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Volterra was a spectacle of colors. Down below the city seemed to go on for miles. Your fingers sparkled under the sun like small glittering diamonds. It was a pretty sight, and you couldn't help but smile lightly.

Having no contact with the outside world, where your skin could be the reason for your demise, had a positive effect on the way you view your body. Beautiful. That's how you skin looked.

Word had spread around the coven with speed, that Edward Cullen had suicide on his agenda. You found yourself staring down at the St. Marcus Day Festival where humans were spread out like flies in their red attire that marked an important date in their beliefs, waiting for him to welcome his own demise because his guilt was overwhelming. The Volturi on the other hand, ate like kings while the festival was ongoing, but you found yourself drifting away more and more.

You heard footsteps while they were still three rooms inside the castle. They were gracious, fluidly quiet and transparent. It wasn't common for a guard to walk that audibly. Except for one…

"I thought I would find you here." Alec mused, closing in on you. There was a sense of a statement in his voice, yet the lightness he shared with you was present all the same.

You didn't turn, only kept staring down at the festivities. "Had a good meal?"

Your question held a heavy amount of guilt, you realized, so you quickly straightened your back to return to the regal stance you had minutes ago.

"I didn't see you."

"And that got you worried?" You asked, sure that if you had a beating heart and a working system, your heart would race, and blush would color your neck and cheeks.

Alec was a scary man. An old, ancient vampire who had the ability to do dark things if he so pleased.

You weren't any better. Having a passing twinkle of guilt did not make you good or any lesser of an evil that you were.

He didn't say anything, but what he did do was lean against the stone, watching over the figures like you. "They think they're safe."

Alec shrugged, "No one's safe in this world."

"But they don't know that" you started, looking at his genuine expression from the corner of your eye while you continued your train of thought. "They think they did something. Something that now keeps them safe. They don't know that vampires are still here, and that Saint Marcus is actually Marcus."

"But what does that have with you?"

"I felt intense remorse after I was turned," you recalled with sudden vehemence. "Even now, a hundred years too late for redemption, I still can't shake off the feeling."

"And you think it's because of what?"

You narrowed your eyes at him, not catching on to his words. "You think you're broken? A vampire unable to sort through its emotions? A vampire not good enough to be a vampire because you're feeling guilty?"

There was a tone in his voice you took as insulting, and through your anger you felt nothing of the true meaning behind each word. "Not everyone is like you and your sister, Alec."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"It means," you said through gritted teeth. You clenched your flawless, unbreakable teeth and looked him in the eye, ignoring the closeness. An inch closer and you'd be bonded to him. "That I feel. I have emotions that I don't want. Emotions I can't get rid of even if…"

"Even if what?" He was so close now. Taunting. His scarlet eyes were like an invitation, like he knew something you didn't, and he wanted you to pounce on the fact. Alec didn't look insulted, at least not the way you did. Instead, he was eerily calm, but his voice was like velvet. "Even if you tried to get rid of them?"

He looked so beautiful under the sun. His face was alight, and his eyes sparked with fire. "I fight emotions too Y/N."


Alec tilted his head, innocently wrapping a finger around your hair, pretending to be oblivious to your words. You didn't dare yourself to push him away. "You wish to know how I feel Y/N? Hm? Me to reveal my deepest emotions, so that you could feel better about yourself? Is that want you want?"

In your 700 hundred years of existence, never did you ever…


Not like this at least. "I—"

You wanted to throw yourself at him at that moment because nothing about this was normal. There was an ember between you that broke into an inferno that had just now ignited. You wanted him around you until there was no beginning and the end for the both of you.

The guilt was nothing compared to the burning ache you felt for the man.

"I can’t get you out of my head," he spoke lowly, voice silky and firm. Alec was even closer, and his gloved hands were now on your dark fabric. The waist that no one save for you has touched in years.

You couldn't help yourself.

You leaned in to tame the flame and pressed your lips against his. Alec returned it and in an instant you had found yourself pressed back against the wall of the castle, away from prying eyes where for the first time in years you felt the cold from the stones against your covered skin.

Running a hand through his long strands of hair, you fought for control, thankful that you didn't need air to breathe.

And then he pulled away.

"I think I love you."