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The Eyes That See

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Chapter 1

Eve was used to being completely invisible.

Not just to strangers but to her own friends, the teachers in her classes, and even her family—or what was left of them—barely seemed to notice she was alive. In a way, however, she enjoyed it. There was something nice about it. It's when no one is watching that she could be herself, no need to put up a front, lie, or force herself to connect with anyone. It gave her the advantage to take everything and everyone in.

By everyone, she had one specific group in mind.

Since her freshman year in Forks High School, she noticed them right away as they walked into the cafeteria on the first day of school.

The Cullens.

Their unnatural beauty was the first thing she noticed, as did the entirety of the population of Forks. The small town suddenly began buzzing with gossip and news of the new family that moved into Forks. The next thing she noticed was the strange air around each of them whenever they walked into a room, most of all the golden eyes that they all seemed to have followed by how the color changed during certain days. It wasn't hard to miss, but no one else talked about that particular trait since the boys and girls were all too busy shying away from the beautiful teenagers who kept to themselves.

At first, it set Eve off, all the attention they received from the other students and the way they all remained closed off from the other students to the point of making the farthest table in the cafeteria their usual spot. It rubbed Eve the wrong way. At least that's what she told herself whenever she'd see one of the teenagers pass by in the hall. From that moment on, the girl started noticing something...strange, which eventually led to a growing curiosity that paled in comparison to Jessica lusting over one of the Cullen boys or any of her other friends that had classes with the beautiful family.

They never ate, she noticed once when she looked over to see that not one of them ever finished the food they had on their trays, and if they did, it appeared to be purely done in distaste.

The larger one, Emmett, she recalled his name, had grimaced at the sight of Mike Newton flinging a spoonful of lasagna at one of his friends and missing. Instead, it plopped just a few feet away from where the intimidating-looking teenager was walking. As if the smell disgusted him, Emmett shot the boys a look that immediately made all of them scurry away. At first, she thought it was simply because he hated the sight of food almost hitting his clothes or that he truly disliked the cafeteria food, but something told her deep down that wasn't the case.

Alice Cullen and her sister were graceful during gym class, excelling at all the sports they played, and never looked exhausted after running track. It was both amusing to see her friends, Angela, admire their elegance while Lauren was seething with jealousy.

Eve seemed to slowly create a small list in her head of all the Cullen's habits since she first spotted them, and it would only keep going as the year progressed.


By the end of the school year, she had enough time to observe them even when she didn't want to.

Eve would notice their absence whenever they wouldn't show up for days on end. Jessica said the Cullens had gone camping with their parents—a usual tradition kept between the family. The rumors had started circling them soon after their arrival began to sprout, and while Eve could admit that her interest in the Cullen's was just as weird as their behavior, at least she wasn't gossiping about them the same way her friends were.

Then the strangest thing occurred, while she was sitting with her friends at the round table in the cafeteria once again, Eve routinely managed to tune them all out aside from Angela who always managed to keep conversation with her. It was only when the topic of the Cullen's reaching their table that her head snapped back up.

"I heard the Cullen's are all dating." Newton had said in a whisper, a grin on his lips.

"What? But they're like...related. You think so?" Jessica asked excitedly while also trying to remain uninterested when Lauren scoffed in disgust. Others around the table started scolding them for mentioning the rumor that had been going around.

"Gross Mike!"

"No, I'm serious, guys! Apparently, they're all adopted and shack up like some weird polyamorous thing."

While her friends started laughing and chucking their fries at Mike for gossiping about a matter that was so idiotic to begin with, the girl's round eyes were focused on the Cullen's.

Emmett Cullen seemed to be breaking into a laugh with the others looking just as amused as they picked at their food or, in the case of the beautiful Rosalie—utterly annoyed.

One morning, when the girl had made it to school hours before classes started in an attempt to escape her home, she interacted with one of the Cullen's for the first time.

Through her exhaustion and the cold winter air that made her fingers ache, she managed to bring her old guitar to keep her company. Strumming the string absentmindedly, making up a tune that started developing into something more, she heard soft footsteps approaching from the stairs that led to the parking lot—a group of them, in fact.

Unsurprisingly, there they were; all the Cullen's were walking past her. Emmett and Rosalie walked hand in hand, completely lost in a flirtatious conversation, while the pixie-like girl had her arms wrapped around a serious-looking blonde one that never looked down at her.

However, it was Edward who stopped in front of her. Eve looked up at him with hesitation, pausing the strumming of the guitar to acknowledge the bronze-haired boy. Worry started taking over her entire body as she straightened.

Was he upset that she had been playing? Was she playing too loudly? Would he tell her off for just sitting here? It wouldn't come off as a surprise to her, considering how she couldn't even stay in her own home without causing trouble. Her father had made that clear to her several times. However, Edward merely had a pained expression when the boy stared at the tired-looking girl in front of him for a second too long. Her wavy shoulder-length hair was wet from the rain now, looking almost raven black from it. His amber eyes were boring into hers, which made it hard to look away from his gaze.

Amber this time. The observation she made was sudden and insignificant, but it seemed to perturb Edward when he took in a deep breath and broke eye contact. As if he had heard her say those words out loud...

"Are you ok?" Eve hesitantly asked him, confused and slightly annoyed that he wouldn't just tell her what it was that he didn't like about the girl.

"You..." he paused before closing his eyes for a second and quickly looked calmer the moment he opened them again, "That song, it's nice. Did you write it?"

Eve hesitated again but eventually said, "I didn't write it down, but it's just a melody that came to me...I guess." It sounded more like a question. His interest in her was alarming and even more so when he asked her about her music.

No one's ever cared to ask her about her music before. She wasn't sure if that had been the best thing to say, but he didn't seem to hate her response. Instead, he graced her with a crooked grin that she'd bet anything that Jessica or Lauren would be seething if they'd see the exchange between the two right now.

"You should write it down, so you don't forget it. It's good."

And that was that. Eve stared blankly at Edward Cullen before he walked away; grace and precision encased his tall demeanor as he walked into the main building.

Funny enough, Eve found herself writing down all the melodies she played on her old guitar shortly after that day.


While Eve's interest in understanding what the Cullen's were hiding helped her forget about her own problems during the day, the distraction they provided never lasted long when she would finally return home later on. Every night she could hear her father screaming at her mother or brother from the driveway. It wasn't long before he would take his anger out on her again, too shortly after she went into her bedroom. Starting the same exhausting cycle that slowly made her fear of others grow stronger each night.

But life seemed to have other plans for Eve during spring break and completely shattering what little was left of her family.

Eve and her mother were in a horrible accident that left her in the hospital, recovering from a broken arm and fractured ribs. But none of that mattered much when the death of her mother left deep scars on the girl shortly after she found out.

Her father didn't come to see her, nor was he waiting by her side to tell her that Eve's mother had passed. It took him three days since being notified of the accident before he showed up to get his daughter.

Dr. Carlisle Cullen, however, had monitored her condition closely the entire time as if she were a precious piece of china that could shatter at any moment. In a way, she felt as though she had deep down inside. One thing about the doctor made Eve go back to the mental list she had made of the Cullens. He also had amber-colored eyes with the same pale skin.

Weird, but maybe it's not. Maybe it's in my head. She thought before her father appeared and rushed her to get out of the hospital bed.

"Let's go." Was all that he said to her, standing in the doorway as if she were a stranger to him. When she struggled to get out of the bed, pain shooting up her body and causing her to stumble, a huff of frustration echoed by the door, Eve stood there frozen in place with her head down as she heard his heavy footsteps stalking over towards her. "I said. Move it." He hissed as he yanked her out of the room.

When Eve whimpered at the pain that radiated through her body, Dr. Cullen's arms caught the girl before she could hit the ground the moment her knees buckled below her. She hadn't even seen him anywhere near the room before this, but at that moment, she could not have been more grateful for his presence.

"I don't think that's wise to do, Mr. Hendricks," the doctor said in a stern voice as he led Eve back to a wheelchair he had prepared for her. Even as the man shot her father a scolding glance, she couldn't help but notice his unbelievably cold touch as his hand held hers gently, guiding her to take a seat.

Just as her father went to get the car to pick Eve up from the entrance due to the doctor's insistence, Dr. Cullen kneeled to speak to his patient, "If you need anything at all or you're not feeling well, you can always come back and ask to see me. Alright, Evelyn? Be strong. It's going to be time."

She stared blankly at the doctor's kind eyes and noted how she's never had such a warm gaze from anyone before in her life. Certainly, her father's never spoken such words of encouragement and tenderness—ever. Not even her mother, who during her final days looked just as empty as Eve felt now.

His skin was hard as if it were made of stone, Eve thought continuously as she stared at her trembling hands on her lap. She looked out the window as the tears began to roll down her face.

Her father drove through the streets over the speed limit in his anger. Spewing harsh words like 'waste of time' and 'that damn mother of yours' into the air, but it did little to shake Eve. Letting herself sink into the darkness of her mind, she didn't want to continue listening to her father's toxic words any longer—didn't have the energy or the will to listen anymore.

That night she dreamt of the Cullens, all of them with glowing golden eyes and pale white skin that made them look as if they were statues. Perfect beings shrouded in the darkness of a forest, much like Eve knew she was now that her mother was gone.

The next morning she woke up with a start and came to a conclusion—a strange and probably illogical conclusion that the Cullen's were without a doubt not human. A week passed by before her father all but shoved her out of the house. She returned to school, ignoring the searing pain in her ribs with each step that she took, and to her surprise, her friends had noticed. The boys that often teased the girls at the table were being kind for once. Jessica asked her how she was holding up, and even though the question was more of a burden than any consolation, Eve understood. Angela walked with her to her class every day while Ben insisted on carrying her backpack in an attempt to ease her pain.

An even bigger shock was when Edward Cullen greeted her from the desk he sat in next to her, "I'm glad you're alright," were his words. No questions about how she was injured, nor what had happened during the week she had been absent from school or any other days she was too emotionally incapable of attending class. As if he had known what happened to her and yet again, he gave her a momentary glance that reminded her of Dr. Cullen. The kindness and attention given to her were foreign and painful all at once.

She made it a point to rarely interact with either of the Cullen's from that moment on, not that she had in the first place, but she wouldn't allow herself to grow fond of people who weren't truly people, to begin with. Could she?

In the end, it didn't seem to matter if they were human or not, Eve thought as her father hit her for the first time since her mother passed away that very night.

Monsters...true monsters were the ones that hurt others and enjoyed inflicting it.