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Operation Search For Tifa

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“Reba!” Britt said as she called for her assistant. “Yes Britt, what do you need?” Reba responded. “I want you to do something for me.” Britt said. “Yes! Anything! What is it?” Reba told her. “I want you to kidnap Hikaru for me.” Britt told her. “Ummm...OK....any particular reason for that?” Reba asked. “YES. Don’t you remember my match with her on the next show?” Britt asked her. “...OH...OH Yeah I do now!” Reba responded. “Well...if you kidnap her...She won’t be able to make it there…& then by default, I’ll win & finally become the face of the Women’s division!” Britt told her. “OH THAT’S A GENIUS PLAN, BRITT!” Reba exclaimed. “I know right? So go get her then!” Britt told her. “Right!” Reba said as she left. Reba then reappeared again, “Umm...what does she look like again?” Reba asked. “WHAT DO YOU MEAN WHAT DOES SHE LOOK LIKE! YOU DON’T KNOW THAT BY NOW?” Britt yelled at her. “*ugh* Fine! Here’s a photo of her, now go!” She continued. “Thank you!” Reba said as she ran off. “Ay, I tell you.” Britt said under her breath as she rubbed her head before Reba ran back. “What now?” She asked. “ would I find her?” Reba asked. “WHAT DO I HAVE TO EVERYTHING FOR YOU? SHE’S MOST LIKELY AT THAT BAR HER FRIENDS OWN!” Britt yelled at her, “Here take this card. Are there any other questions?” She asked her assistant. “Should I take anyone with me?” Reba asked. “There’s power in numbers, is there not? Find someone to go with you AND GO ALREADY!” Britt yelled as her assistant ran off.

Tifa was tending the bar while Hikaru & Sinon had run out to grab stuff for the place. Sitting at the bar with her was Hangman [who she was making another drink for], Moxley [who they had hired onto their team as a security guy], Io Shirai, Mitsuru, & Rin Kadokura. “Here you go, Hangman!” Tifa said. “Aw thanks so much!” Hangman said. “You’re welcome!” Tifa said with a smile on her face, “You might want to slow down a bit though, don’t want you to get too drunk!” She continued. “Oh don’t worry, I can hold a lot of this.” Hangman responded with a laugh. Tifa went over to Mitsuru, “Wow, you really went through that beer quickly! Did you want another one?” she asked. “Oh absolutely!” Mitsuru responded. “So when’s Hikaru supposed to be back again?” Shirai asked. “Should be soon! They’re just getting more stuff for the bar!” Tifa told her.

Suddenly, a group of women led by Reba walked in. “Hello ladies! What can I get you?” Tifa asked them. Reba looked at the photo of Hikaru in her “Tifa cosplay” ring gear, then at Tifa. She did this a couple times before pointing at Tifa, “YOU!” She yelled. “Are you sure that’s her? She looks a bit different.” Nyla asked as she looked at the photo. “Yes I’m sure!” Reba told her. “Ooookay...” Nyla sarcastically responded as they ran towards the bar. Shirai, Hangman, Mitsuru, & Rin stood up and assumed fighting positions. “You’ll have to get through us first!” Shirai said. “That can be easily arranged!” Nyla said to them. “YEAH!” The Magical Girl Yuka exclaimed as she jumped out in front of the crowd and started jumping and shadowboxing. “Why did we bring her here again?” Penelope asked. “We didn’t. She saw us leave & then followed us here.” Nyla responded, “Nevertheless, if you all want to dance with us, then LET’S DANCE!” she continued before attacking the patrons.

Mitsuru & Rin worked together to take The Magical Girl Yuka with Rin using her Dropkick & Double Wrist Armsault to take her out on one of the tables. “RIN!” Mitsuru yelled. “Don’t worry, I can replace that for ‘em.” Rin said. Moxley got up and went after The Bunny, “I never thought I’d hit a woman, but I’ll make an exception for one of Matt Hardy’s family.” he said as they started fighting. Hangman was fighting with Penelope, “YOU. LEAVE. HER. ALONE!” He said in between hits. “Aww, does Hangman have a girlfriend now?” Penelope mocked him. Shirai had her sights on taking down Nyla, she started jumping & Moonsaulting all around her in hopes to make Nyla dizzy enough that she could knock her over. “STAND STILL SO I CAN PUNCH YOU!” Nyla yelled before Shirai gave her a good kick to the head. Tifa was easily taking out Reba with her uppercut punches & Omnistrike kicks. She was about to do a somersault kick on her when Nyla had fallen over in front from both the dizziness & the swift kick to the head. Tifa ran & jumped over her hoping to get a running start towards Reba, but Nyla grabbed her leg & she fell over. “HAHAHAHAHA! I’VE GOT YOU NOW, TOOTS! YOU’RE COMING WITH ME NOW!” She said as she pulled Tifa in, got up and threw her over her back, “TIME TO GO!” She said. “HEY! PUT ME DOWN!” Tifa said as she pounded on Nyla.

Hangman saw Nyla run off carrying Tifa & decided to end off the fight he was in too run after her. Penelope was doing a good job defending against his attacks, but the one she couldn’t defend against was his Buckshot Lariat which knocked her onto the hard floor. “TIFA!” He yelled as he ran after her. Moxley saw this and decided to end off his fight by executing a Paradigm Shift on The Bunny and running after Hangman afterward. Reba & Nyla had loaded Tifa into the car they had taken there & started to drive off. Moxley tried to shoot out the tires, but missed as they drove away, “DARN!” He yelled. “Where did they go?” Shirai asked him. “Up the road that way!” He said as he pointed in the direction that the car went. “COME ON MITSURU, LET’S GO!” Shirai yelled as she ran over to her motorcycle, “RIGHT!” Mitsuru said as she ran behind her. “HOP ON!” Shirai told her as she revved it up & took off.

Reba & Nyla had walked Tifa into the arena that Britt was at for her next match. “Britt! We got her! What do we do next?” Reba told her. “Excellent! I have a plan to bring her somewhere…” Britt said as she turned. “Who the heck is this?” Britt asked. “It...It’s Hikaru isn't it?” Reba asked her. “Does that LOOK like Hikaru to you?” Britt asked her. “Well...Yeah...I mean she’s even wearing the same outfit as the picture.” Reba responded. “Oh for the love of… THAT’S NOT HER!” Britt yelled at her. Nyla took her hand off of Tifa to give Reba a brainduster, “I TOLD YOU THIS WASN’T HER!” Nyla yelled at her. “What is the meaning of this, Britt?” Tifa asked her. “Why would I tell you my plans?” Britt said with a chuckle. “You just said you were going to bring Hikaru somewhere. Might as well tell me the rest of it because I can already piece together a general idea.” Tifa shot back. “Oh you think you’re so smart do you? Fine. These idiots here were supposed to kidnap Hikaru & I was going to drop her somewhere where she would not be able to make it back in time to her match with me and I WOULD FINALLY BECOME THE FACE OF THE WOMEN’S DIVISION!” Britt told her. “What is your problem with her? Why do you keep doing this?” Tifa yelled at her. “BECAUSE I AM THE FACE OF THE DIVISION! I’M THE ROLE MODEL FOR THE FANS! I WAS EVEN THE FIRST ONE SIGNED! THEN SHE CAME IN & TOOK EVERYTHING FROM ME! CHAMPIONSHIPS! FANS! YOU NAME IT!” Britt yelled back. “HIKARU IS MORE OF A ROLE MODEL THAN YOU WILL EVER BE! EVERYONE LOVES HER BECAUSE SHE IS WHAT A CHAMP & A LEADER SHOULD BE! SHE IS A LOT OF PEOPLE’S HERO AS WELL!” Tifa yelled back. Britt came up close to her, “Oh really, well, would a role model champ such as her spend all of her time at a hole in the wall dive bar such as yours?” Britt said softly to Tifa. Tifa got angry & kicked her square in the face after that comment before Reba & Nyla grabbed her again. “GET HER OUT OF HERE!” Britt yelled. “Where do you want us to…” Reba before being interrupted, “ I DON’T KNOW! LOCK HER IN ONE OF THE ROOMS HERE OR SOMETHING!” Britt responded before they took Tifa away.

Hikaru & Sinon had just returned to the bar with the things that Tifa wanted. “What do you think Tifa’s planning? This seems like a lot for just a supply refill for the bar.” Sinon asked her. “I’m not sure really. She just said she wanted these for a special reason.” Hikaru responded. “I wonder what that is?” Sinon asked again. Kenny ran up from behind them & opened the door, “After you, ladies.” He said. “Thank you Kenny!” Hikaru told him as they walked into the bar. They walked in and were shocked at what they saw. “Hangman!” Sinon said she put her bags down and ran towards a very distraught looking man. “Rin!” Hikaru said as she did the same & ran towards a woman sitting on the floor heavily breathing. “What happened?! Where’s Tifa?” Sinon asked him. “THEY TOOK HER!” Hangman said sadly. “Who took her?” Hikaru asked as she was checking on Rin. “Nyla...& the other usual suspects.” Moxley chimed in from his seat at the bar. “Do we know where they took her?” Sinon asked. “No, but Shirai & Mitsuru ran after them. So I assume we’ll hear from them soon.” Moxley responded. “Rin, are you OK?” Hikaru asked. “Oh yeah... I’m fine...sorry about the table...I can replace that for ya.” Rin responded in between heavy breaths.

They were all sitting around one of the tables in the bar with Hangman, Moxley, & Rin trying to explain what happened to Hikaru & Sinon. “So if I understand this correctly, a woman walked in with Nyla & a group of other women, looked at a photo & started attacking all of you?” Sinon asked them. “That’s correct, my friend.” Moxley responded. “Who were the other women you said came in with Nyla?” Hikaru asked. “Well, there was The Bunny…” Moxley added. “Penelope…” Hangman added. “Yuka was strangely with ‘em too. Mitsuru & I took her out.” Rin added. “Why was Yuka with them?” Hikaru asked. “Dunno, I heard she followed them here, which to be honest sounds exactly something she’d do.” Rin replied. “Yeah, you’re right about that.” Hikaru said with a laugh. “You said there was a woman that was looking at a photo too, do we know she was?” Sinon asked. “I didn’t recognize her.” Moxley replied. “I think she was wearing a denim jacket...& that’s all I really remember.” Hangman added. “While I was chasing after her, I also noticed she also had reddish-brown hair.” Rin also added. “Wait...reddish brown hair...denim jacket...REBA!” Hikaru shockingly blurted out. “Who?” They all asked. “Reba! Britt’s Assistant!” Hikaru replied. “Oh, that woman that thinks you are her rival?” Sinon asked. “That’s right! But...what would she want with Tifa?” Hikaru asked. “Maybe Nyla wanted her?” Sinon asked. “No, because Nyla noted that Tifa “looked different” from the picture that Reba had.” Hangman replied. They sat there silently for a bit until Sinon chimed in with, “Wait a sec, Hikaru, you dress up as Tifa for your matches, right?” “THAT’S RIGHT!” Hikaru said as she banged the table. “You don’t think they confused her for you, do you?” Rin asked. “Well, it’s the only lead we have so far until her other buddies contact us.” Moxley said. Suddenly, Hikaru’s phone rang. “Speak of the devil.” Moxley said. “Hello?” Hikaru asked as she answered her phone & put it on speaker for the group. “Hey Hikaru! Am I on speakerphone with the group?” Shirai asked. “Yes you are, Io! What’s up?” Hikaru asked. “I have updates on the situation! Mitsuru & I found where they took Tifa!” Shirai replied. “That’s awesome! Where is it?” Sinon asked. “It’s a…”Field Arena” it looks like.” Mitsuru replied. “Field Are...that’s where the next show is!” Hangman said. “Yeah, we followed the car that they threw her in and it parked here.” Shirai replied. “We’ve got reinforcements on the way as we don’t know what we’re going to see in there. Head over here & we can create a plan of attack!” she continued. “We’ll be on our way!” Hikaru replied. “See you then!” Shirai said as they hung up & Hikaru and the rest of them ran out of the bar.

“Let’s stick her in the locker room, or the bathroom, or one of these other dressing rooms!” Reba said. “She can easily escape from there!” Nyla responded. “Not if we lock her in.” Reba responded. “By the time we find something to lock her in with, she’ll have already escaped!’ Nyla shot back. “Hey! Remember High School? How about we shove her into a locker!” Nyla said. Reba gave Tifa a look over. “I don’t think she’d fit in ours...” Reba replied. After a bit of a debate on where to put her & what would or wouldn’t work, Nyla & Reba finally agreed to toss Tifa into one of the concession stands in the arena & lock the overhead door on her. “So long, honey!” Nyla said before both of them laughed & walked away. Tifa got up & looked around the area. Both exits were closed & wouldn’t be opened until an event happened at the stadium they were in. She also tried looking for an emergency door or a vent that she could get out of. They weren’t any doors & the only vent she’d fit into [& that wasn’t too gross to crawl into] was too high up. Next she tried to lift the doors up, no luck, they must have been locked from the outside. “OK, well, maybe I can break the doors open or at the very least make enough noise that someone will notice me in here.” Tifa thought as she stood there before starting to punch & kick the overhead doors.

The gang had arrived at the stadium to find Io Shirai & Mitsuru outside, “Hey Io! Hey Mitsuru!” Hikaru said as she ran up to them. “Hey Hikaru, good timing! We are waiting for the last of our reinforcements!” Shirai said. “Oh good! Who do we have?” Hikaru asked. “Currently, we have Ryo Mizunami, Aja Kong, & The Kabuki Warriors waiting inside.” Mitsuru responded. “So when are the others coming?” Hikaru asked. “Right about…” Shirai started saying before two women dressed like Ninjas dropped down to the ground with a bang, one of them holding out daggers as they landed. “” she finished. “S...Syuri?!” Hikaru asked one of them. “Hey Hikaru, long time no see.” Syuri responded as she put her daggers away. “Who’s your partner?” Shirai asked. “Oh yes! This is my new partner, Natsupoi. She’s a very quick ninja & I thought she’d help us find Hikaru’s friend faster too.” Syuri responded. “So what’s the plan?” She asked after. “We’ll discuss it when we get inside.” Shirai responded.

“OK, so this is the floor plan for the place. We do not know where they have Tifa nor do we know if there is any security in this place.” Shirai had told them. “My plan is we split into teams & look for her, that way we can cover more ground quickly. Also it might be helpful so that if there is any security or if Britt hired help, we all take them out separately.” Shirai continued. “OK, so what are the teams?” Moxley asked. “You’ll be with Sinon, Mox. The Kabuki Warriors will be with me. Mitsuru & Rin will go with Hikaru. Ryo & Aja will be a team. Syuri & Natsupoi will be a team. Kenny? Hangman? Do you want to be a team or go on your own?” Shirai asked them. “We’ll go on our own.” Hangman said. “Works for me.” Kenny added. “OK, if there aren’t questions, I say we break off now.” Shirai said. They all filed out of the room afterward and went in separate directions.

Hangman started walking down one of the hallways when he heard some guys following behind him & cheering. “HEY! IT’S HANGMAN! WHAT’S UP BUDDY?! HOW YA DOING?” the bald gentlemen with a beard known as John Silver said to him. “Oh, hey guys what’s up?” Hangman responded. “Hey not much, man! Just getting ready for the show tonight!” Alex Reynolds said. “Hey you look a little nervous, Hangman! What’s up?” Colt Cabana asked. “I’m trying to find a friend of mine, she got kidnapped earlier today and…” Hangman said before the group cheered again, “ OUR BOY HAS A GIRLFRIEND NOW! WAY TO GO MAN!” Silver said as he patted Hangman on the back. “Hey don’t worry my friend! We’ll help you find her!” Evil Uno said. “Yeah if we can find new recruits, we can find her!” A man in a mask said. “SHUT UP, FIVE!” The group yelled at him. “OK then, if you want to help...let’s go then.” Hangman said while pointing down the hallway. “YEAH!” the group cheered as they followed while cheering, “SAVE HANGMAN’S FRIEND!”

Moxley & Sinon were walking down the hall checking any room for Tifa or any sign of her. “You know, I feel like they wouldn’t make it this obvious. I think they’re hidin’ her somewhere we won’t think of.” Moxley said. “That is a good point, but I still think we should look wherever we can. They didn’t sound like they were that smart to begin with. So…” Sinon replied as she trailed off. Suddenly, there was a loud noise and Sinon & Moxley went up against different sides of the hallway with guns at the ready. “What do you think that was?” Moxley asked. “I don’t know, I’ll take a look.” Sinon responded. She looked down the hallway as her blue eyes lit up & her blue hair started waving around. “OK. I see one figure on the ground, another pacing the halls, & I might have seen another one of our teams running. I’d watch our movements carefully going down the hall here.” Sinon reported. “DUDE. That’s a really cool ability you have!” Moxley told her. “Oh...Thanks Moxley!” Sinon as she blushed a bit. “So you want to lead the way or should I?” Moxley asked. “I’ll go first. If we find any trouble, I’ll neutralize it quickly.” Sinon told him. They both proceeded down the hall slowly.

Shirai & The Kabuki Warriors, Asuka & Kairi, were also checking the rooms they passed for any sign of Tifa. “*sigh* This isn’t getting us anywhere.” Shirai said as they checked yet another empty room. “DO WE HAVE ANY LEADS ON WHERE SHE MIGHT BE?!” Asuka asked. “No. Mitsuru and I didn’t follow them in here. I figure they would have brought her to Britt first & then who knows?” Shirai replied. “I feel like they would hide her somewhere that not many people would find. Almost like a treasure hunt!” Kairi said brightly. “GOOD THINKING, KAIRI! WE SHOULD EXPAND THE SEARCH MORE!” Asuka said as she put her arm around her. “That’s our little Pirate Princess!” Shirai said as she ruffled Kairi’s hair. “HEY!” Someone yelled from down the hall. Shirai looked up to see a tall, but not very athletic security guard running towards them. “CRAP! WE’VE BEEN SPOTTED! RUN!” Shirai yelled at both of them as they started running. As they were running down the hall, Kairi had tripped & fell. “KAIRI!” Shirai yelled as she ran towards her. “Go on, don’t let me slow you down from finding Tifa.” Kairi said as she was lying down on the floor. “Nonsense, I would never leave you behind, Kairi!” Shirai said as she picked Kairi up. The security guard was approaching them quickly. “Wait a minute, I know that guy.” Shirai thought. “Kairi, give me a boost!” Shirai told her. “OK!” Kairi said as she lifted up Shirai. Shirai jumped up, against one of the walls, & tackled the security guard with a kick to the face. As he fell to the ground, she got up. “How do you like that? You just got your bum whipped by a schoolgirl.” Shirai said sarcastically as she walked back to Asuka & Kairi, “Let’s continue onward.” She said. “Who was that?” Kairi asked. “No one you need to concern yourself with, my friend.” Shirai responded.

Rin & Mitsuru were searching the Women’s Locker Room as Hikaru got changed into her wrestling gear. “OK, I’m ready! Did you find anything?” Hikaru asked them. “Not really but…” Rin replied before her & Mitsuru noticed what she changed into & looked at her. “What?” Hikaru asked. “Do you really think you should be wearing that gear right now? That’s how this whole thing got started ya know.” Rin told her. “I have a match after we are done with this & this is my current one.” Hikaru replied. “Yes, but we don’t want you to go missing before then either, Hikaru.” Mitsuru said. “That is a good point.” Hikaru said as she pointed at her, “I’ll go put my T-shirt back on.” She continued. “Sounds like a smart idea.” Rin told her. Hikaru put on one of her T-shirts and came back. “Much better.” Rin told her. “Thanks Rin! Now let’s continue onward!” Hikaru said. “Lead the way!” Mitsuru told her.

Kenny was against the wall in a hallway & looking around to see where to look for Tifa next. When suddenly a bald gentleman approached him & started talking, “ Ah Kenny, there you are! I have a question for you, my friend!” The man said. “I'm thinking of upgrading my oil bottle & making it bigger! What do you think?” he continued. “Now’s not a good time for that, Nak.” Kenny replied to his friend, Nakazawa. “Why not? I have a Dark match tonight & I told you I wanted to change something! I think this is a great idea!” Nakazawa said. “OK, fine, I’ll bite. Why do you think a bigger bottle is the solution?” Kenny asked him. “I can use more during a match! And Watch!” Nakazawa as he squirted the bottle onto the tile floor. “Look at the distance it gets! Look at what it can cover!” he continued. “And you can hide that in your shorts?” Kenny asked him. “YES! YES! I GOT BIGGER SHORTS NOW!” Nakazawa said excitedly. “THERE YOU ARE!” a voice shouted. “Oh geez…” Kenny said annoyed that he had been spotted by the security guards. “OH, I’VE GOT YOU NOW TWINKLETOES!” the security guard shouted as he got closer. “Nak, can I borrow that? Thanks.” Kenny said as he took the bottle from Nakazawa’s hands. “HAHAHA YOU THOUGHT YOU COULD ESCAPE MEEEEEEEE…” The security guard yelled as he slipped on the oiled-up floor and onto his back. Kenny squirted more oil into the face of his partner who was right behind him, which blinded him & caused him to fall onto top of his partner. They had fallen on top of each other with each other’s crotches in their faces. Kenny laughed as he handed the bottle back to Nakazawa, “Never change, Nak, never change.” Kenny said to him, “Come on, buddy, we can talk more as we walk.” He continued as he started walking. “You got it, Kenny!” Nakazawa responded.

Hangman & The Dark Order were hanging out for a bit in the hallway. “Have you guys found her yet?” he asked them. “Umm…” one of them said as they all looked like they were thinking. “No.” another one said. “I didn’t either. DARN! I wish I knew where to even start looking!” Hangman said as he banged the wall. “Hey don’t worry, man! We’ll find her!” Stu Grayson said to him as he put his arm around him. “Thanks, I’m just worried about her.” Hangman replied. “As you should be! But like Stu said we’ll turn this place upside down to find her for you!” Colt said. “HANGMAN! I HAVE FINALLY FOUND YOU!” A loud voice said. They all looked to see Kip Sabian & Miro approach them. “So I hear you beat up my girl, Hangman, did ya? Well I don’t take too kindly to that one bit!” Kip told him. “To be fair, she attacked me first.” Hangman told him. “Oh she attacked you first!” Kip said as he & Miro laughed with each other. “Yeah, right, like I’m going to believe that. Let’s go. Right here, right now.” Kip told him. “Guys this isn’t really a good time, I’m trying to find…” Hangman said before being interrupted, “YOU’RE GOING NOWHERE, COWBOY MAN!” Miro yelled at him. Hangman sighed. “Don’t worry, Hangman. I’ll help with these guys & the others can go look for her!” Evil Uno said. “...Alright, let’s do this then.” Hangman said. “ALRIGHT LET’S CONTINUE THE SEARCH!” John Silver said as they all ran down the hall while Hangman & Evil Uno started fighting Kip & Miro.

Syuri & Natsupoi were standing against the wall next to a door that they heard voices through. “Oh yeah, don’t worry, we disposed of her.” “Yes, she won’t get out until the show.” “Well, this may still work in your favor, Britt, as she’ll probably look for her and miss the match and then you still win!” “Yes yes, I’m sorry.” “I have not seen Nyla since we got rid of her.” “OK, I’ll meet you in a bit. Bye!” The voice said. “Hey, who’s up there?” Moxley asked when he noticed them. “Umm....OH! It’s Syuri & Natsupoi!” Sinon said after identifying them. “Hey you two what’s up?” Sinon said as they approached them. “Shh....we think we found a lead in here.” Syuri responded. “It sounds like they know about where Tifa is.” Natsupoi added. As soon as Reba came out and walked down the hall, Syuri was quick to take her down & hold her against the wall with her daggers against her neck. “Your next step might be your last if you don’t answer this question correctly, Where is Tifa?” Syuri asked her. “I…I…I…I don’t know who you are talking about.” Reba responded. “She’s lying. I saw her & Nyla load Tifa into car together.” Moxley said as he cocked & put his gun to her head. “We just brought her here for Britt. That’s all.” Reba nervously said. “Where is she?” Sinon asked as she cocked & pointed her gun at Reba’s head too, “Start talking.” She continued. “We threw her in one of the concession stands!” Reba nervously answered. “Which one?” Natuspoi asked with her baton at the ready. “I DON’T KNOW I SWEAR I DON’T KNOW! WE JUST PICKED AN OPEN ONE! I DIDN’T SEE THE NAME OF IT!” Reba answered panickedly. “Well that at least narrows it down.” Moxley said. “So what now?” Sinon asked. “Well, someone’s got to find Hikaru and/or Shirai and tell them the news, someone’s got to find Tifa, & someone has to take care of the rat here.” Moxley responded. “As I said earlier, Natsupoi is very fast! She can find Tifa quickly!” Syuri said. “Alrighty, get to it then.” Moxley said. “RIGHT!” Natuspoi said as she bonked Reba on the head with her baton before running off. “Sinon, you want to find the others & tell ‘em?” Moxie asked her. “Sure thing, Mox!” Sinon said as she ran off. “And I guess…” Mox said before forming a fist, cracking his knuckles, & bouncing his head from shoulder to shoulder, “...You and I get to take care of the rat.” Moxley said to Syuri.

Two men were walking in the concession stand area talking with each other. “Hey thanks for hiring me on, Paul! I can’t wait for my first match here.” One of them said. “Don’t mention it, Christian. I’m glad to have you aboard my man!” Paul responded. “Boy, I tell you it’s nice to be in a new promotion & get a fresh new start on…” Christian said before stopping. “What’s up?” Paul asked. “Do you hear something banging?” Christian asked. “...actually now that you mention it yeah.” Paul responded. “I want to see if we can find this.” Christian said as they walked around the area looking for the noise. “It’s getting louder, I think we’re close.” Christian said. After a few minutes, they arrived at the stand that the noise was emanating from. Tifa was still trying to beat down the door with her kicks & punches. Bottles of water & energy drinks that she had drunk during the breaks she had taken to regain energy to try again littered the floor around her. She had even tried reaching the vent that she couldn’t reach by stacking tables on each other. Christian could hear a long bang on the overhead door & screaming. “Hello? Is anyone in there?” Christian asked. Tifa heard a voice through the door & ran up to it while the person on the other side was saying “Hello?” “Yes! I got stuck in here & can’t get out!” Tifa responded. “OK don’t worry, we’ll open the door for you!” Christian said. “Ready big guy?” He asked as both him & Paul bent down to open the door. “Ready.” Paul responded. They started to open it, when a security guard spotted them and ran towards them yelling at them to stop. “Aw Geez…” Paul said. Christian bent down to the opening to talk with Tifa. “Hey! Down here. Look like we’ve got company, so you might need to slide under this to get out.” He continued. “OK, I can do that!” Tifa said. Christian & Paul got into position so that Tifa could easily slide out “Whenever you are ready!” Christian yelled while holding the door. Tifa got a running start and slid under the door. Christian watched as one of the most beautiful girls he’s seen in a while slid out from under the door. Tifa got up & dusted herself off not noticing that the security guy was close to grabbing her. “HEY YOU!” A voice shouted. Tifa turned to see Natsupoi toss her the Baton that Natsupoi was holding. “Thank you!” Tifa said as she grabbed the baton & whacked the security guy in the crotch. The security guard went down on both knees speechless [with a shocked look on his face]. Tifa then kicked him in the head and he went down on the ground. The other three ran up to her. “Here you go! Thanks again!” Tifa said as she handed the baton back to Natuspoi. “You’re welcome!” Natsupoi responded. “WOW. You took him out quick! Are you one of the new talents here?” Christian asked her. “No, but my friend Hikaru is!” Tifa responded. “Would you like to be? I mean I’m sure Paul here can get you in too.” Christian said as he pointed at Paul. “‘I’d need to pass it by CEO Tony, but I’m sure I could pull some strings for that to happen.” Paul added in. “Oh! Well...Thank you! I really do appreciate that!” Tifa replied while blushing a bit. “I have to think about that later though, as I have to stop Britt from cheating to win at her next match against Hikaru!” Tifa continued. “Are you Tifa?” Natsupoi asked. “Why yes I am! Are you one of Hikaru’s other friends?” Tifa asked her. “I am Natsupoi & I work with Hikaru’s friend Syuri! They wanted me to come find you!” Natsupoi replied. “Hi Natsupoi! Nice to meet you! If you don’t mind me asking, who sent you to find me?” Tifa asked. “Syuri & Hikaru’s other friends! They have been looking all over this place for you!” Natsupoi replied. “You mean...they’re here?” Tifa asked surprisingly. “Yes! We split into teams to find you! They sent me to come get you when we found out where you were!” Natuspoi responded. “...and we opened up the door when we heard banging.” Christian added. Tifa teared up a bit as she was touched by the fact that her friends had come to look for her so quickly. “You OK, Tifa?” Christian asked as he noticed this. “I'm fine...” Tifa responded. “I don’t think I caught your name.” She added. “I’m Christian Cage! Paul here just recently hired me.” Christian said to her. “Hi! I’m Paul Wight!” Paul said. “Nice to meet both of you too! Thank you for letting me out!” Tifa responded as the three of them shook hands. “Hey not a problem! Now what was this thing about Britt?” Christian asked. “I’ll tell you as we walk as I need to go find Hikaru and the others!” Tifa told them. As they were walking by, the other security guy ran out and started talking to his partner, “Brian! Brian! What are you doing on the ground? What are you hurt or something?” he asked his partner. Christian turned around & saw this, “Hey...Natsupoi right? Can I borrow that baton for a bit? Thanks!” Christian asked her. He snuck up behind the other security guy & whacked him in the crotch with it too. He went down to his knees and sprawled out over his partner into the same position as when they tried to grab Kenny. “Thanks again!” Christian said as he handed the baton back and started walking with the rest of the group. “Jim, why do you keep signing us up for these gigs?” Brian asked his partner in a high voice. “Because we make the most money with this one.” Jim moaned in response.

Tifa & Natsupoi were running down one of the halls together [Paul & Christian had split off to take care of a few things & let Tony know of what had happened here today], when suddenly they ran into Nyla again. “SO YOU ESCAPED DID YOU?! WELL THIS TIME I’LL TAKE YOU OUT SO THEY’LL NEVER FIND YOU!” Nyla said to them before charging towards them. Tifa & Natsupoi assumed fighting positions, Tifa did find herself getting nervous as Nyla came closer. However, as Nyla was running, someone from a connecting hallway banged her on the head with a garbage bin, knocking her over into the wall. Out from the hallway stepped, Aja Kong, who pushed her over, & Ryo Mizunami attempting a head lock on her. At one point, Nyla tried to get up & break Mizunami’s headlock, but Ryo Mizunami landed on the floor. When she looked around. she saw that Brian Cage was sitting on Nyla & gave a thumbs up. “I hear your friends are up there waiting for you! Go to ‘em!” Brian Cage told both of them. “Don’t worry! We’ve got this covered!” Ryo added. “Thank you so much everyone!’ Tifa said before running down the hall again. “He looks really cool!” Tifa said. “...and really cute too!” Natsupoi added.

“HIKARU!” Tifa yelled as they approached the group. “Tifa?” Hikaru asked as she turned around and saw her & Natsupoi running towards them. “TIFA!” Hikaru yelled as she ran towards her & they connected in a hug. “I’m so happy you’re OK! We’ve been looking for you for a while now!” Hikaru told her. “Thank you so much! I’m very touched and happy that you were all looking for me so quickly! I thought I wouldn’t see anyone for awhile!” Tifa responded as she teared up again. “Are you kidding? You’re our friend! As soon as Shirai gave us the info we ran right over here!” Sinon told her. “Thank you! Everyone!” Tifa said as she wiped her eyes. “Anything for a friend of Hikaru’s!” Shirai said as she pointed at Tifa. “The only thing left now is to beat Britt for this!” Rin added. “OH MY GOSH! THAT’S RIGHT! I NEED TO GET OUT THERE & FIGHT BRITT SOON OR…” Hikaru said panickedly before Tifa grabbed her arms & interrupted. “It’s OK, Hikaru. Just relax. We can figure this out & get you there together. In fact, I already have a plan for this.” Tifa said calmly. “Moxley, Syuri, Sinon...REBA.” She said to them, “I need you to stall for time for a bit.” she continued. “We can do that for you!” Moxley replied as they left, dragging Reba behind them. “Hangman, go find the sound guy and have him cue up Hikaru’s music. You can take your...friends too.” She told Hangman, not really knowing who the group of guys with him were. “You got it, boss! LET’S GO BOYS!” He said as they all ran off. “The rest of you will come with me.” She said to them.

Britt had entered the stage & got into the ring while commentary were discussing the upcoming match. She had completed her entrance & stood in the ring waiting for Hikaru. “Hmm, this is weird. Hikaru’s never late for her matches.” Excalibur said. “This is a very unlikely situation, but maybe she has a big entrance planned.” Tony Schiavone said. “Now Britt seems to be arguing with Ref Aubrey about something...Oh looks like she’s signaling for a mic & you Tony, might want to go up there, my friend.” JR said. “Oh boy…” Tony S. said as he got up and ran over to the ring with a mic. As he got in and walked over to Britt, she took one of the mics from him. “Tony, old buddy, old pal, old friend of mine!” she said. “Y...Yes Britt?” Tony S. responded nervously. “So Aubrey here says that I have to wait a certain amount of time before Hikaru forfeits the match and I become the face of the women’s division again! What do you say to that?” Britt asked him. “I...I...I mean she is the ref and I would think…” Tony S. responded before being interrupted. “So you don’t think I should just win by default now then?” Britt asked as Aubrey encouraged Tony S. to not give into her. “I...I...I mean we should give her some time to get here, maybe she has an entrance planned? I...I...I mean this has never happened in…” Tony S. responded. “But we have given her time & she still isn’t here!” Britt interrupted again. “Well... to be fair...neither is Reba...I see that she’s mysteriously absent as well and…” Tony S. said to her. “Reba is taking care of a few things before…” Britt said before being interrupted. “BRITT!” a voice offstage yelled. Shortly afterward, Moxley walked out with Sinon on his shoulders & Syuri, they were dragging Reba out to the stage. “Britt! Is this your rat, Britt?” Moxley asked her. “WHAT DID YOU WITH HER? WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? AND WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? JURASSIC EXPRESS?” Britt yelled at him. “Wow, that’s a lot of questions at once. OK, let’s tackle them one at a time here.” He responded as he let SInon down onto the ground. “We learned of your plans to win from her & well let’s just say we cracked this rat.” Moxley responded. “I’M SO SORRY BRITT! THEY CORNERED ME AFTER I GOT OFF THE PHONE WITH YOU AND…” Reba told her through Moxley’s mic before Sinon pistol whipped her. “And as for the people with me, they are my friends. Sinon &...Syuri was it?” He asked Syuri. “Yes. That is right.” Syuri responded. “Awesome. Finally, I always wanted to do the entrance that Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus do...and I finally did! Thanks Sinon!” He said as they high fived. “Oh and we have another surprise for you too.” he continued. “Ready, Hikaru?” Tifa asked her. “I’m ready!” Hikaru responded. “Awesome! Now when I give the signal, you and the others walk out. OK?” She told her. “You got it!” Mitsuru said. “OK! See you out there!” She said as walked to the stage entrance and grabbed the mic. Tifa walked out onto the stage. Britt just stood there looking equal parts shocked & mortified. “What’s wrong Britt? You didn’t think you could lock me away forever, did you?” Tifa asked. “Now let me just share something with the audience here. I just got out of a concession stand that I was thrown and locked into because Britt here had a wonderful plan to ensure her win tonight.” She continued as she pointed at Britt. “Hikaru, her opponent tonight, was going to be kidnapped & left somewhere where she would not make it back in time to win the match. Thusly allowing Britt to win by default. Am I right, Britt?” She asked her. “I...I don’t know what you are talking about.” Britt responded nervously. “But instead of Hikaru, her lackeys kidnapped me instead and then tossed me in a concession stand & locked the door.” Tifa said as she ruffled Reba’s hair. “Now I ask you, dear audience. Is this the role model you really want to have? Is really the face you want the women’s division to have?” Tifa asked the audience as she heard them booing & jeering. “Britt. Did you really…” Tony S, asked, “OH GO BACK TO THE ANNOUNCE TABLE, TONY!” She yelled at her friend. “Well, allow me to introduce a real role model & the current face of the women’s division!!” Tifa said as she pointed toward one of the tunnels. Hikaru’s entrance music & video started playing and she entered in her beautiful robe that she undid to reveal her Women’s Title & Tifa ring gear. She was also holding her trademark Kendo Stick as well. Following her was Shirai, Mitsuru, Rin, Asuka, & Kairi. They all cheered and celebrated for her. Hikaru walked up to Tifa before going to the ring, “Did you want to be my ring partner?” She asked her. “REALLY? ME?!” Tifa asked excitedly. “I would be honored to do that! Lead the way, buddy!” Tifa continued. They both entered the ring with Britt arguing with Ref Aubrey about that. “SHE CAN’T BE HERE! IT’S A SINGLES MATCH!” Britt said. “So? You have Reba at ringside in every match.” Aubrey responded. “SHE’S NOT EVEN WITH THE COMPANY!” Britt yelled. “Neither are the Dark talents you’ve teamed up with.” Aubrey replied as the fight started.

Hikaru started fighting & whaling on Britt with hard blows & kicks while Tifa was cheering her on from ringside. “Excuse us, pardon us.” Rin said as they all moved through the ringside crowd & took a spot up front to watch their friend in action and also cheer her on too! At one point, Reba stole Hikaru’s Kendo Stick & was about to hit Tifa with it. “OH NO YOU DON’T!” Rin said as she jumped on the railing and dropkicked the Kendo Stick out of Reba’s hands before giving her a Double Wrist Armsault onto the floor. Tifa had noticed this & looked over to Rin. “Don’t worry, we’ve got both of your backs!” Rin said as she gave her a thumbs up before hopping back over the railing. Tifa gave her a thumbs up back. Later, when it looked like Hikaru had the match in the bag & was going to beat Britt, Britt reversed it & gained the advantage. She had knocked Hikaru down on the mat, demanded a glove, & was about to win the match by locking Hikaru into her Lockjaw finisher. Tifa grabbed her Kendo Stick and jumped in to save her, but Aubrey stopped her and they started arguing “WHY ARE YOU STOPPING ME?! HOW IS SHE ALLOWED TO DO THAT?!” Tifa yelled at her. “WEAPONS AREN’T ALLOWED IN THIS MATCH & YOU AREN’T ALLOWED TO ENTER THE RING DURING A SINGLES MATCH EITHER!” Aubrey yelled back at her as the Kendo Stick & threw it aside. While they were arguing, Sinon had noticed what was happening & started getting nervous. “We’ve got to help Hikaru!” She said to the group. “We’re on it!” Shirai said as her & Mitsuru jumped the railing and ran into the ring. Mitsuru pulled Britt off Hikaru & whacked her with the Kendo Stick before putting her legs in a bridge hold. Shirai had climbed up to the top rope and moonsaulted onto Britt. Both rolled out and jumped the railing back to their spots. Hikaru pinned Britt and Tifa pointed Aubrey to Hikaru. Aubrey turned around & counted to 3 while Rin, Syuri, & Natsupoi held Reba back from saving her. Hikaru had won her match against Britt! TIfa & Aubrey held up Hikaru’s arms to signify that she had won. Tifa even pointed at Hikaru & then hugged her afterward. “I WON, TIFA! I WON!” Hikaru said to her. “I KNOW! I’M SO PROUD OF YOU, MY FRIEND!” Tifa responded. Hangman had come out of one of the entrances with Emi Sakura & Dark Order & pointed at somewhere in the ring. Emi Sakura & Dark Order had run down to the ring area while Hangman entered the ring to join the celebration. Britt tried to sneak out of the ring, but Emi Sakura saw her and had Dark Order corner her. Britt begged & pleaded with them until she got a tap on her shoulders. She turned around to see Tay Conti smile & wave at her before taking her down to the floor. 10 picked up Britt & Dark Order walked up to the entrance tubes & backstage with her with Emi Sakura & -1 in front as the parade leaders. Tay Conti, Kenny, Nakazawa, Ryo, Aja, & the rest of the group piled into the ring to celebrate Hikaru’s victory!

Later that week, Hikaru & Sinon had gone out again for a bit while Tifa did stuff around the bar. “I wonder what Tifa has planned for today?” Hikaru asked as they walked back. “I don’t know. I wonder if it’s some sort of surprise? I can’t imagine why else she would ask us to leave for a bit.” Sinon responded. As they arrived at the bar, Sinon opened the door for her, “After you.” Sinon said. “Thank you Sinon!” Hikaru said as she entered the bar. Everyone popped out yelling “SURPRISE!” Hikaru smiled as she looked around and saw signs for “Congratulations!” & “Happy Birthday!” around the bar. “We originally wanted to celebrate your victory from the last match but since it’s close to your birthday, I thought we’d throw that in too!” Tifa said as she hugged her. “Thank you so much! I almost didn’t even remember it was my birthday soon!” Hikaru told her. “I got a gift for the both of ya!” Rin told Hikaru as she revealed a new table for the bar. “WOW! Thank you Rin!” Hikaru said. “Yeah! Thanks for the gift, Rin!” Tifa added. “I told ya I’d replace it for ya!” Rin told them.

As the party continued, Hikaru pulled Tifa aside for a bit. “Hey, I really liked having you in my corner for my last match, Tifa! Would you like to be my ring partner for whatever matches you are available for?” Hikaru asked her. “Of course I would! I’m always ready to help you, buddy! In fact, that new guy Christian even asked if I wanted to join your company as well when I met up with him!” Tifa responded. “Oh, that would be so great if you did!” Hikaru excitedly said to her. “I’m not sure if I can do a full-time gig like you, but I can definitely pop in when I can! And hey, maybe one day I can have you in my corner as well!” Tifa said to her. “You always will!” Hikaru replied. As they walked back to the party, Tifa saw Hangman behind the bar attempting to make some of the ordered drinks. “Are you trying to make drinks here, Hangman?” Tifa asked him. “Well yeah, I figured since you had to step away for a bit & I’ve spent so much time at bars like yours, I was hoping I could do more than just pour whiskey…” Hangman said. “Aww....” Tifa said as she hugged him. “...You’re such a sweetheart! Here I’ll help you make them!” Tifa said as they started serving all of their friends.