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You With Your Rose Colored Glasses

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Sheets of rain cascaded across the windshield as her sleek black Tesla Model S slid into a spot at the back of the parking lot across from the shiny jeep wrangler and cherry red Ashton Martin convertible. The parking lot was filling rapidly—students rushing through the quickly accumulating puddles in an effort to reach the shelter of the school.


Forks High School. Nearly a century later and almost the exactly the same as she remembered it. Sure, some of the buildings had been re-done and it looked like there was a new science building and gym but, at the end of the day, it was still the same beat up red-brick school filled with hormonal teenagers and way too much drama.


As she casually opened the door and braced herself against the rain, a memory flashed before her eyes. It was eighty years earlier and her Tesla was replaced by a rusted red truck. The rain was barely held at bay by the rapidly darkening clouds in the perpetually overcast sky. When she had moved from Phoenix to stay with Charlie, Isabella Swan was a timid, overworked kid trying to find her way through the waiting room between childhood, adolescence, and being forced to grow up too fast. Who would have guessed that meeting a rude, prepubescent teen with shiny hair and intriguing eyes her first day would change her life so drastically?


Snapping back to the present, Bella slid out of her car and gracefully maneuvered through the crowd stampeding towards the entryway. Breaking off to her left, Bella slipped into the front office.


“Welcome to Forks High School, you must be Isabella,” the woman at the front desk greeted her with a kind smile.


“Just Bella,” she replied.


“Well, Bella, here is your class schedule and a map of the school,” the woman slid the documents across the table, “Oh! I almost forgot, I also need you to have all of your teachers sign this slip and for you to drop it off at the end of the day.”


“No problem,” Bella replied, “Thank you for your help.”


“Have a wonderful day sweetie!” The woman replied as Bella made her way out of the office and back into the rain.


The bell had already rung by the time she made her way to her first class: English. The room fell silent as she quickly made her way through the door and to the front of the classroom. The teacher was gearing up to tell her off for being late in the middle of the semester until he took in her unfamiliar face and the slip of paper in her hand. Quickly handing it towards him, the man introduced himself as Mr. Miller, signed her sheet, and pointed her to a seat in the back of the classroom. Thanking him quietly, Bella weaved gracefully through the chairs to her seat, acutely aware of the whispers and gazes that followed her.


“Who’s that?”


“I heard she’s related to the Cullens, no idea why she’s starting so late in the year though.”


“Lydia told me that she got kicked out of her last school for beating someone up.”


“I wonder if she’s single, I would totally hit that.”


The whispers went on—as curious and occasionally grotesque as always.


After settling into her seat and quickly scanning the room, Bella fixed her gaze out the window and settled in for the rest of the period.




Her next two classes passed similarly. Whispers and gazes followed her everywhere she went. The odd student or two worked up the courage to introduce themselves but, after her lack of response, took her cold shoulder as the dismissal it was and scampered away. By the time lunch rolled around, news of her shy and somewhat off-putting demeanor had made its way around the school and the gossip of the student body had shifted from curiosity to the boundary between curiosity and cruel rumors.


As Bella made her way into the cafeteria and made her way towards an empty table in the corner, she took a moment to scan her surroundings.


While the walls and attitude of Forks High were the same, there was at least one thing that was notably different.


Rather than sitting by themselves as they had in the past, they were surrounded by high school friends. The big burly one sat across the cafeteria surrounded by boys wearing Star Wars t-shirts. From across the room Bella could just make out their conversation about the newest Minecraft game. The girl with a pixie cut sat to the left of the food line. She was happily rambling on about a weekend mall trip with two exquisitely dressed girls. The blond boy was sitting by her side, reading a book on the American Civil War and calmly talking with one of his friends.


As she finished scanning the room, the door to the cafeteria burst open and the shrieking voices of five girls filled the room as they anxiously vied for the attention of the bombshell blond in the middle. The blond was wearing heels and a tight-fitting dress, her sunglasses on her head as she casually checked her phone and nodded along with her posse as they made their way towards a table in the middle of the room.


“She’s really something isn’t she,” a voice sounded from behind Bella.


“There’s no need to try to sneak up on me Edward,” she replied, “I could hear you coming from a mile away.”


“Yes, but where’s the fun in that?” He replied with a smile as he slid into the seat next to her.


“Where’s the fun in any of this?” She scoffed cynically.


“Let them have their fun,” Edward shoved her shoulder, “It was you who encouraged them to socialize in the first place.”


“True,” Bella sighed, “I’m really happy for them. I just wish I could have been here when you all started last year.”


“I know,” he put his hand on her shoulder soothingly, “But I’m glad you got to spend some time in Italy. Athenodora called this morning to make sure you arrived okay.”


“She’s sweet,” Bella was cut off by a low growl rumbling through the room.


Quickly retracting his hand with a grimace, Edward made sure to make some space between them before returning to the conversation. Bella glanced up, hoping to catch one set of eyes in particular, but she quickly lowered them as she was met with scrutinizing stares of her peers.


Edward continued to speak with her for a few minutes before getting up to join his own friends at a table near the entryway. Left alone, Bella quickly lost herself to her thoughts.


Moments later, she was met by someone clearing their throat.


“Hey, you’re Isabella, right?” The shaggy haired boy asked.


“Just Bella,” she replied, lifting her eyes to meet his.


“Cool, mind if I sit?” he gestured to the chair two over from her.


“Be my guest,” Bella smiled softly.


The boy (who Bella learned was named Wyatt) reminded her an awful lot of one Mike Newton in his early days. He was anxious to ask her questions and, if it wasn’t for the faint scent of arousal, she could smell coming from him, it would have been a reasonably pleasant conversation. However, barely five minutes later, the cafeteria grew eerily silent in the wake of the cafeteria door slamming—the bombshell blond storming off. Bella barely noticed Alice run out to follow her as her table was suddenly surrounded by two furious girls.


“Isabella, right?” The girl on the left said as she crossed her hands over her chest.


“It’s just Bella,” she replied.


“Well just Bella, you’re in my seat,” the girl snarked.


“There are plenty of seats if you want to join us,” Bella stated softly.


“No,” the girl demanded, “you’re in MY seat. Isn’t that right Wyatt?”


“Umm, I don’t think there are any assigned seats Lydia,” Wyatt mumbled.


Whipping back towards Bella, Lydia poked her in the chest.


“Do you want to be an outcast day one?” She snapped. “Get out of my seat.”


“Now!” The other girl added at Bella’s hesitation.


Not wanting to deal with the drama, Bella quickly removed herself from the table and dumped her full tray in the trash before making her way towards the cafeteria door. She would have tripped on the way-out curtesy of a well-placed foot if it hadn’t been for her exceptional reflexes. Deciding to bite the bullet, she made her way towards the gym for her next class.




After classes were done, Bella made her way towards the office to hand in her signed schedule before heading to the parking lot. By the time she made her way out, most of the cars had dissipated save her Tesla and the Ashton Martin.


Making her way around the now still puddles towards the cars, Bella felt her shoulders begin to relax as the stress of the day rolled off her shoulders.


She barely heard the footsteps before she was being tackled from behind. A pair of dainty arms wrapped around her shoulders and legs secured themselves on her waist as she was assaulted with the smell of cinnamon and old growth pine trees.




Quickly calming her fighting instinct, Bella flipped the girl around and brought her arms around her. The pixie nestled her head into Bella’s chest, drinking in her scent.


“I missed you Bells,” she mumbled.


“I missed you too Alice,” Bella replied as she rubbed her hand soothingly up and down her back.


“How was your day?” Alice asked.


“You already know how it was Ali,” Bella said tickling her sides.


Releasing her hold and dropping to the ground, Alice pulled Bella towards the Ashton Martin.


“Why don’t you drive it home, I’ll take the Tesla,” Alice said, shoving Bella towards the convertible. “You know she’ll only let you drive it for her anyways.”


“She’s gone, isn’t she?” Bella asked sadly.


Alice gave her a sad smile, “She had to go to Lydia’s house after class. She was really looking forward to seeing you.”


Alice’s eyes quickly slipped out of focus before a smirk slowly made its way onto her lips.


“She’s heading home now,” Alice slowly relayed, “You better drive fast if you want to make it in time.”


Giving Alice a quick kiss to the cheek and a blinding smile, Bella tossed her the keys to the Tesla and slid into the comfortable leather of the Ashton Martin. As the door shut her nose was instantly assaulted with the smell of ocean mist, mint, and the hint of a campfire. She settled into the seat and closed her eyes in bliss before taking off towards the Cullen manor.




The next few weeks went by much the same. Bella would go through her classes, go home, and attempt to stay off of everyone’s radar. Unfortunately for her, the latter wasn’t as easy as it seemed. For some reason Lydia and her friends had taken to taunting Bella however they could. They would try to trip her in the hallway, ‘accidently’ spill something on her in the cafeteria and would assault her with cruel words and laughter whenever a certain blonde was absent. Despite her inhuman strength, speed, and lifespan, Bella was never very good with bullies and, as much as she tried to hide it, they were really starting to wear her down.


It was a chilly November morning. Bella had taken advantage of the lack of rain and rode Rosalie’s Ducati to school. She arrived early as her siblings had prior engagements and she wanted to enjoy the fresh air and spend some time in the quad before classes began for the day. Bella was just finishing a chapter in her book when she heard it—the unmistakable sound of metal grinding against metal. Curious, she made her way over to the parking lot.


When she rounded the corner, she found five girls surrounding her turned over bike—laughing as they kicked at it.


“We should’ve brought spray paint.” One of the girls said.


“Yeah, we really need to teach her to stay out of our way.” Lydia responded.


“Hey! What’s going on here?” A booming voice interrupted them.


Emmett made his way out of his Jeep and towards the group of girls.


“What are you guys doing?” He asked, a bite in his voice.


Not picking up on the warning, Lydia stepped towards him and put her hand on his bicep, “Oh we’re just teaching that new girl a lesson.”


Before Emmett could get a word in, Bella stepped out from around the corner, absolutely furious. Sensing the danger, the girls quickly took off, leaving Emmett to help her pick the bike up.


“Bella,” he started kindly, “why don’t you just tell her what’s happening?”


“She loves it here Em, I don’t want to burden her. I can handle some teenage girls.” Bella signed.


“Bella, she loves you more than anything. She would do anything for you.” He reminded her.


“I know,” she smiled sadly, “but this is my battle to fight. She deserves to just be happy for a while.”


“When will you get it through your thick head that you’re what makes her happy?” He questioned, “You’re also not alone.”


“You know I love you right?” Bella asked in reply.


“I know,” He smiled, “You’re going to love me even more for bringing this home before she can see it and replacing it with Jasper’s.”


Bella threw her arms around him. “You really are the best Em.”


“Oh I know,” he smirked. “Now get to class, I’ve got this.”


Bella gave him one more hug before hurrying off.




The day only seemed to go downhill from there.


When Bella got to her locker she founded filled with shaving cream. Her quick walk to the bathroom to clean off her books (and hands) was followed by Lydia’s laugher.


Half-way through her second period history class a boy in the front row, Allen, got a papercut. While Bella is usually fine with just a bit of blood, the fan was blowing right at her and, rather than cleaning it like anyone else, Allen made a point of squeezing his finger, trying to get as much blood to the surface as possible. Without warning, Bella sprang from her seat and struggled to keep her speed in check as she quickly headed towards the forest for some air.


By the time lunch rolled around, Bella barely had any patience left. Entering the cafeteria, Bella’s last hope for a peaceful afternoon disappeared as she caught Alice’s grimace from across the room. Bella sulked over to her normal seat in the corner—not at all looking forward to whatever the next hour would bring.


Bella had barely begun moving food around her plate when Rosalie walked in and her mind went blank. Rosalie Hale was radiant. Her golden hair cascaded down her back and her lipstick matched the stunning form-fitting red dress that clung to her curves. Her legs went on for days before carefully sliding into a pair of black heels. Bella couldn’t look away. Slowly taking the blond in, Bella’s gaze slid from her heels upwards along her body until they met a pair of quickly darkening amber eyes. As she watched, those eyes slid to a hungry black that she was sure mirrored her own.


“Close your mouth Bells,” a whisper met her ears from across the room.


“Yeah, or you’ll catch some flies!” Alice joined in with a grin.


Rose’s lips turned upward as she caught onto the conversation. Quickly giving Bella a once over, her tongue poked out to lick her lips before her gaze snapped forward—releasing Bella from her trance.


As Rosalie made her way across the room, she was quickly greeted by Lydia and her lap dogs as they tried to capture her attention. Rose slid into her seat and pulled out her phone.


Bella felt her pocket vibrate as Rosalie’s eyes flashed with…something. She stood up to make her way back towards the door, casting Bella one more hungry look before leaving the cafeteria in her wake.


Bella made quick work of reaching for her phone but, before she could open it, the device was snatched from her hands.


“Oooh what do we have here?” Lydia tsked. “Does little Bella have a secret admirer?”


Bella reached her hand out in silence for the phone. Instead of returning it to her though, Lydia quickly dropped it directly into Bella’s water glass.


“Oops,” Lydia snarled, “It looks like you won’t be seeing that text anytime soon. Who would want to date someone like you anyway?”


As she continued to go on, getting progressively closer to Bella’s face, the room suddenly filled with the scent of campfires and ocean mist. Bella instantly calmed as she felt the presence grow behind her. The other girls fell silent and slowly started to back away as Lydia kept talking.


“And that’s why…” Lydia quickly trailed off as she caught sight of the woman now gripping onto Bella’s shoulder.


“Oh, hey Rose, what are you doing here?” Lydia asked.


“Oh, hey Rose, really?” Rosalie snarled, sending goosebumps down Bella’s spine as her grip rapidly tightened on Bella’s shoulder. “What the hell do you think you are doing?”


“What do you mean?” Lydia asked quietly, “She’s just a nobody.”


“Stop,” Rosalie ground out, “Just stop. First of all, if you think for one second, I would ever want to associate myself with someone who would willingly pick on someone else no matter the reason you are clearly mistaken.”


Rosalie held up her hand to stop Lydia’s rebuttal. “Second,” Rosalie pulled Bella to her feet and wrapped her arms around her middle from behind, “if you ever even look at my girlfriend like that again I will kill you. Do you understand me?” She growled, pulling Bella tighter to her front to hold herself back.


Shocked, Lydia and her friends quickly nodded their heads and ran away—tails between their legs.


Rosalie watched them go like a hawk, her eyes never leaving their retreating forms as her barely restrained growls vibrated through Bella’s body.


Bella gently reached down to loosen Rosalie’s grip so that she could turn around in her arms. Placing her hand on her cheek, Bella gently guided Rose’s face towards hers. Staring into the obsidian eyes before her, Bella slowly leaned forward, giving Rose plenty of time to pull away. Rosalie only grabbed onto her tighter before crashing their lips together. There was nothing gentle about this kiss as Rosalie pulled Bella tightly against her, all of their curves fitting together perfectly.


There was a wolf whistle in the background and a booming “Get a room!” meant only for their ears. Rosalie smirked playfully as she pulled Bella out of the cafeteria, her hands never straying far from Bella’s.


As they made it outside, Rosalie pulled them to a stop and whipped Bella around to face her.


“How long has that been going on?” Rosalie ground out, her eyes slipping further into blackness.


“It’s nothing I couldn’t handle Rose, it’s okay,” Bella placated.


“Nothing about that is okay.” Rosalie snapped.


“Baby,” Bella gently caressed her cheek, “breathe for me, please. You were so happy, I wasn’t going to get in the way of that.”


Rosalie’s eyes softened a shade as she gazed at Bella, “Kitten, you are my happiness. You are the love of my eternity. You are my everything. I am not happy unless you are. These silly humans were only entertainment to pass the time until you came back from Italy. I’ve been waiting for you to ask me to join you at lunch or to hold your hand.”


“Rose,” Bella cooed, “baby, I’m sorry I was gone longer than we thought. But seriously, you don’t have to worry about me. I’m okay. It’s okay.”


Rosalie pulled Bella away from where she had begun nestling into her chest and forced their eyes to meet, “No. It’s not okay. I need you to tell me when things are bothering you. Please tell me when things are bothering you. I feel like an inadequate mate right now and I am so angry that they were hurting you and that you hid that from me.”


Bella pulled Rosalie into her arms, “I’m sorry baby. I won’t do it again, I promise.”


They held each other a moment longer before Rosalie nipped at Bella’s neck, “Good,” she purred, “but you’ve been very naughty. I think it’s time we go home and celebrate our anniversary.”


Rosalie watched as Bella’s eyes quickly darkened in hunger and a gentle rumbling built in her chest. Smelling the arousal in the air, Rose pulled them towards the Ducati in the parking lot. Nearing the bike, Rosalie froze. Bella tried to pull her along but she wouldn’t budge.


“Bella,” Rose said slowly, “Where the hell is my bike?”


Bella gulped, “This is your bike?” Her statement came out like more of a question.


Rosalie’s eyes turned pitch black, growls vibrating through her, “This,” she said slowly, “is Jasper’s bike. I distinctly remember you leaving on mind this morning.”


“Ummm…” Bella hesitated, “Let’s just say the cafeteria wasn’t my first encounter with Lydia today?”


Rosalie looked like she was ready to hunt down Lydia and make good on her promise of killing her. Bella quickly distracted Rosalie by pulling their lips together. They moved softly against one another for a minute. As Bella felt Rosalie begin to relax, she moved down and began leaving soft bites down her neck. When she got to what would have been Rose’s pulse point she bit particularly hard, leaving a mark over their faded mating scar. Rosalie shuddered in her arms.


“That’s it baby,” Bella whispered in her ear, “Why don’t you take me home and we can spend the rest of the day in bed?”


“I’m still angry,” Rosalie mumbled out as she threw Bella on the back of the Ducati and shot out of the school parking lot.


“I know my love,” Bella whispered, “Three-quarters of a century married to you and you’re still your same stubborn, vehicle loving, protective self. No wonder everyone at this high school has Rose colored glasses.”