, you could immediately say that he's not a very approachable individual despite being extremely handsome, because of the scowl that seemed to have etched itself on his face. His scowling face dedicated specially for other humans, just to be clear. Other humans meaning his kit is not included, because even though he's the most infuriating and stubborn human he knows, Kurama is very much fond of him.


He won't say that to him, of course.


Even though his face is fierce, with his sharp dark eyes, tinged with a little bit of red if you look closely —which you definitely won't because he execrated being in such a close proximity with other people —except his kit, with his straight nose which he constantly turns up to look down at mere mortals —except his kit, and with his lips often formed in a sneer and of distaste in being at the presence of other people —except his kit, need I say more? He's definitely not that fond of his kit, which he treats as if his own son, Kurama tried to convinced himself with this thought, which he's completely failing at by the way.


Perhaps you would be convinced if you didn't notice how his eyes would soften whenever he watches Naruto speak so expressively, or how his lips would turn to a soft smile or a smirk whenever he talks with him with their constant banter in a very father-son way, or how his overall feature, stance, how his body relax, and all his tenseness begone when he's at Naruto's presence, because really, if there's a single being that Kurama would trust his very life with, it would only be with Naruto.


Kurama just sighed and resigned his self in this predicament because despite his constant grouching, he wouldn't want it in any other way.


He stood to his full height, not really towering over Naruto but enough to see their height difference, along with their different body type whereas Kurama is on the brawny side while Naruto is on the not-so-brawny side. He's not scrawny in any way, but his muscle is not on par with Kurama's, which he still complained on until this day. He actually did many things on their travel to The Outside to get that perfect robust body, deserving for very manly men —his words. Sure, he gained muscles and his body became visibly more fit but not enough to be on par with what he has in mind. Well, such is life. Also, it would actually be pretty nice if Kurama would just stop teasing him for his sad predicament because he just wanted to be a hunk, dammit!


Whilst Kurama is that tall, dark, and handsome brute, —he appreciated this phrase very much because please, he's undoubtedly swoon-worthy even as a human, Naruto on the other side is the boy next door. Someone whose parents would trust their daughters or sons to upon first meeting, hence, the innocent young man. That's what most people would describe him as but as a matter of fact, he's far from that. He just gave off that aura of innocence that makes you think that he's that shy, unassuming, and typical average boy upon encounter. In actuality, he purposely let himself be overlooked by being quiet at first. If in his childhood, he's brash, loudmouthed, annoying, and bright, literally bright because of his jumpsuit, then now he's the total opposite. His choice of clothing made himself not stand out but still remain fashionable, unless he wants to be faced with Kurama's wrath because duh, he wouldn't let his self-proclaimed son be seen with his lackluster choice of clothing, which in turn influenced him in actually putting an effort to his sense of fashion, to Kurama's approval.


He's just tired of dealing with other people's nosiness so he doesn't want to raise a ruckus with being too noticeable. However, it proved to be really difficult bearing his appearance in mind.


First thing that you'll notice would be his whiskers. Instead of making his face look feral, it just added to his cuteness, much to his chagrin, because he's not cute, grr! He's very manly, thank you very much. His eyes, whereas he inherited the color from his father, its shape was from his mother's. The bluest of blues, that it seemed to make the sky jealous of their brightness, and make the sea sulk for its depth, looks so genuine and pure that it makes almost anyone believe that he would never do a lowly thing such as lie, which he found quite amusing because he's a ninja, and ninjas are not exactly what you would consider as the honest bunch. But that doesn't mean that he would lie constantly, actually, he seldom lies and as much as possible, he remains true to what he says —except when needed for personal reasons or on his infiltration missions where lying is needed for survival and to accomplish what needed to be done, or simply just for pranking. He can lie yes, but never to the point that he'd betray people he considered precious. He suppose that it's the other people's fault for not seeing his foxlike mischief through his eyes that lit up whenever his almighty prankster side calls for his attention. It's not so bad, he tries to argue, not so bad for him but definitely bad for his prank victims.


His features are symmetrical in a heart-shaped face. His skin is clear and smooth due to his inhuman healing rate that you wouldn't even consider him a fighter due to his scarless and blemish-free skin. Perhaps you wouldn't consider him as one too if you ignored the way he confidently carries himself, the way his body seemed falsely relaxed but is actually ready for action without any opening to avoid unnecessary complication due to carelessness, the way he walks gracefully as if he's a predator approaching his prey, with his seemingly all-knowing eye that takes in all information he could gather from someone that he initially deduced from his observation upon first encounter. He wouldn't put it past someone to be secretly a friendlie but is actually an enemy, even if he and Kurama has lived on The Outside for so long without serious battles. They can't and won't afford to be too careless and trusting. Such is the upbringing of a battle worn shinobi and a Demon.


His hair is still that bright blond that whereas his eyes compete with the skies and seas, his hair rivals the color of the sun. They left the Elemental Nations with his hair still short but as they continue to travel around The Outside, he contemplated how his father filled his physical aspect with his color that they almost looked uncannily the same, so he decided that he'll make his hair longer as an attribute to his mother's features. His spiky hair settled down to manageable strands after reaching his surprisingly slender waist, not too straight to be silky smooth, but not curly enough to be wavy. It's just in between and is really smooth to the touch because he takes real good care of it. Having long hair is so troublesome, not because it gets in the way of his fights or training, but because it takes so much effort to maintain. A ninja's length of hair can be considered a testament to their strength because it's either they're too strong to consider their long hair a hindrance, or just plain stupid and arrogant to cut it. Naruto's definitely not the latter. He may be a little bit of a slowpoke, but he wouldn't intentionally put his life at risk just for his hair. He's just really strong and skillful to be hurt because of his hair, he's certainly not boasting, just stating a fact. Naruto's still a bit smug about it, though. Plus, he normally ties it in a low ponytail whenever he expects a fight, not every time really, but most of the time.


In short, he has his father's color but with his mother's physique.


His clothes mostly include jackets and coats, shirts with the Uzumaki clan's symbol on either its left side of the chest, at the back, or at one of its sleeves, and his fitted pants that consists of stretchable fabric to fully utilize his flexibility, either for a fight or just for comfortability.


Currently, Naruto's hair is loose and he's wearing a light blue shirt with black-colored sleeves and his clan symbol on his left chest along with his favorite pants that is really breathable and easy to move with, with his black Adidas running shoes with a little bit of orange stripes to its sides.


Naruto gave Kurama the boxes that contained their collection of books that they acquired all throughout their travels, and yes, Naruto reads. He actually found it not too boring especially if the book is interesting. He especially indulged in history because the history here is so different from that of the Elemental Nations'. Plus, he also had to read if he wanted to keep up with how the cultures here differ from every part of this world. He'll divulge on his current knowledge at a later time.


"How do you want them organized? If it were up to me, I will just throw it in a room." Kurama grumbled.


"What?! Then we'll have a harder time finding what we need!" Naruto squawked. "Just put them on the shelves in the library room and arrange them alphabetically. It would be preferable if they're divided according to genre though, but still chronologically organized. Just make sure that we can easily get what we need in the future so we won't waste too much time with just finding it." He said, "Honestly, I acted more of the father between us sometimes, Kurama." Naruto groaned.


"Pfft. I am just messing with you. You must have forgotten that I am technically the one who taught you how to be the manageable brat that you are now. If there was a master of organization, then it certainly is not you." Kurama smirked and turned around to go to the library room.


Naruto just stuck his tongue out to Kurama's direction.


"So mature, that you are." Kurama continued to say despite with his back turned.


"Huh?! How'd you know?!"


"How do I know what? I just knew you would do something childish so I said how mature you are. Looks like I am right."




"I really hate you sometimes, y'know?"


"Aw, I love you too." Kurama laughed while immediately exiting the room because he knew the extent of his kit's wrath and he really didn't want to face it. Teasing Naruto really is amusing though, and he didn't think he'll ever get tired of it.


Naruto would have burst had Kurama continued to tease him but then again, he had already gone to the library room. He just settled on sighing and continued to gaze with an appreciative look to their new home. It's still too big for them, but it's too beautiful to pass, plus it has a really big yard surrounded by walls that are tall enough to ensure their privacy. He'll just use one of his seals that can completely block a place's sound that can be produced. He specifically made it for when he and Kurama spar because their jutsus can be a bit on the noisy side. The type of 'noisy' that will make other people think that their town is under attack or something. He also made a set of seals that can return a field's original appearance at the time when the seal was applied, so they don't have to hold back while sparring. It's definitely ingenious if he do say so himself. It's a bummer to make though, too complex and takes more time to draw compared to some of his seals but eh, it's totally worth it.


The yard also has enough space for gardening which makes Naruto happy, because he loves growing plants! It actually became his hobby back when he was a kid. Whenever he buys vegetable, he always gets the worst of them but with triple the price. He thought that was normal though, so he didn't complain. But soon after, he started hating the vegetables because it's so yucky and he can't stomach it anymore despite his knowledge of it being a human body's need. He just can't eat it and so he resorted to Ramen because it's instant and long lasting. Despite its nutritional value, which is practically not so much, it became his main source of food because it has a long shelf life and is absolutely tasty. That's why when he became a genin and Kakashi started giving him a basket full of vegetables, he ignored it and didn't take a look inside because surely they're inedible? But then, Kakashi got fed up with the wasted vegetables and forced Naruto to sit down and talked to him so he can understand why he hated it so much.




"Ano, Kakashi-sensei! That must have cost a fortune! And are those vegetables supposed to look like that? The last time I remembered, the leaves of the vegetables I bought weren't green and the other things are too soft or sometimes smell really bad, and they even have completely different texture too!" Naruto exclaimed as he examined the vegetables.


Kakashi remained silent for a few minutes to the point that Naruto became uncomfortable, 'Was it something I said? I don't think I said anything bad though.' 


Unbeknownst to Naruto, Kakashi was silent because he's having a rough time reigning in his rage. 'How dare they!' He growled in his mind. 'How dare they try to trample on the Yondaime's legacy!' He said as he clenched his fists so hard, they turned white. He looked at Naruto with a resigned eye and thought, 'Forgive me, Naruto-kun. The Sandaime promised me that you're properly taken care of. I'm sorry for blindly trusting his words.' After a few moments, Kakashi managed to calm himself down.


"How about I cook something with these, and then you rethink your mindset about vegetables?" Kakashi said with a matching eye smile that looks like an upturned letter U.


"Eh, you don't need to do that Kakashi-sensei! I really, really, really don't like it and you won't change my mind." Naruto huffed as he turned his head sideways to avoid looking at Kakashi.


"No, that's not really a request, my cute little genin." Kakashi replied as his smiling eye turned creepier and creepier as seconds passed by.


Naruto felt a chill ran down his spine and looked at Kakashi's eye which seemed to say that if he did not eat, then he'll do something drastic that would make sure Naruto ate his vegetables. Naruto got distracted for a moment and thought, 'How could his eye, the only thing visible from his face, speak so much? I don't know if that's awesome or scary.' He looked at Kakashi again and thought, 'No, it's definitely scary.'


"E-Ehehe, I-I'll eat the vegetables, dattebayo! You seriously can't take a joke, Kakashi-sensei! Hehe." He finally replied albeit nervously.


Kakashi opened his eye while still smiling and said, "Of course you'd like to eat them. I'm the one who's going to cook after all! I almost believed that you really, really, really dislike them." Then his eye curved again.

"N-No! You can start cooking now Kakashi-sensei, I-I'll even help you with whatever I can." Naruto said sheepishly.


Kakashi's smile turned genuine, "Good. Let us now start with our cooking escapade." He said as they headed to Naruto's small kitchen.


A few minutes later, a shout can be heard throughout the village.


"WHAAAT! They're sooo delicious, Kakashi-sensei! What did you do? Did you perform a jutsu? Ahhh, that explains how it tastes so different compared to the ones I cooked." Naruto said with his eyes closed as he nodded his head. He suddenly opened his huge eyes and shouted, "Will you teach me Kakashi-sensei?! Teach me, please, please, please, I really wanna learn them! I mean, I like Ramen, really, but it would be awesome if I could eat something other than that, dattebayo! And then I ca-" He stopped rambling because Kakashi put his hand to his mouth to stop him from talking his ear off further and said, "Yes, Naruto-kun, I'll teach you so you can cook your own food next time. But you're going to use the vegetables I brought, understand?"


Naruto just nodded and said, "Hmmff amf pwmf mmf owmf bemfablf?"


Kakashi removed his hand, "Could you repeat that? I know I'm awesome and all that, but I don't actually speak gibberish."


Naruto sheepishly smiled and repeated, "Can I grow my own vegetables?"


"That's a great idea, indeed. But you'll have to wait for a long time for it to fully grow."


Naruto just smiled widely and nodded. He can wait. He's an impatient kid but he can wait.


Flashback End


And now he miss Kakashi. He sighed and continued arranging his belongings.


"Argh, doing this would be a lil' bit more fun if school won't start until tomorrow." He mumbled.


"If you think that way then it is entirely your fault. You just slept the moment we arrived here." Kurama suddenly interjected.


Of course, he noticed Kurama walking back to where he was. He's a skilled sensor after all. He just didn't expect him to just intervene with his ramble again.


"What are you saying? We just arrived yesterday y'know. You can't expect me to start doing this when I was dead tired on my feet." Naruto deadpanned.


"You keep stressing yourself over such trivial things. You are not required to finish these tasks before school, and I am sure you are aware of that. The real reason you are so grumpy today is simply because you are nervous as to what will happen to your another 'first day of school'. Do not fret for I know that you will do just fine, like how you always did." Kurama said in an uncharacteristically serious tone.


Naruto tried to think of a comeback but just sighed, "You're right. I'm letting it get to me too much. I'm just, y'know, too nervous. I mean, yeah I've already studied to a bunch of schools because of our current predicament," Kurama just raised an eyebrow at this, "but just, ugh." Naruto groaned. "You know what? I'll just relax. We'll just finish arranging our stuff bit by bit. It's not like we have to do this quickly, anyway." Naruto contradicted himself.


"Thank you, by the way, Kura-chan!" He smiled softly.


"Bah, what for? And I would appreciate it more if you would stop using that Kami-forsaken nickname. Besides, all your stressing seemed to have dimmed your mind all the more." Kurama said, albeit a bit embarrassed.


'Aw, he's still not used to being thanked! And also, I like that nickname so I won't stop using it.' Naruto thought and decided not to mention it.


"Huh? What do you mean by that?" He asked instead.


Kurama looked at him straight in the eyes and deadpanned, "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu."


A few minutes passed by with a frozen Naruto, until he suddenly slammed his head against the wall.


"Continue doING that and you might just kill the few brain cells that you still have." Kurama said amusedly.


"Argh, shut up. Just let me suffer silently in my misery."


"You are not exactly silent."


Naruto just groaned and abruptly stood straight and went to one of the boxes with the label 'For Squiggles'. This box contains Naruto's sealing requirements and scrolls that contain premade seals which were systematically classified according to its function.


"I'll just make a few shadow clones after applying security seals to this house's walls and the surrounding walls outside and also the gates." He shuffled through his neatly organized collection of seals.


"These should suffice." Naruto hummed after bringing up a few set of seals, "It's not like there are any Seal Masters out there aside from me that can decode these."


"I think there is no individual that could even understand your sealing madness, anyway, much less a Master." Kurama mused, "After that, go to sleep. You are still sluggish on your feet." Kurama said.


"Hai, hai, see you tomorrow." He waved without looking at Kurama.


She was just about to descend down the stairs when she abruptly stopped and her eyes glazed. When her eyes cleared up, anyone could see that what she foresaw was definitely a good news.


"Are you alright, Alice?" Jasper still asked worriedly. 


"Yep! Today's gonna be a good day!" She chirped and skipped when she reached the bottom of the stairs. Jasper just shook his head and smiled while the remaining Cullens just looked oddly at Alice. They suppose that if she's happy about what she saw, then it must not be that bad. Edward tried to read her mind, but she just hummed a happy tune in her head, making his eyes narrow at her and in turn making her smile widely at him.


"We're just gonna have some transfers today. It'll definitely be reaaally interesting!" She answered his silent question cryptically.


Edward just sighed and shrugged it off. It's not like it directly concerns him in any way.


The Cullens made their way to their cars. Rosalie joined Emmett in his Wrangler-style Jeep while Alice and Jasper used Rosalie's BMW M3 convertible. Edward alone entered his Volvo S60R. Carlisle already left earlier to the hospital where he works at in his Mercedes S55 AMG car.

Esme just watched the 'kids' go to Forks High School while smiling softly and went back inside their home once they were completely gone.


The Cullens arrived at Forks High at the same time as the other sleek car that they haven't seen before. The students that usually wait for their arrival are at the parking lot, just for a different reason. Gossips of new transfer students were passed from one to another for their town is small enough that makes information easily acquired. As usual, the eyes of the students watched them as they stepped out of their vehicles while they wait for the newcomer to get outside of his car. The giddiness of the students is almost palpable in the air because they're so excited to have a new face in their school and some words said that one of the new students is really rich, proven by the car, and is really handsome. They can tolerate being at school more if they'd have another eye candy, preferably if he's friendly, unlike a certain group of inhumanly beautiful individuals that doesn't really associate themselves with others.


Emmett whistled lowly, 'Damn, is that really a Bugatti Chiron?'


"Showoff." Rosalie huffed while rolling her eyes.


"Wooooow. That car looks real pretty." Alice said with her eyes twinkling in awe and delight, actually less for the car and more for the new student that they're still waiting to step out. But it really is pretty though, with its black color accompanied by two slashes of orange that runs from the roof down to the hoods. It looks elegant yet a bit intimidating.


Jasper nodded and just observed the car. He's also waiting for the occupant to show himself.


Edward just stared at the car in awe before he suddenly became confused. 'Why can't I hear him?' Hear as in hear what he's thinking. He just shrugged it off and told himself that perhaps it's because he's not within earshot or within his field of distance.


Alice just looked at him amusedly which didn't go unnoticed for Edward. He turned his attention towards his sister and gave her a questioning look. He tried to read her mind when she didn't budge and her head, once again, were full of merry tunes. Edward just continued to look at her suspiciously before returning his eyes to the newcomer's car.


Naruto finally arrived at Forks High School with his favorite car. He's not supposed to use this car for everyday use because he wanted to use it for road racing, which he usually participated at with his fellow car enthusiasts before they moved to Forks. But since this is but a fairly small town, he doubted that many would own something that could compete with his car, so he decided to just use it instead of letting it collect dust at their home.


'You are already enrolled since we arranged your papers before we arrived yesterday. They mentioned that you just have to head straight to the Registrar's Office to get your schedule.' Kurama said from their mental link.


Kurama didn't bother going back to the seal since he doesn't want to get stuck with Naruto being at school doing boring things, but they can still communicate telepathically through their mind connection without worry for distance. They just have mobile phones for show since they still have to integrate themselves with other people. Plus, Kurama just idle around in the seal in the first place when he's too lazy dealing with the outside world. For such a mighty being, he's far too indolent.


'Yep, thanks Kura-chan!' He said cheerfully and immediately knew that Kurama's embarrassed because, 'Shut up, gaki! Just go on your merry way and bless those ningen outside with your unattainable glory.'  Kurama huffed with a hint of sarcasm, 'You are taking too long to simply get out.'


Naruto looked outside because he didn't really care what the commotion was about, and were suddenly filled with dread because he realized that almost all the students at the parking lot were looking at his car and he was actually the reason for the ruckus.


So much for staying inconspicuous.


'...Kura-chan, is it too late to go back home?' He asked numbly


'Stop being so dramatic, the longer you take your sweet time dawdling, the more attention you raise.' Kurama answered, 'Which does not really matter anymore. You have already raised too much attention anyway.' Naruto knew he was smirking based on his tone.


Naruto whined, 'You're really mean, y'know that? Can't you just support me and empathize with your dear kit?'


Kurama hummed for a few seconds as if he's thinking deeply and then, 'No. Now shoo, you are disturbing my peace.'


Naruto hmped and readied himself for battle.


'So dramatic, indeed.' Kurama interjected while smirking.


'You're really enjoying this, huh?' Naruto deadpanned.


'Whatever do you mean, dear kit?' Kurama asked with an unbelievable facade of innocence.


Naruto just pouted and reached for his phone and backpack. He'll just act like he's doing something with his phone so he doesn't have to interact with the anyone in the waiting crowd.


The driver's door of the car opened and the students watched with bated breath.


The people facing the door gasped as they were the first ones who saw the glimpse of the transfer student and the remaining students became intrigued, especially the Cullens because Alice insisted that they should wait for him to come out and seemed really excited.


"Weeell? Why do we have to wait for him, Alice?" Emmett asked cheerily. Alice just beamed at him but didn't answer.


The person of interest of all students today finally stepped out of that beautiful car and the students gaped at him. Yes, even the Cullens.


Naruto stood to his full height and swung his bag so he can wear it at his back. He kept his eyes focused at his phone and did some things to occupy his hand. He didn't look up because he doesn't really want to see the students' reaction to him.


"Wait, is that really a 'him'?!" Emmett exclaimed. He didn't notice that his voice was rather loud until he heard some snickers with his sharp hearing. He smiled sheepishly at Rosalie when she looked at him incredulously. Jasper just looked amused and is actually pretty hyped because of all the excitement that surrounds him. Alice just laughed heartily and Edward smiled at his brother's antics and turned his attention back to the transfer student. The blonde was still looking at his phone but even he could see that the new student is incredibly handsome, beautiful even, with his long golden hair tied in a low ponytail —good thing that the school wasn't really strict for unusual appearances, and his smart yet casual look that consists of a pastel orange sweatshirt underneath a light brown coat, his black pants that fitted his legs perfectly, his rubber shoes that looks sporty yet stylish, and his fair skin that seemed to be on the pale side but is really slightly tanned on a closer look. On a closer look meant that Edward used his enhanced eyesight to look closely at him while still at a distance. All he can deduce is that, 'He's...gorgeous.' Now if only he'll look up so Edward could fully see his face.


A gust of wind broke through his thoughts, however, and he got a wisp of a scent so good, and so delicious, almost bordering on tantalizing that he had to take a deep breath. It smelled so great that he just wants to bury his nose to the source and inhale all the scent he could take, yet he doesn't have the desire to feed or drink at all, just to embrace, protect, and...possess.


He got out of his stupor and suddenly turned his head sharply to Alice, it almost made her cringe because that has got to hurt, right? But Alice knew why he's looking at her.


She just thought while looking at him happily, 'That guy's going to be my best friend.'


Edward contemplated what she meant and his eyes marginally widened when the realization hit him. He looked back at the new student again and stared at him to take in all of his appearance, as if he didn't do just that earlier.


Jasper gasped when he felt what his brother was feeling. He felt confusion and shock mixed with longing, desire and...possessiveness? It's all so jumbled up that it's so confusing and made his head hurt really bad, then suddenly, as if he completed a muddled up puzzle, he came up to the same conclusion as his brother's.


He's Edward's mate.


Emmett just stared at the blonde-haired man in an uncomfortable amount of time then looked back at Rosalie who despite her lack of expression, was obviously shocked too. He pondered, 'Is he also a vampire? I didn't think anyone could rival Rosalie's beauty until now. Maybe he also have her enhanced beauty ability?' He looked back at the beautiful transfer student but no, he could tell that he's certainly not a vampire. He just couldn't help but come up with that thought because the moment that the blonde stepped out of his car and stood up, the gloomy atmosphere of Forks High seemed to brighten just a little. Emmett felt like he just brought the sun with him, or was he actually the sun incarnate? He shook himself to get his mind out of the gutter.


Jasper looked worried for a second when he felt Emmett's emotional turmoil because they can't have someone else be attracted to Edward's mate, especially one of his siblings. He didn't need to worry though, it looks like Emmett just really admired the beauty's looks because when he worked through all of his emotions around him and focused on Emmett, he just felt wonder, admiration, and amazement.


Rosalie was known to be vain, self-centered and shallow, fed by people's attention towards her because of her inhuman beauty even when she was still a human. It was enhanced even more when she turned to a vampire, making her stunning looks stand out more even amongst the cold ones. She's very materialistic and likes to have beautiful dresses, jewelry, and anything that could compliment her beauty. She can get easily jealous if she found other people more attractive than her. That is, until now.


The reason she's so shocked was because she already expected to feel the envy rolling off of her cold skin at the sight of such a beautiful creature that's possibly even more gorgeous than she is. Yet as she continued to stare at him, she just felt like she found a kinship in another form. She doesn't understand herself either. She suddenly narrowed her eyes, 'It must have something to do with his humanness. No human can possibly look like...that.' As she stared at him some more, she couldn't help but think that his sense of fashion is admirable and she thought about what he must be like when they shop for clothes together. The idea almost made her giddy with anticipation.


Naruto originally planned to never let his eyes astray from his phone but he could feel their stares burn through his bones, especially on the side of people where he could feel that weird aura.


'I could almost see your expression. Hilarious.' 


Plus there's this voice inside his head that constantly aims to make his miserable situation harder.


'Are you ignoring me? Suit yourself.' Kurama laughed, not at all offended.


Naruto just continued to ignore him and sighed in resignation. He raised his head to look at that particular direction with the weird atmosphere.


His breath got caught in his throat, however, when his huge cerulean blue eyes locked with the man's creamy and golden eyes. The man's intense gaze made him stay rooted next to his car and just stared at him. He swore those eyes turned darker as the moment goes by and that seemed to wake him up from his trance and narrowed his eyes at the man suspiciously.


'Kurama, I could feel something different from that group. Make sure that you also memorize their appearance so you know when you stumble with them.'


Kurama noticed the seriousness of his tone and looked at the targeted people through Naruto's eyes. Even though he's not bounded by the seal anymore, Kurama still have the connection with Naruto that allows him to have access through his senses. Although he only does this whenever the situation calls for it because even if he's a big ball of mischief, he still respects Naruto's privacy, just as how Naruto respects his.


'Yes, they definitely look odd. Their chakra differs immensely to the students other than them. Be careful around them.' Kurama said seriously.


When they left the Elemental Nations, they immediately took notice of the chakra of of The Outside's people. It was lower and not enough to perform any kind of jutsu, it's even smaller than the civilians' from their home but it's still there. That's why they knew that something weird is going on with those pretty individuals because they can feel that their chakra is stronger than others. There's still something odd about them other than that though, they just can't point it out.


Naruto sighed but suddenly spoke in a cheery tone, 'Okay, Kura-chan! See you when I get back!'


'Yes, yes. Now go away and take care.'


Naruto smiled softly because even if Kurama doesn't openly show it, he could feel that he's worried about his well-being despite knowing that he very much knows how to hold himself up.


He abruptly turned away from the man and headed to the school building so he can already get his schedule. He doesn't want to be late on his first day and attract more attention than he already have. Which doesn't really matter since the students outside were and still watching his every move.


'Ugh, can't they get anymore obvious?' He huffed.


The Cullens were shocked more than they already were when the newcomer turned his head towards them. They didn't let it show on their faces though.


When they thought that he is very pretty with his head down, he definitely is bordering on angelic now. His blue, blue eyes seemed to pierce through their undead and not beating hearts and he also has whiskers! That should have been unfair because how can someone look so pretty, handsome, and cute at the same time?


The first one to get back to alertness was Jasper when he felt a sudden spike of Edward's emotion and when he looked at his brother, he noticed how his eyes were getting darker which screamed hunger, but not for blood. He's practically oozing the desire to take something. Jasper could almost choke in Edward's possessiveness.


The transfer student then turned away from their group to head to school.


Emmett, Rosalie, and Alice also came back from their stupor because they immediately looked at Edward who's already moving to follow the blonde.


'He's...turning away? My mate's getting away! Must...get him!' Edward chanted in his mind which was heard by his adoptive siblings due to his lost of control over his thoughts, and ended up sharing it through their mind link.


"What?!" Emmett exclaimed and immediately took hold of Edward who growled lowly at him for trying to get in his way, "How dare you?! Get out of my way!" Edward hissed and tried to yank his arms from the larger man.


Rosalie was shocked for a moment and sprang to help with holding Edward back when Alice decided to do so. Jasper stepped in front of Edward and looked directly in his eyes and sent waves of soothing emotions to calm him down.


The transfer student was already inside the building and a few minutes later, Edward's eyes slowly turned from dark brown back to topaz. He stopped struggling from his siblings' hold once he realized what he was doing. To outside, they look like they're just trying to hug Edward, but it's really not the case.


Emmett released him first when he saw Edward has calmed down, then Rosalie and finally Alice.


Jasper just continued what he was doing as to avoid Edward from losing his control again. When he felt that Edward has finally calmed down he asked slowly, "Are you alright now, Edward?"


Edward nodded, "Yeah. Sorry for acting like that." he said apologetically.


"Ah, no worries. The rush of emotions for us is overwhelming since our kind doesn't really feel emotions that strong. It's normal for us to be like that when we meet our mates." Jasper whispered to placate him.


Edward froze when he heard Jasper's words, 'Mate? My mate. I finally met my mate!'  He thought as he recalled his mate's angelic features, 'It has been...decades of constant searching. A time too long, but finally. Finally, my mate's within my reach.' His gaze was becoming glassy but Rosalie suddenly drawled, "Well, as much as I hate attending classes, I don't like to be too late and we're already late enough as it is."


She put her arm around Emmett's waist as he placed his arm around her shoulders and stirred her to their room. Alice linked her arm to one of Jasper's and followed them inside. Edward took his time walking to clear his thoughts and calm his undead heart down.


The day was just starting and many interesting things have already happened. He wondered if the day's going to be more exciting. No, it definitely will. But for now, he'll just continue to think about his mate and wish that he can be with him at all of his classes.